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Self Myofacial Release FatKid_AtHeart Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @kenty_ @ek... I enjoyed that read thanks guys !! 2opinions and perspectives don't have to agree with each other but makes for good read.
GH for recovery of health kremer5 25 3 yearsThatguy81 (541): Lol, you clearly don't know anything about hormones and how your body works. Go talk with your Dr...
How is this possible? jja0016 10 4 yearsjja0016 (829): I was reading about letrezole as well. People are saying it is the only thing that can actually reverse gyno a bit as well as cure it. However the side effects are extremely harsh. Also, I read that arimidex will cure it and maybe even reverse it a bit if done early. Arimidex would probably be my 1st choice but Letrezole is the king apparently when it comes to this stuff. Definitely going to see a doctor first though.
Please help! Torn ACL! Need exercise advice dgevurtz 3 4 yearsDevley (1): Agreed, rest now and heal properly. I have heard many stories of re-injury and worse for ware after. Listen to the doctor and follow advise. Work your way back in slowly and always treat with cold after to avoid inflammation from building up. The knee has sch little blood flow to begin with, you do not want to obstruct that unnecessarily.
Standing desk and knee pain Rawsteel 3 4 yearsRawsteel (940): Nope, it doesn't, and i don't keep my legs locked out btw, i keep them relaxed.
bruised rib rememberthis 4 4 yearseknight (58109): Did OP answer himself???? -3X
Rupture - Stop training? jimmycho 5 4 yearsjimmycho (1): Ok, probably youre right i will slow down or just relax till operation thank you for the answers
What would you do? slowurroll 7 4 yearsswollenscott (571): Ratio wise 2:1 pull:push is important so possible through on some band rows or face pulls. Also I prefer prone / seal rows over cable but whatever suits you :)
Can anyone help me out. jonrivs49 13 5 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): F@$k Y@u @eknight. Haha. I'll just monitor it for a week. I think its not something severe.
Degree of scoliosis? nine0seven 6 5 yearsnine0seven (2569): Okay cool thanks guys (:
Lower back pain seansm10 3 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): My girlfriend has a pain in the exact same spot. We havent been able to figure anything out to fix it because you cant massage a 'bone' as where the pain is. Hate to say it but i think you just have to get the money together and go to the physio man. Feel better and update here with whatever happens!
Anyone ever hear a pop in hamstring? Jelet 8 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): I'm waiting for you to blame genetics.
Need opinions Xxlean 11 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): WHY CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???
Need second opinion on osteopaths diagnosis Piggles 6 5 yearseknight (58109): I think that's a matter of semantics- managing it IS changing it. But since you can develop a pelvic tilt after age 21, that means you can change it. -3X
Volatren NSAID Gel Causing Bad Side Effects. LongBeachPatriot 1 5 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): I was given a small amount of Volaten NSAID Gel for some aches and muscle inflammation and it seemed to help. So I get script for it from my GP and started using it daily at a much higher quantity than I was initially (following directions). I slowly noticed irregularity in my bowels and in the past week started getting severe bloating, water retention, and the worst thing, constipation. I am very regular with going to the bathroom, its usually...
Hernia? OlympusSculpted 11 5 yearstamere01 (7126): Love that nickname!! And regarding that pic nothing looks abnormal to me.
Injury Prone pl8e 2 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): For working out with injuries, see a doctor and see what they say. As to injury prone, you're probably doing something wrong which is causeing a higher risk of injury.
Bonefusion Please help iwillmakeit 1 5 yearsiwillmakeit (7): ok so basically you might remember me i made a post a couple of months ago about me not being able to bend my thumb, i have no muscle on my palm and i cant bend my wrist backwards but recently i went to the doctor and he explained that through xrays there was no abnormalities and my joints were fine, so i asked him how did it really happen he said it was a bone fusion he didn't go into detail about it so i tried Google but i cant find much, i...
Shoulder injury chriselkins 7 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @chriselkins What about trying the shoulder mobility dril by diesel crew with the small band... Ur boy Matt does it to warm up upper body. Going through that warm-up might help u target the area at which is most painful... Alot of internal external, rotational and dislocation work in the drill. This way u can target what specifically is sore and now how to treat and what to avoid.
Kidney Pain Hyzz 2 5 yearseknight (58109): What makes you believe it's your kidneys and not your back? That's quite a self-diagnosis. -3X
Best time to get blood work? nine0seven 4 5 yearsnine0seven (2569): Go see your doc or call a clinic & ask for a blood test for testosterone levels. That seems right to me. Probably doesn't matter at all. It's not like it's going to make or break a test.
omega 3 and low platelets. golagola 16 5 yearsgolagola (307): @Frostshock no, he said everything ok the platelets shouldnt be an issue it is just not in the normal range , the real issue is what causing the platelets to be low or heigh and in my case there is nothing its can be maybe genetic or it is cause of too much omega 3 but my english bad so i dont really understrand if omega 3 can reduce platelets level or not :S
hemorrhoids -_- GStarRaw 16 5 yearsCharl (115): Good luck with that bitch of a hemmie! Please make sure it heals 100% before training.. My dad had them aswell and had to have them cutt out, sore as fuck!!!
Could any one help me out? Pearce_Bolton 5 5 yearsPearce_Bolton (844): Thanks @McQueef :D
help myrightarm 4 5 yearsmyrightarm (7): Ah sorry i wasnt being clear, yeah i want to lift but find it hard im going to the doctor tomorrow and then he will refer me to a specialist, i just wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge thanks anyway:)
Blood Test need your opinion (who understand golagola 15 5 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): go to the doctor. what are you on?
THROWING UP BUT NO pain?!? ezvmoneybeast 5 5 yearsHewy007 (2980): first nipple pain then this, are you trolling us? Go to a doctor instead of addressing a fitness forum, jeez
MY LEFT NIPPLE FEELS SENSITIVE! ezvmoneybeast 6 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): Definetly go and see ur doc!!
herniated disc question illwill 5 6 yearsillwill (331): I understand. I have been reluctant to go as it has been getting better, and it isn't that painful. walking isn't an issue for me. Bending over and standing up are the only times I really experience anything. I'll make an appt next week.
Liver Failure after weight loss supp samirsaleh 8 6 yearsKnifeHands (5569): @WinnersNeverQuit google DMAA stim dick
Acne Probs.. david12345676 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 6 yearsElenaS (1): Wash your face twice daily, use a retinoid, this cleansers contain ultra-high levels of vitamin A, which help to clean out clogged pores and dissolve away grime. Drink plenty of water, it helps to detoxify your body and purify your skin, so make sure you drink water often throughout the day.
Halp tingling sensation in forearm... adam82a 7 6 yearsadam82a (3100): Thanks for the answers guys, it's literally only in the forearm. Roughly in the middle of the brachiradialis I'd guess. It feels a bit weird, it feels like my arm is about to snap, but thats probably just in my head and I guess its a pinched nerve
Pinched nerve? sickrykes 7 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I love the way doctor.. set ur mind at ease then straight into panic mode again. Not serious, but lets do loads of tests. I know it's to cover their ass, but surely they should send u straight to the specialist.
how do i know if i have testicle torsion! Babic94 29 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): wtf man.. Never.. hehe.. @Babic94.. Visit your doctor..
Please Help me :( EliasTat 9 6 yearsmikew (11493): @EliasTat you should reach out to people who are going through or went through the same thing as you are. For example talk to this guy @saylee
Trapped Nerve Jordan17 5 6 yearscassious (2926): Get someone to roll a ball around on the sore spot?
No Lifting BRANDON_12 12 6 yearsBRANDON_12 (1528): Thanks everyone for the advice!
pre workout/test problem juanf122388 30 6 yearsnicholascollins (103): Don't take preworkouts anymore! tough as shit as first, but feels a lot better once i got use to it!
inguinal hernia ys1337 3 7 yearslukecorney (1021): docs usually feel it straight away but not so comfy the way they have to check, see another doc cause one nut is an indication of one but its not certain
help? kinda urgent!! ?? lift4life 8 7 yearsSwayz87 (9039): @lift4life ; ) he he he Cheeky I know
Im freaked out and think I may have a hernia G3NGHIS 28 7 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): No, Rohrbac you are a champ. You have the quads of a great ape and the heart of a champion.
Back Injury- Likely hood of lifting again ? JTsLiP 6 7 yearsJTsLiP (261): I'm in the Army so I get free medical, in saying that I have no doubt that I will rehab, I guess I was more asking to see if anyone had undergone similar injuries to get more of a personal opinion on the situation. So thanks allot guys for the insight, just gaining as much knowledge as possible :)
sooooo happyyy :D lift4life 6 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): gl with that and i hope you have speedy recovery so you can get under a bb soon!
Injury help Zyzzst 15 7 yearsJezza_91 (1315): I'd honestly rest a few days and if its still sore you know it's something serious. Better to lose a few days and rest than act stupidly and cause yourself long term damage.
Strange poping sound in my right elbow! DFMaster240 8 7 yearsDFMaster240 (577): So I shouldn't worry about it right? But thanks for letting me know!!
INGURY!!!!!! SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsjohon6 (1393): left rotator cuff is shagged,
headaches? JustinVoise83 9 7 yearsdwatson (26511): *cough BE A MAN cough*
Shoulder injury Reeksy 7 7 yearsAKK (1998): no, except for the rice part and no
Dudes arm snaps 700lb BP JJ3065 15 7 yearsThor (5028): That's enough internet for tonight...
It retracts without the juice? B7AC 10 7 yearsB7AC (64): I've also heard this too, because nothing I take seems to be the cause of it and like I said it only happens when I'm really pushing it. I'll probably get it checked later in the week.
neck injury el_adri 1 7 yearsel_adri (1): Good morning everyone! I have a cervial herniated disc from a bad fall I had a couple of years ago. And since then, I stopped training. I was wondering if anyone out there had an exercise routine with the objetive of healing the neck. I would to be 100% recovered before I actually start touching the weights again.
Lower Back popping sound? IttzaJoey 2 7 yearsdrakonnan (100): I get that too! No explanation for that though! Anyone else experienced this?
damn...lower back/tailbone injury? drakula 11 7 yearscmc (112): Hurt my back dling couple of weeks ago went er they said strain gave me relaxer and pain meds felt worse taking them. They said if no better in a week get a mri. took a week off from gym got better last week was the first back felt good even dled fri. felt great over the week end then this morning back to hurting. its like my hammies tighen. the pain is lower mid back kindive goes to the hips. Hope you get better this shit hurts.
shoulder pain jaydiddy85 4 7 yearsjaydiddy85 (382): I wasn't planning on doing chest for the rest of the week anyways. I will give both of these warm ups a try.never had a really serious injury so i was just being cautious. thank you both.
Tailbone Injury 16 year old ionatan 3 7 yearsJLC (36): It can take some time. (Im a physiotherapist, or almost done) Its probably not sitting in the right spot. You can manipulate it back on its spot, but you have to stick your finger up a place not worth mentioning here, lols. You have to get it fixed by a osteopat.
Chest pain. Maarten 8 7 yearsChristf (2910): reps to that...don't risk it man. The heart is something you can't mess with!
Help with groin pain Mobbsy12 5 7 yearsectomorph94 (879): Slick one out. That should relieve some discomfort.
broken toe adam82a 2 7 yearsmikew (11493): I would read this - Then I would try to get my toe xrayed to determine if it is broken or not. At the very least I would try to get a referral to a orthopedic foot specialist, especially one that specializes in working with athletes. This person will properly diagnose your injury and tell you if/when it's safe to get back in the gym.
Snapping hip syndrome? b23ketball4life 7 7 yearsMatt2284 (124): My left hip pops sorta when I am doing like leg lifts and stuff. No pain, just annoying.
Torn Rotator Cuff ectomorph94 6 7 yearsmikew (11493): - It is extremely unlikely your shoulder will improve on its own. I waited 3+ years before I realize this. I should have acted sooner. - Find a physical therapist that works with athletes. I found a guy via - The guy provided me with treatment (including acupuncture) and rehab exercises that worked. - I had/have terrible insurance but the PT offered an out of pocket rate. It was still...
Exercise Induced Headaches? Lad_UK 6 7 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): first time was as a newbie doing rear delt cable raises and twisting my body to try and get one one more rep out (stupid i know, bu, i was a newbie) and somethine went, and another time was doing shrugs (about a month later) and just strained far to hard (the weight wasn't moving but i carried on trying and my muscles just failed, the weight just dropped from the midpoint, and my head jerked forwards
Stress Fracture? Parmley 8 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554):