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LISS or HIIT cardio? almighty_she 22 6 yearsalmighty_she (562): Okay, thanks :)
cardio KingLeonidasXIV 4 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): If ur concerned about cardio ur probably Cutting, not much cardio needed when bulking. I do both though. Sprints.. brilliant. 40m 6-10 of them, small jog after. HIIT on treadmill or bike in this fashion: 3mins jog 2mins run 1min sprint x3 or the relative of that on the bike. with 2min warm up... 20mins total. Ten LISS... on treadmill 15degree incline.. 25mins medium paced walk. HTH.
Definition of LISS cardio MrMailliw 6 6 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Thanks people
Cutting/ diet advice Ballerj63 8 7 yearsBallerj63 (1): I read that keeping it 1-1.5 gm/lb body weight helps preserve muscle mass while cutting. Anyways, I'll see how this cut works for me.
Cardio Workout/Fitness Goals tiesun2 2 7 yearsstahmz (253): This is an example of a Monday workout for me: 1 mile warm-up 2x600m [60 sec 400m/rest 15 minutes] 3x300m [50 sec/rest 1 minute] 3x300m [40 sec/rest 5 minutes] 1 mile cool down Weights Goal: Get faster in the 400m for track
LISS Cardio AarronStenner 3 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Cheers Boss!
Is there a gray area between LISS and HIIT? mattcrouch1502 2 7 yearsstewie (442): There are different kinds of cardio. In the bodybuilding world, LISS and HIIT is the most common. With endurance sports you get LISS, tempo, HIIT, VO2max etc. What you're doing is most probably tempo. Tempo is at a higher than normal intensity for a prolonged time. As a test without a hrm: LISS (can hold a conversation) Tempo (can speak half sentences) HIIT (can only say words, if that)
cardio doubts anky 8 7 yearsmikew (11493): When I do LISS, I set the treadmill to a 1 degree incline and the speed to 4MPH. It takes a minute or two to adapt but the body adapts pretty quickly. That example is from the article on I guess it does seem a little extreme. I usually do HIIT on the elliptical so 30 on/30 off is more feasible there. Also, there is a typo in that article. It should say for a total of 12 minutes not 18. Thanks for pointing out this mistake.
Cardio Confusion correra911 10 7 yearsEFJK (2316): 1) Don't go fully fasted if you choose morning cardio. Although some research shows that free fatty acids are mobilized following sleep and thus are easier for your body to utilize for energy (hence promoting fat burning/loss), you don't want to risk losing muscle either. However, it doesn't make sense to me to eat a full meal with carbs before a early morning session, simply because your body will turn to the carbohydrates (as they are easiest...
Cardio Advice BWestern 3 7 yearsEFJK (2316): If you're looking for real noticeable results I'd do HIIT twice a week and 3 days of LIT on other days to really get it going.
Weight and Cardio overkill? Nyko 11 7 yearswobbly_91 (60): Also depends on when your last meal was BEFORE you started your workout. If you had a food like half an hour before your workout, you should be fine, if you last meal was like 2 hours before you began I would highly recommend eating/taking something in between. Maybe a BCAA shake?
Hiit or LISS? Archdacko 12 7 yearsKyle0910 (42): So if I did liss 3-4 times a week the only difference would be a bit of muscle loss and it would take a bit longer?