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**Wanna Improve GRIP STRENGTH ??? -Ben Rice FiremanSi 3 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SRorhrbac0808 Good stuff man.
hand grippers - do they work? Trev182 14 5 yearsDai (262): Sounds like a good idea, myself I just estimated and got my self a some Captains of Crush
HEAVY GRIPS TRAINING RHGF 8 6 yearsbunter225 (829): Close the grip and keep it closed for a set time (I do multiple sets of 40+seconds an just aim to add time on to that each time). Time yourself holding it closed then Just keep trying to beat your time. I try to imagine Im holding onto a super heavy barbell/dumbbell or hanging from a bar that I mustn't let go of!
Mixed Deadlift Grip nine0seven 8 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): @AKK thanks for link!
Dumping of wrists(barbell ohp/bench) AKK 10 6 yearspandasashi (3859): i love false grip.. i use it for a bunch of things including high rep bench and skullcrushers...i dont use it for big lifts tho.. i find my wrists hurt if i dont use false while going high rep
Fat Gripz ?? wannabemuscular 8 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ^yeah. If I did farmers walks that is what I would DO!
Deadlifts grip NDfan22 12 6 yearsrememberthis (556): don't burst my bubble, ho
birthday! the big 2-1! pandasashi 21 6 yearsBaiTu (3096): Happy birthday! Go slow with the fat gripz. I'll be interested to hear how that goes.
Fat Gripz Hewy007 15 6 yearsfredb (322): I train with a fatbar barbell, i love it
Overhand or under for Lat development? Hewy007 7 6 yearsAustralianOak (1504): Dorian Yates has interesting perspective on this :)
Thick Bar, Fat Gripz AarronStenner 5 6 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): used them before. prepare to feel like a little bitch.
Fat Gripz siddon41 8 6 yearsMissK (37): Well worth the money, I've seen a massive improvement in my grip after using them. It was frustrating at the time because I kept dropping even the lighter weights but loving the outcome.
bar keeps sliding off hand when i deadlift. DFMaster240 Jump to first page40Jump to last page 7 yearsDFMaster240 (577): oh shit your guys were right! today i managed to do 245lb 4 times with a mixed grip with gloves on.THANKS!!!
Fat Gripz Review AarronStenner 15 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Be ripping skin clean of!
FatGripz warrior 8 7 yearsYoungbrah (112): these look sick, would be very interested to here peoples experience with them
sore forearms/grip oceanair 28 7 yearsoceanair (18010): i think the pain is right in the middle of my forearm, not left or right side. but i'll check again and look it up next time i do deads.
FAT GRIPZ!!! BigSanti 3 7 yearsthe1 (33860): a friend and a strength coach here uses them on everything, he's a hockey player and said his shot on the ice has increased so much.. the amount of power he can use while taking a shot he uses them for pull ups , dumbbells and barbells
Fat Gripz AarronStenner 6 7 yearsDFMaster240 (577): yea.... just look on youtube for reviews. Best of luck.
Good ways to improve grip strength? Shezza94 11 7 yearswannabemuscular (33216): BAM! Screwing/unscrewing screws by hand will BURN THE HELL out of your forearms. In preparation to the storm about to hit I decided to take the canopies off my kids' swing set/playhouse. Rather than looking for my drill and an extension cord I grabbed a screwdriver. After unscrewing 16 4" deck screws my forearms were about to EXPLODE!
Grip Training AarronStenner 14 7 yearsMarkovich (595): When I started training my forearms, training my back and biceps etc got easier, so I suggest just forcusing on that more =)
fat grips??? juanf122388 3 7 yearsLVjack (2749): I got some, used them for a bit.. they work the help out of your grip/forearms. Liked them a lot for pull-ups too, helped a lot with making muscle-ups easier.
after i dead lift my hands and arms Blakethegreat 7 7 yearsAKK (1998): yes use equipment as a crutch. (kidding)
Fat Gripz-help with joint pain? xlGrimlx 2 7 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Id say NAH!!!! Fat gripz sounds like MEGA Bro science.... I do know a little about dat dare pain you are experiencing though!!!1 Your not gunna like the news but you gotta stop lifting any kind of lift that gives you any kind of pain....for prob about two weeks then re evaluate! I know it sucks but i battled with dat dare Pain in my Bows when I did tris for ohhhh Over 6 months...Non stop just warmed up (even tho it hurt) and then did my...
Static holds BaiTu 3 7 yearseknight (58109): I've done static hold on the bench. Ts was very early in my powerlifting career, and I had read somewhere that Russian strength athletes did them. I don't think I did them with enough consistency or perhaps not correctly to get enough benefits, and I eventually dropped them. It's basically a controlled isometric contraction with very heavy weight. -EK
Does grip make a difference Dexdbest 26 7 yearsDexdbest (4792): Thanks man. Already stuffing my face, if my lats grow the way my chest did then im sure ill have something to smile in few weeks time. And ek thanks for that link on the overreaching stuff, it was real educating and i have been able to use the principle develope a new programme that am sure will yield great gains. Thankxz a lot guyz