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Pec Tear = Comp prep over. Continue shred? skinnykant 8 1 yearMick_MPH (1): @skinnykant There are many variables that will be at play to continue a cut and retain your muscle - You said you increased your calories. Go up to baseline and leave calories there for atleast 2 weeks. Due to being in a deficit for so long your metabolic rate would of slowed. Not only this you will re-sensitize hormonal balance. Studies show re-feeds don't have to much of effect on the metabolic system. You need food increased for a longer...
Trap bar Hambo 3 2 yearsmikew (11493): @Hambo your question makes no sense. Why not just poke around the web? It appears that the terms are used interchangeably. Here is a video of a Trap Bar *and* a Hex Bar... it's a Hex Trap bar:
Big traps excercise Ozzyshaun 14 2 yearswannabemuscular (33216): I don't train traps directly, but I can tell you they blow up when I do heavy deads consistently.
Question for eknight: decline push-ups Dorich 7 2 yearsDorich (454): Yeah I'll have to reevaluate my form. I was thinking maybe a weak core could have something to do with it, but probably not. Thanks for your input.
Flying Push Ups Tutorial moke912 7 2 yearswannabemuscular (33216): Damn, Germans be angry ... :D
Specialization program NeCr0sSsxDD 2 2 yearswannabemuscular (33216): I'm curious where you heard this?
Women's Sexy Plus Size Print Slip With Thong kills896 4 2 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I'm pretty sure if I Google "Plus Size Women" i'm not going to see a girl that looks like that
u74kg powerlifting... Let's gain some weight manley_pl 2 2 yearsmanley_pl (7): Monday... Death by Squats, 50 rep total. 75kg 5x10 Followed by Deadlift 5,3,1 And accessories. I forgot what above 6 reps felt like.
Full Guide To Building Bigger Delts GinoBB 1 2 yearsGinoBB (22): Hey everyone! I made a full guide on how to build bigger delts, covering the basics fully and going in depth on movement patterns, and why that plays a huge role in training. I hope it helps some of you out! :)
How to fix rounded shoulders airawear 1 2 yearsairawear (4): Full blog post: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders Hey guys, Some of us have been hunching forward for a huge part of our lives because of the way we work. This is especially so if you have been working in front of the computer for a large part of your life (studying, working, playing games etc.) As a result of this hunching, you may have developed rounded shoulders, causing your posture to be hunched forward. In this post, I am going to...
21 Shoulder Stretches That Provide Relief airawear 1 2 yearsairawear (4): Full Blog Post here: Hey guys, I just published this article about shoulder stretches you can do anytime (very work-friendly!) but I wanted to share a short-and-sweet version here for you. You must be either a young kid or a truly healthy person to have never gotten stiff shoulders in your entire life. Unfortunately for most of us, we don’t fit the above bill. That...
Big protruding collarbones Marcane 2 2 yearsNorIda (46957): For information on this intriguing topic please refer to the following threads: Hope this helps.
Strange shoulder problem, scapula position Marcane 2 2 yearsWest165 (574): Could be atrophy of the serratus anterior. It looks like your acromions are popping out too, no idea why that could be. But I wouldn't take advice about this kind of stuff on here. Go see a doctor.
Moment of truth pics (horriby done LMFAO) BlakeScar Jump to first page209Jump to last page 3 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @BlakeScar TLDR
Protruding clavicle/acromion Marcane 3 3 yearsMarcane (1): Na man, no injuries and there is absolutely no pain.
One Arm Freestyle Push Up - Lê Phạm Thế Vũ lephamthevu 1 3 yearslephamthevu (19):
Street Workout (Calisthenics)Lê Phạm Thế Vũ lephamthevu 1 3 yearslephamthevu (19):
Asymmetry A_em 7 3 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @A_em No problem, i see this happen with new lifters (not that you are new) a lot because their dominant side will be much stronger than their other side.
How do I get broad thenotoriousgainz 9 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Hahaha. Great.
Increasing pump effect Wezt 12 3 yearsGYMRVT2 (10): You can try a High volume or PSP pre workout. Both those products give be a intense pump
Building a V-SHAPE back with dumbbells? Kev521 9 3 yearsEagleRare10 (838): I second @wannabemuscular. If you can get or have access to a pull up bar you should be able to make a lot of progress with that, though you'll want to start adding weight (as simple as throwing some books in a backpack or something) once you can hit a lot of bodyweight reps.
The Barbell Floor Press. Jesus 15 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Jesus Larsen was born with dislocated hips and club feet.. He can't get his legs into a position to bench properly with feet down that's where the Larsen press came about !!
Freestyle on Pull Up Bar - Lê Phạm Thế Vũ lephamthevu 1 3 yearslephamthevu (19):
4 years of lifting. eddyserb 16 3 yearsNFaesthetics2000 (1): How old are you?
Lê Phạm Thế Vũ Freestyle Calisthenics PushUp lephamthevu 1 3 yearslephamthevu (19):
Anyone? Lol dserious111 8 3 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): It's called a tsunami bar. Check it out on their website.
Face Pulls dserious111 11 3 yearsdserious111 (130): @FiremanSi thanks!
Accomplish Athletics AccomplishAthletic Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsAccomplishAthletic (1): Thanks man @NaturalBrawn! I appreciate it!!!! Keep killing it too :) Im trying to balance Bodybuilding and Powerlifting together :)
arm size fittness4life420 15 3 yearsfittness4life420 (1): Natural brawn i tryed that witha shoe string and i like it i can only do half the reps when doing it tho is 8 reps good with a 30lb?
Teenager Flexing Biceps Outthetics 7 3 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): It's in humane and unfair to the nattys
Fitness Photography Paulie 16 3 yearsNorIda (46957): That beard. I can appreciate the commitment it takes to grow such a beautiful thing, and you captured it so gracefully!
Ac joint/ shoulder Zyzzst 12 3 yearseknight (58109): There's a section in the article by Eric Cressey that may be helpful: -3X
Legs & Shoulders HardBody 2 3 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Head shoulders knees and toes.
Traps HardBody 4 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): In what sense exactly ?? Areu deadlifting, rowing, OHP ?? Hate to break it to ya.. ur training ur traps.
Back n Shoulders HardBody 13 3 yearsHardBody (7): Yes Lee Haney Split
Self Myofacial Release FatKid_AtHeart Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @kenty_ @ek... I enjoyed that read thanks guys !! 2opinions and perspectives don't have to agree with each other but makes for good read.
Good Leg n Shoulder Routine HardBody 2 4 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Shoulder Routine Video George_Kofi 1 4 yearsGeorge_Kofi (10): Hey guys the video is in german but if somebody is interested for a new shoulder routine or just for some inspiration take a look at it! if u have any questions just ask!
Trapezius Hambo 5 4 yearsZyzzst (4486): Slight bent over shrugs and high rows are key.
Shoulder vlog with big andy! Jealster 1 4 yearsJealster (91):
Shrug Hambo 3 4 yearsHambo (847): Thanks for answer.
military press Dem41 7 4 yearsDem41 (586): That's where I tried it last week, that's also where I place my hands when I bench, pinky on the rings. I may try this on a fsl on Friday, only a couple inches out from where I keep my hands now
Push Press vs Strict Over Head Press zacharyc 1 4 yearszacharyc (61): Which one, if any, is better for hypertrophy and strength of the shoulders? Currently push pressing as my main compound lift for my shoulders as I like the movement as its quick and powerful but in terms of hypertrophy and strength will it improve those factors better than strict over head pressing or not? Thanks in advance. Zach
Is this normal? Myofascial release. Rawsteel 9 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Rawsteel Increasing ur internal or external rotation is not something u can change with a few stertches and trigger point releases. It's like strength u can't just get drastically stronger in a week these things take ALOT of time. So keep doing what ur doing, the fact u've had some success already is a credit to ur effort so far. It is most like not just that.. u seem to have well developed pecs.. tight pecs can lead to internal rotation of...
Weak areas OHPloser 3 4 yearsOHPloser (4): Currently on an upper Lower split training 4 days a week. Lagging because they are out of proportion.
Cured my shoulder snaps nine0seven 5 4 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Yah buddy. I train back every workout.
School barbell and military press Hambo 11 4 yearsMMB (3616): @Hamer93 @SOLARSUPLEX without doing a pushpress, if you don't contract legs and glutes you won't be stable and your OHP will be a little weaker. It's like the leg drive on bench press. Overall stable fondation will provide more power! Without getting a momentum like the push press. My 2 cents.
Androgen Receptors Deltoid TimmothyGen 1 4 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Nvm I found Grizzlys response in the EK question thread.
Pull overs for serratus work bicepKing 2 4 yearseknight (58109): Or you could just do a movement that directly hits your serratus on your push day (since they are scapular protractors) like scap push-ups. Either way, they're a "push" not a "pull." -3X
Military press Hambo 2 4 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I guess yeah you don't want a barbell to the chin do ya? Make a log here so you can post your questions and progress.
shoulder help Sheila 24 4 yearsSheila (1): thank you. I guess when I lose some more weight they will show up better like the front and rear. I tried that machine for the first time yesterday and didn't really like it but may try it again. my lateral raises I should have add are done with a straight arm
Need help to bring shoulders out anteis99 11 4 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): Shoulder shocker is brutal for sure. Defo recommend!
DB bench and shoulder help Powerbuilder 5 4 yearsPowerbuilder (1): So normally I would use the 24kgs/50lbs for sets of 8 but as soon as it gets heavy or to the last few, my shoulder loses stability, I've dropped the weight and As soon as I start to struggle or it becomes challenging, it loses stability.
this machine csizemore21 4 4 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): From my understanding free weights are the way to go and some consider the OHP to be a secondary compound lift
OHP form assess before i increase darklight79 5 4 yearsthe1 (33860): Open thread to view post.
Are overhead pressing really necessary? Rawsteel 16 4 yearsCannonball (6283): It's not necessary but its cool
My body transformation Aurvana 15 4 yearsAurvana (28):
Under developed right delt/trap Jwooddb 17 4 yearsJwooddb (4): That's my thought, I can see the muscle so it should grow. I will book into the doctor this week and ask some questions. Thank you for your advise.
Serratus DOMS after OHP Hamer93 4 4 yearsHamer93 (9553): Thanks for the response, helps with peice of mind! I think it's where I don't normally do heavy OHP so it's new DOMS. We all know when you get a muscle hard that you haven't worked for a while the DOMS is a tad worse
Bench press relative to OHP darklight79 8 4 yearseknight (58109): ^^ I feel like these are a bit outdated, but they do provide a frame of reference. -3X
slingshot is amazing for bad shoulders csizemore21 27 4 yearsstrauss (31): I can definitely see that I have a shoulder injury and like I said I use it and find it very helpful to allow you to push yourself further with heavier weight
Uneven Body Parts correra911 6 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): The only thing i could say is use dumbbells for everything. That way the shoulder that is under developed cannot be helped by the other shoulder.
Push Day TheSecret 2 4 yearseknight (58109): Can't comment without knowing your routine and diet. Post 'em both up. -3X
who military presses the most on here lol csizemore21 23 4 yearsBucky (3871): @csizemore21 I like seated just so I don't put any strain on my lower back with heavier weights, but for higher rep work I do standing. military press though I do 3x5x175 still.
side lateral raises 3 times a week thephenomenon 12 4 yearseknight (58109): ^^agreed. When you have a good nugget of info, don't just drop it and run, lol. We all learn from this process so feel free to expand like you just did. -3X
Push Routine, Bench, OHP Jsn3004 6 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @hamer93 Yeah I was skeptical about shrugs on my push day but I think I'll just move it towards my pull day. But my pull day looks like this Pull Downs Barbell Row Dumbbell Rows Face Pulls Dumbbell Curls Incline Curls Depending on what day it is, usually one day I like to go for hypertrophy and another ill be usually doing strength so I would usually go for barbell rows first on strength day. @eknight You're right, I'm moving it to m...
4 day split? Beastmode1607 12 5 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @Hamer93 I try to do 4 exersizes at the very least I train 8-10 reps heavy as I can with good form I usually go 5 exersizes each muscle
Shoulder mobility issues when squatting? wannabemuscular 5 5 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): WTF. Insane
Shoulder health question Gianluca69 5 5 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): yes. Down and back, not up and back.
Rate my back workout eddyserb 26 5 yearsswollenscott (571): If it works for you then do it. If you stall try low vol and heavier weights for a while then go back. Also keep in mind rule of diminishing returns.
Military Press 105 Kilo !!! halilpower 4 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @halilpower How did u find ur sweet spot with ur grip width on OHP ??
Anterior delt recruitment, bench and ohp Rawsteel 7 5 yearseknight (58109): @SOLARSUPLEX truthfully, I think think they do them because they just don't know any better. @Rawsteel that's not entirely accurate. While the supraspinatus is the PRIME mover during the first 30 degrees of abduction, it's not the ONLY mover; the lateral deltoid is still doing work. Personally, if you're only concern in lateral delt hypertrophy, I'd use DBs, seated in the middle of a bench, so that they touch the bench when you're around that...
Shoulders too big radamel7 7 5 yearsBaiTu (3096): It sounds to me also like you are overanalyzing.
DIPPING DEEP - CERT FOR SHOULDER SNAPPAGE??? ShreddedSumo 12 5 yearsShreddedSumo (10): Great info eknight! I understand fully now thanks !!
Shoulder pressing Rawsteel 4 5 yearseknight (58109): He's correct, but his illustration of the scapular plane is a little inaccurate when he demonstrates it. See the image below: You don't need to go into full neutral position (the sagittal plane). I think I misunderstood what you were asking, because I do my DB shoulder presses in the scapular plane anyway. -3X
Should I add shoulder exercises for lagging r1ch37 25 5 yearsbrian12 (9495): @r1ch37 lets say you do a push workout tomorrow. Start with chest then do ur shoulder work. Next time you do a push workout start with shoulder work then chest. Keep switching between starting with chest and starting with shoulders each push workout.
Them Traps Vtimez 16 5 yearsbrian12 (9495): @Vtimez take a look at the link i posted for snatch high pull. Try it and your traps will hurting the next day
Militarypress while sitting. havent a rack - halilpower 1 5 yearshalilpower (16): my shouldertraining guys .... ı dıd want do militarypress but we havent a rack ... so i did while sitting on the decline bench and sry for the bad quality in the course of video
Is this routine too taxing for shoulders? BitchesFancyMe 14 5 yearsBitchesFancyMe (13): thanks man solid information. will do that!
Poundland Powered 275lb shoulder press video Bigdaveyessex Jump to first page39Jump to last page 5 yearsBigdaveyessex (85): Ha Ha proteinActive bars now on Amazon, don't have to dodge grannies in Poundland talc isle anymore! They have a protein gel too....why didn't I think of that?? Banged out 2 reps at 140kg on OHP, but it was seated so doesn't count...
Push Day Question aesthet1x 9 5 yearsaesthet1x (22): @Perfidy I didn't know that, thanks you. You think it looks fine?
Uneven delts Cubb 5 5 yearsCubb (112): Lol I'll try to ease up on the shoulder fappin
Full ROM on OHP etc SwoleAnimal 4 5 yearseingold (1291): I personally stop the bar inch below chin
Anatomy ??? c3pOMG 3 5 yearsc3pOMG (208): yea I knew about the delt work on bench day which is why I give it at least a day between. and that's also another reason I was thinking about giving it 2 days in between. I remember reading somewhere that there was some "upper pec" involvement with barbell MP. glad you could clear that up for me. thanks for the reply EK, you always come thru
What's everyone's 1 rep max on OHP eingold 26 5 yearsjja0016 (829): If you can lift 110 lb dumbbells for 14 reps you can easily hit 225 OHP for a 1 rm I would assume. Probably a lot more. I don't know about you but I can lift more with bar than I can with dumbbells. So, if you're hitting 110s for 14, then theoretically I would assume you could do the same at least or more with bar. @the1
Shoulder Workouts Vtimez 16 5 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Get that bowling ball action!
Darren Plotkin training abeguelestrada 3 5 yearsTrev182 (14986): Horrendous link.
Power cleans vs OHP? MMB 4 5 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I guess you could replace overhead press with a hang clean to a strict press. I probably wouldn't advise it though because you'd end up really breaking up your set. It would end up being somewhere between 5 single presses and a single set of 5 presses.
right shoulder lower then left rangnath 13 5 yearsrangnath (1): Finally i came to know the reason for uneven shoulder height searching on net since last 4 months . I was having glenohumeral internal rotation deficit usually occurs due to throwing hand movement since i used to play cricket from child hood without strengthening it. Shoulder muscles became weak which dropped humeral head forward shortening shoulder muscles depressing shoulder.
weed smoking and shoulder press stuck golagola 25 5 yearsthe1 (33860): Shhhhhhiiiiiittttt
Traps Workout! StyleOverConfurt7 21 5 yearsStyleOverConfurt7 (16): What about the serratus??? Whos territory is it?? :)
Blackburns cassious 1 5 yearscassious (2926): Tried them yesterday, They are really good!
Uneven traps?? Thedude67 16 5 yearsThedude67 (3088): @Trev182 I never had
Rotator cuff Health. cassious 7 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Diesel crew Shoulder Mobility drill Every upper body day mate.
Help me get my 3D delts Sedlo18 14 5 yearsajm87 (409): my favorite video
Lagging medial delts help Hiiibbbb 17 5 yearsTrev182 (14986): If that was aimed at me.. It has been scientifically proven that there is no advantage to cycling creatine, instead of taking in 5gs a day
Prone Trap Raise cassious 3 5 yearsteewhat (1972): gonna give this a go on my pull day I reckon. looks great
What the hell do I do? Sedlo18 14 5 yearskickinchicken (8716): @Sedlo18 if take away the 3rd bench exercise, drop your sets of flyes down to 3, and think about switching your 2nd exercise to something like floor presses or even just flat bb bench. And you do just as more sets on your arm days as you are doing for and other muscle group. Your arms are like 1/4 the amount of muscle mass as your back chest or legs. Spending that much on arms is crazy to me. And blasting you bi's right before back day... Just...
Shoulder pain. Lightweightbudy 3 5 yearsLightweightbudy (10): Eh mate. I'm just trying to help now, not hurting anyone.
shoulder soreness Bullet2345 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Absolutely no way to tell without knowing your history, the layout of the workout, and seeing your form. -3X
Best exercise for shoulders? Pearce_Bolton Jump to first page65Jump to last page 6 yearspandasashi (3859): @Zyzzst rear delts lookin big dude.. @kickin progeria?
Is it bad for the shoulders and elbows Sach 3 6 yearsSach (1): Yea, might give it a try then;p What's your guys view on hitting everything every 5th day btw? A "medium" frequency so to speak.
dumbell shoulder press BaiTu 30 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Trev182 Wrong again.. Class Clown. :)
Front delts sore after chest day? Sedlo18 11 6 yearseknight (58109): @Sach no. A "pure" front delt exercise would result in shoulder flexion, not horizontal adduction. The anterior delt is a secondary contributor to the pec major in the bench press, but I certainly wouldn't say it's a pure front delt movement. -3X
**Shoulder Saver- Smiddy Diesel Crew.. (VID) FiremanSi 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Hamer93 I've watched tonnes of his videos and the equiptment they have is unreal !! Learn so much from those guys.
Shoulder stability VLog eknight Jump to first page78Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): I wouldn't with leg presses, no. It's not an apples to apples comparison, as the hip is far more stable. -3X
Tip for latt raises Hamer93 4 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): When sitting some people un-intentionally lean forward and swing back taking tension off the lateral delt. Not saying you do this just i find it helps me and i wanted to share incase it is any help to anyone else :)
Feed Me Moar!! e.e <- thts my cute face btw Illadian 4 6 yearsIlladian (268): @SRorhrbac0808 Nazi >,> @pandasashi this is first time i hear of it , so any more info to share about it , is it like warming up shoulder ? or should be set as a normal exercise
How do you do pressing movements? srsly SwoleAnimal 29 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SwoleAnimal Shoulder shocker(AMAZING), face pulls and light side lat raises... primarily what i do for shoulders... i've tried bringing back OHP and seated DB press but just not worth the discomfort.
Wide shoulders MassTitan 15 6 yearsBaiTu (3096): It sounds like the problem isn't the size of your shoulders but the size of your back. My recommendation is to make sure you do two reps of every pulling exercise for every rep you do of a pushing exercise. Stay natty my friends.
YTW exersize? Sedlo18 2 6 yearsGGBro (553): I did something similar to that on an inclined bench designed to work your arms. Didnt like it. I felt torched for sure but I never felt any benefit to it after a few weeks.
Side lat raise TIP.. Youtuber's New Sub 4ya. FiremanSi 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @jonrivs49 Agreed seated with abs locked down. Helps to prevent incorporating other muscles.
Shrugs - Opinions MCarey 27 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): This is great advice, testicles in all gyms are safer!!!
Db vs bb shoulder press,which do you prefer? DFMaster240 17 6 yearsHewy007 (2980): When i'm doing a seated military press with a barbell it just doesn't feel right I'm dumbbells for shouldy press, it just feels right
Those of you who do weighted rack chins Jelet 16 6 yearsKnifeHands (5569): @Jelet ya that's not costly, well good luck with it man.
Rear deltoids Hamer93 9 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): FacePulls are one of my favourite and most unappreciated exercises. I do them on back day also, seated on a bench and pulling the cable from above head height.
What's the point of behind neck BB press? MrMailliw Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Way back people believe that front shoulder press targets front delts and the behind the neck actually to target rear delts. But now due to research and modern science. Its is proven that both target the same area of the shoulders and doing front press is safer than the behind neck press. Its a persons option or choice if he wants to do behind the neck. I do it sometimes. Its just that front is safer than behind the neck.
Barbell hang high pull SwoleMutant 3 6 yearsoceanair (18010): honestly brah, i don't know. but i'm still waiting for my jar of honey. go find winnie!
High pulls! SwoleMutant 10 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I started them with a low weight that i could perform 12-15 reps for this. I've progressed to 4x15 @50g. My form is really good and i never do reps less than 12. Slow controlled progress mate... They are a KING of an exercise !!! :)
Delts,They looking good?Advice 2 improvement Pearce_Bolton 17 6 yearsPearce_Bolton (844): Oh, so just like activating the muscle fibres like slow -twitch & fast twitch fibres?
Want to change up my shoulders routine PECasus 18 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @AustralianOak Hahaha.. good stuff man. @pandasashi Thats it man... everyones had diff experiences with lifting, diff injuries and different muscle groups that they want to prioritize...
One of my top favorite lifts (vid) SRorhrbac0808 7 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ^yeah... If I REALLY don't try I'll loose firkin 7lbs in a week. haha. I am sure the leaner I get the more methodological I will have to be.
Dumbbell chest press weight vs shoulder pres Trickerd 4 6 yearsTrickerd (28): Thank you bro. the tips mean a lot. (:
Overhead Press wannabemuscular 17 6 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): seated db seated smith
No chest, no delts, push movements of pc SwoleAnimal 18 6 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): I'm gonna come at this from a different angle and advise heavy arse deadlifts and powershrugs.
Lakcing Lateral/Medial Delts BornToLift 21 6 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Best response ever, please stay with us Sam. Post pics.
Sissy Shoulders Kevin 16 6 yearsMassthetics (364): @Kevin shit son split your back and chest god damn! ahah and defs do not skip legs... rookie mistake no.1 haha
Another Shoulder question.. jonrivs49 12 6 yearsSwift (1411): IMO front raises are near pointless if you're doing heavy pressing. I'd definatly rather be doing face pulls or rear felt rows. I think face pulls should be done at the end of every push and pull type workout not just to balance out ur shoulders but also for over all shoulder health and stability.
Standing barbell military press Jsn3004 4 6 yearssamirsaleh (1957): @wannabemuscular i think it makes the exercise a bit more compound as it involves a lot of other muscles specially back, also i feel it makes ur shoulder strength functional as u r able to push that weight standing up (IMO)
Boulder Shoulders Jezza_91 5 6 yearspandasashi (3859): perfect. face pulls for dayssss, love those things
My Shoulder and Bicep Workout This Week Prometheus 10 6 yearsPrometheus (829): Thanks a lot, trying to keep this profile up to date I definitely plan to Sunday - Chest and Tris Monday - Shoulders and Bis Tuesday - Rest - but for the next couple weeks this will be abs and hyper back extensions, hurt my lower back addressing the issue Wednesday - Max Chest (Westside) Quads and Calves Thursday - Arms Friday - Back and Hams with Calves Saturday - Rest I will continue powerlifting, but bodybuilding is also a goal of...
Shoulders BRANDON_12 16 6 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): I do shoulders with legs cuzzz I rush through my leg workout just so I can start doing shoulders. I know its bad but it keeps me motivated
Ben Pak's 3Tips for new Growth in Arms & Sh FiremanSi 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @cassious there's a place to enter ur email there and he sends 1 per week generally... some promotions and some gems, introduced to him from vince del monte's stuff. He's smart guy and very easy to understand, breaks down the science with proof. @brian12 No problem my man... thats what it's all about. :)
Shoulder Development rklohe 23 6 yearsMcQueef (2982):
Success AarronStenner 8 6 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Thanks dude!
3min Shoulder Warm up. CLASS. FiremanSi 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Only tricky part is REMEMBERING them all when u get to the gym... haha. So write them down or put the list in ur phone !!
Back and shoulders help? Jezza_91 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Facepulls..... Rear delts and Shoulder HEALTH !!
Shoulders burn workout KingLeonidasXIV 2 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Whats ur goal ??
SHRUGS Ben777 21 6 yearsBen777 (5358): Interesting, like I said to Dirk - whatever works! I think the squeeze is extra important with shrugs, I just woke up and it feels like someone has taken to my back with a baseball bat! Love it
Snatch help Markovich 14 6 yearsajones46 (11701): #WIN.
I almost cried in the gym today Cannonball 10 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ^THIS!!! Thank you dex...... Good got OP... Your pansie shoulder workout
isolation of front delts essendon 3 6 yearsessendon (1): cheers mate
Rack Pulls? DFMaster240 12 6 yearskickinchicken (8716): Like @FijiSotia said, it's still a compound lift, so I'd do them at the beginning.
Rear Delt Fly (Posterior Delts) SRorhrbac0808 7 6 yearsScotian (9922): Ohhh, fuck I always do palm down I guess I'll have to give it a try
rear delts push day or pull day? Dave21 6 6 yearsArodlopez (43): same here.
Ever try this shoulder exercise? trapsht 3 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): He looks like OVEREEM !! Never tried it, wouldn't knock it though. :)
Shoulder Workout MannyZ 10 6 yearseknight (58109): I noticed this too. Mass- do you do rear delts on back day? -3X
RACK PULLS SRorhrbac0808 17 6 yearsNorIda (46957): Baha! You impress me all the time dude' I'm twice your size (as in I'm a fatass) and you keep up with me!
Shrugs Markovich 23 6 yearsEFJK (2316): My new favorite are Deadshrugs. Tried them last night to finish off my back workout, pretty sore this morning which my traps rarely are these days: AV Hits Back at The Mecca Deadshrugs start at 5:50
Shoulder Exercise Question Monster81 15 7 yearsMonster81 (1678): Yeah man, can't remember the name for the life of me, really bugging me because I wanted to check my form again. I think I was having some impingement issues with my right shoulder from humping all my gear in Afghanistan. I couldn't raise my right arm above shoulder level without pain, but I'm all good now. I was doing rear delts and don't think they've ever been a problem area for me, but maybe this just helped by hitting them more.
FORM CHECK: Overhead Press (video) Spankky 22 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Yeah, I agree - forearms should be vertical/ 90 degrees at starting position. In the video they are pointed inwards
Having problems with my traps and rhomboids. ilifthard 23 7 yearschriselkins (1597): I hate when people post pics of their back like that. What are you trying to show by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Take a rear lat spread pic, a relaxed pic or the good old rear double bicep, por favor!
PHAT have little impact for Shoulders? jonrivs49 7 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): I add a few things into my shoulder routine, I've definitely seen a lot of growth on my delts from PHAT! Rear felt rows ftw.
Shoulder shocker workout nastybeast 8 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): i think il give this a try when i get into the gym next
Lateral Deltoid Training FijiSotia 8 7 yearsthe1 (33860): @even. I do hamstring curls and lunges before squats on leg day too... Weaknessesfirst
Militarypress question Markovich 7 7 yearsMarkovich (595): I also do 4 sets of that, started going heavier recently and felt so much better! :D
Shoulder injury! Does this help?! killer34 6 7 yearskiller34 (1): I booked a physio for next week. We will see what he says.
Constructive Criticism! Dukenhiemer Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Uni plus I spend nearly no time on internet and as soon as I hit 5pm the internet becomes so shit I can barely load SS forum :(
Military press vs DB shoulder press... Markovich 12 7 yearsMarkovich (595): That's what confused me, because the weight I take 8 reps with DB, I can only take 6 reps with BB x) but it won't take me long to get stronger with the BB I hope, but thank's for the answar, I will do some speedwork as Swift mentioned and see how that works :D
Your view on shoulder training Zyzzst 15 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): I do DB Press not only because I feel it is safer without a spotter, I also feel it in my shoulders more than I ever did with BB. I used Jim's program over the summer to bring up my delts which were SEVERELY lacking and saw good results! Still are a weak point of mine but at least I no longer have flat shoulders!
intense shoulder workout lucaboi29 15 7 yearslift4life (595): is that thing your wearing some sought of gay fetish clothing? ah and dude slow down ur reps man wtf how fast do u want to fkn press those weights dafuq, if u wore that in aus allot of people will fkn give u the evils and tell u to cover ur nipples...
not gettin sore?? jforellana00 3 7 yearscassious (2926): I only get sore from high reps of shoulder exercises
Rhomboid Injury Poncho 3 7 yearsPoncho (4): bump
rotator cuff hurts!! Cellestino 11 7 yearsJLC (36): It also depends on which excercises you do and how you do them.
Am I the only one... JJ3065 8 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): i deff think of this. standing mil. press hurts my back though so i dont do them very often
Over head pressing BEASTIX 13 7 yearsAverageJoe (4510): just sit and incline the bench a bit to prevent injuries.
leg press machine for shoulder workout dogtum 3 7 yearsNorIda (46957): interesting.
How many reps do you's do on lateral raises? Jordan336 19 7 yearsprabalpratap (1): 3 super sets: 15 kg : 8 reps 12.5 kg: 8 reps 10 kg: 10 reps
Shoulders and pressing movement Zyzzst 3 7 yearseknight (58109): Any exercise is as safe as you make it. DBs do allow you more freedom in terms of range of movement, but if your shoulders are otherwise healthy, they're not necessarily "safer." -3X
How could I add strength training to this? Jordan336 10 7 yearsathsports (4): If you're trying to build strength I'd do military press in the range of 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps, then add your assistance work on top of that (higher volume stuff to keep up your weight.. I'd go with 3-5 sets of 10 reps). If you wanted to focus more on strength I'd do more strength sets and less sets of the assistance work. Pretty simple. ATH SPORTS NUTRITION
Deltoids Mikhail 9 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): ;)
shoulders lagging bigtime... lift4life 19 7 yearsTtime21 (679): try the shoulder shocker to i have been doing it and really think it has helped. ill try to find a link but if u check the search u might find it. also brian and alex both do it
Any of you have great shoulders? tarotale 4 7 yearsthe1 (33860): example of "static hold" after 3 heavy sets of db shoulder press, take the weight down to just about shoulder level and hold there for 20+ seconds and try to press the weight 1-2" but that's it and keep it in the same spot with elbows flared. example of "drop set" for dummbbell side lateral raise, pick 3 dumbbells 5lbs apart from each other "20lb, 15lb, 10lb" and rep them out with PERFECT form...
Trapezius training Markovich 7 7 yearspandasashi (3859): shoulders.. if ur doing deads on back day, thats already a big day...
lower traps adam82a 3 7 yearsadam82a (3100): Thanks a bunch man!
P.H.A.T. and Shoulders G3NGHIS 6 7 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Maybe I'm not lifting heavy enough. That has been one thing I have noticed with P.H.A.T. is that I am way stronger than I realized. Literally have stuck to Hypertrophy for two years now. Before that I was a scrub.
how often can we hit traps? nastybeast 9 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Either get straps or put them on a day that requires little forearm use and/or doesn't have a lot of volume already.
Shoulder Stability & Injury Prevention McQueef 2 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Found these really helped my shoulders.
shoulders chesty 3 7 yearschesty (1): thanks bro
Just hit a new PR 180 x 4 a BEASTIX 18 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @BEASTIX Norlda is only showing his dominance dont take to much offence haha jokes, but yeah congrats on the pr
Beast Rear Delt Movement SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE PICK SOME GOD DAMN WEIGHT UP OFF OF THE FLOOR KK THXXX BAI
Trap Exercises Avk77 18 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @Avk77 Nice! SS Wolfpack provides again!
should I? Jingo 6 7 yearsJingo (10): okay thanks to all of you guys for your input
Going to train delts Rawn 1 7 yearsRawn (1338): saiyan mode activated. pumped already hope this helps you to
Shoulders-sets Zyzzst 1 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): Im about to hit up shoulders in approx 30 min and i was wondering what you all do for sets and reps!!! Always curious to hear your workouts, not saying im going to change mine but I just love talkin about this stuff!!! Heres my routine! Dumbbell shoulder press 4 for 10-12 Face pulls 3 for 10-12 Rear delt flies 3 for 10-12 sometimes i go for 15-20 Side lateral raises 3 for 10-12 Then i do multiple types of shrugs for traps and only...
Broad shoulders nastybeast 7 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Anyone in the top 10 at the Olympia has insane genetics. They have also worked harder than 99% of people to get there but you can't win Mr. O having bad genetics for both the shape of your body and muscle building potential. Look at Phil Heath before he started BBing Already had an amazing base of muscle without even caring about it too much, choosing to focus on...
SHOULDER AND LAT WORKOUT Flexin_allday 13 7 yearsFlexin_allday (289): before that school, our schools were like 250-400 people.. our whole community only has 45,000 ppl and alot of old people
Shoulder Development AarronStenner 25 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): So single arm to correct technique ?
Face pulls snap crackle popped my sh*t up! MrMailliw 13 7 yearsCrypt (100): I've had trouble with my rotator cuffs, and have done those band pulls, 100-150 every other day, loosens up my right shoulder massively. Also try warming up with these exercises with 2-4kg dumbbells before any shoulder, back or chest exercise:
Quick question Zyzzst 7 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Small muscle so DOMS won't be too extreme in them, doesn't mean they are recovered just because you can't feel them as I rarely get DOMS in any muscle since starting upper lower but am making gains. All I have is one old FB picture as my avi, fuck what other people think! If you don't wanna upload pics just don't.
shrugs/traps? drakula 5 7 yearsAKK (1998): dip shrugs, great for serratus anterior, in my opinion you cant cheat a dip shrug.. you either come up or you dont, simple. You cant use leg drive, I also believe the ROM is a tad bit better as well. Time under tension is also extremely higher imo Dip shrugs + bike pulls and your mother will be proud (if you were wondering)
rear delt exercises Dragonian 15 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): i sit on the seated row machine and put on the long bar i use for wide grip lat pull downs, then i bring that up to my chest area using wide grip and when i hit my chest i hold for a 2sec count while squeezing the shit outa my rear delts and traps. works great. one of the professional bodybuilders at my gym showed me this.
Serge Redding - the press brian12 5 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @BaiTu Yeah that video and jump are magic!
Good shoulder routines Massthetics 1 7 yearsMassthetics (364): In need of a workout to build some olympian orbs...suggestions please... my current ones are 3xlateral raises 3xalternating front raises 3xseated rear flyes 3x triset of the above with lighter weight obviously 3x isolated laterals btw i cant do presses atm because my rotator is busted up but i need to mix it up
Lacking muscles BWestern 10 7 yearsTheBangBus (706): You can do all what these guys are saying but if your not going to take it to failure on your last set.... your not going to see results
Can not find the burn JoelGSK 6 7 yearsBaiTu (3096): I thought "feel the burn" was just something that aerobics instructors said.
Training Shoulders BWestern 3 7 yearsPopeye25 (1692): side laterals/ rear delt work can be higher reps presses can be lower.
Need help on my seated dumbbell should press DFMaster240 17 7 yearsPopeye25 (1692): doesnt going all the way down on shoulder presses activate ur side delts also?
What is your 1RM in the following exercize? Cannonball 3 7 yearsCannonball (6283): 185 is nice:D my buddy does 105x6kg (230 lbs?) pretty deep behind his neck... definitely mirin ^^
Kroc Rows? BrettDaniels 10 7 yearsJusu (618): Need to get dat 225lbs dumbbell from somewhere... Or the bigger one mentioned in the article (300lbs).
Back/Biceps/Shoulders routine Chris 4 7 yearsPopeye25 (1692): shoulders= a press/side delt/rear delt back= rows/pulldowns(lower back hit on leg day) bis=whatever eg; barbell rows x3 db rows x3 chins or pulldowns x3 db presses x3 lateral raises x3 bent over laterals r rear delt row x3 barbell curls x3 maybe hammer curls x2
Shoulder Workout - Help! PYOOnGDOOnG 5 7 yearseknight (58109): NO. Beginners also don't need an entire day for arms. OP- You have nothing in there for rear delts, either. Make it simple- pick one pressing movement, one medial delt movement (ie, side laterals), one rear delt movement (ie, face pulls), and one trap movement. Four sets each. Done. Would re-evaluate your split as a whole, as well. -EK
Arnold Presses? Popeye25 11 7 yearsPopeye25 (1692): did em today for the first time def will keep doin em. def felt it a lot more than regular presses
upright row c3pOMG 4 7 yearseknight (58109): I do them on my back/shoulder PHAT day. If you're looking to target more traps, use a grip that is shoulder width and heavier weight. Stop when the bar is nipple height. -EK
Do you guys go heavy on shoulders? DFMaster240 17 7 yearsDragonian (4951): yea that it but by not putting his elbow on a surface he is using his delts more than his rotator cuff you need to rest your elbow in a large surface like a flat bench and you go on your knees so your shoulders inline with the top of the bench. This way your rotator cuff is isolated more as your delt is relaxed
My shoulders are lagging... Youngbrah 24 7 yearsChristf (2910): I'm the same. My legs and shoulders grow very well with high reps. Slow negatives/supersets too. Which I don't mind at all because it makes leg day very fun ;)
How to train shoulders, carefully? BossasaursRex 20 7 yearsWbauman (952): Thanks.. I have been doing db presses instead of bb because I can change the angle and not put as much stress on my shoulder.. I'm hoping that by strengthening my shoulders it will improve my bb flat bench.
How to keep your Shoulders healthy brian12 1 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Following on from BossasaurusRex's post - I wanted to share a link with everyone (at the bottom) I have had shoulder problems all my life and torn a rotator cuff. However, since I've dropped the overhead lifting and all overhead heavy pressing, and focused on higher rep - shoulder shocker, I've seen the best gains of my life, and great shoulder health - and as a result increased bench press and faster recover periods for...
Rear Delts HELP!!! Trojan1991 11 7 yearsTtime21 (679): today i started with rear delt raises 30s,25s,20s,15s,10s with minimal rest and they were wreaked
changing something bosssantana 5 7 yearsbosssantana (103): my gym lacks of equipment as well too
my max ot shoulder training bosssantana 1 7 yearsbosssantana (103): today my shoulder workout was thumbs down to me AHHHH!
shoulder press bosssantana 10 7 yearsbosssantana (103): which one do ya find more effective if ya tried both ways?
traps with shoulders r back? Popeye25 13 7 yearsPopeye25 (1692): ya all i did was 3 sets of shrugs once a week n they grew. recently i started doin like 8 sets 4 with and 4 without straps to end back day n they blew up. they always get sore as fuck tho
Why wont my shoulders round out?? SwoleAnimal 14 7 yearsseansm10 (906): i read somewhere that when he lost because he had chicken legs from the knees down or somthing hed train with an upward of 500lbs? calf raises every single day im not saying its impossible..but i mean.. come on
Whats the best way to get a good pump Orlando_b1 17 7 yearsMyOwnEntity (1074): Welcome to hell!
SHOULDERS!! Dave18 14 7 yearsAnimalstats (1): definitely Dumbbell shoulder press or military press, they both prove to be the most effective way to continually shock and build the muscles, by increasing weights and sets obviously you give yourself more of a variation.
New Shoulder Routine balius 10 7 yearsMazz (573): I would definitely say one workout is enough. Don't up the set's or days, up the INTENSITY! Alternate your last set of each excercise with either different drop set methods, forced reps, FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE, rep and weight schemes, one week use barbells, next use dumbbells, etc. My shoulders are fucked. Probably for life :( I can only do about 50lb dumbbell presses without hurting myself, so I have to do a lot of different tricks to have an...
Need help/ideas! Dukenhiemer 14 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): Thank you much for all the advice! I will implement this and see where I go from here! Much love, no homo.
Your Shoulders Day? ssfan12 4 7 yearsDragonian (4951): lying rear delt fly x 4 military press x 4 seated dumbell shoulder press x 4 lat raise x 4 dumbell shrugs x 4 I always hit rear delts first as they are a weak point for me and doing 2 pressing exercises really helped bring my shoulders up but not many people do it.
Fuucked shoulders Ares 10 7 yearswannabemuscular (33216): Strangely, the only thing I can do that doesn't flare up my bursitis is Overhead Barbell Press. Any time I try to incorporate upright rows or any type of lateral raise my shoulder starts hurting.
Struggling to improve my traps Bledders 18 7 yearsShadow (448): This guy knows what's up lol
SHOULDER WORKOUT DannyW 10 8 yearsChristf (2910): Ankie: I used to do a similar shoulder workout with the side/front/rear non-stop. Also, have you ever tried the shrugs where you pause at the top for 2 seconds? For example: you shrug and hold at the top for 2-3 secs for a total of 10 reps, then you just pump out 5 more regular reps. They really hit your traps.
shoulders like a gymnast Zeph 10 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Err if he wants shoulders like a gymnast then he should train like a gymnast. If he wants shoulders like a bodyvuilder then he should do heavy incline bench heavy military etc etc