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Midway Through The Thor Challenge mgurnow 1 2 yearsmgurnow (1): Hey, fellow iron addicts. So . . . back in November, I set the goal of gaining 45 lbs. while dropping a third of my body fat in one year’s time. I’m calling it The Thor Challenge because, if all goes as planned, by Oct. 31 I’ll match Chris Hemsworth’s physique when he shot the Marvel movies. (This way I can heft Thor’s mighty hammer on Halloween with pride). So far, things are coming along as planned and, to my surprise, my...
Train with Kai Greene - Legs Workout PART 2 a1apex 5 5 yearsElminister (3412): Those are some provocative pink tights...
New Train with Kai! Legs 2.0 a1apex 1 5 yearsa1apex (1): Thought you guys would appreciate it, the new part to the series.
George Farah & KAI GREENE in Ireland.. CLASS FiremanSi 11 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SRorhrbac0808 What do u not agree with mate ?? I like hearing people's opinions on this.. cause everones entitled to one. Personally i don't agree with the fats being that low all the time. I agree with the no fries,no shit thing.. donesn't mean i dont fold on occasion with candy and sweets. everyones human. actually never eat mc donalds and burger king and that though. Not sure if i whole heartedly agree with only 15reps and above for legs...
Wearing winter clothes in the gym JoJo 18 8 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Well I have only used in the context of lol soooo no worries brah!!! you'll know when im not u just will have to feel on that ish!