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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock Jump to first page38Jump to last page 4 yearsRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Guess my bodyfat (pics included) dollar786 9 7 daysA_em (2424): just lift heavier each time and enjoy it, don't bother with body fat.
Bone In Chicken Breast Recipe Lamack 4 2 yearsSertAlut (1): I like smoked meat Cooking beef brisket this way not only makes it tender, it adds a smoked flavor that is absolutely irresistible. It doesn’t matter, if you’re eating it with your kids and family or planning a romantic outing with a loved one, smoked brisket is always a hit. how long to smoke brisket per pound And this one This recipe is incredibly easy and time saving like other pellet smoker recipes. Just under 40 minutes you will...
Important Advice and Useful Tips on Hiring Personal Trainer robinsonsjacob 1 2 yearsrobinsonsjacob (1): Today, you can see that there are many people that searching the methods to stay fit. For their needs, a gym with best and experienced trainer is an excellent place. Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer is professional in the world of fitness and gymnasium. They fix goals and set workout regime for the people who consult them. In return they charge fees for their services. Personal Trainer assesses their client on the basis of their height, weight...
Horrible shape, unsure what to do horrificShape 3 2 yearskickinchicken (8717): The first thing you should do is take your honest measurements and get a set of calipers to check your actual body fat. Then remeasure periodically if you really want to know your progress. If you don't then you're just guessing and that's the biggest reason why people don't stick with it. I'd tell you that your split is all wrong but at this point as long as you're sticking with something than go for it. But if you really want to train...
Body recomp possible? jjothshxh 4 2 yearsYeags (1144): 6’1” and a 175 doesn’t sound like you could have to much fat. You can get stronger on a deficit but very hard. I’d Clean bulk to make it easier to build muscle. Smith machine bar once? Your gonna need to get stronger and to get stronger you need food. I wouldn’t worry about fat right now the more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn... you want a lifestyle change .it takes time.
Fat Loss Help Needed! kbahramicc 14 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @allu bollox... cause if I smoke a joint id want to eat everything in the room. Adherence is gone... hellooo malteasers and jelly’s.
Where should I go from here? adaw1 10 3 yearsLiftingLawyer (4): Just having a laugh My advice: 1. Ripped and big is not easy naturally 2. Condition is all diet 3. High condition cannot be permanently maintained 4. T-Nation 666 sprint routine is the best thing you can do in the gym to lean out 5. Add loads of volume to your weight training 6. Good luck!
Best weight loss pills marymartins 15 3 yearslasjack (13): a caloric deficit and exercise. There are no short cuts (that are healthy and maintainable long-term).
Is Lemon Water good for Weight Loss Emmac01 18 3 yearsYeags (1144): Lemon water wont significally help any if it did it would eat a hole in your stomach..: plus not enough scientific evidence to prove it helps. Only hard work and dedication works no shorcuts!!!!
Diet Advice for Gymer? kubipan 6 3 yearsJulianDownes (1): Yes, the FAQ thread is informative.
[Help] - Male, 24 y/o, 191cm, 211lbs. Lean b Nathan93 3 3 yearseknight (58109): Bulk like your life depends on it. -3X
My Journey The_Webs 1 3 yearsThe_Webs (1): Hello my name is Austin, the first picture is me from before I started getting serious about getting a six pack. The next picture is me one month later clean eating with some cheat meals spread through out and on Herbalife. I am currently a college student at Oklahoma State, so my old style of food was whatever was free and cheap and that is how I lived for two years. I worked out a lot at the gym but didn't get the results I wanted. Yes, I knew...
Want to loose 15 pounds!!!!! Angelica 15 3 yearskeylemike (13): What are you trying right now to lose weight? Are you interested in trying weight loss supplements? For me, had a great impact so far. I have stopped using other weight loss supplements and i am staying with these supplements for now.
Whey Protein on Off Days? randallkevin 4 3 yearsNorIda (46958): What they said^^^
Fish Consumption And Diabetes Risk biohacked 1 3 yearsbiohacked (1): There’s little question that fish contain environmental pollutants such as mercury and PCBs with, generally, bigger fish such as shark and tuna containing more and smaller fish like sardines containing less. That’s been common knowledge between health researchers for a while now. The real question is whether that translates into any of the major degenerative diseases in people (such as cancer or diabetes). Well, sadly, in the case of...
Best Pre-Workout & Creatine randallkevin 9 3 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @jayjay770 whenever I see your name I read it as "vajayay" :)
Skinny Guy eat dirty or clean?? Skinchenzo 7 3 yearsEricleader22 (1): Keep working out in opinion Eric leader Owner's_best_personal_trainers__in-home_personal_trainers_in_silver_spring_maryland__in_home_personal_training_in_silver_spring.htm
New here, is this meal plan ok for losing bf TedBundo 8 3 yearseknight (58109): But why would one want to keep it down? For healthy, active people, it’s been demonstrated numerous times that not only can you lose weight, fat, and improve markers of inflammation eating completely processed “unclean” foods, but also that diets that are too restrictive or are exclusionary are often too difficult to maintain and people end up binging and overeating to regain weight back. “Clean eating,” is a myth. -3X
6 years of lifting and not much to show LBC47 13 4 yearsforgottenpass (382): @LBC47 Bro you look solid in your pictures! ...But it may also be that you're just a genetic outlier, in that you just gain strength a lot more relative to your muscle size.
Intermittent fasting, need help guys? AxlSalvator 13 4 yearsJesus (166): @AxlSalvator lol Shame on yo name
17 Year old Question Betin135 9 4 yearsBetin135 (10): @wannabemuscular Ditching cardio sounds good. I never like doing it and thanks.
Crazy guy I just viewed at the gym Freakydecky 14 4 yearsFreakydecky (1): Jelly much? Fags have fun ego lifting and looking like dog shit that shit ain't motivating let me put it like that. Hard work and time as to what he did was dam motivating. Rage more kids rage more.
Bulk?Cut?Maintain? BF% estimate. stuck..PICS NoviceKev 7 4 yearsNoviceKev (1): Thanks buddy
Bodypower Expo 2018 Promo Code FREE GIFT totalpheonix1 1 4 yearstotalpheonix1 (1): Hello Everyone, Use promo code BPJN when getting your Bodypower Expo 2018 tickets to receive a FREE bottle of DEDICATED Eau De Toilette worth £29.99 The expo was huge last year and no doubt will be even bigger this year. Get your tickets early to avoid queuing and also the risk of the tickets selling out as some did last year. Also take a look here for future updates, info and competitions leading up to the expo… ...
6 Months Bulking....should I cut back? bflare 5 4 yearsKellyKapoor (1): I would try cutting a little bit and building back up from there. a great supplement to try that will help you with fat loss is lipodrene dmaa, a friend of mine used it and saw results at about the two week mark
Vegetable Oils Make You Fat And Diseased biohacked 3 4 yearsJesus (166): Me either.
Keto confusion BeStrong Jump to first page75Jump to last page 4 yearsDorich (454): Show some respect.
How does my new lifting/diet plan look? forgottenpass 16 4 yearsBeStrong (1): Dont drop calories too low, because it could lead to stalling pretty quickly I think.
20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat! Stillstanding19xx 10 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @eknight Always teaching the uneducated.
Help with links to relevant articles broads92 6 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @broads92 Eric helms muscle and strength pyramid books and anything he talks about and writes, follow anything by mike israetel his book The Renaissance diet is a great read !! Pubmed is where's you'll get most articles, studies to back most arguments. for breakdown on supplement what they do and why.
Cut somemore? Advise please Gustoftw 6 4 yearsGustoftw (1): Thanks you guys for the advise! I will go for the bulk after going back to maintenance! Time for food finally!
cut or bulk please help!!! vvo22181 9 4 yearsKellyKapoor (1): what..
Won't grow if I don't eat enough?! Kev521 7 4 yearsKellyKapoor (1): supplements aren't going to be the key factor in building muscle. you gotta go to the gym, push yourself, and eat healthy foods like a monster
Fruits Ahmed96d 7 4 yearsJesus (166): Just eat fruit whenever.
Bananas,Whey protein, Crumpets and cereal Apple04 5 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): Bananas! Crumpets and cereal are highly processed foods. Would go for the banana if your decision is based off which is the least processed.
Advice on last part of my cut strengthathletics 16 4 yearseknight (58109): @jamiee321 you plan on being a real contributor here or just spamming every thread you can with links to your site? -3X
Newbie Need Advice End14 5 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): This totally depends on your goals. If you're still wanting to put on some more size but you're worried about gaining fat, maybe do a mini cut. After a short period of cutting, bring your calories back up into a surplus and continue bulking :)
Cut Meals adrixx 7 4 yearsAoverto7 (310): @adrixx The hands and feet are the two places on the body that have what's known as "thick skin" because they have an extra layer of skin cells. Sounds like you got some weird skin on your lower abdominals.
Eat less on Non traing days? RyanMorgans 7 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): Up to personal preference. I personally reduce my carbs and increase my fats so there isn't really a drop in overall energy intake.
3 day diet 10 pounds loss jackhammer 11 4 yearsjackhammer (10): maaaaattteee...!! stop being a wasteman! jesus!
Your Approach to ending a cut... Jreay4 6 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): I go by how I'm feeling. If my body is feeling destroyed from training, i'll slowly cut down the duration/sets of my workouts. I usually find that by simply increasing food, I recover better from training and don't need to deload. If you are wanting to transition out of a cut, gradually increase carbs and fat to maintenance (say 100 cals every week or 2). Good luck!
Diet help jflynny17 10 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): I don't really think you need to up your intake as you're already in a surplus. It has only been a few weeks, so you aren't going to see a drastic change in fat/muscle gains in such a short amount of time. If anything, I would be looking at adjusting your current training program. Ensure you are lifting with enough intensity and recovery.
Bulk or cut teen Rmorgans 8 4 yearsRmorgans (1): @eknight I know that I am young and all, I just want to look good and be strong
hi harvey98 3 4 yearsKellyKapoor (1): hi
Need some advice for cutting Wannabelean 8 4 yearsWannabelean (1): Thank! I'll progressively increase my Calorie intake to have at most 500 cal deficit.
Gaining too much fat on bulk? LiamChecks 4 4 yearsSalokin (877): 19 pounds in a 21-25 week period may be a little fast, but not too bad for a newbie to the game. If you feel fat gain is a little more than you'd like, you can always lower your calories a bit. Lower by 100 cals/day at first, monitor strength and scale weight, adjust accordingly. You can lower that protein level a bit as well. Not much use for more than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, especially in a bulking phase.
How's my diet? acoble02 19 4 yearszhouchunzi (1): ====================================== Hello, this post I 7 months ago to reply, I have been busy fitness to lose weight, did not notice Huitie, I am sorry, I recently lost a lot of fat, ready to eat protein powder muscle, this drink I drink The effect is good, aloe no side effects of any drugs, the body is good, I drink the version of sugar, exercise supplement sugar, moisture, aloe pulp is also conducive to the absorption of dietary fiber, the...
Loose skin or fat? Nicolelou 14 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I'm just surprised this thread is still kicking despite OP never responding and this thread being 10 months old.
Bouncing Back? livfresh 2 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): Hey :) There are plenty of dairy/gluten/soy free foods you can incorporate into your diet. I personally cannot tolerate gluten or dairy either! My staple gluten free carb sources are sweet potato (baked into fries with cinnamon), quinoa, brown rice and fruit. As for fat and protein sources, I love coconut oil, avocado, nut butters, chicken, salmon, eggs/egg whites and white fish. Also make sure you season your food- otherwise you'll get bored...
Refeeds..... Jreay4 6 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): If you are still dropping bf then there isn't a need for them. Cheat meals, however could be introduced every 1-2 weeks if you do want the mental benefit that comes from eating an non-tracked meal.
Carb cycling help pretty please Berriertobeast Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearspdobdfgeater (1): How to get rich out of trouble Today's generation of Maldives is unwilling to work, but who wants to eat dozens of hours a day at work. There comes a solution. The dream of every young man. Money for fun. There comes a new social network lulter. Make money for both the fun and the lulter Presentation for new social site ! Who is lulter Lulter is new social site from slovakia and representation from New York in year 2018 Do not work and get...
BF % estimate and muscle loss during cut leonardont 8 4 yearsleonardont (1): Thank you all for the advice - I will follow it! Have a good eve
An unusual request bronnblackwater 9 4 yearskickinchicken (8717): @OP why don't you just go to some model forum that will accommodate you more? Fitness models come here. Your goals are not fitness oriented.
Macros in Raw vs Cooked Meat/Chicken/Fish? Betin135 10 4 yearseknight (58109): That doesn't really tell me WHY you believed it. Unless you just blindly accept what people tell you. If that's the case, you better learn quickly not to believe most of what you hear from people regarding fitness and nutrition. Just think about how stupid the average person is, and then consider that half of them are dumber than that. -3X
Caloric Deficit Wannabelean 6 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Read the FAQ. It's literally in there. Which is why he directed you to it.
Started training 1 week ago now 7 weeks out Mascara2muscles 6 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Yes, pictures please. Let's see where you're at. How long have you been with this coach? How did you find them?
Is Coconut Water a Laxative? Emmac01 3 4 yearsHomebounded (1): A serving of coconut water has as much potassium as 4 bananas. I only go to store once maybe twice a week and when don't cut bananas into chips and freeze them, I rely on coconut water. Bananas have fiber,too
Does protein powder fit the paleo diet? JasonT21 2 4 yearseknight (58109): Research indicates that very little of the foods prescribed for a Paleo diet are actually "primal." So, if that's your only hang-up on powders, feel free to use them. -3X
Are Bananas Fattening or Good for Weight Los Emmac01 5 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Banana = 20ish carbs. 20 carbs is 20 carbs bruh
Am I ready for my first NATURAL competition? kubicka 7 4 yearsrobinxchrom (22): If you want to compete, compete. Obviously in 3-4 years of continuously training and bulking, you'll be way more prepared. Its like why does anyone in their 20s whos not 20% bodyfat cut? Because they want to. If you're asking could you win with your current physique, probably not but if you feel like the challenge or competing then go for it bro! Theres more to competing than just winning. Its pushing yourself to those deep and low body...
What would you do? BigMoney 2 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): In my opinion if you're able to count your calories i'd just do a slow bulk. I imagine it being very difficult to cut if you can't prep some food. I wouldn't put much emphasis on an exact number though. It just seems like an arbitrary number saying "sub 10 percent". I'd just go off of how you look in the mirror. And as a natural, the lower you get from 10 percent bodyfat, you're going to look more flat.
5% carbs 30% protein 65% Fats - Bulking Musa 17 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I'll be following this log. Have to see what other funny comments come out of this.
How can we improve your meal prep experience bblbtt007 1 4 yearsbblbtt007 (1): Hey everyone! I'm working with a design team at UCSD to create a service that eases meal-prepping for individuals. We created a few user scenarios and sketched them out as storyboards. Some feedback on them would be awesome! (Excuse our crappy drawings lol)
10 Week Bulking Progress...Help Please. bflare 12 4 yearsbflare (1): No problem FiremanS I have some videos already recorded. Squat Bench OHP Thanks again.
Gyno?? RyanMorgans 7 4 yearsRyanMorgans (4): @robinxchrom thanks man
I need help RyanMorgans 4 4 yearsrobinxchrom (22): u need to bulk for 1-2 years. eat in a surplus, find a good training program, progressively get stronger month to month, aim to gain 2-4lbs a month and dont sweat it. ur too young and inexperienced to have to worry about micromanaging this stuff. just learn to enjoy the gym etc.
Bulk or Cut? RyanMorgans 15 4 yearsjayjay770 (1): You're 15, so just lift a way that makes you happy and want to continue lifting, and eat healthy and clean and just eat a lot. Maybe add a protein shake to your diet.
Football workouts and training RyanMorgans 4 4 yearsRyanMorgans (4): good point @eknight
Is this good? RyanMorgans 14 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @RyanMorgans dude there is no magic number, um sure why don't you start there and stick with it for a couple of weeks and then come back. If you don't gain anything then add 500 calories and if you lose then add another 500 calories.
Diet Advice (Short Drop in Cal back to Bulk) CaptainKanter 2 4 yearsEagleRare10 (838): Just go back to your bulking cals. Three days isn't going to impact anything.
Advice needed Deamaloku 4 4 yearsKyleMurphree (1): To lose fat from the body, one can adopt the following- Cut back on all bad fats Drink at least one gallon of water per day Eat more protein Try programme entrainement sportif program Drink coffee or tea I am sure that this will be helpful.
Insulin and fat storage Apple04 7 4 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): See young lad. When you act like a douche people don't want to answer you. It's magic.
Macros cutting SnackIt 24 4 yearsSnackIt (76): @FiremanSi decided to do that instead, keep calories same each day and same amount of cardio, but on my rest days have an goal of taking my dog for a long morning walk every rest day and maybe do some abs at home, just increasing my activiy and dont sit so much on days off.
17 year old bodybuilder! Upcoming YOUTUBER! alan007 7 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Fuckin Sweeds I tell you what.
Please, urgent diet help needed Greekyogurtgoddess 15 4 yearsWest165 (574): The best diet is one that is sustainable. Pick your caloric deficit, track your progress and ask questions if any issues come up.
Awesome Apartment Workouts ApartmentWorkouts 4 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Spell check your site. The first link I clicked on had spelling errors.
Is this a safe weight cut??? Nick331999 3 4 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): I'll give you some second hand advice. My cousins both Texas state champions in high school wrestled in the 103 class for fucking ever. They were god damn skeletons. They did good but never really won because they didn't belong there. Then a good high school coach got a hold of them and they wrestled in the 142 and i believe its 135? They both became state champions that year simply because they weren't fucking depleted all the time. They were...
Meal prep, how to divide macros on a cut? jeff12 2 4 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): whatever you need to do to not cheat
Eating 1500 calories for a month. LBC47 11 4 yearsDorich (454): @LBC47 - While there certainly is a limit to how much fat you can burn in a day, that limit is definitely not a -500 kcal deficit, especially if you are eating and training right. Furthermore, the higher your body fat is, the larger the deficit you can easily / safely afford. Fat mobilization and oxidation are complex subjects that too many people oversimplify. The famous "31 kcal per pound of fat" rule comes from a study that did not...
Need help! Kev521 12 4 yearsalan007 (4): Bro if your going to buy whey then buy optimum nutrition, online is cheapest,if you really cant get enough calories then drink a shake,trust me iam the same it wouldn't hurt. Even mass gainers helped me alottt,ill put a link down below to check it out its only 20 bucks clickable text but also,what is your calorie intake?
Teen eating advice Gtjones7586 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Read the FAQ thread. You'll find all the info you need in there to figure out what to do. Whatever you do, eat LOTS of meat.
Building an app to help with meal prep aqdebarros 2 4 yearsNaturalBrawn (199): The issue as i see it is your trying to boil the ocean. BMR and TDEE Calculator Recipes with manipulated calories that populate on the above (meal / 3) Recipes break down into ingredients to populate grocery list Steps to make meals, im assuming you have a database of meals and instructions You not solving one problem neatly your attempting to solve multiple problems and as apps those rarely work. If it was me, i'd look to build an app that...
Food poisoning konner05 5 4 yearsYeags (1144): You eat under cooked chicken 🍗 your gains are gone😩😩😩
*HELP! BODYBUILDING SURVEY* MALE&FEMALE Dane_Q 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @Dane_Q I don't believe there are any active competitors on this forum currently.
For wemon weights and cardio or just cardio Spencer1104 5 4 yearsgetfit24 (43): One of the best advice ever given to me at the gym was to never neglect weights. So I suggest she does cardio and lift weights while keeping an eye on her macros :)
Should I decrease my calories? konner05 9 4 yearskonner05 (1): I get nervous though.
Detox Tips. Credit: PopDQ billy 3 4 yearsAoverto7 (310): I take it you do not understand basic biology.
Hydrolyzed Whey Jhofmanapp 4 4 yearsJhofmanapp (1): @wannabemuscular Hydrolyzed whey digest quicker than anything on the market, therefore it's best for post-workout (sorry if you know this). From what i understand its hard to flavor, which would explain why i had never found anything good tasting until now. Hope that helps, i thought their vanilla was ok but, the rest ive tried are all good. Most the people i know in STL have switched as well.
help me, support! MarcoMacias 23 4 yearsRawn (1338): totally agree with Ek. I would rather learn how techniques could help me improve my own lifts. Than watch jeff Seid pose in front of a mirror for 5 minutes. Take for example. this Video.. I dont watch Matt Ogus stuff. However He did 3 or 4 videos on stretching, and I saved it for future reference. Personally I would find Videos on stretching, And how not to mess up my joints for life, a good way to start. ...
Body Fat Levels... Keep Bulk or Cut? CaptainKanter 4 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Bulk all day bro....
No weight loss on 2300 calories - 100kg Male Splicer06 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 yearsDorich (454): @Splicer06 Glad to hear you're making progress, and I'm very curious to read everything... so please make that full reply appear soon in this thread. ;) Yup, the vast majority of weight loss plateaus are merely perceived / psychological. Either incorrect calorie tracking a.k.a sloppiness, improper weighing, overestimating physical activity, very high sodium the night prior to weighing, or a combination of all these things. True plateaus,...
Bulk+cheat day? Gtjones756 8 4 yearsDorich (454): A bulk doesn't always have to be about stuffing your face with everything you can get your hands on. There are several approaches to "lean gains" where the goal is to minimize fat gain by not adding more than 1 kg body weight per month, or even 0.5 kg in some instances. I do agree that 136 pounds at 6 feet is light, and that OP should definitely NOT worry about a cheat day screwing him up. Speaking of which... can you post a...
Cut or bulk? Gtjones756 13 4 yearsRianAdrian (4): if u re gonna cut more u re gonna look like me bruh so cutttt thiiiisss shitt
Need advice. Pics included. extrasauce 13 4 yearsTedDansen (10): I don't think your program is going to make a difference in your progress. If you don't like it then change it, but push/pull/legs is fine and upper/lower is also fine.
Reverse diet for weightloss Hannahgetsshredded 4 4 yearsSalokin (877): Wish you the best.
What to do in my case?? Ely 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): We have no idea what you look like so really can't give any advice.
BULK jflynny17 4 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I would reduce your fats and put them in the range of 20-28 percent of your calories. If i'm not mistaken you said your calories for bulking are 3,863. 3863* 20 percent=773 773/9=86 grams of fat. 3863* 28 percent= 1082 1082/9=120 grams of fat. Now you can choose to have anywhere from 86-120 grams of fat a day. To figure out your carbs you need to figure out how many calories you are consuming from fat and protein. Lets say you decide to...
Bulking and Shredding: Macronutrients n Cals jflynny17 7 4 yearsMakerLing81 (1): Hmmm, I am not quiet sure about it.
Need diet Advice plus Abs workout Advice. Riku 2 4 yearsYeags (1144): Read stickies lots of info...
New Eric Helms Interview AnthonyDee 1 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): New interview with Eric Helms​: "In this interview, we discuss: - Evidence Based Practice - Flexible Dieting - Dual Athletes (powerlifting & bodybuilding) - Nutritional Periodisation for Bodybuilders - Post Competition Psychology - Cardio in a contest prep - Autoregulation & the RPE scale - Whats next for 3DMJ."
Ketogenic diets for fat loss AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Yep, this.
My cutting diet (Looking for advices) Jeffr 7 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Yes assuming you don't have any mood issues. Fats are important for hormonal balancing in the body. I would always favor carbs over fats unless it affects you negatively. Try it for a few weeks and report back with overall mood energy levels.
saggy nuts if i consume protein MarcoMacias 2 4 yearsLiftamusprime (364):
HELP TO DO MY DIET (MACROS) ISS33 2 4 yearsLiftamusprime (364): Read the FAQs and save yourself some money. They have everything you're looking for in regards to macros. Come back here with any questions you might have afterwards.
Why fat loss diets fail AnthonyDee 4 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): rekt
Cutting for 5 months with no huge changes tman87 13 4 yearstman87 (4): That's what I'm afraid of. I do want to bulk but I don't want to do it with +10% bf because I don't want to add fat on top of fat. And you could be right about losing the water weight fast. My first week I lost about 4 lbs.
What can i take to get shreeded J0rg3l 8 4 yearsTedDansen (10): What peptide are you looking at? I've taken a lot of different peptides and never saw any fat loss benefits. I wasn't looking specifically for that purpose though, it's always been joint recovery for me. Running a cycle will help, but honestly if that's the best you can do on just a diet, your diet probably sucks and you should fix that first.
Opinions on this please jflynny17 2 4 yearseknight (58109): Too much protein. Read the FAQ thread. -3X
Getting back into it!!!! fit66chevy 11 4 yearsfit66chevy (13): Upped my diet to 3000 calories a day and swapped to this workout by Eknight. Bench is up around 260ish SLOWLY gaining muscle I will stick to this for 8 weeks and monitor my weight If I still weigh around 207 and have not gained much muscle I will up my calories another 250.....BUT that being said I should be at a surplus now. I log my weight and what I eat everyday. Im seeing good gains and im really enjoying the workouts. ...
Even more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 Jump to first page225Jump to last page 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Twins. 1/2lb each.
How to lose belly fat and keep it off Benzenunovic 28 4 yearsstellabell (4): think you can add avocados into your diet. A research devided participants into two groups. The first consumed a meal with avocados while in the meal of the other group, there was no avocado. Researchers started to pose questions about satiety and hunger to both groups. The first group who consumed avocados was less eager for foods by 28 percent in the 5-hour period. Moreover, the high content of fiber and low amount of carbs in avocados...
Would this work? acoble02 2 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Why don't you acknowledge the eating problem you have. Eat smaller amounts of the servings you're already eating. Or you know, stop eating like crap on the weekends. You can't out train a shitty diet.
What ingredients do you look for in a pwo? GYMRVT2 8 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Thats unfortunate
Protein sources acoble02 18 4 yearsHamb0 (2893): Ah yea, think its called Sylte here
8 great tips lose 10 pounds bodbuild94 7 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Oh will do ;)
Bulking and diet clarifications jflynny17 6 4 yearsYeags (1144): Keep bulking put on quality size then cut...
Avoid fat and sugar combination? dd1277 4 4 yearsYeags (1144): I thought rice cakes where cardboard 😄😄😄😄
Protein before bed for more muscle AnthonyDee 5 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): haha I assume they wrote it like that for clarity, since you could, for example, divide your protein into 3 equal-sized portions, but you may have all of them during the first part of the day rather than spread it out! :)
Bulking Strategy jflynny17 9 4 yearsjflynny17 (1): Nice one bud @West165
What do you think my body fat % is Gtjones756 15 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): No, the whole point of s bulk is to not burn all the calories you are consuming. You want those left over to turn into muscle. 350 is not much when distributed over the whole week. Just 50 extra calories a day when you think about it like that. With how small and young you are. You'll blow up in no time. DO NOT NEGLECT ANY BODY PART. you'll regret it 3 years down the line when your... legs are way behind your upper body.
14 pounds away dollar786 Jump to first page76Jump to last page 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I think you uploaded the wrong pic.
Moment of truth pics (horriby done LMFAO) BlakeScar Jump to first page209Jump to last page 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @BlakeScar TLDR
PPL routines acoble02 3 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Refer to the second post in this thread:
Ultimate 12 Week Shred Guide acoble02 5 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Don't waste your money. You'll learn alot of information through this forum.
Clen + duromine? Help! Morrel 3 4 yearsColossus (76): ...and cardio...
Please help me Benchify 2 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Start bulking. Everyone on this forum will tell you to bulk. You're 150 and still want to lean out? If you keep cutting you're going to look like you don't lift. 2,000 calories is very low and you already mentioned that you're increasing your cardio. And stop program hoping. Stick to one program.
Need help choosing a mr shake Huntedtiger86 3 4 yearsLiftamusprime (364): Why don't you read the faqs and eat real food? Shakes are to supplement your diet to ensure you are getting enough protein etc. Not to replace a meal. Figure out your macros and if you need to get extra protein.. buy a protein'll not really make any difference what brand. All this information is in the FAQs.
Curious about supplement dazzler95 2 4 yearsYeags (1144): Probably doesn't work just eat a surplus while bulking and at a deficit while cutting shortcuts don't exist just work hard and earn it!!!
Trouble bulking Nikolai 19 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): If you're not gaining weight, you're not in an energy surplus, so you need to eat more. Weight gainers as well as energy dense foods are your best friend, in the case!
Help needed Gerry991 11 4 yearsGerry991 (1): Haha none taken man, im not called big dog for no reason. prob sitting around 18%BF atm will do man thanks!
Bodypower Expo 2017 Promo code BPJN totalpheonix1 2 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): FUCK YEAH I've been wanting one so bad but my parents told me I'll have to wait until my birthday
Please critiq/help w 1st official lean bulk anteis99 9 5 yearseknight (58109): If you don't believe in IIFYM, why are you bothering with macros at all? That doesn't make sense. Honestly, if you feel like you need *that* much structure with your diet, you seem to have an unhealthy relationship with food. Good luck though! -3X
Estimate Body fat percentage dollar786 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsTucane (172): This. Girls only care about mens arms, money, arguing and watching 'love actually' together until their periods sync. We men on the other hand have real interests like body composition and such:-)
Carbs in my diet and stomach cramps help fitzy2015 13 5 yearsJesus (166): On average people pass gas 16 times a day. Yesterday after i had broccoli and sweet potato with cheese melted over i farted about 16 times every 5 mins for over an hour. I didnt count the ones i did in bed later that day. How many farts did you do that day do you think?
Chicken Shake thenotoriousgainz 6 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Hamb0 I'm sure op prefers the latter.
My log finishit 5 5 yearsfinishit (1): Just a 35 min brisk walk today. Today's meals:1707kcals Protein 133g, carbs 160g, fats 46g Meal 1 30g soy protein isolate 45g oats 40g frozen blueberries 301kcal Meal 2 15cm subway chicken sandwich without sauce or cheese 1 small apple 378kcal Meal 3 1 quest protein bar 207kcal Meal 4 110g chicken breast 400g frozen vegetables mix 15g ketchup 320kcal Meal 5 380g light ice cream 113g frozen blue berries 501kcal
Cincinnatus Teenage Bulk Cincinnatus 24 5 yearsCincinnatus (37): no like how i said when i say "arms" it could mean either triceps, biceps or forearms. But when I say "legs" it means the entirety of the legs like calves and quads and hams
Cut johnb46 5 5 yearsjohnb46 (10): Yup, i weigh everything, add up all my macros and i eat relatively the same kinda foods when cutting. Sodium hasn't changed drastically either. Thats why i'm so confused lol.
Diet feedback Tunahead 8 5 yearsMelitaOverall (1): I think you are going right.
"Dirty Bulk"? lovethemiron 8 5 yearsJesus (166): @lovethemiron They are probably getting better results than you because pizza is anabolic.
Bodyfat percentage estimate? Spooge 11 5 yearsJesus (166): @Cincinnatus about 4%
SHOCKING timing for post workout protein!! MoAmiri 7 5 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): Great video quality, great presentation, and overall great effort I just fear that the biggest thing here is though great intent with delivering knowledge you just have to be careful when trying to get in depth using big scientific words and terms. To be 1005 honest when I talk and speak I avoid big scientific words as much as possible and you will notice I avoid big terms. Meaning I really just try to avoid sounding crazy smart and just...
Cutting guidance johnb46 19 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): @SOLARSUPLEX @Jordan17 Thanks for the kind words both of you, that really makes me happy to hear :)
Protien Yeags 6 5 yearsYeags (1144): My goals currently is cutting just coming off of a 6 month bulk , wanting to maintain as much muscle as possible.. Thanks for your reply..
Should I stop cutting now? orunraandoreo 8 5 yearsorunraandoreo (28): Thanks!
Jesus's Bulking Diet. Jesus 13 5 yearsBlakeScar (40): I know bruh but it's just funny and werid to me. This world will never cease to amaze me!
Ketosis and heart rate increase Boydsta 10 5 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): Here is my question to this as we have a general basis as to what your goals are. 1.) What are your current numbers, people think they are running keto and really are not as people truly misunderstand. If you have no clue as to how much you are eating issue as that may causing the issues. 2.) How much salt are you taking in, are you using any added sodium at all? 3.) Hydration what does your hydration look like? There is no set goal for water...
Help me look like this? BlakeScar 29 5 yearsArimac44 (451): Prove Yourself - Mark 8:11 The Pharisees came to Jesus and asked him questions. They wanted to test Jesus. So they asked Jesus to do a miracle to show that he was from God.
Body Composition Estimates? spartanluke 6 5 yearsjohnnys (1): Its a low body fat.
Any ladies cutting after reverse diet? Aussie_gal 6 5 yearsAussie_gal (1): Oh no that's bad!!!! This approach to weight and health (reverse dieting and being more balanced and not living in the gym) is new to me and I guess I need someone to hang my faith on that it works..... I hated the diet change but there is stuff online about body types and Layne Norton talks about it too.... Don't u guys rate him at all? Maybe I am a sucker that's paying big bucks for crap coaching. Yeah I think I'm going to quit...
Muscle buliding shake? BlakeScar 4 5 yearsBeans (4204): ^That would put fat at about 56% of your diet. I would drop fat and up carbs. Also don't know your weight or activity level, so no idea if 3000cals is enough to build muscle. I cut on 3000. Read the faq thread, you'll find it useful.
Get me shreded natrually! BlakeScar 12 5 yearsBlakeScar (40): Yeah I got thanks all I understand now. Well, I'll update pictures in a few months. Thanks for being welcoming and not d**** like :)
Peanut butter craving petcrazy18 19 5 yearsMusicThings (13): [/quote]she is a little girl, man.[/quote] Lmao I am 3000 kinds of sorry 😂 I missed that part completely, I'm not awake yet XD I stand corrected @petcrazy18 just listen to these dudes and best of luck with your goals :D
bulking plan help please nightwingbot 6 5 yearsMusicThings (13): Which is why my fats and carbs are exclusively Cool Ranch Doritos :) Jk
***ANIMAL CUTS*** LOW BLOOD PRESSURE HELP Hollowedzeus 4 5 yearsHollowedzeus (1): Thankyou for your help guys. If it worsens I will definetly stop but I think you may be right about the calories and carbs
Have i enough muscle to cut? NJCarolan 4 5 yearsNJCarolan (13): Cheers for the response lads ! Iv read the FAQ and the routine design, a good read and some really useful tips in there. I'll cut so, I am eating under maintenance at the moment while keeping my protein count high to maintain as much muscle as possible while cutting. I'll keep the forum upto date with how my journey is going. Thanks for the advice guys.
Whats a good tech to dry out n tighten skin anteis99 1 5 yearsanteis99 (37): Hey guess so I have a question about looking tight as in skin tight. During the past 7 days out from a competition or an event. I'll load up on water for 3 days (2-3 gallons of water) zero to 40grams of carbs. thenI'll taper down the water from 1 gallon to 8oz of water 3 days out still no carbs. Then on the day before I would cut the water completely load up on carbs and I would continue to load up on carbs the day of but I would slowly add...
OPINIONS ON MY CUT harriez95 7 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): "Only" 180g protein...? It is easily enough, and even surpassing what you need with a good margin.
Survived Seeking refuge and wisdom MusicThings 19 5 yearsMusicThings (13): The truth has been spoken :(
BULK SHAKES + GERMAN VOLUME TRAINING HELP Kev521 6 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Was probably good that you tried it out. GVT is a relatively advanced training protocol, and not great for beginners, simply because, as you say it yourself, its too hard and too much. For a beginner to grow as much muscle as possible within given time, high volumes as in GVT programs is simply just not necessary. Why do 10 sets of 10 reps, when you get maximum muscle growth from 3 or 4 sets of 10?
I can't shred around my belly NenadGM 17 5 yearsBrianz (7): I think you will be able to shred your belly fat if you put some more effort. Have some patience you can achieve your goal. One of my friends who had similar situation had undergone liposuction from a clinic in Windsor, Canada. I think he had more fat around his belly than yours. Since he didn't have any patience he underwent the procedure. He should wait nearly 6 months to see the complete result and his surgeon has asked not a do vigorous...
Uncooked to cooked calories Oslo1234 2 5 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): Yes: if 100 grams of the rice uncooked/dry is 5 pro / 50 carbs / 1 fat it would keep the same macro profile It does "not" work like this for all foods and in general. Pre-packaged foods are actually a lot easier to track as you get the true nutrition associated off the box (generally). If you use a macro track like MyFitnessPal you can just scan the box and boom. Say you took that same rice and did not pay attention or follow the...
Bf ideas BrycenCanada 7 5 yearsBenzenunovic (22): what 3rnald0 said
AVATAR NUTRITION Newbie misslifty 9 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): As @eknight stated, the amount of calories a relative unit/amount of muscle burns per day, is insignificant compared to other functions of the body. Yes, given the same bodyweight, a more muscular person *could* expend more energy than his/her counterpart, but that is only if you completely take other variables and factors out of the equation. The fatter individual might just have a larger extent of energy expenditure from running other bodily...
Cutting macros Jenrboyle 17 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Jenrboyle NEAT is non-exercise activity thermogenesis it's burning additional calories through moving more and one of the best ways I've found its tracking steps daily especially if ur job doesn't have you mlvng a lot, desk job and such. U can eat more and lose weight when ur daily expenditure is higher absent of gym and HIIT training !!
Personal Trainers??? acoble02 10 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Just say no. You won't miss out on anything if you don't go out on a weekend. Just hit your macros, workout, clean up your house. Get shit done. You just sound like you have an extreme lack of self control. Or you just think you wanna train and eat right but you really don't. Ask why you started. That will help get you back on track Also, I'm truly curious. How did you find this forum? The links are all gone off the main...
Thoughts on Fastin Diet Pills? jayjay770 3 5 yearsBeans (4204): My thoughts are that most fat burner pills are overpriced and practically useless. Any advantage you get from their stimulant effects can be gotten with green tea or anything else that's dirt cheap. You can get really lean with a consistant caloric deficit, so spending extra cash when you're not already 7% bf seems silly to me.
Car crash jbarr69 12 5 yearsNorIda (46958): @Hamb0 @SOLARSUPLEX Fkin scrubs! You fed the troll!
noob gains/ keep bulking or? halp AJZtheSavage 7 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): If ur goal is asthetics then maybe slo it down a little, if it's strength fuck it keep going u still look good dude. Well done, awesome progress.
Not losing weight? barbellbunny 28 5 yearshaole (2109): @ValMadalinski I'll be honest and admit that I don't know much about fat burners but my rule with supplements is that they should all be used sparingly or as little as possible. You should be getting everything you need from your regular diet/food intake. Fat burners are a "shortcut" and might help cut fat but unless that person learns how to keep the fat off then they will be right back to where they started when they get off the...
How to build muscle and lose fat same time Benzenunovic 3 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): @Benzenunovic while some people could probably benefit from the information you have to share, the average member of this forum probably isn't within your target group
If you're skinny fat and need advice!! Benzenunovic 6 5 yearsBenzenunovic (22): @Hamb0 no haha I didn't it was my first video, so I found a generic picture online. There are some strong ass skinny dudes out there
Stuck at a plateau Ryley6905 8 5 yearsRyley6905 (1): I'm definitely not abandoning my goals, rather going to attempt a different approach using the FAQ stickies and such. I've calculated out my macros and they sound much more reasonable at... -156 P -362 C -92 F for 2,900 cal/day using a 200 cal deficit from 3,100. I just need to figure out what to eat to satisfy the daily quota. Just will take a little time and number crunching. :) I'll probably continue to use the training program though...
Bulking macros? dburt2 7 5 yearseknight (58109): ^^ -3X
My Kinobody Experience - Vlogs TiagoToreiro 1 5 yearsTiagoToreiro (1): Hi all, I will start tomorrow with the Kinobody - Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 - Intermittent Fasting experience, though these 90 days I will record everything and do regular vlogs where I will explain in detail how my body is reacting, how it's affecting my life on and off the gym etc. My first Vlog has been uploaded yesterday.
Blood Type diet? emmyweird84 13 5 yearsemmyweird84 (1216): @Hamb0 I think you're absolutely correct. Our culture features incredible things done in incredible speeds. I think the unfortunate part is that people don't care until it's too late. And like you said, there won't be anything to catch you. Even making the smallest of changes can be beneficial. But what can you do?...Just continue trying to make your own life better I suppose.
Trouble losing fat, 6yr lifting, love advice Jcoff 10 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I agree with this advice 100%. You've been dieting for so long your body is used to starving. Slowly give it the food it needs and get reacclimatized to eating 3k calories a day and then try to start cutting again. Also as noted, the percentages listed are correct. Carbs are energy, not the devil.
Cutting defecit on gear Bigbach365 3 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Very aggressive. In fact, one can cut on 0 calories, if they are serious about it. Sacrifice to win.
Post Bikini Competition Diet anastasiaova 3 5 yearsabuzer (1): Congrats : )
Help, Extremely Underweight Male Teen Advice KingVanilla 3 5 yearslowyj (10): Why not you just save up your time read the faq thread instead of writing this 'essay'?
Bulking Macros Betin135 19 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @Betin135 We don't need to go check your profile and photos. Red the FAQ, Read the Routine Design for Dummies, and adjust your macros accordingly to the comments above.
nutrition beechy 4 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I hate this word so much. ...and no theres is an abundance of information on this site and many others that is free and can EASILY help u achieve ur goals.
Bulk Macros nevermore81 4 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @nevermore81 ur 205 and were eating 110protein... probably lost a bit of muscle there in those 50lbs. Personally i like meat in my diet so i tend to stick to the old reliable of 1g/lb of protein 205g in ur case. U shouldn't need much more than 400g carbs unless ur very active during the day. Ur also gonna want to moderately ramp in eating 3500 from 2100, so add 250-400cals every 4-7days and monitor weight gain.
What tools do you use to track your diet? odimon 11 5 yearsanastasiaova (22): MyFitnessPal is the best!
new target hightower1888 4 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @hightower1888 U've been dieting too long now i think u need a break.. I'd advise increasing ur calories up until u put on about 1-2lbs in a week. Hold at maintenance for about a month and go again. Ur body needs this and u mentally need the break dude.
Can't seem to cut the belly weight? nevermore81 3 5 yearsnevermore81 (13): I'm on a 2100 calorie a day plan. I eat very clean. I've lost all the weight I have mostly by just eating better and being more active - most of the weight loss came before I started going to the gym regularly. I didn't crash diet or deprive myself during the weight loss. I have still been dropped lbs here and there but mainly have hit a wall. I just recently dropped my calories to 2100, I was at 2300. I am strength training. Mon/Thurs - chest...
Calories/Macros to build muscle? Acclaim927 14 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Looks good.
Bulk Betin135 14 5 yearsBetin135 (10): Ok thaks for all of the help
Stuck on cutting jdarner 8 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Why would you want to be unhealthy lean and 17. Ur 17 and lean already... BULK MUTHAFUCKAH BULK.. take advantage of that testosterone rampant in ur system !!
Where to buy hgh (Recommendations) ezvmoneybeast 3 5 yearsLucidDreams (1): I'd like to know as well.ezvmoneybeast, how much does it cost what you get and how long does it last until it runs out? I'm 48
how to work on my legs this time? panchakshara 7 5 yearsdan87 (1): I've recently started doing a 9 sets of squats every leg day, 3 x wide stance, 3 x narrow stance, 3 x front squat. One each at 5 reps, 10 reps and 15 reps. My legs are getting battered but it's working! Try it out!
Cut or Bulk? Also advice. Acclaim927 16 5 yearsAcclaim927 (7): Hey everyone. I have been on a cut for the past 2 months and have lost 8 pounds. I want to complete the cut of 3 months but I see my rib cage protruding. I am scared that if I cut any further I would look malnuritioned (i already do sort of). These are my pictures from May 1st 2016. I have stayed consistent with eating about 2100-2300 calories per day and raised my carbs to about 230-260 per day (Current protein: 150g, fat: 60-80g). Do you think...
New veins but not feeling lean? barbellbunny 6 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Maybe you're carrying a bit of extra water due to female hormones? I find the mid-section is the last to show improvements. Arms and shoulders always come around first.
starting out strong hightower1888 5 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @hightower1888 Check out the FAQ thread. There is lots of useful information in there to figure out your calorie requirements. Then do as @FiremanSi said and start tracking. Sounds to me like you're not eating enough and you're stalled. Your metabolism may have down-regulated.
How to stop Binge Eating FindingFit 7 5 yearsNiclas (1): Put a note on your fridge saying "Wake up". It will remind you that unconcious behaviour goes against your goals
Advice please Julia2607 5 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Are u just Selling Steamers ???? Not sure if SRS.
keto or stay with carbs at night? fitzy2015 6 5 yearsalexmeister (37): yeah brah!at night i suggest green salad and protein only!carbs is pleasure!no carbs-no gains ;):P but the best time for them is in the morning and pre and after workout!
Help please! Kmar 8 5 yearszach216 (1): Do you have a solid muscle base now? I had the issue where I wanted to lose fat but didn't have Good mass to lose fat into. So it may be better to gain muscle and deal with the fat for a few months then when you think you've gained enough size, then cut
Waist line ruinevesfitness 10 5 yearsruinevesfitness (1): Great! Thank you all for your Feedback 😊
Dropping weight for event barbellbunny 4 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @barbellbunny You look stunning. You don't need to drop any weight! I saw your IG too. Geeez, you look awesome.
What is the best brand of food scale? didi23 2 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I used to have a decently expensive one ($50) and i never used its memory features. It was a weight watchers brand scale. I returned that to the person i was loaning it from and bought the dirt cheapest one i could find ($15 on sale) and it has worked just fine. Find something that can weigh in grams, oz, and lb. Also take notice of where the display is. If its part of the scale face, you'll probably end up covering it up with your plate 9/10...
New to the Game & Cuttin Bando416 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Check out the FAQ thread. It will give you all the info you need. -3X
Bulking question Jgoogoo88 3 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): hahahah!
Need Help With Routine/Diet acoble02 10 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): They might be. Since you say your job is physically demanding, 3500 cals might put you in a deficit. Best bet is to give it a go, track your weight for a week or two, and adjust from there.
I want to shred PLSeqv67 7 5 yearseknight (58109): You don't need to do those things at all. Have you read the FAQ? Are you familiar with IIFYM? -3X
Summer body help Lovre 9 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): You should try fork downs and table push aways. Killer core workout.
Diet Derz95 10 5 yearsDerz95 (1): my goal is to reach lower body fat %
Impossible to lose belly fat? FrostbiteFitness 5 5 yearsFrostbiteFitness (1): thanks
Not loosing weight misschelseabrown 6 5 yearsJesus (166): Nothing wrong with a pound a week. Just think.. in one month you would have lost a whole 4 pounds. Thats 1.8181818181818181 kilograms.
Fitness YouTuber UK! OXPerformance 7 5 yearsFrostbiteFitness (1): nice bro im a youtuber too, this is my latest video
Breakfast (survey) RookiePT 12 5 yearsColossus (76): RookiePT please include oatmeal in the menu, I believe it is becoming quite popular in PT nowadays. By the way, where about will the hotel be? I will definitely become a frequent guest! Lets Start talking vouchers ;)
After a meal i just wanna sleep.need help fitzy2015 19 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Let me know when Lucifer joins the forum. That sob is a beast!
Cutting West165 2 5 yearsBeans (4204): Should be the same, but probably more energy and better pumps in the gym for a time. You'll lose a lot of water weight when going into a caloric deficite after bulking whether you eat carbs or not. Might retain a little more water, but fat loss shouldn't be hindered.
Trying the 40/40/20 help!!!! EBZ_94 11 5 yearsJamesM (22): eKnight is a freakin' time saver!
Different way to arrange a deficit csizemore21 5 5 yearscsizemore21 (799): Hmm, I guess I'll just stick with a small daily deficit. Thanks for the detailed reponses!
Avatar Nutrition Macros... crazy? SanguinousRex 3 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): They are not the enemy, and they could be one of your best friends, in holding on to your muscle mass, while having fuel for good training on your diet. If you have been avoiding carbs for a period of time, and suddenly bump it up significantly, you're going to gain weight on the scale in the form of water. Not fat. You might even have a little bit of bloat for a day or 3, but it'll go away. In exchange the accessability of carbs will lessen...
Please help with new cut anteis99 8 5 yearsanteis99 (37): @eknight thanks bro for the advice like always. I'm going to do weekly progress posts thanks
Need help, extremely frustrated Stuckinplace Jump to first page84Jump to last page 5 yearsemmyweird84 (1216): @eknight....that's definitely well put. Much appreciated reading material this morning. @Stuckinplace I understand your frustration. For me it was a hard adjustment on my macros because for the weight loss (100lbs) I experience, it literally was calories in vs calories out. But when I started focusing on weight lifting and weight maintenance, you cannot have a calorie deficit or a carb one for that matter. I'm not like eknight with all the...
Looking for lean body definition Oak3ee 3 5 yearseknight (58109): FAQ thread? -3X
Question Jgoogoo88 14 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @albertomateos okay thanks
I think my metabolism is f'd. Ravenp 6 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Yeah add 5-10g carbs = 20-40 calories a week until you are in better standing.
Diet down to 185 Bubs126 19 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Do a test on yourself, you can find your maintenance pretty easy... Download MFP and just track everything you eat on a daily basis. Just eat normally, don't pay attention to the numbers of things you are eating. After a week add total cal and divide by 7. Thats your daily average cal intake. Now look at the days, if they are ALL over the place, 1000,3500,1200 without any real pattern, the results may be skewed but you can still roll with it....
Muscle Nutrition Jgoogoo88 29 5 yearsJgoogoo88 (4): Thank you guys, I'm an idiot, i diet and workout my muscle loss isn't really big
Accomplish Athletics AccomplishAthletic Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsAccomplishAthletic (1): Thanks man @NaturalBrawn! I appreciate it!!!! Keep killing it too :) Im trying to balance Bodybuilding and Powerlifting together :)
Starting a new change in my life, need advic Jayfade13 15 5 yearsJayfade13 (1): I posted them in the thread but I don't know why it didn't post but yeah, I think I have a lot of work to do
Going on holiday / Shredded robinxchrom 6 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): 2 day of eating and drinking a fuckload is not gonna do anything to you in the long run. I would however get your body used to ingesting large amounts of food again, just for the sake of an upset stomach. Go have fun
Cutting - cals Patriceekk 4 5 yearsPatriceekk (1): now 2 days i was eating my maintance calories(around 3400) to boost now should i start to eat 2500 calories ?
My favourite Chicken Recipe AccomplishAthletic 2 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): See the green square next to the users names? Those are reps. You can give each post three reps. The amount in the green square is somewhat equivant to the quality of your posts. Notice how many threads you have and you have 1 in the box? Clearly people are not interested in your content and perhaps you should spark conversation in a different way... Meaning... Not with videos.
My Bulking Secret Weapon AccomplishAthletic 21 5 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Hahahaahh. Xoxoxoxo @ fire
12 week shred Trhome 9 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Trhome Yeah this site is kinda weird. We as the forum have no connection to the actual site. The only person here is @mikew and he is the forum mod. IDK how he is connected with whoever runs the main site but he might be able to get you an email to contact in reference to the actual program. We can only help with the info you give us. And even then, we may solicite advice that is different than the program you paid for.
Online Coaching Giveaway Competition! OXPerformance 15 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Jsn3004 I heard you have to put a band from your neck to your ankles and se that to train
27 reasons to never stop bulking lolssons 3 5 yearslolssons (1249): Hahaha I hoped some one would enjoy them!
Carbs West165 17 5 yearsAoverto7 (310): Gatorade
New to IIFYM and decide to ask here Kievdju 9 5 yearsKievdju (1): @FiremanSi there is one gym from where i live, but it takes 1 hour to get there [only have bikes over here], so i dont think it's effective. I dont do cardio daily, only 3 times a week :) (personally, i dislike cardio). Right now im trying to cut some fat first because of reason (big fatty here), then bulk after i get to reasonable bodyfat. Thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it :)
Stay "Shredded" All Year West165 22 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @West165 Those TDEE calculators are only guesstimates... Try find ur own and now is a perfect time to do that. I prefer 1g/lb of protein also, sometimes slightly more but thats a preference even though i know it's not necessary. Also slowly increase your cals back up to bulking cals... normally 100-200cals every 4-7days based on weight increases in the scales. Goal is to be the same weight or slightly over by the time ur at bulking macros.
Calories to macros inaccuracy YM97 5 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Food labels are allowed to be within 20% from their actual contents iirc. So often times your bag of chips was actually 13.3 ounces instead of 12.8. Also some companies like to say NO CARB but not mention that there is 12 sugar alcohols and 3G of fiber
My Loggg Fayzeh Jump to first page210Jump to last page 5 yearsFayzeh (1546): @robotears! 😜 He fits rite in @wannabemuscular and thanks!
Help in Calculating Bulk Calories! Oslo1234 8 5 yearshghani13 (163): @Oslo1234 Aim for between 120-150g protein. That's all you will need. However, make sure you are hitting your other macros too. It's alright if you don't have protein shakes. Google protein rich foods. Yes you can get protein from milk, eggs, chicken etc.
Proper nutrition after a year of lifting? Oslo1234 2 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Hey dude, you are going to get the exact same results that you got in your first thread. Read the faqs and apply your size and weight to the formulas as a starting point.
The last 10% - some advice Rraywheel 5 5 yearsRobotEars (1174): That's where adequate protein intake and heavy resistance training come in. Just remember you may have to adjust your macro ratios when you reduce cals--if you're using percentiles--to keep your protein where it needs to be.
What to do now jostrosky 3 5 yearsjostrosky (346): I don't eat anything without weighing and nothing from packages, very strict. About 6 weeks now and gradually added cardio in and now up to 7 days @30 mins either running or elliptical. And I started at 3300 and just been dropping ~100 calories a week for adjustment but scale went up. Getting stronger though but muscle is not built that fast and I really don't know if it just a lot of water or what
Where should I go now? Oslo1234 7 5 yearsOslo1234 (1): Hi, Thank you for that suggestion. When is it a good sign to stop the bulk? I have struggled enough in my life before with that much fat, I cannot afford to go back.
Chipotle wannabemuscular Jump to first page33Jump to last page 5 yearsoceanair (18020): Chipotle is my life.
Optimal bodyfat range for build muscle? forgottenpass 14 5 yearsforgottenpass (382): Should have stopped bulking at 15%, dammit!
Should I be bulking right now? Metal_Matteus 6 5 yearseknight (58109): No such thing as clean eating. No such thing as "morphs." Somatotypes are a myth. Abs twice a week is plenty. -3X
Cutting transformation pics inside, help! Saamq 8 5 yearsMethod (379): Bulk and when you think you've bulk enough...continue the bulk. You need to add muscle. If you keep cutting you'll just end up looking really skinny and lose some of the muscle you have.
How to make counting MACROs easier? Sierrapb 15 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): They're* on my own post. Yeah they have these 3D printers called ovens. You put stuff in them and hit a few buttons. Come back 45 min later and it printed you whatever you put in it.
Can I get lean and abs doing this? Psychman7 14 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Welp RIP troll effort. But still your food sucks.
Newbie Jnordan 4 5 yearsRobotEars (1174): @Jsn3004 Ahh yes, well done. I often have a difficult time distinguishing which questions are deserving of competent responses and when to be a facetious cunt. Glad you got to it first, cause I think I would've gone a different direction with this one :cool: @Jnordan Eat your protein dude... really only need shakes if you're not getting enough from your diet.
Cut or bulk? kubicka 8 5 yearskubicka (1): @SOLARSUPLEX Sorry mate, dont know much sites where can I upload pictures, so I just used first one which google shows me. Reuploaded them here.
Perfect Personal Trainer Supplement Package OptimalEffects 26 5 yearsjbarr69 (4): In for free sups
Keep cutting? strengthathletics 23 5 yearsstrengthathletics (16): Based on the process I made would u say keep bulking or cut? Did I gain mostly fat? I probably gained 10 lbs in 2 months since starting my bulk with Christmas binges in there.
Caffeine and weight loss study? SOLARSUPLEX 21 5 yearsThatguy81 (541): Why you get me so excited then blast me down! I was think'n some Caffeine Cyp for my next stack homie!!
Does smoking affect muscle growth? DiyanYonkov Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): @Thatguy81 hahahaha
Newb - 6 month Goal ROIDS Unknown_Rican 19 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): I've heard about tren cough. Sounds fun
Weight Issues CaptainKanter 3 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Like @Beans said, you might not be in much of a caloric surplus then. But I would recommend weighing yourself everyday when you wake up and taking and calculating the average weight each week because weight fluctuates so much. You might weigh more but you could have been holding less water on that day. For all I know you might have to take a dump and that's making you weigh more.
Road to Mt Olympus a year long journey ZeusAmmon Jump to first page168Jump to last page 5 yearsAmunet (136): :):angel:
Need training/diet advice please!! ErikFromAus 5 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195):
good bulking snacks max12480 18 5 yearsjcrew7_z (10): Egg sammiches.
When to cut down protein. Olympian_Andy 5 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Olympian_Andy 270 is overkill IMO. And it also depends on how much of a Lean 190lb u are... are you 10% @190lb which means u have more muscle to lose while continuing ur dieting phase.. if ur 20% 190lb then u dont necessarily have to be consuming anything near 270 even 190g is PLENTY.
I feel like I'm stuck emmyweird84 30 5 yearsemmyweird84 (1216): You know you're absolutely correct about learning more than I bargained for lol. But I'm kinda enjoying it.
Changing nutrition and starting a routine Kind 10 5 yearsBeans (4204): @Kind all calculators will give a different value, what really matters is just picking one, trying it, and adjusting accordingly. They're all just guidelines, chances are most of them won't be spot on what you need. You CAN take into account lean body mass, but again, it doesn't necessarily mean it's more accurate. Plus, you're just adding an extra layer of guessing. Personally, I'd go with the lower end of your BMR calcs to start off since...
Body Dysmorphia Questionnaire - **Research** DvG 17 5 yearsBucky (3871): completed. those questions made me laugh. "do you often compare yourself physically to others?" oh fuck yes, every damn person I look at. doesn't mean I always win, but I have like a 90% record of wins so I'm doing alright.
Scared of carbs and getting shredded. Thewasp Jump to first page43Jump to last page 5 yearseknight (58109): You can't build muscle and burn fat simultaneously with any real efficiency, unless you're a beginner or taking drugs. Your real weight is whatever the scale says. Trust the mirror more than the scale. -3X
Going to begin a bulk Havasu 22 5 yearsNorIda (46958): Dude. You're lean as all hell. ISO what these other haters are saying. Your face is ugly AF tho. All blacked out n'shyt Also. Where did you get that hat? It's legit.
Bulking? Gottagetbig10 12 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @NorIda Hahaha... Dammit.. I mean.... Tell us more of this Wise No carb breakfasts ??
leaving pre workout for a day then taking it ashvinmuthumala 7 5 yearsDvG (1): +1^
Kris Gethin cbondy 1 5 yearscbondy (58): Has anybody seen this? trying to work out the calories in the nutrition section means il get about 1200 cals a day?? if anyone has any thoughts input would be greatly appreciated.
Macros cbondy 5 5 yearscbondy (58): i can't say iv ever weighed my food so i just have like one chicken breast which is prob like 200g wish haha. and shake is only 25g as thats one scoop (ON gold standard whey) so could go to a scoop and bit each time my breakfast shake is 1 scoop whey 2 scoops oats banana and 200ml milk gives me like 600cal start to the day ***Also think i may have set my base to high as your saying my basic cals are quite high????
Thousand Pound Club Video! JoshPatkin 6 5 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): wait a minute...there are 2 of the same thread
Nutrition Help Aedan 16 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Aedan Something wont LEAN OUT while ur bulking, fatcomes with the territory but the rest of you will fill out nicely. Just accept that and you'll be fine.
Help me figure this out : pre workout meal darklight79 17 5 yearsRobotEars (1174): These have quickly become a staple for me in reaching 400+ carbs a day, lol.
Good Leg n Shoulder Routine HardBody 2 5 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Progress of bulk. Think of mini cut darklight79 7 5 yearsBeans (4204): You're still pretty lean, so cutting for body fat purposes seems a bit silly. I year you on not wanting to eat as much though. What about just a short break, like a week or two of just eating less but not actually extending it into a cut? I usually do that when I take time off. A week or so of not stuffing myself and I'm good to go.
Macro calculator accuracy?opinion? Blackbasara 3 5 yearshghani13 (163): I find the muscle and strength calculator to be more accurate. Try it!
OMG! I need help! wannabemuscular 12 5 yearsMelo11 (10): Hahah, don't you worry so much.
Days you drink: Off Day or gym day? CaptainKanter 6 5 yearsMelo11 (10): Well done! Everybody can get some fun without drinking or drinking just a little. Usually drink 1-2 pints of beer
Let's try this again RobotEars 13 5 yearsMelo11 (10): Thanks for posting!
Help me dispell broscience! RobotEars 30 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Me too, i just was also born with a stomach that loves to eat and so all the shreds are just staying warm under this flub for now
Can someone help me with some questions? jostrosky 6 5 yearseknight (58109): Maybe, but I doubt it. It shouldn't stall your fat loss though, even if you are doing too much activity. -3X
Testosoron Hambo 21 5 yearsdarklight79 (3088): 70% if your cholesterol is produced by your liver. 30% dietary. If you're a hyper responder, limit the eggs. Kinda simple. If not, just eat the damn omelette
begineer usmanriaz 3 5 yearsmikew (11494): Less than your TDEE?? PS- Read the FAQ - all your answers are in that thread that's starred at the top of the page
Avatar Nutrition A_em 20 5 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): its essentially super basic super cookie cutter coaching that supposedly fluctuates with you as you progress. It's by layne norton so its probably alright for beginners or anyone that wants that spoon fed life.
Poverty Macros (overate)... what to do? emsay 19 5 yearsdarklight79 (3088): You got "shat on" because you only wanted to hear what you want to hear. They've been polite so far till you kept going round in circles and they started losing patience. My advice would be the same. Move on. One burger isn't going to make you fat and one salad isn't going to make you shredded. Consistency. The grand scheme of things. You're only human and even the best of us fail at times. Learn to forgive and go easy on...
Female cutting advice haole 1 5 yearshaole (2109): I'm trying to help my coworker lose weight by diet alone right now. I'm having her track what she eats for a week and check her weight every morning just to get an idea of where she is at. I've already noticed her diet is terrible and she has been eating less than I would recommend for a cut. I'm don't want to overload her with too much info so I'm starting with watching just daily calories for now and then picking better foods to get her...
Starting cut - New to forums kLaframboise 16 5 yearseknight (58109): @faaronheit carbs also keep the body functioning correctly. The immune and nervous system need glucose. As for the relationship between dietary fat and hormonal levels, I have yet to see any research indicating that greater than 25% of your calories from fat make a meaningful difference in test levels, whereas getting into higher fat diets absolutely DOES increase estrogen levels. All that aside, you suggested that somehow dropping one macro...
Protein in different types of meat. SOLARSUPLEX 2 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Yeah, it's very easy to hit protein requirements with meats.
Supplements recommend Junctionblue 7 5 yearsdestructormonster (1): []clickable text[/url]Panic X Alittle sour and not the best tasting but it gives a good sustained pump. if you can handle downing all the arginine and creatine chunks then get ready for a nice pump
Diet Advice jostrosky 23 5 yearsjostrosky (346): my kidney doctor indicated to me that my CPK levels were normal for someone like me that workouts a lot. I have not talked with a dietitian, i figured that the experts on here might be able to give some advice.
Single Digit Body Fat %? JackGarrett 11 5 yearsJelet (2190): Most people underestimate BF by 2-3%. 10% BF is actually pretty damn shredded. 8% could step on stage and do well.
Cutting diet - calories stranger 5 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Not too bad i'd start at 200cal drop and see how u respond aiming for 1-2% of bodyweight/week if the weight stalls over a 4-7day period the increase cardio/NEAT or drop cals.
Are Bodybuilding Supplements Good For You howtogetshredded 3 5 yearsblakeyt93 (34): Read this Or shove a line of jack3d up your nose before each workout, whatever works best right?
should i do figure or should i stay in bikin paulisu 3 5 yearspaulisu (4): Thank you
advice and suggestions on where and how lancethedog 5 5 yearslancethedog (16): cheers mate. no i'm not familiar but will look into it. consider myself a novice still but i get the concept. is there any particular time frame to stay at maintenance. i guess it's high carbs to me is what i meant but i understand yr point re other countries and diets.
Best Tasting Whey IMO JackGarrett 17 5 yearsJackGarrett (16): @ezvmoneybeast
Stumped on diet ErickFromOmaha Jump to first page48Jump to last page 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Blast and cruise baby.
Cutting without a strict diet? zacharie101 7 5 yearssathernut (13): Yeah this. I lost 10kg (25lb) without tracking anything. I just weighed myself every day. As long as I was going down consistently week to week that's all that mattered. Some days would be higher than others, but I began to really gauge how much I should eat the next day. If the weight was up, I would eat less the next couple of days. It actually progressed very nicely and I was able to lose around 1lb a week pretty consistently. Obviously this...
Weight tracker App sathernut 9 5 yearssathernut (13): Wow. That was all I was wanting. It was on my phone this whole time haha. Cheers for the recommendations peeps.
Night snack/food recommendation ArchT 26 5 yearsArchT (4): Hahahaha!! @Thatguy81 You had to bring that up...
Lean body mass or total weight fitzy2015 9 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @fitzy2015 Jesus dude whatever ur currently eating in cals.. add 100-200cals/week until u start gaining weight. Not that difficult.
Does eating red meat cause cancer? LifeofaFighter 7 5 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): I just scrolled across this [U][URL=""]article[/URL][/U] on the Marks Daily Apple and found it extremely useful and well done Here is also a great [U][URL=""]podcast[/URL][/U] and ...
Working out Meals that fit your Macros sathernut 1 5 yearssathernut (13): How do you guys do this? Say my macros are 170p, 350c, 70f I dont care how my meals are spaced as long as my immediate post workout meal contains little to no fat and a high gi carb plus whey. I just have a hard time figuring out what to eat and what is going to fit with the macros. How did you guys do this when you first started counting calories? Do you eat what you like and make it during the day or plan ahead? And did it just take a...
Another Critique my diet/Workout thread!! Sydazak 14 5 yearseknight (58109): And you came up with THAT? Re-read them and revise. -3X
Calorie Intake GreekLegend 4 5 yearsBeans (4204): Also agree.
"You can't out run a bad diet"... hollyhopeful5678 7 5 yearshollyhopeful5678 (1693): @WinnersNeverQuit thanks, all good stuff. Makes sense: as a former "Weight Watcher", I lost my baby weight but was "skinny-fat", since the diet doesn't care about your choices. I more try to out-run bad days, not a bad diet...I do count macros but every once in a while I choose to eat something than makes me go over, so I just try to do that amount of calories extra in work for the day/week. I could do a whole thread on...
Second Guessing Myself Mulcts 6 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Proteins not really that high. @Mulcts I think ur definately lean enough to start bulking bro. How long are you actually dieting ??
Macro and diet advice mattm90 11 5 yearsJHughes (280): @MMB hahaha... thanks man! I'm interested myself!
How much do you spend on food, for lifting? forgottenpass 6 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I think it totally depends on what you want to eat. A box of pasta that has 6-8 servings at 50carb a serving is a dollar around me. Various brands and types. So you could b spending as little as 14 a week on carbs. Protein gets expensive but still, bulk chicken breasts stay good frozen for a long time. So jump on any sale you can get. Tuna is cheap as shit too. Fats come from mostly eggs and sauces. I'd say I eat around $120 a week with the...
Take more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 5 yearsoceanair (18020): Pizza and root beer float for my work Halloween pot luck 😋
Caloric Cycling: Does it work? LifeofaFighter 1 5 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): So one thing I’ve seen as a Trainer is the missing piece to the Health puzzle, which would be NUTRITION. The hardest thing to see as a trainer is not the obese individual that don’t do a thing about there situation and wonders why they are where they at, but the person who busts their ass in the gym and doesn’t see the results they want/should be seeing. For different cases there are different reasons, but for today we will look at...
Help dialing in my cut. Ravenp 9 5 yearsRavenp (7): Well i've done nothing but low over the past few years so this will be fun...being able to squeeze in some additional calories. So should I work my way from 2200 up to 2800 gradually over a few weeks? Or just jump right in?
How Much Fat compared to Carbs? JHughes 4 5 yearsJHughes (280): @Beans Thats where I am leaning towards as well.
Not losing weight on 1800cals Krav 21 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @darklight79 Obviously not cause they still have 17g of fibre and understated total cals listed on their packets.
Carb Hierarchy? mgntrains 5 5 yearsdarklight79 (3088): IIFYM & M @wannabemuscular is actually being serious.
Am i going to get taller??? Jxsx2015 12 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @forgottenpass Yeah its cause everywhere ur looking down not much is ever in line of sight. It also comes from alot of time spent in front of a computer lie ps4's and xbox because u tend to extend ur head forward and also on desks thats arent ergonomic for tall people. Solution is just continuous posture correction drills and Tonnes and tonnes of Chin tucks.
Home Gym – Weight Training and Cardio Workou LifeofaFighter 1 5 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): Hey so I figured with fall here and winter around the corner it was time to get my home gym set up ready. With that being said I wrote a new article on the topic. Hope you guys enjoy and for the full article plus images, and videos for the workout routines hit Home Gym – Weight Training and Cardio Workouts For At Home Some of the home exercises you can benefit from are aerobics. Instead...
Breakfast requires a thread of its own varunj17 3 5 yearsvarunj17 (498): My problem here is I have to cook stuff overnight for next morning Thanks @RookiePT
A noobs quest from 15% to 5% in 14 weeks Flaime99 15 5 yearsthe1 (33861): Open thread to view post.
always super slack Duncan88 7 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Sound like some low calorie issues bro. That or maybe you need a deload week.
How much alcohol can I get away with? Kecaldesian 20 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @eknight Defo doesn't lift... But he is hilarious so there that. Glad it's not me.. But not far off haha 😁
Bulk??? anteis99 2 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): 15 pounds in about 2 weeks? A bit of overeating lol. You don't need to do cardio when bulking but it can be beneficial. You don't want to be playing basketball or something with a group of friends and be winded as fuck. Either way cardio can be good if you're going over your calories. If you're bulking on 3,500 calories and you think you went over 1,000 calories, over the next two or three days have 1,000 less calories. Either way it's all about...
please critique my new diet plan. forgottenpass 19 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Just don't do a Full Day of Eating series if you're sticking to just this everyday lol
Newbie Jxsx2015 7 6 yearsJxsx2015 (1): I want to but the coaches dont let me cx
Re-feed? blakeyt93 1 6 yearsblakeyt93 (34): So been browsing the forums and reading up stuff online and have come across the practice of using carbohydrate reefed days every x days to help refill glycogen stores and/or help get through a fat loss plateau. This isn't something I've done before so was looking for a bit of advice on your practice for using re-feeds and how beneficial they are? Im off out for a meal tomorrow evening and haven't had a all out binge in a while. I know its...
Few day into diet, and i'm STARVING! forgottenpass 17 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @forgottenpass
Consuming 100% of carbs post-workout alaynepoole69 3 6 yearsalaynepoole69 (1): Pre-contest prep is exactly what I'm looking for. Do u know if he has an updated version of a pre-contest prep routine?
Opinions on this organic non chemical chit TimmothyGen 14 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I work produce at a grocery store, and its kinda odd seeing an organic banana and a 'conventional'(funny that the food with GMO's are considered conventional) mold next to one another. The organic one does not last as long as the conventional. same goes with strawberries. But the juiced up big plump berries taste so much better than the little organic ones. ALSO, for something to be considered USDA organic, it only needs to contain 3 organic...
So is coffee a diuretic or no? LifeofaFighter 23 6 yearsoceanair (18020): well that escalated quickly. i love coffee :)
Check this out if you're about them gainz... tjfromthe6 2 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): This whole forum clears all that up.....
Insulin Hambo 3 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): Don't do it
Serial Failings FatKid_AtHeart 9 6 yearsFatKid_AtHeart (1): I was at the start of the year when I lost some weight just not enough and now I'm on and off with it don't like weighing everything out all the time probably just laziness but managed it for 15 weeks but macros were obviously to high. Haha my Augustus Gloop takes over although I don't look like him.
Great/Effective Powerlifting Routines ezvmoneybeast 16 6 yearsThatguy81 (541): Do you plan on competing? I'm just curious to what your goals are? If I remember right, you have the most shredded legs of anyone on this forum, so what are you after here with power lifting?
New to Community - Workout Plan + Diet + Log workingtitle 1 6 yearsworkingtitle (4): Hi Everyone, Nice to meet you all. I just found this community and after reading many of the posts, FAQ, etc. I thought I'd break the veil and become active. My story is that I used to weigh 230lbs at 16 years old and was obese. I lost the weight very quickly over the span of 6 months and went down to a shockingly low 132 at my lightest. I didn't workout and lost the weight by starvation. When I went off to university I gained some...
Diet kingmatt44 4 6 yearsJon1987 (1): If you want like a fat burner with mood support i suggest Black Mamba Fat Burner or if you want like a pre work out that gives you pump and has fat burning ingredients in it try Cellucor C4 it also has creatine in it so you will notice your veins more. Be sure drink lots of water with your supps tho
HELP. The cheat day was real Dudedont97 7 6 yearsA_em (2424): Not necessarily. Binge eating is very often emotional rather than 'physical' hunger. You try to comfort yourself with food (because i. a. this is how we were comforted as infants) + you always feel guilty at the end of it. Your diet can be totally proper, but your emotions not.
Need help clean bulk diet, please critique anteis99 4 6 yearseknight (58109): It looks like a plan. No better or worse than any other plan of similar Kcals and macros. I'd personally blend your PWO protein with your casein and drink them both as a blend. Taking whey and casein separately is sub-optimal. You don't need to eat 6 meals- there's no advantage to it, but if that's your preference then so be it. There's also very little vegetables and fruit. -3X
Bulk or Cut? lloera 6 6 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): Why not do both with weekly caloric cycles paired along with periodization programs catered to muscle gain for 1-3 weeks and then switch to a lean program and continue this cycle for anywhere from 8-12 weeks and evaluate every 2-4 weeks to make sure your body is responding to match your goals.
Put weight on after strict diet rylie111 4 6 yearsmikew (11494): 4 days of debauchery is not gonna undo months of focused dieting so it's probably a non issue. Then again 4KG in 4 days... that's a lot of debauchery. ;)
Mini cut post bulk/re-feed robinxchrom 4 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Ur going to gain fat while bulking its inevitable. No need for mini-cuts for anything less than 5-6months bulking and even at THAT point u should balance out at maintenance to get ur body accustomed to the new weight gain before conceiving of cutting !!
Calorie intake Darrenkerr123 2 6 yearsBeans (4204): Enter your info, then click "Harris Benedict Equation".
bulking gaining weight but not looking big Andropolis 13 6 yearsAndropolis (1): Okay thanks guys. I work out 5 times a week and I do each muscle twice a week without around 9-12 sets each muscle. I've been doing this and I've build decent muscle but is this a good routine?
Frosted Flakes wannabemuscular 13 6 yearsThatguy81 (541): Life cereal FTW!
getting kinda chubby on my bulk stranger 5 6 yearsJelet (2190): lol
How many eat at 0.82G of protein? JHughes 18 6 yearsJHughes (280): @Bucky thanks for the tip. I usually hit the 1g but its not every day. I think I will give that a shot!
need help on proper bulking (clean) anteis99 4 6 yearseknight (58109): The fact that everything you asked is in the FAQ thread. You know- the one that suggests you read it before you post questions like yours? -3X
My macros for bulking Borin 3 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Borin Mother of god u must be shittin bricks with all that protein... Not too mention a serious dent in ur wallet !! Lower protein increase the fats and if ur bloated it might not be the amount of carbs but the TYPE ur eating !!
6 week prgoress so far! ski870 13 6 yearsski870 (7): @ErickFromOmaha gotcha! im not into any of that
*Why use Citrulline Mal & Beta Al??-E.Helms* FiremanSi 3 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @mikew No probs man. I thought it might a few people some money. Plus it's Eric helms so u know it's solid info.
To lean gain or not? Iadtr 3 6 yearsIadtr (13): @palekm08 ok bro thanks. I figured because i didnt want to go too low either and essentially eat almost nothing through the day. Ill do what you suggested
Going low carb do you up fats or proteins? anteis99 7 6 yearseknight (58109): No. Most of them don't change much at all. I've actually read that Layne's peak week before contests includes 250-350 grams of carbs per day. -3X
Counting Egg Calories robinxchrom 9 6 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Open thread to view post.
How to prep? Men's Physique alkudari23 9 6 yearsalkudari23 (52): Lol btw whats aas? 😂@Zyzzst
Advice needed - bulk? Edin11 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsEdin11 (10): @Beans thanks for that. You're right about the diet, spent the best part of that year not really doing anything in terms of bulking, cutting etc. Was interested to see how yours looked as I know you are also running a routine with twice a week frequency. Thanks for the swift reply as always.
summer job ended, did I adjust macros right? Kecaldesian 4 6 yearsBeans (4204): Open thread to view post.
Green Tea and Losing Weight duongcuongnuong 10 6 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195):
How much sugar? High carb dieting robinxchrom 4 6 yearsrobinxchrom (22): Thank you guys! Feel a lot better now that I know my sugar intake is around normal. I know few people in real life who lift and even fewer who high carb so I had no one to compare to.
Pancakes for refeed??? anteis99 17 6 yearsanteis99 (37): @ErickFromOmaha yeah I plan on hoping back to my original cut which consisted of around 300grams of carbs. Right now I'm not dieting for any show but I'm going to Olympia so I'm officially cutting as if I was getting ready for a show. Thats why I'm playing around with different foods or techniques to re-amp my glycogen stores. I only taper my carbs down when I'm doing a show, any tips of foods to fill out thanks for the comment
Lean Bulking/Reverse Dieting robinxchrom 4 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @robinxchrom That much over-analysing will lead to an eating disorder. Trust. Just add 100cals on monday every week or something and chill out.
Cutting question Fats. fitzy2015 9 6 yearsrobinxchrom (22): I would only cut calories when I stop losing weight on the higher calories. Your body eventually adapts to the calories you're at and you will the need to slash down the calories. No need to rush the process because otherwise you'll be left on the shittest macros known to man to get down to low body fat percentages. I personally cut on high carb, low fat and felt my energy levels were fantastic. If you find a high carb diet makes your...
finishing below your macros ghay 7 6 yearsforgottenpass (382): LOL, your username cracks me up.:D
Feedback on my setup for a cut adale 16 6 yearseknight (58109): It's not for everyone, I'll grant you that, but after about 2 weeks of fasted training first thing in the morning, I no longer felt "off" about it. That was 10+ years ago and I've never looked back. -3X
Not enough calories?! alaynepoole69 7 6 yearsJordan17 (103): @NickBacon like a bear
Opinion on my refeed anteis99 4 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): Ok, I only refeed every 5-6 weeks. A lot of people on here do it every other week. I honestly think it's body dependent and what works for you. If I did regress all the time I would gain weight because it's very easy for me.
Recommended "Post AAS Cycle" SUGGESTIONS? ezvmoneybeast 22 6 yearsBucky (3871): My cycle vs an actual competitors cycle, and he's heavyweights I think. Maybe a class lower: my cycle: 700mg tren ace 700mg mast 600mg tren 500mcg mtren preworkout 5x a week 100mcg T3 120mcg Clen competitors cycle: Cycle last two weeks was: 3g test cyp 2g tren ace 1g eq 1g mast 200mg tren enth ew 25mg aromasin 1mg caber weekly 75mcg t3 18iu serono gh 100+ iu of fast insulin (novo rapid and humalog) 200mg to 300mg aldactone ed so as you can...
Under eating. Coltonweisbrod 2 6 yearsColtonweisbrod (1): I'm so used to saying I'm 210...sorry I'm 205. And even after the cheat meal and bigger calorie day yesterday I woke up today still at 205. Sorry for the mistake!
An Average Day In The Life (student Fitness) palekm08 7 6 yearspalekm08 (7): Thanks for the video Zepa. hahaha yes that is rakija.
How much is too much? GetBigDieMirin 3 6 yearsMethod (379): I wouldn't worry about the number on the scale but care more about how you like the results of the cut. 2400 sounds like a good cut number just based on your weight.
Calories burned csizemore21 17 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): @SOLARSUPLEX not a bad idea,@wannabemuscular yeah man we can't have any body accessories at all, @FiremanSi what's doubtful? I'm not dumb with tracking lol, I mean iv put on 40 pounds of mass and not much fat in a pretty short time. I track pretty much everything everyday
Maintenance to start cut? nine0seven 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @nine0seven Don't worry if u drop 4-5lbs the first week or so it's just water weight and it's to be expected !!
Net Carbs Zyzzst Jump to first page48Jump to last page 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): @FiremanSi not at all man, i attribute a lot of that to loss of glycogen, but there are no stretch marks at all and I think my body is sort of recomping. Slowly gaining muscle and losing fat. Sounds unreal but it's true
foods or supplements that curb appetite csizemore21 30 6 yearsednachopin (1): U can try the garcinia cambogia extract to curb your appetite.
Simple and Fit Book Ankie 5 6 yearsAnkie (882): Life is great gents... I took a bit of step away from the gym, maintained my size but not my cut. In order to dedicate my LIFE to publishing that book and becoming a Web/App Developer so that I can make my dreams of an online fitness training company and application can become a reality. And well gents, I am hoping to have my beta version of up and running by the end of August. Crazy nights of hacking out code. I have been so...
Layne Norton Bulking Diet JakeSwick 2 6 yearsmikew (11494): I don't see the article on the SS site and browsing through the Layne articles but here's one from - Is that the one you're looking for? This article also came back from a web search:
Carb cycling or just steady macros Coltonweisbrod 10 6 yearsColtonweisbrod (1): @darklight79 I think that's where the problem is with me. I'm unsure of what my macros and what not should be. I wanna keep leaning up. But like I said I don't think I'm quite sure what a high day would be for me and a low day would be. Or the right set up for it.
Online training + diet plans Hamer93 8 6 yearsBucky (3871): yea it really depends how serious of a business you make this. if you go legit LLC and all that, liability insurances, medical waivers, etc are a must. selling general nutrition, diet and workout plans like all the other instagram "coaches"? you can do whatever pretty much
Cutting-But numbers are making me tweak Iadtr 9 6 yearsrobinxchrom (22): I'd firstly try to find our your maintenance and then reefed and push that as far as you can without gaining weight. then cut. I cut on around 1750-2100 calories. shredded down, now referring 15lbs+ lighter and eating 2630 calories and still not gaining weight. therefore in theory i could have been cutting at higher calories when i weighed 15lbs+ more.
When should I drop calories? Zeus 5 6 yearsrobinxchrom (22): lower calories by 100-200 save cardio for when diet stops working IMO.
NaturalBrawn Vlog NaturalBrawn 28 6 yearsNaturalBrawn (199): Cool, I'm coming to post my post hols shape this week...I really went in lol
Cheat meal when cutting? Zeus 29 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): When did you talk to Jay Cutlers gf ;)?
Ectomorph bulk diet with bad food allergies Bryce708 11 6 yearsBryce708 (1): thanks Bucky and wannabe-muscular
How to start "cutting phase"??? ridzwan 3 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): @SOLARSUPLEX is right. You'll find out you basically need to cut calories.
My first cut on Macros LOG Iadtr 15 6 yearskkautz (13): Thanks
Target weight, does this exists? Colossus 4 6 yearsTamere02 (1474): @Colossus Im confused about what you mean by 'target weight'. You set your target weight to suit your goals. There wont be a scientific weight because there isn't a target weight. Weightclass athlete= weight they have to weigh is the target weight For anyone else there really shouldn't be a target weight, you gain or lose weight until your happy with how you look or strength/ weight ratio or overall strength or whatever your goal is.
Scott Abels cycle diet. Irongoddess 13 6 yearsthe1 (33861): @eknight - i fully agree with you on all of your points too, i just mean that he isn't a joe schmo and does have a pretty reputable back ground.. even though he may just hype up his diet with fancy words when its just basic carb cycling with refeeds more or less
whats a quality carb during peaking?? anteis99 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @anteis99 Not sure man, but i notice personally when i did High Carb refeeds during a diet i would wake up looking at my best the next morning and my carbs varied and i just tried to keep the fibre at around 30g max 40g as it's hard to keep low fibre when taking in alot of carbs. But if u wanted to slam some fast acting carbs i'd do it... intra and/or post workout as thats when your body will soak them up best.
Critique endomorph diet please :) mlgpro 8 6 yearsBeans (4204): So you're still cutting? And why do you think you took your last diet as far as you could go?
BB and PL getting way too technical? SOLARSUPLEX 10 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I run PPL and do 3 on 1 off But on I get to a real gym ima be there 24/7 trying out all the cool machines.
Back to bulking, questions and U/L routine Pdv92 16 6 yearsshannowman (6367): You're massively over complicating this. Form follows function, focus on how your body should move and you'll live a better life in and out of the gym. At the point you're at you don't need to worry about the detail in your arms and calves as much as just getting stronger. Believe me, building muscle and dare I say 'aesthetics' is so much easier once you've reached some basic markers of strength- body weight plus bench, 1.5x body weight squat...
Clenbuterol/getting in shape advice Johlene1980 Jump to first page52Jump to last page 6 yearsfortheone (16): Hey @Johlene1980 don't leave just stay the course.
need ur help ! buildbetterbody 3 6 yearsbuildbetterbody (1): thanks a lot :D
Critique my diet please! Rusty 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Rusty Also why spend ur balls on all those specific supps.. U ain't competing or sponsored. Only reason most abuse those... Instead of xtend just buy some fuckin jelly beans and eat them... Maxi muscle is a rape price.. Just protein and creative and are cheaper seperately... U want casein protein before bed ok u do that but just drink half a litre of milk... There's ur casein protein. And personally I wouldn't restrict urself to set meal plan...
Help/tips/advice Gideon 4 6 yearsGideon (4): Thanks for the advice guys! I appreciate it
Progress pic update, Reverse Dieting+Advice robinxchrom 1 6 yearsrobinxchrom (22): Hey, firstly thanks for all the help from this community on THIS site. The education of high carb, low fat, moderate protein dieting with re-feeding, monitoring metabolic changes and making small adjustments over huge ones has helped me a lot! I learnt a lot from the community here and Eric Helm's videos. Before pic (did a few pushups) 165-170lbs ...
Renaissance periodization diet Assie321 4 6 yearsAssie321 (70): Thanks for the quick replies reps are given going to reverse diet as I already planned and follow the big lines of the book. Thanks@FiremanSi I will stop trying to major in the minors but when I read such a book I just get the feeling I need to do it all perfect as laid out.
Digestive enzymes and WPC metabolism Arimac44 1 6 yearsArimac44 (451): Interesting study if you have the time to read. clickable text While the findings about whey alone are interesting, the real purpose of this study was to test whether proteolytic enzymes helped increase protein absorption. After the entire group took whey without any enzymes, researchers split the group up. One group drank whey along with 2.5 grams of enzymes; the second group drank the same amount of whey, but with 5 grams of...
Are my calories too high for cutting? Zeus 24 6 yearsBeans (4204): Gotcha. Yeah, the way I see it, OP dropping to 2600 off the bat would be like you starting that 8 month cut at your lowest calorie intake you reached. Better to start high and drop it rather than start at the absolute minimum you'd want to eat in a day.
bulking problems skippy333 2 6 yearsXxlean (1990): Oh lord...
Carbs - some serious questions! stranger 11 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): Bro me too!! You're the only person other than myself that I know of that it happens to.
omarisuf start diving golago 12 6 yearsBeans (4204): He never once suggested that his viewers should work out 18 hrs a week. He said that is what these particular guys did, and it's possible to make those gains when de-trained and with crazy genetics. He states very clearly that people should maximize their volume and recovery, but never said "Everyone start working out 18 hrs a week because it's optimal!" He's talking about very specific examples of transformations that people call out...
Cutting advice Zeus 3 6 yearsZeus (1): Cheers mate thanks a lot :-)
Daily Food Receipes varunj17 2 6 yearsLiftamusprime (364): Might as well use my first post here....usually make this one at the start of the week. - boil some sweet potatoes, use as many as you need. - let them cool then add in some salmon, I usually just use the tinned stuff. - mix it up and add 2-3 eggs - add seasoning of your choice..can't go wrong with salt and pepper - bake in the oven for about 30 mins, I use a toothpick to make sure it's cooked through. - grill the top if you want..easy salmon...
Vitamin C & Garlic combo Arimac44 6 6 yearsArimac44 (451): What dosage were you running the Vitamin C and Garlic at mate?
Artificial Sweeteners kozzletoff 16 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): is @wannabemuscular heading to a festival/club haha.
Lets talk about cutting and refeeds. SOLARSUPLEX 9 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Rand might take me a couple days to watch that! thank you!
Need A Quick Effective Home Ab Routine? MarcoTrunzo 6 6 yearsBeans (4204): Can you post your rotated shoulders routine as well?
Advice required rach_smith2006 12 6 yearshollyhopeful5678 (1693): I'm afraid I don't know enough to advise of these champs will help you with that question. For me, personally, when I ran SS I just kept the weight and reps the same until such time as I felt ready to increase the weight, based on keeping good form. My form goes to garbage on OHP when I go to heavy...
want that six pack 6PAKISLIFE 14 6 yearsblackbull (22): Hard work and commitment will help you achieve your goal. It is not an easy task though.
Prexylol Push/Pull/Legs log Prexylol 1 6 yearsPrexylol (1): Hi Guys, I recently joined the simply shredded forum and I was searching for some feedback about nutrition and training. I will start cutting soon, so this will be my Push/Pull/legs log. Stats: -188cm -80kg/176 -16/17% BF My Goal is to lose around 6% body fat and to have a solid base of 10% body fat to start bulking again. Some information regarding nutrition: I come from bulking and used the following macros: Diet...
Peak Week zacharyc 6 6 yearszacharyc (61): Is Shredded by SAN natural and safe? @LVjack also it says on the container to take 7 with morning meal and 7 with mid day meal rather than the 2 you advise? Thanks for your help
Help and Advice for Beginner Please skippy333 2 6 yearsBeans (4204): Holy cow, this is all over the place. Don't go to the gym and just lift random shit. Pick a routine. Start with low weights that you can do easily, and try to progress a little every time you go. Don't do cardio every time you lift. And I personally wouldn't do it BEFORE you lift. The kickboxing is enough. Find out your maintenance calories. Track what you eat. As you fall into your routine, adjust so that you are in a slight caloric...
BB Acne - It Does Exist Slowprogress91 9 6 yearsthe1 (33861): hahaha
Fuel Log Fayzeh Jump to first page96Jump to last page 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): I broke the rules come at me bro! Yes I ate all 4.... Edit: I like the original strawberry.
Protein Blends Fayzeh Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsArimac44 (451): Most Most egg whites sold are pasteurized to reduce the risk of food borne illness. I have ditched protein powder in favour of liquid egg whites.
Nandos lovers - need assistance Hamer93 30 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Haha did you get ripped off? ;) in Nandos here the chicken piece is like twice the size of that. I can barely finish the dinner pack if i order large lol.
female gaining weight and not comfortable!! belly01 9 6 yearseknight (58109): Your GP really isn't qualified for this- that's why she's a GP, not a specialist. Have her give you a referral to a dietician and you'll be more likely to get some guidance. -3X
What Do You Think? MarcoTrunzo 2 6 yearsBeans (4204): Need an intro. If you're going to give a lecture, plan what you're going to say. You repeated pointless stuff a couple of times. Came off like a sales pitch for mfp. Too much info covered without enough info. If I didn't know about caloric deficites and how to use mfp already, I would have no idea what you were talking about. Get bigger arms and lats. Generally I don't like videos when someone is just standing there in front of the camera unless...
Macro check Coopsdaddy 3 6 yearseknight (58109): Changing your macros isn't going to make a difference at all. Weight gains are based in total kcal intake and expenditure, not the source of those kcals. -3X
BB to PL: Road to 1200 @ 66kg/USAPL Raw Nats AnthonyKim421 1 6 yearsAnthonyKim421 (103): Hey guys, I just wanted to start a thread so I can post about my road back to powerlifting from bodybuilding. For a while there, I was posting about my journey to the stage and fortunate for myself--my first season I won my natural pro card. Here's the thread: But during my prep, I did a powerlifting meet in Wisconsin with the USAPL and did well...
Progress pics + Need weekend advice Fayzeh Jump to first page78Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): Just to clarify, my "lotsa this" was for @NorIda's post. Blindly suggesting something when you admit you're still learning is the ultimate blind leading the blind. I get that. I tried keto years ago. It sucked. Nothing about it was beneficial for me. I also agree that the best diet is one you can stick to. I personally don't know anyone who can stick to a keto and make progress long-term. -3X
Need help on cutting diet. Aestheticsbrahh 2 6 yearseknight (58109): FAQ thread. -3X
So I did an 8 week cut Hamer93 13 6 yearsFayzeh (1546): Great job!!!
Can I still make gains like this? newguy278 6 6 yearseknight (58109): Open thread to view post.
Cliff Wilson- CLean Eating eknight 4 6 yearsBeans (4204): I find myself on his fb page from time to time browsing his pics. Can't argue with the results.
How much water so you actually drink? Hamer93 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsdumbbellok (1): drink water just after getting up in the morning, before eating anything is very good for me. what's about you
Quick Meals Fayzeh 25 6 yearsBucky (3871): If anyone here ever watches the VICE news channel on youtube, i go to the Munchies page and make some of their stuff. The egg sandwich from the head chef of Eggslut shows you an amazing one. here's the VICE Munchies page: And the Eggslut sandwich:
Physique Advice Needed ArsenalRm 3 6 yearsLVjack (2749): You look good for 7 weeks out but you need to start that cut now!
Walden Farms thoughts Colossus 11 6 yearsColossus (76): Thank you for the feedback guys.
FAT 6PAKISLIFE 6 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @6PAKISLIFE With a screen name like that we should be asking you the questions.
Favorite fruit? SOLARSUPLEX Jump to first page48Jump to last page 6 yearsforgottenpass (382): They sell these fruits in most Asians markets like h mart, the closest one to me. If you get the chance buy em, you won't regret it!
Good books? Recommendations qtdreams92 20 6 yearsrememberthis (556): I had a subscription and didn't really use it that much. I think with his free stuff you already have A LOT to go through.
Almond milk in the industry bad? Thoughts? darklight79 19 6 yearsoceanair (18020): I use almond milk in my cereal errrday. Also in my shakes.
Creatine Absorbtion Questions (4) SSJ3FinalFlash 7 6 yearsSSJ3FinalFlash (283): @SOLARSUPLEX @FiremanSi @clown @GetBigDieMirin @wannabemuscular Thank you everyone for the great responses! I'll just take it pre and post with some water and probably some crystal light flavoring. Thanks for clearing things up and simplifying it for me.
looking for advice from someone with experie IronBryant1495 13 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @IronBryant1495 No pic came through
What in the world am I doing wrong? forgottenpass 25 6 yearsjja0016 (829): You are definitely counting your macros wrong in some way if you aren't losing at 2200 calories at 25% bodyfat and 190 lbs as you say.. I notice you said you don't count oil. Olive oil is one of the most calorie dense foods of all. Literally a tiny tablespoon is 130 calories at 14 grams of fat. That's why all the italians are fat, they just pour that shit on like nothing. Also, daily sodium and water play a decent roll in the numbers shown...
Whisky and Deadlifts SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page54Jump to last page 6 yearsLVjack (2749): That Southern Comfort and coke is a slow creeping ride. You just keep drinking thinking your good and it creeps up on ya all of a sudden. PS: the 60% not the 40.
Leg Day Fayzeh 14 6 yearsRawsteel (940): It used to be when i was able to squat/rdl and when i got stronger in them, these days i feel successful if i manage to complete a leg workout without aggrovating my bad disc, which happens if i take a rep too deep in the leg press or loose my balance during bulgarian split squats :P
Need some help with getting a balanced plan Aussiegill 20 6 yearsGetBigDieMirin (46): If you want help you came to the right place If you want baseless compliments you're on the wrong forum buddy haha
Transition from cutting to bulking zacharyc 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): C all day.. Much better for me as it gradually ramps up my appetite for the foods again and I see actual continuous weight loss while Reverse Dieting... I've done it week by week but recently I did it where as add 100cals if not weight gain in 4-5days then add a further 100cals.. And keep going until a weigh gain is recorded stay there and ramp up when appetite calls for it and/or weigh gain plateaus.... Good luck.
new ad need advice fluffybug 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Read the FAQ thread and then see if you still have some questions. No amount of natural hormone manipulating is going to circumvent the relationship of calories in vs. calories out. -3X
Sup doods - just sharin AKK 9 6 yearsthe1 (33861): haha not yet bro but check out on my log on the first page to my most recent pics from my last competition I have competed 4 times since you left though ! Provincials 2013 - Light heavy 186.6lbs (8 / 18) Novice Classic 2013- Light heavy 196.6lbs (2 / 6) Provnicials 2014- Heavy weight 203.6lbs (4 / 5) Provincials 2015- Heavy weight 198.8lbs (2 / 6) and next year gunning for 1st in heavyweight and the overall :) that's good...
Bounce back Fayzeh 20 6 yearsXxlean (1990): Low intensity steady state
Football Specific Lifting Program and Diet DanOpi 7 6 yearssriram (2050): THE JUGGERNAUT METHOD 2.0
20% BF to 10% BF GoldenAesthetics 9 6 yearsGoldenAesthetics (19): @Beans that is a good idea, i will do it and like eknight said, its never exact thank you all :)
New here, just an intro. BostonStrong 7 6 yearsthe1 (33861): welcome to the forums, 1700 cals sounds okay.. try it out for a couple of weeks and if nothing is changing then change your calories/macros.
Do EPA and DHA ratios matter in fish oil? qtdreams92 4 6 yearseknight (58109): Oh I see what you meant. Sorry. Yes 2-3:1 EPA: DHA is ideal, so for optimal benefits you'd want something like 1500mg EPA/500 DHA daily total. -3X
Optimal Water Intake for good health Colossus 6 6 yearsrememberthis (556): what eknight said also, I saw once in a vid (by none other than, Eric Helms) that you should drink enough water/fluids to pee -- clear color urine -- at least 5 times a day
Creatine vs Whey ArchT 2 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): You can take creatine whenever you want bro. It's a long term effect not short term. Whey is fine after a workout but I'd personally recommend a blend. If not you can mix it with milk.
favorite carb sources csizemore21 Jump to first page66Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): Well duh! Didn't think I had to say that. It is, after all, science! -3X
Hard to cut/diet, when your misses doesn't.. Snoogal 18 6 yearsSnoogal (190): @FiremanSi Yeah, My misses eats what she wants and still looks awesome. Women don't hate her though.....they hate themselves for looking as good as her...... I can eat 4000 cals and still keep a decent physique due to my job. I could have a much better body if I didn't open the cupboards to all the crisps etc.... Fuckign ruins me, lol
Cookbooks ? Zepa 16 6 yearsZepa (730): Great post I will check all of them out
Activity level slowurroll 29 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): @eknight so I was talking about two diff things. :) first if I use mfp settings or calculators I discovered that lightly active is more closely related to my actual maintenance then moderately active. Secondly finding out my actual maintenance using trial and error worked better for me. So example when I eat 1957kcal every day I don't lose or put on weight. So that is my actual maintenance. And it includes all the activities so I don't have...
Maintenance Calories eazycoco 3 6 yearsBeans (4204): I wouldn't even recalculate when you are done cutting. Too many factors have changed, including weight, activity level, and how your body has readjusted its metabolism. Just add calories slowly back in, maybe 100-200 calories every two weeks until your weight stays the same then starts to go up slowly. Bam, new maintenance. Never heard of Layne Norton's baseline calories. It would all depend on age and activity level.
Before bed. Fayzeh 8 6 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Hey Fayzeh! I don't think a Protein Shake before bed will hurt you at all. I would be more worried about getting all the benefits of 8 hours of sleep with that late night shift schedule of yours!
cutting questions chanman 6 6 yearsRawsteel (940): No need to count your macros, or not all of them, count your calories and protein and simply spend the rest of your calories on fat/carbs (more carbs).
Help with Diet - Return Rusty 5 6 yearseknight (58109): Thanks for the compliment but I'm just another guy. Google Dave Barr's Top 10 nutrition myths for answers to most of your questions. Re. fats- cheese. Cheese in and on everything. Then extra cheese. -3X
low carbs and muscle Sheila 5 6 yearsSheila (1): thanks folks, still figuring it out, got great info from this site so looking in to it :) I don't want to lose what muscle I've gained, I've worked hard for it :)
Fat loss and genetics Hamer93 19 6 yearsthe1 (33861): and when i get under 8% bf , my belly button always goes into an outy lol or just a flappy look to it
Female calories robinxchrom 2 6 yearsBeans (4204): This is the calculator I usually use. You can enter your info, then use the Harris Benedict multiplier provided in the link below the calculator.
HIIT, Macros and size of deficit eazycoco 2 6 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): imo you have jumped way too fast. 2nd i too am 6'6 and i have no idea why you are cutting at 214.
Upper body based cardio Hamer93 16 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Thank the lord that thing is gone. My gym has an endless rope that you just "climb" but you get to sit while you do it..
Mini Cut ? Zepa 3 6 yearstheoneandonly (4): I can't say I have ever tried a mini cut. If you give it a go post up your thoughts on it.
LONSDALE SUPPLEMENTS. SPORTS DIRECT Snoogal 6 6 yearsSnoogal (190): Nar Products are from HUll. Local bodybuilder. His pre workout used to be on the net but it has some banned ingredients, so it's been removed. Still available though. Honestly, nothing compares or comes close too it LEthal
Sushi HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG Beastmode1607 18 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Awwww chit
The Physique Summit AnthonyKim421 2 6 years3six9 (220): Sorry won't be in the area.
When to consume my morning carbs...? Binny 18 6 yearseknight (58109): To be fair, you cou To be fair, you couldn't have searched TOO hard, since the specific answer was given here: and here: -3X
Belly Fat Diet-work out plan. bonecrusher007 11 6 yearsbonecrusher007 (1): Lmao.. ok. Not perfect but not bad.. lolI'm not talking hulk Hogan.... lol
New on here Fayzeh Jump to first page35Jump to last page 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @sirprotein GFY... Truly.
Help. I'm fluffier than I'd like to be. JLtheDream 14 6 yearsthe1 (33861): ^^ agreed, I know lots of women who step on stage ripped at 12-13%.. 20% is more healthy and achievable food/diet looks great and so does training.. keep at it !
Sweating over night? Zepa 16 6 yearsBucky (3871): I'm laying in bed right now sweating my ass off even with a fan blowing directly on me and the thermostat set to 65. ;)
Cutting Diet help needed Colossus 13 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Play with macros, more protein and fats less carbs
Protein Shake-Water or almond milk? chsphantoms 12 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Lmao you want size but you choose low calorie foods Whole milk is best bro then add a scoop of vanilla protein and 2tablespoons of skippy creamy peanut butter :)
New Bulk RobCeligowski 9 6 yearsRobCeligowski (19): I'm on the left
Why Limit Carbs When Down To Single Digits barristanselmy 9 6 yearsRawsteel (940): As Nine0seven said.
DIET & NEXT STEP ADVICE dlalts 12 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Carbs = happiness
Simple diet tip from Arnold wannabemuscular 6 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Has he converted to paleo?
Where am I at body fat wise/help with my cut Jdog18 8 6 yearsXxlean (1990): Kinda what I was thinking as well.
*The Lean Gainz MYTH !! (Video)* FiremanSi 29 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Don't laugh, he could be a 'power' lifter you know.. :)
Recomp your experience ? Zepa 8 6 yearseknight (58109): @Beans it was all lean body mass, so mostly muscle, yes. -3X
Reverse Diet to Lean Bulk TCorder14 10 6 yearsTCorder14 (7): @pltest123 I'd have to agree heavily with @FiremanSi. Everything I've gathered via reading/research somewhat disregards specific "body types." A lot of people tend to be combinations of those 3 generic types. For example, Im naturally tall, thin and have long limbs (I.e. Characteristics of an ectomorph), but I have really broad shoulders (a mesomorph trait). My matabolism isn't super fast or slow, Id say average. So, it's just hard to...
Carb Timing When Cutting barristanselmy 12 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): Yes like said, worry about what to do when you actually come to the problem
Gaining weight fast after cut? qtdreams92 15 6 yearsLVjack (2749): What @eknight said, it's all water retention. When you cut out carbs you see an initial drop larger then one might expect and the opposite is true with the re-introduction or carbs. After a week or two you body will adjust. Don't worry about it. @Aleksandra_em Makes a good point too. I personally don't measure but go off of how I look in the mirror.
New bulkin diet critique and comment please foreverbulking 15 6 yearsforeverbulking (1): @Zyzzst bullshit
carb cycling help! macydawn Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsthe1 (33861): ^^ great way to be @macydawn
When the weight stalls... Hamer93 23 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Hamer93 Think about it for a second man apart from less carbs there will be less retained water in the body and girls are generally NOTORIOUS for not drinking enough water. Great quote from Silent Mike recently: I drink water like its my Job !! 😁
Quest Bars - How many calories do I count robinxchrom 12 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): No saw on insta
Unhealthy cut phase? Beckysweetstuff 12 6 yearseknight (58109): Not needed for thermogenics. A week out of being on stage and in conjunction with water manipulation, I've seen some old-schoolers do that, but I don't know if it's the current practice. I know it's difficult to wrap your mind around. I get that it's completely new and crazy to hear, but there is no magical, "better" nutrition plan. There just isn't. Eat reasonably and burn more than you consume. This is the physique of someone who...
Any disad/cons,eating very few cals on cut?? forgottenpass 10 6 yearsforgottenpass (382): GOD DAMN! I definetly did not know about all these effects from eating much below my maintenance. I am definetly lifting to look good but also live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks guys for shedding some light on this! Much appreciated. :)
Bulk or Cut? CaptainKanter 12 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Lean bulk would be what I recommend as well. I think your arms would look much better if there was more muscle on it. And also can you empty the bin when you are done cleaning the mirror? That is like a germ haven..
Cutting phase :) MeganRosehart 15 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @qtdreams92 I'm sure @OP will be able to take alot from our conversation... The reason i suggest LISS is its easier on the joints, easier to recover from and doesnt effect ur strength as much as HIIT does.. If i'm doing LISS i respond to emails, come on SS and respond to new thread and comment, watch youtube videos on lifting or Podcasts on lifting and nutrition... Easy way to make it productive and less taxing on the body.
Has anyone tried out this counselling? trainingfreak 12 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Why go to them when the best advice can be found in this forum? Seriously.
What do you guys do to curb cravings? slowurroll 18 6 years3six9 (220): Good luck buddy. Be strong my friend.
Cardinal's kingpin log cardinal Jump to first page202Jump to last page 6 yearsTamere02 (1474): @cardinal Nice work on those squats man. The bar speed on your squats makes every rep look the last of the set, surprised you constantly have the same bar speed for all 5 reps. Also could you link that instagram man. I also doubt you are 15%
Please critique/help carb cycle. Progress pi anteis99 7 6 yearsanteis99 (37): @darklight79 I'm dieting like a competition prep because I want to really get to know my body. But I know as I get leaner in going to need more high carb days. Eventually I want to cut while having high carbs. I was cutting at 350g's of carbs just up until a month and a half ago. But once I stopped or plataued at my fat loss I began to cut them out. How grams are cutting with
Stuck on podge. BigBerry 15 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @BigBerry Prob no need for refeeds yet.
Looking for diet critique ddzc 8 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): Trial that for 2-3 weeks then try upping carbs by 50 and lower protein respectively and see if you feel any better
Recuperation from a starvation diet SkinnyJames 2 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Hi @SkinnyJames have you looked at the FAQ? Can you work out your maintenance calorie TDEE to understand how much you need to eat. Also start a food diary. On the training side the FAQ will show you some really good programs to follow. Log your progress and have fun. :) Oh btw I don't get what 'damaged metabolism' means.
Protein causing stomach upset! jamiierees 16 6 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): The only issue I have is having bad gas after a protein shake. It comes in handy to keep people away from me at work....
Fellow macro trackers who drink... hollyhopeful5678 18 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Wish I could live in the yolo mindset. I would be driving a brand new car right now. Haha. Safe travels bro
Weigh ins & Water retention robinxchrom 6 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): @wannabemuscular haha okie.. d'uh lol. well @robinxchrom its normal to 'dump' after breakfast because eating kick starts the digestion process and the bowels. Maybe have an earlier breakfast so you can do everything before weigh in. Magnesium helps if you are feeling uptight about it. ;) Find out which food is causing you the water retention and avoid them before the weigh in. For example bread and very salty foods makes me retain water like...
Cutting Dilemma- 5.5 weeks out GetFitGoFigure Jump to first page96Jump to last page 6 yearsBeckysweetstuff (4): well, are both hot. :D
Sup Alby_Josh 5 6 yearsmikew (11494): Probably... there are some beginner workouts linked in the FAQ that would put you on a 5x5 type of routine. Those routines will probably have you back off a tiny bit on the weight but think of it like this - gotta jog to get into a sprint and that's what will happen with a 5x5 program. Just takes a little time to gather momentum. PS- You want to be close to your fail point but I believe failing too often harms progress.. usually means you bit...
Hormone response to carbs qtdreams92 12 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Oh I LOVE quinoa! I made quinoa sushi on the weekend, was lovely :D
Fasting madamird23 3 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Finding out what works for you is best thing you can do.. Some people cannot handle fasting for so long. I like my breakfast, it is my favourite meal of the day so I hardly miss it or I will be grumpy and training feels twice as hard. But I am on a cut so every meal is precious. Oh my.. 12 bowls of rice that is like sumo wrestler eating! :O
Just bought steak, help me cook it! SOLARSUPLEX 22 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @ErickFromOmaha @nine0seven @TimmothyGen @qtdreams92 Thanks for the love guys. That flipping every 15 seconds method looks really interesting. Ill give that a try next time i pick up some steaks. I blew my macros out of the water this day by eating 3 of those and a few beers in one sitting. The temptation was too strong.
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearshollyhopeful5678 (1693): Last, but certainly not least...bakery cookies! Heath cookies. Best ever.
Dose macronutrient source matters ? Zepa 7 6 yearsZepa (730): Master himself with master answer !
Supplement Ingredients Beans 1 6 yearsBeans (4204): For those of you who are spend happy when it comes to supplements, this might be worth a read:
Caffeine and Creatine rememberthis 4 6 yearsRawsteel (940): Here's an old study about this.
Anyone? dserious111 9 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): I'm cutting to 8% and then depending on when MEPS tells me I'm shipping to MCRD SD for USMC Boot Camp ima get to around 13-14% so I have a little fat to lose before muscle in Boot Camp. 13 weeks if no gains :/ but it'll be worth it to be a Marine lol
Favorite Protein Blends Beans Jump to first page33Jump to last page 6 yearsXxlean (1990): Open thread to view post.
*Choosing your Calories & Macros ???? READ* FiremanSi 7 6 yearsDem41 (586): as always Fire, good reading material
substitute for vitafiber? Dave2323 1 6 yearsDave2323 (1): So for the mock quest bars they use protein an then cookies nd vitafiber, but I currently don't have vitafiber. Is there anything I can substitute for it?
Chicken and macros miscalculating? Beastmode1607 3 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Just weigh the breast cooked. Cal counting is never exact but if you have practiced it enough and consistently you will know how to adjust and when to adjust. It helps if you try eating the same types of foods frequently.
Nutritious tips for staying lean madamird23 26 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Create a meal plan in a notebook or whatever. Thats what I do.
Cutting aniahm 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Anything you want. Have you read the FAQ thread? There's a lot of info there. -3X
Fat loss books. SnackIt 7 6 years3six9 (220): @SnackIt Its interested not interessed by the way. It all depends on how you see things to be honest. Some like iifym some like keto others like carb cycling etc.
Help with girlfriends macros! Kecaldesian 7 6 yearseknight (58109): That looks better, IMO. -3X
Bulk or Cut? relevant 29 6 years3six9 (220): BASICALLY YOU ARE FAT OP.
Relevant's Log relevant 23 6 yearsrelevant (1): I'm going to try and recomp
Macros question dserious111 5 6 yearsZepa (730): I got cheap scale too. I always make sure I place it on same spot like always. (I got my ritual piss then on scale)I weight myself 3 times in row just to make it sure it shows same numbers.
Weird to me dserious111 13 6 yearsdserious111 (130): @FiremanSi yea, I can reach the protein goals, as I eat all of the food mentioned. But I love peanut butter too damn much lol. So I make that fit into my diet. But yea, I really should make tuna a staple in my diet. Stats are good on it and it's cost efficient compared to steak in NYC lol
Breakfast macros kozzletoff 4 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @kozzletoff more research is definitely warranted (and is being conducted) in this area, but there seems to be some great promise into some level of significance in terms of optimizing body composition via what Dr. Wilson refers to as "nutrient programming." I am curious to see how this may or may not benefit females as they naturally burn more fat at rest and during exercise than males.
Training Fasted kozzletoff 15 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @kozzletoff I would personally recommend a complete protein in the morning such as whey if you will be in an energy deficit. The intensity of the exercise should then dictate amount of carbohydrates to ingest
progress and diet question tman87 3 6 yearstman87 (4): Thanks for the info mike. With me at a 500 cal deficit that would put me at 1900 calories. I don't want to look like a marathon runner neither. 150lbs will only put me at 5lbs less in than I am in the photo. P90x has Cardio days also with Some HIIT training in there as well so that's why I will be choosing to do another round with it it April. With 1900 calories and 35p/45c/20f would that help in lowering fat while retaing muscle? I'm hoping to...
IIFYM Questions taylor 7 6 yearseknight (58109): and Estimated your height at 5'3". They both came up the same. is notorious for being too low. -3X
Ribs Xxlean 20 6 yearsthe1 (33861): @3six9 - it's 2015, if my woman doesnt feel like prepping my meals.. im cooking the fucking food and it doesnt make me or anyone less of a man, so drop it.
How To Approach A Cut (Macro Counting) ezvmoneybeast 5 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Hormone manipulation
What supps are you using? 3six9 Jump to first page68Jump to last page 6 yearsTinaandTodd (1): Yes, I agree with RawSteel that Fish Oil is great - it's at the top of my personal list of best supplements for safety and benefit, including cardiovascular support. You can now get salmon oil 30% off at $7.95 for NOW Softgels, 1000 mg - 250 count at this site - Tina
Symptoms of low leptin levels Beastmode1607 12 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Uhmm... I have no idea how Irish people sound like. I assume the accent is strong enough to translate to text.
Cutting Macros kozzletoff 9 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @kozzletoff Many reasons. Primarily because their still growing. Loads of test flowing around the body and its a time u should be taking advantage of that high test and not cutting cause u want shredz or some bullshit. You should be building big muscle. under the age of 21 most people only start lifting and its in the first 12-18 of training where they have the unique window to burn fat and build muscle at the same time and unless ur obese it's...
Should I bulk or cut? Andropolis 16 6 yearsAndropolis (1): This is a more recent pick. I think I want to cut for just a little while and see what happens. If no change then clean bulk :)
Macros - Eating out kozzletoff 8 6 yearsTamere02 (1474): rarely eat out at restaurants but when I go on nights out and now I will either eat out before or after a drinking+ clubbing session I just leave around 1200-1500 kcals and make sure to hit my fibre target for the day. I'm sure I haven't reached my kcal target doing this but whats one day not hitting the right amount in a week?
Thoughts on a Low Carb/High Fat Diet? bicepKing 4 6 yearsbicepKing (19): Thanks @beastmode. I have will incorporate a day (after legs day) where I up my carbs and overall calories slightly. Will also lower protein on rest days (2 days a week) and calories slightly.
need to get some weight prince727 11 6 yearsprince727 (7): ezvmoneybeast: you being serious now? ok see if it works for me
need help for carb cycling macro ratio anteis99 1 6 yearsanteis99 (37): Hey guys so im starting to carb cycle but im a little confused on the macros. im currently 182lbs standing at 5 foot 11 inches 10.4% body fat. im aiming for 150 carbs on moderate days 40g's on low days and 300 to 350g's on high days. my question is do i keep my protein the same or would i increase it? would i also adjust the fats on the low and high days. I'm currently having 2400 cals per day. up until i start my carb cycling im having 190g's...
Question about Postworkout/Nutrition SSJ3FinalFlash 7 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I remember reading somebody say this, I think it was ror, and I laughed cause it's true and what I do. I drink a protein shake after my workout just because. It helps me hit my macro goal, and maybe there is some benefit. There just as well could be a downside, who knows. But it just feels right. Don't over think this stuff. Do what you gotta do.
Cheat days Beastmode1607 16 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): The whole concept of a cheat day/meal/week/whatever just screams unhealthy relationship with food. Food is a source of fuel first and foremost, but certainly a source of pleasure, happiness, fun and is often truly nostalgic and enjoyable. Why embark on a cheat day/meal in place of enjoying all foods you enjoy in moderation? Any food can fit. It is consistency and a true understanding of the role of nutrition that is important to allow that to...
Is this meal plan ok for bulk? foreverbulking 17 6 yearsforeverbulking (1): @fuba141 saw this already bro but thanks anyway
Losing fat but maintaining weight? jc3717 4 6 yearsfuba141 (10): If you've been doing this for awhile, then you'll come to know what's best for your body, it's a never ending process. Everybody is different too. For those stubborn thighs try adding bodyweight squat to your routine. It worked for a lot of people.
IF TIMING HELP FattoFIt1983 3 6 years3six9 (220): Just adjust your eating times to suit your training times if you can.
Utah Fitness Model Steveo10 12 6 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348):
WILL MY BODY QUIT PRODUCING HGH IF I STOP.. ezvmoneybeast 29 6 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Question- Is 1.5 mg of hgh too much to start with for a 49 yr old? He is in real good health fyi
Cutting for 1 month robinxchrom 18 6 yearsrobinxchrom (22): I'll try taking them up to 1850 or 1900. Post-refeed day I'm weighing in at 66.3!!' Very surprised
Ideal macro ratio for carb cycling anteis99 3 6 yearsWilliamjacksonxo (1): Also, there are 5 tricks to double your muscle for fast body building: The FIRST muscle to engage in ANY movement must be the muscle you are trying to target. If you are working your biceps, to most effectively stimulate the bicep, it must be the muscle to initiate the movement. As mentioned, muscles are weakest at those extremes and that makes it LEAST likely to contract. This is where your ..... keep reading article at...
6ft 200 how much should I cut. Ryd10 6 6 yearsMethod (379): Who cares about your BF%. Reality is that you can look a lot better so don't be happy where you are. The thing about bodybuilding and life in general is that you should always strive to better yourself and not become complacent. Not saying that you shouldn't be proud of what you've achieved, you did make some nice gainz.
losing stomach fat roseyc123 Jump to first page62Jump to last page 6 yearsroseyc123 (58): who u talking to kiddo ?
Football/strength/cutting Robin 3 6 yearsRobin (1): Cool. I do intermittent fasting and eat between 12 and 5 and it's been working like magic. I was thinking if I did a refeed my match starts at around 3.30 and ends around 5. So I thought I might eat all my food before 4 on my chest/refeed day then do a 24hour fast after. John Romaniello does a feast fast thing where he does a full cheat day followed by a full fast the next day so u could do that.
look for opinion rub777 15 6 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): In my opinion yes
Cuting Diets. 3six9 18 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @3six9 it truly is. Too often individuals get caught up in the latest nutrition and training trends andthen jump ship to the next one. It can be as simple as increase volume over time and increasing/decreasing kcals over time to reach a goal. Of course, the little things need to be in place and balance/knowledge both established but it truly can be that simple.
Ketosis Plateau west164 18 6 yearseknight (58109): One of two options: 30/50/20 protein/carb/fat ratio or 1 gram protein/pound bw/20-25% kcals from fats/rest from carbs. -3X
Bulking new age, looking for advice. hotborad 4 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @hotborad thank you for sharing! It is great to see your passion and hunger for knowledge and gain! It is also great that you are so set on reaching your goals and have a long-term plan in mind. However, short term goals need to be set, reassessed, met, repeat, etc to ultimately accomplish those long term goals. I would focus your time and energy on developing an optimal nutrition and training approach to set yourself up for long term success....
asking for help Vojtek93 4 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Another Swede. Damn they're taking over ...
Matcha Green Tea dinhduong6064 1 6 yearsdinhduong6064 (1): I have a question regarding purity/quality/overall health benefits of the various Matcha Green Teas out there. Chinese vs Japanese Ceremony vs Kitchen grades How much health/nutritional benefit is lost or gained between the various tea's on the market!!!?? I am leery of most things from China but is their tea an exception?? Any advice or experience is welcomed Thanks
Equally divide carbs or revolve around worko anteis99 6 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @anteis99 I second @GetFitGoFigure in that as carbs drop, I place them around my client's training schedule in order to appropriately fuel the training session and then to promote optimal carb replenishment following so that the subsequent workouts are able to be performed well. I believe that in general, whether cutting/bulking, distributing a larger percentage of carbs around training is optimal for performance/body comp
Ebooks/books about dieting. SnackIt 10 6 yearsSnackIt (76): @darklight79 I have really been wondering if i should go for it, have you done it before? only thing is that i really don't want to stop PHAT, as he outlines a program you should follow in UD 2.0
diet over look please advise!? serge09 8 6 yearsBeans (4204): I would suggest eating what you want when you want, and just worry about hitting close to your macros.
How much is too much sugar? Jsn3004 11 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @Kansas___Boyyyyy I used to play Call of Duty 4. That was the first one I got into
21 yr old female diet/training advice Racht4 8 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @Racht4 completely agree with all other points/suggestions mentioned so far. Additionally, I would strongly recommend allowing for variety and flexibility in your daily meals rather than sticking to a restrictive meal plan. Ultimately,this can lead to restrictive behaviors resulting in binge-like episodes. Focus on lean proteins, high-fiber carbohydrates, healthy fats, ample fruits and vegetables, and most importantly, foods you enjoy. Every...
2 week bulk followed by 2 weeks cut darex 22 6 yearsdarex (67): mini bulk cut done. I'm sht at taking photos lol
Super HD / CLK stack advice mlwinans 16 6 yearsRand (4291): It's real and it's not cute. I'm up 10 pounds so far with baby 2 and she's only 20 weeks
Does timing when eating sugars matter? SSJ3FinalFlash 11 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Ur days longer than mine bro... :)
macro help! brentonac 3 6 yearsmikew (11494): Came in to say this... key is a caloric deficit of -500 calories as explained in the FAQ. Use My Fitness Pal or Lose It to track food intake on your phone. Also, in b4 read the FAQ
All milk question Beastmode1607 6 6 yearsMissQ (4): Oh I couldn't last doing that either!! I mean an all ice cream diet sounds good....but I'm sure it prob isn't that good for ya! ;)
Not losing weight, even with cardio!??! forgottenpass 21 6 yearsMissQ (4): Agree with GetFitGoFigure, go to Walmart and or look on craigs list and find some free weights. Hell, make some weights with empty milk jugs filled with dirt!
Calories on a refeed/cheat meal As4do6 6 6 yearsAs4do6 (37): This post is from 2 weeks ago. I got an answer and learned a lot since then.thanks for the reply anyways.
Post happy today. Question? jillianrae 5 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): Do you have a cheat meal/ refeed meal each week? When I am cutting and in a calorie deficit over time, those refeed days really get me through the week with a high carb day mid week...... FYI (sorry if you already know this info): refeed meals are eaten withing 2-3 hours after your workout. about 1.5x yoru normal daily carbs but all low fat. My refeed days right are are usualy 275-375 carbs, 30 fat, 120 protein. I eat mostly pancakes and...
5x5 program makes me binge! help queenquebec 25 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): @SOLARSUPLEX It's been better on the binging. I've doing cardio only once a week 45 min. I realize that I was eating too little on my off training days that was the reason for my binging. As for the weight loss, it's stop the for last 2 weeks. But, I've also been taking zantrex 3, so that might help a bit.
Been awhile since Ive been on Simplyshredded RabelAracena 7 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Focus on the look not the number
Am I doing HIIT right? jazus 2 6 yearsLVjack (2749): In theory yes but doing them outside so that you are at a max sprint and propelling your body forward instead of having the ground moving beneath you will always be better. If I use a machine for HIIT I find the stair climber works best. Just my opinion.
Nasty Plateau after an all protein diet trober1010 9 6 yearsBeans (4204): @trober1010 I think you have more to think about than continuing to lose weight. You've already lost a ton of weight, and people aren't really meant to be on a caloric deficit forever. I'd what @eknight said. Learn how to reverse diet, get up to a healthy amount of food, get your shit figured out, then continue to diet. I don't see any reason why you need to lose weight while on vacation.
How to calculate how many calories to eat? calexrose 5 6 yearscalexrose (46): @JHughes thanks for your suggestions! I found out yesterday afternoon from my doctor that my thyroid function is low, so that's probably been playing a factor. I will work on getting that under control and keep measuring and tracking my food intake.
Female Muscle Building "Genetics" KitNmiTNs 12 6 yearsBucky (3871): some days I just go on a serious chicken binge or something and end up eating all my protein by like 3pm, don't workout until 6-7pm. was just curious, I'll throw in some extra protein for good measure then.
24 YO Female Seeking Shredding Advice Slowprogress91 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): ^^ solid advice. I train fasted and use BCAAs. -3X
Will Whey protein help me loose weight ArchT 14 6 yearsArchT (4): Hahaha!!! @thephenomenon.. Indeed you are 'the phenomenon'... Anyways guys, what the average daily intake of protein
Trouble with losing weight while traveling As4do6 6 6 yearsAs4do6 (37): Thanks for the real late reply lol I have been doing great. My cutting is on the right way ( you can see photos on my profile). I have been doing lots and lots of trx. And even manage to do handstand push up now.
Rinsing mouth with sugarwater? Corevar 8 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): I have come across this info several years ago as it can, as you say, trick the body into thinking it has gotten energy. Actually, I find this to be effective when I am running a race or really lifting hard. Your body tells you ahead of time that you are out of energy when really you are not yet. You can actually push yourself so much more. What do I do: I suck on a hard candy during races (hoping I dont' choke). But, when I lift, I actually...
Hiit cardio SnackIt 22 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): yes, I agree with upping your fat and carbs, I think at your lowest your fat should be 45-50g so, start at an appropriate amount somewhere higher... keep in a cheat meal (1.5x normal carb level, low fat-50-60 fat?, normal protein) 1x per week within 2 hours after your workout that day. I like to cut calories by alternating each week, take out 5g of fat per day one week, the next week I might take out 10-20 g of carbs, the next I might add...
New cut plan please critique anteis99 5 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): glad you found it helpful @anteis99 :)
newbie not sure where to go now. LordOtakuSenpai 8 6 yearsBucky (3871): no no no, that's okay. you're beautiful <3
Gazzy's log GazzyK 21 6 yearsGazzyK (127): @Frostshock I know! It deserves some CPR :) I meant to say my hips feel tight when squatting not after. So going to try some mobility stuff as I'm finding there's limitations to how low I can go before my form starts to get out of whack. @calexrose I need to revisit the log fireman so put up some time ago about foam rolling just to remind myself of the benefits. On another note I managed to hit 100kg on leg press the other day! Was so...
Checking in for advice wxfreekj 8 6 yearswxfreekj (157): Added a few 100 calories yesterday--up to 2400. Felt strong last night lifting and running... woke up this AM a lil lighter. Thanks for the advice...think I'll stick with the upped kcal for a few weeks and see what happens.
Nutrition Question TrustMeImLying 8 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Yeah don't waste your money on protein shakes unless you just like them. EK has explained before but pure whey digestests too quickly and converts to glucose and is pretty much useless as a protein source. EK has recommended a blend protein if you are to use shakes. (I can't explain that shit like he does so if you want more info on that use the search feature.) Meal timing doesn't really matter at all. I'm currently prepping for a show and I...
Bikini Comp and Newbie! dmorgan71 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): You are welcome dmorgan. I also do not want to trash talk any coaches or their programs. As stated before... there are many avenues to a goal. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact me directly as well. :) GetFitGoFigure@gmail
Dirty vs Clean Bulk nine0seven 5 6 yearsTritons (670): Do a bulk with a slght calorie surplus, so you wont gain much fat, wich will be hard to loose than. I have done a huge dirty bulk, gain a lot of size and strength, but now that it is time to cut it is really hard for me to go and count calories again and eat normally, because i have used to just eat whatever i want and how much i want, wich was overeating for me almost daily. And now that i am cutting, i sometimes crack and binge wich sucks.
Cleaneating/flexibledieting/powerbuilder? AnthonyKim421 11 6 yearsAnthonyKim421 (103): Worth watching or your money back--guaranteed!
fitness reading content csizemore21 4 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): Jacob Wilson is a part of numerous podcasts and to simply put it, he is the man and studies bodybuilding in his lab at UTampa.
New Here, Thoughts? Currently 180, Was 160 napalifter 9 6 yearsnapalifter (4): @TyrannosaurusFlex Thanks man, appreciate it. I will try to incorporate some chest on a wild card day :) @wannabemuscular Thanks bro, yeah I was a catcher up through high school so that always helped my development there. Yeah Im from Napa, but I recently moved up to Santa Rosa. You from Norcal? Yeah Ill start a log in a seperate thread, still getting the swing of the site. I appreciate all the feedback
Healthy cleanse? Meesh23 23 6 yearsMeesh23 (16): @FiremanSi oh ok yeah I should look more into the macros. I've been drinking lots of water and getting high fiber, that's about it haha thanks! :)
Cutting while only doing body weight workout As4do6 5 6 yearsAs4do6 (37): If each session of training I'll do the maximum. More sets , harder angels , more difficult exercises. Will it be enough for "overload"? I just managed to do my first hand stand - push up a week ago. Don't want to lose it up already ^^
Transformation Diet! Jjg886 9 6 yearsBeans (4204): @Jjg886 I eat the same while cutting and bulking. Some people recommend more while cutting, but I've never noticed a difference. If you like eating more go for it, but it certainly isn't necessary.
protein for wheelchair ? Jjg886 6 6 yearsSnackIt (76): Also this, if you are only drinking veggie smoothies, at least add some food beside it. Forgot to post this:
Difference in Protein help Powerbuilder 1 6 yearsPowerbuilder (1): Hi, normally I've been getting the standard wpi but the company I get it from jas just released a blend of wpi and wpc with amino acids. I'm just hoping someone could provide some advice as to what the differences are and which one would be better? Protein Blend WPI Protein
Cutting Jjg886 3 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): How would protein make you gain fat? A caloric surplus will make you gain fat- What kind of diet are you doing?
An assessment of some pictures stranger 11 6 yearsstranger (1): Hey guys! I thank you for your replies! I'll try to implement that to my workouts next week! Thanks man! I just cant see it. Its nice to have some views on it, since I've put alot of work into this project of mine :p I do legs, back, shoulder and arms as well! I just emphasised the chest workout, as an example of one of my focus-areas.
My shredding suppliments BigLeanCuts 17 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): If you plan on staying natural then yes, you can get everything necessary through diet. Supplements ate purely a convenience. If you've got some extra cash and want to hit your protein goals easier, boom protein powder/bars. Want to train fasted first thing in the morning? Boom tub BCAAs. Even the "essential" supplements like Fish oil, Multivitamins and Creatine can be obtained through diet, it would probably just be cheaper, faster...
help I wanna get shredded where do I start wbjm2012 8 6 yearswbjm2012 (1): Thanks the nice replies boys, ill admit its a lot to take in and I know it wont hapen over night but ill take on board what you peeps say its nice to get the info off the people who have gone through the pain and dietjng cheers fingers crossed in a month or so ill have some positve pics to put on here thanks again
Newbie Wants to Bulk Up TheTagas 3 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Welcome to SS. Start by reading our FAQ thread and figure out the calories you'll require to bulk. There are references to some programs in there too. Come back with questions after you've checked that out.
Calculating daily macros Climberchris 10 6 yearsBeans (4204): Strength gains, yes. Very possible. Size, almost impossible. I have no idea how many calories someone would burn doing a specific activity. Honestly, I think it's a big waste of time worrying about that. I personally calculate how many calories I need to eat to accomplish my goal, and just eat the same amount every day. Can't go wrong.
The Truth on Sodium Jelet 19 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): I will cut back on water, and increase my salt, well that could be a reason im sometimes so dehydrated and fatigue, also the fact that im sweating like a dog. I don't know maybe a dumb question i heard you should up your salt not from one day to another by alot it could lead to bad hydration is that wrong ?
Digestive issues , (food recommendations) Jelet Jump to first page58Jump to last page 6 yearsoceanair (18020): @IGS lol no. it involved two shakes and an actual meal. You take vitamins and probiotics as well. yes you do cut down the calories though. it was created by an accredited cardiologist. I actually had a lot of energy during that cleanse and did lose weight. it's the only cleanse I've ever done (once). the shakes were full of nutrients and protein. not "sugar water ".
Where do I begin? kirchekai25 5 6 yearshollyhopeful5678 (1693): Tilted Kilt?? That's my guess. Great tips already posted, so I'll just add this from my own personal experience. I would separate your plans from your husband. He isn't going to lose his job, so he likely isn't going go give up the wings and pizza. But everywhere that sells wings and pizza also sells salad so don't give him the power to drag you down, you can make your own choices to eat well and exercise even if he doesn't.
Fashion Model Needs Help Getting 7% Body Fat thor0sofmyr 22 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @thor0sofmyr I firmly believe they have pulled this 7% out of there asses because a man at 6'3 at 7% with small amount of muscle mass will look like a post apocalyps survivor. THere are very few male models that are at 7%. Bad pitt in fight club was about 9-10% max. Ur gonna need to re-comp to a level of cals to start a successful cut like @eknight said.
Allergic to milk / Best Alternatives? AndrewSpokane 3 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): Hey i am too , in germany we have oat milk pretty sure you have that aswell tastes good lowi n fat, or i use spelled milk. I don't like the almond milk, it taste to much like water. The oaty flavor is really good imo.
2 year BULK? TheSociaLToasT 3 6 yearsTheSociaLToasT (1): cheers man, yeah I already have that sorted out and im currently doing that. but thanks for the rep ranges! ill make sure I hit them!
Saving time on dieting Arthur_steel 2 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Lol
Starting diet properly - first time BigLeanCuts 8 6 yearsSalokin (877): How much did you weigh everyday? Weigh yourself at the same time everyday and track it. Make a simple excel spreadsheet that averages your weigh ins. Use the averages, not your daily weight. And don't worry so much about the ab definition in the mirror. That will change everyday. Just focus on keeping the weight on the bar the same, and the weight on the scale going down. DO NOT ADD MORE CARDIO. Just double-check all your math...
Gaining around 4Kg a day, 16yrs old Kylecloud 8 6 yearsAndyCap (118): 4kg in one day? Did you use the same scale to weigh yourself? Perhaps you need a new one?
tasty seasonings csizemore21 17 6 yearsAndyCap (118): Chilli sauce or hot sauce, goes with everything if you like it.
Problems hitting the correct macros dreamopolis 6 6 yearsBeans (4204): Definitely don't need that much protein. If you're having trouble hitting it, I'd just drop your goal. Ratios are a good guideline, but being a bit off won't make or break you. I tend to eat a bit higher fats because I really like pb and baked goods.
Health and Bulking rememberthis 3 6 yearseknight (58109): Some info re. BMI and cardiovascular risk factors here: The authors of this study- which was fairly comprehensive, including 580 people- concluded, "The only cardiovascular risk factor associated with BMI variability was hemoglobin A1c. Weight variability had less or little impact on cardiovascular risk factors compared with BMI-slope and baseline BMI." -3X
Eva's RFL log Amunet 8 6 yearsAmunet (136): This marks the final day before adding back carbs. Weight here is 125.0.
maintenance calories during a deload. csizemore21 5 6 yearsTamere02 (1474): @csizemore21 Personally think it depends on whether you on a surplus or deficit. If your on a deficit and cutting I would keep the kcals the same. Without the activity you will probably be around maintance so will come back the week after around the same weight and feeling fresher. If your on a surplus then I would say depends on the type of deload, if its completely inactive then I would probably reduce kcals a tad and if its a deload in the...
BODY POWER EXPO 2015 PROMO CODE! totalpheonix1 1 6 yearstotalpheonix1 (1): All available tickets are now on sale!!!!!!! Use promo code BPJN The above promo code gets you a free limited edition BODYPOWER EXPO T-Shit Only available with the code. Tickets can be purchased at
Length of Cut? SOLARSUPLEX 8 6 yearsPhil_Babitsky (10): Essentially the longer you take to cut the better of you will be in the long run and will be able to maintain your condition without developing an eating disorder. Of course I'm talking from a perspective of a competitive bodybuilder, but the rule of thumb is 12-20 weeks. The 500g (a bit more than 1 pound) of bodyweight per week is a good goal.
Help For a Newbie Riksey84 6 6 yearsGetFitGoFigure (121): Def. up the carbs! You need more calories. You can find a helpful macro calculator at I use it all the time and find it to be the best one. Do you have a refeed or cheat meal day? You may find that very helpful. It will keep you from looking flat as well as keeping your metabolism up. You can also cycle your carbs where you have a low, medium and high carb day. Good luck.
Please critique diet + training! Barbell_Jedi 8 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): You have basically broken your macros. Easy fix is to add 50 calories a week until you are back to a normalish number of calories. Hopefully with little weight gain. If you notice you are gaining weight. I'd say more than a quarter pound over the course of the week then you need to slow down on the adding of calories.
Pain killers and weight loss supplements neilavrian 6 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): definitely the supps man....or high bp
Low Glycemic (Slow Weight Loss) Carb Diet fitandpowerful 9 6 yearsthe1 (33861): @eknight needs a medal for being a boss right now.. i just copy n pasted everything you just said into my notes hahah
training fasted more anger thephenomenon 2 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Not necessarily.. I've lift just as well when I'm happy.
Caloric/Macronutrient Maximum? correra911 15 6 yearscorrera911 (97): Awesome info @eknight. Thanks. I really appreciate your feedback. Glad I read this before I went and bought another 5 lbs. tub of ON whey hah.
Very motivational bodybuilding video (to me) eddyserb Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I'm not inspired by the fake natty aesthetics crew who idolize Jeff Seid lmao
Diet advice dreamopolis 10 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): ahhhhh there's the problem Only thing is good for is cheaper supps than GNC.
Nutrition Plan Help Davie 2 6 yearseknight (58109): 1. Read the FAQ. 2. Adjust your nutrition plan. 3. Return with a calorie and macro count. 4. Ask follow-up questions. 5. Profit. -3X
starting strength or all pro on a deficit? jf89 4 6 yearsjf89 (4): Awsome thanx dude ,I havnt really lifted heavy before as a kid i boxed a little and did 5x5 type workout for strength but i never got very strong ,i was about 180lbs and benched around 250lbs my squats and deadlifts were similar ,so I'm pretty sure I've never really lifted heavy but i think ill probaby look into to starting strength over all pros routine ,
Food consumption question jillianrae 4 6 yearsjillianrae (226): @Beans @eknight thank you for the feedback! I'll check it out 👌👍
15 Years Old, should I count macros? Shota34 15 6 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): And I just came of a 34week prep for last show and I am up roughly 8lbs from my show weight and I only truly track my macros Mon-Th and Fri-Sun I wing it and just try to land in the ball park. I am enjoying life to the fullest and still hitting my goals
Clean vs. Dirty eating MeganRosehart 26 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @MeganRosehart get your micros and don't fux with bad foods on prep unless your coach tells you to do it for some really weird reason
Hard Gainer Heart Health & Digestion. OatsandHoes Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 yearsJelet (2190): all carbs let alone grains are horrible for dogs. Shame on you for feeding your dogs it.rnrnrnSecondly oats are not healthy. They block minerals and vitamins from bring asorbed. How is this healthy? The only good thing about them is the energy that it provides and the fiber can help with bowel movementsrnrnrnI eat oats because they taste delicious and give me good energy but they are bad for me. But i eat it anyway because its less harmful than...
WHEY PROTEIN VS MASS GAINER AG ambitiongainer Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsOatsandHoes (1): 5 cups oats 4 cups milk 4 protein scoops = 2700 calories 470 carbs 180+protein & all the fat you need. When you wake up and your blender is dry, throw in the oats (old fashioned or steel-cut, NOT instant.) Blend them to a powder, throw in quart of milk and protein scoops. Divide into 3 or 4 small chuggable servings and enjoy throughout the day. ...
Set point theory - fact or fiction? mikew 2 6 yearsFNO (46): My opinion its false or at least for me I think it is. I know that after I compete, cut, or bulk when I deload for a while or start eating whatever and working out less my body's bf and weight doesn't go back to what it was, it is different every time. So I say FALSE
Coffee on off days? Beastmode1607 29 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): I have about 5 cups of tea and at least 5 cups of coffee a day! ^^
do you count proteins from grains, etc? stranger 10 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): Open thread to view post.
looking for motivation and advices A_em Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsA_em (2424): Thanks guys for all your precious advice. I will definitely consider them. Thanks @Douze for sharing your story. Reading other threads only showed how nothing I know about training with weights. Well... be back when finally start doing it :)
Gluten/Dairy Free Protein Options correra911 9 6 yearsleanr0x (4183): @Zypoc
S.S(eknight) questions thread DEXchidera Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): I didn't actually make this thread to start with, lol, but if people have questions, maybe someone will start a part II. Regarding your weight increases, yes you can certainly increase more than the prescribed amount, but just be careful of those shoulders and lower back. With the heavy squats, it's often lumbar spinal compression that causes issues before the hips and knees, and of course massive jumps in benching and OHP is more stress on...
Anyone got a Yeast Allergy ?? FiremanSi 9 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @wannabemuscular thanks man that helps. Ye I'm allergic to dust and tree pollen myself looking into gettin the shots done soon as apposed to the daily med's. I think it's more cause he diet literally is shocking and just contains a lot of yeast products, dairy and eggs in some form. Cause she was intolerant to cows milk and eggs also. Nightmare.
diet advice sonne1998 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Read the FAQ. -3X
tips for getting lean and shredded chanman 5 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): @chanman Becoming shredded means losing weight = caloric deficit. Having "definition" would mean you would be lean enough to see the muscle you've built. Just lose weight!
PLEASE READ..NEED SERIOUS HELP Osurocks32 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsNorIda (46958): Any structured routine is prerty sufficient. Your diet, like others have mentioned, Is what is going to get you results. So quit trying to look for a miracle routine, and fix your diet!
Can't eat enough? Jsn3004 20 6 yearsSalokin (877): two words, egg nog LOL...carbs, fat, protein. You'll be huge (in perhaps a not so good way) in no time.
New Beast Bar ShreddedSumo 7 6 yearsShreddedSumo (10): :beer:
THE BEST FOODS TO GAIN MUSCLE!!! lucasprado1994 17 6 yearsJelet (2190): more like the broscience list...
Help me with my post w/o food on the go Beastmode1607 6 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Yeah that's for sure
My 10'000 Calorie Cheat Day Every Sunday! ShreddedSumo 19 6 yearsShreddedSumo (10):
Correct macros? docriley21 5 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): Open thread to view post.
Proper cut. How many months out? Kansas___Boyyyyy 12 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): I agree with what fireman said
Getting back on the grind... TimmothyGen 2 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): First step is to start training. Everything else will fall Into play. Glad you're doing well Man.
Feeling shaky after training Hamer93 10 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): On hard lower body days, if I don't eat enough before and don't get enough sleep the night before, I feel a little uneasy after.
Strange Symptoms After a Gym Session ezvmoneybeast 3 6 yearsBeans (4204): Hate when that happens. @ezvmoneybeast It only happened once? I wouldn't worry about it yet. I think everyone gets light headed from time to time. Just get some rest and eat some food.
Anyone ever do a week off from diet? Jelet 26 6 yearstuco (213): and that's why crash dieting is no advisable.
dymatize elite xt reviews Beastmode1607 3 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Is the gourmet chocolate any good? I like GNC beyond raw chocolate brownie flavor, is XT anything like that?
Weight Gainers artusigmx 10 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): If you can stay away that'd be good but if you CANNOT get your food in because your maintanance is stupid high like 4.5k calories then my favorite is muscle juice 2544 chocolate but stick with protein powder and food if you can
The Last Stand LOG varunj17 30 6 yearsvarunj17 (498): Push Day: 1. weighted Dips: 3 X 8 with 5kg plate 2. DUmbell Bench: 3 X5 at 25 kg each 3. Plyo Pushups: 3 X 10,10,8 4. Dumbell Shoulder PRess: 3 X 5 : 20kg each dumbell 5. Rear lateral raise: 3 X 8 : 12.5kg dumbells 6. Close Grip bench Press: 50kg X8, 50kgX8, 60kgX8 7. Skull Crushers: 3 X 6 at 30kgs Ab work
Easy Recipies Beans 1 6 yearsBeans (4204): For all of you that always have tons of bro foods around the kitchen, this website is awesome: It usually gives about 10 different ways to make a few ingredients more interesting.
Hi I would like some advice about diet nemexs 3 6 yearsnemexs (1): thanks man!!!!!
Correct Macros for Cut? SSJ3FinalFlash 12 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): +1 exactly. I'd take a week or two to find your true caloric maintenance rather than a calculator guesstimation and reverse diet from there.
My diet ? bulking BGM990 10 6 yearseddyserb (13): you don't really need to count your cals when you are that skinny (not trying to be rude) but as long at you eat well 3-4 meals a day you'll be fine I would like to ask the importance of eating egg whites compared to eating whole eggs and why you would practice such acts
Raw Vegan diet? billdang 2 6 yearsBeans (4204): Of all the reasons to become a vegan, saving time is one I've never heard haha. No moral viewpoint has ever persuaded me, so not having to do as many dishes definitely wouldn't, but you can eat whatever you want.
**5-a-Day Fruits 'n' Veg.. who eats this ?? FiremanSi 27 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @the1 In fairness i'm mad boring with my fruits... Berries of anykind are crazy expensive in ireland so i generally stick to banana's and prob eat bout 300g of them a day easy... haha. Love apple,Can't eat apples.. beans aint the only musical Fruit... NOMSAYIN. :) Unless i'm dieting (when i SMASH fruit and veg in crazy amounts) i'm boring with veg also.. i generally stay green.. i.e. broccolli, green beans and asparagus.
Calories+Macros Shota34 8 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): This title should be calories = macros
5/3/1 with Dave Tate accessories bulking log csizemore21 24 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): went in a few minutes ago to actually work on form with some olympic lifts, never really done snatches or any form of them, did high pull snatches for 7x3 with the bar lol, most akward movement I think iv ever done
Gaining way to much fat on my bulk. stranger 22 6 yearsstranger (1): @cardinal Is 3200 enough for a guy at your size? Is it for maintenance or do you cut/bulk? Yeah! Gotta love danish pastries and cheese :p haha
Carb up question jillianrae 5 6 yearsjillianrae (226): Ok, thank you. 😀 💪
Athlete - How would you set my macros? Geo17 30 6 yearsNaturalBrawn (199): Get rid of the recovery milk and im guessing (Betting) in a few months you will be a new man, leaner, stronger - better. Thats a step in the right direction! I bet you feel better to!!
Post what your eating(HEALTHY FOOD EDITION) Jelet Jump to first page46Jump to last page 6 yearscardinal (6175): I predict so much epic chicken pasta incoming and I cannot wait.
Body Positivism & Fitness: Check Yo Privilege G3NGHIS 7 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): If this forum or actual fucking science was main stream and broadcasted on the media - maybe obesity would be less of an issue. There is indeed a problem with social stigmas about lifting and proper nutrition. It's amazing how common the term "healthy eating" is used to describe eating like a fucking rabbit. Women think lifting will make them look manly and guys that dont lift dont want to get "too buff" - granted that's a...
Beginning slow cut please critique anteis99 12 6 yearsanteis99 (37): @Beans yeah that's what I really need to work on that nice cap and overall tension on the muscle
Cut advice Zyzzst 3 6 yearsZyzzst (4486): @Frostshock thanks for the advice man! I'm pretty much going to assess what everyone says and then implement what seems to work best for my body, this year is sort of a test run to see what works well, my goal is to go pro by the time I'm 28 and im 24 now so I need this year to be a good one!
Study suggests milk = bad. Dubious about it darklight79 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsgolago (163): @Dai Do what make u happy it is the most healty things u can do 😁
What is your "Summer Shred" program? TOMA 7 6 yearsSamwaite23 (211): March through to September when the last pic was taken, 194lbs to 180 in the last pic. Just drop those calories, track your weight and learn to love being hungry as fuq
**Candito gets Fireman Stonger (LOG) FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Full ;)
Weighing food (question) lolssons 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): ^*This. I normally weigh everything raw also. There are some that weigh it cooked only and are consistent with that and that's really the main thing but as we all know meat ain't cheap so better off with the raw option buddy.
Right advice territorydude 16 6 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): For sure brother lurk on some threads and maybe start a log. See faq
Clean Bulk HELP: Hit my Plateau: Need Advice Jay_Miz 6 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Should be made compulsary on joining the forum. One of they pages that you cant click off of for 5mins so we know youve atleast seen it. Would save alot of these threads from appearing and help people out quicker.
JOURNEY TO THE STAGE - LIFT THE RIGHT WAY KPFitness 7 6 yearseknight (58109): There's all kinds of things wrong with your calf post. For starters, you pronounce the "C" in gastrocnemius- it's not silent. If you want people to take your videos seriously, you need to know the anatomy and how to pronounce it. Secondly, the soleus does not simply run up the sides of the fibula and stop- it runs all the way up the fibula (point of origin is actually the posterior upper third of the fibula, in the oblique soleus line,...
Calorie deficit + macros = fat loss? LiftLife 6 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Don't sweat the details, "a little over on fats/carbs" and lift really heavy on your compound lifts. Consistancy beats all.
Lowering calories on a cut help! queenquebec 13 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): @Beans yeah,that's most people think about fat loss programs, 12 to 20 x 4 sets. I actually had this one training tell not to the 5 by 5 program by Elliott hulse, because "lifting heavy makes your muscle huge" haha this training was bragging about her degree in "exercise science". She also think calories don't matter so long has I eat "clean". And about dark meat, I mean chicken thighs, drumsticks instead of...
How about a bodybuilding simply recipe threa Jelet Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 yearsoceanair (18020): Hahaha!
Not very shredded. At all. Yerman 15 6 yearsJelet (2190): this calculator is pretty accurate compared to most calcs that i came across online. Bookmarking it for future use. thanks.
Awesome advice from Stan Efferding eknight Jump to first page66Jump to last page 6 yearsRawn (1338): Collections of programs created by Paul Carter of Lift Run Bang
knew it was to good to be true(quest bars) Jelet Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearslolssons (1249): @jelet you looking good man, I would follow your log if you made one you big fuck
For the ladies of SS (and maybe males) OlympusSculpted 15 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Dont fuck with ocean young padawan. Life lesson #1
*He on that Snickers diet* - Alex Muller Log alexmuller Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsBlobs5 (1): Keep it up
HELP. Female bulking MeganRosehart 30 7 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): It also lacks direct hamstring work, add something like lying leg curls too imo.
Carb is a carb... SOLARSUPLEX 23 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): LMAO!!! Ever had 4 cans of beans at a go? I had pinto, black beans and lots of peas and a sitting. I felt sorry for my patients!
How to eat chicken without wanting to kill mikew 4 7 yearsoceanair (18020): haha i saw this last night. i was thinking about this video today while eating chicken breast with veggies for lunch :/ so much truth.
Frustrated Soldier GreenStr33t 9 7 yearsimcca001 (7): Haha "Why do cardio"....? PT Hours Bro. Alright, in the military you will be doing a 3-6 mile run or some combination of calesthenics or group PT on most mornings. What you want to do is balance that with some very different types of stimulus. I would definitely not restrict yourself to a normal 4-5 day split. Some days you will come in having done a calesthenics day and having some guy tell you to do push up circuts or something...
Injury right b4 cutting. aesthet1x 5 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): I'll do. thanks !!
eating on college budget leanr0x 22 7 yearsBartek (7): I'm a student too. For protein I use chicken breast, sometimes beef (beef steaks are quit cheap in my country), whole eggs (whole because when I have fat from eggs, then I can spend less money on oil which is more expensive) and herring which is cheaper than tuna and salmon. For carbs rice and oatmeal. For fats olive oil, eggs and peanut butter when I have more cash. As I said, this products have to be cheap firstly for me. I know that tuna...
Feeling ill, contest prep 7 weeks 2 days Davfitness 27 7 yearsDavfitness (1): thanks craig! Yeah true, obliques have the same shape! Your lower chest is definitely on point how-ever, i have quite a long body so struggle to grow the lower part of my pectorials. The only issue i have is i used to be anorexic, and my body type it's very hard to get width in my arms, so from the front they dont look as big as they do from the sides, quite irritating really. Any advice on building width?
Bulk or cut? GrakoHD 16 7 yearsJordan (241): Add mass. Keep it a clean bulk though
Should This Work? Charl 6 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): Open thread to view post.
How much do you pay a week? DiLawn Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsRawn (1338): Kris gethin takes you to the shop
5/2 Diet Fosta41 21 7 yearsFosta41 (79): Good news chaps! Just completed a back session on 3rep day of 5-3-1 after upping my cals to 1800 and felt a lot better, excited to move up to 1900 next week and 2000 the week after. Will monitor BW from them and introduce cardio as necessary.
Food Prep? ErickFromOmaha 26 7 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): @ErickFromOmaha yea. and during work days it is for the most part just to make it easy on me, especially when I am on calorie restriction where my food choices are limited anyways (I am a big volume eater, so winging it on chipotle matt ogus style does not work for me)
Rate My Cut Plan SliqDiqRick 15 7 yearsSliqDiqRick (1): @wannabemuscular will do. I think Im also gonna drop one or two doses of the Super HD on cardio days (Im in the military so not running isn't exactly an option). It definitely made me sweat a lot more lifting today so I think my heart might explode doing cardio. lols
Teen newbie bulking tomredman22 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @tomredman22 you can lift at any age and any weight to grow so long as you are in a caloric surplus and progressively overloading. If you are lifting with GOOD form, challenging yourself constantly to the point where its hard yet you're not failing, and in a caloric surplus however slight or major - you'll grow. If you're 17 just take advantage of the free test surge you'll be getting, bulk for possibly years and stay safe on the gym. You'll be...
Dietary question swollenscott 3 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): When i came off my UD 2.0 cut, i was sub 10% at 68kg, 5'8". In the past 4-5 months of bulking I've gained only 4kg but lifts have exploded and body comp improved. Been adding 15-25g carbs weekly, sometimes more. Tolerating 750 ish g carbs daily. My advise is to focus more on performance in the gym than the weighing scale.
Need honest critique on new plan anteis99 9 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): MORE CARBS.
Calculating intake Smiles92 5 7 yearsSmiles92 (1): Okay cheers No I've just been taking notes of my daily intake in a note pad. I've not seen anything that gives you the exact amount of carbs proteins and fats because I know everyone's different as in weight, hight, body fat etc
Food Porn Charl 2 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088):
Can anyone help me out with food? TimmothyGen 5 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Gallons of egg whites!
Metabolic Damage Repair AarronStenner 13 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Looks like the plan is to maintain around 194lbs, should be around the same weight give or take a few pounds come Jan 2015 then cut down to around 175-180lbs depending on my circumstances at the time
A simple article every noob MUST read swollenscott 1 7 yearsswollenscott (571): Everyone already knows this stuff or at least should! I think we all wanted to find that sexy routine that would make us more tanked, swole and shredded then Arnold in Conan the Barbarian back in the day. I wish someone had shown me this a while back when I started lifting. clickable text
When to Start a Cycle...? ezvmoneybeast 11 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Open thread to view post.
**Share Current Recipes! Fireman says GTFIH FiremanSi 24 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Right lads lets get this going again... At the behest of @aarronstenner i give u my burger recipe. BURGER RECIPE Ingredients: -375g Extra Lean Steak Mince (Serves 4) -1 Large Egg -8 Multigrain crackers (2/burger) -1tsp Basil -1tsp Cayenne -1tbls Extra Virgin Olive oil (If u have the macros for it, otherwise spraying each patty is fine) -2tsp parsley -4 Slimster Burger Buns (100cals/bun) Instructions: -Put all ingredients in a loarge...
macros ghay 3 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Hahahahaah
cutting cycle SuperM 2 7 yearsBucky (3871): Stats? Cycle history? Diet/macros? too many orals, and cutting is going to be your diet, not the hormones. test prop/tren ace/var with proper diet would yield great results, if you won't get tren then just use the prop/var and diet. 500mg a week prop, idk how much var you have but 50-100mg would be good. depends on your cycle history though. need more info tbh secondly, this really isn't the best forum for the kind of input you're looking for....
Day of Eating 8/11/14 ATN_Coaching 3 7 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): Damn cayenne i just need the lemon and the water lol!
Cutting log Gacheru till 10/12% Gacheru Jump to first page68Jump to last page 7 yearsGacheru (37): Guys please vote on Jon West. Buddy of me and it would really mean a lot to him. As you read his discription you see he truly wants to help people. Thanks, means a lot to me.
What to do exactly with this body... ? jasson333 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Check out jason genova on youtube.. outstanding bodybuilder
PLEASE HELP. MeganRosehart 13 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Sounds better. Remember, it's a starting point. If you're maintaining weight and don't feel you're gaining as you want, slowly add calories. Like 100 per week or so. And on the flip side, if you're gaining too fast, pull back on the calories a bit or add more cardio. Oh, and nice midsection!
*My Top Three Contest Prep Tips* Danimal_88 4 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Thanks!
Bulking for Woman? CorrinaC Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): ^^ this was my thinking in WS4SB. It's basically a 4 day upper-lower. -3X
I need help guys, I beg of you. jaketheguy Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsDeneii (247): Yea, thats what i mean. As far as i'm concerned you just need to do some quality training, keep a reasonable diet and be patient, and you will see great results in time.
WANT ABBS TO SHOW SOMEONE HELP!!!! Kbatch13 7 7 yearsjja0016 (829): I'd start eating in a surplus and start a real program like 5x5 stronglifts immediately to take advantage of "newb gains" (the gains which a new lifter experiences within the first 6-8 months of lifting) which you'll never experience again when it's gone. I started the same way as you and didn't really have abs but when I started working out with my uncle doing a bro split 4 days a week and eating big as opposed to eating like a...
Diet Help thundathighz 7 7 yearsthundathighz (1): Dem 41 Ok I was about to say... Thanks for clarifying. Wow 348 carbs I know I shouldn't freak out but I cant help it... Right now I haven't been watching calories at all so maybe I need to shut up because I'm probably eating much worse. Fat and carbs and not enough protein. thebulkybitch- Wow I was thinking this myself. I use to do paleo but I would get carried away with fats and I know I need more carbs for "bulking" muscle gaining...
About to start a bulk SnackIt 15 7 yearsjja0016 (829): When weight gain and strength stalls you up the calories by another 100 and wait a week or 2 or a month depending on how fast you want to gain. If you don't get the results you want then you up it by another 100. It takes a long time to get things perfect. There is no fast route. Trial and error, patience and discipline is the only way to find out what works for YOU. It takes months and months to get things "Perfect". And...
cutting and it's new sportydar 3 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): That's Waaaay too low, 900 cals total is insane and bad for you better that you're eating more but you definitely need to lower the protein to around 1g/lb, that'll bring your split to around 30p/20f/50c which is optimal for muscle gain and recovery as well as overall energy. This +1 Losing 30lbs is way too much and you'll probably end up losing muscle mass as well as fat resulting in the same overall look but a lower weight. You have to...
how much does beer affect gains? NewGuy12 12 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Here's a couple threads on the subject:
Transformation much? dcraine 1 7 yearsdcraine (1): This is my weight loss transformation, 8 months of lifting and carb cycling! Now on a 5/3/1 program to gain strength and some size. Weight from 248 to 210, current max's are bench 225x3, squat 315x2, and deadlift 300x2. Let me know what yall think about my progress? And any tips to cut down from 210 to 195! Plateau is hitting hard.
Pawzup log Pawzup 10 7 yearsPawzup (64): Tried DB SLDL today. Definately felt it more in my hams and glutes. Did 18kg 3x12 DB, and 20-25kg BB. Thanks for the advise @eknight. Did a vid to check my form let me know what yas think. Cheers!
Pro Athlete Diets Beans 9 7 yearsBeans (4204): I can dig the coffee diet.
Take another pic of what you're eating!! wannabemuscular Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @ErickFromOmaha You take it. It's yours.
1k+ cal meal ideas ajm87 23 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @cardinal knew something didn't add up. Haha
Should my girlfriend cut? Pawzup 8 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): My girlfriend had the implant and didnt get periods it is normal. But for ttht you might want to check with the ob like stated
Whats possible in 20 weeks for untrained guy TP33 6 7 yearshaole (2109): If your body fat is really 20-25% then I would recommend cutting. Your diet needs to be your main focus though. I would also recommend adding a few accessory work to the SL5x5 routine until you start lifting heavier weight. Save the accessory sets for after the main 5x5 lifts and pick two or three that you can do in a circuit/superset with minimal rest times to keep your hear rate up. Once you get to heavier weight on the 5x5 program you might...
energy levels with new lower cal intake r1c0 8 7 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): just got to suck it up man. Try being on 1700 calories when you maintenance used to be 2900-3000 and only get 2-3 hours of sleep..
i am 17 years old and looking to cut down ii_clelland 13 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @ii_clelland I'd go for a caloric surplus of 100-300(max).. but if ur not putting on roughly 0.5-1lb/week then up ur calories mate. I would never advise cutting for youths until definately after 20-21.
Thoughts on. Dr.Layne and Mr. Blaha? TimmothyGen Jump to first page80Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @simply_michael Holy shit... Honoured. :)
Ultimate Nutrition/ On Gold Standard/ MPwhey ezvmoneybeast 3 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): @darklight79 thanks men.. N I can also get isopure I just never really took a look at it..damn Didn't think it was as good as it's shown on the site
Carbs and protein before and after/CUTTING G23 23 7 yearsRawn (1338): Pretty sure OP is female. Other thread by same user focuses on best ASS exercises
macro help AarronStenner 10 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @Hiiibbbb tracking macros is the best for body composition IMO @darklight79 I think I'll do that actually
Macro advice notredame46 2 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): If you're on maintenance, the protein intake is too high imo. Anything more than 1g/lb bw is overkill. Refer to the FAQ or use this :-
Is it really necessary to use supplements ? mytolocia 5 7 yearsmytolocia (1): Ty guys all
Food/Cooking Question ajones46 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): This is why i go for white fish like haddock/basa and also tuna.. less crazy fats... If u cook stuff like this in the George foreman grilll there is more of a chance of u draining fats.... MAYBE 5g.
The dry grainy look Hamer93 13 7 yearsthe1 (33861): a lot of people say that if you cut out red meat / chicken at so many weeks out and just have fish it will give you that thin skin look towards end of prep.. my last prep I didn't eat any fish at all and I wasn't as "thin skinned" as my previous too honestly
reverse dieting cwt 3 7 yearscwt (10): @Frostshock cheers for the input, that's what I meant by the '100 cals a week' just wasnt clear sorry. Yeah I'm going to reverse nice and slow thanks mate
New to this 14 y/o. Dimitrius 13 7 yearsambitiongainer (391): @Dimitrius anything mikew and frost says infact must of everybody here has great advices so follow what they say carefully, they're very helpful if you cant manage the 5x5 then you can do low weights and high reps like 15-20 reps to get your body use to pushing the weights and also burn fat while you incorporate cardio weekly, just take it slow and take in your macros and you just fine
Last bit of fat? SnackIt Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearsSnackIt (76): Pounds* think i got around 3-5 pounds left.
Brown rice vs white rice jja0016 21 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @jja0016 I use all sorts from salsa to cooking sauces, hot sauce to ketchup also salt pepper and squeezed lemon.
After workout Advice ambitiongainer 7 7 yearsambitiongainer (391): ok, thanks for the advice, I take all that in account
Sprinter's diet PowerLevel9000 4 7 yearseknight (58109): If you want an exact number, use a heart rate monitor. Otherwise, these estimates are from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. If you weigh roughly 130 pounds: 472 calories burned sprinting per hour If you weigh roughly 155 pounds: 563 calories burned per hour If you weigh roughly 180 pounds: 654 calories burned per hour If you weigh roughly 205 pounds: 745...
400 carbs at 140 lbs too much? ajm87 4 7 yearsMMB (3616): Same here. 3000kcal 140p 428c 81f I weight around 160 but lean i would be between 135-145 I guess.
Best Bodypart Day To Refeed/Go High Cal LongBeachPatriot 11 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): I actually lowered cals more than I was at, I do HIIT 1-2x/week, have a very good diet with proper macro ratios and macro timing, take supps, and go SS cardio 1-2x week also. I think at this point where I'm at I need to manipulate leptin. Could be cortisol from life stresses also, and have begun to take supps/herbs which have been known to lower cortisol levels. I'm shredded to bits around my abs its just a little bit on my sides I need to...
Is Whey Protein Pre-Post Workout Actually Ne LongBeachPatriot 6 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): BTW would be nice if I could edit the thread name lol. Noticed it got cut off. SimplyShredded HTML Editor, FTLLLL
Cutting & EXTREMELY ACTIVE tips PLEASE queenquebec Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Think she meant.... HIIT
Feeling full and tired a lot..?? ezvmoneybeast 16 7 yearseknight (58109): Yes. Yes. Although, if you're trying to consume 3000-4000 kcals, this may not be practical. -3X
Cutting for a wedding, need advice urgently! mpalk92 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @mpalk92 hopefully it isn't the Red Wedding you're cutting for :/ +1
Cooking Questions Piggles 8 7 yearscardinal (6175): @wannabemuscular I sure did and it's something I'm very keen to pass onto my kids some day. I remember university was such a culture shock to me because so many people couldn't cook at all, as in, a simple stir fry was beyond them. I think the only recipes I follow these days are for curries. If I don't stick to the recipes I can never get them spicy enough. I did however manage to whip together a big batch of Coronation chicken which tasted...
DIETING!!!! WinnersNeverQuit 4 7 yearsOwnsPwns (124): Great find, thanks for sharing.
Anavar and women training AmourdeMonet 18 7 yearsthe1 (33861): I personally know 2 women that both bulked 10-15lbs from anavar and only took 10-20mg but that's a huge increase in BF.
cheat meal advice 😝 Mkyle266 16 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Fully agree^^ Also, once you've been tracking for a long time, you will instinctively be able to eat normally (without tracking everything OCD style), and be able to be in a 100-500 calorie surplus or deficit depending on your goals (and keeping a good macro ratio). I'm bulking now, and when I bulk I only occasionally track macro's (1-3 days a week) just to see how many calories/ macro's are looking and to get a feel of where my metabolism is...
Fitness advice critic queenquebec 8 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @eknight yeah that's my bad, I said PT in regards to "Personal Training(er)" and switched it over to talking about how Physical Therapists (or Physios for you non-murricans) are the real deal. Blame the brain damage for the confusion 😧
Water weight seansaeed12 10 7 yearseknight (58109): ^^ Yeah- the difference will be that your muscles are flat because the glycogen that you mentioned is stored IN the muscles, not in subcutaneous space between them. -3X
Macros seansaeed12 2 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): There's this really conveniently placed thread at the top of the forums:
I got 99 macros but I'm missing 1 Hamer93 14 7 yearsOlympusSculpted (571): haHahaahahHaAAHAhahHahHHHAhaHaHahHHAaaaAAh good1 hamer93
**Bulking Tips for ALL (Thread) FiremanSi 19 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Eat2Trainn247 @cardinal @Trev182 Great stuff guys all invaluable advice here.
TIME TO RANT mattd534 8 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): I completely agree on the exercises.
snacks when shredding L_J_Mcleod 25 7 yearsL_J_Mcleod (4): hey guys, you can get apple cider vinegar at a local super market i thought, having said that i am an australian so... @Brian12 &@firemansi
Counting Veggie Cals/Cals- Yes or No? LongBeachPatriot 5 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @LongBeachPatriot No not really mate if ur competeing count them if not fuck that shit especially if u plan on being consistant in ur day-to-day intake of veg... I put them in my MFP (the high fibre ones like MUSHROOMS) purely to make sure i've hit my fibre for the day. If ur deep into cutting and hit a plateau then by all means start counting them then. I'd be of strong belief now that it's one of those things thats a bad road to go down...
Cutting while lifting weights advice? queenquebec 23 7 yearsMMB (3616): Eat as much potatoes as you want to, if it fits in your macrobreakdown
Starting my cut. Mattdunn Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): I agree with the glutamine statement above. Keep your receipt on it and use that cash for food. -3X
Need help breaking a plateu stuck anteis99 14 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): No need. Shouldnt have much effect as your in a deficit. 4calories in a g or protein and 4 calories in a g of carbs. Dont over complicate it. Eat the same macros/calories everyday.
HOW TO COUNT MACROS jerzyroginski 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @jerzyroginski the only Gram I ever pay attention to is Fiber and possibly protein depending on how fast I'm gaining/losing weight, personally I always shot for 1g/lb so my protein ratio varied periodically. You don't b NEED to shoot for 1g/lb but it's just easier for me, it gives me leeway to eat less protein and I've increased my metabolic capacity to the point that I can give less of s fuck about my intake.
Calorie deficit enough to get ripped?? SnackIt 9 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Yes. It's all about being in a calorie deficit. The calorie deficit can be created from diet alone or with sone added cardio. Try lose around 0.5% of your bodyweight per week. If you lose more, increase calories, if u lose less, drop calories ;)
How does my intake look? natiann123 4 7 yearseknight (58109): Looks like there's not enough calories or carbs, but without you listing that I can't be certain. How many total kcals and grams of protein, carbs, and fats do you consume daily? -3X
hitting calories but not my macros?? j_r_g_6 10 7 yearseknight (58109): Nothing wrong with liking your protein, but if you are natural, you're consuming nearly 90 grams more than you need or could use for muscle repair, so yeah, I would say that may be considered ridiculous. The reason I point this out is because- and I'm not saying this is necessarily the case here- but often when I see someone using straight whey, not in a blend or with casein, eating 6 meals a day (for which there is no real advantage, and may...
Whey Protein is this legit ? mattd534 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I use chocalate flavoured drops or vanilla extract. OR just blend with fruit BOOM.
fat for energy. recalibration chez1988 3 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): @Hiiibbbb where the fuck have you been?
Fat and carbs intake IF NATURAL BitchesFancyMe 11 7 yearsBitchesFancyMe (13): thanks for te help guys. Im more clarified now =)
bit of advice needed. Gekoooo 7 7 yearsGekoooo (1): Thanks for all the replies guys :) massively appreciated. Will take all advice on board :)
Poundland Powered 275lb shoulder press video Bigdaveyessex Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsBigdaveyessex (85): Ha Ha proteinActive bars now on Amazon, don't have to dodge grannies in Poundland talc isle anymore! They have a protein gel too....why didn't I think of that?? Banged out 2 reps at 140kg on OHP, but it was seated so doesn't count...
Cutting macros tristantalpas 7 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): This exactly Regardless of current BF% yes, usually you always shoot for 1g/lb for the sake of ease. Technically it's .86g/lb but on a cut 1g/lb should be more than enough If you have to stick to some silly "clean" diet just get it from chicken breasts and eggs, if you want to go the scientifically proven way you can get it from eggs, lunch meat, steak, protein shakes, everything, damn near everything has protein in it dude.
The Strength Guys AarronStenner 1 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): This is good advice! I try to explain this to people all the time when they ask about my training and what not
Alchyhol Nimin 12 7 yearsBeans (4204): Depends on how you mean "much of a difference", and how serious you are about training. If you just want to get into better shape in general, drinking sometimes won't make a big difference. A program that calls for NO ALCOHOL just sounds kind of dumb. It's not that black and white. I can tell during a set of squats or deadlifts if I had even a couple of drinks the night before. I prefer either getting drunk or not drinking at all, but...
How to get lean and increase strenth. sidshar1241 3 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): The guy in the picture looks unhealthily skinny, no delts traps or pecs, just a sad looking 2 pack. If you want an admirable physique then heavy compounds are your best friend, if you just started then starting strength or any kind of 5x5 program will tear your shit up, just be sure not to cheat on any exercise and go as heavy as you can WITH GOOD FORM If you really want THAT physique just work your abs all 3x a week, go on an extreme diet and...
Fiber??? Gotta poop mattd534 17 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @cardinal shit I don't track my veggies lol, if I'm having a serving I will but just the green/red peppers/onions I use for my omelettes I don't track
Cut Log, I guess. Clutchwork Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsClutchwork (7): Why is this nutrition thing so hard for me lol ugghhh anyways i cut out my HIIT today, but i feel lazy because of it and not as "tight" [best way i can describe] but gym is tomorrow. So, excited about that. Anyways I had my protein shake which estimates to like 500 cals there was pizza sitting on the stove asking to be eaten and i was rushing for work >.> so i grabbed 4 slices and took it work with me. You guys did say get...
Interesting read- Layne Norton Interview swollenscott 2 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): Thanks for sharing
Vegetable protein Assie321 4 7 yearsAssie321 (70): Does this look oke to you guys? Ohh I see it is Dutch Eiwit= protein Koolhydraten= carbs Vet= fat
Dropping 50 kilos metal 14 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Sounds good man. Good to hear the lifts weren't disappointing. You're starting off with some positive vibes. The walking in the AM is a great idea. Do that fasted before you start your day. It would be great if you could do that like 5x per week and keep the pace pretty brisk. For you diet, are you tracking everything you eat and aiming for a specific macro ratio? Most here recommend 30p/50c/20f.
What should i eat on a clean bulk ? Audo 9 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): @eventheodds1 I thought I was the only one. Except pine sol. Lots of pine sol.
Newbie, ICF 5x5 and Cutting bif24701 9 7 yearsbif24701 (1): At this point I will go back to the 5x5, while I research the 5/3/1. If I hit a wall then that would be a good time to switch it up. For now new few weeks I'll work on getting my strength back and diet. I was surprised that my strength gains where so quick. I'll admit that I did power lifting in high school for football but that was 15 years ago. I think my eating and rest allowed me to gain so well. Let's see how long it takes to get back...
I MUST be doing something wrong Highdeas 29 7 yearsHighdeas (1635): I'm new here but have learned a lot the last few weeks, I believe what he is referring to is this Cutting: Caloric deficit. (-100 to -500 cals from your maintenance. The goal is to lose .5-1 pounds per week To minimize muscle loss during a cut you'll want to go into a deficit slowly -. That was posted in frostshocks sticky, you lost 32 lbs in 16 weeks = 2 lbs a week, as I have learned I the hard way myself before coming to this site, you lose...
where do you get your macro info? Xyewx 3 7 yearsteewhat (1972): check the FAQ page at top of forum. i use to get macros and use My fitness pal to track them
Foods Cooked in Bulk Cheap or Easy Clutchwork 2 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): We have this thread somewhat popular with a few regulars who contribute. Not everyone lists out recipes but you can if you want.
hitting sugar macros notredame46 7 7 yearsnotredame46 (1): Thank you guys! what about sodium? will I just retain more water
Can someone double check my macros.. ajm87 18 7 yearsMMB (3616): Open thread to view post.
iMealiD instant meal plan Generator MyGains 2 7 yearsrajnvr (1): Very True. This site is just awesome and I'm using for the last 3 months. I lost 12 lbs naturally and I'm very happy because you just see your progress in front of you.
Mini rant about healthy breakfasts darklight79 13 7 yearsJohanna (892): It was required for me to take a nutrition class in college. We had to calculate our micro/macro intake for the whole semester and we had to do a project on how we'd change our diets to fit requirements...
confused about the diet thing. pls help me! pudgevillarosa 4 7 yearspudgevillarosa (1): alright man, thank you so much for a comment!
Do you even breakfast? alkudari23 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @wannabemuscular. Yup she is. I have no worries when im bulking. But when on a cut must fit all her cooking in my macros. haha
low carb diet (omarisuf) golagola 4 7 yearsgolagola (307): @_RudeCrew i have done too, yhe it is suck and i felt bad, in additional i think alot of my muscle has gone this time i did it .
Should I Bulk or Cut First? Junior300 9 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Read the FAQ.
Cutting - var and clen Sublic Jump to first page44Jump to last page 7 yearsRawn (1338): cool beans, do you stack with clen?
a few different points of view stingray72 Jump to first page45Jump to last page 7 yearsJohanna (892): @stingray72 I guess I could have given a response from that video you posted? I don't even know how to comment. I couldn't even watch most of it. It was aggravating that he was driving also. Anyway... It think everybody already covered why his propositions are just that... erroneous statements without support. Like, I think he might have come up with most of that stuff out of thin air. It is all about the calorie intake. But I can't say I'm...
ineresting concept concerning fake foods stingray72 16 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): I did not understand. Are saying you gain weight by eating additional carbs and fat?
Weight-loss/Fat-Loss Plateau red66mustang 11 7 yearsBeans (4204): Gotcha. I'm by no means an expert when it comes to dieting, but if I were you, I would slowly increase cals every week until you get up to maintenance, and maybe a little over. See how your weight reacts. If you are confident you are at maintenance, or even gain a little weight, slowly drop back down again, and implement refeed days right away. This usually works for me. Hopefully someone else might have some input also, as I don't really...
Lean Bulk Macros and Nutrionist app,on PHAT TCorder14 6 7 yearsMMB (3616): A pound per week is too much. I would aim for 0.3lb/week
30% fat intake ajm87 10 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Beans People differ... Personally if i eat over 1000cals in a stting i get really sleepy after and takes me longer to digest it.
How to calculate macros from a WHOLE chicken ajm87 5 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): ^^This.
diet that makes u grow but stay lean ambitiongainer 24 7 yearsambitiongainer (391): @Xxlean ok thanks
you really dont need that much protein... Jelet 21 7 yearseknight (58109): That's what she said. -3X
excess protein = muscle? FxElement17 12 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Haha
Need help with carbs TimmothyGen 8 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): I eat Oreos
Calorie Intake rich_uk 5 7 yearsrich_uk (10): @eknight yeah I have now set a good diet plan based on all the info I could get from there so will stick by it and train hard for 12 weeks and see how I get on. thanks
Kcal burned by cardio Jophe 9 7 yearseknight (58109): ^^ this. You literally do not burn very much actual fat during cardio. You use stored energy. -3X
50\30\20 split BigBerry Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsjesusalmeida (1): @WinnersNeverQuit im not 203lbs im 154lbs. @BigBerry is 203lbs who started this thread.
is this too many supplements? rithockey32 7 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Creatine multies and pretty much everything means 3 to 4 liters of water mate
does chicken breast bad for your health? golagola 15 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Lmao I quit... Unless the chicken you get is jacked on hormones and water weight.. Lol
Need help to confirm timing for IF... G613 15 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @G613 Good to hear man. It's early for you yet, but I hope it works for you. Keep us posted.
Carbohydrates and Fatloss (article) wannabemuscular 3 7 yearscardinal (6175): @wannabemuscular I'm glad you posted this because I just came and read this pile of rubbish. Enjoy!
Advice with program? notredame46 18 7 yearsnotredame46 (1): does your body just use the protein it needs when it needs it? so the casein doesnt really matter to take
How would I go about this? stingray72 5 7 yearsBucky (3871): It's pretty easy, just eat foods. Lots of colors and variety, eat it.
Macros BitchesFancyMe 11 7 yearscassious (2926): Good attitude bro!
Cellucor SuperHD & CLK Stack - when to take? evolution_fitness 10 7 yearsevolution_fitness (1): CLK is for more energy, but also can be used for weight loss. I use it more for the energy factor. It's just a powder you mix into your drink. I want to tone now, possibly bulk later, just need to get this down first. I know the instructions are written on the bottles, but I have read MANY different things about other suggested times/on an empty stomach/etc etc. so I just wanted a few more educated opinions. Thanks everyone for your help!
Best High Protein Foods While on A Cut? ezvmoneybeast 15 7 yearsGangbox (13): eggs, chicken, tuna fish, and turkey.
Cutting diet anyone? dazzler95 2 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Read through this FAQ, there's a ton of good info. A majority of people on here stick with macros, not so much a specific "diet". Much better results / consistency.
need advice on training and diet. talya 3 7 yearstalya (1): Thanks!
Anyone have any ideas why this is the case? stingray72 7 7 yearsBucky (3871): @Xxlean Yes and no. It's more so how much of it I eat, but other stuff though like pop tarts doesn't fit well in my cutting diet, whereas my bulking diet I ate a package everyday. Now I only get them rarely. I enjoy eating bland chicken and rice though for cutting.
Best cutting method?? fitnessz2 24 7 yearsfitnessz2 (1): I have been losing around 1-2 pounds a week, normally 2 pounds, not feeling weaker and i have gained strength, my maintenance is around 2350 calories, im not very active beside weight lifting, if im losing more then 2 pounds this week i will up my calories.
Confirmed 0.82 Protein/LB? TheBB Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @eknight I am on the exact same page, my friend.
Help Finishing Cut tparring Jump to first page37Jump to last page 7 yearsstingray72 (109): From the people I came across on it seemed to me that 10% was ideal for no issues. its a shame though because the body does look much better even at 8% and lower than that I feel appearance wise its not appealing but thats me.
whats the best beef jerky on the web makinggains 4 7 yearsCharl (115): BILTONG
The "Science" of Somatotypes eknight 6 7 yearsJelet (2190): good read
Burning fat without losing muscle Xelanor 3 7 yearsXxlean (1990): What Konstantinov said....At 155 17% body fat I guesing you will have to get down to 130 in order to be at 10% bf, and at 130 your not going to have squat for muscle. My suggestion for you would be to lift as heavy as you can and build some muscle. 155 is pretty small to cut. Lifting heavy also burn fat on its own and keeps your metabolism going...Also instead of jogging type cardio, try hiit..More explosion type training....If you dont know...
So, I've taken the plunge... GazzyK 19 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Never been a fan of 5x5, it can definitely get good results in the big three but for me it is ridiculously boring and tedious. I think you need something you enjoy doing. I would look into a program that looks like fun to you and is challenging but not overwhelming. Stick with what you are doing now for a month or so get yourself use to training and then switch. Just don't go overboard! As for having a sweet tooth if you like jello there are a...
Recommendations Natural Bodybuilding Prep. Maarten 1 7 yearsMaarten (4299): Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation. By Eric R Helms, Alan A Aragon and Peter J Fitschen. For all of you my fellow muscle-dysmorphia brothers and sisters.
Need help with bulking TimmothyGen 4 7 yearsstingray72 (109): Now this is the right kind of advice. And its nice to see that this place isnt all about protein like
Anyone doing fasting? carneola 4 7 yearscomp (19): I tried it for a while and I liked the feeling from it (more focus mainly). Unfortunately I had to switch things due to new work schedule and classes. I just lived off coffee and water for hours, sounds worse than it actually was.
"Carbs Make You Fat" correra911 5 7 yearsskel1977 (109): karbdashians are truth
Keto-ish cutting BigBerry 6 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): I've done it twice. Never again.
Are there any dieting professionals online? gwilson2 4 7 yearseknight (58109): It's cool. We get a fair number of weirdos and spammers, so just weeding out the junk. Try Paul at the link I gave you. He posts here regularly and is super knowledgeable. -3X
Anyone know good online diet help? gwilson2 2 7 yearseknight (58109): -3X
best way to cook Chicken breast BigBerry 28 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): I disagree boiling is not a good way to cook something unless you are going to use the boiled water for something. Soup, Stew, chilli, base etc you lose too much flavor and probably goodness too. This is basically what I do after frying it. If I am going to eat it immediately after I will cook for longer, if you have seared the outsides a nice slow cook for an hour gives you some falling to pieces unbelievably tasty chicken. Take your...
I made food today. SOLARSUPLEX 2 7 yearsajones46 (11701): You lazy shit. Lol
Need some diet advice Marko 7 7 yearsT1no1 (478): @Marko if you mean a refeed yes you can do that double your carbs and dont overdo fat. like a controlled 'refeed day/cheatmeal' 160protein 500carb and no more than 100g fat
YOUR THOUGHTS oldironpumper 10 7 yearsT1no1 (478): Filled this in for you used 6"2 245lbs 65 years and lightly active asumimg you go 1-3x a week to the gym It says you need 2874 calories a day. If you're trying to lose weight try eating 2800 calories for a week see if you lose 1lbs if you do dont change anything if you lose less than 1lbs go for 2700calories for a whole week repeat this proces
just before bed oldironpumper 6 7 yearsT1no1 (478): cereal and/or cottage cheese since im never hungry at the morning
Go to Carb Sources VOLSAO 27 7 yearsBucky (3871): I'm right there with ya. Chicken, rice and walden farms barbecue sauce.
Food that contain the highest amount of prot Hyzz 7 7 yearsnwt521 (217): Exactly My thought
Homemade Sriracha Steak Burritos ATN_Coaching 1 7 yearsATN_Coaching (1582): Ok so you food porn addicts saw on my Instagram @atn_coaching I posted a pic and macros on my home made burritos and everyone was tripped out how I am able to roll them up without falling apart etc. So after high demand I decided to shoot a video for everyone be sure to Like and subscribe! Enjoy and Bon Apetit!
Intermittent fasting Jezze 16 7 yearsHighdeas (1635): shit, school is in session again EK be laying down the science!!
Hard times at gym!? MMB 11 7 yearsMMB (3616): @mikew if I use some weights I did yesterday and what I weighted in this morning, it gives me intermediate. @wannabe Yeah I'm probably lacking sleep. I go to bes around 22 and wake up between 4:30-5:00 depends at what time/where I work.
Serious question for serious drinkers. Liquid_D 16 7 yearsmikew (11494): What about this: Meal three: 64 ounces of steak with 2 ounces of liquor (whiskey)
getting started...i know what i want typershark300 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Pictures? Granted you're kinda short but at the same time I highly doubt you're as out of shape as you think. If anything you could look great on a surplus if you take advantage of your newbie gains as @eknight stated.
Eggs Piggles 21 7 yearsdatabas1c (2188): "The higher digestibility of cooked egg protein presumably results from structural changes in the protein molecule induced by heating, thereby enabling the digestive enzymes to gain broader access to the peptide bonds. It has been suggested that the reduced digestibility of raw egg white is at least partially related to the presence of trypsin inhibitors in raw egg white"
Another creatine Q... Srs Hamer93 3 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Cheers boss
my journey to a better me! pudgevillarosa 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): You cheeky bastard... I'm Frostshock and I approve this message
I need help fellows :P Feroo Jump to first page44Jump to last page 7 yearsFeroo (1): Thanks Frostshock - It's hard for me to figure this micro with diet I think this is the biggest issue .
Jimmy Kimmel "Pedestrian - What is Gluten" ATN_Coaching 2 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): "COUGH Sorry I have some Bullshit in my throat." Hahahahaha
Need some cutting advice. ErickFromOmaha 14 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @ErickFromOmaha Makes complete sense, look up some form videos, invest in a belt and possibly add some Core work to your routine to prevent any further injury, otherwise there's a bunch of dudes with jacked up backs deadlifting like pros. Did you slowly decrease to a deficit or drop right down to it? If you only ate 1200 you definitely need to get more in - Even if you're not hungry. At least before you go to sleep that is. Also remember that...
How many carbs do y'all eat on a cut BigBerry 13 7 yearseknight (58109): I would consider low to be less than 40% of your total kcals, high to be greater than 60%, and moderate in between those. -3X
Hi, I'm starting a... l0zar 8 7 yearsl0zar (1): Guys TY for the replies, when I have a little time I'll reply one by one... :)
what is the proper way of lowering calories? jayc0 7 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): If you want to maximize your results you should think your cut process like cards in your hand. You should drop to your maintenance and then start by dropping your cals really really slow so your metabolism gets used to it. Keep mirror and weight track and then if u start seeing your weight keeps the same, you start lowering again, then you add more cardio action, and other "cards" that may be useful like carb cycling, refeeding, etc...
Calorie Calculator Question correra911 4 7 yearseknight (58109): Everyone is different. A very strict cut, IMO, shouldn't ever be longer than 10 or so weeks. Ideally, you don't want to have to lose more than 10% of your body mass to get where you want to be. If you need to lose more than that, you got too fat on your bulk. -3X
lower body fat percentage, please help! evymk 23 7 yearsGStarRaw (1441): wait bucky 1$ for 16oz ? Its bloody 4.50 - 6 bucks over here.
Getting less and less hungry on my cut abbehardy 10 7 yearsmpalk92 (22): I agree with Frostshock, getting those bits of fruit and veg in are key and majorly help with satiety however too many raw veggies can cause bloating which is something you probably dont want as it makes you feel all bloated and horrible. :)
HELP NEEDED LENA951 27 7 yearsLENA951 (1): Thank you, I'll give it a try
i need help on dieting. Rollins7 6 7 yearsRollins7 (1): I have a layer of fat over my stomach covering my abs.
Best carb sources while cutting? BigBerry 22 7 yearstamere01 (7126): X2
This weeks IIFYM treats SSJ3FinalFlash 11 7 yearsteewhat (1972): they dont have the peanut butter ones in the shop i get mine from... pretty devostated ay!
SOS!!! cutting help: am i doing it right???? BigBerry Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsBigBerry (10): @mpalk92 @Frostshock that Insanity and PX90 stuff is ass, i'd take a nice weight training regiment over that bodyweight stuff. don't get me wrong it is intense as hell but i agree with @Frostshock i don't think it contributes to cutting weight any quicker.
The Official IIFYM Meal Thread SSJ3FinalFlash 17 7 yearsSSJ3FinalFlash (283): Cheeseburgers, ribs, baked beans, and Italian pasta salad this Saturday!
Intermittent Fasting Question... zSlVlOKEY 13 7 yearsLiquid_D (1): My intention was to illustrate those exact facts with an experience I had. You can get ripped, set PR's, fast for 24 hours, feast (responsibly) on junk food and can still certainly make gains. As you can see, he does not know this. "...however I don't know if its a good idea to be eating McDonalds twice a week?? So I'm thinking of trying out Intermittent Fasting on both Saturday and Sunday only just so I'm able to hit both macronutrient...
Sodium kevineriksson 5 7 yearskevineriksson (1): ok thanks but lets say i eat to much sodium one day, can the sodium levels dicrease by drinking alot of water?
*PROTEIN Macros... Before or After Weight ?? FiremanSi 18 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): If i'm not sure whether to weigh it cooked or raw I'll check on because they have values for cooked & uncooked.
cutting advice trigg86 19 7 yearstrigg86 (10): @T1no1 thanks dude :-)
I'm 5 10, 190 and these are my Macros. jayc0 15 7 yearsJelet (2190): protein is overkill. i know guys on gear(protein synthesis increase) who eat less protein than that when cutting and see no difference when going higher protein... point being... You could eat 50 grams of protein less and use those calorie toward carbs. that much protein is just expensive carbs imo. edit: ekknight beat me to the punch
My fitness pal ? Mkyle266 8 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Between 30-60g of fiber is good, 14g/1000cals is recommended If you are drinking enough water I wouldn't worry about the sodium unless you like everything salted to hell
refeed before peak week carb depletetion? teewhat 3 7 yearsLVjack (2749): I've done both ways and liked my results without the refeed before depletion more so.
New To Macros Bulking23217 8 7 yearsBulking23217 (1): @mikew Ok yes it does help. Do you own this site?
Losing weight and gaining muscle Azzdog18 3 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): Cut. Bulk. That's all you need to know.
Really want to see how shredded I can become Johanna Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): definitely agree...forgot to mention that. Would look into a coach too if $$ isn't a hassle
Is post workout meal that important... jja0016 8 7 yearsgolagola (307): @jja0016 it's explain the myth
What is the best oil to use for cooking? Pearce_Bolton 12 7 yearsoceanair (18020): same. i heard coconut oil is really good though.
Protein Intake. Ghost 14 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): HAHA I love chicken and eggs too much screw that 1 LB per gram bullshit
Law of Thermodynamics Question correra911 10 7 yearshaole (2109): no offense but you sound like you have no idea what your doing as far as diet which means you most likely are clueless about everything else. You need to determine what you current body fat is and what your goal is. I'd also like to know your stats and lifting history. I would suggest you do more research specifically on nutrition and get on a routine.
Stripping fat Bulking23217 11 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @Bulking23217 Essentially you want to optimize body composition. As previously mentioned, you cannot "spot-reduce" fat; but employing the proper training regimen and developing a healthy relationship with food and understanding the role of food as fuel will definitely help you achieve the physique and performance you desire
Gain Calsium StyleOverConfurt7 2 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): Gain Calcium
New Simply Shredded whitey710 Jump to first page52Jump to last page 7 yearswhitey710 (4): well, I screwed up pretty bad. Went out for some cardio/fun to an indoor trampoline warehouse and 3 weeks later, find myself at the Dr's office with left leg pain. Got myself a stress fracture on the top of my fibula. Doc says no legs for at least 6 weeks :( this is killing me because i just got into the strong lifts 5x5 workouts. Everyday you need to work legs. Any ideas on what to do? abandon the plan and do something different? or should i...
Alpha Brain- Onnit Labs teewhat 6 7 yearsteewhat (1972): @JJ3065 Im still within the first 7 days of having the product so affects are still good. like most things prob need to take a break everynow and then. a mate has tried shroom tech sport before said it wasnt too bad, good pump apparently. @WinnersNeverQuit I find it helps to keep me focused in on study and not get up and wander around for food etc get more zoned into what your doing.
leaning/shredding diet advice needed! DaveCL9 6 7 yearsNorIda (46958): Your poss are full of misconceptions. You aren't looking shredded because you don't have much muscle mass to utilize I would bulk. Get some mass, the worry about getting diced. You need to read up on macros and focus in your diet, as it is what's going to give you the results you desire.
Soy Protein: What's the deal? Hewy007 7 7 yearsCherokeeDoc (13): You can get a panel done to tell you if you have general negative reactions to soy. If you don't test positive for any, then you should be fine, but still limit use. Whey is ideal and doesn't have the deleterious estrogenic effects of soy (i.e. effects on hormones). The panel might also tell you about your reactivity to dairy, which might be a reason to stay away from whey. Good idea to get one done.
2 month bulk pclovesme 5 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): This, I see little to no point in a 2 month bulk other than possible fat gain from bulking too fast. You can reverse diet for 2 months and maintain for summer? That would make a whole lot more sense.
too much protein is bad for you golagola 11 7 yearselizabethanne (316): If anyone can actually afford to eat too much protein, then kudos to them. Forever spending all my money on quality food.
Protein powders vs. Real Foods Bucky Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearselizabethanne (316): Every person and every body is different. Even "healthy" foods can be detrimental to a person. For example, eggs are very healthy but egg whites wreak havoc on people with autoimmune disease (me). So does soy, which is present in most eggs from the feed the chickens ate, etc. Also, I think it's important to determine what means most to you food wise. There's many different ideologies (ranging from IIFYM to Paleo), and all of them work...
Clarification correra911 18 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): A can of tuna in Alaska is one dollar for 4oz.
websites that offer valuable info the1 7 7 yearsthe1 (33861): awesome guys, ill look at some of these.. I was a big reader on t-nation for years but they overcomplicate the shit out of some things
diet seansaeed12 11 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Find your new maintenance for your CURRENT weight Reverse diet up to maintenance, stay there /thread Also, the answers from your previous thread.
Keto bulk FxElement17 10 7 yearssriram (2050): How much water do you get daily? I doubt reducing sugars will have any impact on your skin. Try moisturising your skin. Drinking a lot of water.
Any meal recipes? TimmothyGen 10 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Here's some nifty recipes
Finally getting serious and doing a show/Log VOLSAO 21 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): @trev haha most people do
Diet question RexEverything 7 7 yearsRexEverything (1): Thanks guys.
Macros Gymtiger 7 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): 1g/lb of protein = Cause it doesn't require a calculator 20-24% Fat = Cause it doesn't require a calculator and I feel best at that range >= 50% = Cause it doesn't require a calculator As for calories I do everything pretty slowly soooo [Insert slow cutting rant here]
PB2 - (peanut powder) wannabemuscular 10 7 yearsGymtiger (34): It's ok for flavour but not much else. Not crazy about the chocolate one though.
Can you clean bulk? Hamer93 5 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Yeah I liked the phrase monitor bulk. Also describing your body sorting food like a club machine was quite good
1 Year Lifting - not the results I hoped for pinkbp 10 7 yearsgolagola (307): @pinkbp i think your problem is that u as me u dont belive in yourself and changing every singel day to a new routine / new nutrition etc.... just stick to the same routine and same nutrition for at least 6 months and u will see good result (i belive) i dont think there is a bad genetic or something just belive in yourself and dont listan to paggot from the gym , this is the best site u can find all the knowledge u need start here !
Need advice for cutting Ravenfraust 12 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): No problem dude, get a profile pic(avi) up and I'll be in to help for the log! _RudeCrew 9 7 yearsteewhat (1972): not even, but they would find a way to tax the shit out of it!!!
Diet advice! spyderboys 4 7 yearsteewhat (1972): why hadnt i seen this yet, sweet job!
GTFIH Help my friend develop a free IIYM app Maarten 17 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @maximus24 Agreed also.
Van4stan91 Cut Log Van4stan91 27 7 yearsVan4stan91 (1): So Calories are back up to 2400. Did 20 minutes of light cardio yesterday . 20 mins at 5. Today was Upper day. Flat Bench - 3 x 5 @205 Rows - 3 x 6 @185 Shoulder press - 3 x 6 @115 Dips 3 x 10 @25 (belt) Pull ups 3 x 12 @BW BB Curls 3 x 8 @80 Shoulder (front+side) raise 3 x 10 @15
Not eating for 1.5 days haole 12 7 yearsajones46 (11701): Day and a half fast won't cause anything serious. No worries mate. and don't tighten up.
Biolayne VLOG #25...hormones and growth eknight 6 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): It's a short video for once! I don't know if I should be proud to say I've seen them all or sad that I have that much free time haha
High fat≠high test eknight 25 7 yearsOhhLoLo (3393): thanks for the info @eknight , always solid posts.
If you are eating 1g/BW while bulking... ajm87 4 7 yearsPrometheus (829): I re evaluate my calories during a bulk bi weekly or when my weight stalls. That would rework my macros but I wouldn't be taking away from carbs typically if I'm bulking calories as a whole increase.
HELP, calories after being sick!? teewhat 7 7 yearsajm87 (409): just worry about getting better
Vegetarian Cutting SarahDee Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): I was going to go into a whole spheal about "humane" slaughtering processes but now its just turning into a pissing match of opinions. I'll agree to disagree but believe in the facts provided. If you can show me scientific articles proving otherwise rather than hypothetical and frankly impractical situations I would definitely suggest what you have to offer in the next vegetarian diet thread.
Gaining muscle and loosing fat ? cameron_grier_uk 5 7 yearseknight (58109): OP gets a rep for effort, but you can't gain muscle on a calorie deficit, no matter how much protein you're eating. Your body will convert protein to glucose to fuel itself before it uses it for growth, so it ain't gonna happen. -3X
New member to simply shredded family =) allasiam 26 7 yearsallasiam (22): and yes I'm compensating it with my food, I have 3k calories / day , 50% carbohydrates.
*U Cutting Bro?? 3DMJ Wise Words, Eric Helms FiremanSi 18 7 yearscassious (2926): LOL @Citrullinemalate
Nutrition plan??? Wilson 2 7 yearsGunther (1285): no
Diet Espen 21 7 yearscardinal (6175): Also afraid to say you're probably much higher than 13% body fat. More around the 16% region.
Chipotle "Secret" Menu databas1c 25 7 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I eat Chipotle all the time (probably 5-6 times a week) and I dont even like it very much. I am often just too lazy to cook, and it's really easy to order something at Chipotle that will round out my macros.
post hiit question c3pOMG 16 7 yearsc3pOMG (208): @Frostshock thank you
anybody have good recipies for sauces/dips r1c0 11 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Sriracha.
firemansi SOLARSUPLEX 9 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I mixed eggs with tuna and Siracha. That was the grossest shit ever.
Protein bars.. MissEmily Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsBigdaveyessex (85): Some nice Development lifts:200kgx10 deadlift, 180kgx1 bench, 215kgx10 squat and all natural, I'm big, I'm Dave and guess what I'm from Essex hey presto Bigdaveyessex!!im pushing on now, 40 this year
Macro help! Mkyle266 5 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): I go over every day dude haha, as long as you're hitting your minimum reqs for Protein Fat & Fiber just go to town on carbs until you hit your caloric goal.
Missed the gains train cardinal 11 7 yearscardinal (6175): Treated myself to a super bowl of oats. This is in fact a full size mixing bowl. There's about 200g of oats here: As Bush said: "Mission accomplished".
Do you lose cals vomiting? Pearce_Bolton 16 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): Seriously though. You post the weirdest questions sometimes pearce lol
0.64/LB is enough to build muscle CrustySock 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I think ur being generous, cause i doubt many 15yr olds concern themselves with studies on protein intake. Just juvenile full stop. :)
Protein balls MissEmily 9 7 yearseknight (58109): Lighten up, Francis. -3X
Confused with different macro calculations! jjpaul13 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): now I know the secret to getting reps ;)
When to consume your carbs to stay lean? JordanAbissidan Jump to first page37Jump to last page 7 yearsbslo (262): Thats interesting. I still like to have apple juice with my preworkout because it tastes good.
Recipe ideas? MissEmily 10 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): buy a slow cooker and throw everything you want in there and then just throw on top of rice...peace nukka
Diet Megciara 8 7 yearsMethod (379): Minimum caloric intake for a woman should be 1200 for normal function.
Is 104g fat too much? ajm87 5 7 yearsGymtiger (34): Although it sounds high, I wouldn't call it too much. Anywhere between like 90-140 is probably fine for 3000 calories.
Bread when clean bulking?? montana84 24 7 yearseknight (58109): Really? I post that and you're worried about clean bulking? -3X
Critique my Diet? Help denisedxo 12 7 yearsGymtiger (34): I still think the OP could be eating more carbs/cals post workout. Perhaps that's all it takes diet wise. I definitely think you need to fine tune your training. Going forward, you must create a hormonally metabolically rich environment - and yes that is through strength training, perhaps less cardio and more of eating the right things, not just the right amount of things. Lift the most you can, and really push yourself past limits you...
Slow Bulk, journey begings! montana84 8 7 yearsmontana84 (1): Yeah see what your saying, thats the trap ive fallen into in the past, guess the extra pull ups and dips will detract from my squat, bench and deadlifts. Appreciate the advice bro
Your favorite bulking meals and snacks? DFMaster240 8 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): all kinds of cakes
Dieting question eingold 16 7 yearsusashredder (1): It seems like you are just a beginner and new to the game of lifting and new to shredding. We are here to help people like you
Is this how it should look like? (Pasta) OldKnight 11 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): I always cook the entire box of pasta then split it equally into either 4 or 8 ziplock bags. Then I just grab and go when needed.
short 1-2 week cut faina00 6 7 yearsgolagola (307): omar isuf suggest that once every 16 weeks to do mini cut of 2 weeks to 4 , u can cutting 4-8 pound , and because it is only 4 weeks u can get to bulking without phase time and u will not get fats because 4 -2 weeks isnt enough to effect metabolism so much, and this man know what he is saying so i trust him,
SOMEONE HELP ME PEASE. vtreaatz 10 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I bet if yo worked up to maintenance for and took 3 weeks to do it you would gain 3-7lb of water weight. Your body is just hanging onto anything that you eat because you eat so little. And dude, imagine if every time somebody texted you, they only typed in caps. That'd be annoying right? So is your title. May want to take the time to figure out if there is an "L" in please or if its a silent letter not needed.
Cutting Gymtiger Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): Completely untrue. Roughly 70-75% of your BMR is kcals used for organ and system function. At rest a pound of muscle only burns 4 more kcals in 24 hours than a pound of fat. The difference is negligible. -3X
New to "Macros" HamdanMerchant 29 7 yearsraquelcrvg (10): Hello, you have an article that explains about IIFYM not know much about it thanks!
Not enough cals aesthet1x 9 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Took this advice, only gained like 4% bf after 20+ lbs, stayed lean as fuck the first half of my bulk too. I can still see my 4 pack so I love me some reverse dieting
*Firemans Log: 5four3two1..A BULK of Kings ! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Future Bulking Goals: Stay as lean as Si
Is this a sign of not enought calories? OldKnight 8 7 yearsOldKnight (1): Definetaly,i just bought some fish and peanut butter.
snacks MissEmily Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearsjja0016 (829): troll loollllllll
Dropping protein to .82g/lb ajm87 28 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Everytime!
First cut - Diet fitnessz2 5 7 yearsfitnessz2 (1): Really i just enjoy being on a diet, also i find cottage cheese to be a easy source of protein before i go to sleep.
Current Progress and Body Fat Percentage SSJ3FinalFlash 23 7 yearsSSJ3FinalFlash (283): Awesome man! I should have an official log up by Sunday. Been really busy with midterms and studying so didnt have time but Ill get it up. Also 2 questions, what does the voting system mean for a thread? When people say they are in for a log does that mean they subscribe to updates on it or what? New to this never seen it before haha
High protein diet just as bad as smoking! ATN_Coaching 2 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): I love Examine. They did a great job with this.
Is it possible?? fitnessz2 16 7 yearsfitnessz2 (1): Bumped the calories up to 2050-2100, will see how it goes from there.
High protein > 20%E increases risk of cancer Devil82 22 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): Convenient and simple layout of the information. NHS did a good job of breaking down the info and countering the media's efforts to cause a freak out.
Finally gave up counting macros. ajm87 8 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): I don't count, don't judge ne
nutrition MissEmily 6 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): By reading your title I thought you were creating another thread about cutting...ur lucky I was wrong
Pancake day! Hamer93 10 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Mix 80g wholewheat flour and 1-1.5 scoops of protein. Whisk in 2 egg whites. Add 225ml almond milk gradually. Then cook :) The sauce I made was 100ml almond milk, 1.5 scoops chocolate whey and 1 tsp hazelnut butter blended together
Cheat meal MissEmily 6 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): this but to an extent I'd say, majority of the food should still be nutritious
Salt intake ryan_929 13 7 yearsajm87 (409): 15 GRAMS a day? WTF lol
Rich Piana on protein powders Scotian 10 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): I kind of like Lee Priests approach. "You don't need supplements just eat food" He has a supplement range and it sells well but he is very honest about how he feels. caveat emptor
diet MissEmily Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsGunther (1285): This looks like a good start. Try it for a week or two and see how your body responds. You can always adjust your macros in small increments along the way to achieve your goals. Good Luck.
Diet Need Help Spartiate 9 7 yearsSpartiate (4): @eknight aiight cheers bro, its to late into prep to try and stack on near 15kg's of lean muscle and have adapted to it in the cage. So ill try water deplete and stick with my cut, see how it works out. Guess i left my prep to late thought 2 months to shred the 10kg's would have been enough.
Diet MissEmily 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): My Home -> Goals -> Change Goals -> Custom Set your maintenance cals and the macro percentages only go in 5's but you don't need to hit your macros to the tee every day anyway.
protein MissEmily 5 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @MissEmily. To help you start. Search about Macro Calculations for you to understand what we are trying to say. Basically a person have his/her maintenance calorie. if you eat above your maintenance you get fat and if you eat below your maintenance you loose fat. (calorie = protein, carbs and fat). Carbs and fat are alot easier to meet in your daily caloric intake since most food have higher carbs and fat. Protein supplements or whey are used to...
diet MissEmily 10 7 yearseknight (58109): Some research on carbohydrates. There should be nothing confusing about this. Don't get diet information from fitness mags, general internet sites or your friends- unless they possess an MD. In terms of routine, I already listed 3 in my above post. Google them. -3X
Nutrition MissEmily 21 7 yearsMissEmily (136): ok :) thankyou very much
cheat meal? Mkyle266 8 7 yearseknight (58109): That's what she said! -3X
I am new and would like some advice please!! trose619 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearstrose619 (4): Use I agree and dully noted thank you. I try setting realistic benchmark goals for myself to help stay motivated and its working out pretty good so far happy to say.
question here vegancrossfit 6 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): You need fat and carbs, I don't understand why you keep asking for advice on these extreme ass macro ranges when the general population here will advise just calculating your own.
Low carbing, Lost more weight after carbs? wockawocka 16 7 years2MCHPWR (1): Wocka - as mentioned above, your body was in starvation mode and your metabolism slowed down (preservation mode). When you added all those carbs from the binge, it kick started your metabolism. It raised your leptin levels (the hormone that triggers your body to remember to burn fat); before the cheat, your leptin levels were probably super low.It is the exact situation recommended by many people, often referred to as a cheat day, re-feed day....
Overwhelmed with cutting info,need guidance r1c0 20 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @r1c0 Whole meals would definitely be more beneficial, but shakes are better than not getting anything at all. You can make these all without protein too, totally subject to personal preference of flavor and macro needs. By the way I forgot that I add 1tbs of Agave Nectar to both shakes, makes it DELICIOUS
Question about getting more lean? vegancrossfit 25 7 yearsKonstantinov (1450): Just... find another pic to try it out on ;)
Need some help on cutting vegancrossfit 28 7 yearsvegancrossfit (1): hhhhh
Nutrition Labels (article) Highdeas 7 7 yearsOwnsPwns (124): hmm, guess i just never noticed. Thanks.
How should you start a cut Tritons 7 7 yearsTritons (670): Thanks, for your feedback.
Whey protein giving me issues. SOLARSUPLEX 17 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Holy bump batman. Anyway, i received my gold whey and so far ive been fine. My stomach handles change very poorly so i can blame my acidic spaghetti sauce for my bad shits these days.
snack - Houmous SupremeLeader 4 7 yearsBaiTu (3096): It's the good fat.
Dividing Calories Between Meals Beginner101 3 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Eat more when you're really hungry and not as much when you're not that hungry. Just try to hit your target by the end of the day.
Total newbie looking for start-up advice! Princess_Of_Iron 7 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): EDIT: this Didn't want to make it seem like it was a permanent thing, that was my bad. Always forget about them damn newbie gains
Getting lean while on a working holiday starke 25 7 yearsstarke (7): 23rd feb 10km run time 1 hour 24th Weights: 3x8 squats 40kg 3x10 push ups 3x12 dips 3x40sec wall sit 3x16 bicep curls 10kg 3x6 pull ups 3x10 leg raises 3x8 seated cable row 30kg Finished with some abs and incline walk 24th feb 20min HIIT 12.5km for 2:30min/9.5 for 2:30min 5min jog 5min incline walk Don't usually do intervals like this but thought I'd change it up a bit.
Influence of carb consumption pre and intra- ATN_Coaching 10 7 yearseknight (58109): It's my understanding that the carryover to strength and hypertrophy that that short-term insulin spike results in is negligible. It's too transient to make a difference. This is why meal "timing," is overrated to the point of being nearly irrelevant. Eat at regular intervals and you're fine. -3X
Refeed? KevDjm 5 7 yearsKevDjm (1): Alrite :D No refeed
Increasing Metabolism While Maintaining AarronStenner 3 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @adam82a everyday is a cheat day haha just kidding but I eat quite freely. As long as I get my protein macro within 2500kcal and the rest carbs and fats I'm happy
Cutting calorie question jcheath33 4 7 yearsmikew (11494): @jcheath33 most people over estimate their activity level. To counter this, I don't factor in cals burned from a workout when tracking in My Fitness Pal. (Unless it's cardio, then I factor in those cals burned...)
Safe weight loss mpwuggles 3 7 yearseknight (58109): To add- I'd advise HIIT cardio. 10-12 rounds of a minute each, starting with a 15:45 on:off ratio. -3X
Journey to Myself lioness 11 7 yearslioness (1): Yesterday: Weight: 140.4 Meal 1: Vegetables (120) Tomato paste (60) Turkey slices (200) Butter (25) Milk (25) TOTAL = 420 Meal 2: Egg and Vegetable Omelette (no cheese) (275) Milk (25) TOTAL = 300 Meal 3: Butter (200) Yogurt cheesecake thing raw (200) Meat (beef from something I got for Haider) (15) Milk (15) TOTAL = 430 Meal 4: (THIS is the meal I shouldn't have eaten) PB Butter Total = 400 Meal 5: (This was my post...
Soylent - Food replacement mikew 7 7 yearsRand (4291): Soylent green is people! its people!!!!!
Interesting article on sodium 4 bodybuilding the1 3 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Interesting read. Bookmarked ;)
Take a pic of what you're eating!! wannabemuscular Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): @teewhat haha i wanted to ask if you are from austria/germany as i ve seen that picture of your meal^^
Starting a cut. fitnessz2 8 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Why the bumping? Perfidy told you everything you need to know. DO IT YOURSELF.
Artificial Sweeteners: Taste Prometheus 9 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Different versions of Stevia are quite different from one another. Have you tried Truvia? Also, you all should check out Erythritol.
Need help with my cutting macros?! Mkyle266 8 7 yearshaole (2109): Dirty bulk means eating anything just to eat at a surplus in calories and not really tracking calories which means potentially gaining more fat than necessary. At least that's my idea of a dirty bulk. Clean bulk means eating good (not processed etc) food and tracking your macros so that you make gains without excess fat.
*BioLAYNE: U Cutting? People who always cut. FiremanSi 15 7 yearsCannonball (6283): have not cut once
Mmmm... Cheat Meals. Ghost 8 7 yearsJelet (2190): chinnese buffet. $6.50 with student discount. I get 2 plates of fried veggie rice. 2 plates of meat(they have different kinds... i mix them all up... including shrimp and some sushi) then pineapple..... or ill get a whole buffalo chicken Ranch pizza pie to myself. i have these cheat meals twice a month. (doesnt fit my macros but i eat it anways!) i have junk food everday but i fit it into my macros and i take ON fiber...
Paleo Solution jacapo_P 2 7 yearselizabethanne (316): I'm not sure about the podcast you're referring to, but paleo has its benefits. I know it's one of those hot topics, but I'd love to get to know some people in the forum who eat paleo and why and how it has helped their progress (or not). I currently eat a modified paleo diet called Autoimmune Paleo to help naturally treat my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, basically avoiding all possible immune irritating foods (gluten, grains, eggs, dairy, soy,...
Help with Starting out to getting ripped Rory020786 6 7 yearsRory020786 (1): @SOLARSUPLEX First of all i would like to say sorry for the time between replies i was working.. 1. Bulking/Cutting. Bulking is basically providing your body with a surplus of macro-nutrients to encourage your body to build muscle. this can lead to gaining a little body fat. Macro-nutrients are things like carbs, proteins, fats Cutting is getting rid of body fat but maintaining as much muscle mass as possible in the process. 2. Counting...
Nutrition through night shift Tritons 10 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): If ur working day off day on, count macros for both days together, for example if u need 2500 calories a day, then just add your macros towards 5,000 for both of the days, where u will probably end up having 3,000 the day u r up and 2,000 the day u sleep. In the end itl be 2,500 on average, ur macros dont necessary have to increase
Top 10 Spices (Interesting Article) FiremanSi 5 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Agreed i put it in alll porridge and pancakes also.. unreal. :)
Need Some of Your Knowledge knowowsley 1 7 yearsknowowsley (1): Hi guys, i'm new to the forum, actually I think this is the first forum I have ever been a part of!! Thanks for making sign-up and everything easy to follow. Anyways, Il give a little background on myself, because maybe it will help you to help me. I'm 21, i used to play basketball in high school, I think the most I could ever bench was 225 3 rep max, back when I was playing basketball senior year, which wasn't bad at the time. When i...
Intermittent Fasting for Bulking cool7425 1 7 yearscool7425 (1): I've been on an intermittent fasting diet for a while now and love how great it works for cutting. Has anyone here tried it for bulking? If so, how have your results been? For those familiar with the diet, I bumped my daily carbs up by about 75 grams to start gradually gaining muscle, instead of cutting fat. I've lost some definition in my abs, but can't really tell how quickly I'm actually gaining muscle -- if at all. Can anyone who has...
Starting out help moosh2014 5 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): Yeah OP has to be a girl, idk why that didn't come to mind.. But I agree with @xPerfidy, find your maintenance calories & go from there.
THE BULK :D Off-Season Vlogs jordzmetcalfe 22 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @jordzmetcalfe nice :) happy birthday!
Rapid/Dramatic Weight Fluxuations correra911 3 7 yearscorrera911 (97): Maintenance is 2550. Not beginning a lifting regimen, been lifting for 3 years or so now. My macros are 25%C, 45%P, 30%F (I feel a lot better on low carb diets). I have a cheat day typically once per week.
Grains blocking mineral absorption Jelet 4 7 yearsJelet (2190): there are pub med studies that show it does for some vitamins
Don't Know What To Do!! dserious111 17 7 yearsdserious111 (130): @mikew hey man thanks a lot!!! I'll get to work on my lats right away then. That was the main concern, the waistline. I've read to slowly increase my cals 100 a week. Hope this is correct. 190p 140carbs 80fats is what I've readjusted my macros to. I'm at 1900 calories and will up it starting Sunday for the new week
Question About Counting Macros correra911 7 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Anything that is fat based is usually more calorie dense. Olive/coconut oil for example I will track because just 1 tbs is 120 cals. Things like Ketchup that are only 40cals per 2tbs or something like that which are more carb based I tend to ignore unless I'm slathering them on something.
Is 30% fat too much? ajm87 10 7 yearsnerdmuscle87 (1): Like everyone else said, I don't think 30 is too high: Mainstream nutrition experts seem to recommend 30% as the upper limit And the Layne Norton cutting guide on this very site puts 30% as an upper limit so that you don't crowd out room in your diet for other macros. If you've ever read Lyle McDonald's work, he seems to like 20-25% fat. As always, different sources say...
New BMR and macros/kcals after dieting/bulki GermanOakVolk 9 7 yearsGermanOakVolk (7): @xPerfidy Thank you very much brah!
Fat Loss and Muscle Gain - My personal view BruzSTR 9 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): I definitely wouldn't say its impossible to gain muscle while losing fat/cutting, but it's definitely not optimal for it. You gain much much more muscle mass if you consume in a caloric surplus.
.7g?? mind > blown aesthet1x 20 7 yearsMikemadeofpeace (1363): Awesome, thanks for posting that article. Nice and concise!
Question post workout carbs for bikini anteis99 2 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): When i was cutting i found NO difference in carb slection post workout... I tried everything from brown/basmati rice, hite potatoes to subway and poptarts. But if ur dieting u want something that will fill you up for longer.. i.e. sweet potato, brown rice, basmati rice, wholemeal bread was good also.. too much is bloating though. Depends on how u personally react.
Which calorie calculator is better? hollyhopeful5678 6 7 yearshollyhopeful5678 (1693): Thanks all! Hungry me = grumpy household.
Stupid Bro myth untrue mattd534 3 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): lol i also thought years ago that there is an anabolic window :D
Taking Agmatine with CitMal/Arginine..... LongBeachPatriot 1 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): It appears that Agmatine and CitMal/Arginine work antaganotically to each other, yet I see many pre wo powders with both these ingredients. Anyone take both at the same time and see good results? I just dont see how taking both would be good because Agmatine is an NO inhibitor while CitMal and Arginine increase NO. Sounds counterproductive to me.
Torn on what to do mrkrsll 4 7 yearsMethod (379): I would say cut and lean bulk if you want to get bigger. At that height and weight you're pretty big.
How would you react (que Layne Norton rant) Eat2Trainn247 11 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @oceanair pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one
Mass gainer vs milk MassTitan 24 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): @IrishGymSheep pretty cool how adaptive the human body can be. If I remember right it's about 40% of Americans are lactose intolerant. It's worse in African Americans and something like 90% of Asians.
Lifting 2 less days, how to adjust macros? ajm87 2 7 yearshaole (2109): leave them the same for a week or two and see what happens. Even if you get up to 1LB a week that is a good pace.
beginner bodybuilder adzgio 7 7 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): See if your body gains weight with those macros. I bulked up to 160 with macros about like that. I'm a big believer in not needing as much protein as you think, but do what works for you and keeps you feeling strong
Been a long time. Its Back to lifting! DFMaster240 8 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Don't know enough to tell. Were you progressively overloading those 2 years? As you said you didn't reverse diet to a 3500 surplus so that's probably the reason for the massive fat gain. Also it might have been an inaccurate estimation of BF%, I never trust calipers anymore - just the mirror. Mine said I was at 7-8% when I was well over 13% lol Were you happy/content with how you looked? You say you couldn't tell, why let a high possibly...
New protein bar, thoughts?? Thedude67 12 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): I'd try it. If it tastes good and is cheaper than normal protein bars I'd definitely stock up on them. They're just bugs
L. Norton chili Damon1962 14 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): @wannabemuscular have you posted your recipe before? id love to compare it to mine and combine ingredients
Carb increase allyfit18 3 7 yearsDevil82 (1240): Most likely, more carbs = more glycogen = more water retention. Could be wrong
homemade burritos jja0016 7 7 yearsajm87 (409): must. make. tomorrow.
Calorie intake question ryan_929 11 7 yearsryan_929 (478): That's exactly the answer I needed, thanks
Correct Macros for cutting at current weight AlphaPrime52 5 7 yearseknight (58109): -3X
how do i calculate my calories sennen 6 7 yearsjja0016 (829): or you could just get a account
too fast PLEASE HELP!!!! JoelStreet 16 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): @winnersneverquit @kickinchicken I never even recognized that
counting calories ? Fincheey 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Fincheey No worries dude.
Mini-cut Swift 4 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): HELLLS NO.
It All Changes NOW! (5/3/1 and Cut Log) teeeeej Jump to first page175Jump to last page 7 yearsteeeeej (487): Friday Jan 31 5/3/1 Bench 3 Sets of 95x8 SS w/ Band Pullaparts 3 Warmup Sets [135, 135, 165] 3 Working Sets, SS W/ 8 BW Pullups [190x3, 225x3, 250x6] Clean + OHP 5 sets of (1 clean + 10 OHP 95 lbs) Bentover Rows 5 sets of 135x10 DB Bicep Curls OH Tricep Extensions Hanging Leg Raises Diet has been on track recently. Cutting out a lot of sodium, I've been eating way too much of it recently. Weight is sitting steady around 189.5 lbs, want to...
How do you handle your chicken? Frostshock 23 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Not hard when you know how to cook, chicken cheese nachos, make you own spicy tomato based sauce cook it in that with whole wheat noodles like pasta. Or you can just cook it better pan fry the chicken then bake it in the oven. Make fajitas, make home made pizzas on pita bread and put the chicken on that. Learn to make any of the millions of sauces to put on your chicken. Also there is little wrong with cooking chicken for an hour if you do it...
Bulking Meal Plan - Advice Required Sharky 6 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Fuck carb powders, if your in the bro mindset needing them "simple sugars post workout" eat some fruit. For the rest just enjoy your food and eat some pasta, rice etc. Try and mix the fats up a bit, get some various sources in there... You wouldn't exactly want all your protein from one source. 630 might be a big jump, but if you can handle it mentally go for it
Counting Nutrients vojap 3 7 yearsvojap (40): Thanks EK!
Back again diet down attempt number three English81 15 7 yearsEnglish81 (1): I go up about three times weekly when I feel really depleted if that makes sense, learning through trial and error has given me the tools to listen to my body's needs without reaching for bad foods or over indulging, if I need carbs I have them, I'm disciplined enough to know between genuine huger and greediness now haha x
why is red meat so confusing jja0016 22 7 yearsoceanair (18020): LOL
what the hell??? mattd534 9 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): My weight does that on a regular. I could eat the same amount of kcal ever day for say 3 months and my weight will maintain for 2 weeks then jump up 1.5kg then maintain 2 weeks then jump another kilo in a day
Where to go from here..? Sharky 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): There's still autumn in the middle mate... leaving 1month of summer so, dont worry bout being lean for summer.. start bulking up your only young bro. I dont really follow any meal plan i have my macronutrients to hit for the day and i just hit that any way possible while trying to incorporate 2fruits, 2 greens and 12g fibre/1000cals intake.
6-7 months cut, reverse dieting need advice Torance 10 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @Torance You stated above that "your goal atm is to increase maintenance" so there's your answer. Stick with that. Don't get so caught up in training/nutrition/appearance and let it run your life. Too often people only focus on those things and it can become very stressful on the mind and affect your daily life, friends, family, etc. Focus on your other passions, job, etc and remember this is just a hobby
sugar intake ajm87 6 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): I love haribo haha
Do fat and carb macros really matter? zacharyc 8 7 yearsPrometheus (829): You need fats for so much of your bodies functions, they are necessary
Macros SupremeLeader 3 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): /thread
IF article tnation MassTitan 10 7 yearseknight (58109): This is the aspect of diet and training that most people just seem to ignore. "Let me neglect the needs of my body so I can improve my bf%/bench press." Reps for this post. -3X
DESPERATELY NEED HELP!! graydinhotorres 14 7 yearsGStarRaw (1441): ^ my gains really started to come in (strength) from the 6th - 12th month, like some rapid increase. (maybe it was my form) Btw i tried to body recomp aswell, tried to lose fat as well as gain muscle, i feel that it was a poor approach, would have been better off cutting and bulking.
why did i loose weight? miss1995 5 7 yearsmikew (11494): Ah ah aha ha ha ha ha.. amazing
"best" protein blends- teewhat 19 7 yearsteewhat (1972): cool man cheers for the heads up. may just get me some syntha 6, myofusion.
A stupid question I have to ask... newguy298 14 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): I'm a nurse too and it's sad how little some people think of nurses. What people don't know is that doctors call nurses all the time to ask them what meds or treatments they suggest he/she should prescribe. No, they aren't specifically trained in nutrition or bodybuilding. They are experts in saving lives. Recognizing irregularities in the human body and how to reverse/treat them. They are highly educated in a shit ton of disease processes,...
Kali muscle attacking iifym samirsaleh 27 7 yearsMaarten (4299): @eknight yeah me neither, it was just a random thought of mine. I also heard bostin loyd say in his videos that the only things he changes about his diet, is the drugs..
diet advice - cutting dazzler95 4 7 yearsdazzler95 (1): thanks very much
Help On my Bulk Mr_Feathers34 5 7 yearsMr_Feathers34 (1):
invert fat and carb intake FxElement17 2 7 yearseknight (58109): Your body needs glucose to run on. Fat conversion to glucose is nearly non-existent. It was actually thought to be impossible until recently. Fairly sure MPS would suffer greatly fromthis approach. -3X
10 weeks to maximise my cut diet davbar1986 3 7 yearsBruzSTR (73): I would suggest a normal-paced cardio, or HIIT to speed up your fat burning. 20-30 minutes of normal walking or 10 minutes of HIIT. (high-intensity interval training, proven to be one of the quick fixes to burn fat, google it) Good luck!
Ketogenic Diet Best For Fastest Fat Loss? WillJPatterson 17 7 yearsWillJPatterson (4): Thanks man, I'll incorporate all of it.
True No Bull**** Article About Breakfast ozml8 9 7 yearslolssons (1249): oatmeal with banana, milk and some honey to top it off with a protein shake!
First time calculating my caloric needs BreakingJoe Jump to first page44Jump to last page 7 yearsajm87 (409): not questioning him, just asking him questions if that makes sense? lol im following his advice and eating 2840 cals, 120g protein, 80g fat, 410 carbs.
Not trained for a while need advice cut/bulk veedubdub1 8 7 yearsveedubdub1 (1): Think I will anyway today consisted of Flat dumbell Press 3 warm up sets 16,22, and 24 kg Then did 3 working sets Of 28kg for 7 32kg for 6 Dropped down to 24 for 8 Incline Flues 2 sets to Fail 10-15 reps 14kg for 14 16kg for 8 Straight arm pullover 2 sets to fail 10 - 15 Reps 24kg for 15 28kg for 8 Tricel pulldown extension 3 sets to fail 10- 12 50kg for 20 58kg for 12 68kg for 10r Lying cable Extension 3 sets to fail 10 - 12 68kg for...
macros question bslo 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Anything I use a gratuitous amount of I'll count. A line of mustard I don't really worry about but fries slathered in ketchup or syrup on my pancakes I would count.
small problem = quick fix? KingLeonidasXIV 3 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): Ditto
Cheat Meal jacobrodriquez 8 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Everyday. Meals cheat me to eat them.
On my cut so far KingLeonidasXIV 5 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): I had this issue, was boxing 3 times a week, lifting 4 and eating 2200calories and couldn't lose weight. Ive now built my metabolism up, I strangled my metabolism soo much that I couldn't lose anymore weight with out going dangerously low caloric deficit!
How's my DIET LOOKING? GOOD OR BAD? alexgetsstrong 8 7 yearsGougher (208): I would lower them to 170g. Up the carbs equally. Do not need more than 1g/lbs, especially when bulking
Cutting/Reducing Fat for 42yo 1971model 7 7 yearsGunther (1285): Look for a thread by @Kansas__Boyyyy in the diet advice tab, its called A How To...Calculating your Macros. It was very well done and tells you all you need to know to get started.
build muscle while burning fat samirsaleh 9 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Brilliant explanation!
How does everyone get all there carbs in? teendrummer871 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearsbslo (262): @FiremanSi It's not that i try to replace any food with a shake but i use it only if i am missing macros at the end of the day. I prefer it to eating slices of bread...
Log, introduction, first bulk, backpains BreakingJoe 11 7 yearsBreakingJoe (37): Decided to do the pull day after all, Wide grip latt puldowns 4 sets of 6-10 reps Seated cable rows with an overhand grip 4 sets of 8-12 reps Unilateral rowing machine 3 sets 12 reps 10 kg each hand one handed pulldowns 2 sets of 12 reps Seated dumbbell shrugs 3 sets of 12 reps 12 kg db's (hate shrugs xd) Seated dumbbell curls 3 sets of 12 reps with 8 kg each hand For some reason my back didn't get pumped :/ Also mind muscle connection...
Post workout meal lolssons 5 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Often times if i workout at night i just have my shake then go to sleep assuming im pretty wiped out from the workout. Take the long way home from the gym and pass out when i get home. Morning is when i feast.
kcal surplus lift days/deficit rest days? FxElement17 6 7 yearsFxElement17 (139): Thanks
Diet advice needed! MMB 6 7 yearsMMB (3616): In fact it's more like 75g of protein in meat/fish. My carbs gives me around 10g of protein per meal, so 25g P needed per meal minus 10g coming of carbs equal 15g left to be filled with meat/fish or any whole foods.
MUSCLE - Science and Application Podcast setprsnow 14 7 yearssetprsnow (16): nice, thanks arnoe. will have to put him on my bucket list. currently having an internet problem that is messing up my audio quality for interviews. supposed to be fixed friday and hope to roll with interview guests about weekly from there on.
Carb Cycling Questions jarda 4 7 yearsbkoguy07 (274): he's patronizing you man
sickness ruining gains jaydiddy85 4 7 yearsBreakingJoe (37): one bad day doesn't ruin everything tough I know the feels, eat as much as you can that day untill you reached your macros, Don't worry, get better and get gaining again
Optimum timing of Intermittent Fasting ed7walsh 28 7 yearsjja0016 (829): lol this guy has no idea what hes gotten himself into
What to eat at night??? darkopandic 23 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @teewhat ;)
Adding calories when you aren't gaining ajm87 10 7 yearsajm87 (409): about 140-141 lbs. now im gonna add 25g carbs this week after 2 weeks of not gaining
Drinking TyrannosaurusFlex 19 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): I just drink pure rubbing alcohol about three shots of that with a chaser of listerine and I feel good, plus it doesn't do anything to my macros and it increases my testosterone by at least 500% according to my doctor, try it boys
Need help!! macros aesthet1x 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yep i agreee with @eknight on this one. I would'nt like more than half to come from saturated fat.. thats just a personal note and how my body reacts.. but i really don't care or track generally cause i just have to hit my fats.. end of. :)
Harboro Sugarless Gummi Bears - Warning, OMG kickinchicken 6 7 yearsThor (5028): haha classic
Nutrient timing.. Yes, no, maybe? MMB 5 7 yearsSedlo18 (25): I think its BS personaly. Just make sure at the end of the day your hitting your macros. I just try to keep most of my big carb meals around my workout (pre/post) to fuel a good workout. Then get my fats in towards the end of the day and spread protein evenly throughout the day.
In a bit of a predicament. Need some insight Outwork_08 3 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @Outwork_08 dude I went on a 1&half month binge end of last year and gained 20lbs. I've already lost 8lbs and most of that is what @FiremanSi said. Stick to your macros for a couple of weeks and adjust accordingly after it. There's no rush to get to where you want to be. Its a marathon
DIET! NEED HELP! teendrummer871 13 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @teendrummer871 I think you need to STOP planning what your going to eat everyday and just take it a day at a time. Eat when your hungry.. cook some stuff in batch like rice, pasta, potatoes, turkey, chicken... So u have a quick meal if you need it but MEAL 3 doesn't need to be chicken and potatoes everyday man. Hit ur macros, train hard, rest and u'll be fine. This is not a sport for the impatient.
Starting cut advice aesthet1x 2 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): 2 weeks ?? it takes my body at least a week to realize its getting less calories and start losing fat, i can only lose a max of 0.3% body fat in that period, + u r gna risk losing muscle with all the cardio and low calorie diet
Starting cut again, making changes. lil help anteis99 8 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): Should be okay if you're in a deficit, but you can still up your carbs and remain in a deficit if you want to.
Estrogen levels in male body MMB 6 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @MMB the professional may or may not request male hormones or estrogen be checked when doing the bloodwork. Make sure you ask about that when you have your consult. Good luck.
Bulking nutritional tips? greg_89 5 7 yearseknight (58109): Realistic goal if you're a complete beginner is around a pound a month of LBM. If you're not a beginner, .25-.5 pounds is more realistic. -3X
Eating late/workout early B_dubs222 1 7 yearsB_dubs222 (1): I usually work out mid - late day - after ive had about 1500 cals in me because ive found i have shitty workouts if i dont have about that much in me before. Work has been kind of a grind lately and i dont have much motivation to hit the gym after work anymore so im thinking about getting up early and going before work. My question is because ive learned i need a descent amount of cals in me to get a good workout in, can/should i eat a big...
Casein vs WPI/WPC teewhat 13 7 yearsteewhat (1972): thought syntha-6 was a slow digesting complex, thats awesome cos its like candy at the same time haha. Just gotta watch those extra carbs
Audio books for nutrition Hamer93 2 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): I'm creeping on audible now for some good ones. Definitely want to hear if you find one!
if i eat a huge meal jja0016 18 7 yearsalexgetsstrong (7): jja0016, can't you drink a protein shake mixed in with blended oats at work?
*FiremanSi (Log) - A BULK of Thrones !!! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Morning weigh in: 179.4lb (Highest in awhile) Normallly i would've worked out yesterday but with this new program it's only 4 days a week and i've decided those days to be.. Mon Tues Fri & Sat. I went to the gym ysterday walked incline for 2k and 4-5sets of pull ups and some BB shrugs 5sets. Very light stuff just to ween myself off a standard wed where i would normally smash back & delts for hyper day. Really enjoying pull ups at the...
Here Comes The Bulk... KalletSc 29 7 yearsKalletSc (607): pretty disappointed..i woke up with a pretty sore lower back..I think I kind of sacrificed form for weight on my rows yesterday. today's lower power day was a fail Jan 8 2014: Lower Power Squat: 315x3 315x4 315x3-decent sets. the second one was an improvement Deadlift-320x8, 350x3...heres the sad part...I couldn't even pull 365 once today and I hit it 7x last week Front squat: 205x8,205x8,215x5...I know if i felt better I could have gotten 8....
Workout / nutrition plan feedback :) Jonte9900 2 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Main thing that stands out is you think Meal timing has some place in your diet when in fact it really doesn't matter mate. Stop worrying when u have to eat and just eat when ur hungry. Next your the typical newbie relying on supplements to get you bigger... i don't know your premise behind using xtend and combat powder as ur last meal but i'd stop wasting your money. Also dextrose intra workout ?? Unless ur wokrout is last longer than...
Pre and Post Workout Nutrition JGfor3 6 7 yearsScotian (9922): no more
A theory... Hamer93 21 7 yearseknight (58109): @Eat2Trainn247 nice summary. -3X
Kronex`s current Shape/16 year old. Kronex Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsryan_929 (478): He read it, twice over. :(|)
Ketogenic Diet vs Normal Cutting Diet jarda 14 7 yearsjarda (1): I'm not saying I want to be at 3-5% BF, I want to be at 8%, I am at around 10% right now. And I'm not sure if I can lose fat without doing cardio while eating carbs, in the last stages of fatloss.
College and Lifting, advice please! Sedlo18 8 7 yearsKphan18 (61): Train hard, diet harder, study even harder but get involved with the social side of theings
Caloric Intake jaro 29 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): What the furk is going on?!!!
IIFYM with Mcdonalds experiment bkoguy07 10 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Downsize me Docu
Question about Carbs and fats when cutting newguy298 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Personnel prefernce... I've tried both and i responded better to higher fats on my cut.
Building Muscle while Reverse-Dieting? Chris 2 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): I think it depends on the severity of metabolic damage you incrued. For instance, if you were in a severe deficit for an extended amount of time, despite beginning to add kcals/CHO back in, the last thing your body wants to do is add muscle. It wants to STORE STORE STORE some energy
Jack Daniels Sauce AarronStenner 1 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): For those of you who enjoy TGI Fridays JD sauce I've found a brilliant recipe! I just had with garlic&herb topside of beef. I'll be making the chicken strips soon aswell clickable text
Eating healthy with Crohns Broschette 2 7 yearsshannowman (6367): Never heard of the not eating skins thing. I can't eat nuts anyway so that never bothered me. There's a thousand 'healthy' foods out there even if you're excluding those listed. Tbh, just eat things, see how they make you feel and avoid them if you play up from them. For me it's not so much foods as volume that screws with me. I find if protein gets higher then I'm worse or if I consume too much fibre in a go. Although that's probably pretty...
5ft8/150lbs/21yo...need help Fulking2K14 7 7 yearsFulking2K14 (1): Thanks guys
Eating Healthy your New Years Resolution? jgg0123 1 7 yearsjgg0123 (1): Let LIFESTYLE MEALS help! For a month’s supply of food, the cost would be $275 (normally $400) and this includes: · 60 meals total (15 delivered every Sunday or Monday for 4 weeks) starting January 5th or 6th. · Each weekly delivery comes frozen with 5 of each: breakfasts, lunches and dinners. · Consists of low-sugar and sodium meals with high fiber and protein. · Cost per meal comes to $4.58 · ...
help desperately needed.. 2110King 5 7 yearsshannowman (6367): Congratulations on starting to train. The three hour thing is pretty irrelevant. Have you heard of tracking your macros? If you need help on them, use the search function. There's been many threads on the topic. There's also a lot of decent YouTube vids on the topic. Channels like flexforall and 3dmj have information useful to you,
Opinions on online diet coaching monsta 8 7 yearscassious (2926): @eat2trainn247 Exactly, Its a learning experience.
Quest Bars lawsuit kickinchicken 3 7 yearsoceanair (18020): i used to love these, until i recently found out that something in them causes my stomach to hurt like hell. i thought maybe it was something else i was eating, but nope. quest bars don't agree with my tummy.
How much is your average weekly shop Jimmydrama13 28 7 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): @Jimmydrama13 yeah if your competing you'll want good quality stuff since it'll benefit your health more- especially on a cut.
Diet tips please? KingLeonidasXIV 8 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Count one as a refeed day and burn the excess in cals from the second day... i.e. make up 600-1000cals of cardio this week.... i wouldn't do it in one session though. Space it out.
What does your nutrition plan look like? slowurroll 18 7 yearsJimmydrama13 (295): Training day Meals Meal 1 - 6 whole eggs, ½ Tbls of virgin coconut oil, 30g of spinach, 100g of oats, 160g of berries Meal 2 - 50 g of whey isolate,2 Tbls of natural peanut butter,1 banana Meal 3 - 200g of Beef,220 g of veggies,2 slices bread,200g sweet potato Meal 4 – 180g chicken,200g brown rice Meal 5 – 180g Beef,160 berries,2 eggs Pre workout – 120g of chicken small can of creamed rice,1 Tbls natural peanut butter Before and...
Refeed KingLeonidasXIV 5 7 yearseknight (58109): You could always just eat a "normal" kcal deficit diet. I shudder to think what you're protein intake looks like, never mind the effect you're having on your body. -3X
STORING YOUR CHICKEN!!!! JoelStreet 11 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): If uncooked, you could get salmonella poisoning after more than 2 days in the fridge, unthawed.
Making the cut... Thedude67 Jump to first page56Jump to last page 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): 315, new PR!!
Metabolic downregulation eknight 7 7 yearscardinal (6175): Good to know, also regarding the last point- a PT at the gym, usually astute in his advice tried to convince me to jump onto a 4000 calorie diet. He explained the way I train which is similarm to him, lots of compound and oly lifting although he's from the dark side (crossfit), meant we needed to take in high calories. I tried to explain he would have a point if I hadn't be dieting for so long and I was on my feet all day like him, when in fact...
Intro and Guidance SOLARSUPLEX Jump to first page140Jump to last page 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): These baby legs. =/
Thoughts on medium chain triglycerides optima 6 7 yearsAKK (1998): Also, food taste really good after being cooked in coconut oil. I think people tote it due to having a higher heat threshold and not breaking down uner heat. Not sure how true the claim is though
Tracking macros while you are sick? ajm87 9 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): I've been hitting the gym yeah
Reverse dieting: Yes or no? Maarten 8 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I did it after i cut 26lbs in 4months on my cut and i found it was VERY benificial. I went from 2550cals to 3600 in bout 6-8weeks and with minimal fat gains and i'm really happy i did it man. Will do it after every future cut.
Whats your calorie deficit when cutting? jayc0 14 7 yearseknight (58109): Just sayin... Welcome to the boards, nonetheless. -3X
body reacting weird rwall89 9 7 yearsrwall89 (64): I currently weight 3 lbs more than when I calculated my maintenance. Figured it from a link that I was given on this site.
Nutrition confusion monsta 7 7 yearssarahsj (7): I think your confusion comes from something very simple. You are comparing optimal and effective. Knowing the specifics of your macros is optimal and effective. Eating smart, exercising hard, and being close to optimal is effective. Compare it to your car. Your car runs very effectively with slightly fouled spark plugs, a slight dirty air filter, and oil that is over 3 months old. It is not optimal, but it gets you where you are going very...
Quest bars lawsuit? Scotian 19 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): i dont know what to think anymroe boys
Munting eingold 18 7 yearsClaytonANM (4): Maybe try drinking a few meals. Liquids never seem to fill me up like solids & it's easy to add in a little milk or low-fat ice cream into a shake if you need to get down the calories. Also, when I am several months into a bulk and my calorie requirements are raised to the point where I have difficulty getting enough of an appetite to put the food down, I start eating more calorie dense foods. I eat things like Ben & Jerry's fro-yo...
teenage bulking log swollenpoulin 8 7 yearsel89 (19): nicee :P
Bulking Macros Jsn3004 5 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): I'm 138 lbs and very slowly bulking at 3,300 kcals. Macro split I am for is: c/p/f 55/25/20 However it is extremely hard for me to get in my carbs and fats without going over protein goals if I'm aiming to get quality protein in as well. All I recommend is experiment, keep adding
Simply.Library OptimusPrime 8 7 yearsleanr0x (4183): thanks man...holidays are coming
Cereal!!! mattd534 30 7 yearsmattd534 (3208):
Macro question Woodp27 10 7 yearseknight (58109): Just point me to the booth. Personally, there's a dozen guys/girl here I'd rather have autographs of, but if you need a stand in while they're on a lunch break, I'm there lol. -3X
Help withe Macros killacali 9 7 yearseknight (58109): And be aware that most women produce so much creatine naturally, taking it as a supplement is often worthless. -3X
Gym guide AndyPSV 1 7 yearsAndyPSV (1): New address. Updated all diet, #3. Maybe somebody would find it interesting. Haters, Thanks
low gi foods justin1993 19 7 yearseknight (58109): Lmao this isn't even a sentence! Wtf are you still going on about? What? How can anyone listen to anything you're saying when we can't even figure out wtf it is that you're saying?? -3X
Intermittent Fasting While Bulking LongBeachPatriot 7 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): I do cycle my carbs. Ill go high one or 2 days a week, moderate a few days and low a couple days (usually rest days). You can also prevent protein degredation by taking in bcaa's thorought the fast. What I do like is the glycogen depletion and then replenishment when you break fast. It cleans the body out. Also gives the digestive system a break for a while. I may just do it once every 2 or 3 weeks now. I am gaining lean muscle (with some...
Deeez(nutz) gets ripped LOG deez0330 Jump to first page158Jump to last page 7 yearsadam82a (3100): Thats absolutely terrible, terribly sorry for your loss @deez0330.
A How To: Calculating YOUR Macros Kansas___Boyyyyy 27 7 yearsthe1 (33861): great write up bro
carb cycling justin1993 7 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): This
Cutting diet advice Ghandi 1 7 yearsGhandi (13): Alright guys, any chance you can let me know if you think this looks ok? Height - 6'1 Weight - Around 83Kg P - 180 F - 67 C - 270
eating on rest days mattd534 28 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Do exercises around the house, i bought some dbs up to 10kg, an ab roller, a boxing bag and some stretch bands. Other than that, multitude of press ups to hit chest and triceps, dips off a couch, normal sits ups, if your cutting and missing cardio, stair sprints work. Dont use the weather as an excuse, prepare and conquer
I Lost a little bit of respect NorIda Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Ian might be frail or small but is healthier than Ben... All those chemicals and gh he injects only ends up killing you in mid 40s
Is Carb Back Loading good for cutting? jayc0 3 7 yearsMaarten (4299): Not overthinking and keeping it simple is good for cutting.
Bottled water as fattening as soda!! The fuk samirsaleh 11 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Don't worry about getting a glass shaker bottle. These are very common and are BPA free. They're sold all over. Not just on clickable text
Soy protein VytasP 10 7 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): @VytasP why not drink milk? I often can't afford to pay out one big amout for protein powders so I just tend to drink 1-2litres of it a day. if not as the others said soy will be fine, good luck with your lifting.
PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.... LongBeachPatriot 12 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): Ain't gun' lie, I've been taking spoonfuls and straight up downing it with a little water lol. A little SF jelly and im gtg. Not a fan of peanut butter taste in my shakes, i like coffee whey and cookie dough casein lol.
Carbohydrates question Bullet2345 7 7 yearsDamon1962 (529): Steer away from foods that you cannot tolerate. Other than that, your choice of carbs is limitless.
Macro/cals advice aesthet1x 6 7 yearsmikew (11494): @aesthet1x are you tracking your food with an app like MFP or Lose It? The apps will figure out your cals for you.
Starting my first cut... laxbro32 7 7 yearseknight (58109): Drop sets and training to and "beyond" failure are pointless for naturals whether you're cutting, bulking or maintaining. No amount of "advanced" techniques can create an environment in which your body will elevate muscle protein synthesis beyond what it can do once it is at its ceiling. Train smarter and you don't need to train harder. -3X
Food for thought.... Er Protein NorIda 20 7 yearsthe1 (33861): I eat 6-8x a day I cook a bag of rice. Chicken breasts. Turkey breasts. Sirloin steaks. Lean hamburger and cut up my lemons every other day.
JISSN posted today Damon1962 2 7 yearsNorIda (46958):
Cheat meal Jimmydrama13 18 7 yearsjja0016 (829): pizza, burger / fries, ice cream, chocolate, milkshakes, soda, chicken fingers, cheesy chicken burritos with avocado, sour cream, salsa, rice chipotle style, inn n out
Mass Supplement advice aesthet1x 14 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): great advices guys thank you! ill try bending all that food
Cutting to 6% body fat Detam 17 7 yearsDetam (7): Will try it out this week! @FiremanSi
It's hard to lose waist fat RHGF 13 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): You don't just lose waist fat. That's just not how it works. If someone lost waist fat specifically doing some routine or diet they probably already had a genetic tendency to lose fat in that area first no matter what. The point of the matter is you need to lose overall body fat to lose waist fat. Find your maintenance, cut the cals slowly to a max of 500 deficit, get your macros, train, and sleep. All you need to do.
My Cutting Diet hanz90 13 7 yearsKphan18 (61): Good luck man but i would make like a few diets with the exact same macros to change things up so u dont go insane
Protein question darkmau2013 13 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): No problem man. Body building should be fun! Get a log up, learn some stuff and stuff your face! If any of the calculations confuse you just ask. The website on that guide has a pretty good maintenance calculator, then follow the math on the guide to get the rest of your macros. For example you could say mine is 20/25/55 but it usually always equals out to around 23/24/53 or something uneven like that. Don't think too hard into it, just eat...
Review of my macros slowurroll 12 7 yearsslowurroll (25): So .3-.5/lb of bf for fats? Then .1ish/lb for protein and the rest for carbs? Sounds easy enough. Is that still a good ratio on a cut?
Eating after 5............ Thedude67 23 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): @donkeyschlong It's hard (no pun) to take you seriously with that name...
Diet Help ex offensive lineman FreddyJ63 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): ^^This post would be a great help to anyone. I would suggest finding ur maintenance cals and try eating at just that amount for a week or so before jumping into a caloric deficit. Anymore probs just ask.
Honey - good or bad for weight loss? ragu2094 18 7 yearssupplemented (34): Honey + Peanut Butter sandwhiches Thank me later :cool:
Low Testosterone levels are spreading...(?) lelelaz 5 7 yearslelelaz (10): Why not?
Thoughts on re feeds v cheat meal Jimmydrama13 3 7 yearsJimmydrama13 (295): Ye as I said was first time doing a re feed and felt the benefits of it greatly as opposed to cheat meal , body fat unsure last time got tested was 9 percebt but that was 3 weeks ago alot tighter now still some stubborn fat on triceps but I reckon I'm 7 percebt ish now , 3 weeks left , starting to decrease carbs further , And Ye as u say looking forward to re feed day counting down the secs ha
Low carb diets Scotian 10 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Remember reading this on Facebook on one of those Gym appreciation pages.. though it was AWEOME. Good stuff.
Need some advice [Pics included] Pfkv 24 7 yearsPfkv (10): @FiremanSi @illwill67 These are the pictures that don't open above:
Hmm, question AKK 1 7 yearsAKK (1998): Is there any research any where that correlates with a large increase of fat intake and the end results increase of appetite/hunger? I had Korean BBQ yesterday ate a shit ton of protein but it was also very fatty protein as well.. Today my appetite/hunger has been through the ROOF and I have been plowing through food. in this it says "In general this will lead to a blunted response....
Recipe/food/idea thread VOLSAO 1 7 yearsVOLSAO (129): Anybody got a recipe for low sodium tacos? Also, feel free to share any recipe that you may use to hit your macro's. Could be useful for a lot of people.
3 best foods Hamer93 27 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Pro: Turkey Breast, STEAK, White Fish (Basa, current favourite) Carbs: Potatoes(Any Kind), Fruit, Wholewheat Pasta or POPTARTS Srs Fats: Eggs (love 'em), Guacomole(UNREAL), Most Oils (fish, Olive, Coconut)
Gunnar Peterson , book related thread Illadian 3 7 yearsIlladian (268): only took interest in it cos a guy like gunnar peterson mentioned it as a refrence or a book to read , then i read n got skeptic thus why i posted it here to see wt u guys think
*Bulk Log BRAHH, Si's on FIRE 4 new GAINZ. FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): FIREMANSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIII
Why is Nutrition So Controversial? funckygarcon 17 7 yearsadam82a (3100): Well, insulin inhibits the lipolysis to some extent but it doesnt change the net fat loss.
360 lbs 6"3 and 22 years old. bigC 8 7 yearscassious (2926): And take heaps of progress pics, then when you're in good shape you can be a big inspiration to others!
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE FROM BULKING(HELP) ezvmoneybeast 4 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): How are you checking your BP? You have a home machine or using one of those units that you sit at at the local pharmacy? As @McQueef said, don't take it right after training. Take it either in the morning before activity or at night after you've relaxed for a bit. Also, personally my BP always starts going up when I drop cardio from my routine. 1-2 sessions per week is usually enough for me to maintain decent BP readings.
need diet help dazzler95 8 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I've tried both way of not fat before and after and having both.... no difference for me personally. Just focused on hitting my caloric goal for the day.
Thanksgiving dilemma junkeymonkey 12 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Thanksgiving is one day of the year, the memories are forever. I eat an ungodly amount of good every thanksgiving. I end up hating myself but no fucks are ever given.
Optimal amount weight gain per week on bulk? Sedlo18 5 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): When you say "bulk" are you saying lean muscle or just pure pounds? I can put on 1 lb a day easy. Fat maybe, but its weight. Looks like you mean muscle. drink more water before you jump o the scale. lol.
hows this diet look? monsta 5 7 yearsMethod (379): Try 114g F - 257g C - 200g P. Two less scoops should about do it. For Fiber i Scoop my protein into bran cereal. Glorious shits.
Cooking Quinoa illwill 3 7 yearsillwill (331): Well it cooked fine I just got sick of the taste. I considered hot sauce, but didn't think it would taste right. I will give that a shot, though. I added butter just now for lunch and wasn't really satisfied, but it was better than nothing.
Lactose free protein powder mattd534 9 7 yearsproteinshaker (1): that doesn't mean it can't be lactose free. lookup hydrolyzation of protein.
cutting musicenferno 11 7 yearsmusicenferno (4): and so help me please i don t understand a lot breakfast bread 50g bresaola 50g Almonds 20g snack 200 gr cottage cheees lunch olive oil 1 tablespoon 9gr chicken breast or fish 200 GR salad or vegetables snack bread / 50g bresaola 50g Almonds 20g dinner after max 1 hour of the end of the gym Tuna 100 gr or 150 gr white meat Broccoli / vegetables 200 gr Olive oil 1 tablespoon 9 gr Wed,...
Newbie calling for help SarahJabb 6 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): I agree with @FiremanSi s full nody workout is definitely the way to go as a beginner, and it will definitely fit your goals. A 5*5 program like the others suggested, is not bad, but only when you truly do know how to execute all the lifts with good form. Also, is your goal really strength? Or do you just mean that you want to add some muscle and get a fitness model look? If you are going for the fitness model look then i would suggest a simple...
Timing...myth or important Ross12 25 7 yearsRoss12 (1): i play tennis
Macros for my current Cutting Cycle AlphaPrime52 23 7 yearsAlphaPrime52 (1): Good to know thanks, Ill see whats up with my new macros and see how my body reacts to it
Evaluation. Mikeyrolo 8 7 yearsMikeyrolo (1): thanks for that!
Fat limit MrMailliw 15 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): No, my carbs are still above 350g everyday but I find food that bump my fats higher more enjoyable and cost effective. @tamere01 Not sure about the energy bit as my carbs and protein are high. Also, a high load of carbs pre-workout can make you tired, better to up your fats before you workout.
Need help reaching daily calories Perfidy 29 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): Good luck bro
Thoughts on dirty bulking. jonrivs49 Jump to first page42Jump to last page 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): At the end of the day my philosophy is do what you want. Your smart enough to make your own decisions, if you want to go for raw size and power, why not dirty bulk, if you want to keep looking lean and bulking, lean bulk. The choice is yours
macros faina00 24 7 yearseknight (58109): I'm not sure that they are. At one point, I believe they were, though, so I'm going off of that. -3X
cutting questions Ross12 3 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Go to sleep 30/45 minutes earlier or just sleep longer. No point in interrupting quality sleep. Also as @ek said it doesn't matter if you eat clean or dirty, what matters is if you're hitting your macros every day and the proper caloric deficit. Do you know your maintenance?
Unknown Nutrition Facts: How you deal Frostshock 8 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Truth
Starting Fashion Model Needs YOUR Advice jarda Jump to first page40Jump to last page 7 yearsThor (5028): This. And it makes no sense to me that everyone is slamming his fitness goals. Good luck man.
Need help on Diet - 5/3/1 BBB Program Perfidy 11 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): Its my opinion that there is no perfect ratio. Everyone is different. Give those numbers a chance and if it's not working for you adjust as you see fit. The ratio that works best for me is probably not what most people use but it works for me! What I'm trying to say is, those numbers seem like a good place to start but don't be afraid to personalize it
Energy difference between bulk/cut jja0016 4 7 yearsElminister (3412): I've cut twice and both time my energy levels during workouts were low once my body fat dropped below certain percentage. Right now I'm bulking again and for me, difference is huge.
High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Johnny253 3 7 yearsajones46 (11701): "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." -Hippocrates
Sugar? faina00 2 7 yearseknight (58109): It shouldn't be an obstacle, but in terms of quality, it's not a "first choice." My last cut, I allotted my carbs for the day and tried to fill them with more substantial foods (breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits, yogurt) but if at the end of the day, I had a ton of carbs left over and needed to consume something easy to meet them, I never hesitated to have a Pepsi or something similar. I just didn't "plan" high sugar...
Some help please? KingLeonidasXIV 4 7 yearsDamon1962 (529): Flu symptoms can make maintenance a challenge. Lots of liquids, manage what you can get down (and keep down) and don't make counting a top priority, once you fully mend, you'll be able to go back to your cut plan.
I'm in a big pickle. robthelob 6 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Legs for 3 weeks and then start working in upper body. Still eat in deficit if u cutting, but just by 200~300 calories. Dont stress
Are major 'excretions' normal? Pearce_Bolton Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsElminister (3412): I shit the moment I smell morning coffee and then again after I drink it. And then another 2-3 times through out the day. Bulking ftw.
+3000% Increase in HGH Wowzer Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsKFC (133): I like how everyone is just making fun of him, and not bothering to help him out. I would try, but I know my knowledge and explanations are pitiful compared to the more experienced members of the forum.
Why I DID Get Fat From Eating 5,000 Calories fredb 4 7 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): I'm with you Jonesie.
Diet Advice/ Over Eating HELP Chey 10 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Chey Using this i can calculate my caloric goal. Then using.. Track ur cals. Chances are like alot of women i deal with that are concerned or just trying to drop bf they are eating tooo few cals in general.
Calorie Counting paulamcfree 3 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @FiremanSi no bro, spam isn't paleo. Didn't you read the guide?!
Im a douche!! Opinions appreciated DanMmmFood 9 7 yearsDanMmmFood (13): Yer fully agree began today see what my macros have to get to for maintanance
Newbie nat3wills 6 7 yearsnat3wills (1): thanks all I haven't even been trying in terms of diet... been all depressed as an ex-runner with an injury and piling on weight by the week agghh! but pulling up my boots on Monday got myself some whey protein for next week! thanks I'll have a bash for a few weeks and see where it goes... thanks
Paleo diet Plan paulamcfree 3 7 yearspaulamcfree (1): Thank's teewhat!
need explanation pls salaheddine 4 7 yearsCorkey (291): eat lift sleep repeat
cutting 5x5 stronglifts RHGF 12 7 yearsHeinous (25): @RHGF Sorry for not answering ive been busy! Id say satuday so you get some rest before moday, and also the reason i made it your last training day in the week is because you want to prioritize the three big ones (bench squat deads) and the rest is just choices of yours that youd like to add, but i would only do stuff that im not able to do on the other days, isolation movements like bicep curls, calf raises, rear delts, forearms etc, do the...
EC stack mnussbaum01 27 7 yearsmnussbaum01 (16): I guess your body reacts differently, and you're heart isn't natural? Because mine can't handle anything higher than 175 bpm
Low in fiber whoops SwoleAnimal Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearspandasashi (3859): haha @xandar still going on about the shirt eh? so insecure...and I wasn't working out in that, I was working.. can you post a pic of yourself in your scrubs? not the dirty pics of you with other dudes but preferably a PG-13 max kinda thing..
New member advice on nutrition jcheath33 16 7 yearsjcheath33 (10): Re did my diet with your suggestions. Workout days will be 2898 cals, 236 protein, 302 carbs, 74.1 fats Non workout days will be 2658 cals, 224 protein, 254 carbs, 74.1 fats
Lactose Intolerance in the A.M Hewy007 4 7 yearsred66mustang (132): I am full lactose intolerant, wasn't always but overtime it developed. Before it developed fully, I was still sensitive to dairy only in the morning, so you might be developing into it. Try taking a "Lactaid" pill in the morning with your dairy see if that helps, it might give you a good indication.
My meal plan please judge teampsi 7 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Have a good read of IIFYM pal. If you already know about id say trial run it and then look to see the results. Also if u like planning ahead you can still do it with IIFYM. I plan around 75% of my food the night before, not implying its 75% "clean" as some of the stuff i plan in is ice cream or pancakes lol
Carb Sensitivity? alex323 9 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @rememberthis @NorIda His lifting advice is good stuff.. but his nutrition advice is OTT mad stuff really... Their good to watch just to see what he comes up with nest though.
New member needs advice Wraif 21 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): He's been killing it! He's been working out with me for weeks now, his diet is in check (he tracks everyday on myfitnesspal) and he lifts like a boss. He's pulling 305 on D/L (pretty easily), 225 on squat (definitely has more) and struggling a bit on bench with 135 or so, but he'll get there...
Are we bulking yet? Frostshock 10 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): Open thread to view post.
Boiled Eggs !! a great how-to samirsaleh 4 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): lol that's awesome
im new at this quiquiramirez 9 7 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): Haha cheers dude!
Bulk or keep cutting? D_maybury 7 7 yearsD_maybury (1): @Trev182 @pandasashi @SRorhrbac0808 @kbradley88 @SwoleAnimal alright i think I'm definitely gonna go on a good bulk. Any tips or advice?
Bulking Macro Split Hewy007 3 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): sounds good Nor, thanks buddy, i'm excited to be eating like a pig
female shreeding sarascara69 12 7 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): It will look like this
casein powder truths? KD310 13 7 yearseknight (58109): No problem. -3X
Adam Charlton - Dairy Products samirsaleh 5 7 yearseknight (58109): I've always heard that dairy is high in mucus, which makes your skin appear "thicker." He doesn't have lower bf% because he cut out dairy, he just appears leaner because he has less subcutaneous mucus. -3X
Deadline Diet and Peak Week mrigon2 3 7 yearsmrigon2 (1): Yea I hear the same quite often, the only thing is that I never completely fill out from the smaller re-feeds (200g every 4th day) so I can get back into a short term keto to burn fat. This makes me wonder if I dare stay in keto until mid way through peak week and have two re-feed days in a row. This would be my answer to the coaches who say "just peak the same as the day you looked the best on your diet". The smaller re-feeds just...
Please read , odd circumstance sameswagdevon 22 7 yearssameswagdevon (28): not housemates, jsut ppl letting me stay in their house, all they do is scream at each other usually about kitchen usage .. my goal is to not get involved or adding to the chaos. so i end up finding myself with out a spot to crash while im up here working...
IFFYM - Question about missing meals Unreachable 12 7 yearssamirsaleh (1957): @Unreachable is your daily macro goal usually unreachable ?
What do you think about this Hewy007 7 7 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): @wannabemuscular Amen brotha
Need advice on cutting progress! Charl 9 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): Based on what you provided, I have the following: Age: 24 Weight: 72kg Height: 169 Training: 7 Days a week (4 x plus 3km on 'off' days) Based on the above I would recommend: 2312kcals / C197 / P237 / F63 ---------------------------------- I may be wrong (correct me if I am), but it seems like your priority order is : Training - Training - Nutrition. I'm certain you will get your desired results by doing less, and with nutrition at the...
What is the point of Paleo mattd534 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsNJA82 (154): In all honesty Paleo if followed the way the media etc. portray it is a bit of a joke and not very practical and beneficial BUT I will admit that just as a personal experiment i cut out all processed dairy and all wheat/grain/gluten products except oats and brown rice and it has made a massive difference to my energy levels, amount of water retention, overall digestive comfort and well being in general. It did take about a month or so to notice...
Shredding For Shoot Advice & Recommendations TapperDD 11 8 yearsAKK (1998): Get shitfaced the night before
Advices on my diet. CaptainObvious 5 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Mayb lower it to 85ish bro. Love the monicor captainobvious by the way i always use that phrase. haha.
Overall advice rememberthis 12 8 yearsskel1977 (109): bro science at its finest
People freezing meat GTFIH Hamer93 20 8 yearsFrostshock (13324): 1 hour + 20 minutes per extra breast/piece completely submerged in cold water does the trick. Usually in the morning before I make breakfast I put 2 large breasts in a large tupperware, fill it to the brim with cold water and seal it. After breakfast is made I drain it, fill with cold water, seal. Take a shower, brush your teeth etc, by the time you come back they should be completely thawed. 35-45 mins @ 350 in a toaster oven and boom, juicy...
Would this work? Pearce_Bolton 17 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Me too bro i just find when i workout and do cardio in the same day... my appetite is RAVENOUS. So if there's no cardio and cals are in deficit and u pick high volume foods u'd be fine.
285 lbs 6"1 and 25 years old. leafs1989 6 8 yearsjja0016 (829): Actually I don't have any experience at that weight so listen to this because I'm thinking maybe because your ratio of fat to muscle is so high in comparison you dont have much muscle to lose so it really may be the fastest most effective way to lose it all without losing much muscle until a certain weight. Your reverse diet when you do get to your goal is going to be extremely slow I'd imagine though. Definitely speak to a dietitian...
anyone here use vitargo? nutellafreak 4 8 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): It's a good supplement, a little pricey though. A lot better then its alternative supplements and to answer what I think is your question; yes it can have its place in your diet if you're struggling to meet macros. However, I wouldn't spend money on it if your issue is 'disliking eating' (which is batshitcrazy!). If you train to a point of depletion and actually tax your if you're 'training' like 90% of the gym population don't...
Cut or Bulk Kam1990 13 8 yearsTrev182 (14986): No dont do that. Just stick to a syeady 200 cals above maintenance and see how you get on. Dont jump around
new to all this flowergirl 4 8 yearsflowergirl (1): Thanks, I will have a look at those.
Whats my energy level Hamer93 6 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Bout 50-60euro tops... ebay or amazon.
bulking advice Trev182 10 8 yearsTrev182 (14986): Pm sent bro
Dont knock it till you try it (food edition) Hiiibbbb 5 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Was thinking this as soon as I saw the thread title, was the only way I could eat cottage cheese when I started.
Help in losing weight..Diet and workout log Yog_86 1 8 yearsYog_86 (10): Hi All, Need your advice/suggestions to plan out my meal and workout log to help me lose weight and gain some lean muscles if possible?? I weighed 100kg and it was like high alert for me to get back in shape. I am able to lose 3 kg using the below diet within 2 weeks [not sure if it’s the diet or exercise]. My main focus is to lose as much as weight I can. Please feel free to advice and provide suggestions, I will really...
Alchohol and Bodybuilding-My new approach KalletSc 15 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Ever tried Pump King? I heard it was good, especially this time of year. Keep frattin hard m8. TFM
bcaa during fasting leanr0x 7 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Yes. The first one is the most optimal
Calorie "Cycling" Jigsawk 3 8 yearsJigsawk (55): Well , my weight is kinda stable and I'm slowly adding weight. got less then 0,5kg after 15 days so I'm really happy with that .. Being able to eat a lot more after prolonged cut is such a release.. But my question was if it will make any difference at the end of the week if my overall intake is the same ?
Cannot shift the weight!! b_ellie 13 8 yearsteewhat (1972): 3 weeks is nothing, try not to focus so much on the scales, but the progression of your weights and how you look visually and Id highly suggest switching your chicken every few meals, that shit will start to get boring AF! on another note, does your PT even lift, does he ACTUALLY know and understand what hes talking about when it comes to the nutrition side of things?
How Do You Guys Count/Keep track ofcalories ezvmoneybeast 3 8 yearsOwnsPwns (124): i sort of plan my days ahead of time, and cook each morning before i head off to work for the day. I don't keep the exact count, but i know about how many cals - Carbs/Pro/Fat. I've been able to cut and bulk successfully with this. I find that being too picky with my exact portions drives me insane and i end up throwing caution to the wind with my cals for a few days. IMHO try keeping track one way, and if it fails try another way. ...
Losing that stubborn lower belly fat steven0123 9 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Ur -600 ALREADY.. i dieted for 41/2months and never really needed to hit -600... i also upped my fats and lowered my carbs towards the end to counter some bitch tantrums and it worked and also help shift that lower belly fat but only cause i was hitting under 11%bf.
Eric Helms et al protein intake research adam82a 1 8 yearsadam82a (3100): Clicky Nothing new, if anyone ever doubted it pretty much confirms what EK's been preaching about protein intake.
5 weeks to bikini comp. Ultra-newbie advice? barbellbunny 18 8 yearsmikew (11494): @eventheodds1 sorry man - pretty sure it's an iOS7 bug - lots of complaints on other sites as well. I'm following a couple threads on - no good answers or solutions yet. Hope it gets fixed soon - I definitely want to get this problem fixed!
Favourite meals Kyle 19 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): Pepperoni, mushrooms, greenpeppers on a pizza, with garlic sauce for the crust + suicide wings and an nice ice cold pop
Elliott Hulse Fat Loss RHGF 2 8 yearsTyr (163): My gut says no, drinking 2 gallons a day sounds excessive, that you walk around and store toxins in the body that needs to be cleansed out for 2 weeks sounds like bs. Would rather refeed for 2 days and then go back on a kcal deficit with a good macro split.
Clear up a simple question Hewy007 3 8 yearsadam82a (3100): Not quite true, surplus of carbs barely gets converted into fat (also known as de novo lipogenesis) in humans normally, only a few gram maybe. Dietary fat is stored as fat. A surplus of calories which some are carbs will make the body use the carbs for energy and the fat will be stored as fat. Insulin inhibits the lipolysis (the break down of fatty acids) but not the actual beta oxidation (fat burning) process I believe.
You guys bulking on 50% carbs Hiiibbbb 21 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Chocolate milk, pancakes with golden syrup and custard, instant noodles, cereal. Easy
lost nearly 30 kg's , need advice now KevsterC 22 8 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Just word of advice... You might want to ask a certified professional to be sure what step to take next
Discussion starter Hamer93 15 8 yearsJigsawk (55): I think long calorie deficits can lead to an appetite disorder , at least for me.. I've been cutting for more then a year now .. the problem is that I'm constantly focused on food .. it's not hunger it's just the joy of eating .. Hopefully it's going to stop now since I upped my calories to maintenance and trying to reverse diet
What protien powder do you use? teewhat 20 8 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Just got the 10lb bag of ON Gold Standard Whey Strawberry flavor... Keep hearing it's good. 1.5 to 2 scoops mornings and post workout mixed w/ shit of course
Carbs Cycling! Kevinlam 4 8 yearsKevinlam (1): @Kphan18 im planning to do 2days of high Carbs , 2 Medium carbs, and 3 days low carbs with an increase of healthy fats..
Bulking/Cutting..what am I doing? SettingSail 7 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): I dont know how you stand being a vegetarian man. Do you even protein?
New to Gym this year, need more info. ollieharre 9 8 yearsollieharre (1): @Danimal_88 I'll get right on it then man, thanks a bunch for the advice.
FaceGettingFatandPuffyFromBulk ezvmoneybeast 4 8 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): It mostly happens in mornings when I wake with a puffy ass face PLUS my bulking face (gaining some face fat) and post workouts at night... (:0) 5'9 and 194lbs so far... Abs still noticeable so I know Im not a fat slob.. Lol Fuuuuuuuu
Ben pak on IIFYM (VIDEO) Scotian 13 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): BPAK Rule of Thumb: Listen to his Training advice, avoid his Nutrition advice
How do you guys count ur calories? Kevinlam 8 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Open thread to view post.
Expertise required! JoeJennings 4 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): 50/30/20 c/p/f Subtract 500 calories from your maintenance level to cut bodyfat. Continue to decrease as you stall. Use cardio to assist in calorie burning. That's it. srs.
interesting article on "clean eating" oshag_hennessey 2 8 yearsrememberthis (556): it's a completely non preventive approach, IMO. " Outside of very specific medical conditions like these, there is virtually no evidence that any single food can directly damage your health." what this person is forgetting to say is that these 'specific medical conditions' don't appear over night, they are accumulated over the years you can basically justify drinking poison like this or smoking cigarettes... I really like...
The protein limit?? Hamer93 3 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I generally shoot for 1-12g/lb while cutting and 0.8-1g/lb while bulking and on refeed days.
Pancake lovers GTFIH Hamer93 5 8 yearsNaturalBrawn (199): AMAZING - Also that crepe maker looks ideal
Eknight rememberthis Jump to first page46Jump to last page 8 yearseknight (58109): 1. The Sack's study addresses this one. No difference in long term (2 years) weight loss with lower carb diets. This was the most comprehensive and long term study of its kind regarding macro content. 811 subjects over 2 years. Every time I bring it up you ignore the results because they don't fit your bias. 2. See above. No difference. 3. Never doubted that, but the research also shows that ketones for fuel is not optimal. 4. Full blood...
Stupid Legs.... freakgeek2 16 8 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): You just need to lose more BF. The cuts are there, there is just fat in the way.
Is my diet weak? Igorzovisk 8 8 yearsIgorzovisk (1): Before cutting was 86g of protein with the 400g of chicken (since i increased to 500g, there's more protein), 29g from 1l of milk, 37g from eggs. That's more than 152g of protein (not counting the protein from oats)(i weight 86kg~) Carbo is 2,83 from eggs, 50 from milk and 50~ from oats. 102g~ total. Fat is 34 from eggs, 15 from chicken, 30 from milk and 5~ from oats. prot: 156~ carbo: 102~ fat: 84~ that's like 2200~ kcals.
HELP ME - macros SupremeLeader 10 8 yearsSupremeLeader (22): cheers brahs, ps kai for mr olympia
Diet drinks and Coke Zero! Mikemadeofpeace 10 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): iv done it before, it was amazing how quick it was sparkling clean.
Anyone here prep meals? SRorhrbac0808 21 8 yearscraig (835): I prep from time to time. I don't really do a weeks worth like some people because I'm not too keen on the idea of eating food made seven days ago. So what I do is cook all my shit up on a night time for the next day, stick it in tuppawear and I'm good to go. I keep things basic too its just easier that way. Check out mealprepmondays on Inatagram for some ideas or If you don't have that I think they have an online page now.
Salad Dressing Ideas? hollyhopeful5678 8 8 yearshollyhopeful5678 (1693): Thanks for the feedback! I have not found a light dressing that I like, so I keep wasting money there...I think that is why I started to dream up other ideas. Salsa is a good one, I will definitely try that. Last night I used some hummus to wet my salad; not great. I found a few recipes online using the plain 0% Greek yogurt and a few other ingredients to make dressing...I will try this next and share if I come up with any good combo's! So...
Meal Frequency JoelGSK 6 8 yearseknight (58109): IMO, yes. Minimal neurological adaptation for maximal muscle fiber recruitment is 6-8 weeks. Another 3-4 weeks after that to get the most out of the full recruitment that you're now using. Blame the nutjobs at P90X for convincing people that muscles can be confused and that constant change equates to best results. -3X
stimulating a nonexistent appetite david12345676 20 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Lol wtf. "Natural" forum, and multiple people advize the use of an illegal drug to increase appetite. Seems legit.
5 weeks cutting progress. RHGF 22 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Agreed man.
First time gymer lisa_mariekie 10 8 yearseknight (58109): @lisa_mariekie how did you come to the 33% number? -3X
Outrageous food creations! lukecorney 11 8 yearsteeeeej (487): Pretty much any of these... LBEB Recipes
How many calories do you EAT!!!!! mattd534 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): unreal
Cheat meal /macro tracking Hamer93 2 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Everyday for me is cheat day so I will say to just make sure you hit your protein requirements for the day and you will be fine. (If you go over a bit that ok) Of course try and meet your caloric goals and I like to add in some veggies for the day for overall health even if I'm not tracking absolute amounts or looking at RDA charts
Confused on calories in vs calories out slowurroll 9 8 yearseknight (58109): ^^ this. Plus, most people don't realize that 75-80% of your RMR is based on normal bodily functions (ie, neurological, immune, CV, etc) and has nothing to do with how often or hard you train, your body composition, or anything else. -3X
Loosing weight on 4000 cals o.0 Hiiibbbb Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsOhhLoLo (3393): im 5'11 and went from 190 --> 200lbs during 3 months with minimal fat gain on 4000cals.
Snacks MCarey 7 8 yearsAbs4Hire (52): Chocolate Banana Pancakes: In a blender, mix up: -1 to 2 Cups of liquid egg whites -2 to 3 scoops of chocolate protein powder -2 Bananas -2-3 Cups of Oats or Mashed up sweet potatoes Depending on the size you can make quite a few of them (above usually goes for 2 servings, and they are great to be reheated if you just want to cook up a giant batch at once)
Benefit of >1 gram of Protein lb BW????? mattd534 10 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): A lighter wallet is about all I can think of
Protein consumption Cavemann 14 8 yearsOwnsPwns (124): On the topic of cholesterol, I just recently had my numbers checked, they sad my LDL was great and my total was great 3.2 But my HDL was low at 40. I eat at least 3 whole eggs a day, sometimes up to 6, if i'm feeling lazy even more. How can I increase my HDL, or do I even need to worry about it? Hope this fits in this thread.
Too much dairy Jsn3004 5 8 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Just had a feel that it may be too much and thought maybe I should just have a few more servings of egg whites instead
is a 2 tablespoons of hemp oil enough nutellafreak 8 8 yearseknight (58109): Looks good. -3X
Powerlifting & Nutrition JDominiqueS 5 8 yearsJDominiqueS (190): thanks everyone!
Counter to issues with bloating? slowurroll 10 8 yearsslowurroll (25): Huh. Good to know. I haven't been recommended to that option yet. I will definitely need to look into that. Any helpful tips or places to get more info other than a google search? (that I will conduct after work lol)
Eating for recovery. _RudeCrew 5 8 years_RudeCrew (15100): Hahahahahaua it isn't him
3 weeks out from my first Mens physique show LivingStrongE 23 8 yearsLivingStrongE (16): 17 days brother
Advice for a newbie, por favor Bucky 7 8 yearsBucky (3871): @teewhat that's what my roommate told me also, why should it be higher though? MadCow's 5x5 calls for squats 3x a time but only deadlifts 1x. Should I increase this to 3x also? Or revert to Starting Strength and go with the linear gains until I top out?
Sick feeling after proteinshake Hamer93 8 8 yearsScotian (9922): That used to happen to me too but I kept doing it anyway and it doesn't bother me now lol
Detox tips? hollyhopeful5678 6 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Fiber and hydration
Eat Stop Eat - IF Counting Macros 09mac 2 8 yearseknight (58109): 24 hour fast = 24 hours of NO muscle protein synthesis. IF is bad enough with stunting MPS. Doesn't anybody just train hard and eat right without trying to get cute anymore?? -3X
i have a cheat meal question the1 10 8 yearslukecorney (1021): Ek i thought the same, but have and have come up alot better got a big name helping me now but id say it will only be until 4 weeks out then slowly carb load
Am I doing something wrong or are my results hummerpaskaa 5 8 yearsjmill (100): Water, bones, organs etc
Baked Beans is good for you waynevdw 7 8 yearseknight (58109): Musical!! Don't forget that they are musical as well!! -3X
Postworkout Meal Timing nine0seven 13 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): GOMAD
35 % caloris from fats golagol Jump to first page49Jump to last page 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): 35%... what's your macro split then? Doesn't leave a lot of room for protein. If you can afford 35% fats then your better off with less fats and more carbs unless you plan on running 100 miles a week.
IIFYM for the win! Corkey 9 8 yearsKRIZTUFF (430): IIFYM is great. But if you don't control what you eat / can't weigh the portions it's going to be pretty hard.. I always plan my meals one day ahead and IIFYM has worked great! Best of luck to you though!
Want to get down to 6% body fat! jacobrodriquez 11 8 yearsjja0016 (829): if you want to cut for 8 weeks then bulk.. not a big deal
Liquid Meal ideas teewhat 6 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Mashed potatoe, porridge, smoothies, ice cream, yoghurt, fruit juices, protein shakes, weight gainers, milkshake, slimfast shakes,
Why macronutrient composition doesn't matter eknight 4 8 yearsElminister (3412): I had the need to post this.
MISCHA compares his Contest Prep 2 Matt Ogus FiremanSi 14 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @brian12 Yeah it's full on 'clean' diet for contest prep, plus remember he has a coach to tell him what to eat and when for the contest prep man. I agree with u on ur theories dude. Yeah his video's are GREAT, good one on his pre workout also. I've tried it and it's pretty good. Basically selects his own ingredients instead of buying like c4 and taking that and not know what all the stuff in it is and what it does.
protein pancakes AarronStenner 12 8 yearsajones46 (11701): Just realized this puppy had over 100grams of protein, easily. Lol.
Easing in a newbie shannowman 9 8 yearstamere01 (7126): This is kinda hard seeing as you don't want to overwhelm him but also don't want to waste his noob gains. My thoughts are 1)I would start by just getting him to eat a constant amount everyday. 'Healthy' meals e.g 1 third of a plate veg, 1/3 carbs 1/3 protein. And allow him a small treat here and there. 2)Once he's use to eating a constant amount daily (you said he was inconsistent in the way he eats) then next step would be to track just...
olive oil measurement jja0016 8 8 yearsalmighty_she (562): Yea I also use measuring spoons, it's the easiest way. Its not crazy, it has quite a lot of calories, have to count it in :)
Coffee or green tea Hiiibbbb 13 8 yearsalmighty_she (562): I personally don't like the taste of coffee. And I prefer black tea over green because it has more caffeine. I use oolong with some orange in it. It tastes great :)
Recovery Supps billy17 14 8 yearsPrometheus (829): The weight gainers are fine brother, also whey mixed with milk and oats are good too.. You don't have to worry to much about timing, just keep you eating up throughout the day and it will lead to enhanced recovery.. If the shakes are easy for you, then keep them up, there are some better options than Mutant Mass, but it's alright, I used it for years... Look into IsoGainer by Nutrabolics, its an isolate protein so a bit more pure, meaning...
Bodybuilding and smoking. ilifthard 17 8 yearsJigsawk (55): I was smoking occasionally in the past , before I got really deep into training. Lifting made me quit just because I knew that smoking would damage my health and progress.
Why have'nt I lost weight or inches? efaldet 20 8 yearsefaldet (1): Im at 5'5.5" tall and 155 Lbs. so that would put at approximately 25% BF.
chobani yogurt AarronStenner Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 yearsBen777 (5358): Mould = gains!
Metabolism variance MrMailliw 7 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Cheers, found this which used the study you gave and links others. Also puts it into numbers for you, very helpful clickable text
Bulking or cutt? Bulkalldaybrah 10 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): You need to track calories better, excess calories become just that - excess. Eat as much as you need to progress in the gym consistently and eat no more or you will just gain more fat than is needed.
Bulking Macros Jsn3004 2 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I generally go with. 0.8-1g/lb for protein. 0.3-0.5g/lb for Fat. Rest in carbs. 12g of fibre per 1000cals.
Cutting Question machoman 5 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I'd defo go with a lower amount of protein and watch the response for a week or so.
Should I cut out whey protein? slowurroll 13 8 yearsslowurroll (25): Thank you guys. I'll give that a look over and get these numbers figured out.
fiber intake on bulking golagol Jump to first page71Jump to last page 8 yearsgolagol (40): @eknight hhhhhhhhhhhhh ok man ty :) @MrMailliw i just thought it's gonne hurt me very hard if i will keep eating like that this is why .
Diet Advice for young female jgg0123 5 8 yearstamere01 (7126): Use a basic calculator to get a rough kcal amount and then split that into 50%carbs/30%protein/20% fat. (this ration should be ok unless your hypercaloric/ very active) Stick with the kcal amount for a week and monitor your weight and adjusted as needed until your gaining/losing how you much you want weekly
Diet-meal replacements? Chey 15 8 yearsniki (1): This is to Chey or anyone thats intrested. Has anyone heard of Visalus.? Body By Vi I am both, a user and promoter of what is called the Body by Vi 90 Day Weight Loss/Fitness Challenge. Why? Because, seeing is believing. I have seen 1st hand that it works and it has a superb nutrition base that is second to none and millions of users with documented proof all over the internet. The 90 Day Challenge was created by a company called ViSalus...
Newb Question Thenewnoob298 8 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): IMO. He is still in cal surplus. Hes meeting his protein intake. Carbs and fat are easier to fill. Thats why people today still believe to stay away from them.
Girlfriends ruin gains .. Andres_rm7 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearsAndres_rm7 (304): duh pussssay game too Gud doe
loose fat and Prevent Muscle loss Charl 15 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): Oh.. i saw the 2690 at the top of the last post. My bad ;)
Can too much protein damage liver? Hamer93 19 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): No weight gainers but do use pre workouts. Also atleast one shake a day then a lot of baked protein cakes and pancakes etc
Is this normal? Pearce_Bolton 18 8 yearsPearce_Bolton (844): But usually, I youst to be on strawberry whey protein, im wondering if its just the chocolate cause I've always been on strawberry i only tried chocolate once, but at least im fine now. :) thanks @everyone for all your advice and thoughts much appreciated.
diet plan chickfascicle 16 8 yearsadam82a (3100): Great to hear! Our most knowledgable member around here. Can never go wrong with him :) Keep us updated
how to find macros of lean turkey cooked jja0016 6 8 yearsfLx_ (865): Im in uni now:) but yah no offence bro just trollin, i know that its hard in the beginnig to understand that basic math applies to food also:)
super tasty fast healthy meal jja0016 9 8 yearsjja0016 (829): homade bolognaise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome fucking macros, suuuuper fucking delicious. any meat usually ground beef / turkey works best but shredded chicken breast if its cooked tender enough is AMAZING! penne pasta basic tomato sauce store brand w/e parmesan cheese (if you're using a lean meat like chicken, or 99% beef / turkey;;; if not no cheese unless u can take, will be high in fat and off balance macros tho...
Thoughts? Trev182 13 8 yearsOhhLoLo (3393): i get 133g fats a day....
Macro Profiles in MyFitnessPal skullay 11 8 yearsthe1 (33861): i will check this later skullay, also what @EK said.. post away
first birthday without cake or treats the1 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 yearsoceanair (18020): @the1 i already commented on your facebook haha, but hope you had an awesome bday! happy birthday! :)
Lose of appetite eingold 8 8 yearseingold (1291): @fLx_ yeh need to dirtier it up a bit think to many complex carbs
getting surgery on breathing jja0016 20 8 yearsjja0016 (829): ill prolly be at about 188 protein on 30% protein for my macros and 1 scoop is 21g protein not 25g but yea i gotcha =P
Can I get diabetes if I keep eating like thi Bulkalldaybrah 14 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): @manletofsteel298 The best way to prevent diabetes is through proper diet and exercise, if you're on a bulk you should be absolutely fine as long as your exercising, its the excess sugar from being in a constant surplus that causes issues with insulin. Exercise is the best way to control this.
Diet&Training, what's the ratio? Hewy007 10 8 yearsjonharder (1): I'd give them a good 50-50 split, as time and again, they proved to be equally important and not mutually exclusive. And yes, 100% dedication, that's what should we aim for!
Cutting Diet Macros gorilla123 4 8 yearsjja0016 (829): first get yourself an electronic scale for weighing food. next get yourself a account or something similiar. next calculate your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day) with next use below to calculate your daily activity level for closest accuracy of your daily calories burned. ...
I'M BAAAAACK. (With updated photos.) kaitjens Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 yearsScotian (9922): Yea you figured out who I was :) the dude with the weird name hahaha
Track your mac - its important Hamer93 6 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): @Hamer93 well done on the new job. Glad your tracking again. In for new thread!
Will this soy protein give me bi*ch tits? DFMaster240 9 8 yearsDFMaster240 (577): K thanks brah! I use this one, or dymatizes newest one the 100% whey protein
Can somone debunk this with a good study? fLx_ 1 8 yearsfLx_ (865): Found in Mark Rippetoes Starting Strenght "also seems to be something special about milk that the equivalent amount of calories, protein, fat, and carbs can't duplicate in terms of growth enhancement. It may be the fact that milk has very high levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a peptide hormone that has been shown to have some relationship to accelerated growth in mammals."
Regurgitated macros - Restoring the order SwoleAnimal 4 8 years4real (3319): @Hamer93 bulimic*
I think I'm big enough! AverageJoe Jump to first page350Jump to last page 8 yearsHighdeas (1635): You're still huge!! Have fun!!
Fiber Equation Damon1962 9 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah i agree to man. I generally aim for minimum35-40g.
post workout pc82 8 8 yearseknight (58109): In your case- and in most people's cases- your preworkout nutrition is far more important than post workout. -3X
NSCA's Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition Aeleana 14 8 yearsAeleana (178): I also do a total body on Saturdays, which right now is Tough Mudder training.
cooking.tip AKK 15 8 yearsAKK (1998): This chicken is awesome. Ss cooking video next week
Counting calories is meaningless. Baggy 4 8 yearscolt45 (124): mate! newspapers are full of bullshit
How do you explain... SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 8 yearsMonster81 (1678): Thanks man. Yeah with a new job, slow bulking, and all the new trolling, I was laying low.
Elkins' reverse dieting log chriselkins 28 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): @chriselkins I hear you on the protein. I havent had a protein shake in about 9 months. The only time i consume why is when i put in my oatmeal or pancakes.
MFP Question Hewy007 4 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah man i wish only can change the percentages.
Will this affect me? KingLeonidasXIV 4 8 yearseknight (58109): IMO, your protein is too high and your carbs are too low to begin with. -3X
Perfectionism +photoshoot fLx_ 17 8 yearscolt45 (124): good luck and Have fun :)
Maintaining Ross12 4 8 yearsadam82a (3100):
Is putting my foods in the microwave bad? SteveyEspie 13 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): i microwave al my food in aluminum to protect the nutrients
Chef Mutant's typical meal :) SwoleMutant Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsSwoleMutant (247): Lol :)
Tamere01 AarronStenner 7 8 yearsAKK (1998): Full fat trader joes greek yogurt > all
Sugars impact on the body (question) Hewy007 6 8 yearsElminister (3412): Did he also tell you to eat a lot of tuna and chicken breast and put some dextrose in your post-workout protein shake (which you should take no later than 15 mins after workout)?
Should we avoid sugar? Hiiibbbb 11 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): I drink loads of chocolate milk and will visit the sweet bakery section of my local shop if I am behind on calories. As long as all of my food isn't like that and I get my fibre (as mentioned) and nutrition from fruit and veg then I'm fine. IIFYM basically...
is eating too much at once dangerous? fLx_ 12 8 yearsThor (5028): dangerously bulky
Low Carbs = YOU STINK!!! Highdeas 3 8 yearsHiiibbbb (1174): I was in keto for 3 months and ate an avocado a day to avoid this. They help bad breath. I also brush 2-3 times a day
fibre intake to low sometimes lolssons 16 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): ^^This. I get my fibre sources from branflakes, spinach, strawberries, apples, green beans, broccoli wholewheat pasta & sweet potatoes. Jesus man calm down, he doesnt know he just asked.
Working construction and working out daily Hiiibbbb 15 8 yearsHiiibbbb (1174): @fLx_ your fuckin kidding right? Total racist? Gtfo with that...
Coconut oil Hamer93 9 8 yearspandasashi (3859): lol
Overtrained For Almost 10 Years Straight.... LongBeachPatriot Jump to first page50Jump to last page 8 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): I went to a new PT today. He was VERY good. performs chiropractor and ART as well. Really knows his stuff. After going through the motions he came to the conclusion that the strain is not the Sartorius muscle but rather the Rectus Femorus at the hip insertion point. Thats right near the sartorius insertion point. Also, he saw a slight mis-alignment of my right hip, and some lower lumbar tightness. I had strained my psoas muscle last year...
Diet on a rest Day? jamieboy22 2 8 yearsSeahawkMuscle (277): I wouldn't change it at all on rest days. If you're calories are around the proper range it won't effect anything by eating the same amount each day. Plus it's one less thing you have to worry about.
*Simple Trick For Meal Prep !! (Pic) FiremanSi 10 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): All i need for my food prep is oven bags, scissors, a fork, and a boiling pan
Cellucor - Cinnamon Swirl Whey Review skullay 26 8 yearsskullay (4036): Thanks, man! People have been asking for more "recipe" videos on my vlog so I'll put more up on the channel. Glad this worked out for you. I haven't given it a shot with chocolate yet, but I bet it works just as good.
BPAKs views on Pre/Intra/Post GYM Carbs (Vid FiremanSi 5 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): @SwoleAnimal All you need is an insulinogenic response which most proteins give you clickable text Glycemic index is not applicable to 99% of people so only look at insulin. @FiremanSi Which is fair enough but like with what I said about pre is that just placebo for yourself? Which is all good if it helps you mentally, I just wanna know the science :) Edit: In depth insulin index clickable text Scroll down to pg 1269
Eat,Fast & Live Longer - a BBC Documentation leanr0x 14 8 yearsoceanair (18020): my first thoughts exactly
Transition NJT 8 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @tamere01 Sounds good bro.
Health and nutrition courses Hiiibbbb 12 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): That is probably my preferred option. Although, I already flunked out of that program once.
no weight gain !! golagol Jump to first page57Jump to last page 8 yearsigg (2626): Funny thing metabolism , I'm 199.2lbs 5'11 and gain on 2900kcals, I could easily eat another 1000kcals but I gain fat too quick for my liking above 2900 P.s of course this is after a cut, I wasn't gaining on 3500 3 month ago so just steadily building it back up to there
Might get a bit complicated :( Hamer93 19 8 yearseknight (58109): Ah crap... They're on to me... -3X
hows this look to everyone?! pc82 5 8 yearspc82 (10): Thanks man. Appreciate the help.
help! do I need a nutritionist? michela_CO Jump to first page37Jump to last page 8 yearsrememberthis (556): 1.) You don't need to know who I am or what I do. 2.) The OP is concerned with dropping weight. 3.) Based on your irrefutable omniscient GODLY evidence, Atkins diet is not effective? Just wondering.
Does IIFYM work?...I share BPak's response cazthetrainer 22 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Love BPak... Some of his nutritional stuff is a bit OTT. i.e. no fats prior and post workout... but his lifting guidelines, intentions, form directional advice has helped me like no other !!
Refeed KingLeonidasXIV 5 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Go onto my log i have a screen dump of MFP daily consumption on a refeed day. I do it every saturday. Fat and pro lower than normal and carbs through the roof, this wasn't the most amazing example but it will help u get a good grasp of refeed's.
Started cut on too high of deficit.. Help? SiouxperPilot 25 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Beast.
cholesterol how much is good ? golagol 10 8 yearsshockingfit (334): I eat 10 whole eggs for breakfast for almost a year now and no issues with that. The amount of cholesterol your liver produces every day is WAY more than you could ever get by food.
Training twice a day, feel tight but... Snoogal 18 8 yearsSnoogal (190): Hmmm, cool beans
New Macro Diet Jsn3004 6 8 yearsTrev182 (14986):
Recipe thread. Trev182 8 8 yearsTrev182 (14986): Cheers for the link!
Carbs Intake Ghandi 5 8 yearsGhandi (13): Cheers guys !
Cutting TIME !!!! Bulk is ovaaaaaa... :) FiremanSi Jump to first page441Jump to last page 8 yearstamere01 (7126): Definatly getting leaner man. Not far till you reach the promise land and start bulking again! Hardest decision a man can make on a cut IMO is less food vs more cardio
Vacation Jsn3004 11 8 yearsoceanair (18020): just enjoy the vaca and worry about your diet when you get back.
For new users asking about macros/iifym fLx_ 5 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): I am definitely an advocator of IIFYM from a body composition standpoint. But there are (as always) people who will abuse it and use it as an excuse to eat poorly. From a nutrition standpoint getting carbs from sweet potatoes is better then pop tarts obviously. But IIFYM has been a great realisation to debunk alot of myths and I think it has helped alot of people achieve their goals.
sean moeke seanmoeke Jump to first page190Jump to last page 8 yearsseanmoeke (22): @Ben777 thanks bro i appreciate it.
Macro Eating Question/Clarification hollyhopeful5678 7 8 yearsBaggy (925): Weetabix = easy carbs + some useful fibre.
Too much calcium = tits? Hiiibbbb 9 8 yearsBen777 (5358): That doesn't even sound like a huge amount of calcium bro, nothing to worry your pretty little head about :)
OUN2 Learning NorIda 15 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): do they lift?
Right, I've fuffing had enough. Diet help!!! Snoogal 20 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Why ??
macros KingLeonidasXIV 5 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @KingLeonidasXIV Nah bro happens to me all the time... look to hit +/-5g either side of ur target and hit ur calorice goal and u'll be fine. Works for me.
New to all of this. JHicks84 8 8 yearsSeahawkMuscle (277): @JHicks84 I recently wrote an article on what supplements I believe are great to start out with and why. Maybe it'll help out some! clickable text
Just a thought.... Hamer93 21 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Thats true, i like being hungry in the morning but when you wake up starving and feel winded almost its horrible
Female Lifting - Need Help! bkp Jump to first page45Jump to last page 8 yearsbkp (4): Nope :(
Protein intake - @EK will enjoy :) brian12 13 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): I just had this problem, 30/50/20 for me at 4000 cals is 300g protein. Waaaay to much
Morning Workout: Pre and Post Nutrition ArsenalJJ 4 8 yearsDevil82 (1240): @ArsenalJJ try fasted, if you dont like it, eat =). there is not optimal meal timing so just go by how you feel.
How much fat daily? _RudeCrew 21 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I had to remove yolks from my diet also bro. I'm used to 3-4whole large eggs in the morning... now i'm down to 1large egg and 3egg whites.... Has to be done dude. Defo seen a diff when i dropped the fats a bit man so its worth it.
A lot of carbs = BAD gas for me ajm87 8 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I'd take ur fat intake down personally. Bring it down to 72.5g's which is roughly 0.5g/lb of bodyweight for you. Fats can be the source of gas.. i.e when u eat high fatty meals... after pork chops, Pizza, meals with cheese and mayo and coleslaw, burgers, high fat steaks. SO if u reduce ur fats and increase ur carbs instead. Try this for a week and see how u feel.
Starting CarbNite _RudeCrew 17 8 yearsDevil82 (1240): @rudecrew glad you dropped it, else you might have a hard time since you work with construction, first couple of days when body gets used to that shit is horrible, headaches and stuff =P
The big dogs SwoleAnimal 15 8 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I love watching lyle on facebook and blogs and stuff. He is such an asshole, and talk about a show off attitude.
Need some suggestions and advice... anjeleyes 14 8 yearsDevil82 (1240): ^this!
Do you "carb up" before lifting? mikew 30 8 yearscazthetrainer (7): No carbs before a workout for me. I find training fasted with the exception of coffee in the a.m. I am able to focus better and maintain intensity throughout the workout.
Coffee pre workout Hamer93 23 8 yearscazthetrainer (7): I hit the weights EARLY and I always have 1.5cups black coffee fresh;y brewed with 5g creatine and 1tbsp coconut oil. Works like a charm :) Did a quick blog post on it:
should i eat at maintenance? KingLeonidasXIV 5 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): Eat intelligently meaning wherever go look to eat lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. Stay away from cheesy or heavily sauced meals. Most importantly - LIVE LIFE. Don't be afraid to eat some desert or enjoy some good foods. The beautiful thing about bodybuilding is that is a life time passion. A couple days are just a drop in the well when compared to ten years of intelligent dieting and training
All you need is protein. KFC 11 8 yearsrememberthis (556): Basically what EK said. Except I follow a school of nutrition that states the only macro nutrient we do not need to live (living is not limited to bodybuilding) are carbs. (Doesn't mean we shouldn't have carbs, by any means -- most sources of micronutrients come in the form of carbs.)
MyFitnessPal Macros KnifeHands 12 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Give it a shot dude! See if you can consistently hit it for two weeks! It's not terrible by any means! I was getting 120g of fat a day on my bulk. Cause I put cheese on every. Thing. Possible. Lol.
Macro counters for android fLx_ 10 8 yearsfLx_ (865): yeah ive started learning how to use the app, its great, and didnt understand that u change settings and such on ur computer, thanx guys!
Whaaaaat? KingLeonidasXIV 8 8 yearsTyjaws (211): @kingleonidasxiv here's the deal brother. at 2200 kcals you were consuming 15400kcal/per week. if you're really feeling bad subtract your 3k cheat meal from your overall total cal number for next week. It would set you at roughly 1800/day, that would erase that meal. this is also the principle carb cycling uses. by looking at weekly caloric numbers, it sets your cal number per day lower to make up for the "refeed" which really is...
Slow bulk? TigerBlood 8 8 yearsTyjaws (211): would it make you feel good to have chiseled abs? You've put in a lot of work already why not just see it through and then bulk, with ultra ripped abs. I can't not have abs, it bus b the Hell out of me. If you wanna bulk tho do it, but I'd cut first there's still room for improvement edit: bugs the help out of me
myfitnesspal? KingLeonidasXIV 14 8 yearsTyjaws (211): also use the barcode reader saves times takes about 3 seconds