I have seen a few questions recently regarding a combination of smolov squat/smolov jr. bench/deadlift version of one and how to combine one of these approaches for two of the major lifts.

My bench press and deadlift were two areas I want to prioritize and here is the routine I am currently running (currently in week 4). Thought I would post it to help others.

Started with assumed maxes of 350 dead lift and 240 benchpress (underestimated due to increase frequency)

-increasing each deadlift +10 lbs. each week
-increased each bench press +10 lbs. first week; +5 lbs subsequent weeks
-leaving speed work same weight for 8 weeks

workouts last roughly 70-75 minutes***

**have not missed a repetition yet despite frequent increases in weight

**rotator cuff work done 3X/week

• Dead lifts 6 sets of 6 @ 75%
• Bench press 5x8 @ 65%
• Dumbbell incline press 3x12
• Seated iso-lateral incline press 3x10
• Reverse triceps pushdowns 4x10
• Seated rear deltoid [neutral] flyes 3x8
• Single arm cable rear deltoid raises 3x12
• Rope face pulls 3x10
• Barbell squats 5x5
• Leg press 3x12
• Frontal [narrow] hack squat 3x6
• Smith standing calf raises 4x6
• Standing machine calf raises 3x15
• Leg extensions 3x8
• Bench press 7 sets of 6 @ 75%
• Dead lifts 8x3 (speed work) @ 60%
• Angular T-bar rows 4x10
• Chin-up pull-downs 3x8
• Close-grip pull-downs 3x8
• Barbell biceps curls (speed work) 6x4
• Seated single arm concentration curls 3x10
Thursday- HIIT (method of choice) + speed squats 8x3 @ 60%
• Bench press 9 sets of 3 @ 90%
• Barbell skullcrushers 4x8
• Seated incline EZ bar biceps curls 4x8
• Triceps pushdowns 3x10
• Single arm dumbbell hammer curls 3x10
• Single arm cable kickbacks 3x15
• Straight bar curl-to-head 3x15
• Dead lifts 8x4 @ 85%
• Seated cable rows 3x8
• Single arm [angular-low] cable row 3x12
• Assisted pull-ups 3x10
• Barbell shrugs 3x8
• Seated incline dumbbell lateral raises 3x8
Standing dumbbell lateral raises 3x12
• Seated calf raises 4x12
• Calf presses 3x10
Sunday- OFF

Hope this helps some!