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Starting a 3 month bulk, bodyfat% question10405

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I'm getting back into the gym after a 6 month break due to an accident. I'm 5'8, I weigh around 140 lbs and my bodyfat is 15%. I have three months before college starts, and I was thinking of going on a bulk and putting on 12 pounds (4 pounds a month) over a course of 3 months. I figured then I can cut down to 11-12% bf at 140 lbs. I just wanted someone else's input as I'm used to eating at a 200-300 cal surplus when it comes to bulking. 1 pound a week will result in me eating 500 calories surplus all days throughout the week.

I plan on using Layne Norton's PHAT routine as it worked really well for me before. Is this bulk a bad idea? Will I be gaining an immense amount of fat? The general consensus online is that I can gain between 1 to 2 lbs of muscle a month, so I'm aiming for 4 lbs gain total (per month) assuming that fat/muscle gain has a 1:1 ratio. You guys seem to have way more experience than I do in this stuff so I wanted you opinion(s). Thanks.
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well for me when i bulk or cut i usually dont pay to much attention to how much mass im gaining on the scale, but for how i look week to week/ month to month in the mirror.

in theory 4 lbs a month should be good with respect to not gaining a whole lot of fat... if you do end up gaining more then you like you can easily tweak your macros. best of luck
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