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I am currently 188.5 pounds when i weigh myself. I am trying to eventually hit 315 on the bench. Currently I do incline bench first so that takes away from flat bench. Next time I will try flat first. After hitting the incline for 4 sets my first set of flat bench i did 225 for 7 clean reps. I was calculating the one rep max and it says if i do 225 13 times I could bench 318 once. I don't do chest for a couple of days so I was just wondering how much reps do you think I would be able to do of 225 without hitting incline first?
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1 rep max calculators aren't that accurate. What is your max now
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I've never had a desire to max out until recently. I always preferred to do more reps than just one rep, so I can't tell you
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@Jsn3004 you wanna figure out your actual 1RM first & foremost.

2nd: You must be on a bulk to make the progress you want.

3rd: Get on a program like 5/3/1 AND add in a day for dynamic/speed work as well. Design your 531 program here: but read the 531 book for more info. For your speed work just work off 60% of your 1RM. I usually do 8 sets x 3 reps on speed days.

Nix the incline work altogether. You need to work tons of tris and lats. For tris: rolling DB extensions, DB extensions, tricep presses, skull crushers, etc. Floor presses, bands, and board work. Highlight recommend some nice bands from Elite FTS for regular band BP and reverse band BP. For lats: BB rows are my go-to exercise.

Finally, work on your technique/form to get a reasonable arch -

Oh and not sure I need to mention this but train with a partner or at least get a spotter for your 531 work.
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