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Ghandi private msg quote post Address this user
Hopefully this will keep me on track and consistent with my diet and training.

I'm 6'1, about 189lbs and no idea about my body fat.

Going on a cut just now and looks like my macros should be 220g carbs/193g protein/61g fat, which equates to 2200 cal per day, possibly a bit on the light side of things and if the weight loss is too extreme I'll up this.

Got a diet plan I'm going to follow which I'll post a screen shot of, and play about with on days to suit my macros if I get bored of it.

Was doing PHAT for a bit but not very committed to it for a number of reasons. I recently found a similar workout called PHUL on which I'm going to follow..

Starting my first workout tonight got all the food in for following my plan.
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Ghandi private msg quote post Address this user
All was going well here until I somehow fucked my shoulder/back. Suspect it may be a trapped nerve, its got worse every day to the point I could barely drive home from work yesterday. Gym is a no go for now and I'm trying to get a hold of a physio to take a look at it. disaster
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
Shoulder warm up routines before upper body work.
Get a physio to look at it, i had the same thing and still do.. physio performed dry needle work which helped speed up recovery... hasnt gone away but it will take alot of time.
If ur doing more shoulder & chest work the back then this cant happen also.

2:1 ratio of back to chest when lifting !!
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Ghandi private msg quote post Address this user
I think the amount of work I was doing triggered the injury. I'm not even sure what is up with it its just killing me. Going to a physio tomorrow to have a look at it. Hope it clears up soon because I can't do anything! this is the first injury i've had which prevents me lifting.
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cactuzx private msg quote post Address this user
Maxcro's look awfully low for your height and BW. What's your metabolism like?
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