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HGH Advice Question. psraff 2 3 yearswannabemuscular (33216): I think if you want to go on HGH you need to keep the levels steady, as with any exogenous hormone. Get the prescription filled once then buy whatever HGH you want after that and keep the original bottle. If you already travel with legit Test I see no reason why you wouldn't get away with also carrying some HGH.
Traveling with HGH (legal or illegal) ezvmoneybeast 21 4 yearsBucky (3871): I don't think you'd have an issue as long as it wasn't in your carry on bag.
Need help with HGH Litofcas 10 4 yearsBachette (1): My friend acquired a lot of growth hormone of a pharmaceutical grade by teva a company in Israel. This was back when he was raking in a shitload of money he didn't know what to do with it. I don't remember EXACT doses but I THINK he was trying out 3-4 ius a day and he commented to me a few times how it would rejuvenate his skin etc etc but one other thing I remember is he had to refrigerate it and one day his wife was pissed at him and she knew...
stenandiol seanmc 2 4 yearsBucky (3871): go to doctor and get hrt/TRT.
HGH HELP PLEASE... rookie1 9 5 yearsHewy007 (2980): id go as far to say advanced physics, maybe simple physics to you but im calling advanced physics
is human growth hormone safe ? learn_Grow_live 9 7 yearshurricane92 (3699): It could even be tren. Tren causes your heart rate to increase and causes you to sweat like a fat dog. If he's getting bigger, its not clen (although it sounds like clen sides). I'm saying he's probably running extremely high doses of tren.
How to burn fat fast and keep your muscle Orlando_b1 20 7 yearsknockout2281 (181): He's from Dublin, so probably niether.
Pro Hormones trob 6 7 yearsspyderboys (136): you shouldnt even consider it till your 22 your levels are at a peak right now if your small and cant put on size u need to adjust your diet and lifting type i suggest since your only 17 do heavy lifting so your gains go up and then start muscle building you will put on alot more size pro hormones are terrible they hurt ur liver endocrine system and give u chance of bitch tits and alot worse my friend steroids are safer for your body dont bother...
How do you avoid getting a bloated stomach? Sidewinder 26 8 yearshaole (2109): That looks so dumb imho.
Questions about HGH Boosters. DJOLSON45 6 8 yearsDJOLSON45 (1): Monday - Chest,Delts,Calves Tuesday - Back, Hamstrings Wednesday - Rest Thursday - Chest Friday - Arms Saturday - Quads Sunday - Rest Abs and cardio thrown in depending on soreness and when time is permitting. When I started this program my chest was what I was trying to target the most,
Hexarelin, GHRP-2, CJC 1295, and superstack kwagner 29 8 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Look you Beta pill popping phaggot...We all know about that shi we just dont give a fuck!!! hahaha in fact the fact anyone is taking all that every day is straight DUMB AS FUCK!!! BRB buying a bunch of Bro science shi cuz these bro articles told me it will raise my GH!! BRB buying Test boosters cuz they really work!!! BRB crying because im a peptide...