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Issue with knees? Elijha_blue 6 3 yearsDevley (1): A slight meniscus tear can cause pain on only certain movements. Did you end up going to a doctor at all?
Training legs after acl surgery ???? BTB1690 8 4 yearsBTB1690 (1): Nobody likes a smart Arse Jason mate :)) but thanks anyway lads , I've not done any more weight training on it, just exercise bike and going on the leg press with 0 resistance just for movement, been out along time had lcl,mcl & pcl done previously got blood clots and stuff after it,been unable to train n got in shit state, just eager as fuck cause can start to see some light at the end of the tunnel, just be sticking to the upper body just...
Fix knee patella tracking,and pain? forgottenpass 16 4 yearsforgottenpass (382): Ok,thanks for the info!
knee hurts after a long ride jonrivs49 22 4 yearsdianeb (1): You can go for different therapies like massage therapies to get rid of this knee hurts. I used to seek the help of an expert physiotherapist in Dynamic Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic, Burlington for my knee pain. He advised me to do different therapies once a month along with the exercises. You can also try it.
Please help! Torn ACL! Need exercise advice dgevurtz 3 4 yearsDevley (1): Agreed, rest now and heal properly. I have heard many stories of re-injury and worse for ware after. Listen to the doctor and follow advise. Work your way back in slowly and always treat with cold after to avoid inflammation from building up. The knee has sch little blood flow to begin with, you do not want to obstruct that unnecessarily.
Standing desk and knee pain Rawsteel 3 4 yearsRawsteel (940): Nope, it doesn't, and i don't keep my legs locked out btw, i keep them relaxed.
Adding mass to quads, with a weak knee? Snoogal 10 4 yearsZyzzst (4486): @csizemore21 ive preexhausted so hard before, by the end of my workout i couldnt even squat the bar....i probably looked like an idiot in the gym
Knee pain ThatTeenThatLifts 10 4 yearseknight (58109): Hopefully you don't squat this way. If so, it's either the root of your pain or contributing to it greatly. There's never a need to go deeper than parallel. No further benefit, and the research shows significant increased tibio-femoral stress. -3X
3 Weeks out of ACL Surgery Zypoc 4 5 yearseknight (58109): Dude. Seriously. If someone- even if everyone- told you you could, would you take their word over that of your PT, who has at least a masters but most likely a doctorate?? No one here should be answering that for you. -3X
chronic knee pain. dinuman22 6 5 yearseknight (58109): -3X