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Right tricep everyday soreness. Help needed George1234 2 3 yearsDevley (1): Cold should always be after working out. Could be tendonitis. I know this thread is a little old. Any luck? I had elbow tendonitis and it really radiated up to my shoulder and even down to my wrist. Not the tricep area though. Look into BFST wrap. They stimulate the blood flow and great to use before a work out and also for injury recovery.
elbow tendonitis darex 20 4 yearsdarex (67): 15 weeks out . Fuck it I'm having a pizza
Fix Your Posture - Article lordcenturion 1 4 yearslordcenturion (1): I've had posture problems for years but like many chronic conditions you become used to it and it sort of becomes normal and you forget about it, at least it was like that for me. I've become used to feeling lower back pain every morning. What I've realised is that lower back pain is only a symptom of poor posture, in my case an anterior pelvic tilt. What I had to do is fix my posture and then my pelvis would tilt backwards thus reducing the...
Elbow and forearm pain/mouse/tennis elbow? haole 3 4 yearshaole (2109): @LVjack Hammer curls and reverse grip hurt the most. It's like a achy pain that i mostly feel when i put strain on it. I have been avoiding curls for a couple weeks now but I was still doing rows which didn't seem to bother it as I'm taking a full week off! Sucks...I read that I should ice it and use an anti inflammatory while i rest it. thanks for your feeback
tendinitis - elbow chickfascicle 19 6 yearschickfascicle (13): i asked about the risk of nerve damage and the doctor said that the bigger risk is hitting a vein.
People with Tendonitis AKK 7 6 yearseknight (58109): Going to use this as an excuse in two weeks if I don't lock out weight! "Did that on purpose. Tendonitis!" ;) -3X
Elbow pain whilst hammer curling SirShredalot 2 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): I it's te only exercise that causes u pain...... Then don't do it!!!
Elbow got raped In4gainZ 16 7 yearsTheBangBus (706): I have a feeling when he says 150lb which is still alot he means a cambered bar or straight bar... cuz db's no farkkkkin way
Elbow pain In4gainZ 5 7 yearsVOLSAO (129): work on your forearm strength, seemed to help me out. Lay off from the skull crushers and close grip bench for a bit. When you go back, focus on form. It is incredibly important.
tightness around my elbows Jezza_91 4 7 yearsJezza_91 (1315): I dont lock out at all, i learnt from my rookie days lol. I got my old trainer to take a look at my form today and he said everything looks good. could it be nerves or tension around my fore arm causing my elbow? area around it to feel tight?
Tendonitis sickrykes 8 7 yearssickrykes (1651): fuck this shit its not going away in a hurry cant even curl 7kg without pain loosing my shit!!!!!!!!