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Joint pain CalisthenicStudent 2 2 yearsDorich (454): Tried MSM? Devil's claw is supposed to be good, too.
Issue with knees? Elijha_blue 6 3 yearsDevley (1): A slight meniscus tear can cause pain on only certain movements. Did you end up going to a doctor at all?
Ideas for compensating an acl Jonno11 5 5 yearseknight (58109): If you have stability and your doctor says it's ok, I'd really hit those hammies hard and never, under any circumstance, do leg extensions- to much anterior stress on the joint. -3X
Does Biofreeze = Ice? dwatson Jump to first page60Jump to last page 6 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): Guys, I'm going to have a righteous bench day. Lettucebeecereal. Yolo, Nike.
Overtraining Advice, Joint Pain nosquatch 9 6 yearsGunther (1282): Do any of you know if taking fish oils or omega threes would help with arthritis?
Hand and Wrist help! salgslag 4 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Buy a set of bodybuilding wrist straps Additionally you can use thin boxing straps which will give you wrist and hand support. I live in Korea, and many of the guys in gym do this. You must be sure to buy the thin boxing straps - otherwise you will lose too much mobility. Personally, I just use wrist straps when training heavy
Weak joints! help, advice or experience? salgslag 5 7 yearssalgslag (1): Thank you for your answers - I´m really appreciating them even though it has been a long time since i answered. Like MikesTheGuy says; Drug is a temporary solution to my permanent problem so i´m quit sure that it isn´t the way to go. i´m currently thinking of buying a nice strong pair of workout gloves and a pair of wrist wraps (I have heard that Inzer or Titan is a great deal?). Im think it would help me a lot since the goal of my workout...
Pain destn2bripped 24 7 yearsdestn2bripped (15): oh so you have been in pain for a while bud. wrist wraps sound good though. itll add some brace to my little ass wrist. yeah that grip you got i heard is not to good. i heard it was thumb over fingers for max. i got to break the bent wrist.