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Mobile Pullup & Dip bar for outdoor & indoor smjodiem 1 3 yearssmjodiem (1): Hey sport fans, me and my friend are both enthusiastic fitness freaks and are about to develop a mobile pullup and dip bar which can be used both outdoor and indoor. It is mobile and can be carried with a backpack. Both dips and pulluĆ¼s are easy possible. What do you think about it and do you also often have problems to to both excercises outdoor? Looking forward for your Feedback. We also want to start a project on
bench press vs dips leanr0x 13 6 yearsbkoguy07 (274): i do heavy(relative for myself at 220lbs) dips every week after bp.. bw+45, bw+90, bw+135. and continue with my workout they work well for me.
NO Dip Belt in ur GYM ??? Quick Fix HERE !! FiremanSi 12 6 yearsJelet (2190): ah ok make sense. im 5 10.
Bench dips vs regular dips DFMaster240 Jump to first page75Jump to last page 7 yearsAKK (1998): swayz is full blown retard. Typical bro mentality.
340kg bench dips Dragonian 4 7 yearsDragonian (4951): thank you! ermm laying down double dumbell rows with the bench at a slight incline, really really good exercise to contract the back. The best exercise in my opinion for a good contraction
Dips Dave18 18 7 yearsdestn2bripped (15): 300 dips man....serious...great workout rather do calisthenics then cardio.
Dips McQueef 10 8 yearsMcQueef (2982): So I changed my approach regarding Dips based on all the advice, and the results have been great. I found some sturdy fold-up chairs to do hanging dips. I also started using a shorter ROM on the bench dips, and I have been able to get a nice muscle contraction without any pain in my front delts. Another adjustment that helped fix the delt strain (I think) was changing my split. I used to pair chest with tri's, so by the time I finished...
Sore upper chest area spid3rm4n 1 8 yearsspid3rm4n (1): Ive been doing weights for about 5 months now and only in the last 3-4 weeks Ive been getting this pain in the upper chest so any form of incline work really is bad. It is also an issue while doing dips as it feels as if im tearing my chest apart.. any tips on where ive gone wrong/going wrong?