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My 5 Year [SkinnytoFit] Transformation 15-20 DrDynamix 8 2 yearsdollar786 (169): good goin ladhows your diet ?
Bulk or Cut? new2lift123 7 2 yearswannabemuscular (33216): Read the 2 sticky threads at the top of forum. But you don't look anything beyond novice.
Skinny fat woman, cut or bulk? Louloux 11 2 yearsmikew (11493): @Louloux Congrats on your awesome cut. What's next??
Skinny-fat clean or bulk cago135 10 2 yearscago135 (1): Gratzi
Bulking or cutting issarah 5 2 yearsKellyKapoor (1): Workout more frequently and separate your workout so you aren't doing full body every time you lift.
Cut or Bulk? Also advice. Acclaim927 16 3 yearsAcclaim927 (7): Hey everyone. I have been on a cut for the past 2 months and have lost 8 pounds. I want to complete the cut of 3 months but I see my rib cage protruding. I am scared that if I cut any further I would look malnuritioned (i already do sort of). These are my pictures from May 1st 2016. I have stayed consistent with eating about 2100-2300 calories per day and raised my carbs to about 230-260 per day (Current protein: 150g, fat: 60-80g). Do you think...
Body fat estimate - bulk or cut? johnmarkhughes 6 3 yearsAndyCap (118): Bodyfat is about 16%-17% at my estimate.
Going on holiday / Shredded robinxchrom 6 3 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): 2 day of eating and drinking a fuckload is not gonna do anything to you in the long run. I would however get your body used to ingesting large amounts of food again, just for the sake of an upset stomach. Go have fun
Micro Bulking and Cutting? Aedan 2 3 yearsJsn3004 (3265): You've noticed gains with minimal fat gain. What's the problem?
Should I be bulking right now? Metal_Matteus 6 3 yearseknight (58109): No such thing as clean eating. No such thing as "morphs." Somatotypes are a myth. Abs twice a week is plenty. -3X
Cutting transformation pics inside, help! Saamq 8 3 yearsMethod (379): Bulk and when you think you've bulk enough...continue the bulk. You need to add muscle. If you keep cutting you'll just end up looking really skinny and lose some of the muscle you have.
Simple question Wvckvd 4 3 yearsRobotEars (1174): Yes. Sounds legit.
Cut or bulk? kubicka 8 3 yearskubicka (1): @SOLARSUPLEX Sorry mate, dont know much sites where can I upload pictures, so I just used first one which google shows me. Reuploaded them here.
Yes or no answer zach216 19 3 yearszach216 (1): What body fat % do too estimate I am? 15ish?
Cut or Bulk? Any help would be appreciated Jonnym126 7 3 yearsLoxtonAxiosFoods (34): I would suggest a lean gain diet. Hard to properly suggest anything without having details about your nutrition. But your BF% is average. Probably place it between 17-20% Which can help with muscular development. Focus on large compound exercises. 3-6 sets per exercise, 6-10 reps per set. No more than 60 mins in the gym at a time. I don't know lbs... But I'd be pointing at around 140g protein a day to help. Have a glance through my...
keep cutting or bulk ea_rubes 9 3 yearsea_rubes (1): Thanks for your help guys! I'll lean bulk since I don't have much muscle then cut
Bulk or cut guys? Please help :( shalltear97 5 3 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @shalltear97 Happybirthday pal, ur 18 still growing.. BULK and enjoy and take advantage of all that sweet natural test flying around ur body.... BUT promise me to pick up Heavy things and put them down again.
Continue Bulking or Cut Down a little? CaptainKanter 5 4 yearsThatguy81 (541): I vote for bulking, how tall are you?
Can I lean bulk? RebelAlliance_12 8 4 yearseknight (58109): The broscience is getting strong in this thread... -3X
cut or bulk? Hexerino 8 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Cut what ?? Bulk mothafuckahh bulk.
Second Guessing Myself Mulcts 6 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Proteins not really that high. @Mulcts I think ur definately lean enough to start bulking bro. How long are you actually dieting ??
Bulk or Cut? lloera 6 4 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): Why not do both with weekly caloric cycles paired along with periodization programs catered to muscle gain for 1-3 weeks and then switch to a lean program and continue this cycle for anywhere from 8-12 weeks and evaluate every 2-4 weeks to make sure your body is responding to match your goals.
getting chubby on a bulk, with pics (part 2) stranger 9 4 yearsstranger (1): I've calculated my TDEE to 2800 or so. Adding 500 calories, and just one day of light cardio; Just your opinion - does it sound bad? I know I should try it, and I am already trying it :D Just interested in your opinion :D As I said; I really appreciate the time you guys take , to reply!
Osta Shred & Anafuse? Palmer 1 4 yearsPalmer (4): These products aren't yet available in Australia. What're your thoughts (personal and professional) and your results if you've used either of these products alone or in conjunction with eachother.
To lean gain or not? Iadtr 3 4 yearsIadtr (13): @palekm08 ok bro thanks. I figured because i didnt want to go too low either and essentially eat almost nothing through the day. Ill do what you suggested
The infamous question dserious111 3 4 yearsdserious111 (130): Yes. That really did put it into perspective for me seeing we are the same height. Thank you. I was leaning towards the continued cut, that helped
Advice needed - bulk? Edin11 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsEdin11 (10): @Beans thanks for that. You're right about the diet, spent the best part of that year not really doing anything in terms of bulking, cutting etc. Was interested to see how yours looked as I know you are also running a routine with twice a week frequency. Thanks for the swift reply as always.
Skinnyfat teen,keep cut or start bulkin-PICS forgottenpass 23 4 yearsforgottenpass (382): Definetly, thanks for the advice man!
Should I still cut? Or bulk? Zeus 26 4 yearsRawsteel (940): Cut.
Where do I go from now? robinxchrom 13 4 yearsColossus (76): You have a point there, I need to look at my last 4 years really and understand the reason for not been able to maintain the type of fitness and training motivation i used to have prior to that... Quite a lot of changes in my personal life like the new babe, new company... Anyway, this is my personal catarsys. Things seems to have re adjusted now since I've decided to start fresco with a new approach and with the support Of groups like this is.
I a loop Jumpstyleking 8 4 yearsJumpstyleking (1): Thanks man your good.
DIET & NEXT STEP ADVICE dlalts 12 4 yearsLVjack (2749): Carbs = happiness
Bulk or Cut? CaptainKanter 12 4 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Lean bulk would be what I recommend as well. I think your arms would look much better if there was more muscle on it. And also can you empty the bin when you are done cleaning the mirror? That is like a germ haven..
Anyone? dserious111 9 4 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): I'm cutting to 8% and then depending on when MEPS tells me I'm shipping to MCRD SD for USMC Boot Camp ima get to around 13-14% so I have a little fat to lose before muscle in Boot Camp. 13 weeks if no gains :/ but it'll be worth it to be a Marine lol
cut/bulk opinions Jenkins123 7 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Jenkins123 If ur not lifting long and u aren't then i would worry about bulking and cutting just yet... get on a solid program.. track ur foods eat until ur full at days end and see how much cals that it over the course of a week...
Should I bulk or cut? Andropolis 16 4 yearsAndropolis (1): This is a more recent pick. I think I want to cut for just a little while and see what happens. If no change then clean bulk :)
Did I cut enough to bulk again? FancyCatsup 9 4 yearsnjcrockfordx (28): I would suggest cutting slowly, don't want a dramatic cut & then do a clean bulk for next time. With cheat meals on designated days. Clean bulks are hard but even harder when all you do is put BF on and have to cut :-)
2 week bulk followed by 2 weeks cut darex 22 4 yearsdarex (67): mini bulk cut done. I'm sht at taking photos lol
Newb with questions Liz_ZX6R 14 4 yearsLiz_ZX6R (1): @wannabemuscular Barbell squats Leg extension Leg Curl Calf Raises Lying leg curls Leg Press
Keep cutting or bulk? Ninjafisherman 6 4 yearsmikew (11493): Yeah - a sprint for 2 weeks to finish the cut on a really positive note, then slow bulk. This way you can focus on the last phase of your cut knowing the end is in sight.
from 225 fat to 185 skinny, wat do next? thephenomenon 10 4 yearsAnthonyKim421 (103): I guess I'm going to give a contrary opinion to the rest of the comments here. I think, depending on where your macronutrient intake is and amount of cardio you're doing, you should lean out further. IF food intake is low and cardio is high, then maybe I would slowly ween off doing as much cardio and add food in little by little--but if not then lean out further. When you get to a much leaner state and then begin to go into a phase where you...
Bulk or cut? Madmax3 9 4 yearsRawsteel (940): I would do a slow cut, if you are a beginner you will make gains even on a calorie deficit. When i started i was fat and on a colorie deficit for 6 months and i managed to make some decent gaines. And i didn't go slow, i lost ~24 kg during that time.
Should i bulk or cut some fat first obogdan23 7 5 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @obogdan23 cut to 12% then bulk is what I say, I wouldn't go above 16-17%
PLEASE READ..NEED SERIOUS HELP Osurocks32 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 5 yearsNorIda (46957): Any structured routine is prerty sufficient. Your diet, like others have mentioned, Is what is going to get you results. So quit trying to look for a miracle routine, and fix your diet!
Hello, simplyshredded, help me out. livelovelaugh 22 5 yearsFrostshock (13324): If you know where your true maintenance is, go into a 100 cal surplus from that for a week. If you still gain greater than or equal to (>=) 0.5 lbs, keep that surplus for another week- if you you gain less than or equal to (<=) 0.4lbs then you could safely add another 100 cal surplus. Wait another week. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Lean bulking made easy, just have to be consistent and track reasonably accurately.
Bulk, maintain, or cut dserious111 19 5 yearsbilldang (4): looks good
To cut or not to cut... ilifthard 14 5 yearsilifthard (3241): Aight brothers! Got you!
Noobie Question! Sorry! mroyal1999 2 5 yearsFrostshock (13324): I'll just place this here: What are your goals? What are the numbers for your big 3?(squat/Deadlift/bench) Cut based on your goals IMO; eating like shit for a few days isn't irreversible. Just get on track, figure out your macros, find your true maintenance and stick there for 1-2 weeks. Reassess as needed from that point.
Confused,keep bulking,or start cutting(PIC) dinuman22 Jump to first page46Jump to last page 5 yearsRawsteel (940): Depends on how much muscle you have under that fat, but the lower you go the longer you can clean bulk. I've been sticking within 8-14% for the last ~3 years, aiming to gain 0,5-0,8 kg a month and when i can't see my third row of abs when flexing i cut for 6-8 weeks. And remember, the more fat you have on your body the worse the fat/muscle ratio will be of the weight you gain.
Bulk or cut? GrakoHD 16 5 yearsJordan (241): Add mass. Keep it a clean bulk though
Mini Cut counter productive? djg08 2 5 yearskickinchicken (8716): You put on 10-ish lbs of lean mass if my math is correct. Don't get impatient now. Do a slow cut and keep what you've worked so hard for. You'd have to drop about 13 lbs to get back to 10%BF in a single month. But you'd lose some strength and maybe some muscle with it. Try 2-3lbs a month, maybe 4. Remember, it's harder to gain lean muscle mass than it is to lose excess fat. Pound for pound that is.
cut or bulk? Edzer 7 5 yearsEdzer (1): @brian12 thanks ill keep bulking until like 80kg then and should can i drop to a low bodyfat once i hit 80+kg? talking bout 8%
Bulk or Cut? Need advice djg08 5 5 yearsFrostshock (13324): @djg08 I usually aim for the same amount, for my next lean bulk I'll probably soon for 1 lb/month just because I want to work on my metabolic capacity but again - everyone's got different goals. I think you look leanas hell but if you don't like for your body looks then a tiny mini cut for a couple of months at a small deficit could bring your confidence up and give you summer abs Also water retention can be a monster, I had it for sure, cut...
Can i continue this way to get cut?or bulk isyms 9 5 yearsisyms (1): Yes now ive read the fax but i wasent familiar whit this forum when i started cutting The carbs out.The reason i starten doing it was a YouTube video whit eliot i think.and i dropped in wehigth realy fast so i just continued doing it.And now i feel like its destroying my training.i can only blame myself for being ignorant and not doing proper research
SHOULD I CUT OR BULK!?! dlalts 10 5 yearsMMB (3616): Also true that I would change macro breakdown to somewhat closer to 50c/30p/20f. And 1900 seems to be a bit low.
Should I Bulk or Cut First? Junior300 9 5 yearsTrev182 (14986): Read the FAQ.
Bf?? AMSisme92 7 5 yearsBeans (4204): Body fat % is almost a useless number. Would you feel any different if everyone said you were 5%? You won't get fat if you transition nice and slowly into a caloric surplus, but at this point it doesn't look like you have enough muscle to look really lean. Put some good effort into bulking properly, and you'll like the outcome.
Need advice .. Cut or Clean Bulk? bugs14 9 5 yearsbugs14 (1): my diet for the last 2 weeks has been consisting of chicken, whole rice, tuna, veggies all the good stuff. have milk with my oats and a glass of milk on the odd days. unless its the aftermath of my bad food diets/alcohol before this change, so could that be the cause of the bloated stomach? where i would eat a fair amount of dairy products.
Cut or bulk AMSisme92 11 5 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): Good to hear. Best of luck!
Advise please (is it to early to bulk?) tamere01 26 5 yearstamere01 (7126): @FiremanSi Agreed man. The whole sport is backward thinking so isn't a surprise. @Elminister Yeah the plan is to try my new programme next week without cardio and then reverse diet from their onwards to a small surplus diet.
Should I keep cutting Jps5296 10 5 yearscomp (19): I'd say keep cutting a bit more. You already have quality mass on your frame so cutting a bit more won't hurt to do. Best of luck!
What to do? Charl 7 5 yearsCharl (115): Thanks for the help!
Newbie to lifting reedy 5 5 yearsreedy (1): Thanks guys. When I get a spare moment tomorrow I will get a response up as i have a few questions/replies as to what you all have said so far.
should i bulk? Rollins7 22 5 yearseknight (58109): 100% agree. Your body is still developing and it needs normal and appropriate foods. -3X
Cut or Bulk? Pic chrisvdm2406 10 5 yearschrisvdm2406 (1): How long can I bulk up for before putting on too much fat? Maybe another 15 lbs?
Cut or bulk?? fitnessz2 4 5 yearsfitnessz2 (1): @_RudeCrew Ops, i didenĀ“t even notice that before now, the brushing thing duplicated my chest or something :P
Getting back in the gym. fitnessz2 8 5 yearsfitnessz2 (1): But i will jump on a strength routine and start eating maintenance, then keep adding calories to i gain around 0,5 pounds a week, i think i will fill out better if i clean bulk and keep my diet clean.
Don't Know What To Do!! dserious111 17 5 yearsdserious111 (130): @mikew hey man thanks a lot!!! I'll get to work on my lats right away then. That was the main concern, the waistline. I've read to slowly increase my cals 100 a week. Hope this is correct. 190p 140carbs 80fats is what I've readjusted my macros to. I'm at 1900 calories and will up it starting Sunday for the new week
Torn on what to do mrkrsll 4 5 yearsMethod (379): I would say cut and lean bulk if you want to get bigger. At that height and weight you're pretty big.
Where to go from here..? Sharky 6 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): There's still autumn in the middle mate... leaving 1month of summer so, dont worry bout being lean for summer.. start bulking up your only young bro. I dont really follow any meal plan i have my macronutrients to hit for the day and i just hit that any way possible while trying to incorporate 2fruits, 2 greens and 12g fibre/1000cals intake.
Diet Generator - Android app n4apps 22 5 yearsn4apps (1): It's only 3mb. Will be updated every month. Most restaurants update menus only every few months.
Not trained for a while need advice cut/bulk veedubdub1 8 5 yearsveedubdub1 (1): Think I will anyway today consisted of Flat dumbell Press 3 warm up sets 16,22, and 24 kg Then did 3 working sets Of 28kg for 7 32kg for 6 Dropped down to 24 for 8 Incline Flues 2 sets to Fail 10-15 reps 14kg for 14 16kg for 8 Straight arm pullover 2 sets to fail 10 - 15 Reps 24kg for 15 28kg for 8 Tricel pulldown extension 3 sets to fail 10- 12 50kg for 20 58kg for 12 68kg for 10r Lying cable Extension 3 sets to fail 10 - 12 68kg for...
On my cut so far KingLeonidasXIV 5 5 yearsTrev182 (14986): I had this issue, was boxing 3 times a week, lifting 4 and eating 2200calories and couldn't lose weight. Ive now built my metabolism up, I strangled my metabolism soo much that I couldn't lose anymore weight with out going dangerously low caloric deficit!
Is 5'9 139 lbs for a male really THAT small? ajm87 Jump to first page57Jump to last page 5 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): @ajm87 you must have lost a fair bit of strength. Don't worry about it, if you got to 220 before you obviously have the genetics and people have muscle memory (google it) This means you'll be able to get back to 220lbs very quickly. U don't see the point in aiming to gain 0.5lbs a week since it's muscle that you've had before. You should aim for at least 1lb a week.
Bulk and Cut KingLeonidasXIV 1 5 yearsKingLeonidasXIV (10): I have a question that have always been bugging me for a while. Anyways, i'm currently completing my 8th week of cutting and essentially i'm at about a 12-13% body fat percentage. Thing is, i really want to get bigger in size but i have failed my past two bulks because all i really did was get my body fat% to about 20%. I've been lifting seriously for about a year and a half so i have a pretty good build but i'm not satisfied with my chest arms...
What to do? BULK OR CUT? How to do it right teendrummer871 10 5 yearsteendrummer871 (1): What foods should I stick to? I am on a cheap budget also. And I gain fat easily but putting on weight is easy as fuck for me so as of now I am doing Boring But Big my jim wendler now I just need help with diet. As in just chicken and potatoes or what? thanks for the help in advance
Need some advice [Pics included] Pfkv 24 6 yearsPfkv (10): @FiremanSi @illwill67 These are the pictures that don't open above:
Are we bulking yet? Frostshock 10 6 yearssamirsaleh (1957): Open thread to view post.
Bulk or keep cutting? D_maybury 7 6 yearsD_maybury (1): @Trev182 @pandasashi @SRorhrbac0808 @kbradley88 @SwoleAnimal alright i think I'm definitely gonna go on a good bulk. Any tips or advice?
Cut or Bulk Kam1990 13 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): No dont do that. Just stick to a syeady 200 cals above maintenance and see how you get on. Dont jump around
Continue cutting? richg 4 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): Keep cutting until you have a solid six pack. Another two or three month depending on thevrate u like dropping at
Bulking Tempetation !!! i blame u Flex >.> Illadian 10 6 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Agree with Brian; Keep up the deficit m8.
Bulking or cutt? Bulkalldaybrah 10 6 yearsMrMailliw (4494): You need to track calories better, excess calories become just that - excess. Eat as much as you need to progress in the gym consistently and eat no more or you will just gain more fat than is needed.
Bulk or cut? Moxed 26 6 yearsjja0016 (829): ^
Update nine0seven 5 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): @nine0seven Good work so far! Track what you can track and eyeball the rest - you can then judge by the scale, if you think you're eating maintenance (from eyeballing), if your weight is going up, then you know you underestimated. Also, you'll probably find the food is repeated weekly, so as time passes you'll be able to estimate better and better. You probably still have some newbie gains to be had, so keep slowly bulking - especially when...
Continue Bulking or Cut? Corb90 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Start with a deficit... monitor results for a week. If u've lost a 1lb.. perfect.. monitor for next week. No Loss ?? Lower cals or add cardio.. Repeat !! Easy as that. Tough part is curtailing the hunger.. High volume foods i.e. food with more water in them, less cals. i.e. Strawberries instead of raisins Blueberries instead of bananas Addition of spinach, salads, tomatoes, cucumbers. I'm sure u get the point now. :)
bulk or cut? Scotian 27 6 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Definitely bulk I've seen enough of your psots to know you will be a lot happier bulking and being xbox huge.
should I continue building muscle? Aldo 18 6 yearsigg (2626): big accusation tbh. Would need to see hi before, but tbh he doesn't look like he took gear IMO
bulk and cut cycle KingLeonidasXIV 5 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): @KingLeonidasXIV Firstly - get down to say 10%. Then bulk slowly adding just 2lbs a month or so until you are up to say 15%. Then cut. Set your cut or bulk goal (weight or bf%). Don't deviate.
going to start my bulk dollar786 5 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): I guess around 15-17% Good luck on the bulk!
Contuine to bulk at 21% BF? Dexa Scan pic jozh22 11 6 yearschriselkins (1597): I wouldn't BULK because at your body fat you might end up FULKING hard. I'd just keep lifting and eat whatever you think maintenance is for your body. Keep your protein high enough and try not to over or under eat too bad and don't feel bad about a few higher calorie days here and there. You should gain strength and muscle mass while your body does some slight re-composition. Bulking hard at body fat over 15 and 20% doesn't lead to a ton of...
Advice Trev182 6 6 yearsHewy007 (2980): Yeah, everything looks good, like @mikew said, go heavy on your big lifts 5-8 and fool around with your accessory lifts between 8-12 reps, you'll put on some good muscle on that split. Good luck !
Want to bulk but need to cut (pics) seratobeats 25 6 yearsseratobeats (70): Definitely going to consider trying that it time to cut? KalletSc 24 6 yearsKalletSc (607): @Srorhrbac0808...Hm. Don't know how to take this one. I'm no damn pretty boy but I don't think theres anything wrong with staying somewhat lean. I've already put on 10lbs and minimal fat in the past 8 months. But instead of starting an argument, I'll just get to work, pound some food, and let my results prove that im for real. Anyways, goodjob with your bulk/log.
Mini-cut Advice hotborad 11 6 yearshotborad (34): Thanks for the encouraging words and I guess when i get 15lbs of muscle I will be a huge bamf. Btw thanks again for the advice and all.
Bulk 24/7 365 Days Broschette 11 6 yearsAestheticBrah (790): I think his speedy gains have to do with the fact he's only been lifting 4 months. Lots of water. But yeah it is pretty obvious you should figure out your bulking macros. Do you count how many calories you eat per day?
How much do you bulk, cut and how long time Cannonball 20 6 yearstamere01 (7126): How do you guys go from cutting to bulking? Im thinking of just upping kcals by 800(500 back to maintance and 300 surplus)
In a pickle! MCarey 8 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): @MCarey Follow mikes advice. Eat in a surplus during season. If you eat at maintenance you are not going to build muscle. Add say 300 to 400 calories above maintenance. In the off season eat 300 to 400 below maintenance.
ADVICE NEEDED zbornaja 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): In terms of what to do first... I would alwys go with the premise that Ben Pakulski told me before was: Bulking stops when ur over 15-16% BF then a Mini-cut or full cut must begin to bring this down to 10-12, then u can begin again if you so wish to do so.
9 Months in Pics Bulk or cut Flo1307 5 6 yearsFlo1307 (3853): Thx for the advice @SwoleAnimal @FiremanSi @4real yeah i'll only add some cardio to my routine. 6'1 and 185lbs
Advice needed Damon1962 5 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Don't be such a girl is the best advice I could give.
Thinking about bulking.. Broschette 10 6 yearsMonster81 (1678): As Method said, you can bulk and maintain low BF%. Just take your time and only go up a few hundred kcals ... You should check out kickinchicken's log. Think he added like 8-9 lbs in 6 months while staying at 8% BF.
Decisions, decisions. ChuckNem 4 6 yearsLinus (154): No problems, Hope everything goes well :)
Abs question? samalama034 19 6 yearsIn4gainZ (454): Gaining muscle mass while cutting is possible only in the novice stage.
what should i do? thatguydrew 7 6 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): Start dead lifting brah.