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Lower back (please help) acoble02 2 7 monthsFishbulb (28): Haven't checked this site in away, hence the delay...Do direct work on your hips, glutes, hamstrings religiously. I'm the only guy in the gym who uses the adductor / abductor machines as well as the glute/hamstring kickback machine (where the cable is around your ankle), in addition to my normal leg day stuff (squats, split squats, ham stuff, unfortunately I don't do deads anymore, etc). Throw in some glute bridges - one leg and two - and...
CT Fletcher overtraining ErickFromOmaha 26 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @ErickFromOmaha.. Layne have other overtrainig videos. But this is latest video of how you approach training to failure.
muscle training frequency and overtraining enc3 9 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): I train PPL - 3 days on 1 off, 2 on 1 off, repeat. That works perfectly for me. 3 on 1 off is just a bit to frequent for me. Everyone is different. Training each muscle every 3-5 days is ideal - some can recover fast enough to train each muscle every 3 days some need more time. Depends on your volume and intensity and nutrition etc, this is where the art of bodybuilding comes into it - finding your sweet spot :)
Am I overtraining hubert_ie 5 7 yearsAKK (1998): drink some water
overtraining / undertraining colt45 13 7 yearscolt45 (124): @Hiiibbbb overtraining would be a result of undereating.
Overtrained For Almost 10 Years Straight.... LongBeachPatriot Jump to first page50Jump to last page 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): I went to a new PT today. He was VERY good. performs chiropractor and ART as well. Really knows his stuff. After going through the motions he came to the conclusion that the strain is not the Sartorius muscle but rather the Rectus Femorus at the hip insertion point. Thats right near the sartorius insertion point. Also, he saw a slight mis-alignment of my right hip, and some lower lumbar tightness. I had strained my psoas muscle last year...
Overtraining Advice, Joint Pain nosquatch 9 8 yearsGunther (1285): Do any of you know if taking fish oils or omega threes would help with arthritis?
Training when run down AarronStenner 13 8 yearsAmy0582 (373): I personally would workout anyway. I usually cut the cardio down if it's an intense cold but continue lifting. If it's not intense, keep everything up. If it's more than a cold, take a day off.
Working out twice a day craig 24 8 yearscraig (835): I'm not dismissing anyone' opinion on it. I was just answering the guy as the points he made didn't really apply to me and he wasn't to know that.
How often do you have deload? Jusu 16 8 yearsAmy0582 (373): Seriously, if your coach is telling you to rest, do it. I take one rest day a week but have been told I need more.
2 DAILY GYM SESSIONS? leedon 12 8 yearssickrykes (1651): from what their teaching us in class i wouldn't recommend it. to much stress on you body, your better off doing a more intense 45min-1 hour max workout once a day and getting proper rest.
The Double Split jamsoolee 16 8 yearsCannonball (6283): low rest means less deep tissue damage because the sets wont be as big, if you know what I mean that means you can tolerate a bigger volume because of bigger intensity (I know that intensity usually actually describe how "big" a set is, but thats not how jamsoolee used it so)
Pinched Nerve asianpower 8 8 yearshaole (2109): I have had a pinched nerve in my neck a few times. I think it was caused by doing shrugs but I'm not sure. It seems like every time I start doing shrugs again it comes back so I haven't done shrugs in a year. Massages feel good but I don't know if they help it go away faster. I think they usually go away after about two weeks.
Overtraining AustralianOak Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearseknight (58109): I'm guessing- and again, since DWatson is in touch with Layne about this topic I think, so he may know more- that it would take more than that. Think along the lines of going from 10 sets to 18, with heavier weight and less rest between sets for a month. -EK