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Trap bar Hambo 3 2 yearsmikew (11493): @Hambo your question makes no sense. Why not just poke around the web? It appears that the terms are used interchangeably. Here is a video of a Trap Bar *and* a Hex Bar... it's a Hex Trap bar:
Big traps excercise Ozzyshaun 14 2 yearswannabemuscular (33216): I don't train traps directly, but I can tell you they blow up when I do heavy deads consistently.
How do my trap look? dayrone150 6 3 yearskickinchicken (8716):
Traps HardBody 4 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): In what sense exactly ?? Areu deadlifting, rowing, OHP ?? Hate to break it to ya.. ur training ur traps.
Best Stretch & Exercises for Traps? (pain) qtdreams92 9 4 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): @FiremanSi many cheers for that! i am going to watch that video when I get home. :)
trouble shooting traps csizemore21 8 4 yearscsizemore21 (799): Definitely gonna try alot of this. Thanks guys, hopefully I get them on track!
back by bodyweight harryhoughton 9 5 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): soz m8
Them Traps Vtimez 16 5 yearsbrian12 (9495): @Vtimez take a look at the link i posted for snatch high pull. Try it and your traps will hurting the next day
Struggling to bring your traps up? READ-> wannabemuscular 8 5 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): He heard it from that Jimmy Struthers.
Traps Workout! StyleOverConfurt7 21 5 yearsStyleOverConfurt7 (16): What about the serratus??? Whos territory is it?? :)
Tom Hardy's Traps Duncan88 Jump to first page45Jump to last page 5 yearsXandar (457): There are plenty of people that are on that aren't impressive. Hell, I get told that on here every time I take an opposing stance against someones view lol. But seriously, he's naturally 150lbs. Say he gets 3-5 months to get physically ready to do a role. Where's 30+ lbs coming from. I also agree with you. His traps as a whole aren't super impressive but the way the tie in and their shape is. If he decided to go big that would be a...
Big traps.. I want em! pc82 20 6 yearspc82 (10): Sweet thanks for all the feedback.
Traps are growing taller but not wider? Sedlo18 6 6 yearsSedlo18 (25): ive kinda come to that conclusion as well. Im just going to add some more mass and go from there
YTW exersize? Sedlo18 2 6 yearsGGBro (553): I did something similar to that on an inclined bench designed to work your arms. Didnt like it. I felt torched for sure but I never felt any benefit to it after a few weeks.
Traps growing weird.. Thenewnoob298 6 6 yearsThedude67 (3088): Could just be me, but it looks like the guy in the 1st pic has his hands behind his back and the second pic in front, these two different poses will for sure make your traps look different...
One of my top favorite lifts (vid) SRorhrbac0808 7 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ^yeah... If I REALLY don't try I'll loose firkin 7lbs in a week. haha. I am sure the leaner I get the more methodological I will have to be.
Trapezius Muscle Trev182 12 6 yearsMCarey (2179): Dry needle therapy is unbelievable
"Traps and neck mucles" MintyZyzz Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsMintyZyzz (31): That's an other exercise I like. I can only do 25lb I try 35lb but I can only do 6 reps with the 35lb.
Upper Trap/Neck troubles !! HELP!! FiremanSi 25 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Haha.. Oh man i do wish it was an excuse to get the go ahead from the lads here to go !! Give anything to have this go away... but it's around for awhile...
Rack Pulls? DFMaster240 12 6 yearskickinchicken (8716): Like @FijiSotia said, it's still a compound lift, so I'd do them at the beginning.
How do i get huge traps. lilJohn062096 21 6 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): @Dirkenhiemer agreed, hang clean ftw, but as he said he doesn't have any heavy db's so i don't think it'd work
Having problems with my traps and rhomboids. ilifthard 23 7 yearschriselkins (1597): I hate when people post pics of their back like that. What are you trying to show by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Take a rear lat spread pic, a relaxed pic or the good old rear double bicep, por favor!
Tight Neck & Upper Trap Muscles from Liftin FiremanSi 7 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah tennis ball plus some basics on Trigger Point therapy... Do better damage for me... Actually using a 5kg medicine ball in the same fashion as a foam roller is Unreal Lads !!
Over head pressing BEASTIX 13 7 yearsAverageJoe (4510): just sit and incline the bench a bit to prevent injuries.
Trapezius training Markovich 7 7 yearspandasashi (3859): shoulders.. if ur doing deads on back day, thats already a big day...
lower traps adam82a 3 7 yearsadam82a (3100): Thanks a bunch man!
how often can we hit traps? nastybeast 9 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Either get straps or put them on a day that requires little forearm use and/or doesn't have a lot of volume already.
Shoulder Development AarronStenner 25 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): So single arm to correct technique ?
Traps Kriztijan 15 7 yearsAKK (1998): overall its going to be hard to overtrain your traps. maybe someone else can elaborate but my only reasonign is due to androgen receptors being more prevelant in your upper body, compared to your lower body (i think this is true). Different types of deadlifts, different types of shrugs(dip shrugs, regular shrugs etcetra), bikepulls/facepulls, farmer walks(get yolked), OHP, high pulls, correct form on uprights (elbows below at level with...
Traps...frequency TerryDizzle 13 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): All about TRAP training clickable text
Interesting trap training technique w/ video MrMailliw 3 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): This is the first time I have ever heard of this type of thing - every other trap how to vid just says shoulders back and go straight up in slow, controlled manner. Funny thing is, I still have the best shrug form in the gyms I use. I see big 25-40 year old guys shrugging less than me and throwing the weight up with no eccentric control at all.
from small traps to big traps ilifthard 24 7 yearsThor (5028): booom, thanks for the reps.
help me with upright rows bosssantana 11 7 yearsbosssantana (103): ohhh okay thankss going to remember that
traps with shoulders r back? Popeye25 13 7 yearsPopeye25 (1692): ya all i did was 3 sets of shrugs once a week n they grew. recently i started doin like 8 sets 4 with and 4 without straps to end back day n they blew up. they always get sore as fuck tho
Traps Reps/Sets dwatson 9 7 yearsseansm10 (906): jumping shrugs* - would you call that like a high pull? or literally a jumping shrug?
Struggling to improve my traps Bledders 18 7 yearsShadow (448): This guy knows what's up lol
my traps are finally growing... Jelet 4 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): Oh, seeing as you liking the rack pulls so much for traps. Try doing say 2 sets like you mentioned. And then moving to the smith machine, setting the bar on pins at a height between knees and but. And do shrugs behind your back - you can do normal shrug motion or hold the weight like you do with your racks. I find I can go much heavier with the bar behind my back, and no negative strain on the shoulders or joints. It's also a good exercise to...