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Some suggestions to recruit more fibers10637

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Hey guys, I wanted to share just a few tips for anyone who has just started to workout. Im not a huge muscular guy. but that's not really what I wanted to go for (I might go for it soon). Ive always been a comic book nerd so I went for more of a "Spider-Man" type body. That being said... When I first starting working out I did everything by the book. Compound movements, 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps and that stuff worked great. I put on 15 lbs in 6-8 months but it wasn't EXACTLY what I was going for. My body wasn't as HARD as I wanted it to be and I felt like I could have put more muscle on faster. Since then I went to college and learned everything on exercise science. I also worked at a lot of gyms and trained a ton of people and met a lot of different athletes. With all of my knowledge I found 2 ways to get that super hard look. Of course number 1 is to do a correct cut. That will always work.

But I found that mixing SLOWER eccentrics with FULL contractions, along with PARTIAL contractions, Isometrics, and flexing the muscle your working on...will work wonders for getting a harder look. Possibly making cutting a little bit easier. It sounds like a lot but you include it all in one single lift.

Your muscles only recruit the number of fibers that are needed to lift something. No matter what weight you are using (even if its body weight), You can recruit WAY more fibers by using these techniques. To me a few of these tips are how people are actually supposed to do these movements but they just go up in weight instead. When using these tactics you will definitely have to go down in weight. So no ego lifting.

For example...

Bench press - Put weight that you would normally do 15-20 reps on and see how you perform. Take 5 seconds on the down movement. Flex your chest as hard as you can the whole time. When at the lowest point, hold the bar there for 2 seconds then lift and repeat. You will notice that you will have to concentrate a lot more (which helps with mind body connection) and it will be WAYYYY harder.

So before you start adding a ton of weight and trying to impress people, and maybe pulling a back muscle... try these "tricks." They could save you from injury or from not seeing results due to using momentum for lifting.

SIDE NOTE... In my experience with Body Building competitors and strength coaches... Reps of 20 with perfect form work wonders for people who want more strength and Hypertrophy. This is what they call... King TUT, Time-Under-Tension. Basically stating that muscles don't know how many reps or sets they are doing... They just know how long they are under tension. Kai Greene uses this method and also said that most body builders do as well but when magazines photograph the competitors lifting, they put a ton of weights on to look extreme... But I could write all day so I will leave it at that. I hope I helped out instead of making things more complicated....

Tell me what you think Positive and Negative!!! Im always wanting to hear more theories.
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ajm87 private msg quote post Address this user
fiber one has helped me a lot. brown rice as well, but fiber one is the big one
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NorIda private msg quote post Address this user
So.... Twenty reps. With a 5:2:1 tempo would be roughly 2:45. That's a long ass set

Pretty sure you would be better off with a 40-70 second set.

I agree that correct technique, proper time under tension, and "intentions" which you were hinting at with the muscle flexing, are all very important. But a three minute set is a bit much IMO.

You're also comparing top level juicing body builders with amateur, natural (for the most part) here on this forum
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maxsampson private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah, those tips sound kind of like what I have recently tried from MI40. Definitely works the muscle more than a more conventional style. Like on bench 4 second negative while pushing your hands together, and no pause at the top really exhausts me. No ego lifting for sure.
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Nerdjoeyyy private msg quote post Address this user
@NorIda the 20 reps was just another tool to use. I wouldnt use it with the tactics I use. I usually do an 8-12 rep range with that
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
I don't buy this as the best or only way to get maximum results. Muscle fiber recruitment is a neurological adapatation. Motor units are recruited on an "as needed" basis, yes, but given that strength is a greater indicator of efficiency of motor unit recruitment than increased CSA, using the above methods will not result in overall greater strength gains, and thus limited hypertrophy gains. There's a reason that the thickest, most densely muscled competitors usually have some sort of power background or incorporate very heavy power movements in their training.

This is just my opinion, but I think too many people try to over think things and make a relatively simple endeavor more complicated in the hopes that it will be "better," or more efficient. More complex is rarely more efficient. Patience and heavy, functionally appropriate training is really all that is needed. -3X
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