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What's your favorite 531 assistance?10516

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Im starting up 531 tomorrow and am looking into either doing Boring But Big or Triumverate. What is your favorite?
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
To be honest I just throw in a mix of stuff after the main lift. Well, that's not entirely true --- on chest days I do one extra heavy exercise of either board presses or floor presses as well as DB tricep extensions. BB Rows and RDLs are staples on DL day. Lol - so I guess I have a few favorite/effective assistance exercises that I prefer to use as well as a handful of others that rotate in and out.

Of the assistance routines you mention they both look fun. For those not familiar with BBB or the Triumverate check out and click on My 531 Routine then scroll down to where it says "Complete Routine with Accessory work"
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