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Balanced Body - Article lordcenturion 1 4 yearslordcenturion (1): I've gathered the information that has helped me build a bit of strength, power, muscle mass and endurance. The only reason I have become obsessed with building muscle is because I was really skinny. I had to do something. I struggled for a few years, tried many things but I finally uncovered what works for me. I found out the hard way, through injuries, how it is important to work every muscle group with the same dedication and...
Fix Your Posture - Article lordcenturion 1 4 yearslordcenturion (1): I've had posture problems for years but like many chronic conditions you become used to it and it sort of becomes normal and you forget about it, at least it was like that for me. I've become used to feeling lower back pain every morning. What I've realised is that lower back pain is only a symptom of poor posture, in my case an anterior pelvic tilt. What I had to do is fix my posture and then my pelvis would tilt backwards thus reducing the...
pelvic tilt( short leg) rangnath 2 5 yearseknight (58109): See a qualified licensed physical therapist. -3X
Posture control/problems Hamer93 12 6 yearsDanimal_88 (9760):, heal yourself by correcting the movements causing your posture issues.
Pelvic Tilt AarronStenner 12 6 yearsJayatfc11 (274): Everything I did us kinda covered here although, I sat on an exercise ball instead of a chair sometimes just to help use core a little, kneeling and standing on it then to increase my core! Did bum raises n plank but when doing them i "rolled" my pelvis and kept it in that position each time. It takes 6 weeks for it to break habit!
posture Markovich Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): And herein lies the issue. This is factually an incorrect stance. Let me present this analogy and see if you understand: if you believed that hyper-extending your knee was the best way to engage the quads fully, but were then presented with the dx of several doctors of physiogy who subsequently told you that hyper extending the joint is unsafe, would you still believe your nonsense or would you take the advice of people with greater knowledge...