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FREE ISO Whey Protein Sample!! jhmktg 3 5 yearsHamer93 (9553): Nice one mate
Favorite protein almighty_she Jump to first page41Jump to last page 5 yearsalmighty_she (562): @Bucky gonna check it out, thanks!
what do you think about this supplement? tomislav 5 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Hahah... yeah i'd say thats users of steroids mate. All this is is a hyped protein complex with creatine, hmb and beta-al.. 30g of protein and some simple sugars... peptides and bcaa's.. 1.8kg for £52.. absolute rip off... Wanna put on 5lb in a week.. not EVEN if u were on steroids could this be done. Well maybe if it was ur first cycle and firs couple of weeks even THEN if would be a stretch.
Pre-workout & Protein powder Matias1151 15 6 yearswannabemuscular (33216): My favorite preworkout lately - nice strong espresso style coffee. Just add some milk and sugar and ready to go!
Cheap protein deal $60 for 10LBS haole 9 7 yearseventheodds1 (5644): Ik Nor i have on whey, bcaa, creatine and a giant tub of "glutamine". I was close to finishin my 10lb bag of ON whey so wuz looking for a diff and cheap whey lol.
having protein powder after food sickrykes 4 7 yearsThor (5028): First part is correct but second isn't. It might be superficially true that whey 'spikes' insulin, but that is true of all foods that may be converted to glucose. Most of a regular whey supplement is protein, which is hydrolysed into its constitutive amino acids and taken up by cells. It will ordinarily not be used for glucogenesis. This means that there will be no corresponding rise in insulin beyond the relatively small amount (like 5g?) of...