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ey guys i just finished a program for dead lifting which increased my 1 rep max by a minimum of 12.5kg i want to start a new program, i am yet to try 5 3 1, i just want some information regarding how many warm up sets etc.. and how many weeks to run the program over and what weight to begin on if my 1 rep max is 212.5kg
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check out @baitus log on that one
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@Devil82 Wow, thanks.

You do some math to figure everything out on warm-up sets for the Wendler 5-3-1.

You take your one-rep max and take 90 percent of that as your working max.

Then you calculate everything off of that. So your warm-up would be 5 reps at 40 percent, 5 reps at 50 percent and then 3 reps at 60 percent.

I'm not completely sure on what you mean when you say you're not sure how many weeks to run the program. You do three week cycles and then a deload week.

Personally my current plan is to do 5-3-1 forever.

I like the plan and don't see any reason to switch to anything else.

It is very simple and straightforward.

I've read a lot about the assistance work you can do on the program but the assistance work leaves a lot of room for you to choose what works best for your goals.

As I'm rapidly approaching my 40s, I'm leaning towards a mix or bodyweight assistance, boring but big and I'm not doing jacks**t today.

Anyhow, it works for me. I hope I answered your questions.
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