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Has anyone gotten size gains on Madcows?10211

ripeanus private msg quote post Address this user
I am looking to get stronger + put on some good quality mass. Seeing as I'm 145 lbs or so.

Does Madcows 5x5 work good for mass? I know it is primarily a strength program but the 5 rep range is the beginning of hypertrophy, so factoring that into progressive overload plus eating a surplus would yield mass gains, right?
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asiantank private msg quote post Address this user
not necessarily unless you already had newbie gains then you would see strength increases but your hypertrophy gains plateau due to lack of sets and reps. I did bill Starr 5x5 and i saw slight mass gains but my lifts increased a lot (205 squat to 260). I would recommend PHAT which incorporates power and hypertrophy
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IrishGymSheep private msg quote post Address this user
madcow did
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Dukenhiemer private msg quote post Address this user
Any program regardless if it is designed for strength, hypertrophy or power will cause you to gain as long as you are in a caloric surplus.
Some people will argue that it's not optimal to run a strength program to gain size, but if you look at some of these power lifters/Olympic athletes...
Granted, steroids help! Never mind that they are genetically gifted athletes.
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