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Weight Gainers artusigmx 10 5 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): If you can stay away that'd be good but if you CANNOT get your food in because your maintanance is stupid high like 4.5k calories then my favorite is muscle juice 2544 chocolate but stick with protein powder and food if you can
Sick, should I still be working out? mroyal1999 7 5 yearsTrev182 (14986): Open thread to view post.
sickness ruining gains jaydiddy85 4 5 yearsBreakingJoe (37): one bad day doesn't ruin everything tough I know the feels, eat as much as you can that day untill you reached your macros, Don't worry, get better and get gaining again
Getting sick all the time... lolssons 10 5 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Massive calories, when im sick i find hot foods like curry chilli then i consume them in massive qualities then eat a whole packet of cookies and sleep like a bear
THROWING UP BUT NO pain?!? ezvmoneybeast 5 5 yearsHewy007 (2980): first nipple pain then this, are you trolling us? Go to a doctor instead of addressing a fitness forum, jeez
Tracking macros while you are sick? ajm87 9 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): I've been hitting the gym yeah
SHOULD I LIFT WHILE I HAVE A COLD? ezvmoneybeast 11 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): Rather have a bad workout than not be able to workout at all. Usually 2 or 3 sets in I feel great anyway, then go back to feeling like ass after my workout.
Sick feeling after proteinshake Hamer93 8 6 yearsScotian (9922): That used to happen to me too but I kept doing it anyway and it doesn't bother me now lol
When sick, do you guys train? Ramses 23 6 yearsHewy007 (2980): Man I actually use too because i'd come out of the gym and my congestion would usually be cleared up by the end of my session (temporarily) but now people are pointing out the obvious (getting other people in the gym sick) and that was never my intention. Feel like a nob :(
Viral infection, have you had any similar? Rawsteel 19 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Nope, i am 110% sure of that she hasn't been with anyone else. The odd thing is that she hasn't been infected by this.
feelsbadman AKK 4 6 yearsAKK (1998): my tender in my right ankle/underneath my foot is going wack as well. im on my feet all day at work walking around so its an overuse injury. Doc told me it was tendonitis but it does not feel like tedonitis
losing muscle while sick?!!?! ering95 5 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): If im sick. I just eat more. If i dnt like it.. Still eat more.. You will not lose that fast muscle in just a week of sickness.. Might loose weught and water because of sickness and improper nutrition. This might be the reasin you look thin.. Every looks thin when their sick. Muscle you will easy get it back
Sick/illness 4real 4 6 yearsadam82a (3100): I've not been able to workout due to illness for about 2 weeks. Frankly I just been focusing on getting enough proteins each day and then guesstimated the rest
Day after taking cold medicine??? stinkydiver36 14 6 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): Amen about Nyquil that stuff knocks the hell out of me. Best stuff to take when you cant sleep.
training while sick doug_h 2 6 yearsMonster81 (1678): If you know your body, you should know (roughly) how you'll react to certain illnesses. If it's a slight cold, I usually press and I'll throw in HIIT and honestly it helps clear my system. If it's one of those "24 hour" flu bugs, I'll sit it out that day to recover and get some more fluids as well for the health of the people at the gym. That being said, with vitamins, my diet, and multiple trips to Iraq and Afghanistan I haven't...
Sad news once again. GStarRaw 9 6 yearsGStarRaw (1441): Yeah i take imodium sometimes :) Thanks for your advice too bro.
Training while sick sickrykes 15 6 yearssickrykes (1651): also while ive been sick i upped my cals to 4000 a day and i still lost weight :S
Sick at the gym Jordan17 10 6 yearsRunlove (229): Well, I know I always train pretty hard but during finals at my grad school I could only make it to the gym twice in two weeks, and they were shoddy sessions... Then when I tried working out hard again like usual (during my leg workout) I almost passed out.. twice!! I def had to lower my weight and work back into it. Took three weeks to get back to where I was. Your body/muscles responds to the stresses placed upon them.. give them time. A...
Can't stop being sick Shezza94 1 7 yearsShezza94 (58): Had some dodgy food last night now I can't stop being sick, it's stopping me from eating my diet I've only managed to get around 500 calories and I'm supposed to be getting 4000 and I can't work out either, will this one day make any difference on my body? Lose any gains or get any weaker?
Ill during a cut? tamere01 12 7 yearstamere01 (7126): might do that. Just today definatly resting up doe. I've had alot of problems with my chest already and id rather be safe then sorry
Slight Fever: Nutritional Advice Harnz 6 7 yearseknight (58109): IV fluids will not flush out a viral infection. Your body needs to produce enough interferons on its own to do that, which can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Avoid any OTC fever Meds unless it spikes to above 102. Eat, drink, rest. -3X
Whats worse not eating or puking?? tamere01 5 7 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): Thanks EK. Apparently my nutrition teacher lied to me.:/
NOOOOO I has the flu tarotale 6 7 yearstarotale (433): well i still worked out on PHAT like a boss. feels good!!!
Should i change roommates? Jelet 8 7 yearsthe1 (33860): jelet has a man-gina though
Questions about workout while sick geawesomenessed 4 7 yearsshockingfit (334): I've written an article ages ago on this. Check it out clickable text
Do I train when im ill AarronStenner 3 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Yeah I think I will do a light day tomorrow and just chill; cheers boss
Loss of motivation/sick? drakula 4 7 yearsAustralianOak (1504): Hey man sometimes when i fell my motivation lacking i watch one of the bodybuilding videos, liek of ronnie or jay and shit. But i think you need to find out what really motivates you about bodybuilding, why you first started and how much better your life has become since training. Set some goals, whether they be measurements, weight, lifts whatever set some goals they will give you new targets. For some reason buying a new supplement stack...
Sickness Remedies? haole 5 7 yearsanimal28 (166): Light cardio. Sweat that shit out.
Forced rest - sickness BaiTu 6 7 yearsBaiTu (3096): Yeah, there have been times when I've tried to sweat it out but these last few days have not been one of those times. I have gotten an unfortunately decent ab workout from coughing a few times.
sickness OhhLoLo 5 7 yearsOhhLoLo (3393): thanks for the feedback my rule is if i have a fever i wont hit the gym, ill rest. if i dont have a fever ill lighten the weight or do some cardio.