Morning guys,

Had a shitty couple of months and at the gym and really looking to push forward upon my return from holiday.

I've been training at the gym for I'd say about 2 years, only really started taking it more seriously I'd say about a year ago when I quit playing soccer/football.

My lifts are decent, but not amazing. I started out real skinny but have packed on some size although I have naturally have a lot of my 'fat' go to my stomach and ass.

I had a bodyfat percentage done recently, I was 15.9%. Pretty poor, really, but I can work on that.

I go Magaluf in 3 weeks (scummy holidays ftw) and I'm sadly currently suffering from tonsilitis, so eating has been a bit of an issue over the past week or so.

I'm really looking to kick on in the summer, and here's what I was looking at. Now, I really like the look of PHAT, and I understand it would work quite well perhaps working PHAT for 8-10 weeks, switching on a Legs/Push/Pull for a similiar period, and rotating.

What I would REALLY prefer though, would be your standard Chest/Tri, Back/Bi, Shoulders/Abs, along with the two Leg workouts that Layne Norton has constructed.

Was just wondering if people would think this would work or if it's better just sticking to the routine.

Also your views on PHAT in General would be great and if it would be beneficial to start with a cut first.


202 lbs
15.9% bodyfat

Bench - 110kg x 3
Deadlift - 175kg x 1
Squat - 140kg x 3
Military - 65kg x 3
Barbell Row - 95kg x 5