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Squat Form Critique Ravenfraust 1 6 monthsRavenfraust (7): Hey guys, Just started lifting again after a very long time. I realized my squats have become quite bad. I feel like I am leaning too forward with butt wink and not breaking parallel. I've had videos of me squatting from a long time ago but my form is still the same. I read about ankle mobility and I did some wall test. I Couldn't touch the wall with my knee with my toes 5 inches apart from the wall. Plus my heels go off the ground and I...
Body recomp possible? jjothshxh 4 2 yearsYeags (1144): 6’1” and a 175 doesn’t sound like you could have to much fat. You can get stronger on a deficit but very hard. I’d Clean bulk to make it easier to build muscle. Smith machine bar once? Your gonna need to get stronger and to get stronger you need food. I wouldn’t worry about fat right now the more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn... you want a lifestyle change .it takes time.
Best weight loss pills marymartins 15 3 yearslasjack (13): a caloric deficit and exercise. There are no short cuts (that are healthy and maintainable long-term).
How is my bulk going? Bf esti/ Advice?(pics) NoviceKev 4 3 yearslasjack (13): I agree with Frame and I would also try to get at least a few heavy sets in per week (1-5 rep range). I have found strength is critical to preserving lean body mass on a cut.
Steroid + PCT Juicywog 8 3 yearsmedicalgrower (1): And what if I also add God's Gift to this ratio? Will it interfere?
Need help.. Double butt.. yogstrong 12 3 yearsyogstrong (10): Ok understood, thank you :)
Patrick insane genetics? Holodrum 1 3 yearsHolodrum (1):
[Help] - Male, 24 y/o, 191cm, 211lbs. Lean b Nathan93 3 3 yearseknight (58109): Bulk like your life depends on it. -3X
Should i Cut or bulk? 177 pounds and 6.1 santiagotermi 6 3 yearsskinnykant (1): Bulk. Always Bulk.
Demonize supplement Spencer1104 6 3 yearskeylemike (13): Sorry to say I have not tried that one yet. So I have no idea about it. But I have used some supplements which work well. They helped me to reach my goal. Try this Healthy Self Programs
My pecs are growing slow but my arms fast? Purple115 5 3 yearsfitnessfreaky (1): Just be patient, everybody is different, so I don't think you have to worry at all.
Help 17 year old powerlifter with program xHxry 7 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Why is that exactly ?? More than willing to listen to why u think increasing frequency of the lifts for beginners is not a good idea ?? Also OHP not being a comeptive lift it makes sense to increase ur bench frequency across the week in its place.
MOVED TO US WITH 18 BYMYSELFTO BODYBUILDING vascovic 4 3 yearsEricleader22 (1): Keep training Eric leader Owner
First Comp Prep swollenscott 16 3 yearsswollenscott (571): A little squat motivation ;) ;)
Two year natural transformation 16 to 18 MattO1999 10 4 yearsMattO1999 (34): @wannabemuscular only like a 250 calorie surplus, but like I said want to keep the bulk lean without putting on any excess fat
Body fat estimate help? Fletch7878 22 4 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Intermittent fasting, need help guys? AxlSalvator 13 4 yearsJesus (166): @AxlSalvator lol Shame on yo name
How to be 7%BF and under naturally anteis99 7 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Of course you'll feel small. You're a natural trying to get to 7 percent bodyfat and below. Not only is that very unhealthy, and not only will you look flat and like you don't even lift especially with a shirt on, but it's not sustainable. For all I know your estimates are accurate or wrong. You'd be surprised by how many people overestimate how lean they are in terms of bodyfat percentage. But if you really are 5'11, 173lbs and have a bodyfat...
My skinny to fit transformation video teshafit 4 4 yearsKellyKapoor (1): great transformation! :eek:
Advice on last part of my cut strengthathletics 16 4 yearseknight (58109): @jamiee321 you plan on being a real contributor here or just spamming every thread you can with links to your site? -3X
Needing some advice Dorich Jump to first page93Jump to last page 4 yearsDorich (454): @Salokin Thx. :D
Bulk or cut teen Rmorgans 8 4 yearsRmorgans (1): @eknight I know that I am young and all, I just want to look good and be strong
Abs Darkfloppa 6 4 yearsAoverto7 (310): Probably need a waist trainer and some sweet sweat to really "tone" your abs. Maybe look in to a detox/fit tea.
6 months GreekOlympian 15 4 yearsGreekOlympian (1): @Cannonball apostle dude
How old do I look? Betin135 8 4 yearsrememberthis (556): Actually, if you take the limit of x going to zero, you get an approximation -- which would resemble the educated guess. Judging by the decimal point, and taking two significant figures, I'd say that's a pretty accurate guess, too.
An unusual request bronnblackwater 9 4 yearskickinchicken (8717): @OP why don't you just go to some model forum that will accommodate you more? Fitness models come here. Your goals are not fitness oriented.
Black Maxi Long Dress With Cape Set kills896 2 4 yearskickinchicken (8717):
PROGRESS AND ANALYSIS A7102009 12 4 yearseknight (58109): Well, the Lauver, et al study only demonstrated a difference in EMG activity of the upper pecs with a sustained isometric contraction, but not with dynamic movement, if I'm reading that correctly, so I'm not sure that it has a pertinent carryover to using the incline bench to "target" that area. -3X
Fitness Photography kayla_garretson 1 4 yearskayla_garretson (10): Hey all! New to the site and loving it! As a photographer I'm always looking for new people to work with, critique, and inspiration. Lots of good vibes and totally welcome to hearing from everyone!
Am I ready for my first NATURAL competition? kubicka 7 4 yearsrobinxchrom (22): If you want to compete, compete. Obviously in 3-4 years of continuously training and bulking, you'll be way more prepared. Its like why does anyone in their 20s whos not 20% bodyfat cut? Because they want to. If you're asking could you win with your current physique, probably not but if you feel like the challenge or competing then go for it bro! Theres more to competing than just winning. Its pushing yourself to those deep and low body...
Cutting Ckenne5239 2 4 yearsAoverto7 (310): For starters, you need to be eating in a slight caloric deficit. Do you know what your maintenance calories are? Your protein levels should be higher than when eating in a caloric surplus, 1-1.2g/lb of body weight would be sufficient. This is going to help prevent catabolism of lean body mass. Also, the slower you can diet down, the more beneficial. Increase your NEAT and don't add in excessive cardio until it is necessary, depending on how...
What do you guys think? Betin135 3 4 yearsBetin135 (10): Thanks
Gyno?? RyanMorgans 7 4 yearsRyanMorgans (4): @robinxchrom thanks man
I need help RyanMorgans 4 4 yearsrobinxchrom (22): u need to bulk for 1-2 years. eat in a surplus, find a good training program, progressively get stronger month to month, aim to gain 2-4lbs a month and dont sweat it. ur too young and inexperienced to have to worry about micromanaging this stuff. just learn to enjoy the gym etc.
Looking to lean up Tmacca 4 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @Tmacca I;m with @FiremanSi, that is a lot of weight to gain in a short period of time. Where you dirty bulking? There are smarter ways to bulk i.e. adding specific amount of calories to maintenance then seeing what it does then make adjustments. It's difficult to determine how to approach this. What i would do is take the caloric intake that you are consuming right now and subtract 500 calories. Then adjust your calories each week to the point...
Bulk or Cut? RyanMorgans 15 4 yearsjayjay770 (1): You're 15, so just lift a way that makes you happy and want to continue lifting, and eat healthy and clean and just eat a lot. Maybe add a protein shake to your diet.
Skinny arms peterholt 13 4 yearslolssons (1249): I would suggest continue with whatever it is you are doing but add in extra armwork at the end of your workouts 3days a week for like 4sets of biceps and 4set of triceps per workout the added volume will for sure make your arms bigger if you are in a callorie surplus.
Uneven hips (lateral pelvic tilt?) Dorich 4 4 yearsDorich (454): Alright, appreciate your input.
Pulled hamstring RyanMorgans 7 4 yearseknight (58109): Ok I give up. Who was he? -3X
Football workouts and training RyanMorgans 4 4 yearsRyanMorgans (4): good point @eknight
Is this good? RyanMorgans 14 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @RyanMorgans dude there is no magic number, um sure why don't you start there and stick with it for a couple of weeks and then come back. If you don't gain anything then add 500 calories and if you lose then add another 500 calories.
MY FINAL SPLIT QUESTION A7102009 11 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Yea..... I didn't read any of that. If you're going to write a wall of text, Break that shit up So it doesn't seem to be SUCH A FUCKING STRUGGLE TO READ Gotta trick out lazy asses into believing there's just one more short paragraph.
Starting Anavar/Clen cycle- w/ or w/o supps? jeliza917 11 4 yearsRandy (1): Hey Jeliza917. I find the hardest thing about choosing supplements is quality and how long delivery will take (I´m impatient). I once waited 3 weeks for my delievery because they sent the wrong items frst time around. I stumbled across this site for reviews and I refer to it now before buying anything online. have you also thought about fish oil for general health? Hope that...
Youtube MarcoMacias 5 4 yearsMarcoMacias (19): @NorIda well it works lol
*HELP! BODYBUILDING SURVEY* MALE&FEMALE Dane_Q 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @Dane_Q I don't believe there are any active competitors on this forum currently.
How to fix rounded shoulders airawear 1 4 yearsairawear (4): Full blog post: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders Hey guys, Some of us have been hunching forward for a huge part of our lives because of the way we work. This is especially so if you have been working in front of the computer for a large part of your life (studying, working, playing games etc.) As a result of this hunching, you may have developed rounded shoulders, causing your posture to be hunched forward. In this post, I am going to...
Workout for chest gainz AnthonyDee 7 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Thanks dude!
help me, support! MarcoMacias 23 4 yearsRawn (1338): totally agree with Ek. I would rather learn how techniques could help me improve my own lifts. Than watch jeff Seid pose in front of a mirror for 5 minutes. Take for example. this Video.. I dont watch Matt Ogus stuff. However He did 3 or 4 videos on stretching, and I saved it for future reference. Personally I would find Videos on stretching, And how not to mess up my joints for life, a good way to start. ...
Body Fat Levels... Keep Bulk or Cut? CaptainKanter 4 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Bulk all day bro....
Bulk+cheat day? Gtjones756 8 4 yearsDorich (454): A bulk doesn't always have to be about stuffing your face with everything you can get your hands on. There are several approaches to "lean gains" where the goal is to minimize fat gain by not adding more than 1 kg body weight per month, or even 0.5 kg in some instances. I do agree that 136 pounds at 6 feet is light, and that OP should definitely NOT worry about a cheat day screwing him up. Speaking of which... can you post a...
Asimetric chest Muscle NeluBrinzila 6 4 yearsRianAdrian (4): I feel sorry for u bruh just kidding youre chest gonna be good but u must make more lower chest exercise and some middle chest
Need advice. Pics included. extrasauce 13 4 yearsTedDansen (10): I don't think your program is going to make a difference in your progress. If you don't like it then change it, but push/pull/legs is fine and upper/lower is also fine.
Do I curl enough? William_Pompey 11 4 yearsWilliam_Pompey (1): Maybe they were
What to do in my case?? Ely 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): We have no idea what you look like so really can't give any advice.
First time Man Physique apperance Musclemania 6 4 yearsBeans (4204): @SOLARSUPLEX All in a day's work!
Ab Exercises for Fused Spine xckks 3 4 yearskickinchicken (8717): Do not use and bending or twisting movements whatsoever. You should be focusing on your core and lower back strength. The anterior abdominal muscular development will follow at it's own pace for now. leg raises, planks, etc are best. Also, focus on pelvic flexibility to help reduce the need to bend your back and place added stress on it. Just google pelvic or hip mobility exercises. Joe Defranco has some good stuff on youtube.
Sportswear start up brand questionnaire GreysteinFitness 2 4 yearscrystalmepretty (22): 1. How much do you usually spend on sportswear? ~$100 a month 2. How many items do you buy per year? 10-20 4. What is your favourite sportswear brand? Lululemon, Popflex, Victorias Secret 5. What is the most amount of money you are willing to spend on a pair of leggings? Sports bra? Tops? Jackets? Leggings ~$80, Sports Bra ~$50, Tops ~$70 6. Is the fact that the products are manufactured in an eco friendly environment important to you? It's not...
Ketogenic diets for fat loss AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Yep, this.
Online Trainer Wanted Reborn2011 2 4 yearsCannonball (6283): There's plenty. Just beware; if they're charging more than say 15 bucks per week it's a scam.
Trying out clen MarcoMacias 19 4 yearsMarcoMacias (19): @Jsn3004 fuuuark brah, thanks for 10/10 motivation😊😊
BODYBUILDING AND CRITIQUE PHYSIQUE A7102009 9 4 yearsA7102009 (1): Thanks, I think I will stick to l/p/p but instead do some more research on it, as I've read a few things about it recently that have got me thinking I need to change my version up, I've been going through some very old posts with Alex Muller, here on simply shredded, and he is a living god, (wonder what hes looking like now) he thought that l/p/p/l/p/p/ off was better for hypertrophy gains and phat was better for strength gains, may try a...
Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel AnthonyDee 1 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel!
Upper back exercises and sample back workout AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @AnthonyDee yeah dude.
Greg Nuckols on size vs strength AnthonyDee 1 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Really good article by Greg Nuckols on size vs strength
Cutting for 5 months with no huge changes tman87 13 4 yearstman87 (4): That's what I'm afraid of. I do want to bulk but I don't want to do it with +10% bf because I don't want to add fat on top of fat. And you could be right about losing the water weight fast. My first week I lost about 4 lbs.
Big protruding collarbones Marcane 2 4 yearsNorIda (46958): For information on this intriguing topic please refer to the following threads: Hope this helps.
1 year of lifting - no gains jeff12 30 4 yearsYeags (1144): Good job keep pushing have faith and know you can do it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
17, 5'5", 110 lbs. Help? Chandler 10 4 yearsWest165 (574): Have you considered buying a souped up lifted ford truck? Jokes aside, I know where you're coming from. Sophomore year in high school I weighed 135 lbs soaking wet.. I had little self confidence too. Just weighed myself yesterday and I'm at 188 lbs (I'm just coming off a bulk so a lot of that is fat) but when I'm cut i typically weigh 165-170. Just gotta eat, lift, repeat.
Do i have scoliosis? NeluBrinzila 4 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Yeah you should ask your parents to take you to the doctor. A diagnosis from a real physician is the only way to really know.
What ingredients do you look for in a pwo? GYMRVT2 8 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Thats unfortunate
Training for Strength vs Hypertrophy AnthonyDee 3 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): I'm not sure what ip slanging is... but yes, that's a Cyprus flag! Cause I'm in Cyprus! :D
What do you think my body fat % is Gtjones756 15 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): No, the whole point of s bulk is to not burn all the calories you are consuming. You want those left over to turn into muscle. 350 is not much when distributed over the whole week. Just 50 extra calories a day when you think about it like that. With how small and young you are. You'll blow up in no time. DO NOT NEGLECT ANY BODY PART. you'll regret it 3 years down the line when your... legs are way behind your upper body.
StreetWorkout-Žan Šket- Slovenian Champion mvpking5 2 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Wait I miss Lee phum
How to train for muscle growth AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsCharlesdog (1): Add in some upper back and core stability
Rate 1-5 and should I cut? Betin135 6 4 yearsBetin135 (10): Thanks
5 Year Body Transformation video GinoBB 9 4 yearsGinoBB (22): @Hamb0 Thank you! I've been on the forums for a while, mostly lurking around hehe.
Transformation thoughts ? MattO1999 8 5 yearsgetfit24 (43): Wow, great progress! And you do have long arms!
Workout plan that hits muscles twice a week? dayrone150 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): That's everyone's excuse why they either don't train legs or only train legs once a week. Total bullshit. Notice how it's always peoples' legs that blow up quickly and not any part of their upperbody
Fever and nasty cold 6 days out! Help EvanGrunt11B 27 5 yearsEvanGrunt11B (13): I've been only doing my cardio and just making sure I'm hitting all my macros. I'm eating at maintenance until I feel better,I'm pretty jacked up on NyQuil atm haha
Anavar cycle for women? Noname_ Jump to first page31Jump to last page 5 yearseknight (58109): So long went we understand, yes. The word you're looking for there is "repercussions." -3X
Olympia Predictions? ski870 Jump to first page60Jump to last page 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Nobody has it in for you, @BlakeScar. You are just getting called out on your ignorance, and you react very defensively to that. If you actually weren't just being monumentally ignorant on the topics you engage in, you'd present quality arguments as to why you're right, but you don't. You just babble on with nonsensical and incoherent walls of text, and it just enforces the generally negative impression people have gotten of you. Being...
"Dirty Bulk"? lovethemiron 8 5 yearsJesus (166): @lovethemiron They are probably getting better results than you because pizza is anabolic.
Bodyfat percentage estimate? Spooge 11 5 yearsJesus (166): @Cincinnatus about 4%
Increasing pump effect Wezt 12 5 yearsGYMRVT2 (10): You can try a High volume or PSP pre workout. Both those products give be a intense pump
NEED ADVICE ON Conditioning Jenrboyle 7 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): yeah lets just break her knees
Muscle buliding shake? BlakeScar 4 5 yearsBeans (4204): ^That would put fat at about 56% of your diet. I would drop fat and up carbs. Also don't know your weight or activity level, so no idea if 3000cals is enough to build muscle. I cut on 3000. Read the faq thread, you'll find it useful.
***ANIMAL CUTS*** LOW BLOOD PRESSURE HELP Hollowedzeus 4 5 yearsHollowedzeus (1): Thankyou for your help guys. If it worsens I will definetly stop but I think you may be right about the calories and carbs
Focus on Some Groups, Maintain others CaptainKanter 4 5 yearsBeans (4204): You'd probably he better off still trying to progress in all areas and equal out of over time than drop some muscle groups. Just working out muscles more often won't necessarily make them grow if you're already training them imoroperly to begin with. I would try changing some technique or exercise selection first.
Have i enough muscle to cut? NJCarolan 4 5 yearsNJCarolan (13): Cheers for the response lads ! Iv read the FAQ and the routine design, a good read and some really useful tips in there. I'll cut so, I am eating under maintenance at the moment while keeping my protein count high to maintain as much muscle as possible while cutting. I'll keep the forum upto date with how my journey is going. Thanks for the advice guys.
Not sure what to call it BlakeScar 22 5 yearsBlakeScar (40): Ahhh I see thank you very much then! Will do I understand can I just call you man or your user name? Well, weirdly enough I haven't lost any muscle so far and I just work out hard and eat protien as much as I can. Don't get me wrong I love carbs! Especially rice (I only eat whole no junk ever) but too much carbs will do that so yeah. I'm so far at roughly 10% body fat but my goal is 9 or 8 that should be enough to be shredded. Before I use to...
7 DAYS OUT! VLOG MENS PHYSIQUE! George_Kofi 1 5 yearsGeorge_Kofi (10): Hey Guys I started Vloggin everyday untill my First IFBB Mens Physique Competition! My First Competition is on the 30th the BioTechUSA CUP Second. Scitec Muscle Beach on the 6th August Third. Int. Austrian Cup. on the 11th Sep. And maybe then the Int. German Cup....
3rd Time Around - RJ Perkins (ATN Coaching) ATN_Coaching 7 5 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): Happy to see you are still here bud!
Need help! Contiue bulk or cut?? Thenorthremebers15 9 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): BUT BUT... the viles look so shiny and full of gainz. :(
Cutting macros Jenrboyle 17 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Jenrboyle NEAT is non-exercise activity thermogenesis it's burning additional calories through moving more and one of the best ways I've found its tracking steps daily especially if ur job doesn't have you mlvng a lot, desk job and such. U can eat more and lose weight when ur daily expenditure is higher absent of gym and HIIT training !!
Thoughts on Fastin Diet Pills? jayjay770 3 5 yearsBeans (4204): My thoughts are that most fat burner pills are overpriced and practically useless. Any advantage you get from their stimulant effects can be gotten with green tea or anything else that's dirt cheap. You can get really lean with a consistant caloric deficit, so spending extra cash when you're not already 7% bf seems silly to me.
Workout plans that hit muscles twice a week? dayrone150 9 5 yearsKS100 (13): No problem adding some rear delt work. 2-3 sett of rear delt flyes/facepulls each upper session will do the trick.
Naked Warrior Training Log francesconicoletti 2 5 yearsfrancesconicoletti (1): Workout 18.06.2016 a) Weighted Full ROM Dips ramping 5reps 5@bw+15kg | 5@bw+20kg | 5@bw+25kg | 5@bw+30kg | 5@bw+35kg | 5@bw+40kg b) Weighted Pull up ramping 5reps 5@bw | 5@bw+5kg | 5@bw+10kg | 5@bw+15kg | 5@bw+20kg | 5@bw+25kg c) Military Press 5@40kg | 3x3@50kg d) Lunges 8@26+26kg | 2x8@28+28kg (each leg) Workout 19.06.2016 a) Weighted Pull up 5@bw | 5@bw+5kg | 5@bw+10kg | 3x3@bw+25kg | 8x1@bw+25kg | 3x5@bw+10kg b) Neutral Grip Pull up...
Cutting Macros rr12 10 5 yearsfitzy2015 (1): 5ft 7 mate
looking at trying out anavar CDNBOY1993 10 5 yearsthe1 (33861): ill PM you
Why does my stomach go in so much/bf estimat tommm21 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Open thread to view post.
Post Bikini Competition Diet anastasiaova 3 5 yearsabuzer (1): Congrats : )
Becoming shredded for the first time ever Buttons120 8 5 yearsSalokin (877): Where to begin... Ok, 1st off, you're not 29% bodyfat my friend, it's much higher, but that doesn't matter. Don't get caught up in the numbers, they don't really matter. 2nd. You've been tracking cals/macros for a long time. What is your average daily macro intake? What types of food provide the majority of your calories? 3rd. How much do you sleep a night? My guess, mind you it's not a very informed one at this point, is one of 2...
5/3/1 set-up SnackIt 12 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): You said your goals are size and strength. You will gain size by being in a caloric surplus. You will gain strength by following the template and being in a caloric surplus will help as well. Boring But Big is a well known program proven to work. Once again follow the program and eat in a caloric surplus (Don't dirty bulk, eat 300-500 calories above maintenance). Sometimes we overcomplicate things when they are really simple.
When Life keeps giving Lemons. A LOG varunj17 Jump to first page100Jump to last page 5 yearsvarunj17 (498): Week 4 Day 1: 1. Squats: 4 X 1 at 125kg 2. Front Squats: 5X 2 at 70,75,75,75,80 3. Bench press: 3 X 3 at 82.5kg 4. Deadlifts: 4X 1 at 140 kg 5. Romanian deadlift: 2x8 at 80kg
Cellucore c4 or rich piana kill it jacobshoebridge97 6 5 yearsRiku_Hakanen (1): C4 definitely
Stuck on cutting jdarner 8 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Why would you want to be unhealthy lean and 17. Ur 17 and lean already... BULK MUTHAFUCKAH BULK.. take advantage of that testosterone rampant in ur system !!
New guy and I need some damn good advice jburnettksu11 3 5 yearsjburnettksu11 (1): Thanks for the advice! Ill check it out!! I appreciate it!
My Gym Story. 2011-2016(so far) SanderKaasik Jump to first page54Jump to last page 5 yearsSanderKaasik (31): Hey guys. I am back on track. Had 1 week off. Needed that, but now time for shreddin :P Current weight is 99kg. Wont let it got over 100.(It is summer time...) Yesterday did 1h of ergometer and full body for 45min. The day before did back/chest. Here is a video post competition...You have to watch this. Super good editing job ;) Keep it real, and stay shredded ;)
4 years of lifting. eddyserb 16 5 yearsNFaesthetics2000 (1): How old are you?
15 years old bodybuilder Outthetics 19 5 yearsNFaesthetics2000 (1): Nice one go check it out my page 15 years old
Opinions? dserious111 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Find a trainer for her. She gets in shape and you keep your gf. -3X
Upper/lower advice Savageguru 3 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): All of the above. The setup you have is a train wreck
Waist line ruinevesfitness 10 5 yearsruinevesfitness (1): Great! Thank you all for your Feedback 😊
15 Years Old chest Outthetics 1 5 yearsOutthetics (64): Motivation :D
How to stay lean while bulking GinoBB 2 5 yearsLiftamusprime (364): You know what sucks? This information was already on this the FAQ section..for the past two years..
Leaner waist help jacobshoebridge97 6 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Make everything else bigger and your waste will appear smaller. Or wear a corset.
Bulking results thus far zach216 6 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @zach216 Start a log if you want continuous feedback and constructive criticism.
Aesthetics: curvy vs. shredded? emsay Jump to first page37Jump to last page 5 yearsemmyweird84 (1216): All I can say is...dang I still have a long way to go. But you definitely look amazing, and a little extra BF never killed anyone, especially for us women!
Please help with new cut anteis99 8 5 yearsanteis99 (37): @eknight thanks bro for the advice like always. I'm going to do weekly progress posts thanks
Cant seem to build muscle AlexG777 16 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): HOLY SHIT :eek: Hahaha, i honestly don't mean to offend, but this is bordering to Bostin Loyd'ism
My favourite Chicken Recipe AccomplishAthletic 2 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): See the green square next to the users names? Those are reps. You can give each post three reps. The amount in the green square is somewhat equivant to the quality of your posts. Notice how many threads you have and you have 1 in the box? Clearly people are not interested in your content and perhaps you should spark conversation in a different way... Meaning... Not with videos.
Spring Break Advice SpringBreak0 14 5 yearsehukai (115): No one besides you will care about your body on spring break. Have fucking fun, be a man, and don't worry about the details.
Sadik Hadzovic Transformation Outthetics 4 5 yearsBeans (4204): What the hell is up with all of the Sadik motivational videos?
Perfect Personal Trainer Supplement Package OptimalEffects 26 5 yearsjbarr69 (4): In for free sups
Sadik Hadzovic - Motivation Video MarkVino02 25 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Jsn3004 bro he's gonna gain 30lb in 30 days. No shit he is natural.
Creatine effect Wezt 8 5 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @Wezt. will it build muscle Yes & No. creatine alone will not give you muscle but proven to improve strength and mental alertness. More strength, more weight you can lift that help you build muscle.
Ulisses JR Transformation MarkVino02 5 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @FiremanSi It's called puberty bro. All natty. He said he was and I have no reason to believe a complete stranger who is trying to sell me stuff.
Natural Body Transformation - 32 Weeks Benjamin147 7 5 yearsBenjamin147 (1): You bet! I am incorporating lots of unilateral shoulder work. However, the pose exaggerates the asymmetry a little bit! :-) Did you track your macronutrient intake or just did it "freestyle"? -20 kg in two weeks sounds like a lot! ;-) Could you keep at least a part of your muscle mass?
Good Leg n Shoulder Routine HardBody 2 5 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Progress of bulk. Think of mini cut darklight79 7 5 yearsBeans (4204): You're still pretty lean, so cutting for body fat purposes seems a bit silly. I year you on not wanting to eat as much though. What about just a short break, like a week or two of just eating less but not actually extending it into a cut? I usually do that when I take time off. A week or so of not stuffing myself and I'm good to go.
APT & Forward head posture problems blakeyt93 4 5 yearseknight (58109): Yes. -3X
**Article reading (Nutrition and Exercise)** DvG 4 5 yearsDvG (1): @FiremanSi Thanks very much, will give them a look and see what I can find
Proportions & Symmetry? JackGarrett 5 5 yearsBeans (4204): I accidentally read that as waist size = 86% of penis size. Time to cut :/
My Current Reference Log JackGarrett 1 5 yearsJackGarrett (16): Age: 21 Height: 6ft1 Weight: 87kg (Current) Bench: 110kg Squat: 140kg Deadlift: 210kg Experience Level: On & off for first 2 years but solid consistent training since 2014. Goals: Overall symmetry and aesthetics for one day to reveal to the world.
Thoughts on LR3 IGF-1 for the aware ezvmoneybeast 4 5 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Yea i'll give it a shot I'll have my blood tested before using igf and hgh and if the changes are positive and my levels shoot up ill link you guys my source if not then lesson learnt lol
Show prep 2016 Zyzzst Jump to first page57Jump to last page 5 yearsThatguy81 (541): I'm not on any kind is social media, but I'd like to see your progress. Looking solid...
M'lord sends his regards ezvmoneybeast 9 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Damn EZ they investigated your ass. Lmao.
6 Year Natural Transformation jordzmetcalfe 1 5 yearsjordzmetcalfe (409): My 6 Year Natural Transformation Currently sitting at 81-82kg which is similar to this time last year but with a little lower body fat. Measurements say i have put on 400g lean mass over this year which isnt massive but still progress
HGH and test E cycle 💉 Juicywog Jump to first page40Jump to last page 5 yearsJuicywog (25): @Bucky thanks for the info, yeah I'm planning on running phyzer 2iu ED, and also add the test in for roughly 3-5 months
Training for classic physique nine0seven 12 5 yearsZyzzst (4486): @eknight don't even bother man. This guy doesn't realize new chemicals and chemical chains are made every single day. Especially to get past the pro hormone bans, etc. Arnold and those guys probably ran high test and that's about it. Genetics played a HUGE role in old school bodybuilding.
does Pauline Nordin take gear? lauralovestolift 4 5 yearsZyzzst (4486): @ErickFromOmaha honestly they kind of do just a little less hairy hahahahaha
92kg-77kg in 3 Months | Motivational video tyrannosaurusrez 7 5 yearstyrannosaurusrez (4): Thanks, had ton of fun editing it! :)
New Austrian WBFF Competitor YouTube Channel George_Kofi 3 5 yearsGeorge_Kofi (10): thanks man :D
3 weeks out to WBFF London George_Kofi 1 5 yearsGeorge_Kofi (10): Hey what up guys im 3 weeks out to my first competition WBFF in London on the 14th Nov. I will try to post some progress pics in the next 3 weeks this one is right after my Basketball cardio session!
Back Transformation alkudari23 1 5 yearsalkudari23 (52): The more time you are going to put in something the more you will get from it. It took me 2 and a half years to get to where I am at. If you want to get anywhere you must put the time in. The more time, the more success. If there is anything I should work on let me know. I have a lot of time in the world. (:
How much alcohol can I get away with? Kecaldesian 20 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @eknight Defo doesn't lift... But he is hilarious so there that. Glad it's not me.. But not far off haha 😁
Interval Training and Fat Loss LifeofaFighter 3 6 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): Yeah I am currently still an amateur but plan on going pro after fully completing PT on my back after herniating 4 discs in my lumbar and cervical. Michael Caulo is my full name you can check out some of my fights and more info on sherdog or mixed martial arts
INBA state championship prep darex 30 6 yearsdarex (67): @TimmothyGen that's what we do here in aus bra. 5 of bodybuilding manadatory poses in mp in here . Judjes comments mail was good read. You guys in US will lol at it. Apparently I'm too big for mp and mp is considered a stepping stone for bodybuilding lol
First Men's Physique Comp! SickoShreddo 9 6 yearsthe1 (33861): good job man, and also good luck.
Osta Shred & Anafuse? Palmer 1 6 yearsPalmer (4): These products aren't yet available in Australia. What're your thoughts (personal and professional) and your results if you've used either of these products alone or in conjunction with eachother.
Steroids + 22yr Entry Level Girl Palmer 18 6 yearsoceanair (18020): @Palmer no problem :) i'm glad you did look her up. I thought it could help. plus, she's super motivating.
NPC/IFBB new classic physique division TimmothyGen 5 6 yearsBeans (4204): Cool idea. Should be interesting.
How Do Bodybuilders/Fitness Models Stay... ezvmoneybeast 10 6 yearsA_em (2424): Some of them are not afraid to show the truth, though.
How to prep? Men's Physique alkudari23 9 6 yearsalkudari23 (52): Lol btw whats aas? 😂@Zyzzst
Beginner/Intermediate/Advance vag19 5 6 yearsvag19 (1): Maybe a bit :D thanks
Opinion on my refeed anteis99 4 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): Ok, I only refeed every 5-6 weeks. A lot of people on here do it every other week. I honestly think it's body dependent and what works for you. If I did regress all the time I would gain weight because it's very easy for me.
#Leanbulk #UnderConstruction Niclas 8 6 yearsNiclas (1): Thanks bro. Eating as I write this ;-) Tell me about your fitness experience. What have you seen best results with? Calories/training wise
Rob Riches and Ifbb Pro Stanimal train bicep Stanimal 15 6 yearsoceanair (18020): I love anything Rob Riches lol. I enjoyed the chest videos. I thought it was cool that he followed your workout and I liked how you explained not to just go through the motions when doing a rep. You need to feel it. Great stuff man. Adding you both on snapchat :p
8% bodyfat 160-170lbs possible natty at 5'5? drew7 4 6 yearsJelet (2190): no. not possible. no way.(talking about true 8% bodyfat) you want 160-170 lbs at 8% you need assistance... and even with assistance your looking at a few years of assistance to achieve that....
6-pack struggle and bf calculation vag19 5 6 yearsvag19 (1): @FiremanSi Thanks!
Thoughts on this full body drew7 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Feel like I should just continuously copy and paste this: Too much push, not enough pull. Too much quad, not enough hamstring. -3X
Stanimal Ifbb Pro Men's physique Stanimal Jump to first page50Jump to last page 6 yearsStanimal (622): hey guys! part 2 is now liv with some trolling:
p/p/l scallo 9 6 yearsMethod (379): Do a A B split meaning switch more than one exercise.
Teenager and need help on my goals!! Illusional 1 6 yearsIllusional (1): Im currently 15 years old, 165 lb, 5'9. So basically here's my before bulk picture and the after bulk . I was on fierce 5 at the time of the bulk which is a beginner strength program. My main goal is bodybuilding and looking good but I wanted to be able to lift some heavy weights too. The before picture was at 145 and I could barely do 135 for bench but now I can rep it out for 12 so I have...
follow @dashes_fitness on instagram :) dashyy91 16 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): thats what I was thinking lol
Competition Stage Shots doctoruche Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsBucky (3871): @doctoruche shoot man that's awesome you could achieve that so quickly, congrats on that. I'm definitely following a similar route, dedicating tons of time daily to reading about nutrition, training and the supplementation needed to reach the pro level. I think that's a part i'm having a hard time with is the outside critique where friends pick fun because I don't go out and party and drink, family members with the "don't you think you've...
Comeback Season:Potential Comp Prep/PHAT Log KalletSc 23 6 yearsKalletSc (607): Forgot to crop this screenshot...but 3 year difference. The left was right around the time I began reading/lurking simply shredded. Saw the Matt Ogus interview and set getting an interview on this site in the distant future a huge goal of mine. Who knows if that will ever happen...but I am damn proud of how far I have progressed since then. I was 18 and probably...
Protein Blends Fayzeh Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsArimac44 (451): Most Most egg whites sold are pasteurized to reduce the risk of food borne illness. I have ditched protein powder in favour of liquid egg whites.
Bodypower Ireland 2015 Promo Code BPIIAF darrenmc 2 6 yearsblackbull (22): @darrenmc Thanks will pass that on to a mate of mine that lives in Ireland.
4y of training progress eddyserb 10 6 yearsSoutheastbrah (16): good job on the progress,man. but why do you think that's it's useless to track your workout?
Mono was the best cutting disease ever. Aestheticsbrahh Jump to first page71Jump to last page 6 yearsBucky (3871): @Aestheticsbrahh check pm.
So I did an 8 week cut Hamer93 13 6 yearsFayzeh (1546): Great job!!!
9 weeks out from NPC RabelAracena 1 6 yearsRabelAracena (82): So I'm currently 9 weeks out for my last NPC show as a Men's Physique. I'm at 149lbs and have dropped my carbs down to 90g per day. my protein is a 210g a day and fats are at 60g per day. I feel great! hopefully I would looked Extremely ripped by Audust 15th
Hit a New PR and want advice IanWeighs 7 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Putting 325 on the bar and barely bending your knees is not a squat. I'm skeptical.
FAT 6PAKISLIFE 6 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @6PAKISLIFE With a screen name like that we should be asking you the questions.
Looking for bf % estimate Jdog18 14 6 yearsLVjack (2749): ^ oh are we still guessing...
Body fat estimate Jdog18 1 6 yearsJdog18 (1): I'm at 5'7 164 now I'm trying to cut to around 10-12% how much more weight do you think need to lose to get there? First picture is unforced and the other is flexed
Macro's Fayzeh 22 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Greatly changes depending on goals
Training for Hypertrophy Only ajm87 17 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Looks good.
My Transformation (15 to 16 ) MathiasFit 9 6 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): Belgians for life! Keep eating.
lifting for 1 year. Results so far eddyserb Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 yearsehukai (115): Max Curl but no max bench
Weird to me dserious111 13 6 yearsdserious111 (130): @FiremanSi yea, I can reach the protein goals, as I eat all of the food mentioned. But I love peanut butter too damn much lol. So I make that fit into my diet. But yea, I really should make tuna a staple in my diet. Stats are good on it and it's cost efficient compared to steak in NYC lol
Utah Fitness Model Steveo10 12 6 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348):
Road to aesthetics. HashtagYOLO 7 6 yearsHashtagYOLO (1): @darklight79 Yeahhhhh that's it 🌝 gonna get that masssss.
Female Muscle Building "Genetics" KitNmiTNs 12 6 yearsBucky (3871): some days I just go on a serious chicken binge or something and end up eating all my protein by like 3pm, don't workout until 6-7pm. was just curious, I'll throw in some extra protein for good measure then.
Arnold classic 3 weeks out delts training Stanimal 1 6 yearsStanimal (622): http:// After taking 2nd place last year, the ambition is high. Stan Instagram : @stanimal9
Serratus Anterior (bodyBuilding Illusion) TimmothyGen 15 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Does anyone notice that Frank Zane sort of looked blocky from the front? And how he tilts his body and sort of turns. You can have a nice v taper look if you know how to pose lol.
Help me make some chest gains Kecaldesian 12 6 yearsdserious111 (130): Why not incline?
I need help with anabolic diet. dannyboy0526 25 6 yearsdannyboy0526 (1): I will be printing the to read tonight
BODY POWER EXPO 2015 PROMO CODE! totalpheonix1 1 6 yearstotalpheonix1 (1): All available tickets are now on sale!!!!!!! Use promo code BPJN The above promo code gets you a free limited edition BODYPOWER EXPO T-Shit Only available with the code. Tickets can be purchased at
Very motivational bodybuilding video (to me) eddyserb Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I'm not inspired by the fake natty aesthetics crew who idolize Jeff Seid lmao
How to get Shredded Legs StephenGabrielFit 29 6 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): PAGING @MIKEW, MAKE THIS HAPPEN
Lifting srs for 7 months natty my results eddyserb 27 6 yearsoceanair (18020): Lol at the comments. Nice gainz dude. Keep up the good work and stay consistent. Also, you need a pic of the wheels.
Training for Bikini VS Figure Douze 30 6 yearseknight (58109): After slinging multiple personal insults at me in the thread (and another one) OP then PM'ed me asking for advice. I posted the advice in here and she didn't like it because she had already read it. She PM'ed me again, so I clarified my response and she still didn't like or want to accept the answer. Nothing was misunderstood. She's simply and Emily 2.0. Nothing I can do about that. -3X
LOG: keeping the drive alive <3 Johanna Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @Johanna You disappeared again! How's it going?
My journey to getting "The Look" Alan208 8 6 yearskickinchicken (8717): Open thread to view post.
calipers accurate? csizemore21 18 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Thank ya. I'm actually on a bulk atm, but this supplement I'm taking is keeping me really lean
Fitness Photography Paulie 17 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): Looks like BATISTA!
Gobble Gobble dserious111 13 6 yearsBeans (4204): I don't track anything. I don't usually make any of the food, so no point even trying. Eat my fill, enjoy the day off, watch football with the family.
How much time to have a body like this TheJayyBe Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsTheJayyBe (4): No man, I was talking about nutella.
Great things have small beginnings Phoenix9369 5 6 yearsPhoenix9369 (4): Thanks!
Frustrated Soldier GreenStr33t 9 7 yearsimcca001 (7): Haha "Why do cardio"....? PT Hours Bro. Alright, in the military you will be doing a 3-6 mile run or some combination of calesthenics or group PT on most mornings. What you want to do is balance that with some very different types of stimulus. I would definitely not restrict yourself to a normal 4-5 day split. Some days you will come in having done a calesthenics day and having some guy tell you to do push up circuts or something...
Stop..RESET ..START GYM JONES! varunj17 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsvarunj17 (498): SO my Hip flexor feels a lot better after 2 weeks of physio/rehab but I have been advised not to got for ATG bloody EVER as it might inflame my hips..due to me having Bilateral Acetublar retroversion I can still go parallel but that too have ti build up slowly into my routine.. I am.. Wil Give up all the "Buck Wild" workouts as the name given by @SRorhrbac0808 will start from scratch..a total...
Form VS Function brian12 Jump to first page105Jump to last page 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Open thread to view post.
Who will win Cook Vs. Seid TimmothyGen Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): ^ Yeah dude honestly by the age of 16 he looked like a full grown man. I mean maybe he took steroids to look just a bit more bigger but he was big in the beginning.
Teen Bodybuilder 8 Days Out shadowbobo8028 7 7 yearsJordan (241): Man I hope this is someone trolling in the video...I'm not trying to be some kind of "hater" but are you fucking kidding me?
Update and tips ashvinmuthumala 20 7 yearsMethod (379): @ashvinmuthumala The answer to growing your calves is to train them like all other muscle groups and have a caloric surplus with the proper macro split (bulk).
Cutting for a wedding, need advice urgently! mpalk92 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @mpalk92 hopefully it isn't the Red Wedding you're cutting for :/ +1
Should I do men's physique or bodybuilding? Steverogers Jump to first page49Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): If it was me, I'd try to find a show that's not NPC sponsored then. -3X
Water weight seansaeed12 10 7 yearseknight (58109): ^^ Yeah- the difference will be that your muscles are flat because the glycogen that you mentioned is stored IN the muscles, not in subcutaneous space between them. -3X
Favorite Muscle? And pose? TimmothyGen 23 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): All the old school poses crack me up. Its like. stand still. Then push your head as far back on your body as you can and flex like hell.
Couple Progress Pics from My 1st Cut ezvmoneybeast Jump to first page46Jump to last page 7 yearsfuba141 (10): @ezvmoneybeast your the same height as me and I've been having trouble getting past 75. Looking good by the way!
Training for Hypertrophy csmith23 19 7 yearsMUSCLEFREAK (1): Why not look at my blog on gaining 3" bicep mass: Advanced Occlusion. My self I drink my protein and pre/post NOX with 2,000mg inositol, 400mg magnesium and 4-6,000mg of potassium during the workout-2 hours. I eat some junk pastry to kick in my insulin spike as well % doses of NOX and 100grams od protein t feed the muscle mass during the heavy lifting and blood restricted pump occlusion gives that cascades to the entire body. I do 10...
[Proposition] New intervew aqwzsc 6 7 yearsaqwzsc (1): So, on the forum it's useless ? i should contact the site SS have an e-mail ?
Core Strength Duncan88 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Duncan88 Ab rollouts, weight crunches, leg raises and knee raisies (be care full here though if u sit alot daily these can add to back problems).
"One of the Few" documentary vojap 1 7 yearsvojap (40): This is a 5 part short documentary series about the heart and soul of competitors instead of just the glamour. the series follows people that are new to the bodybuilding world...It will follow a bodybuilder, men's physique, women's physique, figure, and bikini competitors...each has a story of their own...It includes following a couple that is competing together, a mother who has to balance home life, work life, and getting ready for a...
cheap stringers fir3blad3 15 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I'm not impressive yet sorry
Do you reckon? IrishGymSheep 11 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Agree with this. Newbie days all I know about human anatomy is Bicep. Bicep everyday man.
My 3.5 year transformation aye_smitty Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Haha.. i was wondering did anyone get that. :)
Dan Greens physique cassious 25 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): If dan spikes his hair hes not fair away! Guy puts pave to the concensous that all powerlifters are fat!
generation iron is online! leanr0x 21 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): @jonrivs49 i think thats just bull shit ...srsly why do i need to train in a lab, i would be mad with all those guys around me generally i think the pros make a stupid impression, the roid-cocktail is not that good for their brain i guess
FINAL LOG - KRIZTUFF KRIZTUFF Jump to first page76Jump to last page 7 yearsKRIZTUFF (430): Hi guys! So it's been a while since I've updated. Anyway, everything is going very smooth. Leaning down a bit for the summer! I thought this was a pretty cool picture so I'm gonna post it: So today, I went to FIBO with @Maarten. It's one of the biggest fitness / bodybuilding expos in Europe. Drove over 200 km just to get there. But as...
Looking for help Wilson 19 7 yearseknight (58109): No, it's actually because the long head of the triceps is functionally limited when the shoulder is not put into flexion because it originates on the scapula, not the humerus like the lateral and medial heads. Because of this, the long head functions to extend the elbow and the shoulder, and to hit it optimally, the shoulder must be in a position of flexion throughout the movement. This is why, IMO, close grip bench pressing is a useless overall...
Ending bodybuilding disinformation NattyOrNot Jump to first page89Jump to last page 7 yearsNattyOrNot (4): Thanks for the support brother.
What shoulder routine do you use? Jsn3004 1 7 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I've been running my new shoulder routine and it's been going pretty solid these past few weeks in regards Just wondering if anyone had any input or advice Standing barbell Press Arnold Press Lateral Raises Rear Delt Machine Then I work in traps, whether it be barbells, dumbbells, or do farmers walks
abs every day? monsta 17 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): and there are probably bb's with better abs that dont work it as often, you dont need to do it 5 times per week 2-3 no more than that
Transformation !! Justinb173 7 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): I wanted to say this earlier but a few people have said i need to back off with the new people who self promote then piss off. So thanks for speaking for me.
favorite inspiration ? dannysolazzo 5 7 yearsCannonball (6283):
ITT Post your ideal physique Cubb 22 7 yearsRawn (1338): Matt Bucur
21year old Lorenzo becker lolssons 1 7 yearslolssons (1249): What do you guys think about this beast? obvious he is on dat dere juice but at the age of 21 and that big i think he will go far and maybe one day we will see him in the olympia but he got allitle wierd physique and some weakpoints but as he is so young he got the time to bring it all up. What are your toughts on this beast?
DESPERATELY NEED HELP!! graydinhotorres 14 7 yearsGStarRaw (1441): ^ my gains really started to come in (strength) from the 6th - 12th month, like some rapid increase. (maybe it was my form) Btw i tried to body recomp aswell, tried to lose fat as well as gain muscle, i feel that it was a poor approach, would have been better off cutting and bulking.
What physique looks more aesthetic? Cubb Jump to first page40Jump to last page 7 yearsG_Redd (315): @kickinchicken @teewhat hahaha one of my favorite ones hahahaha
Aesthetics the1 26 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): @teewhat Yeah mate, the guys from the 'Iron Game' dating in the 40's and 50's; the likes of Reeves, Eiferman (in the image above) and the like, were natural. They were the few who got closest to their genetic potential, and 'till this day have better measurements/proportions/symmetry etc than Bodybuilders natural and enhanced in their weight categories in the modern age. A good example of this is Reeves: Height: 6'1" Weight:...
Progress pics rwall89 8 7 yearsrwall89 (64): I've been eating right around maintenance since started phat. Considering doing a short bulk then spend the rest of my time cutting. Just don't want to bulk too much since I put all the time and effort in losing all the post football weight
Lean & Beastly-A Gal's Training Log Aeleana Jump to first page143Jump to last page 7 yearsAeleana (178): 1/8/2014 LOWER BODY cardio 5 min hollow rocks 1 min bulgarian squats 1 set of 6-8 #35 romanian deadlift 1 set of 8-10 #105 leg raises 1 set of 8-10 box jumps 5 30" HIIT (burpees, mtn. climbers + medicine ball toetaps 15 min Rocks - leg raises= 1 circuit x5, w/ 6 burpees btw each Wow! Feel it in my glutes!
Kronex`s current Shape/16 year old. Kronex Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsryan_929 (478): He read it, twice over. :(|)
Tom Hardy's Traps Duncan88 Jump to first page45Jump to last page 7 yearsXandar (457): There are plenty of people that are on that aren't impressive. Hell, I get told that on here every time I take an opposing stance against someones view lol. But seriously, he's naturally 150lbs. Say he gets 3-5 months to get physically ready to do a role. Where's 30+ lbs coming from. I also agree with you. His traps as a whole aren't super impressive but the way the tie in and their shape is. If he decided to go big that would be a...
Anybody want myAdidas Powerlift shoes? Sz 11 ajm87 23 7 yearsajm87 (409): Completely forgot about this! I'll let entries go until tomorrow at 7 PM where I will draw the winner!!
OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING pics RHGF 5 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Why not add in some isolation work for your arms? If your really that worried about it!
Peak week Jimmydrama13 3 7 yearsMaarten (4299):
Should I compete in Physique? KalletSc 27 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): @KalletSc Doing a comp is prolly the best thing you can do at this point. This way you'll be able to get the feed back needed to work on your weak points and become better for the next show. I think you have a great foundation also, competing can only be a positive thing if you go into it wanting to learn and better yourself. Good luck and I'm in for the log, so get to it!
My 4 Year progress!! From Fat to Ripped RabelAracena 28 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): @RabelAracena some days stuff like this really helps see the light at the end of the tunnel
Is this physique possible without aas? monsta Jump to first page42Jump to last page 7 yearsDexdbest (4792): dont think its possible to guess if a person is juicing by merely lookin at em
Quad to ham ratio question cassious 11 7 yearseknight (58109): Yes. Tightness is not good. -3X
finding female mentor amandaplease 2 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Go to places where one would find female fitness models and try strike up a friendship with one. Gym, Competitions stuff like that. It's tough though if making friends with someone who is a fitness model and could help you a lot was easy then everyone on here would be friends with one. Meeting with a fitness model isn't your next level though, progressing is your next level. Posing and competing gives you experience but it doesn't actually...
Ab workout mnussbaum01 11 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Decline russian twists x 10, hold each side for 5 secs x 2, supersetted with 20 decline sit ups - x 3
Extremely shredded teen! (17years old) Junior 3 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Thread fail
basic ABS training RHGF 5 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): Mmm... there are 101 abs threads. There was recently one with the exact same question. Use the SEARCH button. @judyfholmes I don't want to join your martial arts school.
Briggsy's training/workout log Briggsy 7 8 yearsBriggsy (4): Back from Germany, unfortunately the gym was mainly cardio machines so was just ticking over and only started PHAT today. Bent over rows - 60kg - 5 reps/3 sets Pull ups - 6 reps/2 sets Rack chins - 6 reps/2 sets Flat dumbbell press - 28kg - 4 reps/3 sets Dips - 6 reps/2 sets Seated dumbbell shoulder press - 16.8kg - 6 reps/3 sets Cambered bar curls - 20kg + bar - 6 reps/3 sets Skull crushers - 20kg - 6 reps/3 sets I think i could have done...
TIPS FOR IMPROVING BAR GRIP? (DEADLIFT) ezvmoneybeast 28 8 yearscraig (835): I wonder how they would be with two barbells. Obviously harder to get off the ground and you'd likely piss off other gym members but I reckon It'd be decent. Farmers walk equipment is actually pretty cheap so you could have a word with your gym about getting some in also.
Alchohol and Bodybuilding-My new approach KalletSc 15 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Ever tried Pump King? I heard it was good, especially this time of year. Keep frattin hard m8. TFM
Coconut Water During/Post Workout. LongBeachPatriot 10 8 yearsangelasscott (1): Coconut water has good amount of sodium and Lauric acid in it which helps to fight against anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It boosts the immune system in fighting infection.To know more you can check the below link.
Video clip of me Deadlifting 170kg-375lb felix44 13 8 yearsfelix44 (49): Thanks very much I am 6.1 I have noticed at the Powerlifting comps I have been at that the deadlift is the one lift out of the 3 that taller people seem to be pretty good at I have also heard some people saw that height can be an advantage because of leverage allow I feel limb length will also come in to it and you find quite often people with longer arms compared to their legs can be pretty good deadlifters.
My Journey to the Ideal Physique and Power. Kahlilfitness 3 8 yearsKahlilfitness (28): doing mate
Film Company Seeking Teenage Bodybuilders Landmark 7 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): ^^this @WinnersNeverQuit is on his road to becoming something great.
gynecomastia lift4life 8 8 yearslift4life (595): i used isotretinoin to completely remove any acne, so i really don't want it coming back haha
Before after pics and current Stanimal Jump to first page72Jump to last page 8 yearsStanimal (622): New update 2 weeks out my first steps on stage: Stan
Stupid Legs.... freakgeek2 16 8 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): You just need to lose more BF. The cuts are there, there is just fat in the way.
Something to watch. stinkydiver36 1 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): Watched before hitting the gym. Awesome movie made by a legend.
Big ramy!! (PIC) Scotian 21 8 yearsAestheticBrah (790): Don't forget glutamine bro.
B-Pak Bicep Training & TIPS.. Great VID ! FiremanSi 5 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @brian12 No he warms up to his max weight of 50lb on alternating curls for 4sets, then 4sets of incline bicep curls, then 4 of elevated single arm cable curls. THe volume is the main thing to take from it its the fact that the bicep, after this, will have been trained in all elements of the strength curve and all target areas of full extention and full contraction buddy.
ramy el subaiey Illadian 4 8 yearsadam82a (3100): If you have an MD account here's some new pictures of him! It's absolutely crazy as @the1 mentioned that he is only been on gear for 3 years
Little update (picture) bkoguy07 24 8 yearsbkoguy07 (274): Oh here's my routine I missed a post... Monday - Chest warmup 5x5 Flat BB bench increase 5lbs every set. next week increase 5lb more if you cant get at least 4 set dont move up 5lb next week 3x10 flat DB press 5x5 incline bb press 3x10(weighted or just burn out) dips 3x10 flys 3x10 incline db (light) cardio - bike at 10-12 resistance at least 10-15 mins max 30 mins Tuesday - Legs/abs warmup 5x5 Squat 3x10 lunges 3x10 legpress 3x10 leg...
LETS GAIN! training log with flx! fLx_ Jump to first page42Jump to last page 8 yearsfLx_ (865): Squat : 60x5 75x5 85x5 100x5 118x5 bench: 40x5 50x5 63x5 75x5 85x5 row 35x5 45x5 55x5 65x5 75x5 4x15 situps with 10kg 2x15 hypers with 15 kg been busy im moving into town in 1 week, so ive ofc trained but not updated my log, so much to think about now. im gonna live 50m from my school for the upcoming 2 years. so happy! this feels like a very good progression scheme, 2.5 % per week in the big lifts last weeks weights felt easy and i could...
Aesthetic Progression IrishGymSheep 6 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Self back pics are not easy.
Newbie Bulking Questions.. Thenewnoob298 5 8 yearsThenewnoob298 (1): Thanks All I needed to know
what's my bf%? what to do next? KingLeonidasXIV 16 8 yearsfLx_ (865): i have to just ask some more experienced members here.. everyone encourage pretty skinny ppl to always "LEAN BULK" meaning 300 cal + when i had no base i pure strenght trained and put on 5-10 kg to my squat every week in the gym, and i gained what i calculated about 8 kg of pure muscle the first 2-3 months i trained . thats called the noobie gains ive read in many posts and articles that thats actually pretty normal in...
What body size do you think girls prefer? Hiiibbbb Jump to first page128Jump to last page 8 yearsJelet (2190): the guy on the right is the body size that most woman prefer. (a friend of mine) guy on the left 210 lbs at 5 foot 10-5 foot 11. guy on the right 183ish lbs at 6 foot 1 in this pic if i recall
Nigel St Lewis Jsn3004 3 8 years4real (3319): think rest of his upper body is lagging behind his chest
sean moeke seanmoeke Jump to first page190Jump to last page 8 yearsseanmoeke (22): @Ben777 thanks bro i appreciate it.
What is ur shoulder waist R/O now. Trickerd Jump to first page51Jump to last page 8 yearsPECasus (49): I have a 51 inches shoulders, 44 chest and a 35 waist. My cut should get my waist down to 32 inches but i dont think my hips will get much smaller then that
Pascal Haag Natural Bodybuilder Kaspal 6 8 yearsKaspal (10): clickable text
peak problems! lilbabypeak 7 8 yearseknight (58109): X3- 3X
Legs Advise davidum 9 8 yearspandasashi (3859): well if you are doing high reps, you will get bigger...i would just do lower reps if i were you..or just maintain. your calves look good now, keep doing what your doing, jump rope is also fine id say
5 weeks out need help with diet anteis99 13 8 yearsTyjaws (211): here is the simple truth to getting ripped. cals in vs cals out. its called law of thermodynamics. by carb cycling all your doing is looking at weekly calorie expenditure instead of daily. eat as many or as little carbs as you want so long as it fits your macs
PLEASE HELP ME WIN PHYSIQUEoftheWEEK Tyjaws 10 8 yearsKalletSc (607): This competition is such bs. I got 3rd place probably like 12 weeks ago..But it really is about facebook friends and posting your link EVERYWHERE.
Lagging Chest KalletSc 20 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Mix of volume and heavy weight made my chest the strongest body part!
Steve Cook. ilifthard 21 8 yearsoceanair (18020): @pandasashi sounds familiar actually lol.
X instead of Y leanr0x 9 8 yearsleanr0x (4183): @flexdec you are so shredded but i cant see an X anymore maybe i should go for a shred too^^
Cutting and strength zogger 10 8 yearscraig (835): I've lost a stone so far on my cut, it's taken me 14 weeks but I've lost a lot of fat and kept most of my muscle, I've even improved my numbers on certain lifts. I'm now doing 10 weeks on Brandon lillys 'the cube method' and hoping to gain a fair bit of strength whilst still cutting and maintaining muscle.
goal physique (pic included) dollar786 Jump to first page58Jump to last page 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): That's what it's all about. Becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. I believe it to be a worthy pursuit.
Some suggestions to recruit more fibers Nerdjoeyyy 6 8 yearseknight (58109): I don't buy this as the best or only way to get maximum results. Muscle fiber recruitment is a neurological adapatation. Motor units are recruited on an "as needed" basis, yes, but given that strength is a greater indicator of efficiency of motor unit recruitment than increased CSA, using the above methods will not result in overall greater strength gains, and thus limited hypertrophy gains. There's a reason that the thickest, most...
Best body achieved naturally sweetleaf42 Jump to first page53Jump to last page 8 yearsznadm (1): Not saying he is the best, but Steve Cook is pretty awesome.
Training for physique instead of strength/BB ajm87 9 8 yearskospel (199): Men's athelete competitors train like bodybuilders and usually also lift heavy weights. Many of them also squat hard and build legs also :) The main difference physique and bodybuilding competitors is that people aiming for "physique" don't cut fat-% never as down as bodybuilders. In men's physique your face look has also it's place ;) PS a familiar of mine is men's physique competitor and he trains usually with bro split (4-5day and...
12 week WELL DISCIPLINED CUT KOKOROKO Jump to first page46Jump to last page 8 yearsmeghsunderlal (1): nice work
Heaviest I have ever been (Pics) IrishGymSheep 13 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): good work!
Old Timey Wrestler Physique IrishGymSheep 5 8 yearsJJ3065 (6900): That's bc he's your grandpa you fucking gorilla!
Teen physique competitions in the UK tbright 1 8 yearstbright (1): I have been looking for a Teen physique competition in the UK for a while now and I am having no luck, does anybody know of any? I am 17 years old, do I just enter the Men's class or is that a bad idea?
Legs record June 2013 ashleigh_fischer 7 8 yearsoceanair (18020): @ashleigh_fischer thank you! :) it's 9:30pm here haha. i was at the gym from around 7pm to 8:30pm (leg day). ya def try to break a new record. you can do it! do you do a lot of competing? i'm curious since you mentioned posing. my dad thinks i shouldn't lift so much weight on my legs lol
Ogus- Style L/P/P Write-Up ripeanus 5 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Lol touché But on topic. The split looks good. Try it out for 6 weeks and see how you like it!
New to simply shredded - see what im about ashleigh_fischer Jump to first page50Jump to last page 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554):
HIIT/LISS plan, what do you think? :) TeenMonster 6 8 yearsleanr0x (4183): 2-3 hiit sessions are enough for cutting put in some weight training (if you dont do it) i persionally think that liss is more contra productive than helpful
workout programs KingLeonidasXIV 4 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): upper lower or push pull nothing else
Follow Me As I Gain-My Bulk Log KalletSc Jump to first page59Jump to last page 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Was thinking about my goals last night once i got to bed..i hadnt been that drunk in like a month or so...but i think i need to really cut that sht out. Woke up at 170.0 fyi lol. Just had some vitamin water and a good breakfast. About to hit the gym.
18 Year Old Natural Bodybuilder(6 weeks out) fitnessdudes 16 8 yearsMassthetics (364): @fitnessdudes gjdm shredded
Ramy SRorhrbac0808 16 8 yearseingold (1291): How did Antonine placed so low?
most shredded of all time lukecorney 9 8 yearsDexdbest (4792): Dorian yates
Croissant glutes (18+) samirsaleh 15 8 yearsleanr0x (4183): first i thought "what a awful chicken" :D
Zack Khan AarronStenner 10 8 yearsScotian (9922): http://
Need lifting advice badly....(pics) MiscVirgin69 7 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): Strong username pal
Calorie Caluculator... WTF?! correra911 9 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): ^ All said above.. If you are gaining muscle, your also gaining weight. Thats why people rely on BF percentage and not a weight scale.
Need some help KalletSc 5 8 yearsMassthetics (364): @KalletSc used to have the same problem, i switched up my routine. obviously the main thing too is to make sure ur eating enough but if uve hit PBs and gained weight then i dont think its a problem. and my chest got really strong once i started train shoulders and tricep pretty hard too. i always like to go for doms. now my chest is pretty thic now and i have been hitting PBs for about 2 months straight now, but heres my workout anyway...
My 2 new videos! MarcoR93 14 8 yearssamirsaleh (1957): @Danimal_88 hahaaaa
Natural physique? SleepEatRepeat 15 8 yearscraig (835): I think most people on here are natural and there are way better physiques on here, he just looks like a fat guy who just trains chest and biceps.
Jason Genova SRorhrbac0808 20 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): hahah Love it. "sickening kunts" LOLOL. always cursing and getting so pissed hahah. In his own world.
Which of these physiques is your goal plasmicbro Jump to first page117Jump to last page 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): If we are turning this into what we want I will go with the most underrated man in the history of bodybuilding.
whos figure would you like to have lukecorney Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearspandasashi (3859): *oliva
Fintess model 195 cm Zbawiony 4 8 yearsBRANDON_12 (1528): He is srs^^
Girlfriend BRANDON_12 28 8 yearsBRANDON_12 (1528): EK I understand this completely. It is not too that extreme with her but I get what you are saying. Also this is not going to become an eating disorder haha she is very fit and is not one of those girls who is anorexic. I get what all of you are saying but it is not that extreme I asking about the bread thing.
Mini Cut AarronStenner 13 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): This was a VERY old video and he said in a new video that he does not practice this anymore
Victor Richards vs Ronnie Coleman IrishGymSheep 6 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): genetics of pc
Home Gym Equipment N93 5 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): When I worked out at home I could do a complete full body workout with just a flat bench and a barbell set with up to 300 lbs in plates.
Effective way to lose belly fat Runningaway95 21 8 yearsKOKOROKO (559): LIFT TRAIN EAT REST REPEAT
Width vs length -genetics? Hamer93 8 8 yearsDexdbest (4792): Of course. Focus on lats, pecs, side delts and triceps. Id recommend exercises like upright rows, pull ups,inline work and laterals.
my stats bespokefitness 23 8 yearsbespokefitness (1): Hey, yea my supps are funded as I'm sponsored mate... When I'm home later ill go through some stuff with you all
Training for an obstacle race ccdavis31 6 8 yearsElminister (3412): Chemical genetics or good enhancement.
Intro: Male Fitness model RabelAracena 20 8 yearsRabelAracena (82): @KOKOROKO lol, It just hit me after I commented the answer to the joke
How do men's physique competitors train? SwoleAnimal 18 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): I have no idea but I would say that they are just as dedicated as any bodybuilder. However possibly genetics and pharmaceuticals are different? I think if they could they would be bodybuilders. Then again idk at all hahaha
Physique of The Week Vote For ME!! KalletSc 9 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Bump
frank mcgrath, evan centopani, or joey gloor juanf122388 11 8 yearsryan_929 (478): Love joey gloor as a trainer, such an inspirational guy.. Well from what i've seen of him on the mtv show 'I used to be fat'
What is your dream physique? Cannonball Jump to first page90Jump to last page 8 yearsDominikGiggs (82): Mike Raso Shaun Stafford Adam James
small update Mikhail Jump to first page77Jump to last page 8 yearsZyzzst (4486): Military channel is actually kind of boring:/
Progress Momo_shwag 8 8 yearseknight (58109): Bribery reps to motivate this to happen! -3X
kevin levrone comeback? Scotian 6 8 yearsThedude67 (3088): This guy is a beast, gay music though...
fish oil KingLeonidasXIV 6 8 yearsSeanHeath (1): Great post ... and article spot on about Omega 6, I have no idea why it is sold at all, we're all overloaded on it and taking more is pure poison.
Great macro counting/myfitnesspal tips chriselkins 1 8 yearschriselkins (1597): I look fat as shit in this video, but anyway, here are some good tips to use if you're counting macros. next time I decide to do a video after cardio/eating I'll take a shower and put a shirt on first. (at least for a few more weeks lol)
Skinny ripped 4real 8 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): I have a girlfriend anyway so it doesn't affect me
Muscle Nutrition Thermo Burn 2.0 Pumba_16 6 8 yearseventheodds1 (5644): @Pumba_16 Lol.
The standard for one arm preacher curls... Thedude67 5 8 yearsThedude67 (3088): Yeah, it's kinda hard to tell if these guys are srs or not. On one hand, it looks like a joke, but if you look up some of his other vids, he might be srs...
Where now? Jimmystheboy 14 8 yearseknight (58109): @Gunther and @johon6 thanks guys! Much appreciated. -3X
starting up JoeDays 6 8 yearsmikew (11494): @sriram Totally and completely agree with everything in your post, especially the above.
Seen on 9gag.. Amazing body for a 60 ear old jonrivs49 7 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): Ghandolf the White is a beast!!!
Progress BRANDON_12 29 8 yearsBRANDON_12 (1528): Okay next time i post a picture will be right before the trip thanks!!
PICS OF THE CHICKEN (progress photos) kickinchicken Jump to first page37Jump to last page 8 yearsElminister (3412): Nice stash of toilet paper. Nothing scares me more than running out of toilet paper in the wrong moment.
Intermittent Fasting - 3 Weeks Progress GetDeezed 1 8 yearsGetDeezed (4): Intermittent Fasting, 18 hour fast/6 hour feed. 2750 Calories; Fat 25%/Protein 35%/ Carb 45%. Before 195 lbs after 187 lbs.
GoaT Bodybuilder IrishGymSheep 14 8 yearsMarkovich (595): Oh yeah I see =D I thought you were rude and meant that I could not post because you already did :p
Hard time bulking and keeping lean muscle KFitch1990 15 8 yearsKFitch1990 (7): Ok,well thanks again for this advice. I'm gonna keep searching more of the threads you both showed me and see if there is anything I can do (Caloric Surplus) or different eating styles that could even improve my weight gain more effectively. I have the drive, I just like to see results fast, even though I know it doesn't happen that way often.
Help with Intermittent Fasting Please Twtr25 4 8 yearsTwtr25 (1): Using the IF calculator, my BMR is 2187 and my TDEE is 3007. When you guys say "maintenance" do you mean TDEE? I want to make sure I'm on the same page in that sense. On rest days I want to eat below maintenance, but on workout days how should I eat in relation to maintenance? The reason I ask is because I'm sitting at 19.5% BF and feel I should get it down close to 10 before I look at doing a recomp. When I choose faster weight loss...
Luke Million - Arnold [OFFICIAL VIDEO] mikew 9 8 yearsEFJK (2316): Best part is at @2:10. The girls eyes move perfectly to the song
Is this physique deserving of SS interview? livewirez Jump to first page50Jump to last page 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Ill probably get trolled for saying this, but I love that song too! JT has a sexy ass voice. He and Adam Levine should probably collaborate, they would make so many bitches wet!
ITT the most flawless physique you've seen livewirez 6 8 yearsajones46 (11701): No way bro, @Jealster ftw.
Goals and steroids zogger Jump to first page43Jump to last page 8 yearscassious (2926): Lol im a muppet.
Tape Measure Damon1962 4 8 yearsmikew (11494): This is fun too - tape measure required: "The following calculator gives you an estimate of the maximum muscular measurements (at roughly 8 to 10% bodyfat) that a drug-free genetically superior trainee of your structure is likely to attain. It is based on equations I've developed through over 6 years of research and analysis of data from drug-free champions both past and present."
There was something strange in/with my bicep Bel_Fit_TJ14 2 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Torn Distal Biceps tendon
Dorian Yates and Leroy Davis Markovich 3 8 yearsDieselDan (13): best BB documentary i have ever seen
5x5 with front squats ionatan 9 8 yearsJezza_91 (1315): @SRorhrbac0808 Im just annoying you now lol. I will stop :( To be honest i misread it. Late night beer goggles lol cant save me now.
Muscle Gaining advice? joe12345 2 8 yearsIn4gainZ (454): Do phat, eat big , get to NHL ;)
Zyzz Eat your heart out! R.I.P Jealster 5 8 yearsJealster (91): Safe bro!
Need an educated assumption of my body fat % Antonscalia 12 8 yearsshannowman (6367): It looks nasty, not going to lie, but tastes good when seasoned.
Muscular Symmetry When Training to Failure correra911 11 8 yearspandasashi (3859): errr dumbells i mean
Are These Goals Reasonable in 4Months? KalletSc 8 8 yearsMillennium1 (586): Aggressive but reasonable.
Cutting Diet Advice Misseductiv 10 8 yearseknight (58109): NP. We're all here to help. Well...most of us.... -3X
first contest jaydiddy85 12 8 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): @kickinchicken that's not true, the best way to keep strength on a cut is stuck with your current routine (maybe lower the volume a bit) and keep.lifting heavy as fuck
Hey guys, where do I go from here ? (Advice) Diaz 4 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Nothing wrong with IF. Adjust your caloric intake 200-300 above maintenance and start bulking again! Macros > IF, you will see results regardless of how you eat. Meal timing is irrelevant, remember?
Ask Me Anything - My journey to the Rumble! AliHalawa Jump to first page64Jump to last page 8 yearsAliHalawa (73): Thanks bros for taking the time to read my experience and asking questions. Hope I helped out bro's, keep asking questions and feel free to shoot me a private message anytime. Happy New Years to all you guys and keep training like soldiers. More Progress to Be Posted :D
Teen Transformation and First Competition! Ezravdb 29 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): just done it there! good luck! have a great 2013 and keep us up to date with how your doing,its good hearing from you!
Serge Nubret Markovich 23 8 yearsMassthetics (364): serge got dem abs damn i think arnie is king though
Size and strength BaiTu 10 8 yearsWbauman (952): I went down on my lifts when I first went on a deficit but then they came back and now Im lifting more than what I was. Not sure on the size and strength thing but there is a guy at the gym that is prob 5'7" and maybe 185. He is not very muscular but I have watched him rep 325 like its nothing. I however can out press him with dumbells and he outweighs me by 30 lbs or so. SOme lifts are strength and technique.
Strength vs Hypertrophy training - Dissected SwoleAnimal 9 8 yearsdwatson (26511): Well no matter what type of training you do it'll be for some form of hypertrophy. (Muscle gains), but training specifically for sacro hyp does not limit you to not getting any stronger.
bulking update and 1st posing (video) chriselkins 30 8 yearschriselkins (1597): Oh yea, everything cold, no pump at all
Dwayne Johnson aka The "Rock" Thisisscotty Jump to first page46Jump to last page 8 yearsMonster81 (1678): Damn quads.
Getting Leaner for my Photo Shoot (G.Kofi) georgekofi 6 8 yearsgeorgekofi (28): yeah nov 18. my photo shoot is end of december. And im sorry I really don't know how long im working out...I guess around over 3-4 years now...but mostly for Football :) new update pic is coming soon
Alternative Physiques Judge IrishGymSheep Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearsSwayz87 (9039): @ajones46 hahaha kinda...BJ is like Half white half chinese ; ) just lives in Hawaii Ya the rock is an example...But ya basically Samoans and Tongans and real Hawaiians New Zealanders etc....
Who is this guy? Meef 8 8 yearsnelly (82): pretty sure its gary strydom
Stage #5, recommend create a routine. Nodus 6 8 yearsNodus (1): Hey man thanks a lot, and the reason for me wanting to stop at #5 for now it's due that I'm going to be playing soccer, so I need a lean physique. Also I was able to get a workout going, I found it here Click here for the workout so if anyone can check that out and see if it would be an ideal workout that'd be great.
Lean+Bulking+Soccer[Workout Help Needed] Nodus 6 8 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): Lift heavy weights, eat lots of food, sleep, repeat. Compound lifts: Squat Deadlift, Bench Squat some more, and some more and then some more for good measure. Eat some more food. Squat. Eat. Curls.
Achieved First 300 lb Bench Press! nosquatch 14 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): It was cool, you going for a PR and your spotter casually lifting it off with one arm and not being over you is very worrying though.
Serge Nubret Markovich 3 8 yearsMarkovich (595): No he has said in several interviews that he used steroids. It was not illegal in the 60's and weightlifters talked vety open about it.
Muscle Shape skullay 15 8 yearsskullay (4036): Should be trademarking it soon then possibly coming out with shirts. lol Yeah, it is pretty subjective. I guess I was hoping the site/book would lay out shapes with respect to different points of origin/insertion without the opinion of what was actually "better." Strength would be interesting to see too. They would probably take the length overall length of the muscle into consideration too.
Junior Bodybuilders MrJake 9 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): and not a leg was trained. thanks goodness the last in line at least wore pants to cover his legs haha
Brandon White? Thick Solid Tight! brandon_buffdude 30 8 yearsbunter225 (829): Also subscribed!
Workout to look like Boyka (Scott Adkins) LP2 8 8 yearsMarkovich (595): You can't look exactly like him because of individual muscle genetics, but you can get closer and closer to him if you know what you are doing. I also loved the Undisputed movies (2&3) and tried to find his workouts, the only things I found was him doing this: I could not find his strenght routine or any rep range, sets etc. :/
Other Programs After PHAT KalletSc 8 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): Push/Pull/Legs is a good set-up. Im not a fan of Max-OT. Strength went up a bit but very minimal mass gains. And very boring. And the German Volume training is awesome stuff. Why not stay with PHAT since you have gained 6 lean pounds on it and just adjust it to a push/pull/ legs routine. I do believe @skullay is on a routine like that. I was thinking about doing the same.
2.5 year progression from 15 to 17 haydondb 18 8 yearsSimplyHarvey (52): Keep it up brah, no-one will touch you now!!
Planet fitness is worthless LiftnPandaGang 17 8 yearseknight (58109): @LiftnPandaGang I understand what you're saying here, but it's not PF fault that you don't live closer to Gold's. It was your choice- completely of free will- to train there and not drive the 30 minutes to Gold's. I had the same option, and I chose to drive to a gym that I felt would meet my needs better. As far as I know, the local PF runs month to month (unless you're a "Black member" ) and actually DOES allow you to cancel your...
Dat ass... david12345676 15 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): nah. this is a bodybuilding forum. nuff' said???
How to fix a dip in my bicep Blakethegreat 11 8 yearsBlakethegreat (34): It's kind of like a I've got two biceps on the outside of my arm haha if you guys know philray on Facebook he has a similar bicep if u scroll through his photos, I don't know how to Link a photo off my iPhone sorry guys, I'm just going annihilate my biceps and see wtf happens haha
Ready Set Log freakgeek Jump to first page42Jump to last page 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Best of luck! Stay safe and come back shredded, we will all be waiting for ya! :)
Ask me anything about getting ripped? rippedtrainer Jump to first page41Jump to last page 8 yearsHenry7447 (1): Hey I was just wondering I want to get good abs without flexing I'm pretty skinny I'm pretty shaped, should I bulk first so I'm a bit bigger then cut. I just want to be ripped and difined. And I am Cutting while I'm pretty skinny. What should I do? Thank you.
My First Training Video - Aesthetics or not? Jealster 29 8 yearsskullay (4036): Thanks, man! Just subscribed to you as well. Yeah, James Ellis has a great look. I use Adobe Premiere CS5 to edit my videos. I've been playing with Adobe products (photoshop, illustrator, etc) forever so it didn't take me that long to get familiar with the software. I'm still trying to figure out the whole youtube thing. I'm starting to have a little success on twitter. I'm not sure if any of this will actually help me land a cover...
Front Double Bi Dukenhiemer 7 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): I flex my arms and try to extend my body up if you get what I mean; A lot of people crunch their abs down doing front double bi but ive noticed I look a lot bigger and wider by stretch up my torso as much as possible
Body fat estimation?/ Critiquing... BigV 10 8 yearsBigV (40): Thank you everyone, so much for your input. You are probably right...I really should focus more on how I look, rather than a number. I do indeed do that, however, I did also think that bf% was of high importance when it came to competitions, etc. Thank you for your suggestions and time. :) As for adding muscle mass...I did come down from quite a bit, as I felt 12.5 inch biceps were too muscular for someone of my frame--- weighing 105.8 lbs at...
what body type am i? oceanair Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearsoceanair (18020): Cannonball, you wanna go beat them up for me? ;) jk
High Intensity Headaches moonfruit 5 9 yearsHamersmash (199): @Moonfruit Hey bud, i swear by High Intensity Training aswell (Hence the Mike Mentzer Avatar). Anyway i had this too and the only way i could describe it was like a severe piercing/blinding pain that only happened when i lifted and went away as soon as i stopped. I went to see my Doctor who said it was probably a very small haemorrage (or something along they lines). As soon as he said that i shit myself obviously but he told me to take a week...
some aussie bodybuilders u guys mp hvnt seen lift4life 15 9 yearslift4life (595): haha wtf is up with the tat on his face, reminds me of the movie hangover..
Diet Advice - Q&A with Nate Miyaki NateMiyaki Jump to first page166Jump to last page 9 yearsLinus (154): Hi Nate, I have no Idea who you are but I would like to have your take on protein requirements. I'v read the abstract of maybe 20 studies, and the whole on maybe 5 studies on this particular question. It seems to me that some studies show that a 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is superior to ,5 grams per pound of bw. Other studies show no difference, same amount of LBM is attained at high (1 gram per pound) normal (.5 gram per...
Men's physique shultz91 8 9 yearsshultz91 (1): I've never heard of that? Where could I find some info on that?
Aspiring Physique Competitor/Model. KalletSc 19 9 yearsKalletSc (607): My legs aren't like twigs, but I'll admit they aren't the most impressive. My calves are tiny but my quads are decent. I hit them twice a week though. I squat about 3 plates and deadliest about 405 so I am not too bad at it. I'll get a pic up.
somatotype - "high metabolism" simply_sharpie 1 9 yearssimply_sharpie (255): so I've had some downtime and been over thinking about somatotype's. mostly to do with caloric intake variances between ectomorphs and endomorphs. because i found it hard to believe that an ectomorph needs more energy to simply exist and maintain bodyweight then an endomorph (kinds the bodyweight in lbs x 11 is minimal daily requirement, i don't know an exact figure!) I've recently done some minor study on metabolism and the digestive...
what do you guys think of this guys physique lift4life 16 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): Lol - I thought you would say South Africa. We use it all the time :)
Night Of Champions NorIda 8 9 yearsNorIda (46958): @the1 haha He didn't GAF! Some old dude! he looked even smaller IRL
Kiyoshi moody Dexdbest 8 9 yearspandasashi (3859): hes nothing compared to cordova who is also natty, look him up
Lean All Year. Donovan95 25 9 yearseknight (58109): That's two things. Just sayin. -3X
Adis Jakic - Top fitness model in the World shockingfit 26 9 yearsshockingfit (334): just mirin bro. I'm kinda hoping to follow his steps one day, show up from nowhere and win Musclemania fitness model competition :D Would be awesome.
Shredded one day, not shredded the next summer92 15 9 yearsAzzdog18 (358): Yeah I agree man, but there's only a few that do that shit constantly remember. Majority of the people on this site are more than willing to help and there's great advice and knowledge that's helped a lot of people...myself included.
Serge Nubret Markovich 18 9 yearsMarkovich (595): That is probably true =)
The best physique I ever seen! James Ellis! ilifthard 14 9 yearsjohon6 (1393): is he natural ?
GUYS need your advice!!!! *Video* AverageJoe Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): Working really hard on my calves right now! took almost 2 inches in 2 months, still growing!!!! around 12%! I started really hitting my abs two like 3-4 times a week.
19 inch arms? Thanks to PHAT! Mikhail Jump to first page51Jump to last page 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): hahaha me too, i actually have to start measuring myself...its funny that you said 12" arms cuz last time i measured 4 years ago thats what they were haahaha
I m p o r t a n t QuestioN BEASTIX 3 9 yearsLVjack (2749): Power clean is better for most athletes because strength is developed in a lower starting position but I guess it would depend on what sport you play. On a side note I've always heard hang cleans are better for increasing your vertical jump since the starting point of that movement is closer to a jumping stance. For me though, I really like the snatch. If you are just getting started in these lifts may I recommend you learn to use a hook grip...
4 month Physique Cozy Jump to first page96Jump to last page 9 yearsTheBangBus (706): need moooooaaaaarrrr towel lifts!!!! nahhhhh dude thats you missing a shot in your cycle....
Identify Athlete shane 3 9 yearsshane (25): Thanks for the help. Didn't know you could upload a picture to the image search, srs. Thanks!
Add this in your next arm workout Cozy Jump to first page44Jump to last page 9 yearstarotale (433): huh this is good example of simple jog to the groceries becoming a fuck-up trip to the Mordor due to wrong attitude. something to learn from
Dat physique! check this out david12345676 11 9 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): So what your saying @Swayz87 Is that I cannot achieve this body natty?
Aesthetic ? Cozy 14 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): Am I the only one who sees those three words - Sweat, Time and Devotion and wonders if this is a public service message about avoiding STDs?
which muscles do i need to workon? hotborad 4 9 yearshotborad (34): yeah my legs look okay but they are hairy as shit so you cant really see the muscles very well. And thanks for the advice.
Damn this guy is shredded stewie 19 9 yearsThor (5028): For most natty athletes, you're not going to have monster size at that sort of BF level. I'd be pretty pleased with that conditioning and size.
How to make arm cuts deeper. hotborad 7 9 yearstwombles62 (22): Steady bulk. Face it, at 139lbs you are still pretty small. Dont waste time cutting as you're already at a low enough body fat to look good. Don't muck around, add muscle mass everywhere. When you get to 180 then reassess. Good luck.
2012 Mr olympia viewing question. david12345676 8 9 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): ^ ty!
How can I avoid the "Blocky" Look? RVP10 5 9 yearsAKK (1998): get out of here.
posture daveelston972 3 9 yearseknight (58109): For every pressing movement for chest, I'd make sure you're doing an equal number of rowing movements for back- not pull downs or pull ups, but rows. Make sure you're hitting your rear delts equal to front delts as well. -3X
How long would it take to get each of these? Numbreh 7 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): You can look like marc fitt without doing anything....just eat 1000 calories less than maintenance cuz hes a skinny bitch and i would never want to look like him
What does a "Blocky" physique looks like omarpogi43 11 9 yearsshockingfit (334): @cassious ahahahahah
Got the text today guys... david12345676 18 9 yearstarotale (433): @dwatson really? oh shit, well i wouldn't say I look tiny. just went from 152lb to 147.5lb today. some tell me i got slimmer little bit, but still at this point, I am pushing out about equivalent work weight as when I used to be 152lb. I just don't see my body shredded and cut as valhalla yet. i am hoping when i hit 144 or so, my physique will present better. I am currently taking 100g of carb as some told me that 50g is way too little, and at...
My buddy's show is today!! ~~ GTFIH dwatson Jump to first page55Jump to last page 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): That show is MASSIVE!!! Plus each area and region judge Physique differently!!! Sucks He deserved top 5 ATLEAST!!! It was the dallas Europa show right??
maintaining posture Mikhail 6 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Correction...It is the Sweaty shit!!! hahaha
Which Do you prefer V-taper or Wide Hips omarpogi43 11 9 yearsRANIERI (202): who honestly gives a fuck lol
cutting update Mikhail 18 9 yearstarotale (433): lol agreed no shit
If you could train Zyzzst 20 9 yearsPopeye25 (1692): or eric helms
My Ideal Physique AarronStenner 30 9 yearsRANIERI (202): fuck that cunt is shredded, but it doesnt look natural
mr o cassious 2 9 yearsadam82a (3100): Uh oh...
Olympia 2012 Swayz87 11 9 yearsadam82a (3100): Sorry, my government is forcing me not to reveal our ways of working. I could tell you, but then...
Zyzz style from Spain wiv Pics Zyzz_Spain Jump to first page161Jump to last page 9 yearsZyzz_Spain (10): nice work. Keep working hard im usually eating in mc donals,specially my last food before bed
Frank Medrano pl8e 2 9 yearsMassthetics (364): yeh hes sick hey! google his youtube vids and check his interview out on cutandjacked
bit dissapointed.. lift4life 8 9 yearsJohnnyBeGood (58): Im 5'8 and my arms are 15" and usually they are the first thing people notice about me. Swole as hell when pumped up, but sometimes when not pumped up IMO they look abit average, but its all a phsyc thing. However i have a narrow 30" waist, big V taper and stocky shoulders, but relatively thin wrists. so this does help emphasise arm size.
The great Debate! (vote inside) david12345676 Jump to first page57Jump to last page 9 yearssickrykes (1651): zyzz
Broad shoulders nastybeast 7 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Anyone in the top 10 at the Olympia has insane genetics. They have also worked harder than 99% of people to get there but you can't win Mr. O having bad genetics for both the shape of your body and muscle building potential. Look at Phil Heath before he started BBing Already had an amazing base of muscle without even caring about it too much, choosing to focus on...
What to do... Treysix 2 9 yearsadam82a (3100): A few things. If I were you I'd cut as new people. Go 300-500 below your maintenance calories. Supplements will not make you fat. You put on bodyfat by eating a calorie surplus. Creatine will not make you fat under no circumstances at all. Read this forum. There are a lot of good threads popping up every now and then. You'll learn quite soon whom's post to look out for.
Forward Rolled Shoulder - Help? asianpower 4 9 yearsAKK (1998): i wouldnt go stretching your shoulder throw an extreme range a motion or any type of stretching that involves putting it through a ROM and holding it there, a static stretch I believe is the technical name. Go see a chiro, I think everyone would benefit a lot from seeing a chiropractor. I know I would and I might just go see one due to the fact my shoulders are a tad bit off level.
HIIT while bulking? Leatherman88 3 9 yearsLeatherman88 (10): hmm, well maybe i could do like 800 cal surplus with this kind of training, il have to give it a shot for a few weeks and see how it goes.
1 year since Aziz Shavershian died Rip Mazy 19 9 yearseventheodds1 (5644): From what ik this guy knew how to live his life although taken away so shortly. Unique personality is what makes somebody great. R.I.P
Lost Weight - Skin? Dude 12 9 yearswannabemuscular (33219): At your young age you have a great chance that the skin will come back in time. Make sure to keep it hydrated with a cocoa butter lotion or maybe some Bio Oil. Those stretch marks are yours to keep though . . .
The new top physique model ilifthard 22 9 yearsG_Redd (315): He has a great physique, but I'm not a huge fan of his ab structure. Mad aesthetics tho. No disrespect intended, but just saying my opinion of how i see him.
Who has a better physique Arnold or Stallone hotborad 22 9 yearsWelshlifter (1): the natural look? you serious? slys been on HGH for years and i guarentee he wasnt natural when he starred in rambo/rocky
frank yang does it again Cannonball Jump to first page38Jump to last page 9 yearsHnando (10): BBC wide grip pull ups adds inches to your back in days with proper form .... but the question is are you willing to do the work -_-
Rest week/ Deload week on a cutting cycle? NabKnows 2 9 yearsbullet (10): after i competed in a bodybuilding and fitness model comp i took two weeks off and during the second week it was a 7 day detox and i found it was really good for me although i felt a little weaker on the first few workouts back but the having no protein will do that to you so really 1 week will be absolutely fine and remain the high protein. they say every 6 months you should take 2 weeks of training
Body Types ectomorph94 10 9 yearsDexdbest (4792): The endomorph looks more powerfull to me and the ecto looks more mirable. Is that jay cutler? The first guy
Bad chest? RageBoy 7 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): TO be honest that isnt that low, especially if you are prone to storing fat on your chest. We all store fat differently, and if yours happens to be your chest then 10% wont be enough, get to about 8% then you will get a much better shape. Good luck
Mr.O Phil Heath in Moscow ilifthard 4 9 yearsNorIda (46958): Haha. Fact. Thanks for the interpretation!
1 year transformation. Kriztijan 6 9 yearsKriztijan (19): Thanks! Yeah when I go heavy on my traps I get a stiff neck almost always so I do lighter weights with shrugs. but I'll throw shrugs some more in my routine. Yeah I hope so. I'll just keep training and we'll see (A)
Long legs/Short torso ectomorph94 10 9 yearsDavidP94 (382): I have the longest legs and the shortest torso, it's so funny.
jeff seid lift4life Jump to first page48Jump to last page 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Why did no one mention it? Oh, just seen a couple of people did :/
Alright Brahs! Possible competition! Fuaaa G_Redd 3 9 yearsG_Redd (315): My expectations are high, but I know some people are there are 10x more shredded than me. I have the desire to win, so we will see what happens. Im hitting the gym so hard. I cant get enough. im 100x more motivated now. LETS GET IT SS
Morphs !!!! GStarRaw 20 9 yearsG_Redd (315): Well I was an ecto.... But then i got mad.
new to this Massthetics 7 9 yearsFuturevision (142): Deadlifts and squats are way to low, also keep your deadlifts around 4-6 reps and go heavier. But remember good form.
Lets get srs. (Long story ITT) G_Redd 29 9 yearsG_Redd (315): Lol ^^ that
Hair removal cream BWestern 14 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Yeah my skin gets irritated if I do it too close.
inspirations lift4life Jump to first page39Jump to last page 9 yearsmasswithclass (82):
Help me prove huge people are huge lol Cannonball 12 9 yearsDragonian (4951): 5.10 ha
Ready for advice and a load of hate Blakethegreat 24 9 yearsBlakethegreat (34): week 3 of phat workout absolutel love it, lifting big almost double what i orginally lifted
Nymz, what happened kailaad 8 9 yearskailaad (1): He lives in Sydney Australia, was one of the newer members in aesthetics crew Has the best physique out of all them (except zyzz) if you ask me
Seeing abs without flexing TriggaTony 11 9 yearsKyle0910 (42): Quick question not to take this thread off topic or anything but MrM: what's your stats? You seem to be pretty knowledgable.
What should i do ? nutellafreak 4 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): For your weight, your maintenance calories are around 2,200 calories a day. Try eating at around 2,500 per day and see how your body responds (slight surplus). But don't let your BF get higher. Use a macro-nutrient ration of 50/30/20 (carbs/protein/fat). Be accurate, choose good sources of food. That's it, it is simple. Then you need to train hard. DONT make your own routine. You do not have enough experience to do so. Try something like Max...
looking into the fittest men in the world.. WaxyLizard 12 9 yearsseansm10 (906): do somthing that is symmetrical. like for ex if u took up baseball youre going to have a pretty overpowering shoulder and forearm from the way you swing and throw. unless youre crazy ambidextrous..then have at er
The best bodybuilding era! AarronStenner 22 9 yearsBen777 (5358): I think maybe, just maybe, there may have been a hint of sarcasm in his post EK...
Stubborn chest nastyraccoon 10 9 yearseknight (58109): Bro, you're 15. Your body isn't done growing by any stretch of the imagination. Stop getting hung up on something like this. I wouldn't even consider priority training at your age because your body is going to do what it wants to do until you're done developing. The inner area of your chest is the last place noticeable growth occurs for most people because the fibers are thickest at the shoulder joint and least thick toward the sternum- it takes...
Fans of Frank Zane etc Cannonball Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 yearsCannonball (6283): Zane was 5'9 if I understand your system correctly
Any ways to develop striations? Thor 24 9 yearsMangochutney (877): I'd just spend a day sitting in a sauna with David Icke, mad dilation and talking to that nutjob would raise my blood pressure tenfold!
Mass vs aesthatics Dexdbest Jump to first page34Jump to last page 9 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): personally my ultimate goa would be jim cordova, perfect balance of size and aesthetics IMO, looks powerful and ripped, but similarly not too big.
huge as fuark ys1337 12 9 yearsys1337 (22): i wouldnt ever want to look like that but i think he is sickest most yoked up motherfucker i´ve seen
Introduction and Two Yr Progress KalletSc 5 9 yearsrklohe (511): Looking great dude! Nice work and keep it up!
ITT Skeptical Swippo Is Skeptic Swayz87 18 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): This is where a voting poll would be awesome!! COME ON SS!! My opinion - no way is he natty. I agree with all the points Thor laid out - Picture at age 20 is soooo suspect.. gyno. Calories are ridiculous.
Aesthetic 50+ years old pics! ilifthard 12 9 yearsDavidP94 (382): Stallone looks like his bones might collapse, haha
Free Entry - Bodybuilder and Fitness Comp LouisMulsanne 1 9 yearsLouisMulsanne (1): Date 9th September 2012 Location Bournemouth, South England Amateur event - all male and female levels welcome. Independent federation Special Guest Categories Male Bodybuilder up to 80kg to 95kg+ Male Fitness Female Bodybuilder Female Fitness Competing is FREE - entrance by ticket only £15 available at Entry forms available from or request a copy from Louis at ...
So a guy says this guy is natty Cannonball 14 9 yearsCannonball (6283): I wouldn't know, don't know anything about that so didn't know if it was some sort of joke like, "he has oddly shaped steroid-trapz" or something :)
how many exercices per muscle group ionatan 4 9 yearsPopeye25 (1692): cmon man i just checked n uv made 3 r 4 threads about upper/lower
tattoos and competing? corym 7 9 yearscorym (10): wow thats amazing!not to worried anymore lol
Cutting, so far. +IMG G_Redd 10 9 yearsG_Redd (315): I really want one. But i make do with what I got. I just add.
Physique role model and ideal weight Dexdbest Jump to first page87Jump to last page 9 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): My ideal weight would be 185lbs-190lbs ripped
Physique competitors Jordan 8 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): My boy is the guy on the left IN the pic....this was Tall Vs Short for overall Best Physique...its not Mens BB Jusu its mens physique!
Thoughts on Steroids? drakula 17 9 yearsDragonian (4951): If you know what you want to look like and the only way to get that physique is to cycle then one should cycle.
It Is Possible Everyone Jordan 27 9 yearsJordan (241): Shoulders I stick to mostly the basics dumbbell shoulder press, lots of side lateral raises and front raises, I tend to superset with lateral raises my entire shoulder workout. I also do upright barbell rows. I keep my reps high with shoulders as I feel I can work them out better that way for me. Arms were pretty basic, biceps I did hammer curls, then move to preacher barbell curls and single arm preacher curls then rope curls and hammers again...
Motivational pic; Anyone know who this is? unzuder 5 9 yearsunzuder (1): haha.. how many sisters ya got?... ;p
Sleeping VS Resting? drakula 10 9 yearsshockingfit (334): When I can't get enough sleep i usually do an afternoon power there's an article about it here. Maybe your insomnia is a result of overtraining ?
Calves too big? SirShredalot 14 9 yearsPopeye25 (1692): guys he trollin lol
Short Physique/Fitness models G_Redd 18 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Ya dwight!!! Go associate with yo own freakishly tall kind!!!! ; )
Rest Periods BWestern 3 9 yearsYoungbrah (112): Just so you dont make this mistake again make sure you have deload weeks id say once every 4 - 6 weeks. During these weeks go the gym but drop the weights to like 60% of what you usually do. YB
Effective cardio BWestern 8 9 yearsseansm10 (906): if you got a buddy to help you out, you can do car pushes, ive never felt such a pump in my quads than when me and a friend tried to push my buddies car to get it started(fuckin idiot left his lights on when we went to play soccer!)
Extreme Cheat Meal BWestern 10 9 yearsPopeye25 (1692): eat a caloric surplus. not that hard
The most aesthetic physique of all the time Jusu Jump to first page169Jump to last page 9 yearsBen777 (5358):
Cedric McMillan..OH LAWD EFJK 16 9 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): dante hasn't posted it yet :/
John Meadows is a beast Christf 7 9 yearsChristf (2910): The guy in the video is Dave Tate...he's the founder and CEO of EliteFTS.... bad ass. Check out their youtube channel man they don't fuck around
Ulisses Jr!!!! AustralianOak 7 9 yearsDexdbest (4792): Does anybody know kelechi opara's nationality, his name sounds nigerian, kelechi translates to 'praise God' in igbo. Not sure if this is a coincidence or not, is he america or.....
BEASTS SRorhrbac0808 26 9 yearsAKK (1998): powerlifters tend not to train their biceps
Who is this guy? Christf 5 9 yearsJusu (618): Miriable physique. Could be one of my goals, have to add to list of goal physiques
Strong genetics! Ben777 21 9 yearsJemzBeast (109): All right. Does he put time in every day at the gym? Yes. That makes him no different from us. I wouldnt touch steroids but if this kid does then its his loss, literally. Gonna fuck up his system, because I doubt he uses them "correctly". Anyways, props to the guy. Mad aesthetic physique (no homo).
Victor Martinez Interview! EFJK 10 9 yearsEFJK (2316): Yeah, so true. But at the same time, his body knows what's going on, so I feel like over the next 6-12 months the amount of muscle he's going to pack back on will be insane. From 0 supplements to everything and a body that is basically starving to get back to what it's used to..gonna be fun to watch
Check out this guy! Jusu 3 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Lulz ......Skepitcal Hippo is SKEPTICAL!!!!! Id say juice.. although with some SUPERIOR genetics...this is possible...but yaaa not likely
My favorite physique BaiTu 1 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): My favorite physique is the one I see in the mirror. My own. It seems everyday I'm seeing on here questions about is this guy or is that guy juicing or is he natty. I would say I don't get it but in truth the thing is I don't care. I don't have any pictures of me yet. My cell phone camera isn't that good, blah blah blah. I think pictures taken with cell phone cameras are kind of tacky anyway. It doesn't matter. If I posted...
Charley Montreuil curling 220 lbs. ilifthard 20 9 yearsilifthard (3241): Yeah, he does. He became a model and rolls around LA now.. Here two new videos of him:
Insight SBS 'Massive Obsession' PYOOnGDOOnG 18 9 yearsPYOOnGDOOnG (1): I'm not sure if you're from Australia, but the while point of Insight (and the whole channel SBS for that matter) is meant to present a fair, objective point of view. Point taken, I should have changed that to natural bodybuilders. And not the ones who think they need 4g protein/pound. However, why this gets me vexed is that it's portraying bodybuilding as the root of all evil. They did an Insight on obesity and the people on that did not get...
my little brother.. G_Redd 5 9 yearsWaxyLizard (756): I have this also. Feels bad man.
F**k huge unaesthetic legs! MrMailliw 17 9 yearsPopeye25 (1692): na i want big ass legs. and to have sick sweeps n tear drops n all that shit for when i cut in the future
is it even possible... Cannonball 13 9 yearsectomorph94 (879): Hell yea it's possible...
Building and structure of a solid plan. FrostyMTFU 2 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): What about don't reinvent the wheel? Aren't there plenty of plans that have already been built? Starting Strength Stronglifts 5by5 Phat German Volume Training Just to name a few that I know of off the top of my head.
One Last Chance. boxerwoody999 13 9 yearsThor (5028): With nutrition, it ultimately comes down to calories. There's a bunch of articles around on SS with good diets to follow. Once you're lean, it's actually pretty easy to stay lean year round imo. I stay about as lean as I am in my picture year round, getting leaner over summer. I don't do cardio at all and I'm not especially tight with calorie counting. (Small comment - I spread squats and deadlifts on different days. The reason is that it...
Who is this guy? guy after Johnie jackson koaballer55 3 9 yearsdwatson (26511): Still trying to figure out why you inputted a html link for an image.... Here is the link if others were wondering.
Wrist size and chest size Dexdbest 12 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): lulwot
how many carbs should i intake to get shred? spyderboys 2 9 yearsjamieboy22 (19): i used this as recommended by another member on here.
5 weeks from tampabay classic. mens physique Franco26 10 9 yearsFranco26 (13): Thanks guys. Legs are coming in nicely. Just because im doing mens physique doesnt mean i dont ignore my lower half. the judges dont really dont look for leg definition since you are wearing swim trunks. I use to play soccer in college before knee injuries got the best of me. my legs are good size and well developed, but im very cautious and realize lifting extremely heavy is a no for my legs. All be posting more pics as i inch closer to the...
Lambert seansm10 3 9 yearshurricane92 (3699): I think he looks like a jacked Larry Fitzgerald lol
Cutting (so far) G_Redd 14 9 yearsG_Redd (315): Everything else is coming together nicely though. My genetics arent exactly on my side, either. Ectomorph with a few mesmo traits. =/
Serge Nubret ectomorph94 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Of the Sickest order and the highest kunt is that plan!
Truly Amazing these brothers are IttzaJoey 26 9 yearsssrank (732): amazing video
Amateur of the Week dwatson Jump to first page35Jump to last page 9 yearsCorkey (291): guys im still keeping naturla for like another 4-5 years... what do you guys think is a good age to hit?
How much weight does height add? MrMailliw 17 9 yearsShadow (448): 6'4 @ 225lbs = 2.96lbs per inch Personally I think there are way too many variables to really put it on a scale. My brother is the same height as me with shorter limbs and a much bigger butt and legs lol He is sittin on about 240 I think, and he's pretty lean. Our somatotypes differ (I'm ecto, he's a beastly meso) but I still think that limb length, bone density, muscle mass, fat mass etc. would throw off any scale people try to put it on....
Are ectomorphs more aestethically pleasing? Cannonball 21 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): @seansm10 I was stating that zyzz would not be a good candidate to Say ectos are best...because he took juice to even get that much muscle. I'm sayin meso are the best because my buddy who is prob pure meso is almost at zyzz level all obviously meso is better. Now that's why they call juice the genetic equalizer...because it allows ectos to put weight on like a meso...
In need of advice concerning body shapes. ItsMayo 10 9 yearsMaarten (4299): Pullover works your m intercostales. Which are between your ribs, so it might work.
Physique battle Dexdbest Jump to first page91Jump to last page 9 yearseknight (58109): Thought the same thing esp on the leg extensions and seated rows. -EK
this guy has my favourite physique- the1 Jump to first page41Jump to last page 9 yearsthe1 (33861): in all honesty if i was to ever take steroids, it would be injectable, prohormones run with too many bad sides and not enough real growth.. my friend takes steroids year round and he looks juicy haha.. im stronger but he has more cut hard muscle
Old School Bodybuilding Jusu Jump to first page36Jump to last page 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): On overtraining, can you look at someone's training routine and just call it overtraining? I don't know much about overtraining in bodybuilding but in marathon running I do. I know top marathoners who run more than 100 miles a week (usually while taking one day off a week), and it's not overtraining for them because they build up to that level of running and they also make rest and nutrition a priority. Thus, what you do in your workout is...
Dream shape completed - what to do? Archdacko Jump to first page39Jump to last page 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): John Wooden would say that it's impossible to be 110 percent satisfied. You can't be more than 100 percent satisfied and you can't give 110 percent or 101 percent or anything over 100 percent. If you think you can, then you don't understand what you're capable of and what your 100 percent really is. As for me, I'm satisfied. I refuse to be dissatisfied with my body. I work out to maintain and to get stronger but what I may achieve...
Favorite bodybuilder. Prince_Nav Jump to first page35Jump to last page 9 yearsCorkey (291): Reg Park, Arnold, Jay Cutler and Phil "the gift" Heath
how big is everyones wrist? Jelet 17 9 yearssimply_sharpie (255): half way between leangains and the Frame Size Model formula is prob more the ball park!
Golden Era Image Thread Shadow 2 9 yearsDragonian (4951): picture one. Them grannys be mirin'
is this possible? kbradley88 8 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): If you watch his other videos you will know he is actually a humble, nice guy. He eats the ice cream after workout or as a cheat snack, nothing special.
Adam Charlton (pics) ssrank 17 9 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): He was being sarcastic...
rob riches vs greg plitt OhhLoLo 22 9 yearsJusu (618): Rob Riches! Strong hair style! And both have awesome bodies.
Your Favourite Facebook Bodybuilder? ssfan12 9 9 yearsssfan12 (82): Naso is natty.
Full look Dark_Genesis 13 9 yearsDragonian (4951): talking of flexing or just lighting in general, at my gym on saturday i train arms about 2, the sun shines through a window directly into the gym and i feel like i look like shit despite my arm pump and having quite ripped arms they just look like blobs as the sun blocks any vascularity or definition
20 Best Aesthetic Physiques Of All Time???? FatGiraffe 19 9 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): ...
Your ideal physiques Jusu Jump to first page140Jump to last page 9 yearsJusu (618): In 3 years possible but u must work hard! All the photos aren't photoshoped! Most of them, yes, but some that are taken in gym while training can be natural.
how to get a v taper r whatever its called adriancullinane Jump to first page72Jump to last page 9 yearsTenaciousRep (3): woah this thread is all over the place. dudes with their shirts off talkin bout abs comin out of his shirt? and other people saying deadlifts will get you a v taper wtf? i dont understand....