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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight Jump to first page178Jump to last page 3 yearsSamanthaOlivier (10): I remember when the all we have about the internet was a Dial-up and shity websites. Now, we have a community of people that are willing to help - that is inspirational as hell! Just by reading this thread you can collect a lot of information and start with your fitness goals. Everyone can easily find a workout, meal plan, great gym wear online and always needed motivation. Good work - I love you guys! XD
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock Jump to first page38Jump to last page 4 yearsRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Lower back (please help) acoble02 2 1 yearFishbulb (28): Haven't checked this site in away, hence the delay...Do direct work on your hips, glutes, hamstrings religiously. I'm the only guy in the gym who uses the adductor / abductor machines as well as the glute/hamstring kickback machine (where the cable is around your ankle), in addition to my normal leg day stuff (squats, split squats, ham stuff, unfortunately I don't do deads anymore, etc). Throw in some glute bridges - one leg and two - and...
Workouts and Sports acoble02 5 3 yearsacoble02 (10): Any other opinions? I know I need to raise my calories up. But since I’m so active outside of the gym, should I do less days in the gym to give me more recovery time? Like a 3/4 day workout? What do u guys think?
Steroid + PCT Juicywog 8 3 yearsmedicalgrower (1): And what if I also add God's Gift to this ratio? Will it interfere?
How to take HIIT workout to the next level?? onyxac 4 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): U shouldn’t be doing weights or strength work as I call it in a high intensity capacity as it will result in injury. That’s why CrossFit has a 25% increase in pec tears..
mind-muscle connection frame 12 3 yearsYeags (1144): Watch porn then just go to sleep that will confuse the hell out of your muscle🤬🤬🤬
about plateaus Hambo 5 3 yearseknight (58109): @jayjay770 why? To what purpose? -3X
SCTM Hambo 2 3 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I think @eknight can help you with that one. That man eat, sleeps, and breathes static contraction training. Oh wait...
Simple advise for a beginner? unfitweakfat 8 3 yearseknight (58109): No problem. We all start somewhere. I was legit 93 pounds the first time I walked into a gym to work out. -3X
Build "decent" quads with limited exercises? forgottenpass 12 3 yearseknight (58109): None of those are exercises I’d advise- especially not Russian twists. You’re putting your spine in flexion and rotation- the exact position you’re never supposed to lift an object from. Very unsafe. I would advise anti-flexion and anti-rotation movements for strong lumbopelvic musculature. Things like planks, side planks, anti-rotation band movements, and Pallof presses. -3X
Tell me what you think acoble02 5 3 yearsframe (73): If you prefer to work out with weights twice per week then it's definetely better to go with full body and to choose strenght routine from faq in stickies. If more, then routine you posted is also fine as well as pull push legs, if you do upper/lower/upper, better not to go all into horizontal pulling, but maybe first upper day - vertical pulling 2 movements, second upper day - 2 horizontal if you want, or mix them like 1 horizontal and 1...
Squats advice jostrosky 11 3 yearsjostrosky (346): @Yeags yeah I was just doing 225 and figured I would do some set of 5 to see form. I agree they are not the best. I don’t really want to invest in the power lifting shoes although they cast the same as the air max’s. I just get the flatter sole met cons
Upper/Lower - same exercises or similar frame 14 3 yearsframe (73): @wannabemuscular thanks for the link! Going to try this out. @Jsn3004 agree
Bulk or Cut? new2lift123 7 3 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Read the 2 sticky threads at the top of forum. But you don't look anything beyond novice.
BHS and BBDL Hambo 2 4 yearsNorIda (46958): I still think this kid has us answering his homework questions.
biceps peak Hambo 2 4 yearsDorich (454):
Top 22 Most Popular Threads - Last 12 months mikew 2 4 yearsmikew (11494): 12. Pre workout before sex Page views: 9,050 13. What is albutarex? Page views: 8,806 14. The truth about ANAVAR. Page views: 8,591 15. Weighted abs vs Un weighted abs. ...
Leg and Pant Problem jostrosky 13 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @mikew haha can’t go that route as a teacher. I have found a good pair, Under Armour golf pant are very stretchy and fit perfectly. They even have my 36 inch length.
Should I hire a nutrition/lifting coach? forgottenpass 20 4 yearsmikew (11494): @forgottenpass you have a distinct goal: But do you have a deadline? If you are working toward something specific - like a competition, vacation, wedding, etc. - that will sharpen your focus. Another "trick" is to pick a specific weight loss goal. Let's say 180 lbs. (Assume you can lose 1 lb. per week.) Then pick sub-goals: cut to 192, cut to 184, cut to 176, etc. You can make a complete transformation in 3-4 months. But it's...
What made YOU start getting real gains? Cannonball 13 4 yearsframe (73): Like above said a diet, and that concentration on a muscle group during excercise, it may sound absurd, but it seems to work when you visualize how muscle contracts during a motion, with heavy weights up to 8 reps especially. That way you get controlled motion which makes muscle to work harder during lift since it takes out that momentum that is counter productive to muscle development, no ego lifting and diet/recovery = progress.
Would this schedule work? Spencer1104 6 4 yearsSalokin (877): If you want to make improvements on a body part, prioritize the lift. Do it on Monday and again later in the week. I find when part of my body starts lagging or I want to make more drastic improvements, I move it to Monday. If you miss it for some reason, you have the rest of the week to make it up.
Back to upper/lower:advice? MoarIron 6 4 yearshaole (2109): This is what I do and it works well for me because sometimes I can only get in twice a week and sometimes I can get in 5 days a week but it allows you to be flexible. Upper lower split would be tough to do 5 days a week unless I took some volume out of the routine.
How does my new lifting/diet plan look? forgottenpass 16 4 yearsBeStrong (1): Dont drop calories too low, because it could lead to stalling pretty quickly I think.
Question for eknight: decline push-ups Dorich 7 4 yearsDorich (454): Yeah I'll have to reevaluate my form. I was thinking maybe a weak core could have something to do with it, but probably not. Thanks for your input.
Need help with pecs exercise shin 8 4 yearsDorich (454): Without a photo no one can give you proper advice. (srs)
Critique my 6 day Pull/Push/Legs Routine Gelo98 7 4 yearskickinchicken (8717): Good lord. It's like you took EVERY exercise ever known and tried to fit it all into one week.
Injuries/frequency/optimal A7102009 3 4 yearsA7102009 (1): Thanks Yeags for the suggestion , Ill try and maybe take a week off. are you supposed to take a week off every couple of months? As Ive read studies on androgen receptors, and muscle cell stress, that apparently they could become desensitized and so you need to "shock the body" dont know if this is true. Is my split the best it can be though? as Ive tried to add as much frequency as possible, as long as there is 48 hours rest...
PROGRESS AND ANALYSIS A7102009 12 4 yearseknight (58109): Well, the Lauver, et al study only demonstrated a difference in EMG activity of the upper pecs with a sustained isometric contraction, but not with dynamic movement, if I'm reading that correctly, so I'm not sure that it has a pertinent carryover to using the incline bench to "target" that area. -3X
Please critique my new push/pull/legs split! forgottenpass 20 4 yearsjippo88 (10): Sorry to hijack, but just wanted to clarify something regarding the push/pull balancing. I've also recently ditched overhead work. With my long ass leverages it just destroys my shoulders. Have been doing a bunch of rehab stuff and have eased the pain, but now looking at my routine as a whole. Does vertical pulling count towards pull volume - specifically in terms of balancing out the shoulder girdle?
Skinny arms peterholt 13 4 yearslolssons (1249): I would suggest continue with whatever it is you are doing but add in extra armwork at the end of your workouts 3days a week for like 4sets of biceps and 4set of triceps per workout the added volume will for sure make your arms bigger if you are in a callorie surplus.
How does it look? SnackIt 22 4 yearsSnackIt (76): Anyone got some tips on this?
Workout programs.. SnackIt 6 4 yearsSnackIt (76): One more question, what about periodization, when is it needed and are it needed for bodybuilders?
Please, urgent diet help needed Greekyogurtgoddess 15 4 yearsWest165 (574): The best diet is one that is sustainable. Pick your caloric deficit, track your progress and ask questions if any issues come up.
MY FINAL SPLIT QUESTION A7102009 11 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Yea..... I didn't read any of that. If you're going to write a wall of text, Break that shit up So it doesn't seem to be SUCH A FUCKING STRUGGLE TO READ Gotta trick out lazy asses into believing there's just one more short paragraph.
Quitting my job MarcoMacias 4 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): If it's the same franchise you should have asked if they could move you there. Either way it couldn't hurt just to put in an application
Workout for chest gainz AnthonyDee 7 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Thanks dude!
Upper/Lower How does this look? acoble02 6 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): In this case I would just do Upper/Lower/Off/Repeat. Just my two cents.
Can someone please explain this to me (hopef acoble02 2 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): He literally told you what you can do. It doesn't get more simplified than that. I think you're really overthinking this. Just pick a routine and stick to it. You keep asking about routines about Upper/Lower, PPL, etc. Just pick one thing. And stick to it. That's it.
Advices for My PPL Jeffr 6 4 yearsStevieB (1): Hey Jeffr quick question when you say Rear delt peck 4x15 / Shrug 3x10 does that mean you just choose one of them exseises or you do both ? Cheers. Also with Flat bench 3x10 + Cable cross-over 2x10 does that mean you would do your flat bench then straight on to 2 sets of cabel cross overs ? I've been looking for a good routine and like the look of this one just abit confused. Cheers.
Older Newb, Dumbbells only FattyMcFat 7 4 yearsFattyMcFat (13): LOL I try to stay away from mirrors and cameras. Down another 10lbs since this post, gotta increase caloriesales to lose only 2lbs a week. Yeah, I gotta read the FAQ, heading that way. Thanks for the responses.
New Eric Helms Interview AnthonyDee 1 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): New interview with Eric Helms​: "In this interview, we discuss: - Evidence Based Practice - Flexible Dieting - Dual Athletes (powerlifting & bodybuilding) - Nutritional Periodisation for Bodybuilders - Post Competition Psychology - Cardio in a contest prep - Autoregulation & the RPE scale - Whats next for 3DMJ."
James and Bret on individual differences AnthonyDee 6 4 yearseknight (58109): Absolutely everyone should do cardio- despite minimal differences in energy expenditure, if someone is looking to create a calorie debt, there's only two ways to do that- eat less or be more active. Avoiding cardio because it may make a 1-3% difference in energy expenditure is nonsense. -3X
Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel AnthonyDee 1 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel!
Pre-meet programming Thomas_Rascon 5 4 yearsBeans (4204): The amount of time lifting is a big factor in how strong someone is. I wish I started lifting at 15, but didn't start until I was in college. One thing you'll learn is that nobody worth a damn cares about how strong beginners are. They appreciate that you like the sport and work hard. I think you're numbers are good for 15, but never worry about not being strong enough. Just lift consistently and do you. I don't compete, but you have nothing...
Upper back exercises and sample back workout AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @AnthonyDee yeah dude.
New Year - New Routine (seeking for advice) Damu 15 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @Damu I've been working out 3 days a week and have been progressing as well. You still hit each bodypart 3x a week and have plenty time to recover. I'm not saying any routine is better i'm just saying more doesn't always mean better. But Phat is a good routine. I'd recommend you do abs on your lower body days.
Training for Strength vs Hypertrophy AnthonyDee 3 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): I'm not sure what ip slanging is... but yes, that's a Cyprus flag! Cause I'm in Cyprus! :D
PPL routines acoble02 3 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Refer to the second post in this thread:
How to train for muscle growth AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsCharlesdog (1): Add in some upper back and core stability
SCULPTURING AND SPLITS. A7102009 15 4 yearsTedDansen (10): I see this as a problem. I'd rather see you add a minute of rest so you're stronger for each set, and you can get more out of the sets you do. Then you can subtract some volume on the back end and feel good about it. Ideally you would get at least 48 hours of rest between pushing workouts. I think your strength is really going to suffer trying to train tris that soon after chest. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but you have to understand that...
Excellent Eric Helms interview AnthonyDee 1 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): This is a really good recent interview with Eric Helms on training for muscle and strength: Topics include: - Mechanisms of muscle growth (mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage) - Periodization for maximizing training adaptations - Training volume, intensity and frequency for building muscle - Whether strength leads to hypertrophy or hypertrophy...
Which workout split? A7102009 7 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Seconding this; if you're able to train 7 days a week, the quality of the training probably isn't very high, and there probably isn't being presented much of an overload.
Workout plan that hits muscles twice a week? dayrone150 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): That's everyone's excuse why they either don't train legs or only train legs once a week. Total bullshit. Notice how it's always peoples' legs that blow up quickly and not any part of their upperbody
Workout for 4 days straight? Kev521 7 5 yearsShoto (7): Thursday - Upper (Front) 3 sets & Mid-Section 3 sets, as many reps as possible. NB: always leave 1 rep 3-5 minutes rest in between sets Sunday - Upper (Back) 3 sets & Legs 3 sets, as many reps as possible. NB: always leave 1 rep On these days, train like there's no other training you'll ever do, "tire yourself out" but always leave 1 rep. that you can do. All other days should be rest days because you...
How do I get broad thenotoriousgainz 9 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Hahaha. Great.
PPL routine acoble02 7 5 yearsacoble02 (10): And also, I accidentally put cable rows in here. I decided not to do them. So the pull day will have everything j mentioned besides cable rows.
Boxing for Cardio acoble02 5 5 yearsTR100 (1): Try HIIT method 20s boxing / 10s rest.
Muscletech Hydroxy cut next gen ArchT 1 5 yearsArchT (4): Hi guys. Has any of you used Hydroxy cut next gen. Any experiences to share? Can it also be taken on non-workout days? Thanks in advance
Daily Undulating Periodization SnackIt 6 5 yearsSnackIt (76): Alright thanks guys, but if we look away from DUP, does the routine template look okey for gaining muscle mass and strength? just workout to workout, week to week progression, add weight when i can, then probably incorporate some kind of periodization to this routine later on. Lets say if i wanted to add some kind of periodization to this routine when it is needed, what examples can that be? i see how PHD 4 uses 5/3/1 etc (ATN_Coaching you are...
New Video: What matters most in training ATN_Coaching 1 5 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): What's good peoples I recorded and uploaded a new video to my channel on a very hot topic right now that was as hot as IIFYM/flexible dieting/nutrition. From that in this video I touch on what are the key pieces to setting up a truly successful training program. Some of you may agree, disagree entirely, or be 50/50. With that if /when you get a chance please feel free to comment/ask questions here or on my channel. FYI: I had a ton of coffee...
Tren E and test E cycle + clen Juicywog 2 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Sounds swell man. Add in some Carb Blocker from for helping leaning out and not have carbs turn into fat.
Need HELP with abs (cut) Kev521 13 5 yearsKev521 (4): Oh sorry guys I forgot about the FAQ thread, will read it now.
Optimal rest time! ATN_Coaching 11 5 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): I think we all can agree regardless of the goal we all have individual preferences that work best for us at an individual level which is perfect as I am not seeing so much "BUT YEAH SCIENCE AND RESEARCH SAYS............." which is a general point I am making is that though there is a optimal range from research it is not to be taken to heart for people to take literal and change everything about their daily training.
Training Frequency? Opinions? Benzenunovic 11 5 yearseknight (58109): I would propose that since MPS is at least in part affected by both the endocrine and nervous systems, using data that shows MPS elevations as a reference point de facto takes into account limitations on those systems' recovery times. -3X
Best full body routine 3 times/week Bous123 23 5 yearsArimac44 (451):, lol..... You were given advice from two knowledgeable people on this forum but you turn to for advices ..... lol
Workout plans that hit muscles twice a week? dayrone150 9 5 yearsKS100 (13): No problem adding some rear delt work. 2-3 sett of rear delt flyes/facepulls each upper session will do the trick.
noob gains/ keep bulking or? halp AJZtheSavage 7 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): If ur goal is asthetics then maybe slo it down a little, if it's strength fuck it keep going u still look good dude. Well done, awesome progress.
Could it work? SnackIt 11 5 yearseknight (58109): You're already using an incredibly effective split if you're doing WSBB. Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? -3X
Bulking macros? dburt2 7 5 yearseknight (58109): ^^ -3X
5/3/1 set-up SnackIt 12 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): You said your goals are size and strength. You will gain size by being in a caloric surplus. You will gain strength by following the template and being in a caloric surplus will help as well. Boring But Big is a well known program proven to work. Once again follow the program and eat in a caloric surplus (Don't dirty bulk, eat 300-500 calories above maintenance). Sometimes we overcomplicate things when they are really simple.
Cellucore c4 or rich piana kill it jacobshoebridge97 6 5 yearsRiku_Hakanen (1): C4 definitely
NEED HELP leg workouts!!! anteis99 3 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): A workout won't get your legs lean. Having a low bodyfat percentage will make your legs leaner. I'd recommend bulking up though, you're lean enough. I'd follow a program and stick to that and your legs will become more developed. If you make your own program, I recommend reading this first.
SI joint problems FatKid_AtHeart 6 5 yearsNebNotliar (1): If anyone is interested, there is a book on Amazon Kindle that shows step by step how to perform 20 different stretches. It costs $0.99. I hope it helps some of you :) Link to Amazon page:
Squats and old injuries scauffiel 13 5 yearshangi (1): Stability during exercise is key and it is determine by your exercise shoes. So for proper stability get the best exercise shoes to flex your weight better.
Running PHAT next week critique changes ParkerHenry 7 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Open thread to view post.
Upper/lower advice Savageguru 3 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): All of the above. The setup you have is a train wreck
Vacation Gym Blues jostrosky 18 5 yearseknight (58109): 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 -3X
PPL routine 3 days a week overtraining Oslo1234 11 5 yearskickinchicken (8717): That's 14 sets twice a week for 28 sets. If 28 sets isn't enough to grow than increase the weight. Remember though, it's not about "feeling it" as much as getting more total volume in. If you can keep a good intensity for up to 28 sets without feeling sore than I'd consider that a good thing. And why would you use just as many sets for biceps as you do for lats when bis are so much smaller in comparison? Maybe you should look into...
DUP Workout too taxing? nine0seven 12 5 yearskickinchicken (8717): @GrizzlyBerg I made a spreadsheet of the same thing a while back, but I added a TM! Lol. I was planning on try it out after my current deload week. Can't argue with these results...
Adding 2 inches to arms Oslo1234 6 5 yearsWest165 (574): You need to start jacking off with your left hand, but make sure you don't use any lube. Resistance training will get you some good results.
New to the Game & Cuttin Bando416 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Check out the FAQ thread. It will give you all the info you need. -3X
Holy Crap! You have to read this! vonte21 5 5 yearsUptonG (1): If you buy a real book, you could try lifting it a bunch until you get a 6 pack! Amazing!
hello guys need help with this push pull leg Stevow7 3 5 yearsStevow7 (1): o thanks!
Cant squat deadlift bench Mrstrenght123 3 5 yearsWest165 (574): I have skolliosis similar to yours and a nerve root impingement in my lower back. I can't squat, but that's only due to my impingement. I wouldn't try to force squats. You could try sumo squats or leg press. But I hear you, it's frustrating not being able to do some of the best compound lifts. I've been slowly getting back into deads though, but I've been too afraid to get back into the heavy weights.
Right tricep everyday soreness. Help needed George1234 2 5 yearsDevley (1): Cold should always be after working out. Could be tendonitis. I know this thread is a little old. Any luck? I had elbow tendonitis and it really radiated up to my shoulder and even down to my wrist. Not the tricep area though. Look into BFST wrap. They stimulate the blood flow and great to use before a work out and also for injury recovery.
Is this a good back/bicep workout for mass? Oslo1234 29 5 yearsBeans (4204): Did you ask your trainer any of these questions? I'd like to know his answers, because that routine is all kinds of messed up.
QUESTION !!! moke912 5 5 yearsmoke912 (118): Ok , thank you !
Bar POPS off back on squat concentric? forgottenpass 8 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @norida that's what years of not doing legs did for me. They are catching up though. Haven't tried 1rm on squats in a long time..
Deca and test e cycle ARL Juicywog 20 5 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): which would you recommend DM
stronglifts but modified moke912 17 5 yearsBeans (4204): Obviously gaining strength while cutting isn't optimal, but you said it "isn't going to happen," which is incorrect. It's better to lift heavy and increase your lifts than run some high rep routine and make no gains at all.
Helping my dad West165 2 5 yearshaole (2109): Sounds like you are being too specific unless your dad has problem eating bad food all the time. I would recommend you try to keep it simple for him. First just hit his daily calorie goal and then try to eat 170g of protein and fill in the rest of the calories with anything for now. If he can do that then you can get more specific about carbs and fats but you don't want to over complicate things.
Preference? dserious111 4 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): For the majority of the year (8-9 months) Main compound movement 5-10 Accessory/assistance movements 8-12 The rest Main compound movement 2-5 Accessory/assistance 6-10
EZ Curl Bar Hambo 8 5 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for answers.
consolidation routine Hambo 10 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Yea its Mike Mentzer. And you're welcome!
Bench press increase for 10 reps? SOLARSUPLEX Jump to first page93Jump to last page 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Thanks dude. I bench off my toes. I I've tried the flat foot but it doesn't feel as good. My knees are always shitty. Gotta get those in line.
Enhancing Certain Body Parts / Muscle Det. CaptainKanter 4 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Definitely check out the Routine Design for Dummies like @Hamb0 said. You'll learn alot. As for training your legs less than once a week. That's fucking stupid. Read that a few times. Focus on compound movements. They will indirectly hit your biceps/triceps. If your bench press, military press, floor press, whatever you do is increasing, your triceps will grow to. Same thing applies to performing rows and your biceps growing too. Still do...
Back 2 Basics... tjfromthe6 13 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I can imagine that and it looks stupid lol. I think some people overlook things and just need to stick with basic compound movements with accessory work.
Enhancing Certain Body Parts / Muscle Det. CaptainKanter 1 5 yearsCaptainKanter (10): So now I am one year into training and have followed the following split for most of the year - Chest/Tri/Calves, Back/Bi/Abs, Rest, Shoulder/Traps/Calves, Legs/Abs, Rest and Repeat. I have noticed now that Chest and Arms are significantly smaller than I would like them to be. I want to begin doing more Chest days and incorporating Arm days, and spend less time on legs and shoulders. My question is how often should I train legs and shoulders...
Static Contraction Training Hambo 7 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Progressively overloading a muscle, with adequate intensity (>~60% of 1RM) will stimulate growth, and it will grow if factors like nutrition and recovery is in check. However, training and overloading the muscle through full range of motion, has been scientifically shown to stimulate more growth than partial range of motion. A static/isometric execution is most comparable to the latter; partial/no range of motion. To bring just one...
I could help grow my biceps please advice Sirdragon 5 5 yearsmikew (11494): The opposite of whatever it is you're doing right now. ;) In all seriousness you need to get on a caloric surplus (bulk) and a split that works your entire body.
Suggestions on this routine max12480 6 5 yearseknight (58109): Program hopping because you get bored is a recipe for sabotaging your gains. It takes at least 6 weeks just to achieve neurological adaptation to resistance training before any substantial hypertrophy or strength gains start. If you change your routine after two months because you're bored, you are basically saying, "I'd rather find a more stimulating routine than one I am beginning to make real progress with." -3X
Micro trauma Hambo 8 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): On today's episode of hambro:
Modified my routine a little bit. Critique? antoksl 2 5 yearsNicholasIsAnAsian (1): @antoksl FYI,
Reverse grip bench press csizemore21 15 5 yearseknight (58109): One of the greatest bench pressers of all time- Anthony Clark- exclusively did reverse grip benching. I'm curious how it puts your wrists in a compromised position? They're in the exact same position as a normal bench press. The difference in movement is due to supination of the forearm and internal rotation of the shoulder. -3X
My upper/lower routine KK91 6 5 yearsKK91 (1): Do you mean Incline bench press?Even in upper body B?
arm size fittness4life420 15 5 yearsfittness4life420 (1): Natural brawn i tryed that witha shoe string and i like it i can only do half the reps when doing it tho is 8 reps good with a 30lb?
Upper and Lower+Arms Routine bladebeef 14 5 yearseknight (58109): I would do that, drop to one isolation movement instead of two, and get rid of leg extensions. -3X
A little advice - newbie to site CHAPP785 3 5 yearsmikew (11494): No need to eat 6 meals per day. I would use My Fitness Pal to track your calories. Set the macros to 50c/30p/20f. Start by hitting your goal of protein goal for the day. I think a legitimate weight lifting program like Strong Lifts and responsible dieting will be easier than following a video program like Insanity.... not my idea of fun. As @SOLARSUPLEX lots more info in the FAQ to help you get started.
Critique on my PPL routine? antoksl 7 5 yearsantoksl (1): Thanks for answers guys. Yeah, going to put those shrugs into pull day. Actually, I just had pull day today and it was great, really enjoyed it. Can't wait for push and legs. Although, I am still not sure with that leg day...
Machines and cables csizemore21 13 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Planet Fitness has good machines and cable setups. Srs. That's all they have.
muscle memory and cutting experiences. Jelet 8 5 yearsJelet (2190): yea i know that. i gained more muscle in a month naturally than i did on any bulking cycle with steroids. but i was in a calorie surplus. what confuses me is how can i gain muscle if my body doesnt have the calories to add muscle?? thats why i was curious if muscle memory works if you are in a calorie defict.
Sarcomere Hambo 11 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I'm l0st
Lets talk about that booty! SOLARSUPLEX 11 5 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): HEY FIRE FUUUUUUCK YOU
German Volume Training West165 5 5 yearsRawsteel (940): Your volume, intensity or both is too high if you cant't recover when you hit your muscles twice a week. And the more advanced you get, the more you should up your frequency, not the opposite, since the protein synthesis isn't elevated for as long in intermediate/advanced lifters as it is in beginners. Also, GVT is a shit program, the intensity and frequency is too low.
ROM biceps curls Hambo 5 5 yearsRobotEars (1174): Oh noes @Hambo, looks like ek has learned to play your game!
Hard to touch Hambo 27 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): I just gave you 3 Valentine :)
DL and S Hambo Jump to first page58Jump to last page 5 yearsNorIda (46958): @Hambo nah bro. Muscles are only soft when the glycogen levels are low. That's one of the great reasons to eat carbs to be "fuller" that along with muscle density will prevent any muscles to be soft at the touch.
back on it!!! but not motivated at all juanf122388 6 5 yearsjuanf122388 (46): Thanks man really appreciate it ... its hard to keep on track when everyone around you pretty much puts you down all the time i do got a dream i wanna achieve i got no problems working out just my eating habits i start eating good for a few days then just forget about it
What program to run?! Illusional 8 5 yearsIllusional (1): The thing is even if I'm a beginner that push pull legs routine on the thread you gave me doesn't look too bad, my main goal is obviously a strong relative strength for my weight but to be pretty lean and muscular as well. I have been training in a heavy and Hypertropy split where I divide the week up and have 2 of each, I am currently doing phat just with a few changes but with the upper lower I feel like I can't get strong at every lift at a...
What to do now jostrosky 3 5 yearsjostrosky (346): I don't eat anything without weighing and nothing from packages, very strict. About 6 weeks now and gradually added cardio in and now up to 7 days @30 mins either running or elliptical. And I started at 3300 and just been dropping ~100 calories a week for adjustment but scale went up. Getting stronger though but muscle is not built that fast and I really don't know if it just a lot of water or what
Leg press footing variations! SOLARSUPLEX 12 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @eknight Yes, true. My quads were more sore overall. Not just a specific part of them.
The Best grip for training triceps akas 7 5 yearsDiyanYonkov (7): minecraft YT channel intros and music + dafuq i just watched
Leg Extension/Adductor/Abductor useless? MizAlmie 7 5 yearsMizAlmie (4): Thanks EK. I get it now! The translation that you have fully described above make sense and links to a conversation I had with a PT in the past. Thanks again-
Not sure what to do max12480 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I don't see a problem if your numbers are going up
How to Prioritize a Body Section CaptainKanter 8 5 yearsmikew (11494): I would nix incline BB, incline DB, and cable crossover. These are not the most effective exercises to build size or strength. Instead: flat bench 5x5 twice per week and close grip bench press 4x8 twice per week. That gives you 18 sets and 114 reps per week. No need to start heavy... maybe start with 60 lbs for barbell bench and just the bar for the close grip bench. Add 5 lbs per week. For size - big lats make your chest look big so I would...
Optimal bodyfat range for build muscle? forgottenpass 14 5 yearsforgottenpass (382): Should have stopped bulking at 15%, dammit!
4 week arm specialization program Red97 Jump to first page66Jump to last page 5 yearsBucky (3871): haha 100% agree my man. it's not about how many sets you do (sort of to a degree, don't chastise me eknight) but HOW you do your reps/sets. perfect form, optimal ROM, and optimal food/rest post workout.
could use some advice max12480 21 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Because it's not crazy difficult and confusing you're just making it that way. It's laid out for you already just do it.
DUP hypertrophy Blackbasara 2 5 yearsDubddariuslee (1): How has this setup been working for you?
Ab and oblique exercises max12480 9 5 yearsRawsteel (940): If you value your back health, primarily stick to ab exercises where you don't flex your spine, i.e. isometric exercises like roll outs, ball pikes, stir the pot, planks etc. The last thing you want to do is crunches and sit-ups, especially with a twist (rotation). Why? Because according to Stuart Mcgills research, a crunch or sit-up generates at least 3,350 newtons (equivalent of 340 kg) of compressive force on the spine, and according to...
Step lifts question max12480 9 5 yearsmax12480 (1): I don't know if I am a complete beginner since I lifted quite a bit for years and just getting back into things. Would that still make me a beginner?
Leg Day: After Rest Day or Day before Rest CaptainKanter 3 5 yearseknight (58109): It doesn't matter. At all. One bit. Whichever you prefer. There is no "better" in this case. -3X
Size comes with strength????? max12480 11 5 yearsRawsteel (940): Ofcourse they will grow, barbell/pedlay row = elbow flexion and bench/ohp = elbow extension. Triceps long head (the biggest) won't get much training in that program though, so if he want's a good pair of triceps he should add a tricepsextension, either performed standing/seated behind the head or lying with a full ROM ( like this).
What to do on off days max12480 19 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @wannabemuscular I follow CT Fletcher's advice when it comes to masturbating. FUCK OVERTRAINING!
Legs & Shoulders HardBody 2 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Head shoulders knees and toes.
Road to Mt Olympus a year long journey ZeusAmmon Jump to first page168Jump to last page 5 yearsAmunet (136): :):angel:
Helping my dad max12480 9 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @max12480 a lot of overweight people are such due to metallic damage and inactivity... So I generally get them to track what they eat for the week and track their steps... Then I can see what their eating and how much they move. From here u have 2 very important variables to manipulate !! If under eating start with getting more food in, some skip breakfast quite often, start there. Then get them to increase steps daily or simply taking 2x...
Tricep Firing Problem Aoverto7 1 5 yearsAoverto7 (310): Saw this posted on T-nation. Having something very similar happen to me. "So I tried to search whats going on with me in the past forum's but the problem is that I'm unsure as to what's causing this so I have a hard time searching it. (If that makes sense) Here is some information to give you an idea of what's going on. -Notice no imbalance during any type of dumbell or barbell pressing. The big movements. -Notice slight...
Chest and Arms(8x Mr O Lee Haney Split) HardBody 3 5 yearsRed97 (19): @HardBody try doing chest and arms on separate days, make sure you get adequate amount of food and rest. you have got nothing to lose by trying this workout.
Training Split HardBody 18 5 yearseknight (58109): I mean it's not a well structured routine. Read the "Routine Design For Dummies," thread that is at the top of the list of threads on the forum. -3X
How necessary is OHP for carryover for bench Blackbasara 12 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @mikew interesting that you broke up power and strength. So you consider power the amount of 'explosiveness' you have on a lift? While strength being the raw weight that can be handled?
Weekend off? max12480 3 5 yearsmax12480 (1): Thanks I will keep doing it as it is
rest rest day? Myth? emmyweird84 11 5 yearsemmyweird84 (1216): Yes sir! @RobotEars :D
Warming up max12480 8 5 yearsjcrew7_z (10): I usually look up videos on youtube with multiple stretches and pick the ones that hit the muscles best. I think it's an individual thing.
push pull legs HardBody 26 5 yearsNicholasIsAnAsian (1): @Rawsteel Thank you so much and greatly appreciated for your reply. I will bear in mind. Have a nice day ! =)
push/pull/legs vs brother split HardBody 10 5 yearseknight (58109): Then run it as PPLP/PLPP/LPPL/etc. Doesn't change the concept. If your chest and back aren't responding to the training you're doing, don't do MORE training that they won't respond to, correct what you're doing. -3X
Traps HardBody 4 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): In what sense exactly ?? Areu deadlifting, rowing, OHP ?? Hate to break it to ya.. ur training ur traps.
new to the forum looking for good help max12480 Jump to first page52Jump to last page 5 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Also, to add to what @Beans and @Jsn3004 are saying, it's better to start off at a conservative poundage so that you have more space to progress. Doesn't matter if you think the weight feels too and and that you feel you can do more. You're still depositing into your "muscle account". The gains add up. Don't overthink. Beginner programs are set up that way for a good linear progress.
A few things before I start my journey max12480 7 5 yearsmax12480 (1): thanks man, i really love all the motivation and positive feedback here. i will rest up and hit it hard Monday and i will check back with how my progress is going
Shred Joeblack 4 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I agree with @SOLARSUPLEX The routine is called "12 Week Fat Destroyer: Complete Fat Loss Workout & Diet Program" It just uses words that'll target a wider audience who wants to lose fat. Alot of people want results right now, that's why they use names like that. I think you should go back through the FAQ and choose one of the programs that are listed on there. They are proven to work wonders.
Back and Arm Routine HardBody 20 5 yearseknight (58109): They're a bit of a different animal, since the knee and hip flexion is more limited. They're not bad, but my personal favorite lumbar exercise is reverse hypers. -3X
Bro Science - Rep Range nine0seven 5 5 yearsBeans (4204): Someone posted this a few months ago, can't remember who. It involves more than just reps ranges, but it's a pretty good read.
Cut or Bulk? Any help would be appreciated Jonnym126 7 5 yearsLoxtonAxiosFoods (34): I would suggest a lean gain diet. Hard to properly suggest anything without having details about your nutrition. But your BF% is average. Probably place it between 17-20% Which can help with muscular development. Focus on large compound exercises. 3-6 sets per exercise, 6-10 reps per set. No more than 60 mins in the gym at a time. I don't know lbs... But I'd be pointing at around 140g protein a day to help. Have a glance through my...
Chest and Back HardBody 4 5 yearsAthl3te (4): I tried one time when I was changing up my routine but it is not a really good split because while working chest and back you are working arms indirectly and you wont allow much time to recover. I did not get that much results
Good P/P/L hghani13 9 5 yearsRobotEars (1174): I have. Stemmed from bro-science, I'm sure :(
Training legs after acl surgery ???? BTB1690 8 5 yearsBTB1690 (1): Nobody likes a smart Arse Jason mate :)) but thanks anyway lads , I've not done any more weight training on it, just exercise bike and going on the leg press with 0 resistance just for movement, been out along time had lcl,mcl & pcl done previously got blood clots and stuff after it,been unable to train n got in shit state, just eager as fuck cause can start to see some light at the end of the tunnel, just be sticking to the upper body just...
Train back day of or before massage? SOLARSUPLEX 7 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): I would do it after. I was pretty beat up the first day after my massage
Back n Shoulders HardBody 13 5 yearsHardBody (7): Yes Lee Haney Split
Some Help ON Lower Body nraymond 6 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Disclaimer. I'm not an expert and I'm sure that routine is unbalanced as hell.
To much cardio??? jostrosky 3 5 yearsjostrosky (346): @Beans That's the thing I am doing it already everyday as well as a couple of HIIT sessions a week
Wrists gave out while benching today forgottenpass 30 5 yearsforgottenpass (382): Haha your right, I get your point. Thanks!
Short workouts - max ot? luka5z 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Too much push, not enough pull. No direct hamstring work in terms of knee flexion. An entire day for arms isn't necessary. Have you read the two sticky threads? There's some good routines in there. 45 minutes is more than enough to fit it 25-30 sets. What you have listed shouldn't take more than 15-18 minutes. -3X
Routine balancing. KenoXZ 5 5 yearseknight (58109): That routine is a disaster. The point of running 531 is that it has 2 upper and 2 lower days. What you outlined is 3 upper days (one with deads thrown in) and one lower. The accessory work on deadlift day should be lower body, since the movement is hip and knee driven, not shoulder driven. A balanced 531 can be found in my current log: -3X
Full Body Workouts? Mr_Muscle2016 10 5 yearsMr_Muscle2016 (1): @NorIda for hiw long should i stick with stronglifts?
Calves help GreekLegend 15 5 yearsAnik (1): Calves thats really fucking problem if you are more than 180-185cm hight...
Full Body Workout? Mr_Muscle2016 3 5 yearsRobotEars (1174): What's your diet like? Your "example" routine doesn't make much sense. I would say, this: But we've referred you to those threads a few times already. I'm not trying to be a dick brah, but help us help you. Feel free to jump on my log and use that. I'm doing a power/hypertrophy split; each body part 2x weekly; 5 training days, 1 core day, 1 off day.
Pubmed:Mind muscle connection in training Blackbasara 1 5 yearsBlackbasara (61): "CONCLUSION: Resistance-trained individuals can increase triceps brachii or pectarilis major muscle activity during the bench press when focusing on using the specific muscle at intensities up to 60 % of 1RM. A threshold between 60 and 80 % appeared to exist" clickable text Interesting study. Thoughts?
Back and Biceps or Back and Triceps? Mr_Muscle2016 8 5 yearsBeans (4204): @Mr_Muscle2016 I prefer back/bis.
what am i doing wrong jordan1988 5 5 yearsRand (4291): how much do you squat? have you ever tried putting more weight on the bar.
Best Triceps Exercises Mr_Muscle2016 19 5 yearseknight (58109): Yes. There's a whole thread on it. @Blackbasara pointed you in that direction already. -3X
PPL and Shoulder Growth gymguy6969 5 5 yearseknight (58109): You're completely discounting the fact that the anterior delts are major contributors to all of your pressing chest movements. They're hit more than they need to be in the routine you linked (which is why it's unbalanced). -3X
Kris Gethin 4weeks2shred Blackbasara 1 5 yearsBlackbasara (61): Kris Gethin with his latest training plan on getting shred thats right in 4 weeks. is it possible to get shredded? i guess and get weaker too. When i was newbie in training i used to do his training plan got decent results for muscle size because anything works since you are beginner. Can't believe he is still spewing that broscience again and again with his supplements and nutrition. Any thoughts? ...
Thousand Pound Club Video! JoshPatkin 6 5 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): wait a minute...there are 2 of the same thread
Question About female weightlifting plan oX0MIZZ0Xo 2 5 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): I doubt you'll recover in time to do proper sessions in under 48 hours.
Private Message Hambo 3 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): IN THE POWER RACK YOU SAY BICEPS?!?!?!?!!?
trying to figure out what split is best HardBody 9 5 yearsmikew (11494): Most important thing is consistency a.k.a. adherence so pick something and stick with it. Screen cap from the Eric Helms video: I'd also make sure you choose a split designed by a pro like PHAT or one of the threads mentioned in the Stickies.
What you guys think GreekLegend 5 5 yearsBeans (4204): lol @GreekLegend I don't know much about measurements, but you look like you're in a really good spot for being only 19.
Seeking for arm day! Vasilispbns 7 5 yearsVasilispbns (1): I will maybe end up with this split. Thanks again for your help :)
Opinions on PH3 Assie321 5 5 yearsAssie321 (70): @Beans yeah I was thinking the same thing but am curious about some opinions about it. Also because if I run it I would like to do so for mutilple cycles.
p/p/l HardBody 6 5 yearsRobinson252 (118):
incorporation Hambo 11 5 yearsRand (4291): start training back, and do it lots. Problem solved.
If you believe TUT is the Holy Grail... eknight 21 5 yearsdarklight79 (3088): @Cannonball I dunno man. T-nation seems to have run out of good articles and new content to write about so they're basically throwing up the same thing or creating dubious articles just for the sake of posting new content.
Please Help Madcow 5x5 GreekLegend 2 5 yearsarnoldjr (16): I would read the sticky thread that is up that Eknight wrote - I literally just used it to help me out a bit. As for a strength routine I prefer Wendler 5/3/1. Oh and I fucking hate Jeff Seid.
Bench press csizemore21 4 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): Its to force your sternum up to the bar
Started Bill Starr 5x5 (madcow) routine GreekLegend 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Any program that is balanced and allows for progressive overload will be good for mass if you're eating enough. -3X
Stronglifts or Upper/lower FL4T 5 5 yearshaole (2109): @FL4T I would go with SL5x5. It's simple and foolproof with the app. It starts off easy but when you get near your limits it really gets challenging. Make sure your diet is right though as you will be increasing weight/work load every day so you need to make sure you're not compromising your workouts with a crappy diet...that actually applies for all times
Diet Advice jostrosky 23 5 yearsjostrosky (346): my kidney doctor indicated to me that my CPK levels were normal for someone like me that workouts a lot. I have not talked with a dietitian, i figured that the experts on here might be able to give some advice.
Target more chest than shoulders GreekLegend 8 5 yearsThatguy81 (541): [quote And it's been working[/quote] Sorry, but if it's working what's the point of this thread?
Lost all my gains nine0seven 4 5 yearsThatguy81 (541): Sux bro, glad you're doing okay now tho!
Painful vmo cramp after leg workout forgottenpass 5 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Drinking water during your workout will not help with behind dehydrated during. You need to be consuming that water throughout the day ontop of while training.
Let's talk about the pump. SOLARSUPLEX 19 5 yearsfittseabee (4): I get crazy pumps from straight barbell curls(21's) Quad extensions Side lateral raises ftw!!! Always chasing the pump brahhs
Research on highly trained Norwegian golago 3 5 yearsBeans (4204): The point was to lower intensity so that you are recovered enough to work out each day. Doesn't seem that unrealistic to me.
Needs Advice On how To Progress Supernatural 1 5 yearsSupernatural (1): For the past few years I've worked out at my local gym cutting down from 100+ kg to present weight 81.6kg at 6' / 47 years I'm looking lean and at the same time putting on muscle mass I know is a slow process and working at a computer all day does not help. To help make up for that I cycle back and forth to work and my local gym and have a fairly advanced routine. Ultimately I'd like to perfect my schedule/routine and once thats in the...
What do you think? Vasilispbns 6 5 yearsVasilispbns (1): Thanks everyone for your responses :D
Deciding workout program TheP 5 5 yearsTheP (1): Thanks, will start this program next week, i see that some exercices has you to do supersets, can i do normal sets instead? By the way, whats your thought on candito linear program? the strength/hypertrophy template. clickable text
DUP Cross 10 5 yearseknight (58109): Like exercises. They're a means to an end. It's a fine set-up, but it's not magic. I personally prefer a conjugate method. Either one will get you results if you train hard and eat and recover correctly. -3X
Female Training Routine EBZ_94 5 5 yearssathernut (13): Get a book called Strong Curves. Thank me later.
Hypertrophy or strength routine? strengthathletics 13 5 yearshaole (2109): @strengthathletics It could also be water weight. Just drinking a glass or two more a day not too long before you weigh yourself can add a pound. If your not seeing gains then increase your maintenance level.
candito training bench press program golago 12 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Very odd that u never manipulated the volume or intensity merely the exercise.
New routine ppl? Coopsdaddy Jump to first page31Jump to last page 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @sathernut Bro i am anything but an average joe. Im offended
Strongman SRorhrbac0808 11 5 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): See, I'm adding some in this off season, just for a fun way if getting the heart going, mainly going to be farmers walks, yokes & sleds, maybe with dome log work as a variation fir shoulders, but the other stuff, to me at least, seems too prone to inure and I don't want to risk putting myself out of my main sport.
Hi need help? Naynottzng 2 5 yearsblakeyt93 (34): Are you making any progress either with weight lifting or your cardio? What are you trying to achieve?
Yet another "critique my PPL program" thread sathernut 11 5 yearssathernut (13): Fair point. Dick call taken back. Sorry. I guess I was looking at it from a progressive overload point of view. I know I can just add reps but I could do literally all those exercises for infinity reps... Also body weight squats hurt, so do lunges. I would look at terminal knee ext as a rehab exercise, done it with the strongest bands I have before for many many reps. I know some would say wow if your back is that bad why are you even working...
P/P/L for Improvement NicholasIsAnAsian 17 5 yearshaole (2109): You shouldn't burn out doing it 5 days a week but I've never done it consistently enough 5 days a week so I'm not speaking from experience. I do a PPL routine because I work out 2 to 5 times a week and I just pick up where I left off. If you are constantly working out 5 days a week I would probably take a week off every 10 to 12 weeks.
Calling for help, need study links!! Thatguy81 24 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Hahah, I've never controlled my wife. Can't be done. That's one of the reasons I liked her at first. She was feisty and strong minded. (been together 20 years now) The problem is that she constantly complains about a little bit of fat here or there that she can't get rid of. Cardio, cardio, cardio, and low carb for years and years. It's obviously not working well enough to get her to that next level that SHE really wants. She's just to...
Help about Big Beyond Belief Cross 3 5 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): IMO drop the boxing and just get huge and strong. Best that way.
Another Critique my diet/Workout thread!! Sydazak 14 5 yearseknight (58109): And you came up with THAT? Re-read them and revise. -3X
HGH and test E cycle 💉 Juicywog Jump to first page40Jump to last page 5 yearsJuicywog (25): @Bucky thanks for the info, yeah I'm planning on running phyzer 2iu ED, and also add the test in for roughly 3-5 months
Help Club foot GreekLegend 6 5 yearsGreekLegend (52): @ErickFromOmaha Forgot number of operation I did think was about 3 and special shoe I had to wore its not fully complete but I've been living with it and when I do tend to squat the right heel always rise or I end up leaning more to my left and force myself to not and is it good that I squat with no shoes? and for calves I normally do 4x15 standing calf raises, 4x15 donkey calf raises, 4x15 seated calf raises, 4x15 calf press
Training for classic physique nine0seven 12 5 yearsZyzzst (4486): @eknight don't even bother man. This guy doesn't realize new chemicals and chemical chains are made every single day. Especially to get past the pro hormone bans, etc. Arnold and those guys probably ran high test and that's about it. Genetics played a HUGE role in old school bodybuilding.
Athletes training in the heat LifeofaFighter 4 5 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): Exactly what you said @thatguy81 Its crazy how complex the human body is and how it can regulate so many systems to protect and thrive.
Exercises to Develop Inside of QUADS ambitiongainer 13 5 yearseknight (58109): ^^ Clearly. -3X
cold shower pwo myth leanr0x 5 5 yearsthe1 (33861): brah......
Another help thread! Deads/Squats Thatguy81 10 5 yearsThatguy81 (541): Just battled legs again, here's what happened: Squats: 135x5, 225x3, 275x1, 285x1(pr) Deads: 135x5, 225x5x2 Leg press (calfs): 6 plates x12, 8 plates x10, 10 plates x8 Seated leg curl, 70x10, 90x8,110x8 Seated calf raise: 45x12, 90x10, 115x8 I don't know how far off the program that is, but I squeaked out 10lbs more for a new 1rm on squat, so I'm happy...
Need help Monster 17 5 yearsGreekLegend (52): We're all going to make it brah
Critique my 70s inspired routine ParkerHenry 5 5 yearsBeans (4204): Summer ended only 5 weeks ago...
Shoulder Routine Video George_Kofi 1 5 yearsGeorge_Kofi (10): Hey guys the video is in german but if somebody is interested for a new shoulder routine or just for some inspiration take a look at it! if u have any questions just ask!
3 day upper/lower split tjfromthe6 4 5 yearsCross (7): If you want 3 day split it would be much better doing fullbody workout or 4 day upper/lower split like variation of westside or go read FAQ
always super slack Duncan88 7 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Sound like some low calorie issues bro. That or maybe you need a deload week.
Volume or Frequency - what's more important? wannabemuscular 8 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Frequency is MUCH more important, especially since it doesn't require much volume to fully peak the protein synthesis in a muscle, and when it's peaked, more volume won't give you more growth, only an increased recovery time and endurance. Below you have a pretty recent study where they compared the typical "brosplit" with a full body program. And here's one of the biggest meta studies made about frequency, intensity and...
Julien Pineau rememberthis 1 6 yearsrememberthis (556): What a bad ass.
Power lifting VS bodybuilding Thatguy81 21 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): If your training and diet is on point you will build muscle and get stronger following either paths
Break the routine for fun haole 4 6 yearsthe1 (33861): I don't know how people do the exact same workout for months and years, or the exact same exercises day in day out lol.. every workout of mine has some fundamental exercises for progression but for the most part I have fun with my training and I always seem to hit new highs
Training Change Opinion blakeyt93 3 6 yearsblakeyt93 (34): duly noted. have gone for an uppper/lower split. advice much appreciated!
help deciding GreekLegend 22 6 yearsBC_physique (1): I don't think there is any right or wrong routine. For what u want I'd keep it around 8-12 reps. And as long as u are breaking the muscle down and fueling properly u will grow. Twitter @claytonphysique
Check this out if you're about them gainz... tjfromthe6 2 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): This whole forum clears all that up.....
Arnolds routine agonist antagonist Shane86 2 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I would just go to the Faq section and routine design and get a program from there...
critique my program. Chrisrr 7 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): @eknight nvm I found it...
Tjfromthe6's Current Workout Plan tjfromthe6 21 6 yearstjfromthe6 (7): Tuesday & Friday Incline/Flat dumbbell bench presses(Alternated) Barbell rows Side dumbbell lateral raises/Face pulls Pull ups Overhead rope extensions/Rope push downs Barbell curls/Alternating dumbbell curls Monday & Thursday Back squats Stiff legged dead lifts Leg press calve raises Seated calve raises Cable crunches Hanging leg raises Is my ish balanced now or nah?
PHAT & PHUL combined? Umoo 3 6 yearsUmoo (1): If you mean the 3-day PPL program I think progress can be better made when training same muscle groups twice a week. If you mean the 5-day rotating PPL routine I only have time for 4 days in a week as a student. I think 2x upper 2x lower like PHUL suits me best for bulking but I really liked the concept of PHAT after performing it for a month so I tried combining them
Phat 3+3 gelloxor 1 6 yearsgelloxor (1): Is it possible to do phat with ppl+ppl kind of style? I mean, yeah sure its possible but is it wise? I love to do ppl, but my body cant handle 2x powerstyle workouts, it makes my wrists,joints etc to start hurting after few weeks. I love to get bigger,but I also love to get stronger and bigger one rep maxes on my main moves bench,squat,dl. Im just that kind of guy who cant get happy with upgrade benching 10x90kg to 12x90kg.
help, does this sound like a good plan? forgottenpass Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsforgottenpass (382): Great! Got all the info I need to start serious lifting again. Thanks again for the great advice guys, really appreciate it!! @Firemansi repped to the max bro!
PHAT in 4 days Umoo 6 6 yearseknight (58109): Continued weak knees. -3X
Strict form Hambo 3 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @Hambo you have a lot of questions. You should just go workout with @Cannonball.
How to sidestep like Nehe Milner-Skudder Duncan88 2 6 yearsmikew (11494): Squats + skill specific training + purposeful practice + good coaching... I'm tempted to add plyometrics to that list but I think that kind of stuff tends to be overrated
cutting plateau rylie111 2 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Sweet baby Jesus Uve been the same weight for a month.. What a waste of time man. Lower calories increase cardio... Also I would tend to include CARB refeeds every 7-10days when their bf% is that low and they've been dieting over 8weeks. Notice I didn't say a cheat day or meal I said carb refeed !! Ur body come the next morning is always awesome ! 😁 Lower ur fats slightly, maybe 20g less protein and increase ur carbs and eat roughly...
building pressing power DEXchidera 3 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @DEXchidera Volume and technique will help best to build the lift.
Trapezius Hambo 5 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): Slight bent over shrugs and high rows are key.
Shoulder vlog with big andy! Jealster 1 6 yearsJealster (91):
Sore throat lolssons 2 6 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Wtf. Just workout. If you were throwing up that would be different. Or like explosive diahreaha (sp)
Shrug Hambo 3 6 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for answer.
Split Setup - First Post blakeyt93 1 6 yearsblakeyt93 (34): so been browsing the forums for the last couple of weeks and finally decided to sign up and drop a post. Currently: Age: 22 Height: 185cm Weight: 76KG had 6 months off training due to an elbow injury/being lazy and have got back into training for the last couple of weeks. Currently training on a 5 day split but from reading on here, rippedbody and other sites it seems like something similar to a 5x5 or big compound routine is the way to...
Wrist Wraps Jsn3004 5 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): I these and they serve me very well.
Best routine for teens Magnus2142 8 6 yearsPaulKg8 (1): Honestly when I was that young I just did a shit ton of pullups, pushups and running. Probably not the advice you were looking for but it helped give me a solid foundation to build on.
Top 4 Gym Life Hacks/Tips palekm08 7 6 yearspalekm08 (7): First tip is to role the the barbell onto a 5kg/lb plate while doing deadlifts. This will help evaluate the the weights and makes it far more easier to take off the weight. I only learnt this tip about a month ago to be fair
Thoughts on dup csizemore21 9 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): B Dubs??? Yeah I like B Dubs too
The1s Log the1 Jump to first page202Jump to last page 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @the1 Samsies.
DUP principles routine cadream 2 6 yearscadream (10): No one ?
Weight Gain concern ArchT 5 6 yearssdmusev (1): Hello ArchT! You can be sure that it was not the creatine which made you gain excess weight but the food that you were consuming each day. Tell us what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are definitely eating more than you are burning. As eknight said, if you are concerned about weight gain and you want to achieve some personal goals, you should start weighing your food with a kitchen scale and counting calories.
greyskull lp and implementing dips? jf89 1 6 yearsjf89 (4): in the gslp he suggest doing it as frequency method stuff and dosnt say much more,i asked this question in another forum and they recomended doing bench ohp and dips once a week instead of alternating bench and ohp but i dont really like that idea....any ideas on implementing weighted dips into my routine? my workouts are usaully ,mon -wed-fri ,rows/chins ,squats,deads(wed) and some ab i just add dips at the end?orwill it...
Is bench proportional to your body weight? Blackbasara 12 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): I don't think it's a HUGE difference lol. My squat has never went down much while cutting, just my presses.
Split / Program Help harriez95 5 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Don't fix what is not broken.
I need an Upper Lower routine! Please help! Magnus2142 5 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): No ^ Look in the faq
Which is correct? Hambo 4 6 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for the information.
Bodybuilding books ErickFromOmaha 14 6 yearspainisgrowth523 (16): What kind of information are you looking for? Because there's a lot of information already available on the web. If it's for exercises you could probably go to or other websites that have exercises. should have a list of books too.
When to straighten your knees and when torso Hambo 4 6 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for answers. Hambo 5 6 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for answers.
Figure Competition Jen25 7 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): True^ We don't know what she looks like. Yes some crossfit gals are buff but that's mostly the actually pro top level girls. Pictures would help tbh
military press Dem41 7 6 yearsDem41 (586): That's where I tried it last week, that's also where I place my hands when I bench, pinky on the rings. I may try this on a fsl on Friday, only a couple inches out from where I keep my hands now
Idk what to do anymore User7787 16 6 yearseknight (58109): Read the 2 sticky threads. All you need to know is there. -3X
Bulking routine - help/advice needed rickyloot 3 6 yearseknight (58109): Just... No. -3X
High frequency low volume csizemore21 15 6 yearsAoverto7 (310): Have you ever looked in to doing DUP?
3 DAY SPLIT MARKOANT 2 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): If I was you I'd do a fullbody routine focusing on making you stronger at movements that transfer over to everyday life.
Numb Hand from squats? nine0seven 18 6 yearsoceanair (18020): @nine0seven :)
Barbell position Hambo 3 6 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): I pull to my sternum keeping my back parallel to the floor.
PHAT: Mix of two versions hulkZ 4 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): You're asking for opinions. You got a good one earlier yet you chose to disregard it. How long have you been lifting? IMO PHAT is a very solid program but not recommended for beginners.
My Legs/Push/Pull routine. Feedback plz. n1x0n 19 6 yearsRawsteel (940): No, i simply aswered the question below.
6 Days Split Suggestion JustReal 9 6 yearseknight (58109): Too much volume. Too much push in particular, without adequate pull. Too much quad, not enough hamstring. Supersets and dropsets are not necessary. You have pull movements on your push day. The routine is spelled out in detail in the thread. How could you mess that up??? Are you sure you read it? -3X
Log to 2/3/4 Snowboard901 16 6 yearsSnowboard901 (169): Had forgotten to update. Had did a Reppetiton upper and another lower workout. Took today off and will most likely end up taking tomorrow off aswell since I'll be moving into college. I'll post my last two workouts tomorrow.
Push Press vs Strict Over Head Press zacharyc 1 6 yearszacharyc (61): Which one, if any, is better for hypertrophy and strength of the shoulders? Currently push pressing as my main compound lift for my shoulders as I like the movement as its quick and powerful but in terms of hypertrophy and strength will it improve those factors better than strict over head pressing or not? Thanks in advance. Zach
Looking into B-Bak's Mi40 nine0seven 13 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @nine0seven. This one has been discussed here before when it first came out. you can try the search and find the thread. he uses glutamine so think twice.
Barbell bent rows Hambo 1 6 yearsHambo (847): When you do dumbbell bent-over rows your torso is parallel to ground. What about barbell bent-over rows, do you have the torso parallel or 45 degrees or other? Some say you move barbell to hips others to lower ribcage. What is right? Thanks.
Back Workout [Advice] NicholasIsAnAsian 6 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): @NicholasIsAnAsian Yes but it's fun to use Bahasa Melayu at times to a fellow Malaysian. Cheers and good luck. Hope the stickies helped.
Online coach suggestions JustReal 9 6 yearsthe1 (33861): Open thread to view post.
Can you critique my routine? rickyloot 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Too much pull, not enough push. No direct knee flexion exercise. Running this 3 weeks is pointless. Strength adaptations- noticeable significant ones anyway- take at least 6 weeks. -3X
I need professional help... Tryingtomakegains 13 6 yearsTryingtomakegains (1): I dont have budjet for that...
Want to quit SL but don't know what to do rickyloot 9 6 yearsrickyloot (1): Could you send me that version please? All I can find is that Phraks version.. But when squatting 2 times a week, wouldn't it be better to do some kind of upper/lower?? Sorry for bombing you with questions but I feel like the more I started to learn about training, the more confused I am.. lol :D
Workout vag19 5 6 yearsvag19 (1): Oh, okay. I will have that in mind
My 6 day Split alkudari23 14 6 yearsZepa (730): @huron My advice is secret only unlocked by reading the dummies thread. EDIT: Join date today troll pls
Push Pul Legs balance & volume susisu 7 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Vertical and horizontal pulling movements trains the same muscles, but to a different degree.
phat/ ppl cryptic 2 6 yearsMethod (379): This is similar to what I've been running the past month. I really like it. I felt like I wasn't getting enough recovery time with the standard PPL and I like going heavy at 5-8 reps.
PPL Routine Critique nine0seven 3 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): I dropped the leg extensions and replaced them with seated hamstring curls. Once my mobility/flexibility is better I'll replace them with SLDL. I think the volume is fine, especially since I run it PPL/off/repeat. Pull day has enough volume as it is.
Unsure what to do? sam141414 8 6 yearsmikew (11494): @sam141414 here ya go That sucks about the food intolerance but hopefully there are some carbs that you're okay with because carbs will give you the boost you need. Many successful members of this forum are living proof.
Different periodization in a Push/Pull/Legs ajm87 1 6 yearsajm87 (409): I have been running a PPL for a bit now and wanted to change up how I approach some of the progression. *Note I cannot squat/deadlift due to heart condition .Also, I have to stay in the 6 or higher rep range. Here's how my split lays out. What would you do to alter it at all? More pulling? Remove a triceps exercise? etc. 3 Days On, 1 Day Off 40-70 reps per bodypart per workout 6-12 rep range at 70-80% of 1rm Increase weight the...
Simple Push Pull shredm Jump to first page79Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): @the1 -3X
Smith machine for SS?? chibulls21 11 6 yearsRawsteel (940): As said, just ask someone around you to help you unrack/spot. And i'm curious, don't you have a safety rack at your gym? If you don't, drag a bench in to the squat rack and set up the safety bars if you're worried. I personally have been benching twice a week for 7 years without a spotter or safety rack/bars and i'm still alive :p
How's my bulking routine? Ralph 4 6 yearsBucky (3871): leg extensions are an unnatural movement and put bad stress on the knees. shoulder press are fine, don't do it behind the neck though. and idk about the lat pull downs, I love them and find them quite effective in engaging my lats. get a scale, weigh yourself every morning first thing when you wake up after you pee, and probably should take a shit just for accuracy haha, but record your morning weight everyday. it'll fluctuate a bit but as the...
Sacroiliac joint pain! SOLARSUPLEX 1 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Waddup guys. Just sharing what i have come up with in my quick reading of pain relief of the SI joint. I was trying to PR on deadlifts (failed 385lb) a few days ago and ever since i have had a strange pain in my tailbone area. Did some googling and came up with the SI joint. More or less the pain is more of an extreme tightness just below my lower back. After watching countless...
Belt talk. Rand 8 6 yearsRand (4291): @SRorhrbac0808 tell Grizzly, then @GrizzlyBerg tell @SRorhrbac0808 then we can all watch a epic rumble. Dont kill each other though lets see a deadlift battle!
BB and PL getting way too technical? SOLARSUPLEX 10 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I run PPL and do 3 on 1 off But on I get to a real gym ima be there 24/7 trying out all the cool machines.
Back to bulking, questions and U/L routine Pdv92 16 6 yearsshannowman (6367): You're massively over complicating this. Form follows function, focus on how your body should move and you'll live a better life in and out of the gym. At the point you're at you don't need to worry about the detail in your arms and calves as much as just getting stronger. Believe me, building muscle and dare I say 'aesthetics' is so much easier once you've reached some basic markers of strength- body weight plus bench, 1.5x body weight squat...
can u help me ? moke912 4 6 yearsmoke912 (118): thanks ;)
Lower ribcage Hambo 1 6 yearsHambo (847): Hi fellows, It is said that you should do barbell rows to lower ribcage. Is that navel height or where is it? Thanks.
Boris Sheiko seminar Zepa 5 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): This translation shit. ugh
what lifts shouldnt be done together? jf89 8 6 yearsjf89 (4): Thanks man but i ddnt see a link and i got the book, i guess i asked that wrong ...and i thought dips shouldntnt be done with bench ,chins shouldnt be done with rows,etc. I guess im looking for an idea on what lifys compliment eachother the best to avoid working the same muscles more than needed in a session....sorry about the stupid noob question but i dont feel like messing with neck harnesses or curls so im kinda adjusting the routine and...
need ur help ! buildbetterbody 3 6 yearsbuildbetterbody (1): thanks a lot :D
p/p/l scallo 9 6 yearsMethod (379): Do a A B split meaning switch more than one exercise.
Starting strength? chibulls21 10 6 yearschibulls21 (1): Thanks I appreciate it. It just seems like 3 workouts 3 times a week is not enough but I am a novice so I could very well be wrong.
Quickest Way Rusty 7 6 yearsBeans (4204): What are your goals? If you want to bring up your squat, bench, and dead, then squat, bench, and dead. That program has a ton of cardio, which is fine, but it won't necessarily help you achieve upping your lifts.
Training platue? IamRiot 11 6 yearsIamRiot (1): Also ive been kind of focussing on hyperthropy alot the weight has been lowered alot and the reps are now 10-15 would it be important to add some strength training again?
Progress pic update, Reverse Dieting+Advice robinxchrom 1 6 yearsrobinxchrom (22): Hey, firstly thanks for all the help from this community on THIS site. The education of high carb, low fat, moderate protein dieting with re-feeding, monitoring metabolic changes and making small adjustments over huge ones has helped me a lot! I learnt a lot from the community here and Eric Helm's videos. Before pic (did a few pushups) 165-170lbs ...
Cobra lats!! Thatguy81 6 6 yearsThatguy81 (541): @blackbull I've been steadily increasing my deads and rack pulls, I also hit rows and lat pulldowns. @darklight79 gotta work my way up to weighted bro, but I'm getting there! Honestly my workouts are kind of a mess right now, nothing logged or plan, just a standard bro split. I don't feel like I'm quite ready yet, but I had great results with PHAT, I'll start that this fall when I start my bulk, prolly start another dead log...
Cured my shoulder snaps nine0seven 5 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Yah buddy. I train back every workout.
breathing Hambo 4 6 yearsblackbull (22): As above posts really.
New bench idea. Check out the video. SOLARSUPLEX 9 6 yearsBeans (4204): @_RudeCrew Haha I was thinking that too. I definitely wouldn't skip the routine maintenance they had.
Hi can you look at my workout and comment dab0ooo 4 6 yearsdab0ooo (1): oww nice thanks for all of your advice :)
*Eric Helms Strikes AGAIN !! (Video)* FiremanSi Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 yearsajm87 (409): I'm on Week 4 (deload) of the hypertrophy split that he recommended in the third video. It has been really fun so far. I added in face pulls on both Upper days as well.
Working out while travelling every month acheb 5 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Lots of hotels have fitness rooms. Might not be the best equipment, but you can make it work. Otherwise; pushups, table dips, planks, situps, leg raises, bodyweight squats, standing calf raise, etc. Make it work. Also, lots of gyms will let you pay a day rate to use the place without being a member.
Please help! Torn ACL! Need exercise advice dgevurtz 3 6 yearsDevley (1): Agreed, rest now and heal properly. I have heard many stories of re-injury and worse for ware after. Listen to the doctor and follow advise. Work your way back in slowly and always treat with cold after to avoid inflammation from building up. The knee has sch little blood flow to begin with, you do not want to obstruct that unnecessarily.
Shin splints forgottenpass 26 6 yearsDevley (1): Taping your shins helps, compression socks and cold after. This is a great article on dealing with them and what exercises will help. For runners but idea is the same. I also attached a link to a cold compression wrap. worth a look into.
Chest routines; looking for inspiration stranger 3 6 yearsstranger (1): Hey bro! What should I change, in your opinion? when should I hit the chest hard? My back routine at the monment is as follows: 4 sets of pull ups (10 reps) 4 sets of pull ups wide grip (10 reps) 3 sets of dumbbell rows (10 reps) 3 sets of face pull (10 reps) 3 stes of pull downs, wide grip My shoulder routine is like 4 sets of military press (10 reps) 4 sets of shoulder press (10 reps) 4 sets of BENT OVER DUMBBELL REAR DELT RAISE WITH...
Past failure Hambo Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsFayzeh (1546): Thanks for his current view @eknight. Takes time to go thru articles/podcast for valid data.
Help with HIIT spider07 10 6 yearskozzletoff (379): agreed. I think you're better off doing HIIT with some kind of sprint. A lot less complicated than your routine and probably more effective
Workout advice for slow bulk and hypertrophy Pdv92 7 6 yearsPdv92 (10): So you would suggest PHAT for a hypertrophy/aesthetic goal? I'm checking around to see what people have experienced with it. They all seem pretty much satisfied.
Prexylol Push/Pull/Legs log Prexylol 1 6 yearsPrexylol (1): Hi Guys, I recently joined the simply shredded forum and I was searching for some feedback about nutrition and training. I will start cutting soon, so this will be my Push/Pull/legs log. Stats: -188cm -80kg/176 -16/17% BF My Goal is to lose around 6% body fat and to have a solid base of 10% body fat to start bulking again. Some information regarding nutrition: I come from bulking and used the following macros: Diet...
Dumbbell pullover Hambo 14 6 yearsHambo (847): You are right.
Anyone with credibility GTFIH TimmothyGen 15 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Ha g4p very common among bodybuilders... But seriously though he's hustlin...People who coach online on YouTube and run a company makes a lot of money it's ridic... I think Guzman made 200k or so off just shirts... And his new company. I stopped watching him though because every video he kept trying to sell me something I don't like that.
Critique My First P/P/L Program BlueManBen 10 6 yearsRawsteel (940): That's right, and for the main sets (3x5/3x6-8) i recommend that you use a weight that allows you to hit the reps in the first 2 sets with the same weight, up it when you can hit 5/8 in all 3 sets or when you can do 5, 5, 6 and 8, 8, 9. How many percent you need to lower the weight in the pause set will requie some experimentation, for me -20% in the bench allows me to complete 8 pause reps with about 2 reps left in the tank, and when i could...
Your weakpoint & whatcha doing about it? qtdreams92 18 6 yearsBucky (3871): also I'm fat as fuck basically. dieting my ass off until I hit sub 6% body fat.
any diet coaches to hire dasko 7 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): I'll do for $10,000 that's a 50% discount price plus I'll throw in 2 quest bars & a free sample of C4.
Macro check Coopsdaddy 3 6 yearseknight (58109): Changing your macros isn't going to make a difference at all. Weight gains are based in total kcal intake and expenditure, not the source of those kcals. -3X
Back squat and erector spinae Hambo 2 6 yearsBeans (4204): Reps for best erection joke.
Possible Chest Injury? alkudari23 3 6 yearsalkudari23 (52): Alright thanx man
Preworkout Rituals? alkudari23 24 6 yearsRand (4291): Download a history or fantasy sporst podcast, put in headphones and educate myself. I started wearing tights and that makes me feel like the marathon man.
Cutting and overtraining. IamRiot 15 6 yearsIamRiot (1): I have gotten far in my cut now and its starting to look good as soon as i hit a lower bodyfat ill start bulking again
Need a workout, Starting Strength not for me wannagetswole 13 6 yearsBeans (4204): I would generally do 2 on 1 off 1 on 1 off, or 3 in a row with 1 off in between depending on my diet. Up to you really, that's why it's a nice program.
Muscle Imbalances alkudari23 8 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Yah I agree with norlda. But I would def start incorporating alternating fapping arms.
6 week challenge neilc1982 5 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @neilc1982 Do the secret under ground training method then
painful bench cbondy 7 6 yearscbondy (58): @Gianluca69 yes he says shrug them up but then back and down so as you get the feeling of the ROM. i may work on some band pull apart see if that helps as i am slightly protracted. does anyone ever feel like they don't have that mind muscle connection with their pec like i can't tense it very well or feel like I'm using that muscle during the exercise?
Upper/Lower Body Split acoble02 2 6 yearsZepa (730): Check out this great topic. Info in there is amazing. clickable text
Help putting together program Coopsdaddy 2 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): Here ya go bud routine design for dummies
Lifting belts - SOLARSUPLEX 5 6 yearsMMB (3616): I use mine only when I feel the need of it or when my back is already beaten before the workout. Never keeps it all workout long, I simply put it on the bigger size when resting.
Top 3 Ab Exercises Fayzeh 26 6 yearsRawsteel (940): If you have a good crunch machine at your gym or one of these then i recommend that you use that as your "main" or only dynamic rectus abdominus exercise since it's alot easier compared to free weight crunches, i personally hate having to hold on to all the weights when doing free crunches :P And when it comes to volume 6-8 sets/40-60 reps twice a week is enough, i recommend some isometric training as well, like planks or the ab wheel.
Broscience kozzletoff Jump to first page46Jump to last page 6 yearsColossus (76): Cardio every day is my sin...
Heavy Duty (High Intensity Training) Hambo 3 6 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): Mark Dugdale just wrote an article about it over on elitefts
Low volume push pull legs Champ3185 12 6 yearsChamp3185 (4): Thanks!looks like a v solid routine
Finding a Dependable Workout Partner Jameyson72 17 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): I wish my friends w/o as well so I can have a training partner to make sure I am doing everything safely, and for a lil motivation I guess! Its more fun than training alone. the next best thing is hiring good PT which is what i do 2x week.
Treating muscle soreness qtdreams92 30 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @qtdreams92 Yeah the magnesium oil is good stuff, I'm all about that skin care life lol. Seriously serious though.
Chest Days Vtimez 13 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): @the1 i am interested to know what 'feeler' set means? What weight should this be and is it a chest only thing?
Routine modification due to back soreness queenquebec 1 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): Alright so I've been following stronglifts on consistently for 7 weeks now and I've had lots of back pain. My form on squat/deadlifts are good, but I find my core is weak and need some attention. I also notice that, adding 5 pounds to the bar every sessions was over kill for me. From the info, I gather I should be focusing on goblet squats, plank/glute bridges, stiff leg deadlift and front squats, for a good 6 week to recover. I was...
weed and the gym DEXchidera Jump to first page108Jump to last page 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @nine0seven HGH is easy to get, my doctor offered to prescribe me some but insurance doesn't cover it and I'm not looking to get that big anyways.
Those annoying callouses. qtdreams92 24 6 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): I guess I'm a beta cunt for using a pumice stone to keep my calluses in check. But hey what do I know about deadlifting. I will never understand why people think tearing calluses is alpha. It's fucking pointless and easily avoidable. Edit: I don't mean to single you out. I see it on the Internet and in the gym.
DUP question varunj17 1 6 yearsvarunj17 (498): hi guys Had a question regarding the current craze aka DUP I read this It all looks ok but i cannot seem to understand how do i increase weight in each Week of a DUP cycle/block Or i stay at same weight for the entire cycle lets sat for 4 weeks
Losing muscle on a cut a myth? nine0seven 21 6 yearsirishsteve (1): I have been cutting for 3 months now using high fat moderate protein and lots of fibrous carbs (non starchy vegetables) as only carb source. First time I've tried to 'cut' as I'm still relatively new to bodybuilding, but my experience has been once over the first week of coming off carbs as a main energy source, you adapt and energy levels are just the same if not better. I have so far lost in excess of 30lbs and maintained strength, with recent...
Wrist mobility. SOLARSUPLEX 6 6 yearsArimac44 (451): This. It will also help even out any inconsistencies with technique.
incline 315 or more? csizemore21 23 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): I did change up my main movements to 8x3, may give those a try in that range
The PLANK rememberthis 15 6 yearsrememberthis (556): haha, while on this note... I'll just add that French Electro ( Gessafelstein!) is a great choice of music :)
8x4 vs 4x8 for mass gains csizemore21 14 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): @LVjack Thats exactly how I did yesterdays workout, kinda like powerbuilding. It was nice @wannabemuscular between the baby on the way and 2 jobs I do not have much time to log anymore or really think about it tbh
Football Specific Lifting Program and Diet DanOpi 7 6 yearssriram (2050): THE JUGGERNAUT METHOD 2.0
Upper lower split lolssons 4 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): FWIW I have been doing band pullaparts before every workout. At least 60 total reps.
rest pause Hambo 12 6 yearsZepa (730): in for sigs
bicep/arms ArchT 12 6 yearsBeans (4204): FYI, triceps make your arms look bigger than biceps. I'd worry about those more.
strength training foreverbulking 6 6 yearsRand (4291): do 531 its nice.
Serratus and "upper obliques" Kecaldesian 4 6 yearsFayzeh (1546): Side crunches using back extension machine with added weight.
Calisthenics & Weightlifting Hybrid dwrkk 5 6 yearsdwrkk (46): Recent update on my progress! Thanks for watching guys.
Does anybody ever... eknight 23 6 yearsBucky (3871): unfortunately no :(
Adding mass to quads, with a weak knee? Snoogal 10 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): @csizemore21 ive preexhausted so hard before, by the end of my workout i couldnt even squat the bar....i probably looked like an idiot in the gym
Gainz when not everything is 100%? qtdreams92 11 6 yearsA_em (2424): From my experience I can say that stressful life and lack of sleep don't stop my body from changing. I see great difference since I've joined the gym. Sure- the results could be much better if I were less stressed and slept better, who knows. (They would be better if I tracked my macros and kcals, but I am not doing it because of striving for perfect body). On the other hand training is a tool to get rid of stress. Alcohol is bad for sure....
Running/Jogging with a pram........ Snoogal 4 6 yearsSnoogal (190):
Help me help Mommy hollyhopeful5678 10 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @qtdreams92 Oh thanks ;)
Need some help/advice for deads... Thatguy81 13 6 yearsThatguy81 (541): Thanks for the info guys! @Rand I've never even heard of paused deads before, but I'll try them and see how they feel! @WinnersNeverQuit I'll try that also, I have s goal and all the advice helps!
Ice Cream Fitness and Rest Days amberxnicole 14 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): @amberxnicole hey welcome! you're starting out with heaps of good knowledge so is just a matter of putting into practice. And once you start seeing the results which will certainly come, you will feel like you want to progress even more! :) Take that from someone who has been through it, it is well worth the effort thats for sure. and NEVER be too hard on yourself, because we are our worst enemies sometimes.
Volume cbondy 27 6 yearscbondy (58): my lower back felt a bit 'worn' after those squats so instead of RDLs i did like a glut ham kick back to give it a rest. Also improved my technique with abs my aching sure i brace my core better and pull my pelvis to neutral if not slight posterior tilt. seemed to work.
Help on choosing a training program Colossus 5 6 yearsmikew (11494): You've been lifting for a long time so you probably know your body well. I would pick a program designed by a professional or design a fun split that's within your limitations. It is possible that an experience coach or training buddy could make things more interesting or show you some new tricks. I believe the best way to accomplish your goals is to focus on your diet --- track calories, macros, etc. I find that cutting/dieting is stressful...
neck and Forearm bigger golago 20 6 yearsLVjack (2749): If you want a big neck look on YouTube for how wrestlers train their necks. It's a part of everyday training for them. Probably lots of exersies you have never thought of.
I'm going to get a coach, any suggestions? eazycoco 6 6 yearsLVjack (2749): The best benefit a coach brings is there is someone to hold you accountable and give encouragement when the mind games start. Not everyone needs one but if you're looking to compete and do well then it definitely helps.
School barbell and military press Hambo 11 6 yearsMMB (3616): @Hamer93 @SOLARSUPLEX without doing a pushpress, if you don't contract legs and glutes you won't be stable and your OHP will be a little weaker. It's like the leg drive on bench press. Overall stable fondation will provide more power! Without getting a momentum like the push press. My 2 cents.
Reps question dserious111 8 6 yearsdserious111 (130): @Hamer93 yea that was my dilemma. Do the 3 heavier or do the 5 reps heavy lol.
Couple questions slowurroll 9 6 yearsslowurroll (25): I have a belt that I used for the first time the other day. I am honestly not a fan of wearing them. Maybe I will change my mind when I get to heavier weight. But for now, I would rather lift without.
Question for Everyone nine0seven Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 yearsthe1 (33861): pretty much do everything the same I do on a daily basis while training but be more meticulous with my diet and macros
Help. I'm fluffier than I'd like to be. JLtheDream 14 6 yearsthe1 (33861): ^^ agreed, I know lots of women who step on stage ripped at 12-13%.. 20% is more healthy and achievable food/diet looks great and so does training.. keep at it !
Lifting Cue's Kansas___Boyyyyy 16 6 yearsTritons (670): Big breath. Keep it tight. Grab the bar with white knuckles. Never step over the bar! Do not touch the bar with your feet.
Post Surgery - Minimize muscle loss DaveShredder 7 6 yearsDaveShredder (1): Thanks for the advice. I ended up eating at maintenance and found no visible muscle or strength loss in my upper body. Because I couldn't walk at all for a good 1-2 weeks I found I lost quite a lot of size and strength in my legs. Hitting the gym after 2-3 weeks off was tough but I'm back at it, upper body is just about where I was pre-surgery. However my legs have some catching up to do.
What routine have you had the most FUN with? SOLARSUPLEX 18 6 yearsSoutheastbrah (16): Never really had a set routine I usually go by feels.
are there any pro that use upper/lower routi xephedrinee 9 6 yearsBeans (4204): @Fayzeh Soreness will go away once you get used to the frequency. It isn't caused by overworking a muscle, it's actually worse when you work out less often.
Advice needed MarcoR 4 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @LVjack solid solid post. You're comin through with some high quality stuff lately! @op. Looks like it's time to A. Bulk B. Bulk
Your best way to get the most out of a set? qtdreams92 20 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Yeah EK said it best. Consistent effort with training and nutrition over time is all that really matters.
PHAT kozzletoff 3 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @kozzletoff I changed it quite a bit cause i could never get all the machines on the program back to back when i was in the gym.
Training for Hypertrophy Only ajm87 17 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Looks good.
Positive and negative Hambo 21 6 yearsThatguy81 (541): You answered my question, thank you...
strategy Hambo 8 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Once you can do the exercise well (perfect form) then decide which ones you like to do best that will help you with your weaknesses or what you like to improve on. Keep doing them consistently always. if you see results then thats sweet it means progress. If poor results then figure out which exercise of form is letting you down and change it. rinse and repeat. :)
Spoonfeed me Calf/Ab knowledge Real quick Kansas___Boyyyyy 16 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Kansas___Boyyyyy Good stuff buddy.
How long do you stick to routine? Zepa 10 6 yearsthe1 (33861): ive always done muscle splits with lower/higher volume and same with weight, rotate exercises in and out.. stick to some heavy compounds and aim for 8-12 reps with high intensity
Trouble testing RMs MMB 6 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Some days might just feel off, if you're stressed or worried for whatever reason or simply tired and your body wants to rest instead! We're only human.. and you will come back stronger next time.
My P/P/L Program (proposed)Comments please? qtdreams92 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Funny :) I have been working out. but my trainer is using simplified PPL (no deadlift no bench). Next month I want to restart but with the full program so the advice on here has been really helpful. Well I am excited to start this! I'm going to vacation so I'll def be hitting the training hard when I come back. Between training, work, and my other sports I will pay a lot of attention to my diet and sleep. lol I wish I still had the same...
175cm 71kg Cut Or Bulk? Sharpy412 18 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Yes it is possible. BUT Don't limit yourself to food. If you already meet the macros for the day but want to eat something again like a slice of pizza or cake EAT it dude. Make sure to get stronger on those lifts and the size will come. If you think you are getting to fat come check in on the forum and post a picture and we can help you with that. Good Luck breh!
Bulk or Cut? CaptainKanter 12 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Lean bulk would be what I recommend as well. I think your arms would look much better if there was more muscle on it. And also can you empty the bin when you are done cleaning the mirror? That is like a germ haven..
Buff dudes , 12 week training program? LDeew Jump to first page39Jump to last page 6 yearsNorIda (46958): Did these today. Surprised with the pump got! Def going to continue doing them.
Hex Bar dserious111 12 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Tryed the hex bar once when i could deadlift and i loved it, it felt more "natural" and i would have used it if my gym back then would have had it.
Q's on Tut, Metcon, Negatives, Totals qtdreams92 9 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): @FiremanSi haha you have no idea how much mystery you brought into my day by using this word 'hyper'.
Favourite and least fav exercises qtdreams92 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): I used to love doing arms during bro science days and neglected legs. Now I hate working out arms with a passion and look forward to squat sessions.
What routine ? P/P/L or Upper lower cadream 6 6 yearsTrenNorton (34): you could do phat with something like Upper/lower power and ppl hypertrophy. PHAT is not limited to the stupid routine I posted on simply shredded.
Checklist OHPloser 9 6 yearsOHPloser (4): I'll have to have a tinker around with my training and see, just seem to get bored around 6-8 weeks in to something looks like a potential way to keep things different but structure is always good hmmmm cheers for the advice
5/3/1 query aesthet1x 18 6 yearsmikew (11494): Absolutely agree. I came in to say that one other major customization I made to 531 is to omit OHP day altogether and do a dynamic upper body day (chest and back) instead.
Strength & Conditioning Research rememberthis 1 6 yearsrememberthis (556): Anyone visited this site ( LINK) before? It's a bunch -- loads! -- of papers all organized into different subjects, like strength, hypertrophy, biomechanics... There's articles on "experts". It looks too good to be true. I hope it is that good.. Here are the conclusions from the article on Glutamine ( LINK): - Glutamine does not act as an ergogenic for increasing the number of repetitions that can be performed during...
Recuperation from a starvation diet SkinnyJames 2 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Hi @SkinnyJames have you looked at the FAQ? Can you work out your maintenance calorie TDEE to understand how much you need to eat. Also start a food diary. On the training side the FAQ will show you some really good programs to follow. Log your progress and have fun. :) Oh btw I don't get what 'damaged metabolism' means.
Looking for advice Snowboard901 3 6 yearsSnowboard901 (169): @qtdreams92 it is based off of Fierce 5 Phat Template.
lifting for 1 year. Results so far eddyserb Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 yearsehukai (115): Max Curl but no max bench
25 mm barbell Hambo 26 6 yearsHambo (847): No problems.
squat vid Chris duffin and silent mike Rand 4 6 yearsdatabas1c (2188): Chris is a crazy athlete. I think he owns a gym here in Portland too. I've gotta go check it out!
yet another critique my split (PHUL) databas1c 1 6 yearsdatabas1c (2188): Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted. I've been running a simple periodized PPL for the past 5 months or so, and I think it's time to switch it up. I put together a PHUL split that I just started running, and I was hoping to get some feedback. After running it for a week or so, my only thoughts were that the upper hypertrophy day had a little too much volume, and that 10 front squats is a lot of front squats haha... Anyway here's...
Squat Success Stories varunj17 Jump to first page66Jump to last page 6 yearsmacydawn (100): Nice job! A lot of people are finishing this up at my gym, myself included. Are you going to go through it again? It's rough, but it works.
Wasting N00b gainz,by cutting as a beginner? forgottenpass 22 6 yearseknight (58109): Care to elaborate? Your stomach and intestines break down whatever you eat and absorb it all the same way. Doesn't matter if it's a potato, a pixie stick, or something in between. It's all glucose when it's absorbed. -3X
Too high volume on a cut? Nkravn 17 6 yearsRicktoripped (16): Can I chime in and ask a question? During cut, is it more beneficial to do higher volumes to help with calorie burn? Also,is there more of a post workout calorie burn with high rep work than with heavier low rep work? Thanks.
Pull overs for serratus work bicepKing 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Or you could just do a movement that directly hits your serratus on your push day (since they are scapular protractors) like scap push-ups. Either way, they're a "push" not a "pull." -3X
Do you increase reps on a cut? bicepKing 13 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): No, what built the muscle is what's gona maintain the muscle while cutting
The Quest stop?? varunj17 3 6 yearsvarunj17 (498): Thanks @@FiremanSi ..wil start it from Monday...right now just taking it easy after SMolov... On a random thought...check this chick out guys..She squats more than myself.. clickable text One strong chick
power cage Hambo 10 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): you can do jumping jacks
shoulder help Sheila 24 6 yearsSheila (1): thank you. I guess when I lose some more weight they will show up better like the front and rear. I tried that machine for the first time yesterday and didn't really like it but may try it again. my lateral raises I should have add are done with a straight arm
How often do you deload ? Zepa 17 6 yearsBeans (4204): I never really deload. I'll take 3-4 days off from all activity every few months if I feel like the weights are getting heavy and I'm not feeling it. Usually after a few days I'm ready to smash it again.
What are the benefits of tanning? TamiMV 10 6 yearsRand (4291): Me. (notsrs)
Breathing pattern Hambo 8 6 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for answers.
Russian Squat Routine wannabemuscular 2 6 years3six9 (220): Looks very similar to gvt to me.
Fact or Fiction Xxlean 8 6 yearsXxlean (1990): @mikew haha...that's a brilliant idea... I'll run that by him. Lol
Can you workout ith just a barbell? foreverbulking 3 6 yearsjja0016 (829): you could use it for biceps and triceps easily. for chest I would just do push ups shoulders I would burn out with military press after push ups. back you could hold it pointing behind and in front of you and do 1 arm rows. for legs you could do 1 leg lunges with the bar on your back
Gaining strenght and size Hambo 5 6 years3six9 (220): and?
Macros question dserious111 5 6 yearsZepa (730): I got cheap scale too. I always make sure I place it on same spot like always. (I got my ritual piss then on scale)I weight myself 3 times in row just to make it sure it shows same numbers.
How to reach my lifting goals? hotborad 1 6 yearshotborad (34): So here are my current 1rpm, and I am looking to increase my 1rpm, on all lifts, primarily i would like to see increase in Strict Overhead and Squat as I feel they are my worst right now. With squat its really my form I seem to lean forward and put more pressure on lower back, - started video taping. So I hope to correct my form and hopefully that will increase my squat. * means actually lifted amount in past 6 months. Otherwise it is...
Help me to add deadlift to my L/P/P Zepa 2 6 yearsZepa (730): Any suggestions ?
My PPL routine bicepKing 15 6 yearsgolago (163): @eknight :eek: dont know how but i missed the most important part (volume :S)! thank
PPL question dserious111 3 6 yearsdserious111 (130): @Beans oh ok. Yea I have deads on my pull days
Tricep dips Hambo 7 6 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for your answers.
Squat form! Jiaxie97 10 6 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): It's due to the tibiofemoral force exerted on the knee joint in the lowest part of the movement. I don't remember exactly, but @eknight proved this to be the case, backed by peer-reviewed scientific studies. Your posterior chain will develop just fine without going "ass to grass".
Please critique squat form! Desperate? Jiaxie97 Jump to first page54Jump to last page 6 yearsJiaxie97 (10): Thanks so much! For my legs I try to keep them shoulder width with knees and toes pointed out. Can't video from that angle, but I believe it's okay!
URGENT help needed Plz PICS Greekyogurtgoddess 12 6 yearsGreekyogurtgoddess (1): You sure did, thanks :) I feared someone would say this, but I'll stick with it for at least a week just to see what happens. I know I gain muscle easily, but I can't expect miracles. If nothing happens I'll lower to 1600
Back Exercises Snowboard901 29 6 yearsRawsteel (940): What's shit?
important questions I need answer to XxSAVAGEx 3 6 yearsMMB (3616): Open thread to view post.
Train to maintain...anyone? haole 8 6 yearsBeans (4204): Seems like you would just need to keep doing the same thing over and over again in the gym and eat enough to maintain your weight. Simple enough. I'd stay away from heavy weights like you are already doing, and avoid any movements that have a tenancy to wear down joints.
Critique my future program TimmothyGen 10 6 yearseknight (58109): I just don't understand why people who truly aren't qualified to create a training program insist on doing so when there's dozens of great ones already available. -3X
longer limbs and pulling advantages thephenomenon 6 6 yearsRand (4291): @thephenomenon yes ben rice is a great example of this, HUGE deadlift, 750 in competition, with pedestrian (relative to his Deadlift and squat) bench. He says because of his long arms which give him a advantage to deadlift disadvantage to bench.
squat/deadlift deload ? c3pOMG 2 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Next time your body needs a deload try about 50% for around 3 sets of 5 and cut accessory sets in half. Really focus on technique that week and you should come back just fine... But everyone is different so you will have to find what works... My first powerlifting meet I took off 10 days before the meet and hit all PRs
gym partner darex Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 years3six9 (220): What do you want?
pull up bar Hambo 16 6 yearsNorIda (46958): And @Hambro not entirely sure what you mean. But I do know that sometimes the bent pullup bars like that are wider, and can give people issues, rather than a more neutral grip pullup
Critique my Push/Pull/Legs split please foreverbulking 9 6 yearsforeverbulking (1): @Rawsteel thanks alot bro. Sorry bout my messed up program im now getting serious about training
Critique my PHUL workout ParkerHenry 5 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Don't be wishy washy!!
Specialty Squat bars wannabemuscular 5 6 yearsRand (4291): Rude is right, Buy them all. My gym doesn't have any of them but Uni gym where I started working out had a safety bar they are a pretty cool variation. I would love to use a belt squat machine and try the buffalo bar.
Power-bodybuilding routines? nine0seven 3 6 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): Juggernaut is a pretty good one. Works towards building strength but regularly incorporates higher weights which would aid in hypertrophy.
Have you ever had that feeling Cannonball 2 6 yearsmikew (11494): I experience something similar... I call it "getting upside down" or "flipping the bar". Basically, after getting into a GREAT position and unracking the weight I tilt my eyes upward and at that point my sense of what's up and what's down kind of goes away. My perspective is totally different than a "plain" bench press movement that goes straight up and straight down. Everything rotates slightly. The bar does...
Critique my upper/lower split ParkerHenry 3 6 years3six9 (220): Looks good as a starting point fella.
look for opinion rub777 15 6 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): In my opinion yes
powerlifter should train like bodybuilder ! golago 9 6 yearsgolago (163): A recent study by Brad Schoenfeld illustrated this point beautifully. Two groups of lifters either did 3×10 or 7×3 with the heaviest loads they could lift. At the end of 8 weeks, the group doing sets of 3 gained more strength, but both groups gained the same amount of muscle. Ironically, a lot of strength athletes jumped all over this study, saying, “See, I can get swole doing my heavy triples!” without noticing two major caveats: The...
How is this possible? nine0seven 20 6 years3six9 (220): Sorry about that guys. Things got a little confused all back on track now.
laughed upon, men glute isolations? musclesbrah24 13 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Dude, i get on that vag machine all the time. I have weak hip abductors and that shit helps me out.
DeFranco Podcast TyrannosaurusFlex 9 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): @GrizzlyBerg This lazy bastard thanks you profusely.
5x5 workout dmiller77 19 6 yearsryanlh4567 (1): I've just started the same program, how's it going for you so far?
asking for help Vojtek93 4 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Another Swede. Damn they're taking over ...
New interview with Frank Zane by IFBB Pro Ar TimmothyGen 5 6 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): calves of FUCKING PEACE at his age
Powerlifting Zyzzst 7 6 yearsmikew (11494): Wanted to chime in. I've had the most success with 531 but modified so that each of the big 3 lifts are done 2x per week - heavy day and a dynamic day... combined with a calorie surplus and it's possible to make gains. Monday- Heavy DL + dynamic squats Tues - Heavy Bench + back Wed - off Thurs - Heavy squat + dynamic DL Fri - Dynamic bench + back The workouts are short & sweet and the focus is almost exclusively on compound lifts. With...
18 inch arm question csizemore21 14 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I just want to look like I have 18 inch arms not even really. It's all about the illusion. To each there own right? Go mane
5 DAY BULKING SPLIT Rui16h 5 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @Rui16h rather than designing a "bulking" I think it would be appropriate to embark on a hypertrophy-focused training block(s) while eating in a calorie surplus. Nutrition is going to dictate weight change. Yes, training can impact the energy expenditure side of the equation and specific training techniques can be used to target different muscular/neural adaptations, but ultimately, nutrition will make the major difference for weight...
How does mental stress affects recovery? Sharkoon1 4 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): @golago Thanks for clarification
Football and Training Programs? micocan 19 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): I have a training program I made that is used by a few people who play semi pro if you want to have a look
Full time off vs deload lolssons 4 6 yearslolssons (1249): Iam resting until Monday so 4 whole rest days should do it. As yesterday was just arms it can't have been to taxing on the CNS and the day before that was a rest day so. Monday I be back!
high frequency specialization csizemore21 3 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): @GrizzlyBerg I'll def read these tonight sir
Advice about competing (powerlifting) GrizzlyBerg 5 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @GrizzlyBerg great find--thanks for sharing. Will definitely refer back to this as my meet approaches!
Duffin and Coan Interview GrizzlyBerg 1 6 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): If you like powerlifting this is a must watch. Chris Duffin and Ed Coan sit down to discuss everything powerlifting.
Push/Pull/Legs Patsan 4 6 yearsRawsteel (940): If i understand it right it's PPL vs a classic low frequency "bro split"? If this is the case the PPL will without a doubt be superior if you train 4+ days a week because of the higher frequency.
trouble shooting traps csizemore21 8 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Definitely gonna try alot of this. Thanks guys, hopefully I get them on track!
Am I doing HIIT right? jazus 2 6 yearsLVjack (2749): In theory yes but doing them outside so that you are at a max sprint and propelling your body forward instead of having the ground moving beneath you will always be better. If I use a machine for HIIT I find the stair climber works best. Just my opinion.
Average time for workout ArchT 25 6 yearsAndyCap (118): Botswana is a great country, i cant wait to get back and visit to be honest. The people are a lot friendlier then here in South Africa, and there is a lot less violence from what i hear. Most of the income when i lived there was from diamonds, but man the beef there is epic. You can get huge steaks that cost a fraction of what they cost elsewhere. Darn all this talking about Botswana makes me wanna go back, there are some world class game...
Need help to bring shoulders out anteis99 11 6 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): Shoulder shocker is brutal for sure. Defo recommend!
24 YO Female Seeking Shredding Advice Slowprogress91 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): ^^ solid advice. I train fasted and use BCAAs. -3X
4on/1off/repeat optimal or no? nine0seven 6 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): @Rawsteel I do legs the day after chest, not shoulders ;)
Up to date bodybuilding books? SnackIt 1 6 yearsSnackIt (76): Im looking for a good book to read, that covers some good up to date nutrition tips about fat loss, weight gain etc, i have read a lot of old books, but its so much in them that are being debunked to this time, seems like many natural bodybuilders use IIFYM now, I'm looking at the book my Lyle Mcdonalds about flexible dieting.
smith vs barbell csizemore21 12 6 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): This. Hands down. Except for the occasional cycle of bench throws for some more variety.
Former weightlifter champ workshop squat Sharkoon1 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Cliff notes please ????
question for the brothers with giraff arms thephenomenon 12 6 yearsoceanair (18020): lmao amazing.
Need advice.. Prog 6 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): I agree, you do have a nice frame to work with. Building muscle and leaning out will get you that physique you want. Lift all muscle groups.... You can start with a 3 day split, hitting all muscle groups building up to 5 days per week- lifting volumes such as hitting each muscle 2x per week (heavy day, high rep day) or hit each muscle group 1x per week and really work it. In general, lifting in the 8-12 rep range gets you size. 3-5 sets per...
Shredding Larsinydre 15 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @SOLARSUPLEX I actually was a huge proponent of BCAA's + simple CHO pre-training first thing in the a.m. as I usually train about 530am. Pretzels + BCAA's for the win...or so I thought... I spoke with a lot of intelligent minds this weekend who strongly recommended to me consuming an EAA supp or complete protein rather than BCAA's to optimally stimulate MPS. I am going to switch over to whey + pretzels moving forward as this will then negate...
Input on my PPL n1x0n 9 6 yearseknight (58109): I don't think so. Your pull movements are divided up among several different actions and muscles and need the volume for shoulder health. -3X
15 years old: Tracking Progress _peterbrah Jump to first page177Jump to last page 6 years_peterbrah (91): :O tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of joining SimplyShredded!!
Dumbbell Bench Press Vs. Barbell Bench Press Freiguy96 10 6 yearsFreiguy96 (1): Thanks guys guess I just gotta start puttin in more work!
Arms are falling behind! Kecaldesian 7 6 yearsRawsteel (940): How does your whole program look (split, sets, exercises etc)? Most people train their arms to much, don't forget that they get hit hard in your pulling and pushing exercises for chest/back.
Push pull ratio, grip in pull-ups/pulldowns Rawsteel 8 6 yearseknight (58109): -3X
DB bench and shoulder help Powerbuilder 5 6 yearsPowerbuilder (1): So normally I would use the 24kgs/50lbs for sets of 8 but as soon as it gets heavy or to the last few, my shoulder loses stability, I've dropped the weight and As soon as I start to struggle or it becomes challenging, it loses stability.
Checking in for advice wxfreekj 8 6 yearswxfreekj (157): Added a few 100 calories yesterday--up to 2400. Felt strong last night lifting and running... woke up this AM a lil lighter. Thanks for the advice...think I'll stick with the upped kcal for a few weeks and see what happens.
Leg assistance exercises OHPloser 10 6 yearsOHPloser (4): Well that's good news I get bored quickly with the same accessory work, big 3/4 never get bored of but the rest can get tedium. At the moment with the main lifts at the moment just hitting 3-5 sets of 3-5 until 5x5 is hit then increase the weight.
fitness reading content csizemore21 4 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): Jacob Wilson is a part of numerous podcasts and to simply put it, he is the man and studies bodybuilding in his lab at UTampa.
this machine csizemore21 4 6 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): From my understanding free weights are the way to go and some consider the OHP to be a secondary compound lift
Just some squat mechanics NorIda 18 6 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Good videos too. Especially when I always have trouble with getting my ass to touch the floor like a stripper picking up a dollar.
bodyweight lunges and squats? jf89 3 6 yearsjf89 (4): Uuummmm ok.....
progress in natural ghr/russian leg curls Rawsteel 4 6 yearsRawsteel (940): They sure are, but since i've had 2 mild muscle strains at the same place in my left hamstring the last 6 months i've been a bit scared of doing them. But my physiotherapist said that it was a good exercise to help prevent ham injuries, something the study below supports, or atleast for soccer players.
Favorite hamstring exercises? headoverheels143 15 6 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Straight legged deads is my favorite
Help me clean up my push day? AndyCap 5 6 yearsAndyCap (118): Thanks lolssons, i have never actually considered that but you are right, dropping immediately. Thanks, i really like the simplicity there, should save me a bunch of time, appreciate it. Thanks Rawsteel, saved those links for later viewing. And dropping the upright rows. I love those alts and have added to my next iteration of my push, cheers. Never seen the lateral raises done that way but it looks like a simple...
Critic my setup of 5/3/1 Blackbasara 5 6 yearsmikew (11494): Short answer is that I would pick one exercise and do a dynamic day with that on your 4th workout of the week. I don't think you need to recalculate your 1rm unless you have trouble hitting your numbers for the max effort set. More thoughts tomorrow. That's what u have for now.
Gains Jjg886 4 6 yearsheadoverheels143 (28): Grips primarily target different muscles. There is no correlation between grip and muscle gain. If you want more muscle gain got to FAILURE and EAT!!
Are overhead pressing really necessary? Rawsteel 16 6 yearsCannonball (6283): It's not necessary but its cool
How often do you deload/take time off? Rawsteel 6 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): I normally deload when my body feels beat up, usually happens at about 6 weeks and I'll just cut everything all my volume in half and take a little weight off
dc training csizemore21 13 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): @SOLARSUPLEX hevk yeah man! Hopefully all goes well.
strength advice ThatTeenThatLifts 3 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Imo it doesn't matter how strong you are at 16. Age is just a number like lifts. Just do you and keep it simple. Eat Lift and profit
5 day split pindakast 6 6 yearseknight (58109): Training hamstrings by themselves is silly. There is nothing that we do in our everyday lives that includes only quad work. The hips and knees function as a group and should be trained as such, IMO. +1 to the above push:pull comments. -3X
Gym with limited Equipment nine0seven 3 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): no DBs that go to a high weight 😖 @nine0seven shit what did you do get a job at Planet Fitness or Muscle Auschwitz? Honestly I would just bite the bullet and only use the smith for squats/bench and use the machines/cables/dumbbells creatively for accessory work.
MFT28 vs. Shortcut to Size alexhager 11 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @alexhager I stay competition lean year round at 2% BF and I am always gaining size and raw power. If you are interesting in my underground training style and secret diet plan let me know.
Pendlay Row form check💪💪💪 SOLARSUPLEX 7 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): Was excited to see a Row thread but see everything is already answered :( 😖
Skinny Fat struggling to make gains NeedToMakeGainz 22 6 yearspandasashi (3859): youre not underweight... weight doesn't mean shit most of the time, you are heavier than me (im 150-155 at 5'11") just keep lifting and eating big...don't worry about losing weight/fat yet, just get bigger and then cut in a year or more
UPPER BODY SHREDDED SHOCK 3 DAY SPLIT TheSociaLToasT 3 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): He is a troll bro just a troll leave him in his hole.
Your ideal weightlifting weight cardinal 3 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @cardinal I gotta out in a shit time of weight apparently for my height.. Haha. Like 30kg... Damn.
Injury after injury, what should i do? Rawsteel 15 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Rawsteel Hemalayan sea salt apparently the best !! But otherwise just crushed sea salt will do fine... I put salt in most things cause i eat loads of bananas myself !! No bandage doesn't work.
Under developed right delt/trap Jwooddb 17 6 yearsJwooddb (4): That's my thought, I can see the muscle so it should grow. I will book into the doctor this week and ask some questions. Thank you for your advise.
missed a push day thephenomenon 10 6 yearsBeans (4204): No. One week will mean nothing in the long run. Eat, rest, and get better so you can get back in the gym sooner. And you'll just get other people sick, which is stupid.
Deadlift split for the injured GainzMcGee 1 6 yearsGainzMcGee (1): Hey guys, newbie here. Been in the gym 10+ years but only in the last year have i started eating clean and recording my progress and actually training right. Finally seen some awesome gainz in strecgth and size. Right now im out with a shoulder injury. I get a sharp pain in my antirior/lateral delt when i lift my elbow up to my shoulder. Obviously upper body training is out of the question. I can, however, do deadlift and lower body/core...
deadlift suits csizemore21 5 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): Thats why we are here bro
Abs for days Meesh23 10 6 yearsMeesh23 (16): Haha! Steve Cook is the best lol and yes planks def is a popular one! Thanks for all your input guys!!
deadlift variation experiences csizemore21 17 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): That actually looks extremely hard. Gonna try it out next session. Thanks for the vid!
training legs twice in 3 days ashvinmuthumala 2 6 yearsRawsteel (940): How did you train them (sets, reps, etc)? PS, you should jump on a proven program or ask someone who knows their stuff to help you build one, that way you won't encounter this "problem" again.
Maintaining muscle mass while injured Rawsteel 3 6 yearsRawsteel (940): I've been doing the plank and 2-3x10 Mckenzie extensions daily since it all happened (3 years ago) and i've also been doing reverse hypers (5x10 afternoon + 5x10 evening) the last 2 months (advice from Eknight). And my form is spot on in all my exercises, i did however squat to deep for a period of time which caused a nasty butt wink, so when my back allows me to squat i only go to parallel to avoid this (high bar).
Critque FST-7 Routine Styrka 4 6 yearsStyrka (1): Any advice please.
extra day devoted to speed csizemore21 13 6 yearsmikew (11494): Dynamic effort day at 60% + bands worked well for me. Can be difficult to "go easy" but this approach keeps me fresh and hungry for the max effort days. And the bands add a little extra resistance without going too heavy. EDIT: and 3 or 4 sets x 8 reps... so slightly higher reps than normal.
Canditio - Linear or 6 week program SnackIt 12 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SnackIt Strength yes, size a tiny bit. But it's a STRENGTH based program. But ur like what 17 or something u'll grow just looking at weights.
slingshot is amazing for bad shoulders csizemore21 27 6 yearsstrauss (31): I can definitely see that I have a shoulder injury and like I said I use it and find it very helpful to allow you to push yourself further with heavier weight
progress in pics 16 years old dejanzafirev 1 6 yearsdejanzafirev (1): Hi guys, I am working out for a 8 months nearly.I am about 160 lbs approximately, 16 years old, What you think I should exercise more? here are some pictures of me
Lifting gear necessary? dserious111 8 6 yearsParkerHenry (94): Only lifting gear I currently use is a belt.
Stronglifts Or Starting Strength ThatTeenThatLifts 13 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Bob does stronglifts because the app is super helpful on bobs ios or android device. Bob also reps your maxes.
Cutting advice Dave2323 11 6 yearsDave2323 (1): So I recently just started jiu jitsu at my college and train 2-3 times a week for an hour or two. how should i calculate that in to my macros? sometimes its intense sometimes it isnt. on days its intense should i just add 300 cals to my calories and 150 on less intense days?
gym closed down, now what? forgottenpass 24 6 yearsSalokin (877): Pounds of fat??? If you ate 7,000 calories over maintenance than theoretically you could gain 2 pounds of fat in one day. (yes, 7,000 cals is the actual figure) You can easily weigh 3-5lbs more one day than the day before. Carbs hold water, salt holds water, water=weight. You do NOT gain pounds of fat by over-eating 1 day unless you are a fat pig that ate thousands upon thousands of calories.
New year routine jippo88 9 6 yearsjippo88 (10): Yeah there's no way I can squat and RDL heavy twice a week, do a ton of heavy rowing and then add deadlifts, my erectors are just trashed for the entirety of the week. Plus, now that my goals are shifting to be more physique oriented, squats are just more valuable to me than conventional deadlifts, as well as the fact that I'm naturally a good puller and an awful squatter, so it would be a good idea for me to let my squat catch up some.
16year old training for 2week. Kylecloud 7 6 yearsAndyCap (118): Very good so far, are those max lifts or for working sets?
Wich program would i benefit the most of? Sharkoon1 17 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): Okay, thank you. You too.
First setup of 5/3/1 SnackIt Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsSnackIt (76): Yeah i have, but i have an old version of iPhone... can't use them app :(
older gents advice csizemore21 12 6 yearsDem41 (586): ^^^^ awesome advice here, comming from an older guy that spent years infront of the computer 6-18 hours a day and living on fast food/soda. i know tons of " studys" nowdays say diet soda is worse then normal soda for you, it can be used as a stepping stone to get off soda. worked for me, the key really is finding something that he likes to keep himself motivated. walking is great, as is bicycling and its not as stressful on the...
Importance of rep range? jippo88 4 6 yearsswollenscott (571):
Uneven Body Parts correra911 6 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): The only thing i could say is use dumbbells for everything. That way the shoulder that is under developed cannot be helped by the other shoulder.
Accessories rememberthis 5 6 yearsrememberthis (556): Thanks a lot!
About testing maxes darklight79 5 6 yearseknight (58109): This is exactly what I did for most of my powerlifting career. It wasn't until I was pretty advanced that I tweaked my approach. Reps. -3X
Length of Cut? SOLARSUPLEX 8 6 yearsPhil_Babitsky (10): Essentially the longer you take to cut the better of you will be in the long run and will be able to maintain your condition without developing an eating disorder. Of course I'm talking from a perspective of a competitive bodybuilder, but the rule of thumb is 12-20 weeks. The 500g (a bit more than 1 pound) of bodyweight per week is a good goal.
trying to figure out muscle gains & weight! queenquebec 7 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): hey girl! so, it is very helpful to track progress by body compsition... knowing your body fat. Then you can calculate your lean body mass so you know how much fat you actually have. From there, you can figure out how much you would like to lose to reach your desired body fat percent or desired leanness. There is also a great calculator to figure otu macro ratios for your goals at clickable text Also, I am very sure you gained a lot...
Help with program jippo88 1 6 yearsjippo88 (10): Hi guys, I've joined this site after I realised how bad generally is. Being given advice by avatarless 18 year olds isn't particularly useful to me, thus after lurking here for a while I figured I'd sign up and get some decent advice. I've been training for a couple of years, mostly using very basic fullbody strength based routines and recently transitioning to bodypart splits, however after reading through a lot of info I figured I'd...
Push Day TheSecret 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Can't comment without knowing your routine and diet. Post 'em both up. -3X
chest problems John2626 4 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Post a pic of nipples no homo and we'll determine your nipple problem
front squat form csizemore21 9 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Yeah, pretty much. I started with straps like @Frost said. I would start my session going with Oly grip while the weight was lighter and more manageable even if it came forward a bit. Then as it got heavier I switched to straps. Little by little I didn't need the straps anymore.
5/3/1 - PHD-4 SnackIt 9 6 yearsSnackIt (76): Would i benefit from 5/3/1 my strength stats, based on 1 RM (Pounds) Squat: 242 x 1 Bench: 209 x 1 Deadlift: 308 x 1
EMG Data reliable? Jack3d 9 6 yearsNorIda (46958): That last sentence is my motto my man Too many average joes think too much about the minor details and forget about the big picture.
Critique my LEGS/PUSH/PULL/OFF/REPEAT INKDMAX 2 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): -Why no flat benching?? -Too much arm work, just my opinion though. -Still too much arm work, you could use those sets to even out your horizontal:vertical pulling ratios -Much more horizontal pulling than vertical. -Generally a 2:1 posterior:anterior (pull:push) ratio has been recommended. Either way you're 1 set off from breaking even. -Need more volume for legs. 23+ upper days compared to a 14 set leg day makes the other half...
Please critique diet + training! Barbell_Jedi 8 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): You have basically broken your macros. Easy fix is to add 50 calories a week until you are back to a normalish number of calories. Hopefully with little weight gain. If you notice you are gaining weight. I'd say more than a quarter pound over the course of the week then you need to slow down on the adding of calories.
Phat Template. simpley2 14 6 yearssimpley2 (1): Does it look more balanced now? Heavy Upper Body: Bench Press - 4 x 3-5 Barbell Row - 4 x 6-8 Overhead Press - 4 x 4-6 Pullups - 3 x 6-10 Rack Chins - 3 x 6-10 Shrugs - 3 x 6-10 Skull Crushers - 3 x 6-10 Heavy Lower Body: Squat - 4 x 3-5 Stiff deadlifts - 4 x 6-8 Leg Press - 3 x 6-10 Hyperextenisons - 3 x 6-10 Leg Curl ham - 5 x 6-10 Cable crunches - 4 x 8-12 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps: Incline Dumbell Press - 4 x 8-10 Bench Press - 4...
How to make my legs grow? Ecto Juicywog Jump to first page41Jump to last page 6 yearsJuicywog (25): Thanks guys 💪
New routine - Need help. simpley2 20 6 yearssimpley2 (1): Heavy Upper Body: Bench Press - 4 x 3-5 Barbell Row - 4 x 6-10 Overhead Press - 4 x 6-10 Pulldown - 4 x 6-10 Seated Row - 3 x 6-10 Shrugs - 3 x 6-10 Skull Crushers - 3 x 6-10 Heavy Lower Body: Squat - 4 x 3-5 Stiff deadlifts - 4 x 6-10 Leg Press - 3 x 6-10 Hyperextenisons - 3 x 6-10 Hamstring leg curl - 3 x 6-10 Cable crunches - 4 x 8-12 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps: Incline Dumbell Press - 4 x 6-10 Bench Press - 4 x...
training fasted more anger thephenomenon 2 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Not necessarily.. I've lift just as well when I'm happy.
rep ranges for calisthenics? jf89 4 6 yearsjf89 (4): Yea I've been going through the stuff over on 666 fitness/start and al kavadlos forums ,but thanx for the help.
All in 1 rememberthis 1 6 yearsrememberthis (556): Basically that. Is it counterproductive to do it all on the same day? My routine is now something like this: Day 1 5-3-1-Deload Dead Lift x3 8-12 Straight legged dead lift x3 8-12 Back extensions x3 8-12 Leg curls x3 8-12 Jerks x3 (I back to back the back S.L. Dead lifts with the extensions and the leg curls with the jerks... so superset is the word?) Day 2 Rest Day 3 3 High speed inclined bench press x...
Bulking plan the next few months FNO 18 6 yearseknight (58109): This is a mess. Effective and optimal are not the same thing. Are you angry at your knees and shoulders? Why would anyone take glutamine? Are you sure you're a personal trainer? -3X
Please critique my first PPL set-up letsgetlean 1 6 yearsletsgetlean (91): Hey guys. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like some opinions on my current PPL set up in terms of balance and volume. I've tried my best to use various other set-ups and PPL logs to get good push:pull ratios etc, just wouldn't mind confirmation that i'm on the right track. Cheers! Legs Squat 5x5 leg press 4x10 hamstring curls 4x10 calf raises (seated or standing) 4x15 BB hip thrust 3x8 I'll throw in a couple of ab exercises as...
defranco built like a badass csizemore21 7 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Thanks for the feedback man (:
LOL Lyle McDonald Apology to the Internet _RudeCrew 11 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): I read alot of lyles stuff and he seems to know it really well, but with that being said he's an asshole to people on his forum and I've seen him hop on other people's stuff like Bret Conteras being a dick. I also suffer from bipolar 2 and it does affect the way you think and definitely makes you a badass in your own world at times, but brings you down pretty low at others. But at the end of the day I still know what is wrong and right.
Hi Everybody, New to SS, input appreciated letsgetlean 29 6 yearsletsgetlean (91): Hi guys, thanks so much for the help yesterday. If yall wouldn't mind, I've tried to set up my PPL and would love some Ideas of any changes that may be needed. Legs Squat 5X5 Leg press 4X10 Ham curls 4X10 Calf raises 3X15 Push Flat bench 5X5 Smith ohp 3X5 Close grip bench 3x5 DB lateral raise 3X8 Tricep extension 3X8 Pull Deadlift 5X5 Weighted chin up 5x5 (these will be body weight for time being) BB rows 5X5 DB shrugs 3X8 BB curls 3X8 I'll...
rest between sets thephenomenon 15 6 yearsJelet (2190): To many variables op... And Each ppl routine is different.. and also each exercise is different rest times Also depends on your goals... I can do 10 reps and make it a power exercise just from a faster tempo.... And take 5 minute rest between sets.. At same time i can do another exercise for 10 reps and have it at a slower tempo with 1 minute rest between sets...
starting strength or all pro on a deficit? jf89 4 6 yearsjf89 (4): Awsome thanx dude ,I havnt really lifted heavy before as a kid i boxed a little and did 5x5 type workout for strength but i never got very strong ,i was about 180lbs and benched around 250lbs my squats and deadlifts were similar ,so I'm pretty sure I've never really lifted heavy but i think ill probaby look into to starting strength over all pros routine ,
scientific evidence VS results ambitiongainer Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Variation. Thats why there are many exercises doing and targeting the same thing.
LPP Strength + Hypetrophy Hybrid Chiemo 10 6 yearsRawsteel (940): I don't see why you want to do 3-5 reps in the leg press and OHP when you do this in squat and bench press, i would personally up these to 5-8 or 8-10, like in PHAT. Also, train triceps with chest/shoulders and biceps with back if you want to avoid elbow problems and optimize growth. Your triceps gets hit hard during presses and your biceps during back exercises so doing biceps the day before back will have a bad impact on both your arm...
most badass looking muscle group csizemore21 23 6 yearsjillianrae (226): Traps are nice but so are guys with strong glutes ;)
calisthenics or weight routine for fatloss? jf89 5 6 yearsjf89 (4): So weightlifting is generally considered better. than calithenics for cutting purposes?
My current split Payman16 1 6 yearsPayman16 (1):
Wrists on Dumbbell Vs. Barbell Zypoc 4 6 yearsBeans (4204): It probably has more to do with how you position your wrists and elbows when you lift. As @Rawsteel said, switching to dumbbells with mean you're using less weight so that might help for a while, but if you give your wrists some rest and learn how to use a barbell properly, you shouldn't have a problem. Basically, I don't think you should give up barbells only because your wrists hurt.
who military presses the most on here lol csizemore21 23 6 yearsBucky (3871): @csizemore21 I like seated just so I don't put any strain on my lower back with heavier weights, but for higher rep work I do standing. military press though I do 3x5x175 still.
How often to change exercises in WS4SBIII? ajm87 5 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): I'm running conjugate and will Be keeping everything the same for 6-8 weeks or until I stall. Deload, change lifts, repeat
5 day split sonne1998 12 6 yearssonne1998 (4): Wow thanks alot man that was very informative ! I do also agree with the shoulder Thing, i will try this program looks solid !
Bodypart volume OHPloser 2 6 yearsRawsteel (940): The guy over at "" has a good article on this. From the meta-analysis i've read that's pretty accurate and that's the volume most proven routines uses. One can't only look at the volume though, there's also failure, frequency, intensity and so on.
any calithenics routines? jf89 8 6 yearsjf89 (4): That helps a lot ,i didn't know any of that thanx man ,so should i do each exercise to failure? or use a rep scheme or circuit style training?
Help from the more experienced crowd? wxfreekj 8 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @wxfreekj push pull legs. I hope you can double your time, even if it means taking 1 hour out of sleep or sitting on the couch. My Marine Corps recruiter taught me to make time by beating my ass till I got it right lol but he was right, you just gotta want it bad enough then force yourself to want it even more.
Straps Vs. No Straps Beans 9 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @Beans I do alternating grip when I deadlift heavy "315" yeah I'm a weak ass whatever but I only have grip problems when I do over hand, alt grip fixes it, it's like magic brah
High frequency training, advice Rawsteel 7 6 yearsshredm (10): I like your routine leanr0x but why deadlifts and squats last? Also what was your reps and sets setup when you were doing that 6 times a week?
side lateral raises 3 times a week thephenomenon 12 6 yearseknight (58109): ^^agreed. When you have a good nugget of info, don't just drop it and run, lol. We all learn from this process so feel free to expand like you just did. -3X
12 reps heavy weight vs 20 reps light weight thephenomenon 8 6 yearsSalokin (877): Paul Carter wrote an interesting training article that worked under the following concept: A lifter with an everyday one-rep max (this is a max you could get on any given day of the week, not you're all time best) is typically able to lift around 63-65% of that weight 20 times. For instance, 300lb max bench, you can typically lift about 195lbs 20 times. He then recommended a training program where you pick a weight that is 10-20lbs above your...
Need to get back into lifting ThatTeenThatLifts 8 6 yearsOatsandHoes (1): STRONGLIFTS!!!!!!!!!! ...and this --> 5 cups oats 4 cups milk 4 protein scoops = 2700 calories 470 carbs 180+protein & all the fat you need. When you wake up and your blender is dry, throw in the oats Blend them to a powder, throw in milk and protein. Divide into 3 or 4 small cups and chug thru the day. Then just eat whatever you want, which won't be much. We have the same body type. With oats you will grow fast but...
WS4SB - Part 3 frui2 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 6 yearsfrui2 (1): Bump
My first video :) Payman16 8 6 yearsoceanair (18020): Yall look hella Jewish. Are you my people? I feel like that replay sticker is a subliminal message :p
Weekly Program Setup Advice LabradorVII 1 6 yearsLabradorVII (1): Hello all, I've recently setup a program that will allow me to work out each body part twice a week but get a little more volume in. Monday: Lower Body and Core Tuesday: Chest Back and Arms Wednesday: Off Thursday: Shoulders Friday: Lower Body and Core Saturday: Chest Back and Arms (and a bit of shoulders) Every muscle group gets about 200 reps of work per week except for arms which get about 100 to 140 reps per week. One of the main...
Can Madcows be switched to a 3x10? ajm87 2 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): Man, I feel you have asked pretty much same question like 300 times. To answer you question, go for it. But it's gonna be a mother fucker to progress using 3x10 after awhile.
Is abdominal training necessary? ThatTeenThatLifts 15 6 yearsmikew (11494): Pretty much this ^^ Much easier to say, "Well abs are made in the kitchen and I'm bulking so that's why my abs suck." ;)
Strength routine recommendations nine0seven 10 6 yearsmikew (11494): I don't the routine matters as much as your diet. Gotta be on a calorie surplus. Surprised to hear you say 531 wasn't enjoyable. There are lots of variations, and since you start at 90% of your 1RM it becomes more fun after a few cycles because you pick up momentum. But the key, at least for me, is to be on a caloric surplus.
Upper/lower frui2 14 6 yearsfrui2 (1): Beside great strength gain on WS4SB, is it fine for size gais, as my goal is to put on some muscle mass.
Macro Cutting Lythy89 3 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Just give it a try for a few weeks and take progress pics. If you lose weight and look better then your question will be anwsered. If you don't make progress you will need to make a change. Don't worry about if it's perfect. Consistancy and longevity (kinda the same thing) is what matters most.
Split advice shredm 15 6 yearsshredm (10): Thanks again for those advices eknight, and yeah i already tried to do GHR at home in the past, but couldnt find a way to set it up :O
Training program Please help! Douze 22 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @Douze is gone guys. Another newcomer driven away ....
S.S(eknight) questions thread DEXchidera Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): I didn't actually make this thread to start with, lol, but if people have questions, maybe someone will start a part II. Regarding your weight increases, yes you can certainly increase more than the prescribed amount, but just be careful of those shoulders and lower back. With the heavy squats, it's often lumbar spinal compression that causes issues before the hips and knees, and of course massive jumps in benching and OHP is more stress on...
Critique my PPL Split? ParkerHenry 7 6 yearsParkerHenry (94): Thanks
5x5 weird lost of strength tuco 5 6 yearsCannonball (6283): 10 days is too much to think of it as some sort of rest that gives you additional strength. 5 days MAX.
Push Routine, Bench, OHP Jsn3004 6 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @hamer93 Yeah I was skeptical about shrugs on my push day but I think I'll just move it towards my pull day. But my pull day looks like this Pull Downs Barbell Row Dumbbell Rows Face Pulls Dumbbell Curls Incline Curls Depending on what day it is, usually one day I like to go for hypertrophy and another ill be usually doing strength so I would usually go for barbell rows first on strength day. @eknight You're right, I'm moving it to m...
PLEASE READ..NEED SERIOUS HELP Osurocks32 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsNorIda (46958): Any structured routine is prerty sufficient. Your diet, like others have mentioned, Is what is going to get you results. So quit trying to look for a miracle routine, and fix your diet!
Check Out The 8 Best Workouts Routines Ever lucasprado1994 3 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): @lucasprado1994 i see someone decided to COPY a recent article from Tnation..
4 day split? Beastmode1607 12 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @Hamer93 I try to do 4 exersizes at the very least I train 8-10 reps heavy as I can with good form I usually go 5 exersizes each muscle
favorite pull up or row variation csizemore21 28 6 yearsleanr0x (4183): chin ups...weighted and heavy
PPL Snowboard901 8 6 yearsSnowboard901 (169): @Rawsteel thanks again for all the help. i created a log if you ever want to stop by ill be following all the changes you made. Thanks again for all the help
Shoulder health question Gianluca69 5 6 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): yes. Down and back, not up and back.
Critique my phat routine ParkerHenry 5 6 yearsParkerHenry (94): no less than 12 weeks
Critique my 3 on 1 off split ParkerHenry 10 6 yearsParkerHenry (94): Think I might give phat a try
low bar vs high bar squats csizemore21 9 6 yearsBeans (4204): Interesting in this video around 9:20 he mentions that if you do low bar and deads, it's a lot of posterior chain focus, and you need to do something to "bring up" quads. I would have never assumed that doing low bar squats wouldn't be enough for quads.
New teen help Snowboard901 10 6 yearsSnowboard901 (169): @Frostshock its a program over on bodybuildings forums. I can link it if you would like.
Rate my back workout eddyserb 26 6 yearsswollenscott (571): If it works for you then do it. If you stall try low vol and heavier weights for a while then go back. Also keep in mind rule of diminishing returns.
Strength on a cut dserious111 16 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Eloquently and accurately put. And those i see at my gym who depended so much on spotters, when they suddenly find they have to train solo due to some circumstance, they can't even lift shit. Looks like the "it's all you bro!" wasn't all you.
ABout PhAT BarbellBOB 13 6 yearsstopmiring (37): @Barbellbob Wouldn't worry too much about the rest, since you will generally be more fatigued already If you hit more reps on your compound movements, but yes I try to increase with a rep or so aswell.
emberessed of my legs :( pics BGM990 19 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Teens + first year training = Free steroid cycle. Growth response so huge it's not even funny.
Chest - once or twice a week? stranger 13 6 yearsnaturalgallant (10): It depends on the volume, but either way, I always found lower volume workouts with higher frequency to be more effective. I even experimented with whole body workouts 3-4 times a week with a few bodypart workouts on the days in between. In the end though, I've found that for a lot of people, they have to remind the muscles to grow more, rather than pound them on one day, and then forget about them for a week.
Push Pull Split shredm 9 6 yearsshredm (10): Ok thats what im planning to do, A Squats 5 x 5 Bench 5 x 5 Rows 5 x 5 Superset Ring Dips/Ez Curls 2 x 8-10 B Squats 5 x 5 Overhead Press 5 x 5 Chins Ups 5 x 5 Deadlifts 1 x 5 Thoughts?
Westside for Skinny Bastards frui2 13 6 yearsfrui2 (1): The template got a little messed up...
Help with 3 day split Karlos 8 6 yearsRawsteel (940): First learn the exercises then use the same weight in all sets and a weight that allows you to hit 5 reps in atleast 4 of the 5 sets, when you can do 5 reps in the last set up the weight with the smallest amount possible. Use the same progression method in the other exercises that uses a different rep scheme. And do calves every workout if you want to, i personally prefer to alternate calves this way -> Workout 1 Standing calf raise:...
Alberto Nuñez Upper Lower frui2 21 6 yearsfrui2 (1): WS4SB: clickable text So to make sure i got this all right to start tomorrow i have some questions. I am supposed to run it like this right? Monday: Upper Body Max Effort A. Regular Bench Press: 3-5RM B. BB Row: 4 X 5-10 C. Incline DB Press: 3-4 X 6-10 D. Face pulls: 2-3 X 12-15 E. Weighted Abdominal work: 3-4 X 8-15 Wednesday: Lower Body Max Effort A. Conventional deadlift: 3-5RM B. Squat Variant: 3 X 8 C. Weighted...
Your opinion on cardio during a bulk stranger 11 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Good links. Thanks man.
Need new routine gymguy6969 18 6 yearsgymguy6969 (1): Eknight already answered this and as someone else said, progressive overload can be achieved in many ways (reps, rest time, added volume etc). And i, as you, like to handle a little more weight in my shoulder press, that's why i have placed it as my second exercise instead of going chest -> delts -> triceps. I understand what progressive overload is. Adding weight was just 1 example I used. No matter whether it be adding weight, reps, or...
rate this routine BGM990 9 6 yearsBGM990 (1): Thx gonna add those 2 to my routine
Training to Failure w/o Partner nine0seven 7 6 yearsJelet (2190): You dont need to go to failure. And your only need a training partner to help get the weights up as a lift off(help on the first rep so your not curling 120lbs on db shoulder press to get it up etc to heavy exercises like dumbbell shoulder press or flat dumbbell chest press. But just go lighter and short rest times on the shoulder presses and do incline chest press instead and you should be fine. No need for training partner
Newbie just joined! Shota34 24 6 yearsShota34 (4): @TimmothyGen Lol thank you :)
Which is more taxing for the CNS? Rawsteel 7 6 yearsRawsteel (940): It doesn't, im just curious.
Canditos New Program(s)!!! kickinchicken 4 6 yearskickinchicken (8717): And heavy singles on "every bench day" makes me curious. The first couple weeks are already very bench heavy with the 10x3 alone. I wonder how the assistance work will change.
started lifting critique Minimalist routine Zahl 22 6 yearspandasashi (3859): ur overthinking the shit out of everything. you haven't been lifting long enough to develop any significant imbalances. stop trying to find all these little 'injuries' you think you have and why you have them and just lift. that's a terrible routine, look up 5X5 and follow that
later intermediate training csizemore21 1 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Hi, i need ideas on later intermediate bodybuilding routines for naturals. Im 5'7 165 pounds 8 to 10% bf, fluctuates a bit from cutting to bulking. Im thinking between phat,gvt,a version of lyles gbr, or 5/3/1 with Tate both bodybuilding accesories. lifts are 225x10 bench, 275x10 squats 315x8 deadlines
What is the best app for bodybuilding Nam_Truong 14 6 yearsNam_Truong (1): I have tried Jefit too, it's really a good app. Lately, my friend just send me a app called Wrkout- it's also really great. It's a new app on the Market. Thank you you all but i mean the real app, not Google Docs,lol
Any "proven" push/pull (2 split) out there? Rawsteel 4 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Thanks, those are however upper/lower splits, im looking for a pure push (quads, chest, delts triceps) and pull (back, hams, biceps) split.
What affects tricep head being worked? musclesbrah24 11 6 yearseknight (58109): I'm not going to continue debating this with you. Go look in the mirror and try to flex one head of your biceps more than the other. End of story. Your point about legs in the bench press isn't even material to this discussion. Can you bench with your legs driving so you feel it there? Yes. Can you ALSO bench with your feet in the air and still complete the movement? Yes. You can't flex the elbow and diminish use of one biceps head to any...
Your p/p/l routine. Rawsteel 5 6 yearshaole (2109): I'm not going too heavy with deads and squats because it taxes me too hard when I play hockey. I would do shrugs on Pull day but they irritate a pinched nerve in my neck.
Anterior delt recruitment, bench and ohp Rawsteel 7 6 yearseknight (58109): @SOLARSUPLEX truthfully, I think think they do them because they just don't know any better. @Rawsteel that's not entirely accurate. While the supraspinatus is the PRIME mover during the first 30 degrees of abduction, it's not the ONLY mover; the lateral deltoid is still doing work. Personally, if you're only concern in lateral delt hypertrophy, I'd use DBs, seated in the middle of a bench, so that they touch the bench when you're around that...
Read the faq, still in need of some answers BarbellBOB 22 6 yearsBarbellBOB (31): @Beans @Frostshock my log if ya wanna follow :)
candito as my next routine golago Jump to first page35Jump to last page 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Didn't you do this to my journal once to piss me off? Get the feels now? You still need to use auto correct btw. Just sayin'
Peaking For Powerlifting Danimal_88 4 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Sweet. I'll watch soon. I saw layne talking about peaking for a meet and he hardly does haha. Crazy bastard
Sick, should I still be working out? mroyal1999 7 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Open thread to view post.
deadlifts jab 4 6 yearseknight (58109): Deadlifts do not harm you or deteriorate your discs. -3X
531 and Olympic lifting? Hamer93 7 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): Boom. Gonna do a bit of research on routine structure and throw a rough one up to get everyone's input
Combining CrossFit and Bodybuilding. TheStrongest Jump to first page38Jump to last page 6 yearsDrewFL730 (1): I like combining the two sometimes, they're pros and cons for each but I prefer bodybuilding because the injury rate is not as high lol
The Iron gurus methods. amar654 6 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): Any routine and diet can have some degree of success in naturals - Determining if it's actually optimal or if you would even enjoy it should be your main concern.
Hamstring exercises for injury prone Hamer93 14 6 yearseknight (58109): Those coaches are not consistent with what the current accepted practice is among medical rehab protocol, for both injury recovery, general deconditioning, or strength protocols. -3X
What is your "Summer Shred" program? TOMA 7 6 yearsSamwaite23 (211): March through to September when the last pic was taken, 194lbs to 180 in the last pic. Just drop those calories, track your weight and learn to love being hungry as fuq
Push/Pull/Legs question dserious111 8 6 yearseknight (58109): Shrugs are not a push movement. Too much push vs. pull. Leg extensions. Too much quad vs. ham. -3X
How much time to have a body like this TheJayyBe Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsTheJayyBe (4): No man, I was talking about nutella.
Thoughts on sticking point training? Kansas___Boyyyyy 6 6 yearsmikew (11494): Right there ^^^ My preference is to train the main lift, then focus on sticking points afterward. For example, I'm a big fan of running normal bench sets, then close grip bench press as an accessory. This seems WAY more effective than doing bench followed by a "normal" triceps exercise like triceps push-downs or something.
My personal routine ehukai 7 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Don't do your own thing, my advice is based on what you have posted above.
How much muscle can you achieve Naturally jonrivs49 5 6 yearsJohanna (892): Where did he get that shirt
**Candito gets Fireman Stonger (LOG) FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Full ;)
Routine and Supplements arnoldjr 13 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Would like to add something based on my experiences since joining SS and getting consultations from the veterans when I started my journal. Apart from poor form in pressing movements, imo, the next factor which causes rotator cuff/injuries are severe muscular imbalances due to.... bad push/pull ratios.
Smolov Jr bench HELP 4real 6 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Advanced is an understatement good sir. Brutal more like?
Shoulders too big radamel7 7 6 yearsBaiTu (3096): It sounds to me also like you are overanalyzing.
Shoulder Muscle Contraction musclesbrah24 5 6 yearseknight (58109): "Feeling" the muscle contraction to get a burn or a pump has nothing to do with growth or strength. Is your goal to get bigger or stronger or to be able to feel yourself flexing? -3X
Why You Probably Can Do Full Body Workouts imcca001 3 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): You cheeky cunt
15 Years Old alwayscurved 21 6 yearsCorkey (291): If the program you start doesnt include squats, deads, bench and military presses you may aswell be throwing hay bails around.. i regret not listening to older guys at first saying i should be squatting instead of doing leg extensions and should be benching instead of doing cable crosses, i would be a fucking machine now if i had skipped the complex stuff and stuck to the basic compounds for the first while.. look for a 5x5 style program of...
mike Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger imcca001 1 6 yearsimcca001 (7): Has anyone tried any of his workouts or the book Bigger Leaner Stronger? what do you think?
Cardio as a physique athlete, what types imcca001 18 6 yearsoceanair (18020): honestly, just find whatever form of cardio you enjoy and can be consistent with.
weaker after deload week 5/3/1 golago Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): But srs. If you want to get strong just go fucking balls to the wall and eat a ton of food and allow enough time in between training sessions to recover. The only thing stopping you from getting a PR is your mind. You want a PR? Go do the damn thing. Want another one next week? Fucking lift more. Simple as FUCK. No thinking. Lift. more. every. Damn. Day.
Weekend Arm Pump - Armageddon!! ShreddedSumo 1 6 yearsShreddedSumo (10): Here's my quick and intense Arm pump video... Great before heading out to get them guns swollen!
Ogus on abs brian12 6 6 yearsSamwaite23 (211): Never trains and crew, Most movements in the gym requires core stability to an extent, the abs wil be popping when your lean. Cracks me up seeing people doing 'abs' for 30 mins and they're not even lean thinking they'll start showing soon.
Super curious about it.. israelcommando 6 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Who honestly cares how much they bicep curl? Except cannon because hes doing some radge swedish comp...
Thoughts on Gerardo Gabriel routine Method 8 6 yearseknight (58109): @brian12 just because something is effective, does not mean it's optimal. -3X
Awesome advice from Stan Efferding eknight Jump to first page66Jump to last page 6 yearsRawn (1338): Collections of programs created by Paul Carter of Lift Run Bang
Higher volume Push/Pull/legs Samwaite23 19 6 yearsSamwaite23 (211): @trev182 Agree mate. Didn't think overall volume for push and pull where too different, you're suggesting I up the volume for pulling? I do this twice a week remember so I gathered less was more to an extent.
Why do people do incline presses? Rawsteel Jump to first page49Jump to last page 6 yearsCorkey (291): I dont know if this adds any relevance to the arguement, but has anyone found decline to be similar to dips for chest? ive never found them to be THAT effective in stimulating the muscle but rather stretching the clavicular head a bit further. thoughts?
Shoulder pressing Rawsteel 4 7 yearseknight (58109): He's correct, but his illustration of the scapular plane is a little inaccurate when he demonstrates it. See the image below: You don't need to go into full neutral position (the sagittal plane). I think I misunderstood what you were asking, because I do my DB shoulder presses in the scapular plane anyway. -3X
Can a beginner run this routine ? Alwaystrying 26 7 yearsAlwaystrying (7): ^ and when I build a solid foundation while eating at maintenance (eating so that I don't lose weight and enough for recovery) I might do a not so long cut after that to do get down to some lower double digits bf percentage....which will make me look like a fitness model. Sweet Btw, it all makes sense know. If I am a beginner and have the greatest ability to recover, what will make me get more gains, hitting my muscle 2x a week or hitting...
What is Periodization? DUP? (Video) BioLayne FiremanSi 10 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @trapsht firstly I would minimise exercises on each day high frequency low volume. From my understanding u could do it 10p/8pul/6l 8/6/10 6/10/8... Repeat... That would be my understanding !!!
PHUL vs Lyle GBR?? simpley2 8 7 yearssimpley2 (1): Anyone else have used PHUL here? how was it for you?
Do you agree with the following training? TheJayyBe 25 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Question 1. Do we have to breathe? Answer - Yes. Question 2. Whats the best training programme for me? Answer - What are you goals? What experience do you have? What equipment do you have to work with? Have you lifted before? Whats your current stats? Whats your current maxes? What do you want to train for? Do you have a goal in mind that you want to reach? Different questions need different and more expansive answers. Hes not ignoring you...
Relative Strength Standards Article imcca001 6 7 yearsDEXchidera (616): It is a pretty interesting article though
ICF 5x5 variation? Aku 3 7 yearstwombles62 (22): Good luck with: - deadlifting 4x5 twice a week - heavy singles before 5x5 four times a week. If you're getting back into full body I would definitely start it as written and see if want to increase it over time (wait at least a month to see how you're recovering).
Hello, please help me out getmynameright Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): @eknight What type of wall do you use to bang your head off of?
need your help - please Fighting141 4 7 yearsFighting141 (1): thank you a lot man ;)
Thoughts on Lyle McDonald Generic Bulk Routi swollenscott 9 7 yearstwombles62 (22): Lyle is a douchebag but that routine is very solid. It's a standard upper/lower routine. I'm starting it with some modifications(added lateral raises) this week. After a year on 3x full body, I was deciding on a 2x frequency program, and went with Lyle's as I'm on a cut and will run it through my bulk transition. Will look at PHAT if I want more volume.
High Frequency Training imcca001 3 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Kane Sumabat does it. Twice a day training but he regulates his volume.
Do you pass Rippletoe's PT Test? McQueef 18 7 yearscardinal (6175): Yup but I benefit from being a light body weight. Actually surprised 75% of your bodyweight for OHP is considered good given I always considered it by far my weakest lift always. Not advanced on OHP in years. Gave up caring a long time ago..
Feeling ill, contest prep 7 weeks 2 days Davfitness 27 7 yearsDavfitness (1): thanks craig! Yeah true, obliques have the same shape! Your lower chest is definitely on point how-ever, i have quite a long body so struggle to grow the lower part of my pectorials. The only issue i have is i used to be anorexic, and my body type it's very hard to get width in my arms, so from the front they dont look as big as they do from the sides, quite irritating really. Any advice on building width?
Im starting a new routine what do you think> DiLawn 13 7 yearsswollenscott (571): I'd agree with the above. Push pull legs is great. If you want to stay true to the Golden Age and arnold maybe the then popular Chest/back Shoulder/arms Leg Or lee Haney Chest/arms Back/shoulders Legs/abs Might be more your style and allows for more frequency if you keep the sessions to lower volume. However like I said keep it simple and maybe try an already setup balanced plan. Bet of luck :)
fullbody routine. what do you think? dinuman22 23 7 yearsdinuman22 (4): HAHAH True!
Smolov training Azzdog18 10 7 yearsAzzdog18 (358): Wow fark that haha...insanity. Thanks a lot man...I must've looked like a genuine retard in gym today, couldn't wipe the smile from my face
Powerlifting Gyms wannabemuscular 15 7 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): Same here
Should I add shoulder exercises for lagging r1ch37 25 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @r1ch37 lets say you do a push workout tomorrow. Start with chest then do ur shoulder work. Next time you do a push workout start with shoulder work then chest. Keep switching between starting with chest and starting with shoulders each push workout.
Biking and lifting SOLARSUPLEX 12 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @SOLARSUPLEX I like to make my own sauce, but don't always have time. Below is what I use the most for store bought stuff. Brown up some lean ground beef, drain it, then throw the red sauce on it, bring it up so simmer, and you have a nice quick protein packed meat sauce. The light Alfredo is good on tortellini with a bit of extra parmesan cheese and chicken breast. ...
Advice Appreciated (Routine) BarbellBOB 12 7 yearsBeans (4204): @hollyhopeful5678 In this case, yes. Since the point of starting strength and ppl is to increase those lifts, any other lift done to help improve those is an "accessory" lift. That's my take anyways.
Why You Fail That Lift jonrivs49 15 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): It's all a fucking mind set. We are way stronger then we think we are. Ever read articles of moms who don't even lift and see their kid trapped under a car and if something isn't done that kid will die and the mom legit lifts the goddamn car. We all have that capability. Just have to know how to channel it.
Leg extensions destroy your knee right? lolssons 4 7 yearslolssons (1249): ok thanks guys, Iam in to learn so this was much appriciated.
DUP Study GrizzlyBerg 6 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088):
wild 20 workout juanf122388 3 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Thats just your usual bro split. With the usually bro split issues. Needs more back work Needs more hamstring work Too many exercisws in my opinion Too much shoulder work in my opinion No deadlifts? Wouldnt do that workout. Plus as gola said, best to workout each muscle twice a week. Read the faq on this forum
I remade my P/P/L routine, I a need review. r1ch37 8 7 yearshaole (2109): For progress you obviously have to track your routine but what I do is increase the weight when I can easily get more than my target reps on my last set. You have to be careful with this because once you increase the weight on one lift it will make all the following lifts harder. I would recommend increasing the weight on only one lift at a time unless you are starting with low weights.
2 a days? haole 23 7 yearsCannonball (6283): I'm gonna do this in a few months, planning for it right now. First workout: squat, bit of hamstring and ab work second workout: push or pull
Them Traps Vtimez 16 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @Vtimez take a look at the link i posted for snatch high pull. Try it and your traps will hurting the next day
Dieting, caloric deficit and Big 3 darklight79 8 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): I suffer on accessory exercises the most, my OHP and bench will then suffer while my squat and deadlift also improves
A simple article every noob MUST read swollenscott 1 7 yearsswollenscott (571): Everyone already knows this stuff or at least should! I think we all wanted to find that sexy routine that would make us more tanked, swole and shredded then Arnold in Conan the Barbarian back in the day. I wish someone had shown me this a while back when I started lifting. clickable text
When things go bad in a workout. TimmothyGen 9 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Shoulders are a very delicate joint. Strengthen the rear delt and warm up thoroughly. Like said before, have a good rest of it and go lighter when you return. One thing with dumbels is to make sure your even on the bench, I had a problem where I lent more to one side so more of right side(back and shoulder) was off the bench and there for had a greater deficit
Rep range for sports stewie 4 7 yearseknight (58109): I have to disagree. Muscular endurance and training for it are very real. IMO, you should train like you're going to compete. If your obstacle course requires you to lift 400 pounds and walk ten feet with it, deadlifts with 5x5 would be optimal. However, if you're going to have to carry 100 pounds and walk a quarter mile with it, 5x5 is not going to help. I would advise structuring your routine to resemble the lifts that you need to perform, or...
ICF 5x5 SnackIt 6 7 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): I can hear the O snap from here
What am i doing wrong? Kyles247 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsbslo (262): I wouldnt even worry about trracking macros or even eating clean at this point. If I were you I would eat everything inside. All the carbs and all the protiens and lift 4-5 times a week on a Push pull routine.
Full body or split Kyles247 1 7 yearsKyles247 (22): I'm about to start up a new workout plan got injured racing motocross. I'm going back in to body building and want to put size back on. The question i have is should i do a full body workouts or should i do split? I have never done a full body workout only split and have had great results but hit a road block at 144 im back down to 138 so i lost alot. You can read my other post i have to get a better look at my progress, says how many days i...
5/3/1 boring but BIG question swollenscott 19 7 yearsOwnsPwns (124): Sorry, got called out to work OT last night and wasn't in front of a computer. I have a few places in my gym i could probably attempt them. Always looked like an easy way to hurt myself so I've been worried about trying them. I do have a seated leg curl machine, so I will switch out lunges for those and when I get some courage I'll try some glute ham raises. Thanks for the ideas.
Hamstring Curls before Squats IrishGymSheep 9 7 yearsBeans (4204): @Rawsteel Who you calling a moped?
Is there a certain program/routine for lifti asddsa 4 7 yearsmikew (11494): @asddsa most routines will work if you work the routine but the beginner routines are ideal places to start. Lots of people on this board (including me) learned the hard way. Don't be dumb like me. ^this Build foundation. Then build house.
Hi All, New Here..Looking To Cut Nasdaq12 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsswollenscott (571): How did the serge nerbret routine go? It's fairly full on no?
What program next? swollenscott 13 7 yearsswollenscott (571): Thanks @hoale and @golagola. I think I'll adjust my PPL to that 6-8 rep range and run it till my holiday in 6 weeks and when I get back trying boring but big.
Modified Layne Norton Power/Hypertrophy smooge 10 7 yearseknight (58109): Layne advises not doing deads and squats in the same workout at all. Re. lunges (or leg exercises in general), when you are considering what muscle is doing the primary amount of work, just consider the joint movements. During the concentric portion of the movement, the knees and extending. The hamstrings flex the knee, while the quads extend it. -3X
Militarypress while sitting. havent a rack - halilpower 1 7 yearshalilpower (16): my shouldertraining guys .... ı dıd want do militarypress but we havent a rack ... so i did while sitting on the decline bench and sry for the bad quality in the course of video
Update and tips ashvinmuthumala 20 7 yearsMethod (379): @ashvinmuthumala The answer to growing your calves is to train them like all other muscle groups and have a caloric surplus with the proper macro split (bulk).
over training bslo 10 7 yearsbslo (262): @eknight ok thanks, the inflammation sounds more likely. I dont really feel injured and there was no actual point of injury like a pull or a sharp pain.
Training programme for uni Hamer93 7 7 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Plz help a confused lifter ashvinmuthumala 12 7 yearsashvinmuthumala (4): Correct @eknight . I assume it would be wiser to hit my lats 2x harder on my next back day
college student routine sboettcher 14 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Upper lower will probably improve your gains, muscle protein synthesis is elevated for up to 48 hours after the muscle is trained. If your training chest once a week your gunna have 3/4 days where the muscle is not doing anything where as hitting it twice in a week even if it just 2 exercises it's gunna have the stimulus and conditions to essentially repair and grow the whole week.
Should I 5x5? cbondy 10 7 yearsmikew (11494): Yep 5x5 with cal surplus and you will make gainzzz. Get that log going so we can follow your progress!
Thoughts on candito's linear strength/hypert ParkerHenry 3 7 yearsParkerHenry (94): Thanks, I'll give it a shot today
1 years phat routine . golagola Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsgolagola (307): @brian12 as i said i want to try westside for skinny bastard but there are something i dont understand and dont like where can add calf wwork? can change dynamic legs day to (front squat romanna deadlift lunge box squat etcc..)
What to do exactly with this body... ? jasson333 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Check out jason genova on youtube.. outstanding bodybuilder
Is my friend going the wrong way ? Trivial3 16 7 yearsTrivial3 (1): Aha, thanks , you helped a lot. It's just when I read the FAQ here all suggested doing the programs where there are a few or no isolation exercises and my friend has NO compounds excluding bench and I thought he would go no where but if he is actually going to achieve great results I am going to smile when I see him in the gym despite he is there everyday and I will be seeing him on 3 days :D
Completely new to weights/gym luky7189 4 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I agree.
Bodybuilding Athlete nine0seven 11 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): His face simply just doesn't fit his body. Cringe worthy/ awkward
*My Top Three Contest Prep Tips* Danimal_88 4 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Thanks!
Am I a beginner or intermediate lifter? ParkerHenry 11 7 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): Maybe more like a 5X5 routine, 531 could also benefit you as well
critique my workout thebulkybutch Jump to first page49Jump to last page 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Das it mane
Is this okey? SnackIt 4 7 yearsParkerHenry (94): Looks fine
road to recovery silverback31 25 7 yearssilverback31 (1): Warmup Kettlebell Swings(24kg) s/s 24 inch box jumps 3X10-12 1. Deadlifts: 3 Warmup sets: 5X 60kg, 65 and 70kg Set1: 3 X 105kg Set2: 3 X 107.5kg Set3: 3 X 110 kg Set4; 2 X 110 kg 2. Lying Leg Curls Set1: 8X 46kg Set2: 8X 53kg Set3: 8X 53kg 3. BArbell Overhead Shoulder Ppress: Set1: 5 X 50kg Set2: 4 X 52.5kg Set3: 3 X 55 kg Set 4:2 X 57.5 kg 4. Reverse lateral raises 2 X 12
I need help guys, I beg of you. jaketheguy Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsDeneii (247): Yea, thats what i mean. As far as i'm concerned you just need to do some quality training, keep a reasonable diet and be patient, and you will see great results in time.
voodoo floss golagola 6 7 yearsgolagola (307): Do u know how the vodoo floss work ?
Is losing muscle on a cut exaggerated? musclesbrah24 14 7 yearseknight (58109): IMO, no. The overall size of the muscle is not permanent, and is dependent upon the stresses placed upon it. -3X
neglected core r1c0 11 7 yearseknight (58109): I think the only time I've had rest periods that long is when I was squatting using Smolov. For just about everything else, I train fast. I've done meets where I didn't have much time between lifts, so I got in the habit of training the way I would compete. -3X
6ft guys with big chests, whats your routine musclesbrah24 27 7 yearsBeans (4204): I personally think bench press is a good exercise purely because you can lift the most weight out of any chest movements. I don't think you should stick to just one kind of movement. While you can't get the same range of motion with bench as you can with flyes, you also can't fly 300 pounds. Do both! And as far as being tall, I know tons of tall guys with amazing chests. Some have crappy backs, or crappy legs. Some are really well rounded. I...
What's in your gym bag? SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page46Jump to last page 7 yearsMethod (379): I have two gym bags, one for home and one for the office. Think I need an emergency bag for the car for that one day of the year I'm on the road and forget my gym bag...the thought of losing those gainz keeps me up at nights...
PHAT - Rep range SnackIt 6 7 yearseknight (58109): Add weight as appropriate to stay within the prescribed rep range, with the exception of the speed work- you could theoretically use the same weight for a very long time with the goal of increasing speed. -3X
The Juggernaut Method... WinnersNeverQuit 13 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Thanks man. Got it. It's horrible to think I was one of those who always thought all powerlifters were fat, in poor health and only did 1-3 reps in the gym 24/7 365 days a year. I saw you posting about your poundages somewhere. Insane.
Need critique on lifting program queenquebec 17 7 yearsambitiongainer (391): @queenquebec best advice I would give you darling is go on youtube like you usually do and check out a well know female bodybuilder that has a physique that you like and then follow her program and I know one of your main goal is to get your ass bigger so you'll see what to do while watching those females ;):D deadlifts is one of the best exercises ever made but not everybody likes doing it, you should know what you like and what your body...
Starting a PPL tomorrow. How's this look? ajm87 6 7 yearsajm87 (409): @Hiiibbbb so swap the OHP and Flyes order? Also I changed OHP to Arnold presses.
Hi all, advice on training program pls chrism 21 7 yearschrism (1): dark, I have read the FAQ and took it all on board :) and my diet was shit(lots of take aways/sweets) but now its far better lol and after taking in the advice from the FAQ and members on this post I am no longer eating 1500 :) much higher!
Rack chins? (PHAT) SnackIt 16 7 yearseknight (58109): A pull-up is a pull-up, not a rack chin. If you were supposed to do it like a pull-up it would just be called a pull-up, lol. -3X
**Log of FIRE: SI's Advancing Wendler MAN !! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearslolssons (1249): and we are done! hoping you will start a new thread iam in for that one if you are. will learn alot of you mobility videos.
100 Push Up Variations stack52 1 7 yearsstack52 (4): Thought you guys would like to see this. 100 Push up variations infograph (all linked to videos)
Should my girlfriend cut? Pawzup 8 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): My girlfriend had the implant and didnt get periods it is normal. But for ttht you might want to check with the ob like stated
Created a custom powerlifting program SSJ3FinalFlash 10 7 yearsSSJ3FinalFlash (283): Thanks man appreciate the compliment! 5/3/1's percentage's worked very well so I'm going to take your advice and change it to 50%, should work out pretty well. Thanks bro. I'm currently weighing in at 205 and I'm 5' 9".
Good powerlifting/bodybuilding program? TheBB 3 7 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): almost every powerlifting program can have accessory work added on to it to make work for bodybuilding as welll
How to do Incline Side Raises? musclesbrah24 2 7 yearsGianluca (22): Alberto explains this exercise well.
Pronated vs. Neutral Grip Flies musclesbrah24 2 7 yearseknight (58109): No. -3X
age and muscle gain :) golagola 12 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @golagola For now! Hahaha. One day maybe. When I hit a wall or something. I seemed to have found my sweet spot with training and eating lately though. I'm feeling like a tank.
Strength/size program recommendation Tritons 14 7 yearsTritons (670): I decided to go with The Cube method. The reason is i really want to improve my big 3, also i like its layout and something rally tells me to try this, i do not know way, but i just kind of want to try it. I might start a log, will see. I want to thank you members for your suggestions and recommendations. Cheers!
When to train to Failure nine0seven 2 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): There ya go champ, I personally don't like the mehod. Also lifting 7 days a week is nowhere near optimal lol Cliff Notes: Isolation movements in the higher rep ranges Make your Failure sets your last Should be used to gauge progress and strength Can be counterproductive if used incorrectly Should not be used on consecutive days Don't use failure for Sheiko
CT Fletcher overtraining ErickFromOmaha 26 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @ErickFromOmaha.. Layne have other overtrainig videos. But this is latest video of how you approach training to failure.
Push/Pull/legs SnackIt Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsillwill (331): Actually @eknight i know you posted what you think is an optimal ppl routine before but I haven't been able to find it. Do you have a link if it hasn't changed?
3 years, still haven't found chest routine musclesbrah24 27 7 yearsswollenscott (571): Cheers @eknight
drop set or high waight? ghay 7 7 yearseknight (58109): For the record, I disagree with the above entirely. Drop sets are great for increasing muscular endurance, but are not optimal for hypertrophy. -3X
Most effecitve in a hypertrophy perspective? Rawsteel 2 7 yearsBeans (4204): I think the difference in effectiveness would be really minimal. As long as you progress with each, neither would be more beneficial imo. It probably comes down to preference. It would be a lot easier to just do straight sets at one weight until you can hit your rep goal, then go up 5 lbs next time.
PHAT Ryan dorris old routine lolssons 4 7 yearsRawn (1338): Hurts my eyes
deload week AarronStenner 12 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Thanks for the responses. I feel fine so im going to just go by feel and most likely deload the main movement
P/P/L routine question Hiiibbbb 8 7 yearseknight (58109): There's nothing wrong with that at all. If you bench first, I'd advise higher rep OHP after, and if you OHP first, higher rep bench after. -3X
Your opinions on 5/3/1 Boring but big Dai 14 7 yearsDai (262): @kickinchicken You think so? Never tried it before either, so that is something I have been wondering about which kind would be better for my strength level Bench : 198 Squat: 233 Deadlift: 303 This is my calculated maxes currently after the cut at 147 lbs
Addison's Disease / Cortisol phillb_pb 3 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Without prescribed hormones or a change in medications then there isn't much you can do other than do your best to train as if you have no medical issues. If your training is spot on and nutrition is correct than you need to talk to your primary doctor.
Mind muscle connection for chest Hamer93 7 7 yearsswollenscott (571): Things that worked for me include: - pre-exhaust on machine flye, suspension straps or cable flyes. - Strong stable base with te scapular retracted. - pushing your hands together throughout the entire range of the movement whilst holding the barbell aka overemphasis the adduction thinking. Ben pakulski explains it well
Anyone ever done Jason Blaha's 5x5 routine? DFMaster240 18 7 yearsNorIda (46958): Who said he ever quit?!
Too much frequency? Tritons 11 7 yearsTritons (670): I know what you mean, i have been looking around, and i kind of like the westside for skinny bastards as well as wendler, i may have to take you advice.
Workout before vacation tengopero 6 7 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Just enjoy your vacation my bruva. Deload is the best way to look at it. Once you get back its time to go in
Is this routine too taxing for shoulders? BitchesFancyMe 14 7 yearsBitchesFancyMe (13): thanks man solid information. will do that!
5 weeks into PHAT- lost 10Lbs Zane_Lewis 9 7 yearsZane_Lewis (13): @WinnersNeverQuit haha! the marine corps is a competition in itself man. if you are not the best, then you are ignored and forgotten. The marines in the gym i go to squat deep. I showed em who squats more. Although now i am the one thats injured. I take what you have to say to heart. I guess it just took one more person to tell me to stop being silly and lift healthy.
"retract the ****** SCAPULA TimmothyGen 3 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I post my questions in my physique log but i thought i'd make a topic because maybe people have the same problem. Thanks though ima try to retract less maybe it will help. Idk why it happens though i got long arms oh well i must be doing something wrong.
Are squats all they are cracked up to be? Dexdbest 19 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): What a post Brian.
6 day split ZammiNic 11 7 yearsZammiNic (13): Thanks @Perfidy & FiremanSi , I'll take into consideration all of this and decide on a new program within the next month or so. Wendler 4 day seems solid with a few of the accessory movements thrown in.. Thanks!
FinalFlash running Cube Kingpin SSJ3FinalFlash 8 7 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): There are further percentages for two lifts similar to comp lifts as well In kingpin that are still not mentioned In the link, get the book
Opinions on training frequency jja0016 14 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): As we age, the length of time MPS remains elevated decreases and has been shown to be as little as 14-24 hours in some individuals; thus, a greater training frequency may be advantageous. Of course, at the top of your priority list needs to be nutrition for ample fuel and recovery. Then, a program that is properly designed and periodized to hit your desired frequency/goals/etc.
Trunk Safety Movement Planes Piggles 5 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): Look up McGills Big 3. That's what I've been doing lately and really like it.
Shoulder pop when doing OHP slowurroll 15 7 yearsslowurroll (25): Little update. I did OHP today again in the gym. Brought my hands in a bit closer to being inline with my shoulders and made sure my elbows didn't flare out. Felt a lot more of the lift this time and no popping in my shoulder! Hallelujah!
New Log Advice needed JesseJames 29 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): You're cutting correct? I've always noticed that my bench goes down when I lose weight. I guess this isn't uncommon, and probably what you're experiencing. Don't let it get you down.
New workout I have been doing. bslo 1 7 yearsbslo (262): Monday- Chest and arms Flat BB bench Wu and 3 Heavy working sets DB Incline Press 3 x 12-15 reps Pec dec Flys 3 x12-15 BB curls 3 sets Machine preacher curls 3 sets V bar tricep pushdowns 3 sets Tuesday – Back and shoulders OHP wu and 3 working sets of 5-8 reps each Snatch grip high raise 3x10 sometimes superset these with ohp Hang clean 4x5 Weighted Pullups 4 sets of 5-8 Db row with chest against incline bench...
Looking for more Hammy work? wannabemuscular 9 7 yearsbslo (262): I do the bridges but with my back on the bench and feet on the floor and a BB across my waste. Great glute and hammy exercise.
Favorite Exercises Perfidy 18 7 yearsmikew (11494): @eknight @_RudeCrew Yesssssssss Bench press all day I think a great bench press is like a piece of modern art - doesn't have much utility and might even look a little wierd but goddang is it beautiful!
Should a Do Powerlifting After Cut? ezvmoneybeast 6 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Ye thanks man
Do you guys still go to the gym if..... TimmothyGen 26 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Why did I view this thread.
Critique my PHAT version proxyh 2 7 yearseknight (58109): Why are you doing power squats twice weekly? That's a mistake. Why are you squatting and deadlifting on the same day? That's a mistake. Why no leg curls? That's a mistake. -3X
*Dave Tate on Accessory & Supplmental Work ! FiremanSi Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Cool. I was looking for something lengthy to listen to about fitness while at work. This will do nicely.
Need new weighted ab exercises PowerLevel9000 20 7 yearscardinal (6175): @eknight Dead bugs seem legit. Look like a great way to activate the deep abdominal wall. Cheers mate!
New programming for legs Outwork_08 6 7 yearseknight (58109): I would discuss it with your PT then, since he or she will know the specifics of your injury. Asking an Internet forum isn't in your best interest. -3X
Programs rememberthis 4 7 yearseknight (58109): No. Make your power movements the olympic lifts. -3X
launching my PT website & Youtube Tutorial Jealster 6 7 yearsJealster (91): Cheer bro, looking well look like you have a good rig :-)
Upper/Lower split MassTitan 5 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): This^^ I wouldnt do vonventional deads. Just SLDL or RDL on leg day
Christmas tree tristantalpas 10 7 yearsBeans (4204):
Lower body MassTitan 6 7 yearseknight (58109): Oh shoot- missed that. Yes it counts. I wouldn't change anything about the day except maybe add a bit more volume. -3X
Chest Problems.... srs TimmothyGen 20 7 yearseknight (58109): You don't have gyno. You have an under-developed chest. Give it time and it will fill out. Let me know how the whole "upper chest" thing works out for you, too. -3X
NEED HELP FOR BACK DEVELOPMENT alkudari23 7 7 yearsfuba141 (10): For advance level in lower back hyperextensions try holding some weights.
Two exercises I didn't know. SRorhrbac0808 24 7 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I love the cross body landmine rotational clean and press style move that bryce harper does in this video. Its probably my favorite complex landmine exercise.
Modified PHAT what do you guys think? ParkerHenry 3 7 yearsrememberthis (556): because you only get conservative with age
Phat Modified Schedule jackedman11 12 7 yearseknight (58109): You never answered my question- why isn't there enough recovery time? When Layne wrote the program, he obviously felt there was. -3X
How to set up a good PPL routine ParkerHenry 7 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @ParkerHenry Yes
Any good Upper/Lower suggestions? ajm87 4 7 yearseknight (58109): I find that set-up to be functionally inappropriate. Your upper work is too anterior heavy, IMO. -3X
Routines Johanna 4 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Brandon Lilly or Chad Wesley Smith recently
Vertical Jump - What really works????!!! 40INCHVERTICAL 30 7 years40INCHVERTICAL (1): @Mikew I get like three inches higher on my one foot but there about the same. im really trying to focus on my two foot jump.
bit of advice needed. Gekoooo 7 7 yearsGekoooo (1): Thanks for all the replies guys :) massively appreciated. Will take all advice on board :)
ANYONE EVER USE A PROWLER?WEIGHTED SLED? Bigdaveyessex 17 7 yearsGetBigSon (1): This is what I do, like 5 down and backs with this and you are dead!
Lagging Chest? KalletSc 14 7 yearsDexdbest (4792): Dips are the best chest exercise in world!!! Try doing density(time based sets) for your chest. Works wonders
Interesting read- Layne Norton Interview swollenscott 2 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): Thanks for sharing
Upper/Lower Split critique DanielNova 5 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): Why not run a tested upper lower split like westside or Lyle McDonalds Generic bulk clickable text clickable text
How to get bulk and lean chest? Dezali85 9 7 yearsDezali85 (1): @Xxlean..yes,i'm always go to gym 4 to 5 times a week.however,i dont have gym buddy,what i did just follow my schedule for workout.
Is this a good PPL routine? ParkerHenry 8 7 yearsMethod (379): I'd switch up the exercises with A/B days Push A Push B Etc...
Newbie, ICF 5x5 and Cutting bif24701 9 7 yearsbif24701 (1): At this point I will go back to the 5x5, while I research the 5/3/1. If I hit a wall then that would be a good time to switch it up. For now new few weeks I'll work on getting my strength back and diet. I was surprised that my strength gains where so quick. I'll admit that I did power lifting in high school for football but that was 15 years ago. I think my eating and rest allowed me to gain so well. Let's see how long it takes to get back...
Best program for Men's Physique ParkerHenry 2 7 yearsteewhat (1972): there is no set routine for a mens physique comp. If natty just try and hit all muscle groups twice a week for power and reps. build a solid foundation, cut and compete. so many tried and tested programs to choose from
DOMS correlation to training frequency? musclesbrah24 17 7 yearseknight (58109): Pump does not equal growth. -3X
Am I PHAT? swollenscott 29 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Yea vin diesel looked pathetic
Current Program done. Advice for a new 1? Kansas___Boyyyyy 4 7 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): I was under the impression that the other programs are better than 5x5, but 5x5 is best for the very beginning of ones lifting career
Need help with program/split Tritons 5 7 yearsTritons (670): @ajm87 This is actually pretty good, thanks. @wannabemuscular I had forgot about the 5/3/1. I will check his book again. @Highdeas This split lacks of frequency. But thanks. Thank you for your responses.
I MUST be doing something wrong Highdeas 29 7 yearsHighdeas (1635): I'm new here but have learned a lot the last few weeks, I believe what he is referring to is this Cutting: Caloric deficit. (-100 to -500 cals from your maintenance. The goal is to lose .5-1 pounds per week To minimize muscle loss during a cut you'll want to go into a deficit slowly -. That was posted in frostshocks sticky, you lost 32 lbs in 16 weeks = 2 lbs a week, as I have learned I the hard way myself before coming to this site, you lose...
*Should I SUMO or Conventional Deadlift ??? FiremanSi 14 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @WinnersNeverQuit Happy birthday brother. @Eat2Trainn247 Yeah man i always find articles like this interesting. It says i should do conventional but i feel SAFER doing sumo as less lower back involvement.
Push Day Question aesthet1x 9 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): @Perfidy I didn't know that, thanks you. You think it looks fine?
Max-OT 5 day split luka5z 12 7 yearsluka5z (16): thanks for clarification. a lot of helpful people here! Back: Deadlifts 2 x 4-6 (After warm-up) Weighted Pull-ups 3 x 4-6 (After acclimation set) Bent-over Rows 3 x 4-6 (After weight acclimation) V-bar Pull-downs 3 x 4-6 Seated Rows 2 x 4-6 Traps: Barbell Shrugs 2 x 4-6 (After weight acclimation)
Chest/ Tri, Back Biceps? Rick 7 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Shoulders?
Anterior vs. Posterior upper body training wannabemuscular 25 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @eknight lol no, just your mind.
How would you train? ajm87 27 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): The article is saying that it seems that national power lifters have very healthy hearts and that they have increased blood flow rates which means the heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood. What your doctor is worried about is an increased ventrical size which could mean that blood was backing up into the centric all because of a faulty valve. But the "mild" range refers to the amount of blood that is/isn't getting through...
Mixing Calisthenics and free weights BitchesFancyMe 4 7 yearsfusionproducts (58): See what works if you feel you can do something better than switch it up.
Beyond 5/3/1 PHD4 Template nine0seven 5 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I would definately not try combine 2 peoples programs especially if i didnt have the experience to do so and just pick one and make the decision which road u wanna go down mate. I've tried combining on my own basis and i go no closer to my goal of strength and my want to get bigger.
What would you do? slowurroll 3 7 yearsslowurroll (25): Well I plan on 2 days of cardio to start and will most likely up it to 3 later on. I don't see why a 3 day a week full body wouldn't work well. Is this just your preference?
*Wendler 531 TIP for Natties (Video) FiremanSi 7 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @mikew I think alot of people like the idea of DE work and its differnet and exciting and who doesnt like SPEED... but in realistically the level most of us are at it will have minimal carryover to our lifts BUT to help nail down form and get some explosive rep work from differnet setups into our routine. I've seen a few people like bryce lewis, jason blaha and brandon campbell that used to use it but found it had minmal carryover and they were...
Servicing the wheels Fosta41 3 7 yearsFosta41 (79): Cool, thanks man, much appreciated. They do have a GHR so I'll make some use of that.
The case for broscience brian12 1 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Nice read on tnation Jim Wendler said it best: "All you have to do look at someone's shins and hands. Do they look fucked up? Then listen to them." clickable text
Push Pull Split swollenscott Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsswollenscott (571): So i've taken some time to read through the many routines that exist and I'm going to alter it to a P/P/L split. My main goal is hypertrophy. I would like to compete in a men's fitness comp next year. I'm 5 weeks away from doing a repeat dexa. scan for body composition analysis. I really like the look of Icecream fitness and the idea behind PHAT with the "power" and "hypertrophy" specific periods. For now I'll structure...
high volume split gymguy6969 20 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): I don't lift. Clearly. Where's your profile pic, btw?
5/3/1 vs Beyond 5/3/1 nine0seven 8 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @nine0seven I done both and had logs on both.... currently doing advanced wendler with personally selected accessory work.
Suggestions on my split? ajm87 10 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): No deadlifts? Smith machine squats WHY? Sure fire way to screw your back up. EK has covered the anterior and posterior issues. Also this...
Free bro split the1 12 7 yearsBeans (4204): I have a couple of questions on the routine. 1.Why is there range of sets (3-5) for all the back exercises and not the for chest (just 4 or 3)? Is this for back/chest ratio? It seems like even if you do 5 sets of back and 4 of chest for each exercise there is still a lot of chest volume. 2. What do you think the advantage is to having a shoulder press on chest day, and also having a day for shoulders? 3. I might be missing something, but I...
right lat noticeably bigger than left? TheBB 3 7 yearsthe1 (33861): I have this problem from an old shoulder blade injury
Cutting and Macros/Diet advice please jerzyroginski 12 7 yearsjerzyroginski (16): I also think I might be eating to much protein even on my split its over 200gram to keep it 50/30/20... but then again double that is the carbs..
my PHAT gymguy6969 2 7 yearscassious (2926): I looked at the arses thread, I too have a phat
Abs muscle cramp (or hernia) Elminister 19 7 yearsJelet (2190): happened to me before a few times. my abs would flex on there own. i would have to push them back in. and relax for a few minutes but then i was good to go. no pain the next day or anything. i think it was from dehydration. i lifted my shirt up once and saw myabs popping, it was cool. looked like i suddenly had massive abs. but then i pushed it back in and messaged the area and it went back to normal... i think its due to lack of water or...
Thinking about trying PHAT tomorrow ParkerHenry 11 7 yearsParkerHenry (94): Ok, thanks
PHAT / PPL and shoulders Elminister 12 7 yearsshockingfit (334): I mainly do this: Power day: Standing Overhead Barbell Press Hypertrophy: Alternate between Seated Dumbbells Press and Arnold Press Alternate between Upright Row with Cambered bar and Straight Bar Alternative between Dumbbells lateral Raises and Cable Laterals Plus every 3 weeks I'll throw in some External Rotation work with cables instead of lateral raises.
Natural Bodybuilding CaiDuncan 3 7 yearsKonstantinov (1450): This forum is filled with all the things you listed here. Look around.
4/5 Day Bro Split Template brian12 4 7 yearsXxlean (1990): @brian12 exactly man. It's a change and that seems to be what you need.
Opinions/Advise Needed on future program. Xxlean 8 7 yearsXxlean (1990): @wannabemuscular No biggie...I have a pretty good size bone spur under my tricep tendon. It's been causeing inflamation, bleeding of the tendon as well as tearing the tendon. So getting that removed next monday as well as fixing up the tendon a bit. I already have my pt appointment lined up. Should last about a month, then depending on how things are going, I should be able to slowly ease back into things. But yea man, im not going to rush into...
Cant Work Lowerbody DazeTheOne 10 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Or just dont work out. Only really two solutions to your lower body being injured
Anyone know of a good Kettlebell routine... fitnessfanatic1010 2 7 yearsXxlean (1990): To getting shredded huh...Eating clean like you mentioned is imo the most important part. Also, look into bodyweight exercises. Push-ups work great + there are different variations of them you can do that hit your chest a little different. Wide/Narrow/Diamond ect. Pull ups should be sufficient for you back. For legs hold the 53lb kettle bell and do as many squats as you can also throw in some lunges. Do anywhere from 3 to 5 sets. Thats my 2...
Back routine - overkill? Highdeas 11 7 yearsHighdeas (1635): Just wanted to update you guys So I did everything above minus the barbell rows..back was rocked by then so I went straight to trap work instead of barbell rows.. Deadlifted for the 2nd time in my entire life and was able to do 295 lb x1 (not impressive but it literally is the second time i've ever deadlifted) Thanks for all the help again
New Program? TimmothyGen 6 7 yearseknight (58109): Add more weight, decrease your time between sets, use slower eccentric movements, there's a lot of ways to make your current program harder without the need to change it. At your experience level you should be able to make gains from one program without changing it for at least six months. -3X
Muscle Proportionality alkudari23 1 7 yearsalkudari23 (52): I need help to make my body more proportional. My right chest is bigger than my left one. And for some odd reason my left oblique is more ripped than the right one. I need any advice for fixing or improving it. Thank You.
Supplements alkudari23 9 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Yea id skip the supps. As well. Its a waste of money, I played with a few trying to get that quick fix and it was just bs. Stick to protein and maybe some pre workout imo
Exercise GIF Library?? McQueef 6 7 yearsT1no1 (478): This should be added in the faq hehe:p
New gym Elminister 4 7 yearsElminister (3412): In old gym I used a variation of this machine as a squat rack: Maybe I'll have something similar here.
PPL Questions aesthet1x 4 7 yearsMethod (379): I don't think PPL is the best routine for a 3 day per week schedule. I agree with a three day full body or, if you can, try to go 4 days and do an upper/lower split.
Did somebody say deadlifts ??? nwt521 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsBigdaveyessex (85): @eknight Definitely don't agree with increased frequency for us naturals....Don't forget that many powerlifters are roided to the max and their federations are not even tested...Wendler works for us natty trainers (I even sound boring to myself now!)
Starting PHAT SnackIt 14 7 yearsSnackIt (76): Thanks mate, i got a little OCD on this things.
Split thoughts? OlympusSculpted 4 7 yearsOlympusSculpted (571): fuark alright brahs
Program on a cut cwt 2 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Lettuce Spinach Tomatoes Mushrooms Cucumbers Courgettes Peppers Brown Rice Quinoa Sweet potatoes Red onions Some pepsi max helped me curb appetite also because of the gas in low cal softdrinks.
Silverback 2014 Log silverback31 20 7 yearssilverback31 (1): My first to get a bot of gut that I have to go away...its not much..just preventing me from having a flat stomach.. How do I ho about it as in the best approach..I am right now eating unsdr my maintainence..
Deadlifting on PHAT jja0016 6 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Any time
Successful Bodybuilding Workout PureLifts 16 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Open thread to view post.
Body part 2x a week or Push/Pull AarronStenner 1 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): My upper body works are currently ME Upper Bench Variation Supplementary Exercise e.g. incline press Accessory Exercises Back Shoulder Arms Same for my DE Upper apart from the main exercises changing from max effort to dynamic effort. My accessory exercises are normally 1 exercise per body part and train them twice a week. Would it be better to do my push muscles on my accessory exercises one day then pull on the other so I could do...
x3 programs notredame46 4 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Checkout Madcow 5x5, it's similar. Just use your PR day to do 1x3 instead of 1x5. clickable text
how often should I train these muscles stingray72 4 7 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): Open thread to view post.
Squat question c3pOMG 7 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Box squats teach and help geared squatting, no need to do them unless you are going to be a suit wearing power lifter.
50\30\20 split BigBerry Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsjesusalmeida (1): @WinnersNeverQuit im not 203lbs im 154lbs. @BigBerry is 203lbs who started this thread.
P/P/L?? SnackIt 25 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @SnackIt I'm doing it lately. Except I'm doing Pull and Legs 2x per week each and Push just once. My focus, obviously, is on back and legs right now. I like the P/P/L approach. Everything you do on a given day kinda goes together so that all similar bodyparts are in recovery mode together and nothing interferes with the next workout.
Advice with program? notredame46 18 7 yearsnotredame46 (1): does your body just use the protein it needs when it needs it? so the casein doesnt really matter to take
Lyle McDonald’s Bulking Routine? SnackIt 5 7 yearsSnackIt (76): Can i split it up like this? this would make me able to hit everything twice and at same time focus more on the body parts on the PPL days Mon: push tue: pull wed: legs thu: rest fri: fullbody
Looking for a good Gym while on vacation jaydiddy85 3 7 yearsjaydiddy85 (382): Great something to look forward too. Lol
Fav PL program SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): I was using 531 for a year and had good results in both size and strength. I recently switched to Texas Method since it's more geared twards powerlifting specifically and easier to manage in the long term. Definitly a great post by @FiremanSi.
Great tricep excercise to try tamere01 9 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): Love doing these. Get a much better contraction with the neutral grip.
Does weightlifting stimulate bone growth? eventheodds1 4 7 yearseknight (58109): Wolff's law states that bone lays down in response to the forces placed upon it. -3X
Missing Scaphoid Bone iwillmakeit 8 7 yearseknight (58109): Then why would you second guess him on an Internet forum? -3X
Intermediate program Nickbook 7 7 yearsFosta41 (79): I couldn't recommend Wendler' 5-3-1 BBB template highly enough. It'll help get your big lift numbers up and you'll also be covered on the hypertrophy side of things too.
Cut or bulk AMSisme92 11 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): Good to hear. Best of luck!
Hook Grip? _RudeCrew 17 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): @SOLARSUPLEX check my log haha
SOLARSUPLEX // Five x Five // Bulk log SOLARSUPLEX Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Perfidy about 2.5 weeks left.
abs+phat+hiit golagola 10 7 yearsgolagola (307): @Frostshock good! ty very much .
Struggling to bring your traps up? READ-> wannabemuscular 8 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): He heard it from that Jimmy Struthers.
P/P/L 2:1 Ratio Question TrustMeImLying 5 7 yearseknight (58109): The reason is because when your scapula is pinned to a bench while you're pressing either horizontally or vertically, you have a LOT of extra leverage and consequently can handle a lot more weight. Think about what you can bench vs what you can barbell row. That extra resistance used creates an imbalance that is particularly stressful to three of the rotator cuff muscles (all but the subscapularis). The only way to offset that is to do more...
Is this a balanced P/P/L? r1ch37 20 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Not a 2:1 exercise ratio but more a 2:1 sets ratio. Say, Back (pull): Bent Over Rows 3 sets Pull Ups 3 sets @ body weight Chest (push): Bench press 3 sets ^This could be considered a 2:1. Some even try to balance reps as well.
Two A Day Workouts Chicubbies2 6 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): While doing cluster hst it is very useful to split the daily training (full body) for me You must use fatique management to dont kill your cns
Do this workout for ONE YEAR nine0seven 11 7 yearsstingray72 (109): Im trying a 4 day split for the first time and its actually making things fun again so i agree but i will say one thing im finding that its more about form and speed or tempo and lighter weights than lifting as heavy as you can. Believe it or not I learned it from watching and looking at the results of women in golds gym and their results and who are 100% natural. It also showed me how much we as guys let our egos drive us in the gym and thats...
5×5 Bodybuilding Routine PureLifts 8 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): I have to wait every week for more muscle mass? Guess I'll just keep doing day 5 every day so I gain muscle faster. Practically any program will do that for newbies.
Not sure what I'm doing anymore... hollyhopeful5678 11 7 yearsmikew (11494): Yes - Take on those goals as a challenge! I believe that optimal technique is the best way to make some instant gains.
My Upper Day gymguy6969 6 7 yearsgymguy6969 (1): thanks Eknight
BULK Workout program good or bad? Mr93suki 10 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Hamer93 Extremities are anything that does not hold a vital organ. You CAN live without legs and arms. But you cannot live without a torso or a head.
Using phul as a 3 day upper/lower slowurroll 2 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): Just do a 3 day full body routine
strength log nwt521 Jump to first page52Jump to last page 7 yearsnwt521 (217): Open to criticism good or bad!!!
Old School HIT - I'm back dudes ( ;P EK) Hamersmash 9 7 yearseknight (58109): @IrishGymSheep This one is a meta-analysis that looked at studies involving both trained and untrained. J Strength Cond Res. 2005 Nov;19(4):950-8. Applications of the dose-response for muscular strength development: a review of meta-analytic efficacy and reliability for designing training prescription. Peterson MD1, Rhea MR, Alvar BA. Abstract There has been a proliferation in recent scholarly...
Path to being Herculean! varunj17 26 7 yearsvarunj17 (498): Week 3 Day 1: Upper Power 1. Weighted pullups: with 10 kg plates 5 X 5,5,4,4,3 2. Weighted Dips: 5X 5,5,4,3,3 with 10 kg plates 3. Dumbell Bench Peess: 4X5( 27.5, 27.5, 30,30) 4. Standing Behind the Neck Press: 4X 4,4,3,3( 42.5,45,45,50) 5. Barbell Bent row: 5X5( 65, 65, 70, 70) 6. Cambered Bar curls: 3X10,8,6 7. Skull Crushers: 3X 8,6,6 DAY 2: SQUAT DAY 1. Barbell Squats: 5X5,5,5,4,3( 85,90,95,100,105) 2....
What do you think about this L/P/P routine nicxx22 Jump to first page52Jump to last page 7 yearsgolagola (307): @_RudeCrew ohhh not u again hhh, i didnt say i am going man i stay here for learning and keep make u crazy :)
Lower body MassTitan 3 7 yearseknight (58109): Box jumps. Burpees. Mountain climbers. You want to do lots of plyometrics. -3X
Squat for super long legs? LucyPancake 9 7 yearsbslo (262): Hip flexibility is a big factor with being able to sit into squats like that too.
Upper/lower split. fitnessz2 Jump to first page49Jump to last page 7 yearsfitnessz2 (1): -end
Quick advice needed tamere01 6 7 yearseknight (58109): Skip it. It's just one day. Over the course of a decade of lifting it isn't going to make a difference. -3X
Fighters Training CaiDuncan 1 7 yearsCaiDuncan (4): Ever wanter to train like Bruce Lee? He was considered superhuman by many of the worlds top athletes. Not to mention the fact that he was SHREDDED to the bone -_-. All fighters please give your input on your own training habits and technieques!!!
Carryover jonrivs49 15 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @FiremanSi. Seen branch doing them but not paused. I'll give it a try.
so what happens now? Sedlo18 4 7 yearsmpalk92 (22): When plateauing it is great to radically change your workout and exercises, thats what I did and it helped me a great deal and a lot of people I know who have also tried it :)
Rows and Presses Outwork_08 4 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): I prefer doing my pressing movements first. I feel that pressing movements put more stress on your shoulder joint, and I would rather have my shoulders at 100% before pressing.
Any one tried the cube strength training? Jezza_91 3 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): Its a good program. I liked it.
Stubborn Calves correra911 8 7 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): Train them every other day, alternating between a 5x5 and 3x10. Look for full range of motion and a pause at the bottom and top. Follow this routine in a caloric surplus for the next 2 years and you will see some results
Routine critique? slowurroll 5 7 yearsslowurroll (25): Ok thanks guys. I will try to find the old logs and make some changes. Thanks for the input.
Multi Cultural Workout Day cassious 3 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): post mexican food meal?
Good Westside Barbell Program? TheBB 12 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Total should add up to ~50%.
How is the program? fitnessz2 11 7 yearsfitnessz2 (1): Deciced to jump on a upper/lower split, anyone know some good one??
Mike Matthews from jayc0 2 7 yearsRawn (1338): Cool, will check it out
Routine critique? smith96 12 7 yearssmith96 (16): @Trev182 year and half after loosing 30-40 lbs of fat. More focus on size but want some strength to come along. I like upper lower but want to split one of days up a little more for some more volume
Anatomy ??? c3pOMG 3 7 yearsc3pOMG (208): yea I knew about the delt work on bench day which is why I give it at least a day between. and that's also another reason I was thinking about giving it 2 days in between. I remember reading somewhere that there was some "upper pec" involvement with barbell MP. glad you could clear that up for me. thanks for the reply EK, you always come thru
Routine? skel1977 3 7 yearsskel1977 (109): thanks ill check out 5/3/1
Uneven back Denholm 2 7 yearseknight (58109): Lots of DB work in the gym and correct your posture out of it at work. -3X
getting started...i know what i want typershark300 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Pictures? Granted you're kinda short but at the same time I highly doubt you're as out of shape as you think. If anything you could look great on a surplus if you take advantage of your newbie gains as @eknight stated.
phd 4 need advise golagola Jump to first page70Jump to last page 7 yearsgolagola (307): ty very much everyone !!! eknigh ty Especially
Gains on 2on/2off work schedule? nine0seven 10 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @nine0seven. you can do upper/lower split or full body split.
*Doing Wendler ?? U need to watch THIS. FiremanSi 1 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): For all of those that are doing wendler here is a FLAWLESS review on it, why it was created, benefits and flaws to the program... Couldn't ask for more and glad to see my original concerns with the program crop up in this review !!! Enjoy guys.
Thought about new routine Dai 4 7 yearsDai (262): Oh thanks for your respond :)
PPL for hypertrophy slowurroll 2 7 yearssriram (2050): Open thread to view post.
whats the best way to keep your training log juanf122388 13 7 yearseknight (58109): -3X
What's your favorite ab exercise? evymk Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): So i got excited and tried to do ab rolls. But i used my skateboard because i didnt have a wheel. May be harder or easier but i did 3 and then died. Found some form videos on youtube so i wouldnt hurt my back.
Opinion on a program quadrasaurus_rex 10 7 yearsStupot316 (484): @cardinal Cheers. I'll let you know in due course in your log how things progress after the first 6 weeks. Think I will probably max out after the first cycle and then if I enjoy it- run it for at least 3 more cycles before maxing out again.
*Firemans Log:Older,Wendler,Faster,STRONGER! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): ITS SIMPLYSHREDDED MOTHER FOCKAS
Hit em twice a week!! aesthet1x 6 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): @aesthet1x Different templates have different setups; 3 on 1 off is very common.
Shoulder Workouts Vtimez 16 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Get that bowling ball action!
Best way to strengthen triceps Hamer93 19 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Rope for life, if you want to work grip too even harder do them with a fat towel.
Obsessed with chest muscles mrgains 25 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): reverse grip incline press is the bomb.
Routine Help tengopero 2 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ABE+Alphamax+ARA+DAA wtf is that?
Smolov + 5/3/1 TheBB Jump to first page44Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): @TheBB lmao. Epic troll. You got me troll boy. Have fun not being able to articulate what you want after someone has broken it down for you like you're a child. Best of luck! -3X
recovery hacking mrgains 5 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): THIs. And as an addition, HMB has been shown to speed up recovery so you can obtain a more frequent training stimulus. however, this is expensive, the Free-acid form is not yet available on the market (the faster digesting/better version compared to calcium-HMB). would only recommend this for a well thought out and planned overreaching cycle or if in a calorie deficit and still training hard. All in all, I second/third the above. A...
Chest/Shoulder/Tri Day gymguy6969 10 7 yearsmikew (11494): Srs?? Ha ha ha. You must be new here. That's unpossible bro ;) This looks okay but I would nix the Incline Flies in favor of a different chest exercise. Maybe flat bench press with bands or boards?
Stronglifts 5x5 smith96 8 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): If these are your 1rm use a calculator to find out your 5rm, decrease weight by 25lbs or so and start from there. You may think it's too easy but you'll be increasing weight so frequently that you'll catch up in no time.
can you continue doing 5X5 on a cut? CrustySock 11 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): congrats on the new name btw
Push/Pull/Legs Help oceanair 25 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @nine0seven Yup. I committed to a week off. I need the rest.
shoulder and chest pre back (power day) golagola 8 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): Week old bump.. On my power days I do my 2 chest movements then 2 back movements, and follow that up with shoulder pressing.. I feel like it gives me a nice "break" between pressing movements. I also used to do my power days alternating exercises like this: chest/back/chest/back/shoulder/biceps/triceps. This one also gives me a nice little break between pressing movements
Workout advice ARMS aesthet1x 24 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): @mpalk92 yeah, 21s are great, i've tried em before, definitely going to add them to my workout thanks
What depth should you squat at? maximus24 13 7 yearspandasashi (3859): I don't know why (maybe you can shed some light on this ek) but when I stop at 90, my knees hurt like hell and ache the next couple days...but if I go about as low as klokov in this vid, I feel great... btw, there's history of shitty knees in the family
take a look at my upper/lower split, thanks! abbehardy 7 7 yearseknight (58109): Yes. As I said- too much anterior work and not enough posterior. -3X
Chest/Shoulders Outwork_08 6 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): I appreciate the input man. I'm still playing around with it all trying to decide what works best for me. I agree with you on the legs/shoulders being questionable, I had never considered it until I read about Power Block Periodization so I thought I'd see what the general consensus on that was.. I have some more thinking to do, oh well no matter what I decide I'm just happy to be in the gym and to be healthy
Beginner CaliDreams 4 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Well since you got the advice. Words of Wisdom. Stay motivated Have Fun Always be Consistent Dont give up if results are not showing
Power cleans vs OHP? MMB 4 7 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I guess you could replace overhead press with a hang clean to a strict press. I probably wouldn't advise it though because you'd end up really breaking up your set. It would end up being somewhere between 5 single presses and a single set of 5 presses.
Squat test/growth hormones vs. Leg press ATN_Coaching Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @golagola. Im just saying hypertrophy occurs on both squat and leg presses. If your injured you can still built decent amount of legs by leg pressing. but if not, dont make excuses not to squat. Leg press gives you hypertrophy but squatting will benefit you more. In squat you also build overall body strength. More weight to handle means more weight for hypertrophy that leads you to more muscle mass.
am i doing enough cardio? Rollins7 7 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Holy shit, that's the best thing you've ever came out with. Reps to you.
Box squat on phat Nickbook 5 7 yearsNickbook (1): Gona give them a try Thanks m8
new program JoelStreet 4 7 yearsT1no1 (478):
#bodybuilderconfessions SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsoceanair (18020): I hate back squats because they've always been my weakest exercise. However, there are other squats I like and am much better at lol. I love lifting heavy ass weight and lifting more than some dudes, but I hate my bulky physique. I'm hoping I'll lean out on my cut. I love vascularity so much that I'll search under hashtags like: #vascular, #vascularity, and #veins on instagram so I can mire forearm vascularity pics, and sometimes calf...
5/3/1 bbb jja0016 7 7 yearsjja0016 (829): Thanks man. always ;)
hand grippers - do they work? Trev182 14 7 yearsDai (262): Sounds like a good idea, myself I just estimated and got my self a some Captains of Crush
wt do u do in rest between sets ? Illadian 22 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): I don't time my rest periods anymore. I used to but now when I'm done with a set I grab my phone from my gym bag, record the set I just did, usually change the song I'm listening to (musical ADD crew checking in) by that time I'm usually ready to go again
i did a 3x Full body routine alexgetsstrong 28 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Reps for you sir
2 month bulk pclovesme 5 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): This, I see little to no point in a 2 month bulk other than possible fat gain from bulking too fast. You can reverse diet for 2 months and maintain for summer? That would make a whole lot more sense.
Pwrlifting vs bodybuilding for bulk MMB 4 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): Glad I could help!
websites that offer valuable info the1 7 7 yearsthe1 (33861): awesome guys, ill look at some of these.. I was a big reader on t-nation for years but they overcomplicate the shit out of some things
Muscular Adaptations for BB & PL nine0seven 10 7 yearsT1no1 (478): functional strength > aesthetics
To superset or to not superset? Johanna 13 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Lol I like this! For me, I use supersets and tri-sets only when I'm running low on time, or if I'm training at work during lunch break and I don't have access to all the weight I usually use. In these cases, drop sets, trisets, supersets etc are all very useful. But they are just another tool for you to use. But as @EK explained, they will not add any benefit over basic, heavy progression.
Surplus while doing physical therapy? SOLARSUPLEX 4 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @eknight boom that's the info I was looking for. I shouldn't be spending more than 25 minutes a day.
P.H.A.T Questions ? FrankCB 20 7 yearseknight (58109): Honestly, based on your questions, my suggestion is that you're not ready for PHAT and should maybe consider something like 5x5 or 531. -3X
new strength routine? seansm10 6 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): It will also increase your deadlifts. You can also utilize 2 upper body days.
P.H.A.T routine question george233 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @george233 If ur only starting dont do PHAT.
How to know if quad/ham imbalance? mikew 7 7 yearseknight (58109): A physical therapist is your best bet. -3X
5x5 Jason Blaha template format TimmothyGen 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @TimmothyGen Start with a weight thats comfortable and do some study on youtube of lifting techniques... blaha has videos of alll 3 lifts himself.. so prob best to follow them mate.
Building muscle jamieboy22 13 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): Aside from the occasional genetic freak, ^^^ This
Time to return to PHAT or naw? Outwork_08 7 7 yearsCannonball (6283): IDK what is rated as good gains but a fellow gym member have been running PPL UL lately. In three months he have gained the following: Never done deadlifts before, could barely hold a good back on 70 kg, did 120x5 and 125x3 easy today Squat up from 90 to 115x3 atg bench up from 95 to 107.5 seal row up from 30 to 50kg x 20 lat pulldowns up from 100x5 to 130x5 VISIBLE increase in FFM. from fatty tits to none of it, arm size increased by...
Optimal way to find maxes nine0seven 9 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): Yes that def helps & thanks! I'm just wondering how I should go about finding my maxes throughout the week. I already maxed on squat. When/what should I max on next? Bench on Sunday?
5x5 jason Blaha TimmothyGen 8 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): oh god damn kansas thank you brah. The game's i've played were MW2 on pc, Runescape (clanning PK) (SUCH A NERD lmfao) and Combat arms.
Poll. Opinions welcome! eknight Jump to first page45Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): hahahaha You find some brilliant pictures EK!
Is Rich and Andy correct Pearce_Bolton 7 7 yearseknight (58109): @the1 keep in mind OP is still 15, I believe. 4-6 reps and dropsets may not be appropriate at his stage. -3X
** Useful Bench TIPS... (Vid) FiremanSi 13 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Definitely going to try the palms thing and the setup by scap retraction FIRST and trying to be on my traps more.
Biolayne VLOG #25...hormones and growth eknight 6 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): It's a short video for once! I don't know if I should be proud to say I've seen them all or sad that I have that much free time haha
Modifying a workout routine aesthet1x 2 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): That was really stupid.
Goin back to bro Hamer93 7 7 yearsHamer93 (9553):
Quick PHAT question TheBB 6 7 yearseknight (58109): If you're feeling "burned out" that quickly, either your nutrition is not what it should be, or you aren't ready for a program like PHAT. Or both. How long have you been training and how many calories and grams of protein/carbs are you consuming? -3X
Stronglifts + adding hypertrophy work? alexgetsstrong 7 7 yearsalexgetsstrong (7): Ok I see, have you got any names for good hypertrophy routines? cause what I read is that u should have a solid strength base before doing hypertrophy cause you can lift more weight.
routine for my brother (fbw) golagola 6 7 yearsElminister (3412): And since this is golagola, he probably won't be able to find it on Google so here's the link: Stronglifts 5x5
Longer TUT/focusing on muscle = Bs Jelet 17 7 yearsJelet (2190): sorry im not following you. yes i remain that weight why would i increase the weight if i cant perform at the max TUT of my tut that im supposed to do makes no sense? its like doing PHAT ,. and on power day ur supposed to do 3-5 rep range but you can only do 3,3,3 so you decide to up the weight and to do 1 rep maxes for 3 sets. makes no sense. and your right, nothing changed, thats why i didnt progress. and higher tut=nothing will change....
Bodybuilding how would you have started smith96 14 7 yearssmith96 (16): Anybody else have any recommendations on a good upper lower
Opinions Zyzzst 8 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): hahaha it is in sarasota
Bio-Rthyms and Exercise kickinchicken 7 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @maximus24 yeah it's pretty backwards lol. I'd much rather wake up at 4am. But there is not enough drive to get me out of bed that early.
Program after Smolov nine0seven 11 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): OH THANK JESUS.... i thought u ment of bodyweight... i was like.. :)
Why do people take advice from Jeff Seid? Sedlo18 7 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): ^in the words of the hodgetwins "if you need 40 sets to build muscle, you might as well give that shit up man"
Push / Pull Split, thoughts please! montana84 6 7 yearsmontana84 (1): its weighted dips and pull ups 5 is failure for me. but get the point, stick to the programme and add from there on. still recovering from this workout from 4 days ago!!
Negatives on the final week of 5/3/1? cassious 2 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Can't hurt. It's the best time for it since most people have a deload week after. I'm doing my overload training the same week now.
Overcrowded gym = motivation drainer! Jessi_A 24 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @Frostshock damn right! lol i def rep the maxes of some guys at my gym. i'm like wow, really? that's all you got bro? and i know there's some women on here who are stronger than me. so they'd just embarrass those guys. @cassious ;)
Modifying phat wittyname 24 7 yearswittyname (13): Thanks a bunch mate, I recognize being 16 I know just about jacksh*t, so it's great when a knowledgable, experienced guy helps me out, thanks again
Transformation 2014 varunj17 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): No direct knee flexion work for hams. Too much volume on a cut, IMO. Why not just run either PHAT or PPL? -3X
Westside4skinnybastards question cassious 10 7 yearscassious (2926): Cool thank you sir
Blackburns cassious 1 7 yearscassious (2926): Tried them yesterday, They are really good!
4 day split?? ryan_929 15 7 yearsryan_929 (478): Think i am going to give the PPL 4 day split a go, Thanks chaps.
Thailand training camp cassious 1 7 yearscassious (2926): clickable text I found out about this from a guy I know whos just done a 1 month camp and loved it. Pretty cheap prices, Better for kiwis and aussies since we are so close. Worth a look!
Feedback on my routine Jophe 8 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): If you have bad shoulders, personally, i find that dips irritate the shoulder joint quite badly. Ive dislocated my shoulder twice though.
Car pushes jtbull1987 6 7 yearseknight (58109): Find a fat girl? -3X
StrengthCalc's PHAT Program layout Bucky 19 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Exactly, when you hit each part of your legs that hard in one day it feels insane haha. I'd be in for a log if you make one, I find it tons easier to carry my phone for music and if I forget what weight I'm at or the rep scheme I'll just look at my log.
*Eric Helms on BULKING !! Focus on Weight.. FiremanSi 16 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Knew it was something along those lines! Good to know, thanks EK.
PPL - upper lower Hamer93 7 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Sayin I train like a bitch? I'm joking ;) Opinions on my exercise selection?
Thoughts on 531 deload eknight 13 7 yearsMMB (3616): I personnaly kept the deload for 7th week just I wasn't feeling the need to do so after 3rd week. I'd just do one when I feel it´s needed.. -Mat
Study comparing training frequency nine0seven 23 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @Scotian I remember The Strength Guys posting that they have implemented two days of 3-4 sets of 20 on the squat and have seen fantastic results in terms of gains in squat strength. Working in a range of 25-25 is going to increase the lactate threshold and currently eventhough its stated that after 15-20 reps only endurance will be the focus, there is no set number. More importantly strength/hypertrophy/endurance in respect to muscle fiber...
Bigger calves ? TagerAesthetics 12 7 yearseknight (58109): Gotta hit that soleus! -3X
My first competition! Tips? Frostshock 10 7 yearsScotian (9922): is this what you meant?
How should I go about splitting my L/P/P? ajm87 3 7 yearsajm87 (409): Done! Legs Dumbbell Goblet Squats – 3 x 10 Leg Press – 3 x 15 Back Extension - 3 x 12 Lying Leg Curl – 3x 12 Seated Calf Raise – 2 x 15 Standing Calf Raise – 2 x 15 Push Push-ups – 5 x 15 Flat Dumbbell Fly - 3 x 10 Dumbbell Side Laterals – 3 x 12 Rope Pushdown – 3 x 12 Overhead Rope Extension – 3 x 10 Pull Seated Cable Row – 4 x 10 Wide Grip Lat Pulldown – 3 x 12 Moto Rows – 3 x 10 V-Bar Lat Pulldown – 3 x...
Periodisation Hamer93 1 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Just been teaching myself, well reading up and preparing for uni. So far I haven't really found any good websites for with in depth explanations but so far I've gathered that it's a bit like a cycle of different training methods hyper, strength power etc and timing it to get optimal performance in a competition either powerlifting or bodybuilding I guess. Anything I'm missing or any little bits people could add, maybe links to sites...
Anyone prefer Goblet Squats to back or front ajm87 4 7 yearsBaggy (925): Agreed with @Dempsey. My girlfriend is getting into lifting and I'm starting her off with goblets for a while before I move her to BB squats. I don't think she has realized how much of the routine I have given her is to do with working out her butt. ;)
Help me get my 3D delts Sedlo18 14 7 yearsajm87 (409): my favorite video
Strength progression/Muscle gain QUESTION alexgetsstrong 6 7 yearseknight (58109): @alexgetsstrong then don't pre-exhaust. Problem solved. Regarding your question, lean body mass is not the only, or necessarily the best, indicator of strength, and likewise, strength isn't an indicator of a bodybuilding physique. It's far too complicated to just look at someone and say, "he must be strong." You wouldn't look at someone and say, "he must be smart." Unless it was me. -3X
I made a program... Cannonball 21 7 yearsNorIda (46958): @eknight interesting thank you Sorry for the inconvenience of the thread revival.
Ice Cream Fitness 5x5 thoughts d11m 12 7 yearsd11m (1): ok thanks like i said im doing stronglifts so for Jason's program this set up is ok A Squats 5x5 Bench Press 5x5 Bent Over Row 5x5 Chin Ups 3x8 Good Mornings 2x10 Crunches 3x10 B Squats 5x5 Deadlift 1x5 Standing Press 5x5 Bent Over Row (10% lighter than Workout A) 5x5 Close Grip Bench Press 3x8 Straight Bar Curls 3x8 Crunches 3x10
Getting back to the gym. fitnessz2 6 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): @fitnessz2 you're going to gain size no matter if you train for strength, endurance, ect. Here is a thread by firemansi that has a vid about what I mean. clickable text Also, a 4 day split I would recommend is PHUL. It's strength & higher rep training. Take a look.
Thoughts on new workout Vulcan67 15 7 yearsVulcan67 (10): Thank you for understanding and helping.
Solid Deadlift Tip! _RudeCrew 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah i can't remmber who told me this or i picked it up on my own but it's a great tip to utilise. Yeah defo did it on my own. :)
Post Surgery Workouts Perfidy 8 7 yearscassious (2926): Yeah, extra long deload
Your opinion on ectomorph workout routine Kuchiki 16 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): @eknight Yeah I get you bro. I don't agree with all of this theory, but I do believe there's something to it. It's not just a matter of tall or red hair, there are certain characteristics of each "body type", for example the "P" type, you can spot one easily from their larger than should be head, small shoulders and fat little fingers, yup, it may sound stupid but if pay attention it's there, trust me. As far as every body...
Split advice slowurroll 3 7 yearsslowurroll (25): Hm. Good to know. I will look at a PPL split. That may work out for me. Thanks for the input.
My personal chest/triceps workout ovejo93 19 7 yearsovejo93 (1): @GrizzlyBerg exactly! how did you find out?
12 weeks program Roz 6 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Those exercises are for the "stomach abs"
Starting strength question smith96 6 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @smith96 I done starting strength and its a good program. Helped my squat a shit ton
bodyweight training plans BaiTu 9 7 yearsBaiTu (3096): @Frostshock @eknight Thanks those were good suggestions. I appreciate it. I also found some interesting stuff at if anyone is interested.
Must have exercises for a better Deadlift _RudeCrew 13 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): Just pick trenton off the ground, he fat as fuck and awkward and you will no doubt get stronger;) haha jk but forreal i would do rack pulls and RDL
Changing it up! DanMmmFood 7 7 yearsDanMmmFood (13): was looking at something like this, Lower, Squat SLDL Leg Extension Lying Leg Curl Seated Calf Rasie Upper, OHP Flat Dumbbell Press Bent Barbell Row Pronated Lat Pulldown Face Pulls Barbell Curl Skull Crusher Lower 2, Deadlift Front Squat Leg Press Seated Leg Curl Standing Calf Raise Push, Bench Press Incline Dumbbell Press Dumbbell Shoulder Press Lateral Raise Dumbell Overhead Extension Cable Pushdown Pull, T-Bar row Horizontal Hammer...
density training and giant sets c3pOMG 3 7 yearscassious (2926): Id still do HIIT. sprints, tyre flips and hitting the bag are fun as fuck.
bought glute ham developer crossfit golagola 16 7 yearsgolagola (307): @xPerfidy ok ty i didnt know that , i just tried today glute ham raise on the legs day and it felt very very good i was able to do 10 reps very very hard and yesterday i have done sit up this really kill my abs i never felt so sore like today in my abs
What shoulder routine do you use? Jsn3004 1 7 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I've been running my new shoulder routine and it's been going pretty solid these past few weeks in regards Just wondering if anyone had any input or advice Standing barbell Press Arnold Press Lateral Raises Rear Delt Machine Then I work in traps, whether it be barbells, dumbbells, or do farmers walks
Cant figure it out c3pOMG 14 7 yearsc3pOMG (208): right thats what i am meaning. so you are saying far less than 50% then? i was thinking the movement for bike sprints is the same as a leg press. so i was thinking of keeping my routine but for rep days do really high reps with very little rest. kinda best of both worlds if thats making sense.
Phat or PHUL? smith96 11 7 yearssmith96 (16): i Decided on 5/3/1 if youd like to follow log
Forming a routine for lunch hour workouts mastamuffin 7 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): 5/3/1 is probably the shortest program I've had even if you include time for warm ups - The workouts are always crazy intense though.
Should i wait or? Pearce_Bolton 14 7 yearsScotian (9922): If you can lift it, lift it!!
I am new and would like some advice please!! trose619 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearstrose619 (4): Use I agree and dully noted thank you. I try setting realistic benchmark goals for myself to help stay motivated and its working out pretty good so far happy to say.
ERIC Helms is BAAACK !!.. Rep Ranges (Vid) FiremanSi 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @jonrivs49 Yeah it's a good 1. :)
Isolation ONLY workout routine? ajm87 4 7 yearseknight (58109): @ajm87 more than half of your movements are not isolation. -3X
Reverse Hypers Without a Machine AarronStenner 1 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Does anyone do reverse hypers without a machine? Ive seen it done with a ball but I actually dont know what my gym has done with them haha wanted to do DB Press on them and ive forgot to ask the manager what he has done with them.
Louie Simmons On The Conjugate System AarronStenner 6 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): @AarronStenner that's a given
websites jmill 1 7 yearsjmill (100): Just interested in what websites you guys go to, to learn and educate yourself on lifting. Obviously we all use simply shredded. I also like to check out westside barbell and elite fts. What do you recommend?
Total newbie looking for start-up advice! Princess_Of_Iron 7 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): EDIT: this Didn't want to make it seem like it was a permanent thing, that was my bad. Always forget about them damn newbie gains
BACK ?S c3pOMG 8 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): This.
Wow,Pure Motivation: Elliot Hulse (Vid) FiremanSi 23 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): I need more motivation to stay at home and NOT train. Actually psych myself up for eating all day and recovering because I know that I will be that much stronger after a couple recovery days. I don't care who's around me or what other people are doing one bit.
Getting lean while on a working holiday starke 25 7 yearsstarke (7): 23rd feb 10km run time 1 hour 24th Weights: 3x8 squats 40kg 3x10 push ups 3x12 dips 3x40sec wall sit 3x16 bicep curls 10kg 3x6 pull ups 3x10 leg raises 3x8 seated cable row 30kg Finished with some abs and incline walk 24th feb 20min HIIT 12.5km for 2:30min/9.5 for 2:30min 5min jog 5min incline walk Don't usually do intervals like this but thought I'd change it up a bit.
Westside barbell nastybeast 7 7 yearseknight (58109): Or get a great spotter. I trained to failure throughout using Westside, but it was failure with doubles and triples. I'm not sure I ever maxed out unless it was within a month or so of a meet. -3X
T-Bar Row lower back pain Flo1307 9 7 yearshaole (2109): If your lower back hurts during T-bar rows i would think it would also hurt when you do bent over rows? I would guess that the deadlifts are killing your lower back. Make sure you are warming up enough before doing your deadlifts since its first in your routine (and its just deadlifts!). T-bar rows shouldn't be giving you lower back pain.
kickboxing and bodybuilding FxElement17 4 7 yearsFxElement17 (139): Thanks for the reply
Squat challenge for leg day adam82a 6 7 yearsadam82a (3100): Yeah, lots time spent in the hole
New member 6Rocky9 6 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): This. I wasted a lot of time and effort constantly switching programs
chest day with sore triceps? Yay or neh Sedlo18 2 7 yearsmikew (11494): I know this feeling. You should be good once you get warmed up. I can usually tell the difference between "feeling dead" and just feeling sore. Sounds like you're just a bit sore and not overworked.
Touch 'N' Go -vs- Full Resets kickinchicken 26 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): quote from Wendler on another forum about TnG vs Full Stop Mark Bell has also had a couple of posts/videos about this.
Critique My Workout Routine zSlVlOKEY 9 7 yearszSlVlOKEY (4): Thanks
Too much volume for a cut ? ReiNN 9 7 yearseknight (58109): It's not just that- a poorly structured PPL is just as bad. IMO, your Upper-Lower is to anterior and upper heavy, and there's no need for 2 days of isolated arm work. When I ran PPL last, it looked similar to this: L: Squats- 135x10/225x5/275x5/3x295x5 Lying Leg curl- 110x5/3x120x5/130x5 Barbell Calf Raises- 225x5/4x315x5 Cable crunches- 3x150x12 P: Deads- 135x8/225x5/275x5/295x5/295x4 Weighted Chins- 8xBW/4x5x45 Barbell Rows- 5x185x5 DB...
Split While Cutting? lVlaKaVeLi 5 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Better but still not great. Still imbalanced. Pick a reconised programme, clearly you arent experienced enough to write a programme
need help to cut fat....:( maniacsid 6 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Thanks lol, now if only the new guys took this to heart :oops::
Workin out my legs every single day! Thedude67 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsteewhat (1972): regardless, im just gonna leave this here I know they are pro's, and compared to a pro bodybuilder they arent that great. but still, some of the dudes have some sick wheels!
Big Rich Piana News - Free Agent setprsnow 7 7 yearsPrometheus (829): @ezvmoneybeast He admits to everything he used from AAS, to HGH, to insulin, to SEO everything... Guy is legit
Cut or bulk?? fitnessz2 4 7 yearsfitnessz2 (1): @_RudeCrew Ops, i diden´t even notice that before now, the brushing thing duplicated my chest or something :P
People that train fasted... ajm87 10 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): I get up at 5am, have a dump. Hit the gym at 5.45am. Sip on BSN Amino x BCAAS during training. Have protein shake STRAIGHT after gym to hit the anabolic period. Then have breakfast
How To Train To Get a Fitness Model Type lVlaKaVeLi 6 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Stopped reading here.
should i use a belt ? golagola 17 7 yearsCannonball (6283): Here's a tip: for your beltless squats, completely ignore your belt squat personal records, 1RM, whatnot. If you're gonna do fives without a belt, just do em on a percentage based on what you can perform without a belt. Obvious, but since it can make quite a difference in weights, it's much easier mentally and gives you a more fair chance to train accordingly.
Some questions about PHAT Rawsteel 5 7 yearseknight (58109): The rep ranges are there so you can finish your sets within those reps. It's not an exact "5-4-3." In terms of when to move up, even if you don't go to failure, you should have a pretty good idea of, "I could do 2 more next time with this weight," or "last week I had to stop at 6 reps because 7 would have been failure, but this week, I got 8 and 9 would have been failure." Not sure why you feel like recovery would...
pedlayrows vs BOR wittyname 14 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): I'm a fan of Yates rows, I combine them with deadlifts and lat pulldowns for back. I don't have a rack or anything else to put the bar on for rack pulls though...
dB wrist twists, do i even, does he even? oceanair 6 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @databas1c lol it does make you look like an ass, i agree :p @Zyzzst thanks. i wasn't actually looking to strengthen my forearms. just was curious if these wrist twists were even necessary for guys to do. @kickinchicken lmao! that was awesome. i saw him using light weight, but it was not at the end of his workout. i believe it was in the middle lol, or maybe in the beginning, which would make more sense since you say it's a warm-up. i'll...
The Hodgetwins VS Mike Rashid joey1 1 7 yearsjoey1 (31): dont know if this was posted before,but both arguments seem to draw on some good points
Bi with chest and Tri with back? illwill 12 7 yearsillwill (331): Ok. I think I'll try switching the arm muscle for push and pull days and hit arms the day after legs then take a rest day.
Static contraction = big gains??? haole 1 7 yearshaole (2109): Is this for real? Anyone ever try this? "Basically, a subject could gain more muscle lifting 200 pounds a few inches than he could by lifting 100 pounds through his full range of motion."
Super Hero Workout... thoughts?? Runlove 2 7 yearsScotian (9922): I haven't heard of it but if you got decent results doing it with a half ass diet, give your diet 100% and it will likely work for you better!
Chestbrah's workout AlphaAesthetics 4 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): wow. much legs.
Seeking advice on "deloads". Rawsteel 8 7 yearsmikew (11494): I do 531 so deload every 4th week. Sounds ridiculous but if u go bonkers for weeks 1-3 the deload week is a must.
why so much cardio?!? monsta 16 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): @ajm87 gotcha, agreed.
HELP GETTING PHAT juanf122388 5 7 yearsajm87 (409): i have the ACTUAL program, not the small write up for the site. I know how the REAL program is written.
Frank Zane only trained 3-5x per week ajm87 10 7 yearsCannonball (6283): doubt it, im not really all that educated on the golden era but franco columbo trained ALOT, often two times a day and he sure didnt use baby weights
5X5 Good for mass not just strength? Sedlo18 8 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): FTFY
PPL/KISS nine0seven 8 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): @databas1c thanks for your input man. I'll definitely do some box jumps as my first exercise on leg day. Seems to have a good fit as a power movement & also help in mobility as well. @bslo I'll more than likely keep them on pull day. If it's too much, I'll switch them in & out with squats and have bent over rows be my main movement on pull day. It'll take a little tinkering like databas1c said.
Weight Lifted For Each Exercise - Question bkp 4 7 yearsbkp (4): Thank you! Both of you. Will look into these and try some of it out! Appreciate this so much
Sprints Perfidy 5 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): I used to do this after leg day, but I'm debating putting them in to finish the day.. Are there downsides to this vs the next day?
Center position basketball MassTitan 19 7 yearseknight (58109): Dennis was one of the best defensive players of all time, and he still couldn't "stop" Shaq. One play isn't a great indicator of a matchup. When they faced eachother in the 96 playoffs, Shaq went 27/36/17/28. Allowing a guy to avg. 27 ppg isn't stopping him. That's 2 points ABOVE his career playoff average and above his playoff average that year. My point, here, is that low post play is almost always dependent on size as much as...
*Cheapest Resistance bands (UK/ROI) FiremanSi 1 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Here lads i found one of the better placees to get GOOD quality resistance bands and ALL have been rated and tell u measurements and bodyweight assortments. I just bought the X-large one to up my game on stretches on Hypers !! I have 2 smaller...
Stimulants for the non sensitive? Kphan18 4 7 yearseknight (58109): Specifically how many kcals? Generally, fatigue as much as you're having is related to too few calories vs. activity level unless you've been dieting for over 8 weeks or so. You may need to increase your kcals by a bit and simply be more active to continue fat loss. -3X
Looking for a routine aesthet1x 6 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): thank u frostshock, thank u guys, i'll give it a try
Rebuild.2014 Pain4Gain 11 7 yearsPain4Gain (76): i am not looking at 4-8 % guys...i will be happy with around 7-8%
The physique hierarchy rememberthis 16 7 yearsrememberthis (556): @Xandar Yes, that's what I meant by genetics. Some people are stronger, others are more resistant, some get cut super quick. It's an interesting question to pose whether one should maximize a genetic potential or work on everything anyways. They are both pushing the body to the limit, in a way. (hope this answers the Q @firemanSI) You completely lost me at PEDs however. I was going on a more natural route. Push your actual body to the...
abs every day? monsta 17 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): and there are probably bb's with better abs that dont work it as often, you dont need to do it 5 times per week 2-3 no more than that
Is 1x per week for each bodypart fine? ajm87 8 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): Ul definitely make gains
Aspiring Men's Physique Competitor ssjamos 2 7 yearsthe1 (33861): stick to your diet train heavy practice your posing envision your victory don't be a pussy
40-45 seconds TUT per set. anyone? Jelet 9 7 yearsCannonball (6283): also, in power movements, it really makes it feel so easy when you stop doing it slow :D
Critique/ Advice on new routine Jsn3004 1 7 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I did my research, took awhile to find out all my one rep max numbers, and finally want to start 5/3/1 to do for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. I do want to hit some weak points and I found on Jim Wendler's website a 5/3/1 and bodybuilding routine. I know its not the typical 5/3/1 but I may give this a shot Day 1: Shoulders and Biceps Standing Military Press – 5/3/1 DB Military Press – 4 x12 Side Laterals/Rear Laterals – 4...
Torn on what to do mrkrsll 4 7 yearsMethod (379): I would say cut and lean bulk if you want to get bigger. At that height and weight you're pretty big.
Replace weighted dips in PHAT Pieterv 8 7 yearsPieterv (1): Oké thnx!
Training EOD While Bulking.... LongBeachPatriot 2 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Of course u willl u might even get bigger faster because ur activity level will be lower. I've seen some people respond better to 3x/week then 5... Just make sure the time spent in the gym is effective.
Lying hamstring curls wannabemuscular 15 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): i probably havent used over 150lbs ever. normally do like 8 -14 reps with 3 or 4 or 5 sets. normally not any less that 6 reps!
Tips before starting a training program BruzSTR 1 7 yearsBruzSTR (73): I've been training for over 4 years, have over 1200 lbs in total at age 19. These are just a couple of tips! I'll be posting more soon :) Hope ya'll like the video!
Eknight- Question about your routine! TheBB 22 7 yearsTheBB (1): Good points from everyone. Thank you will take them all into consideration
5x5 Questions 4everbulking 22 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Yay more people doing 5x5. Make sure to get the app and start your lifts low. I've been doing it for a few weeks now and still haven't gotten very challenged because I started so low. But that gives you time to make sure your form is spot on.
Swiss ball DB presses eknight Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsAKK (1998): its when people use it for stupid reasons... such as Like standing on top of it and squatting. Doing barbell curls while giving their abs and intense workout.
Training in the morning..few ?'s info2311 5 7 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): I do not want to take away or disrespect the thread BUT this had me in absolute ttteeeaaarrrsss!!!! Now as for tips: 1.) Track macros and establish a baseline intake and from there find your deficit number. 2.) Focus on quality foods rich in vitamins minerals and micro-nutrients but do know Its ok to have a cookie just don't make them your primary choice. 3.) Stick with basics and simokistics and establish a baseline routine you can perform...
Powerlifting Discussion with BRUZSTRENGTH BruzSTR 7 7 yearsBruzSTR (73): New videos up! 3 Things to Keep in Mind before starting a program\ My deadlift workout (yes i know my form okay! AHHAHA)
Good Cutting and Bulking Routines. Ghost 15 7 yearsGhost (97): Well I was making an example, even though it was a impossible one running that speed and distance :D, Anyway so my aim is to be proportional set and fit, what's the point of looking good if the performance is shit?
Inactive work, bad for gains? Rawsteel 18 7 yearsadam82a (3100): You sir, you are a very wise young man.
Coolcicadas PPL Help doyouevenspit 4 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): I thought that ah first but if you want to really increase deadlift and squat I think it's more beneficial to do deads on pull day
5/3/1 Jsn3004 8 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Dave Gulledge The powerlifter... On a cut... 800 SQT 700 BP 735 DL And ripped
Goodmorning MassTitan 4 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): I also do them. I think its a Good accessories for your deads. When I do deads I think that im doing goodmorning, helps me avoid round back.
Starting new Push Pull Legs/Shoulders doyouevenspit 8 7 yearspandasashi (3859): leg day is a mess too, way too anterior dominant
lifting chalk Trev182 22 7 yearsOwnsPwns (124): I hadn't seen the movie, but this was definitely a bromance
missing gym time mattd534 23 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @haleymonroe :p
5/3/1 and variations Ramses 25 7 yearsrememberthis (556): Strength days I use to follow 5-3-1... but I got bored. Now I do 6-8 reps. 3-5 reps. 1 rep max. And deload. I follow the meso cycle but with more reps. I like to feel some pain when I get home -- it's mostly psychological, but I'm on a cut so I feel right haha
incline vs flat bench..please advice ajm87 8 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): @teewhat not at all, think about the purpose of your chest, its to bring your arms together basically, so through this you can see that incline would be inferior to flat because you can put more of a load on flat and actually hit the target muscle better than you would be doing on incline. and like @eknight said if you already have a overhead pressing movement you almost are basically doing the same thing you are just angled a little...
What is your bench/OHP/dips-ratio? Cannonball Jump to first page88Jump to last page 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): @Trev182 now there's a bench press
Pressing heavy twice a week Perfidy 15 7 yearsteeeeej (487): I heavy bench and dynamic OHP on one day, and then heavy OHP and dynamic bench 3 days later and it works really well for me. I'm following a version of Wendler's Beyond 5/3/1
Dave Tate's Bench Manual _RudeCrew 14 7 yearsCannonball (6283): Yes, so?
Difference between db / bb press Cubb 4 7 yearsCannonball (6283): Since the weights aren't connected in db press and bench press has quite a bit of outward force this might mean that you can't utilize your triceps strength as good in db press, making it more of a pec centered exercise. (not saying it hits chest better, just that it hits triceps worse)
Anyone ever use the sling shot? strauss 17 7 yearsstrauss (31): Thanks Ek appreciate it
New Fav Back exercise! SRorhrbac0808 8 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): No I'll find them. TSG actually has clients do these. Basically a rack pull without the rack. Or a dead lift that never touches the ground. Make sense
Core and Lower Back DEP45 2 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): GOOGLE Results
Who Do YOU Trust? kickinchicken 23 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): EK should make youtube video, Arguments with fellow SS, haha, Layne, Elliot, Omar Isuf, Chris Jones, victor costa.
Layne Norton workout week Gougher 2 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): He's most likely running DUP and it lasts 4-6 weeks
Lagging medial delts help Hiiibbbb 17 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): If that was aimed at me.. It has been scientifically proven that there is no advantage to cycling creatine, instead of taking in 5gs a day
PPL / upper lower Hamer93 20 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): I salute you my fellow troubled man
Prone Trap Raise cassious 3 7 yearsteewhat (1972): gonna give this a go on my pull day I reckon. looks great
Legs/Push/Pull Critique ajm87 4 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Fair enough for the deads
Adding 5% to lifts every month cassious 8 7 yearsteewhat (1972): this
Training frequency ajm87 16 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Squat, Press, Deadlift, Press, Squat. Mix in some conditioning and olympic lifting so usually 6 days on, 1 day off.
New Routine Advice sriram 5 7 yearssriram (2050): Thanks guys, got this routine since they do a mandatory PT session for this new gym membership trial. Was sceptical. Any of you guys know of any good routines related to explosiveness? Or is it just a matter of slotting in different exercises into this format?
Finished PHAT routine.Whats next? BitchesFancyMe 25 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @eknight they're few and far between, but they exist! I mean, I don't have my RD yet (<9 months!) I guess I am still just a nutritionist haha
Switching up exercises in Legs/Push/Pull ajm87 4 7 yearsajm87 (409): @BruzSTR @Hamer93 yeah i was thinking 6 weeks or so before i rotate them. thanks guys
Hi everybody Beast 12 7 yearsjja0016 (829): @Ben777 LOL
My girl wants a rockin body... Sedlo18 2 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Workouts for woman are about the same as it is for guys. I'd say a PPL would work well. Then she could get the HIIT work in well too. Curious... What diet did you make for her. If she dances, instructs yoga and all that she probably needs a big focus on diet.
Does your occupation affect your training Jimmydrama13 24 7 yearsCharl (115): Hi guys! Wow i must say by the looks of things i have it very easy! I stay in a village with flats and offices where i work as well, in the middelof the village we have a small but very nice gym, with lods of weights and a larg pool, to put the cherry on the cake, the work pays for all
Chin ups or Pull ups Cubb 13 7 yearseknight (58109): Not in terms of which "targets" the lats more. Here's a comparative study, if you care to read it: -3X
jason huh tornquad2 Jump to first page83Jump to last page 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Open thread to view post.
Olympic lifts Scotian 12 7 yearsjmill (100): I find it useful to learn some movements backwards so I learn the last movement and progress towards that e.g. for a power clean I would learn the front squat then the drop catch, power shrug then deadlift then put it all together
GOOD OR NOT GOOD Sedlo18 14 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Sedlo18 Define worked ?? pictures, strength on main lifts to back this up ?? Just trying to get to know u more bro so i can help.
looking for a good PPL routine help pls ajm87 4 7 yearsajm87 (409): would this be ok? I'd do P/P/L/Off/Repeat abs and cardio done on workout days a couple times a week Chest, Delts and Triceps (Push) Bench 4x8 Dips 3x10 Military Press 4x8 Side Laterals 3x10 Tricep Isolation 3x10 Back and Biceps (Pull) Rack Deadlift 4x8 Rows 3x10 Chins 2x10 Pulldowns 2x12 Curls 3x10 Legs (Legs) Squat 4x8 Ham Curl 4x8 Leg Press 3x10 Calf Work 3x12
PPL For a beginner? TommD96 7 7 yearseknight (58109): I would personally add another back rowing movement and more hamstring work. Perhaps find a PPL that's already been run and done and use it. -3X
Going back to 'bro-splits' ajm87 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Check my log for a ppl routine.
MUSCLE - Science and Application Podcast setprsnow 14 7 yearssetprsnow (16): nice, thanks arnoe. will have to put him on my bucket list. currently having an internet problem that is messing up my audio quality for interviews. supposed to be fixed friday and hope to roll with interview guests about weekly from there on.
Advice on training or diet please Cptreyhunna 4 7 yearsmikew (11494): These goals contradict one another. You want to bulk up yet you're playing two extremely demanding cardio sports for tall, skinny people. As the others say, you need to eat more calories (just to break even and not lose muscle). Here is my advice: - Pick a sport that you would like to pursue past high school and design your diet and training program around the needs of that sport. - Get a trainer/strength coach to meet with weekly (if you...
strength training question c3pOMG 5 7 yearsmikew (11494): @c3pOMG 531 is actually a lil different because most of the time you're working at 90% of your 1RM for you ME sets. Much better way to make progress compared to the first idea imo.
What the hell do I do? Sedlo18 14 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): @Sedlo18 if take away the 3rd bench exercise, drop your sets of flyes down to 3, and think about switching your 2nd exercise to something like floor presses or even just flat bb bench. And you do just as more sets on your arm days as you are doing for and other muscle group. Your arms are like 1/4 the amount of muscle mass as your back chest or legs. Spending that much on arms is crazy to me. And blasting you bi's right before back day... Just...
whats ur favourite weider principle? Illadian 1 7 yearsIlladian (268): for me i think i like the idea of preexhaustion since i train alone its simple , wbu ?
New Years resolution rant and split question Sedlo18 4 7 yearsSedlo18 (25): @Eat2Trainn247 very true my friend
what should i add and or take out/change? JoelStreet 12 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): This hurt my brain
Exchange to deadlift MassTitan 9 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @MassTitan U said u could do 15+ of sumo i didn't think that was the same for conventional.. i gave a couple of other options. ps ur attitude is amazing, not srs.
generic 'help me with my routine' thread jackbird 3 7 yearsjackbird (1): thanks for the reply, bro main goal would be cutting my bodyfat percentage down. this will eventually lead to competing in the future strength comes secondary but I enjoy the feel of lifting heavy and setting new pr's. i understand the importance of maintaining (or even increasing) strength during a cut to hold on to valuable muscle mass.
Why absolutely chest & tris same day? Bruuh 7 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): If I do tri and chest or push day. I just do 5 set of rope pushdowns.
stretching is bad for strength ? o.O Illadian 4 7 yearsoceanair (18020): uh no
Eating late/workout early B_dubs222 1 7 yearsB_dubs222 (1): I usually work out mid - late day - after ive had about 1500 cals in me because ive found i have shitty workouts if i dont have about that much in me before. Work has been kind of a grind lately and i dont have much motivation to hit the gym after work anymore so im thinking about getting up early and going before work. My question is because ive learned i need a descent amount of cals in me to get a good workout in, can/should i eat a big...
Leg development rwall89 7 7 yearsrwall89 (64): @GermanOakVolk yea I think I'm gonna drop it to 2-3 times a week because like I said I am hoping to compete in a spartan race this year so I do need to work on cardio. I would swim if my gym had a pool but I unfortunately don't have that luxury. I've tried the bike before but I don't feel as though it works my cardio as well as running unless I do I dead sprint pedal. And thanks for the advice
Rack Pulls KPFitness 9 7 yearsshannowman (6367): I found single arm Dumbell rows made my back thickness improve dramatically along with my grip. For about 3 months they were all I did for back besides pull-ups as I was training at home and my back made tons of progress.
suggestions on routine for older guy monsta 11 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Like @EK said. Good majority is visceral fat. Interval training has been shown to burn visceral fat very well.
How much should I change? Sedlo18 11 7 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): Trap work and deadlifts are not horizontal pulls... Do some rows, son!
5 Strength Training Myths-by Jim Wendler kickinchicken 22 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): I've seen doctors ruin peoples lives, even imply that all their symptoms were imaginary as he could not figure out what it was. I would listen to one over Wendler but i would definitely be doing my own research.
Anyone here tried squatting 2 times a row? Bruuh Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): I squat 3 times a week.
Critique this routine please (: nine0seven 4 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah i know what you ment i just thought it was a bit mental. How long you been working out ?? Ever done a strength program ??
Hypertrophy Specific Training HST Questions ajm87 6 7 yearsadam82a (3100): Agreed, I ran 15/12/9 and for me the 15 rep cycle wasnt really all that helpful to me. At the beginning of the two weeks your weights was so light I felt like I was wasting my time. If I'd go back I'd definitely start at at 12 also.
Lateral raise cassious 4 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): I prefer the form he was describing as being wrong, as I do prefer involving my traps
I need a new workout split Sedlo18 15 7 yearsSedlo18 (25): @bkoguy07 Well. You got me, im gonna give it a shot haha Tomarrow is chest day, cant wait!
Split advice wittyname 1 7 yearswittyname (13): Brahs, I'm just wondering 1. Is my routine suitable for my goals and 2. What improvements I could make to it. I'm aiming primarily for strength but with accessory lifts focused around hypertrophy. I'm 15 but have been lifting for a while, 2ish years, 1 with appropriate nutrition I don't generally plan what I'm going to train that day in the gym, just consider how I'm feeling, lagging body parts and frequency of training of certain body...
Combining Bodybuilding and Calisthenics mastamuffin 2 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): This is possible. Do more Bodyweight programs. If your gonna look at someone who practices Calisthenics they have muscles but they are not that big. At first they are going to gain muscle yes, but after a while you will be strong enough to lift yourself more than 20-30+ reps that leads to more of endurance training and will stuns growth. Just dont rely on pure bodyweight, add extra weight once you already able to lift yourself 20+ times to add...
My rebuild after 4 months abroad rklohe 18 7 yearsrklohe (511): Pull day was good today, deadlift up again deads @ 205 for 8 wide pulldowns @ 110 for 10 wide tbar @ 75 for 8 DB row @ 50 for 10 BB curls @ 50 for 10 facepulls @ 60 for 10
Hypertrophy Leg Training andykeating 17 7 yearseknight (58109): IMO calf raises are better than toe presses, and if you can rig up a donkey calf with a belt, that's even better. -3X
Ideal training program jmidiri 3 7 yearsjmidiri (1): Not very long, the problem with me is consistency, always something happening that delays progress. Pretty much just want a fresh start.
Do you get Back doms ? Jigsawk 9 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Stick to what you need to do and you'll progress, pushing yourself to the very limit consistently will probably hinder your progress and gains
Your rep range ?? samirsaleh 25 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): Seems like a lot of u are under 5 reps in compound exercises. Started doing that the last few workouts and liking it, feels like it can yield the same strength gains while putting less effort, in other words more efficient.
EDT anyone ? Illadian 1 7 yearsIlladian (268): plain n simple feed me about that EDT routine , am thinking of running new routine instead of the massive volume I had n high reps , I am about to start reading about EDT n try to understand PHAT more I still dun follow speed work its still low reps for 6-8 sets e.e
need help, begging for help!!!!!!! ambitiongainer 25 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @bkoguy07 Thanks bro
PHAT, speedwork and more Flow 3 7 yearsDevil82 (1240): I add weight on power days, and try to up reps on hypertrophy days. once I'm about the allowed range (12-15) eg I add slight more weight
RJ Perkins PHD-4 Training ? FrankCB 20 7 yearsFrankCB (4): @Deneii Really Thank you so much my friend!
Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance PDF? joebnj 1 7 yearsjoebnj (10): If anyone has a copy of McGill's Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance and is willing to share, please contact me. Thank you, Joe
A little guidance from the experts please. Peepss 8 7 yearsPeepss (25): Thanks heaps guys!
Ultimate Aesthetic Split/Routine? ajm87 8 7 yearshaole (2109): Are you doing PHAT? That should work. Also get your diet right and track your progress...if you don't do that then even the perfect "routine" is not going to work. Overall calories are just as or more important than eating enough protein. And going in lifting the same weight or trying to lift more on some days when your "feeling it" isn't a good way to progress. And be consistent!
First draft PPL, please help Hamer93 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): right this is what ive come up with and i think its good to go. irl be doing 3 on 1 off however some days i will not be able to train. thursday will always be rest day so some times it may be 3 rest days per week but i will always stick to P-P-L as an order. Push Day: Bench Press 5x5 Incline DB press 5x6-10 *flat DB/decline press/cable flies OHP 5x10 Latt Raise 5x12 Tricep push down 3x12 rope push down 3x12 Pull Day: deadlifts 4x5-8 T bar row...
Squats vs front squats, gluteus Rawsteel 12 7 yearsBaiTu (3096): This all day. I'd like to echo this. I'm a firm believer in the principles of minimalism and not doing more than you need to do in the gym. We grow outside the gym not inside it.
Programming Help WinnersNeverQuit 3 7 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): I can add in a additional days for olynpic movements, i was thinking perhaps lighter technique days on say lower days and then a ME specifuc day as well? but if you could link them to me it'd be great
critique my strenght training plan aoneill513 13 7 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): fair enough, just misinterpreted/misread your origimal reply as the thread name is about steength training routine
Straight sets, need clarification. Rawsteel 4 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): I do 3
2 month in P/P/L golagola 20 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Youve been told twice, once by me and once by norlda. ONE YEAR. Do as you please
chicken arms , my bloody chicken arms !!! Illadian Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsIlladian (268): @strauss will check it ASAP :d just on phone atm
help desperately needed.. 2110King 5 7 yearsshannowman (6367): Congratulations on starting to train. The three hour thing is pretty irrelevant. Have you heard of tracking your macros? If you need help on them, use the search function. There's been many threads on the topic. There's also a lot of decent YouTube vids on the topic. Channels like flexforall and 3dmj have information useful to you,
All Time Best Dumbbell Workouts onlychevy6 5 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Seems like a worse version of kettlebell workouts or even wrestling barbell circuits.
Abs routine aesthet1x 7 7 yearsDuncan88 (13): Try hanging leg raises and superset with windshield wipers for a challenge, they're great for obliques and core strength if you can handle them. People can hurt themselves with these if their core strength and flexibility isn't quite up to scratch
looking for a good workout program! jarrett1972 2 7 yearsKPFitness (34): check out layne nortans phat program. it incorporates strength training with hypertrophy. I just started the routine and i like it so far. heres a video of the back hypertrophy day.
deadlifting with hex bar jaydiddy85 5 7 yearsjaydiddy85 (382): Okay thanks. I was just curious as to why it seemed a lot easier with the hex bar. That makes sense.
Huge bench press, tiny chest MassTitan 13 7 yearsajones46 (11701): @Jimmydrama13 sorry bud, but don't waste your time. We've all tried before. Multiple times.
My Upper/Lower Split,Your Critiques.. FrankCB Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearsFrankCB (4): Ricky are you bot? Lol
Westside barbell routine MassTitan 19 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @eknight Appreciate the insight. I'll keep you posted on what I think once I get started after the move!
Combining 531 with LPP ajm87 7 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): Why not do the Boring But Big 3 Month Challenge that Wendler himself laid out. He made a template the allowed you to work the main 4 lifts twice a week. It is similar to what you laid out but I feel his makes a little more sense.
So confused about overtraining kospel 24 7 yearsDeneii (247): Have you considered that your issues with sleep could be unrelated to your training?
fellow sauna users... swollenpoulin 1 7 yearsswollenpoulin (10): clickable text
Looking for a good PPL jja0016 3 7 yearsjja0016 (829): Thank you sir. Merry Christmas!
Making the cut... Thedude67 Jump to first page56Jump to last page 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): 315, new PR!!
romanian deadlift golagola 18 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @golagola it might not be your feet angle causing the groin problem. Post a vid and guts will be able to give more accurate advice. For romanian dead i keep feet straihht forward, doesnt cause any discomfort. Choose a foot position that feels comfortable ;)
hurt my wrist AarronStenner 13 7 yearsLightweightbudy (10): Well mate, take care, be careful that's all there is to do. It'll all be good in time. Cheers
Simple fullbody workout hellp d11m 5 7 yearsd11m (1): lool sorry i should have said that 1st i mainly ask as some programs don't use that movement just normal deads like 531 bbb but my legs are naturally a weak point so would sumos give more leg involvement or have i got that wrong ?
Training in the upcoming months Perfidy 7 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): When I was 12-14, I was really sick and some of the steroids I was put on caused a very mild case of gynecomastia that I want corrected. Kinda shitty it happened but I'm doing what I can now to correct it, bothers me a lot. They say I won't be able to lift for 2 weeks but to listen to my body, so I'm saying 2-4 just to be safe. I'm hoping I don't lose my gains :/
My Motivation has down and confused! FrankCB Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearsFrankCB (4): I'm very careful of this thanks,Any other suggestions? Voluming,lot of movements etc etc.. ??
Chris Jones - Nice Opinion jonrivs49 7 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @FrankCB Firstly, I wouldn't believe everything Chris Jones says. lol He is simply saying that the routine you choose is not all that important - what is important is consistency, progression and diet. BUT - of course, your routine must be balanced :)
how often do you change or switch exercises mattd534 7 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): I do my best to really periodize a program for a minimum of an 8 week block/cycle whatever you want to call it. I usually stick with the same exercises for a solid 12 weeks, just mix up the sets/reps/rest breaks/order/etc.
Do you think? Zyzzst 18 7 yearseknight (58109): @Xandar no prob. -3X
How much do straps really help? Jsn3004 16 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): Straps are good if you want to save your hands for a PB or more Pulling throughout the week. Personally, if I can't hold it, I don't bother trying to move it.
Building Strength Without Size alex323 9 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Idk but I doubt they're too big.. Maybe you need to increase the size of the rest of your body.. Height weight bf? GL
Russian Approach to Weightlifting Article IrishGymSheep 1 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Thought this was a great read some of you more strength focused might find this interesting. clickable text
Kelly Starrett on London Real Stupot316 4 7 yearscassious (2926): How shoes have changed our flexibility.. Well that's what stuck out most to me.
HEAVY GRIPS TRAINING RHGF 8 7 yearsbunter225 (829): Close the grip and keep it closed for a set time (I do multiple sets of 40+seconds an just aim to add time on to that each time). Time yourself holding it closed then Just keep trying to beat your time. I try to imagine Im holding onto a super heavy barbell/dumbbell or hanging from a bar that I mustn't let go of!
What was your most effective chest routine?? Sedlo18 14 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): My chest is probably my strongest body part. I haven't done volume work in almost a year, I can count on my hands the number of times I've trained specifically for hypertrophy. Not once, I like lifting heavy ass weight.
cutting with p\p\l\p\p\l rest nutellafreak 3 7 yearseknight (58109): I would say at only a 300 kcal deficit, it's unlikely you'll lose muscle. Keep your protein close to 1g/pound bw. Having said that, 30 sets a day for PPL seems a little much to me. The whole idea behind PPL is to simplify and streamline. -3X
Simply.Library OptimusPrime 8 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): thanks man...holidays are coming
PHAT! Bennetto_10 10 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): Dood, been do'n PHAT for about a month now and I've noticed a diff for sure! And I'm a total noob! Your bench looks a bit low for your other two being where they are, but I'd say hit PHAT, I love it man! And, if you're a Rugby player, I'd say a cal surplus would be in order, there's some big MOFOS play'n Rugby!
Any solid PH p/p/l routines out there? Sach 7 7 yearsajones46 (11701): Seems like you already know what you want??
"Best" Exercises Per Muscle Group alex323 12 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): SO MUCH YES. couldnt find the pic on my phone!!
Help my Fiancee out! Trev182 22 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Just told her about press ups....and she laughed...hard
Triceps taking all the glory on chest day! Sedlo18 15 7 yearsIlladian (268): @eknight i read n there is a few differences ik wt works for a person might not work for other but for me 1- i do not tuck my elbows in on BB , i flare em out so elbow is same level as shoulder i just feel it more tht way , wud it harm me or thts ok ? 2- to make sure i use n fire up pecs i do close push ups 10-15 between sets on all presses DB n BB 3- aside from that i think seldo should add more exercises using cables i dun recall its...
D.O.M.S. Let's talk about it... Thedude67 17 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): Even though I agree and im convinced its not an indication, DOMS always gives me a feeling of accomplishment
training 2-1-2 or 3-1-3 with a p/p/l Rawsteel 4 7 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I ran a 3x5 on all of the movements during my heavy day, and a 3x8 (started to move to 3x10 towards the end) on the light days. I had two main horizontal pull movements, one vertical pull. I had only one heavy horizontal press, and one vertical press. I think it was just too taxing on my CNS and I didnt recover well enough. If you look at PHAT, it uses a lot less compound movements (which are more taxing on your CNS) during hyper days.
OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING pics RHGF 5 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Why not add in some isolation work for your arms? If your really that worried about it!
Strength training Matt_norwich 7 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): He has his own thread on another site where he answers questions like this all the time... He seems to really be a fan of the prowler, weighted carries, and walking with a weight vest.
best grip for front squats?(hand position) Jelet 10 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Hope that helps
Best exercise for shoulders? Pearce_Bolton Jump to first page65Jump to last page 7 yearspandasashi (3859): @Zyzzst rear delts lookin big dude.. @kickin progeria?
Heavy chest flys for big chest? Sedlo18 17 7 yearsbslo (262): This right here. I always work out alone and am never able to go as heavy as i would like on BB bench press so I end up doing DB or smith machine or Hammer strength instead. Not ideal but It allows me to get into that 1-5 rep range without the fear of dropping weight on myself.
Workout program for 10+ rep range? ajm87 1 7 yearsajm87 (409): I have been lifting weights for about 6-7 yrs now. I have aortic stenosis and my cardiologist has always recommended me to lift weights in the 10 or more rep range due to my mild aortic stenosis. He also said no "isometric" exercises, so that's no problem. He doesn't really want me deadlifting as well because of the blood pressure spike. I assume squatting is out as well. I had ignored his advice in the past and deadlifted and...
Floor presses cassious 8 7 yearseknight (58109): That would be my advisement. -3X
My Legs/Push/Pull Routine *Advice or tips FrankCB 9 7 yearseknight (58109): Your legs are HALF of your body and you have 16 sets for them. Your push day alone has 24. You don't see a problem there? -3X
Overtraining is back! rwall89 2 7 yearsrwall89 (64):
Question about Flyes Frostshock 4 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): Not 100% sure but I'll wing it...logically. Retracting your scapula will place your shoulders in a mechanically safer position, chesticles at an advantage whilst lessening the load on your Ant. Delt, and for me atleast is a cue to tighten up my back. I bench and fly in the same fashion, which is only due to me approaching/setting up with the same cues. Edit: ...what would happen to my shoulders if I was to conduct flys with gymnast rings?...
Bench press Matt_norwich 20 7 yearsTheBB (1): double the volume? so instead of Cable/Dumbbell/T-Bar rows (choose 1/week) 4 x 8-10 do 8x8-10? i was thinking Cable/Dumbbell/T-Bar rows (choose 2/week) 4 x 8-10 not sure if thats what you meant. Also as far as Floor Press/Dumbbell Floor Press/Rack Lockouts/Board Presses i just have never done them before so im not really sure how i would react. Good time to start i assume if you think they are vital though.
Improve my chest workout wittyname 5 7 yearswittyname (13): @mikew sorry for the late reply mate, really helpful post! I do train with a partner a fair amount of the time, however I do really enjoy training alone. Could you put together a routine involving some of those exercise that you think would be helpful. I think it might be my tris that lag because my back and deadlift are my strongest bodyparts and lifts. What routine should I follow trying to fix this and improving my low rep bench? Thanks heaps...
trading legs every 72 hours??? mattd534 12 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): @thedude67 I bet they are better than mine haha @cardinal just got done training it was all good hit a deadlift pr today @Winnersneverquit I am currently doing PHUL so it's a power and hyper routine
Pull-ups vs bent over row MassTitan 18 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): @mikew no problem, I was going to try to explain it, but I figured that would be the best way lol @rwall89 perfect, i prefer pendlays over regular bent over
deload week (bodyweight) golagola 29 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Man this denai person is killing me! Having you on a treat golagol
Is EMG worthless? (vid w/ tl;dw) MrMailliw 8 7 yearseknight (58109): EMG analysis is still used as a valid marker for muscle activity by physical therapists and PTAs- the people whose only concern is getting the most accurate and beneficial data for their patients. Unless this ever changes (which it won't) I don't buy the above claims. -3X
Squat to low box mattd534 19 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): I'm not talking about there knees being healthier, I am talking about the fact it would have more carryover to their sport specific movement. That itself is a benefit, let's be honest there is a lot of sport training that weighs risk reward ratios. I'd like to see that too to be quite honest considering the depth they squat at and the seemingly immense strain they put themselves under doing the most difficult lifts they seem to be remarkably...
How to progressive overload aesthet1x 8 7 yearsjmill (100): Its pretty simple. To begin with it helps to have a set desired rep range e.g. 8-12 Then pick a weight that helps you to reach this rep-ran. Each workout you progressively overload the muscle by by playing around with variables, load, sets, etc. When you can perform 12 reps its time to increase weight
Hack Squats rwall89 4 7 yearsrwall89 (64): Had hacks again today. Felt a little better about my form but I still caught my butt a few times. And is it normal to rub your calves a lot with the bar with this lift?
Thoughts on my new program prease. cassious 2 7 yearsDamon1962 (529): From what you stated, I advise beginning with 5/3/1 because it is a little less volume than 8/6/3 and then if it feels right, progress into the 8/6/3. Regarding HIIT, your body will quickly let you know how much you can handle each week. At the beginning of a session, if your legs feel like lead, you'll know it's time to step back and use that day as a rest-recovery day.
check routine real quick plz :) jja0016 9 7 yearsjja0016 (829): ill up the sets of sldl and hamstring to 3 so itll be 6. thank you sir
Back Exercise Question KPFitness 9 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Muscle can only do two things. get bigger or get smaller. width and shape depends on your genetics. pull ups or rows still triggers those damn back.
Avaliation workout. ReiNN 2 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): It would perhaps be more beneficial to gear your question around nutrition as opposed to training especially if you're on a cut.
Lifting problem Bullet2345 5 7 yearsBullet2345 (1): Thank you so so much. That was awesome advice. So I obviously thought I had more strength than I did haha bummer.
The muscle building routine thoughts aesthet1x 6 7 yearsKPFitness (34): it depends itd be good for a beginner trying to gain mass. But im a huge fan of high volume and so if youre working out times a week you have plenty time to rest. Personally as you get more advanced i would go muscle specific training each part twice a week
Vein Question Damon1962 2 7 yearsbkoguy07 (274): lower bodyfat, being drier (not much waterweight) or even on a hot day if your fingers and hands are swelling usually your veins are pumped and jumpin
favorite training programs when bulk/cut jja0016 9 7 yearsJimmydrama13 (295): Again comes down to what your training for , and if u have any lagging body parts that bees extra work , most importantly find a routine that works for your body ,
Standing russian twist cassious 4 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Used to do them in my strength camp. their AWESOME man. Sick core move. I tore an oblique and haven't really been able to do them since. :(
Help me create a push routine pls? christiannn 2 7 yearspandasashi (3859): 1) use one that already exists 2) theres no such thing as upper chest 3) to increase bench, keep benching. also strengthen back, shoulders and tris.
Looking for a good back routine Jimmydrama13 7 7 yearsKphan18 (61): I know no advantage to supersets but insane pump and burn Good as a finisher to deplete as im dieting too... @pandasashi
Vertical or horizontal as main back exercise Sach 6 7 yearsGStarRaw (1441): rows for the hoes
Restarting..up until 31st December Pain4Gain 5 7 yearsPain4Gain (76): ???
* TUT fans quick video here... THOUGHTS ??? FiremanSi 7 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): I follow what you can call normal temp. I think 4 sec temp is to slow. 2 sec is more acceptable i think. As long as you feel the rep and your form is good. Thats what tut really invented for to make good form and not just banging the bar up and down.
SHOULD I LIFT WHILE I HAVE A COLD? ezvmoneybeast 11 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Rather have a bad workout than not be able to workout at all. Usually 2 or 3 sets in I feel great anyway, then go back to feeling like ass after my workout.
Whats the deal with chest day? Sedlo18 6 7 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Though guillotine press is extremely dangerous if you lift with your ego. Plus, some people are going to have to work on having that kind of flexibility in the first place
Article for strength coaches. cassious 2 7 yearspandasashi (3859): good read, thanks for posting
Spartan Race rwall89 5 7 yearsrwall89 (64): I'm gonna train for it for sure. Hopefully I can find somebody to do it with me.
Is it bad for the shoulders and elbows Sach 3 7 yearsSach (1): Yea, might give it a try then;p What's your guys view on hitting everything every 5th day btw? A "medium" frequency so to speak.
Upper/lower split critique aesthet1x 11 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): I see..but I've also read that doing no more than 15 sets per day is optimal, that program looks like it has too many volume.. don't u think? and sorry bout my ignorance but "8-12" means u can do any number of reps u want/can or to do 12/10/8 (increasing weight, decreasing reps)
Powerlifting question!!! Tritons 8 7 yearsTritons (670): Thanks for feedback!
Need help deciding! Javvist 10 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Google it dude, were not going to spoon feed you.
Workout plan wanted aliroli 6 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Just worry about your diet and the basics. Machines will help later when you're more experienced for accessory work. Lol this. Well at 5'4 it might look normal but still.
Anyone? Pearce_Bolton 7 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): This^^ Since ive focused less on arms and more on a complete balanced routine, my arms grew more. Just make sure that your routine has you hitting everything twice a week. Also, for arms, stick to a nice variety of isolated exercises, slow negatives, full range of motion. Watch some of bpaks videos to get training tips. But dont keep your overall training balanced as @AarronStenner mentioned - you are too young to be thinking about imbalances...
Should I go on a beginner program? Jora 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah i agree with @shannowman go for the full body program or an uppper lower split and MILK those newbie gains for another 6months minimum... then i start a strength program.... increase there and their will be a better foundation for you when u come back to hypertrophy.
Lock out or not lock out, that is the Q. Sedlo18 13 7 yearsJelet (2190): you should lockout on bench imo. take your left arm and grab your right pec. now with your right arm press and lock out slowly. you will notice you get more contraction in the pec when you do lock out. just for a breif half second. then go back down slowly . dont lock out and hold it for a few seconds...
Joe Defranco repeated effort method cassious 4 7 yearsmikew (11494): I don't really see how it's an improvement over doing lower rep/higher weight sets for compound lifts and then mixing it up with higher rep stuff. I'm also not a fan of doing weight stuff on a physio ball like in the video. Doesn't appeal to me at all. Surprised that Defranco likes it.
Help with a routine. Kind of new dustin433 2 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Wanna drop body fat ?? Don't worry about ur routine (should be a full body routine if only a begginer.. but), it's ALL about diet and nutrition.... U need to be in a caloric deficit to loose body fat.
PL/BB program, other questions, need advice Tritons 2 7 yearsXandar (457): PHD-4. Google it. Check it out. 6 times a week at the moment.
Training program Matias1151 10 7 yearsMatias1151 (1): Okay, thank you for the help brah!
She wanted the D.... Vid.... LOLz FiremanSi 2 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Not showing up for me. This one?
T-Nation - Targeted fat loss... brian12 3 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @NorIda Didn't see that. Thanks:)
What do you think of my new workout routine? AestheticBaller 11 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): @AestheticBaller sorry just saw this, I'm currently changing my routine to ppl but here is what I had been doing before this week Lower Power: squat 4x4-6 dumbbell rdl's 3x6-8 walking bb lunges 3x6-8 leg extensions 3x6-8 calf work 4x6-8 Upper Power: barbell rows 3x4-6 weighted pullups 3x6-8 dumbbell bench 3x4-6 barbell decline 3x6-8 hammer strength shoulder press 3x6-8 barbell curls 3x6-8 cable pressdown 3x6-8 Lower...
Newbie advice ntokheim 3 7 yearsXandar (457): I absolutely LOVE this statement PRIME. Haha.
Continuous tension MrMailliw 20 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @FiremanSi yeah i fully agree with you on all points. And the article was deffo written in favor of t-nation programs^^! I agree with some of the logic but I dont agree with the overall conclusion. TUT promotes all the important aspects of bodybuilding (like u said) training the muscle with good form, control and mind/muscle connection.
Lost Pounds, Inches, Fat and My ASS! kareninfl 6 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Ahhhh there you go. Stop dieting. Your body has adapted to using so little calories for the vast amount of work you do that you'll just stop losing weight. It's not really beneficial to diet past 12-16 weeks, as your metabolism adjusts to that degree and you'll stay at a loss plateau or start GAINING fat. Body pump doesn't involve progressive overload I'm guessing. If you don't constantly challenge your muscles with higher and higher weight,...
how many rest days??? mattd534 23 7 yearsoceanair (18020): uno
Opinion about my workout yugrossmann 22 7 yearsyugrossmann (1): okay, cool man thanks. Monday is going to be painful :D:D Good training man
Is phat too much for me skel1977 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Too advanced a program for a new lifter in my opinion. Full body program or upper lower split for first 6-12months.. LEARN how to lift first.... Then a strength based program like 5-3-1 wendler.
Amateur needs help AndrePrevin 3 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): @AndrePrevin sounds like your caught inbetween two drastically different goals. If you're a skinny fat I wouldn't recommend cutting anymore, i'd focus on a bulk and lifting heavy, try to put on a lot of mass before you actually cut down. Also members here don't think highly on test boosters, or cutting agents for that matter, it's essentially a money scam my dude. I think you got mold and shape (bulk) before you start chipping away and...
B-Pak's thought's Pearce_Bolton 19 7 yearsPearce_Bolton (844): Also but surely, this would link into both looking good and being able to use the muscle? By not having imbalance's like EK said theirs a high risk when the quads over developed more-so than the hamstring would it not be better to have no muscular imbalances so you have more overall power & It to last longer because you'll have no imbalences?
Opinions on my 2 push workouts? brutestep 14 7 yearsoceanair (18020): i always thought it was rope pulldown, and a pulling movement lol. oh well.
4U PHAT Lovers/Ogus Fans.. New Routine Vid ! FiremanSi 7 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah doesn't look too bad.
Critique my modified PHAT AestheticBaller 1 7 yearsAestheticBaller (7): Hello, I just wanted to hear your take on my new workout routine that I designed. It's kinda like phat but with no speed work and a little bit different lay out. There you go guys : - Tuesday : Upper Body "Strength" Bench Press 5x4-6 Pull Ups 5x4-6 DB Shoulder Press 4x6-8 Supported Rows 4x6-8 Machine Preacher Curls 3x8-10 Reverse Cable Pull Downs 3x8-10 - Wednesday : Lower Body "Strength" Squats...
Iphone app multi-year. CaptainObvious 1 7 yearsCaptainObvious (1): Hey! I did recently download the app Multi-year training from appstore and found that they had a complete training system - phase 1-6. Do anyone out there know how they are? Or shall i go for something else. Im probably and intermediate lifter.
Best program for young sprinter? cassious 4 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Strength and Speed work great in tandom of each other... So most strength athletes will so a good amount of speed work and vice/versa.
hypertrophy focus FxElement17 3 7 yearsNorIda (46958): Best thread ever
bench press vs dips leanr0x 13 7 yearsbkoguy07 (274): i do heavy(relative for myself at 220lbs) dips every week after bp.. bw+45, bw+90, bw+135. and continue with my workout they work well for me.
Whats Given You The Best Strength Gains AarronStenner 25 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): I listen to my body.
PHAT chnages BitchesFancyMe 18 7 yearsBitchesFancyMe (13): ok i agree that was overthinking, but i only asked these stupid question cause im not that experient and you guys know much more than i do, so you whats right and it isnt.
Anyone tried PHUL workout mattd534 4 7 yearseknight (58109): Changing your workout more than once every 8-10 weeks will absolutely diminish results in terms of strength and hypertrophy. If you're getting bored after only a few weeks, maybe you should change your goals or find a sport that doesn't bore you. -3X
Lower the frequence when cutting? Sach 5 7 yearsSach (1): Correct. Atm im training each muscle every 4th day with an upper/lower where i train every other day but i was thinking about changing it to every 5th with an p/p/l (1 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off, repeat). So there will be training 5 out of 7 days instead of 4 out of 7 but every muscle gets an extra 22h of rest.
Mass > Strength ilifthard Jump to first page124Jump to last page 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Thanks man! I pick shit up and I put it down. When I have time to go. I've only been able to lift once since Sunday. Fml.
dumbell shoulder press BaiTu 30 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Trev182 Wrong again.. Class Clown. :)
Diet Advice/ Over Eating HELP Chey 10 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Chey Using this i can calculate my caloric goal. Then using.. Track ur cals. Chances are like alot of women i deal with that are concerned or just trying to drop bf they are eating tooo few cals in general.
Lower back help.. craig 13 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @mikew Great video one of the best lifting series on youtube.
Requested lesson from EK: CNS Cannonball 21 7 yearseknight (58109): Both. The femoral nerve innervates all four muscles in the quads, but there's no conceivable way to extend the knee without activating all of them because of where they insert distally. If your knee extends, you can't have one muscle slack while the other are contracted. -3X
PHD-4 vs. PHAT Xandar 15 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Haha. I went through RJ for training services last year. Dude got me mad shredded and was so cool to work with. I learned so much from the man. Then I tried TSG. Ummmmm I don't want to go off on a rant here but I didn't like at all. That is all haha.
21's on squats? brian12 6 7 yearsIlladian (268): okie so i read it , he says not using light weight so it could work . but on front squats would be lots of pressure on shoulders doing that or doing that countdown front squats especially for me , my shoulder is ruined atm , and i tried back squats followed by front squats cos i wanted to emphasize front squats that one is killer but add nothing to it or your lower back will hurt u .
my legs day is too hard !! golagola 16 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Stop being a big bitch
3day workout split? strauss 9 7 yearsstrauss (31): yea thanks man i'll look into it, I was just trying to reinvent the wheel lol
Progress for comp april/14 feedback needed! Jealster 9 7 yearsXandar (457): fitness model/physique class in any country = skinny man class
Would you still loose weight?? Thedude67 13 7 yearseknight (58109): As has been noted, not only have people lost weight on the Twinkie diet, the all-pizza diet, and the all-potato diet, but numerous studies have shown that food source and macronutrient composition really don't matter. You simply can not change or circumvent thermodynamics. -3X
How many sets do you do? Jsn3004 9 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): Open thread to view post.
Do you do deads on upper body day or leg day mattd534 21 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): I'm talking about conventional deadlift not rdl but I prefer straight legged deadlifts :)
Book recommendations? cassious Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearseventheodds1 (5644): @Ben777 that is what i love to do.
Modified PHAT routine for cutting critiques tonytygaa 5 7 yearstonytygaa (55): Thanks for the input. I have also considered doing a modified Wendler program. I have a day with Bench, Squat, OHP, deadlift. Considering I am a student, 5 days in the gym is kind of a hastle and I have to work too :( Here's what I am looking at for my routine. Mainly strength lifts plus light assistance lifts Bench Day: HEAVY Bench Press 5 x 3-5 SOMEWHAT LIGHT Incline Barbell Bench Press 3 x 10 Heavy Dumbbell Row 5 x 15 Heavy Close Grip...
Switching from PHAT to P/P/L Outwork_08 1 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): As the title says I have been using a modified version of PHAT for about 6 months but am now switching to Push/Pull/Legs still using a power-hypertrophy set up with my rep schemes. I am really interested in bringing up my chest because it has always been a weak point for me; however, I am having trouble determining how much volume to implement. While on PHAT I was doing 6 working sets (3x5 and 3x6-8) for chest on power days and about 12...
fst-7 help please jamez1991 5 7 yearscassious (2926): I might try it on my arms for awhile. They look shite!
Quick q leokozian 9 7 yearsleokozian (250): @brian12 I have days off for social life I don't mind going. My question is specifically muscle and joint related.
**Shoulder Saver- Smiddy Diesel Crew.. (VID) FiremanSi 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Hamer93 I've watched tonnes of his videos and the equiptment they have is unreal !! Learn so much from those guys.
supercompensation time for fatigue and recov golagola Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): RURPRISE
How far do you take your sets Sach 14 7 yearsshannowman (6367): You guys don't do ear squats? They really hit the quads.
Pull/push/legs Lethal86 5 7 yearsLethal86 (1): Yea I used to do a,b then strength then start over again and in time it turnt to what I have now,that looks a decent routine though il give that a go cheers
Favorite superset combinations? christiannn 16 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): I'll super set bi's/back and chest/tris, no reason, just used to it I guess...
Great read brian12 3 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @BaiTu I racked up a huge amount reps ~ probably double my normal workload (using same weights as i would of if doing str8 sets) switching back and forth gives you just about the perfect amount of time to hit the next set. Its a really good option for someone who has been struggling to progress ~ i think this system gives you more opportunity for steady and consistent progression; plus it gets you in out out of the gym quickly and training with...
Lower Power Problems Hamer93 15 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Hamer93 You've seen my lower power days yeah ?? I'm pretty FOCKED after that workload mate !!
Considering program change, thoughts? teeeeej 5 7 yearsteeeeej (487): Cheers y'all, appreciate the feedback! I'll look into both of those programs
WESTSIDE BB QUESTION c3pOMG 18 7 yearsc3pOMG (208): thank you for your input sir
inclince,flat and decline strauss 6 7 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): I can't stand incline, but I hit flat and sometimes decline when I feel like it. My chest day consists of more flys and dips.
Is this Push/Pull/Legs okay? ripeanus 2 7 yearskbradley88 (210): Just do phat, trialed , tested , proven
Training Split Beshius 3 7 yearsSach (1): Day 1 - Lower, strength Day 2 Day 3 - Upper, strength Day 4 Day 5 - Lower Day 6 - Pull Day 7 - Push Day 8 Day 9 - repeat Previous splits i've sticked to -> Simple upper/lower Day 1 - Lower Day 2 Day 3 - Upper Day 4 Day 5 - Lower Day 6 Day 7 - Upper Arm focused 3 split Day 1 - Back, triceps Day 2 Day 3 - Lower Day 4 - Chest, delts, biceps Day 5 Day 6 - Repeat
Escalating Density Training cassious 1 7 yearscassious (2926): What are your thoughts? clickable text
Best Bicep Workout Period. Beshius 4 7 yearseknight (58109): Since the biceps are also a shoulder flexor, and "best biceps" routine should include a movement with the arms straight out in front of the body (so would have to be done with cables), with the shoulder joint in flexion, more maximum contraction. -3X
Excellent video's on youtube runtchuck 9 7 yearsBen777 (5358): The thing I find most offensive about all of this is your use of the apostrophe in "videos".
HOMEGYM TRAINING RHGF 9 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Heres a link to a spreadsheet that you can use. It calculates all your %s automatically after you input your stats and numbers. 5/3/1 spreadsheet
How would you do leg day with a bad back? Sach 19 7 yearseknight (58109): @Sach you should have an MMT and ROM test done by a PT. I'm certainly not qualified to prescribe a therapeutic exercise program without seeing you in person. @FxElement17 no lower lats. Squats and deads work the hip extensors, not the flexors. To work the hip flexors, you'd need to do movements like leg raises, Roman chair sit ups, etc. There's no perfect "harmony" I could advise, because I don't know your current condition. You'd...
Tip for latt raises Hamer93 4 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): When sitting some people un-intentionally lean forward and swing back taking tension off the lateral delt. Not saying you do this just i find it helps me and i wanted to share incase it is any help to anyone else :)
What exercises do you do on the Smiff? SwoleAnimal 11 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): If your gonna do that exorcize man up and do it the Zercher way.
PHAT vs Legs/Push/Pull/Off/Repeat??? hahn 3 7 yearshahn (1): Height: 5'11'' Weight: 170 lbs age: 19 Squat: 225 x 5 Bench: 185 x 5 Deadlift: 275 x 5 overhead press: 135 x 5 want to focus more on muscle gain now. calories are somewhere around 3000- 3100. with around 400 carbs, 170 protein, 85 fat.
Feed Me Moar!! e.e <- thts my cute face btw Illadian 4 7 yearsIlladian (268): @SRorhrbac0808 Nazi >,> @pandasashi this is first time i hear of it , so any more info to share about it , is it like warming up shoulder ? or should be set as a normal exercise
chest exersices research golagola Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearsgolagola (307): ok ty now everything clear , i will keep this routin for 5 months from now willnot change anything and hope to see result and of course will try to increase reps sets every some time
Push the day after pull, injury perspective Rawsteel 1 7 yearsRawsteel (940): Hello, the title pretty much says it all. Is it bad in an injury perspective to train push the day after a pull workout or the other way around since the shoulder girdle is used significantly in both workouts (elbows aswell)? The reason im asking is because i've been following a pull/rest/lower/push/rest/repeat split for quite some time and im thinking of jumping on a modified PHAT routine to get the frequency up a bit but then i need to train...
To you who have done or are on a 3-1-3 p/p/l Sach 2 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): I'm running something similar, I originally tried push/pull/legs rest push/pull/legs I found it was a bit much, i needed some more rest, i'm not use to so much volume. I usually take 2 rest days then get back at it and i've seen some good results from it, strength and hypertrophy wise. Great routine but after 10-15 weeks i think i'm ready to switch. Hope that helps, was more of a rant than anything.
stiff legged deadlift golagola 22 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Nobody cares about your other question.
Question Damon1962 2 8 yearseknight (58109): Something like the above is listing working sets. You should warm up to those. -3X
Hows the new workout split? Sedlo18 6 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): 1 leg day and it's not even a full leg day, you scared of legs bro?
New to Site and to PHAT and wanted to share Xandar 9 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Meant it because i recently started phat(this week!) and there is a LOT of posters running phat
**B-PAK Vid - How to train CHEST & BACK !! FiremanSi 13 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): @eknight ya theory was bad wording. I mean more along the lines of just the information you have passed on through SS.
Overall advice rememberthis 12 8 yearsskel1977 (109): bro science at its finest
Rob Riches Article G3NGHIS Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsZyzzst (4486): @KnifeHands hahaha im a rebel Man
P/P/L lovers, what's your favorite? Rawsteel 5 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): I do 3on 1off 2on 1off - repeat. If I do more I don't recover in time.
How do you do pressing movements? srsly SwoleAnimal 29 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SwoleAnimal Shoulder shocker(AMAZING), face pulls and light side lat raises... primarily what i do for shoulders... i've tried bringing back OHP and seated DB press but just not worth the discomfort.
Push/Pull/Leg but why not Push/Leg/Pull Jelet 22 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): To add to this, bodyweight sissy squats are also killer and shouldn't strain your back.
PPL Power/Hypertrophy cassious 8 8 yearscassious (2926): week three of cycle three, I did like it but recently ive been bored with it.
Bulking Routine Kam1990 4 8 yearsNorIda (46958): No, one muscle group a day is even worse. lol. Upper/Lower or PPL or something similar imo.
Please assess my PHAT routine Hamer93 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Going to continue my current log as my phat log if anyones iterested, be nice for you experienced people using phat to give some guidance
Abdominal Frequency cassious 13 8 yearseknight (58109): Same as every other muscle- twice weekly, weighted movements, 10-12 reps. -3X
Tnations new workout article MassTitan 15 8 yearsMassTitan (73): @Damon1962 I'm 260 lbs trust me it would do a lot for my arm development.
Critique my Legs/Push/Pull Routine sazthetics 12 8 yearssazthetics (16): I do have SLD's on Legs B, and I am deadlifting twice a week two. I could potentially just add another isolation like seated leg curls.
Push/Pull/Leg Dicussion Thread christiannn 3 8 yearschristiannn (4): Haha. Well, if there is one thing i dont love about p/p/l is that u are always pre-exhausted for shoulders and triceps for example. So u wont hit em with full power at each exercise. But i guess that dosent matter for gainz anyway :) I've honestly never felt that i need a deload week tho, but that may be beacuse im just lazy and take like 2 days off sometimes between cycles haha..
45 minutes Program Ulfit 11 8 yearsNJT (253): You could have the perfect program, but if you rush and panic about how much time you have it can turn workouts sour in my experience. If I'm running late for work I don't even shower at the gym so i can get my session done. That's some smelly commitment.
Best 3-day split? Highdeas 17 8 yearsHighdeas (1635): yea i'm leaning towards starting strength just because it's got a great reputation in terms of a solid routine
Good bicep routine to hit all 3 heads? Hiiibbbb 29 8 yearseknight (58109): So you weren't trolling? You were actually serious???? -3X
Need help with PHAT lolssons 6 8 yearslolssons (1249): @ek Iam just done With workingout and decided to follow the program to the spot even With rack chins i found à place where i could do them worked out just fine! Cheers
hey guys i just wanna know ur tips and all walle 13 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): This guy. hahha
New programme: phat, ppl, etc Hamer93 28 8 yearsNJA82 (154): Sounds like a solid plan dude!
Exercises for Legs? Bulkalldaybrah 29 8 yearsCallofthehounds (382): All joking aside, squat heavy, OP. Srs.
olympic lifting? pandasashi Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearspandasashi (3859): thats damn impressive for natty then
lat pulldowns BaiTu 9 8 yearsBaiTu (3096): Thanks for all the replies. This is helpful.
Shoulders in upper/lower Rawsteel 6 8 yearseknight (58109): I would keep all deadlifts of any kind on lower body day. They're not an upper back movement. Your primary axis of rotation when doing deads is through the hips. Your point about the rest time doesn't make sense to me. If you train in that manner, you'll get stronger. Period. Your body will adapt. If taking 60 seconds makes you feel like your doing cardio, I'd revisit your cardiovascular conditioning. -3X
Early trainers GTIH MCarey 8 8 yearsMCarey (2179): Ya I'm excited to go into a quiet gym :) Training early for convenience! How well you train is all mindset!! Mind over matter
Lower body/Upper body Callofthehounds 19 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Well thing is man the Russians can put up some huge power lifting totals but it's not really the culture they try to be strong at everything, even their power lifters don't specialize the same way American lifters do, you see far less exercises towards using equipment like box squats etc, little to no speed work, much more emphasis on overhead work. Higher volume but normally a hatred of failure like an asian father. And most of their elite...
Interested in PHAT but limited on days... slowurroll 19 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @NorIda Thanks man because i'm currently doing it helped with my answer on that one dude. @slowurroll Upper lower split Upper day Option Incline DB Press Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Dips OH Bent Over Row Seated DB Shoulder Press **4sets of Each 10-12reps Lower Body Option BB Squats Leg Press DB Lunges Leg Curls Leg Extensions **4sets of each 12-15reps Just off the top of my head man.
Full body routine vs split routine Dai 14 8 yearssriram (2050): Quick question; would it be possible to run a PHAT style StrongLifts program? The basic premise of Power-Hypertrophy is to have one power day, followed by a hypertrophy day...could it then make sense to run standard StrongLifts 5x5 as power, then the hypetrophy day using the same exercises at 3x10-12 or even 5x10? Just curious...easy answer would be "try it and report back"...and I might actually do that unless I get a lot of...
Couple of Questions AustralianOak 6 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): Exactly the answers if was looking for, reps for everyone :) this is why I love this site.
Weirdest thing ever! MassTitan 10 8 yearssamirsaleh (1957): maybe one has worn out iron as a result of the metal grinding and chipping in the edges, but still the difference wont be that big
How will my cut be if i bulk with tri-phase? christiannn 4 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): From what i've learned when u go past the point of 15%bf ur more likely to add BF then muscle.
Pitt force leanr0x 8 8 yearsbarrylol (40): Routine is retarded, low volume, low frequency, low intensity, low everything. Do Russian Bear instead. Scroll down till you get to it. Have fun.
can benching with a dl bar lose reps? Strongboi 2 8 yearsStrongboi (79): & i mean a new rep pr in decline press! not regular :)
form vs. weight KingLeonidasXIV 9 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Spotter is not there to help you lift the bar. He is just there to make sure you wont drop the must be all you who push it. If spotter helping you rep then it doesnt count as your lift.
upper/lower vs push/pull/leg mattd534 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsRawsteel (940): I would stick to p/p/l hitting every muscle every fifth day, but with a small twist to get more focus on your arms and calves. Like this -> Day 1 - Back, triceps, calves (A) Day 2 Day 3 - Lower body (B) Day 4 - Chest, delts, biceps (C) Day 5 Day 6 - Repeat Mine looks like this ('number at the end of each exercise is the amount of set rest in minutes) -> A Pullups/BB row: 3 x 6-8'3 BB row/Lat pulldown: 3 x 8-12'1,5 DB row: 2 x...
Training Program and Enjoyment DanMmmFood 9 8 yearsDanMmmFood (13): haha ive been doing double legs on P/P/L but not noticed any real benfits in my lower half and it kills me for days
push/pull/legs advice VytasP 2 8 yearsVytasP (10): I am currently thinking of trying this one: Heavy days 2-3 mins rest Heavy Pull Deadlift 4 sets x 5 reps PYRAMID WEIGHT INCREASE Bent Over Rows 4 sets x 5 reps Pull-Up 3 sets to failure Chins 3 sets to failure DB Curls 4 sets x 5 reps Heavy Push Flat Bench 5 sets x 5 reps Incline DB flyes 4 sets x 5 reps Overhead Press 4 sets x 5 reps DB shoulder press 3 sets x 7 reps DB skull crushers 3 setx x 6 reps Legs (I don't do strengh training to my...
Random tips and advice? laxbro32 14 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Try what works for you. Ince you start dont stop..
seated row q Damon1962 4 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): id say v bar, but i'm not sure if straight vs vbar is going to produce that different of results
Calf workout for review Thedude67 6 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): For form no but as I said check the forum threads a few days ago for the thread firemansi created showing how b-pak trains his calves
Starting PHAT Jsn3004 2 8 years_RudeCrew (15100): Just regular deadlifts.
do you even plank? databas1c 11 8 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I'm a fairly experienced climber and I've never really found that planks helped my climbing. At least not any more than any core stabilization exercise would.
closed golagol 1 8 yearsgolagol (40): ,.................
Please Assess my workout routine! sizeaddict 8 8 yearsTrev182 (14986): Worst routine...
Opinions on this push/pull/leg routine? christiannn 28 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @christiannn No problem mate.
Teen routine -PHAT/STRONGLIFT?? nastybeast 4 8 yearseknight (58109): Any of the above is fine- including PHAT or remaining on some version of WSBB. Depends on how much volume you want. -3X
Stupid phat question,that must be answered VytasP 10 8 yearsGougher (208): PHAT is a nonlinear periodisation. You are supposed to change the exercises when you're stagnating, wih equal ones. Keep the reps/sets the same, as @eknight said himself. As for you that say that you are NOT supposed to change any exercises ever. Do you think that those top-level athletes that also use PHAT, never switch up their workout routines? As he said himself. It's not a program. It's a way of training.(himself being Layne Norton)
New Workouts Jezza_91 4 8 yearsDexdbest (4792): Dorian yates' blood and guts... Been on it for a few weeks now and the strenght and size gains have been immense.... You would need a training partner though
Good exercise for top of forearm? Hiiibbbb 20 8 yearsAndres_rm7 (304): Jack off with both hands
Recommend me a routine? DazeTheOne 13 8 yearsDazeTheOne (82): hows this guys . added a 2nd leg day. im kinda worried if i will be able to recover with a workout like this. Bench Press 3 x 5- work up to a top set in 3 DB Slight Incline Press 3 x 8- straight set DB Shoulder Press 3 x 8 work up to a top set in 3 DB Laterals 3 x 12-straight set One Arm Pushdowns 3 x 12-16- straight set Cable Kickbacks 3 x 12-16 - straight set Pull:Strength Pendlay Row 3 x 8- work up to a top set Wide Grip Pull down 3 x...
What tempos do you guys lift with? jacapo_P 6 8 yearsjacapo_P (154): @SwoleAnimal I was doing this, using MI40, but now I'm just trying to be fast to build strength. Been reading a lot of elitefts, which is mostly powerlifting stuff. Does anybody use different tempos for compound and accessory lifts?
Squats are BAD for your Knees !! FiremanSi Jump to first page74Jump to last page 8 yearsHighdeas (1635): So i was doing squats today and during my first set, on reps 6, 7 and 8, it felt like the outside of my left knee was going to explode every time I would release from the ATG position to an upright position. Prior to those squats I did some foam rolling and stretching but couldn't manage to do another set.. to prevent injuring myself i just called it quits for the day..leg power on tuesday, hopefully this doesn't occur again
week point in my legs golagol 13 8 yearsgolagol (40): @adam82a just wanted to be more clear i thought i didnt explain me well , ok ty
expert naturall bodybuilding golagol 16 8 yearsgolagol (40): ok ty man
How will this interfere with my gains? 1WayJones 6 8 yearsMCarey (2179): And too impatient to wait for dem gainz
Floormate - One Body Part/Day Grovinne 10 8 yearsGrovinne (544): Whoops, I missed the 3-4 sets part of @brian12's post. Thanks guys. Hopefully he listens to what I say. I hope to eventually fix the kid who was teaching this new kid too. Haha. But gotta go at it slow to prevent them from feeling attacked
routine from bodybuilding Illadian 2 8 yearsGGBro (553): You just need to pick a routine and stick with it for more than a month for starters. I personally wouldnt do anything I found on because its just a bunch of people trying to sell some weird "magical" system to get jacked quick. That being said, if you are still new-ish to lifting a 5 day split with the kind of volume suggested (Lunges 3 sets of 50) might be too much for you. He also suggests prioritizing body parts...
has anyonever seen success with lunges? Jelet 21 8 yearsJelet (2190): my cardio health is piss poor,if i did it that way, ill fail cardio wise before the muscle does. So im just better off with 1 leg at a time
B-Pak TIPS Training CALVES !! Inb4Norlda :) FiremanSi 27 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @eknight Yeah man i'm gonna fit it into my Lower Hyper days and see how it goes.
B-Pak Bicep Training & TIPS.. Great VID ! FiremanSi 5 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @brian12 No he warms up to his max weight of 50lb on alternating curls for 4sets, then 4sets of incline bicep curls, then 4 of elevated single arm cable curls. THe volume is the main thing to take from it its the fact that the bicep, after this, will have been trained in all elements of the strength curve and all target areas of full extention and full contraction buddy.
Advice for a newbie, por favor Bucky 7 8 yearsBucky (3871): @teewhat that's what my roommate told me also, why should it be higher though? MadCow's 5x5 calls for squats 3x a time but only deadlifts 1x. Should I increase this to 3x also? Or revert to Starting Strength and go with the linear gains until I top out?
New programme/ routine Hamer93 14 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Right knee is a bit dodgy due to hack and smith squats, my own fault :( Decided on sticking with my 4 day split as i love it but thinking of mixing the muscle groups up- Chest+biceps Legs Delts+triceps Back+traps+calves
Row variation 4real 3 8 yearseknight (58109): @4real you aren't going to be negatively impacted, but you also shouldn't be feeling it in your lower back to that degree. -3X
Need advise on chest roccafella 5 8 yearsleanr0x (4183): 2 things: eat and bench
My Dad's 60 y/o & Lifts: Need advice Konkuror 9 8 yearsKonkuror (1): @Winners, really appreciate the reply. It's all good man. I'll def check out some more threads & post when applicable. I just thought others may see this and give me some help but I understand. See ya around!
Any Succes with High Volume once a week? DazeTheOne 5 8 yearsbkoguy07 (274): move the biceps farther apart if you're gonna do that
Barbell Hip Thrusts brian12 16 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): I hate it when chicks tell me I have no ass :(. If I told them that they would start crying
is this full body split any good lyricalg1985 3 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): U seem to think u only have to do 8reps i'd try mixing it up also.. 8-12 for chest 8-15reps for back... and maybe slight more volume. If ur only a beginner i would worry much about arms and focus on the big chest and back exercises. DB Bench x3 Inc Bench x3 Pullups x3 Bent over rows x3 Seated Cable Row x3 OHP x3 Face Pulls x3 Just off the top of my head. Based around ur own program. Always make sure to use more volume for back then...
Splitting Quads and Hamstrings swollenscott 11 8 yearseknight (58109): @swollenscott many people actually train back and biceps together. Not sure why you are under the impression that that's a rarity. But to answer your question, both your biceps and triceps are active in upper back movements, along with the delts, pecs, traps, and rotator cuffs. If you have to pair back with something, you have a much greater list of things to choose from than with thighs and glutes, which are not only synergistic, but work as a...
Periodization Books kickinchicken 2 8 years_RudeCrew (15100): This is a good read if you havent seen it yet clickable text
Traps are growing taller but not wider? Sedlo18 6 8 yearsSedlo18 (25): ive kinda come to that conclusion as well. Im just going to add some more mass and go from there
**Lesson i learned today ARMS.. Tip4new guys FiremanSi 13 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @igg Yeah man agreed I'm left handed and stronger with back exercises on the left side but my right side is more developed, but stronger on the right side with OH pressing exercises... it's crazy... sometimes ur body is like that its mental.
Bulking program for using body weight Joeelyboy 4 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): U'd need a chin up bar... only way to hit back with BW thats really challenging !! Apart from rack chins or body rows.
only strength for naturall bodybuilding golagol 7 8 yearsgolagol (40): @brian12 no man i dont make it cimplicated , i know that strength program arent working coz i tried them and now i am on push pull legs and get really good gain , just wondering why people say that strenght is for hyp, anyway i dont think that u can do bill starr and eat on caloris surplus and make progress and to gain muscle coz i have tried it ,and i got really bad gain ! of course there are alot of good program but strengh program...
street workout.. jonrivs49 7 8 yearsIlladian (268): the huge guy is freakin scary imagine that thing running at you i mean WTF !!!! i usually stand still in such situation x))
What's your favorite type of sets? Rawsteel 19 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): Straight sets are a go to for me. Just makes progression that much easier IMO
Knee problems Hamer93 21 8 yearsdatabas1c (2188): Unless you are positive that you have good form I would consider replacing walking lunges with standing lunges. In my experience i find that lunges are the most often bastardized exercise in the gym and they only get worse when people start doing them walking.
Lat Pulldown Question mastamuffin 19 8 yearseknight (58109): Facing the bar, lol. Not sure exactly what you're asking. -3X
Strengthtraining in tennis specific training richhicks 26 8 yearspandasashi (3859): amen, dude!
Build Muscle Mass: Is this an effective w/o? deets91 7 8 yearsJigsawk (55): I think ICF Beginner routine is pretty good , I've notice a lot of gains on it, both in strenght and muscle. Search Icecreamfitness on youtube and check the full body routine. Good luck !
It's all about progress.. VIDEO brian12 4 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): As soon as i saw the title, i knew it was this!
Exercise order, does it matter? Rawsteel 9 8 yearsAKK (1998): or and my PULL day upper day is PULL MAIN PUSH MAIN PULL ACCESSORY PULL ACCESSORY delts/arms
YTW exersize? Sedlo18 2 8 yearsGGBro (553): I did something similar to that on an inclined bench designed to work your arms. Didnt like it. I felt torched for sure but I never felt any benefit to it after a few weeks.
Rep range guide MCarey 6 8 yearsgolagol (40): @MCarey this is the best article about rep range in my opinion good luck man
I neeed a split..... DFMaster240 27 8 yearseknight (58109): No, no, no! Guy comes here asking for serious advice and you offer the above. Shame on you. OP- I gotcha: -3X
I want bigger chest and shoulder Lud1309 8 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): cool you got Lazar as your trainer.
Push/pull/legs Jsn3004 4 8 yearsRawsteel (940): P/P/L is what i have been doing the last 2 years and i don't think i will ever go away from it. It allows me to work with the volume i prefer (6-9 large groups and 4-6 small groups) and to take each set to 1 rep shy from failure and throw in a few drop sets now and then without having to worry about if i will have enough time to recover or not. The frequency of the P/P/L i use is also in the middle of high frequence and low frequence, under 2...
Side lat raise TIP.. Youtuber's New Sub 4ya. FiremanSi 6 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @jonrivs49 Agreed seated with abs locked down. Helps to prevent incorporating other muscles.
what the hell happened.. fLx_ 11 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): I wake up as Hulk every morning.
New routine time Jezza_91 5 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Chhers mate, that would be great if you could
Your current routine and goals. Rawsteel 10 8 yearscassious (2926): I just made a log
*B-Paks New Tricep TIP.. (Video) FiremanSi 8 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Hahahaha... MAGIC.
Overtrained hamstrings FxElement17 15 8 yearsjja0016 (829): i wish my legs would get sore. fuck you. not srs. in a couple weeks they wont get sore anymore. ice bath? dat shit cra
Need help with workout varaition!! b_hart 3 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): How long u working out ? I always ask this don't be offended. U cutting or bulking ??? Also why the obsession with abs ??
Do you believe in the negative rep? Pearce_Bolton 16 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): Your muscle filaments latch onto each other when you contract your muscles. Picture velcro it's fairly easy to latch on at first right, but when you slowly pull the velcro off it seems like it's tearing. The same concept goes for your muscle filaments. The tearing of the velcro is the negative part of the repetition, you're literally tearing the muscle filaments on the way down (eccentric phase), promoting hypertrophy (growth). Filaments...
Someone complained about my gym attire :( G3NGHIS Jump to first page217Jump to last page 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): So this thread became a chatting thread.. Hehe
Which Back Exercises DONT INVOLVE Rear Delt? LongBeachPatriot 15 8 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): I was actually thinking about that earlier. May try it with only a 45 on each side and see how it feels. Thanks
Where can I find a good bodybuilding routine junifer 3 8 yearsadam82a (3100): In all seriousness though. Here's a few on top of my head. PHAT HST P/P/L GVT some type of upper/lower body split. The worlds your oyster, if you dont like anything you find just create your own.
Resistance bands ryan_929 19 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): They've changed the colours so i had to measure mine. But i have the red band for shoulders and the Purple(mines Green) for the hip openers like bryce and ogus. Those of u from europe and the states can check this out also they give the measurements so u'd only need to convert them and compare.
Workout, push pull cut ReiNN 3 8 yearsReiNN (4): it's the same as a push workout press exercises.
Bipolar workouts Snowball 11 8 yearseknight (58109): No routine = no plan. Not planning for success means planning for failure. At 5'11" and 165, of course you're making gains. You have so little muscle mass to start with, there's no way you WOULDN'T make gains. Get some structure. -3X
Dumping of wrists(barbell ohp/bench) AKK 10 8 yearspandasashi (3859): i love false grip.. i use it for a bunch of things including high rep bench and skullcrushers...i dont use it for big lifts tho.. i find my wrists hurt if i dont use false while going high rep
Advice on setting up a female routine? slowurroll 2 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): Upper lower with dumbbells and bodyweight 2-3 times a week plus 2-3 liss, or hiit
5 3 1 routine critique AustralianOak 10 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): @AarronStenner yeah man EK was right the first exercises are using the 5 3 1 progression. And I love the system as well getting strong :) @BaiTu thanks for posting man. It really does vary man, sometimes it will be long steady state run or it can be 200m sprints and I do life near hills so yeah they are used also. Neutral grip I use and honestly I haven't knocked out as many as I can in a row man. But my last day was 3 x 8 with a 10kg 22lb...
cardio Illadian 4 8 yearsIlladian (268): okie a silly question , how does low intensity cause lose of muscles tissue ?
Any readers on here? Scotian 7 8 yearsScotian (9922): Thanks fellas!
recovery time golagol Jump to first page37Jump to last page 8 yearsgolagol (40): @eknight i accepted your answer before just wasnt sure that i understand everything right , i thought maybe the muscle protein synthesis takes 72 hourse as u said but maybe others things take more , i just would like to be sure, ty very much .
Fat Gripz ?? wannabemuscular 8 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ^yeah. If I did farmers walks that is what I would DO!
PHAT question NJT 3 8 yearsrememberthis (556): @eknight after as in 'the day after' or 'after the workout'? Also, I want to do HITT training, is it better I do this after Power training or after Resistance training or should I just skip this? ps- I'm cutting on a 200 cal deficit during my 5-3-1/PHAT routine ps2- I hope you aren't mad enough to not answer just because we're pot and kettle on nutrition
deload issue Illadian 4 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): If you dont wanna work biceps then you cant do back, and if you dont do back and do chest and shoulders - from experience i start to get some bad shoulder problems. SO just deload for one or two weeks and give your body and mind a break.
Cutting natecruz 1 8 yearsnatecruz (1): Anyone know how else i can cut up my back? I do Cardio everyday and lift heavy of course. Some advice would be good:) Thank You
Critique my workout routine to get big arms Al3aZeF 2 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): I would do more deltoid work, it adds alot to makeing your arms look good when you have a big round cap at the top. Your anterior delts will get enough from chest pressing exercises so I would add some side laterals or delt flys and especially don't make facepulls optional. You don't want an imbalance in your anterior vs posterior deltoids for shoulder health or appearance.
Critique my workout routine to get big arms! Al3aZeF 1 8 yearsAl3aZeF (10): What'sup? I just wanna hear your take on my new workout routine, I gave arms their own day because I want to focus on them. Anyway the routine is like this : Upper, Lower, Arms, Off, Push, Pull, Off - Friday : Upper Bent-Over BB Rows 4x6-8 Incline Bench Press 4x6-8 DB Rows 3x8-12 Flat DB Bench Press 3x8-12 Pull Downs 3x8-12 Arnold Press 3x8-12 *Optional* Pull Overs 3x8-12 - Saturday : Lower Front Squats 4x6-8 Good Moarnings...
Shrugs - Opinions MCarey 27 8 yearsTrev182 (14986): This is great advice, testicles in all gyms are safer!!!
Workout routine for a newbie WadeWave 8 8 yearsYaBoiPrince (157): Good Article @SeahawkMuscle
How do you deal with lagging body parts? Hiiibbbb 18 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Lots of lagging parts because of bad form. Everyone just want to lift big.
Just a question nothing more. Pearce_Bolton Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearsPearce_Bolton (844): Which aspect is that @eknight? Thanks @jonrivs answered many questions :)
T Bar rows KnifeHands 21 8 yearsNorIda (46958):
INB4FireManSI NorIda 11 8 yearsrico (31): Nice i always stood a bit from the machine but gonna try this def!
Is this normal? Pearce_Bolton 18 8 yearsPearce_Bolton (844): But usually, I youst to be on strawberry whey protein, im wondering if its just the chocolate cause I've always been on strawberry i only tried chocolate once, but at least im fine now. :) thanks @everyone for all your advice and thoughts much appreciated.
Dumbbell/bench press power MCarey 26 8 yearsMCarey (2179): Just thought I'd pop in and say I can now get the 40kg dumbbells up without a spot! Happy-progression
push/pull/legs routine!! golagol 12 8 yearsgolagol (40): ok guys i will do it one heavy day and one light ty .
true or false Illadian 30 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): If you said tricep rather than bicep i would agree. But when your doing bicep after chest. Bicep is a trigered in a pulling movement. Chest in a pushing. U answer
Bulking oliveraustin 19 8 yearsDevil82 (1240): PPL I guess, In your current you have chest and delts, both have pressing movements, so you will get a slight imbalance between push pull.
over 40 rowie 5 8 yearsrowie (66): that could fit makes sense too
possible routine strauss 9 8 yearsstrauss (31): yea man, im gunna give it a try thanks....back to the drawing board
Need a good routine for triceps Bulkalldaybrah 10 8 yearsCorkey (291): Try this bro, fukken kills for me: Spider Curl - 12;8;6;15 Incline DB Curl - 8;8;6 Barbell curl with your back against the wall -8;8;12 Preacher curl - dropsets to failure - 3 Keep your intensity up with these sets and make sure you have a solid warmup before just jumping into it!
Chest help jrc4979 15 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Maybe your uaing more of your tricep than chest. Bar touches chest. Use full range of motion with slow negatives. Mind and mus le connection - feel your chest
Programs for hypertrophy. KalletSc 17 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Thank you @Jelet. Damn it feels good when people I guess tell me I am in good shape or what not. I am always the biggest critic of myself..but now that I see how far I have came it's amazing.
Abandoning back squats samirsaleh 12 8 yearsSeahawkMuscle (277): @databas1c I mean yeah sometimes they aren't much different, but for the majority variations are to hit the muscle from different angles/change distribution of emphasises.
Need some help with training program Ernie_ 7 8 yearsmikew (11494): To answer your question about your work out program - do a google search for "Push/Pull/Legs routine" and "upper lower split". This will return some options that fit what you're looking for. It's not quite a full body split like you asked for but still achieves the goal of combining exercises into the same workout. For diet - gotta use Lose It or MFP to track your cals/macros. It's pain but the only way to know if you're...
Diet&Training, what's the ratio? Hewy007 10 8 yearsjonharder (1): I'd give them a good 50-50 split, as time and again, they proved to be equally important and not mutually exclusive. And yes, 100% dedication, that's what should we aim for!
definition movements what is the meaning ? golagol 22 8 yearsgolagol (40): ty
Newbie Question.. manletofsteel298 8 8 yearsjonharder (1): you can shop for routines that what your db can combine, but honestly, that won't be too many. And I suggest you don't use dumb bells for routines that are for barbells. You may also try to check on body exercises and some stuff in the CrossFit training.
If you had to..?? MrMailliw 19 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): I really prefer training alone because most of my friends are not really into bbuilding. If only there is a person or training partner that train seriously and dedicated as you are. That would be great. Someone that cane challenge you, a friendly competition that will help you gain and a spotter for heavy lifts.
SUMO Vs Conventional Tips & VIDS.. 3DMJ, EH, FiremanSi 6 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): I have no issues with conventional and i will probably stick to them to improve my core strength more for squats, how ever sumo probably suits my body more and I could most likely lift more with it, may switch in the future just for a change
wtf i did and what should i do? leanr0x 26 8 yearsleanr0x (4183): lets go and gains some awesome mass @BaiTu thanks man i cook all the other meals, just one meal daily made by mum. i tried using myfitnesspal but this is didnt work well because every woman is using an other recipe or there are no entrys for it in one year i ll finish school and start studying then i can start tracking macros
Db vs bb shoulder press,which do you prefer? DFMaster240 17 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): When i'm doing a seated military press with a barbell it just doesn't feel right I'm dumbbells for shouldy press, it just feels right
Those of you who do weighted rack chins Jelet 16 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): @Jelet ya that's not costly, well good luck with it man.
Does rep range, hypertrophy really matters. jonrivs49 11 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): ^ agee.. But if all is already perfect the sport will not be that fun anymore.. Well i guess gray area of the sport is actually a good thing.
need help on workout to bulk ReiNN 5 8 years_RudeCrew (15100): This
Chest exercise done wrong. Maarten 17 8 yearsMaarten (4299): @eknight You're absolutely right! I actually do use it as more of an assistance exercise at the end of my chest-workouts lately. Thanks for the extra info bro!
Deadlift breathing! Jayatfc11 4 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Here u go buddy !! Checkout how to brace a belt.
routine, oppinions? leanr0x 18 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): 2nd one for sure.. first one was madness.
Barbell and dumbell work same day skel1977 8