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Starting a 5x5 stronglifts10924

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But wondering what I do if I dont have a spotter? I have dabbled with lifting heavy weights but not sure what to do if i get stuck on a lift without a spotter. Lets just assume i am th eonly one at the gym and can not ask for a spot, what should i do
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Hiiibbbb private msg quote post Address this user
You just need to figure out what weights you can work with then it becomes simple. If your worried about bench just start with dumbells.
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AverageJoe private msg quote post Address this user
yeah thats a nice routine!
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leanr0x private msg quote post Address this user
use a rack where you can put down the barbell same height as you touch your chest

my questions on stronglift (dont want to start a new thread): what is meant on stalls and deloads?
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skel1977 private msg quote post Address this user
I know deloading means reducing volume by 40% or just taking a week off to let your body catch up with rest. If you deload volume then you reduce sets.
I know because i was curous too and looked it up lol

This is the stronglifts deload though

1.Switch to 2.5lb increments. 5lb on a 100lb Press is a 5% increase vs 2.5% when adding 2,5lb. Switch to 2,5lb increments when you start struggling to get 5x5 on the Bench and Press. If your gym doesn't have 1,25lb plates, get a pair of fractional plates from Iron Woody to take with you to the gym. Note that you should stick with 5lb increments on the Squat and Deadlift, because you don't have the same % issues.
2.Deload. If you fail to get 5x5 with the same weight for 3 workouts in a row, deload for that exercise. Take 10% weight off for that lift only, and add 5lb (2,5lb on the Press/Bench) every workout again. Make sure you lift as fast as you can with the lighter weights and focus on technique.
3.Switch to SL3x5/SL1x5. After you had to deload twice on a lift, you switch from 5x5 to 3x5 for that exercise. Same thing after 2 deloads with 3x5 - you switch to 1x5 for that lift. This drops the volume (stress) while increasing the intensity. There will be less technique practice, but by this time you should have had plenty
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