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Vegetarian Cutting SarahDee Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsFrostshock (13324): I was going to go into a whole spheal about "humane" slaughtering processes but now its just turning into a pissing match of opinions. I'll agree to disagree but believe in the facts provided. If you can show me scientific articles proving otherwise rather than hypothetical and frankly impractical situations I would definitely suggest what you have to offer in the next vegetarian diet thread.
Calling all vegetatians stewie 23 6 yearsMaarten (4299): no soy or tofu? that shit doesn't even come from animals
Vegetarian Shred - help appreciated! VegeShred 1 6 yearsVegeShred (1): Here is a quick rundown. 5'7 160-165lbs 20%bf (more on the 160side on maintain cals) I had gained about 20lbs of lean mass in the past few months on a vegetarian diet (main sources of protein - full eggs, egg whites, whey, yogourt, nuts and seeds) I was aiming for a caloric intake of 3000-3500 and found success until I hit the 165lb mark. Then plateaued. I am looking to shred this new found muscle. Using accesible formulas - it...
NEW vegetarian, needing diet advice lockih02 14 6 yearslockih02 (1): I can see how some people would not get enough protein without eating meat (especially male body builders) and I do agree that it's best to get it from whole, natural foods rather than using supplements. However, for my own body goals I don't have extreme protein requirements and I can get what I need without eating meat. @eknight I personally just don't like eating meat, I don't need it to survive and I didn't enjoy it so I just stopped eating...
body building for vegetarians? MarieCP16 11 7 yearsMarieCP16 (4): Thanks.for the lentil suggestion. I bought some of that on way home from gym. All this week ive been killing my max of what I can do in weights and have only ran a total of 7 miles this week and have had bout only 20 min cardio seesions other days.I have been good about my protein shakes daily this week too. And just this week I lost 2 pounds. Wtf? Im 114 5'2 and body fat is at about 20 percent. My understanding.... I dont need to be.losing...