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Excellent Eric Helms interview AnthonyDee 1 3 yearsAnthonyDee (1): This is a really good recent interview with Eric Helms on training for muscle and strength: Topics include: - Mechanisms of muscle growth (mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage) - Periodization for maximizing training adaptations - Training volume, intensity and frequency for building muscle - Whether strength leads to hypertrophy or hypertrophy...
Hypertrophy Hambo 8 3 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): You do lifts to do hypertrophy. Give me green please
Micro trauma Hambo 8 3 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): On today's episode of hambro:
Balanced Body - Article lordcenturion 1 4 yearslordcenturion (1): I've gathered the information that has helped me build a bit of strength, power, muscle mass and endurance. The only reason I have become obsessed with building muscle is because I was really skinny. I had to do something. I struggled for a few years, tried many things but I finally uncovered what works for me. I found out the hard way, through injuries, how it is important to work every muscle group with the same dedication and...
Gainz when not everything is 100%? qtdreams92 11 4 yearsA_em (2410): From my experience I can say that stressful life and lack of sleep don't stop my body from changing. I see great difference since I've joined the gym. Sure- the results could be much better if I were less stressed and slept better, who knows. (They would be better if I tracked my macros and kcals, but I am not doing it because of striving for perfect body). On the other hand training is a tool to get rid of stress. Alcohol is bad for sure....
high volume split gymguy6969 20 5 yearswannabemuscular (33216): I don't lift. Clearly. Where's your profile pic, btw?
P/P/L?? SnackIt 25 5 yearswannabemuscular (33216): @SnackIt I'm doing it lately. Except I'm doing Pull and Legs 2x per week each and Push just once. My focus, obviously, is on back and legs right now. I like the P/P/L approach. Everything you do on a given day kinda goes together so that all similar bodyparts are in recovery mode together and nothing interferes with the next workout.
Lyle McDonald’s Bulking Routine? SnackIt 5 5 yearsSnackIt (76): Can i split it up like this? this would make me able to hit everything twice and at same time focus more on the body parts on the PPL days Mon: push tue: pull wed: legs thu: rest fri: fullbody
Do you think? Zyzzst 18 6 yearseknight (58109): @Xandar no prob. -3X
hypertrophy focus FxElement17 3 6 yearsNorIda (46957): Best thread ever
B-Pak Bicep Training & TIPS.. Great VID ! FiremanSi 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @brian12 No he warms up to his max weight of 50lb on alternating curls for 4sets, then 4sets of incline bicep curls, then 4 of elevated single arm cable curls. THe volume is the main thing to take from it its the fact that the bicep, after this, will have been trained in all elements of the strength curve and all target areas of full extention and full contraction buddy.
Routines variations Illadian 9 6 yearsRawsteel (940): As Brian said, stick to a routine you enjoy untill you no longer make any gains. I myself have been using a P/P/L training 5 of 7 days with only minor adjustments for 2 years now and i am still making some kind of gain every workout.
Does rep range, hypertrophy really matters. jonrivs49 11 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): ^ agee.. But if all is already perfect the sport will not be that fun anymore.. Well i guess gray area of the sport is actually a good thing.
Hypertrophy Illadian Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Trev182 I agree with @pandasashi on this one that is too much volume and splitting up boy parts is advanced training i wouldn't be advising new guys to a program of this sort.
Hybridized Crossfit/Bodybuilding Template SwoleFIT 1 6 yearsSwoleFIT (1): Hey guys, here's a hybridized powerlifting/bodybuilding/crossfit template I've created. (website- Thoughts? ******* Day 1 (Shoulders, Traps, Legs, Abs)- Strength + Conditioning - Strength movement(s)- Work up to a 5/3/1 rep max OR heavy sets of 5/3/1 as a 1RM% in one of the following lifts: (Push press, strict press, thruster, power clean, hang clean, power snatch, snatch, back squat, front squat, overhead squat, Pendlay...
Size gains strength vs hypertrophy Hewy007 3 6 yearsElminister (3412): What's the difference between 'muscle mass' and 'lean muscle mass'? Anyway, I'm also interested in differences between hypertrohpy and strength training.
Interesting read on Hypertrophy (Lyle M) the1 17 7 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): I thought pullovers were for the Serratus?
HIT/HYPERTROPHY juanf122388 1 7 yearsjuanf122388 (46): Well i been thinking about doing a hypertrophy routine mixed with hit since i am still over weight i am 5'10 wighing 210 lbs when i started working out i was 240 lbs i decided it was time for a change so i decided to go to sports authority and bought SUPREME 90 in 90 days i went from been 240 lbs to been been 195 lbs i decided i wasnt done yet and well i decided to lift i had my routines and diets wrong as a resoult i have gainded 15 lbs in the...
UNEVEN QUADS!!! HELP!!! bullet 3 7 yearsFuturevision (142): Just As igg said, 1 legged legpress. Also do all the other exercises like legcurls and legexstensions one legged aswell.
Hypertrophy Ttime21 2 7 yearsseansm10 (906): kind of put a capture on what i already knew - more reps makes 'fake muscle' if you wanna call it that. low reps for power, if you want an incredibly brief tldr. this is part of the reason i began phat, it pretty much incorporates both, utilizing 3-5 rep range on power movements on heavy days, and 8-12 and in a couple cases 6-10 and 12-15, best of both worlds sorta good read
Which rep range loses least amount muscle? JoJo 21 7 yearsChristf (2910): I love doing all kinds of different rep ranges. I find it boring always doing the same thing. I'll go heavy, go 6-10, 8-12, and sometimes higher. For me, training in the lower rep range does a better job at increasing my strength BUT I do get some growth if I haven't done it in a while. For example if I've been doing 8-12 for 6 months and I switch to 1-6, my muscles usually react very well and grow. Doesn't seem to last very long
Compound exercises are not for hypertrophy? JoJo 18 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): He is one scary fuck
How does creatine increase size? JoJo 15 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): ...if your not holding extra water from creatine then its just not working, also the holding water is the msot important part of it since studies show it doesn't increase strength any more than a placebo.
Advice on HST-Hypertrophy specific training haole 22 8 yearsWaxyLizard (756): yeah it's not ethan. Ethan would have agreed with me.
sugegstions for a Hypertrophy routine? varunj17 3 8 yearsvarunj17 (498): just wanted some feedback and suggestions for alternate moves. have been on this for 3 weeks...this would be my 4th...will continue for 4 more...
Choose 1 technique for hypertrophy JoJo 4 8 yearsZeph (99): F) for failure. go to it