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a couple of questions!10359

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hello guys!

only 1 week left on my cut and finishing my first succeeded bulk and cut since i was 18 ( now 20) and pretty happy with results, started from 72 kg with ab 16-17 bf, went to 83 kg , cut down to 76 kg and now at about 11 bf- abs seen if ive not eaten too much salt. and SO MUCH looking forward to my next bulkup!

BUT: now when im cut, im not only cut in my body, also in my face, i get the kind of "modelface" i wanna have when im at theese bf prosentages, and i dont wanna loose that when im bulking, so im looking to make bulk periods shorter, have any of u guys tried to bulk only for a month, then cut 3 weeks and so on ? would that work? ive noticed u always make the biggest progress in the beginning of a bulk or a cut, and im a kinda adhd person so i need alot of change and new goals all the time to stay motivated, so would it be worth a try to make bulk cut periods shorter? also thought about a program like this: bulk 400 cal + for 1 month, cut with 400 kcal - for 1 month, - technically- with that your bf % would get smaller and smaller for each 2 month bulk cut session, then when im at 8 %- bulk for 3 months then back to 1 month 1 month system????

another thing is that after this half year ive worked my ass off in the gym, my core has got alot bigger, and i mean my middlesection have gotten wider, and in my next bulk i dont want my middlesection to get wider ( by looking from the front) , i want a small tight middlesection, not the gorilla one. can this be becouse of over deadlifting?????- couse ive really been focusing on deadlifts til now!


Love u brahs!
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sorry guys ive got a very bad english:

what i meant with the bulk and cut system, ive thought about summin like this:

bulk 1 month 400kcal+
cut 1month 400kcal-
bulk 3months 400kcal+
cut 1month 400kcal -
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You want to add muscle without adding too much fat. Instead of a 1-month bulk followed by a 1-month cut I'd go for a slow, careful bulk over a period of several months.

This could be frustrating because progress will be slow but I think it's your best bet to add muscle without adding too much fat. Otherwise you'll just be "treading water" and you won't establish much momentum.

My $0.02.
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