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Need help.. Double butt.. yogstrong 12 1 yearyogstrong (10): Ok understood, thank you :)
BEST for FAT LOSS:CARDIO VS WEIGHT TRAINING? MoAmiri 4 2 yearsKyleMurphree (1): Nice. Thanks for sharing
How to lose belly fat and keep it off Benzenunovic 28 3 yearsstellabell (4): think you can add avocados into your diet. A research devided participants into two groups. The first consumed a meal with avocados while in the meal of the other group, there was no avocado. Researchers started to pose questions about satiety and hunger to both groups. The first group who consumed avocados was less eager for foods by 28 percent in the 5-hour period. Moreover, the high content of fiber and low amount of carbs in avocados...
Looking for bf % estimate Jdog18 14 4 yearsLVjack (2749): ^ oh are we still guessing...
Max fat loss in 1 week, cardio? barbellbunny 6 6 yearsMethod (379): Look into peak week...more water manipulation then fat loss.
LISS or HIIT cardio? almighty_she 22 6 yearsalmighty_she (562): Okay, thanks :)
Lose 35 lbs Eating Well Over 500 g carbs SRS setprsnow 2 6 yearssetprsnow (16): more thoughts on this style of cardio and its implementation
New Video Interview With Layne Norton RohanFLB 24 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Great vid bro.. Did not see that you have posted it already and i end up creating a similar thread.. Anyways.. very informative..
Best non stim. weight loss supplement? coolbeans 7 7 yearsemase (1): I used to rub emu oil on my bad joints which helped me tremendously while running!! I started more crossfit exercises as of late with great results, just do the ones that don't bother your joints to much. :)
Cardio (sprinting) and Keeping my gainzz SRorhrbac0808 27 7 yearshurricane92 (3699): Maybe this will help? clickable text
need some help john_na 3 7 yearsjohn_na (1): how often?
Just saw this on CNN Monster81 9 7 yearsilifthard (3241): Dat smile :O. That actually is inspiring, lol.
Getting rid of food addiction VelvetTLeopard 28 7 yearsshannowman (6367): Glad to help. Good luck with starting working out.
Bulking While Cutting? correra911 16 7 yearsSwayz87 (9039): In fact you want to know what my PWO as consisted of a lot of times....a 6x1 from in & out!!! hahahahaha but thats like even then I am WAY in the cal deficit range
Fat loss ShortyShamkhi 5 8 yearsLib (120): 2% over 6 weeks and ur ecto? lmao im endo and i could drop from 8% to 6% in 7-10 days.