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been keto dieting now for 6-7 weeks, done it too fast, but im down on 10 % bf, my goal in other words, according to many, DIT IT WRONG GOT YELLED AT IN THIS FORUM, AND I LEARNED FROM MY MISTAKE! should have eaten my CARBS!

but now im up for a controlled steady BULK trying to miminize fat gain during summer, thought about a 300 cal surplus - want to keep my 6 pack during summer, but still improve in the gym, then do a more serious bulk after summer

Background: 10 % bf, wheight 75 kg, 180 cm , 20yrs old,
what i lift ( never tested 1repmax, theese are 3x8 sets x rep results)

bench: 3x8 85-95 ( havent benched in a while)
dead: 3x8 140kg
squat: 3x8 140 kg

Been lifting for 4 years- bodybuilding for 1 year

during last bulk i used zyzz program ( 4 day split+ 1 full body compound strength day) and i liked it, the split was in the 3x8 range , i used 4x3-5 for strength

When bulking ive allways used SimplyShredded's bulking guide and their macro ratios
-But the calories are too low- they suggest bulk on 2800 cal, but all calculations tell me thats my maintance- would it be a good thing to start 2800 and then increase till i gain at a 300 cal surplus speed??

Now since ive not been working too much in the lower rep area neither the higher rep (10-15) i think PHAT could do wonders, WHAT DO U GUYS THINK?

do u think that PHAT fit for my experience level? and if the volume is too high, how do you recommend that i should costumize it?

Should i start with the full program and then if i feel its to much- take some volume away -OR- i could start lower in volume and gradually increase when i feel like it?

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Try it out, I've tried it but found upper power day to high in volyme for me so i did ppl 2x a week, one for strength and one for hypertrophy
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