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8 Weeks To My First Meet. JamesM 4 3 yearsJamesM (22): Sorry for not updating this recently... This weeks training so far Day 1 Deadlift 96kg 5x10 Squat 102kg 1x5 | 92 3x5 Box Jumps 3x5 explosive Prone Rows 27.5kg 4x12 (5x0) Hamstring Curls 77kg 4x12 (5x0) Day 2 missed training due to work Day 3 Floor Press 1x5 60kg 1x3 67kg 1x1 70kg 1x3 67kg 1x5 60kg 1x10 60kg with chains. Day 5 Squats 90kg 7x3 Deadlift 136kg 1x3, 122 3x3 Lat...
New belt fitting/problem problem SSJ3FinalFlash 11 4 yearsSSJ3FinalFlash (283): @Rand @WinnersNeverQuit Ill keep at it and give it time, Im horrible with patience but thats the whole game. Thanks for your opinions and input.
600 Pound Deadlift PR SSJ3FinalFlash 11 4 yearsSSJ3FinalFlash (283): Haha I wish! Thanks man! Thanks boss I appreciate it Haha glad you enjoyed it bro! Thank you Thats what I was thinking after the pull haha had no idea it was going to be like this. You got it man kill it! Thanks man! Appreciate the support! Thanks a ton bro! I said "Lets go baby! Killed it man! YEAHHH!" Hahahaha was so pumped up that I went a little insane Thanks man! You got this bro, keep your head up and keep...
Custom Made PL Program (Need Opinions) SSJ3FinalFlash 10 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SSJ3FinalFlash Sounds like that's the rep range u enjoy I was going to suggest that but remember u talking about doing it before !! Candito is quality loving it. Have done it for 5cycles now. Spends a lot of time in lower rep ranges apart from occasional 8-10's... Each week is different so ur always interested !!
low bar squat DETERMINED1 5 7 yearsAKK (1998): just try your best to shorten the distance between the fulcrum, which I believe is from the top of your spine to your lumbar. if you shorten the distance between the two, there is less shear force on the spine. Secondly, flex your lats when you squat. you should look up Dr.Stuart Mcgill about the information above, theres a podcast some where of him discussing the topic above. in the end try to get it as low as possible on your...
Who squats with dumbells and who doesnt Ares Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsAres (219): ANd now i've just read how bad a smith machine is to squat with, fuck sakes. If thats my only option for a squat though just go feet further forward and a bit wider?
So you think you can Squat? Christf 23 8 yearsEthan7X (291): Dude anybody is welcome to train with me. :D just waiting for the dumbbells to get here then everything is set.