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Creatine and Testicular Cancer Oslo1234 3 3 yearseknight (58109): It also concluded that white men were slightly more likely to have cancer than other races. Are you also concerned with that? Let me know if you develop a way to change that. In all seriousness, though, if you're just starting out lifting, I wouldn't take any of that anyway. A good multivitamin and some fish oil is all I would take, in addition to nailing down a good diet. -3X
Muscle Meds Carnivor nraymond 3 3 yearsnraymond (1): @Beans ThankYou Buddy :)
Thoughts on creatine GreekLegend 14 4 yearsblakeyt93 (34): Proven to increase strength so good for use whether cutting or bulking. some people say its good for cutting as can help maintain strength/amount of weight they can lift whilst being in a calorific deficit. Creatine doesnt have any calorific value so improved strength at no extra macro cost = win
Creatine/Whey ArchT 11 4 yearsdarklight79 (3088): @nine0seven Thing is, there are some individuals who say that creatine does not work for them but they need to see if their diets are already rich in red meat which already has creatine in it. So I guess if sufficient creatine in red meat were to reach saturation levels, then added creatine wouldn't beneficial.
Creatine Absorbtion Questions (4) SSJ3FinalFlash 7 4 yearsSSJ3FinalFlash (283): @SOLARSUPLEX @FiremanSi @clown @GetBigDieMirin @wannabemuscular Thank you everyone for the great responses! I'll just take it pre and post with some water and probably some crystal light flavoring. Thanks for clearing things up and simplifying it for me.
Creatine ArchT 12 4 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Imo, people accuse creatine mono of causing bloat but don't realize their level of BF% is already pretty high. Of course one would bloat. I use creatine during cutting. I don't bloat.
Creatine vs Whey ArchT 2 4 yearsnine0seven (2569): You can take creatine whenever you want bro. It's a long term effect not short term. Whey is fine after a workout but I'd personally recommend a blend. If not you can mix it with milk.
creatine and Testicular Cancer golago 13 4 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): shet dudee, deez otha scientists couldnt even hold my jock bruh.
Protein causing stomach upset! jamiierees 16 4 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): The only issue I have is having bad gas after a protein shake. It comes in handy to keep people away from me at work....
Caffeine and Creatine rememberthis 4 4 yearsRawsteel (940): Here's an old study about this.
Bulk Wars : The PHATom Menace Frostshock Jump to first page45Jump to last page 4 yearsFrostshock (13324): ***Lower power*** Deadlift - 3x3x4 @ 315# Kind of ashamed of myself for what I resulted to because I forgot my chalk at home. I started rubbing my hands on the floor (of which had specks of chalk) because no one else had some Not too ashamed actually, I felt clever for my improvisation xD Leg press - 10x10 @ 280# Hack Squats - 8x10 @ 170# RDL - 8x8x8 @...
Post workout sugar/creatine recovery drinks Hamer93 6 4 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Just get pure creatine monohydrate unflavored and eat food almost everything has sodium which is an electrolyte, no need for sugar really
Creatine + Alcohol? SOLARSUPLEX 9 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Thanks everybody! No strippers. Just pizza. Lol. Hit the gym today and had a pretty disappointing session. Was not all with it. Oh well! Gonna pig out today and get back on my grind tomorrow. Been cutting for a few weeks and I'm down 5lb from my start weight.
My shredding suppliments BigLeanCuts 17 4 yearsFrostshock (13324): If you plan on staying natural then yes, you can get everything necessary through diet. Supplements ate purely a convenience. If you've got some extra cash and want to hit your protein goals easier, boom protein powder/bars. Want to train fasted first thing in the morning? Boom tub BCAAs. Even the "essential" supplements like Fish oil, Multivitamins and Creatine can be obtained through diet, it would probably just be cheaper, faster...
why do my cheeks get fat first csizemore21 7 4 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @csizemore21 your cheeks probably get fat because you eat with your mouth, eat with your ass, your ass cheeks will get fat before your face, trust meh
Need your help Zyzzst 9 4 yearsFiremanSi (42406): @Zyzzst Deadly. It was a study I read on creatine yes ago. Could be debunked by now but not ridiculous idea to think heavier athletes needs more.
5/3/1 with Dave Tate accessories bulking log csizemore21 24 4 yearscsizemore21 (799): went in a few minutes ago to actually work on form with some olympic lifts, never really done snatches or any form of them, did high pull snatches for 7x3 with the bar lol, most akward movement I think iv ever done
Super Mass Gainer (Dymatize) mariosanton 4 4 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): He's asking if this mass gainer fucked up his homeboys liver
Are All Creatine Monohydrates the Same? ezvmoneybeast 6 5 yearsParkerHenry (94): Creatine is creatine. I go with bodytech micronized creatine since it's cheap for the amount of servings ($20 for 180 servings). Don't need to load or cycle it either.
Another creatine Q... Srs Hamer93 3 5 yearsHamer93 (9553): Cheers boss
Any One Taken Musclepharm Creatine? ezvmoneybeast 5 5 yearsPerfidy (3094): Timing is irrelevant; 5g / day anytime and you're golden.
am i taking to many supplements at once? Rollins7 15 5 yearseknight (58109): At 15-16 you shouldn't be on creatine at all. It's right there on the label, most likely. -3X
what do you think about this supplement? tomislav 5 5 yearsFiremanSi (42406): Hahah... yeah i'd say thats users of steroids mate. All this is is a hyped protein complex with creatine, hmb and beta-al.. 30g of protein and some simple sugars... peptides and bcaa's.. 1.8kg for £52.. absolute rip off... Wanna put on 5lb in a week.. not EVEN if u were on steroids could this be done. Well maybe if it was ur first cycle and firs couple of weeks even THEN if would be a stretch.
finished container of creatine jja0016 2 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): Im finally almost done with mine lol
How much Creatine?? Frostshock 16 5 yearsFiremanSi (42406): Cheapest Brand please.... 5g in my preworkout if i take one or post workout whey. U MUST TAKE THIS 30mins after ur workout. SRS. :)
body reacting weird rwall89 9 5 yearsrwall89 (64): I currently weight 3 lbs more than when I calculated my maintenance. Figured it from a link that I was given on this site.
Creatine on off days mattd534 12 5 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): It was a rhetori...ahh fuck it.
Dextrose and cre-mono Hewy007 5 5 yearsHewy007 (2980): i fuckin hate guys that work in supplement stores
Creatine & Hypertension? McQueef 4 5 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Yea man...this is one of those instances I would try not to guess. Certainly consult a professional.
some question about creatine golagola 16 6 yearsalexenderaus (1): @eknight "Eat right, train hard, recover correctly" It is good idea as I believe that natural existence will never ever reduce and I am still trying to make my self naturally strong by doing Yoga, Meditation along with getting to hard training under professional trainer through GYM. Thank for nice information.
Creatine MCarey 10 6 yearsMCarey (2179): Fail
Creatine KingLeonidasXIV 2 6 yearsGougher (208): As long as its Monohydrate you should be fine. Take 5grams each day!
a little push from creatine Illadian 17 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @Illadian.. Guys already said it.. Go for creatine mono.. Dont waste ur money buying bullshit product that have the same effect.
Creatine face bloat Hiiibbbb 23 6 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): ima just let you know right now. look up the clinicals/studies and tons of pros. creatine does not bloat. dont post shit if you dont like the answer
Creatine/ Con-Cret Addition To Supp Stack... LongBeachPatriot 14 6 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): Fail....
Creatine Iwanttobebig 18 6 yearsnine0seven (2569): Bro honestly you don't even need creatine. You won't even notice the gains on creatine because your newbie gains will greatly outweigh them. U could take a preworkout which usually contains creatine but you don't need it separately at this point.
Creatine Usage NEED Help gorilla123 12 6 yearsgorilla123 (1): Thank you bro, this is the answer I was looking for
Creatine Question gorilla123 5 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Thats one of the benefits of it.
creatine mono golagol 9 6 yearsgolagol (40): found this: 2.2. Creatine Receptor and Non-Response The Creatine Transporter is a sodium/chloride-dependent transporter; dependent on both sodium[59][60] and chloride[61][62] and belongs to the Na+/Cl-dependent family of neurotransmitter transporters.[63] On the muscle cells and most others,[64][61] the isomer of the creatine transporter is known as SLC6A8 and due to it being a sodium-dependent transporter it is involved with sodium flux...
Does creatine take away definition? Trickerd 6 6 years4real (3319): no it dosent , but fat does
Creatine question VytasP Jump to first page33Jump to last page 6 yearsThor (5028): Creatine can increase DHT by 20-40%, which is a relevant consideration if you're not into baldness.
Your opinion on creatine? Hiiibbbb Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsalex323 (4): lol... it's not gyno. My chest looks nothing like any of the pictures you find when you search gyno. Just the creatine making my nips puffy. And I just take the basics- protein, multi, fish oil, BCAA's.
Creatine Usage hulk241210 13 6 yearsDevil82 (1240): @Hamer probably so =)
ST JOHNS WORT and CREATINE - Liver damage??? Snoogal 7 6 yearsBen777 (5358): EK, commence schooling.
Creatine and baldness? brian12 7 6 yearsDevil82 (1240): I though bald gene comes from mothers side.
creatine question jja0016 25 6 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): Fuck it, your gunna lose your hair some day. So start now. LoL.
Creatine kinase ??? rorybreaker 9 6 yearsrorybreaker (205): @GStarRaw Thanks man !
On Creatine while cutting Broschette 11 6 yearswannabemuscular (33216): Creatine can help inhibit muscle breakdown during calorie restriction. Stay on Creatine all the time.
Creatine Sensitivity? 3tuf 3 6 yearseknight (58109): ^^this. Women and about 10% of men have so much creatine naturally, that anything they supplement is simply not utilized. -3X
Con-cret creatine Jsn3004 3 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Well that's good -___-
any good protein for lean mass?!?! ering95 12 6 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): I once knew a person who bought a new car, boom herpes!!!
Creatine Question Jsn3004 5 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Yeah clearly I thought you guys played me, that's why I posted a whopping 2 threads on this. I'll try not to go too ham on the threads lol
Creatine Question. Epiq Strength Jsn3004 22 6 yearsMaarten (4299): Subcutaneous water vs intramuscular.
Creatine optimal muscle saturation Hamer93 4 6 yearseknight (58109): It takes 3-4 weeks for optimal "effects," which are limited and often disappointing to lifters. It's a legal supplement, not a drug, so don't get overly excited. -3X
Creatine for first time Hamer93 13 6 yearsFiremanSi (42406): No just thought u'd lost ur mind !! haha.
Can someone help me with this creatine Runningaway95 12 6 yearsTheShtuff (220): @Runningaway95 33 grams of sugar is a pretty bad sign. Creatine Mono has 0 g. and most BCAA products have minimal sugar for flavoring, if any.
Creatine in hot water? haole 21 6 yearsalexmuller (5452): I've been putting it in hot water since I can remember to dissolve it
supplement advice please dannymarctaylor 30 6 yearsFiremanSi (42406): Whey not REALLY necessary pre-workout as long as u have a good preworkout meal 1-2hrs before the gym. I take a whey casein blend INSTEAD of paying a Buttload for casein in the eve.. just take a whey /casein blend if u want more casein add milk. Multi-vit Fish Oils Creatine 5g Vit C 250-500mg I do like to take a BCAA's with some carbs intra workout tbh, especially on the higher volumes workouts... & while bulking helps get in extra cals...
Pre workout and creatine greay 10 6 yearsgreay (1): @jonrivs49 I think it's all in the mind!
Cycling Creatine Opinions hotborad Jump to first page51Jump to last page 6 yearshotborad (34): I was simply looking for some 10yr+ studies about the chronic side effects of Creatine usage to dissolve my doubts about chronic Creatine complications. But it appears that those don't exist and thus my doubts persist.
Creatine wheels25 7 6 yearseknight (58109): Dairy and grains (wheat, barley, or rye) can cause bloating. -3X
Creatine Markovich Jump to first page81Jump to last page 6 yearsNorIda (46957): @cactuzx
Creatine pre workouts Hamer93 16 6 yearsSwayz87 (9039): @eknight Well like my boss had the protein for BSN and MP tested independetly and yaaa they didn meet label claims! Especially Muscle Pharms Combat powder! WAY more sugar than claimed and less protein
supplements Munoz27 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42406): Creatine Mono.. accept no substitutes !!
creatine? Dan_Hollyoak93 17 6 yearseknight (58109): All of he above. 5 grams daily, every day. -3X
Creatin Dose during LoadingP Carfo 23 6 yearsCorkey (291):
creatin:maltodextrin ratio? Carfo 2 6 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): It is not necessary to take carbs with creatine either.
Creatine help! nastybeast 3 6 yearssriram (2050): Quick question added to that; ...isn't 20g/day a bit too excessive? I'm doing 5g a day, so either maybe I'm loading too little or that study might have been overdosing...
Creatine-Acne MCarey Jump to first page39Jump to last page 6 yearsThedude67 (3088): I didn't read all of the posts, so somebody I'm sure already said this, but go see a dermatologist! Acne is not just a spread some cream or take some herbs thing, not at least from my exp. There are multiple kinds of acne and I would ask a Dr. to find out which one you have and then you can treat it accordingly...
Creatine sensitivity optima 3 6 yearsoptima (1): Yeah I bought a huge tub of Creatine monohydrate by usn, tried the stuff for a couple of weeks but it was making me I'll. So I thought it might just be Creatine and that maybe I'll try a pre-workout without it
Which type of Creatine ? DaveyDizzle 22 6 yearseknight (58109): I see what you're saying. I've read that the body loses ~2 grams daily, so I'm patient enough to just run 5 g as a permanent dose. -3X
Creatine Yo Corkey 13 6 yearskickinchicken (8713): The only studies I've read seem to be looking to prove that it does but the conclusion is without real fact. Just assumptions. And much much more often than not it was only found to be more likely in men who are predisposed to androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss). If which case they would end up taking Rogaine or something anyway even if they didn't take creatine, which would counter any effects creatine would have in hair loss anyway....
Sci mx creatine mono MCarey 1 6 yearsMCarey (2179): Anyone tried this?
Creatine loading eingold 5 6 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): cheers m8
creatine dannymarctaylor 11 6 yearsdannymarctaylor (16): cheers
Outdated creatine. HELP IS NEEDED FAST GUYS. VytasP 3 6 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): the english is just too bad here, i cant understand you. are you asking about PHAT? whats going on here? the english is just too bad to read.
Is creatine worth it? for a model ionatan Jump to first page91Jump to last page 6 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): I need to invest into some creatine. Lol.
doin creatine cycle cause naturals lame bullet 17 6 yearsNorIda (46957): Sir Knight, imo!
Newbie at Cutting Diet! Aeleana 22 6 yearsAeleana (178): Thanks @eknight! I guess I need to up my caloric intake by around 600 calories. Oh boy. A little over 1000 calories in carbohydrates will be difficult, especially since I've given up grains for medical reasons, indefinitely at this point. Sweet potatoes, beans, fruit and veggies galore!
Which creatine is better? Facts..? luisscamachoo 9 6 yearseventheodds1 (5644): 5g a day of simple creatine mono.
Creatine Cycling vcvelaz 4 6 yearspandasashi (3859): no need to ever get off it...
Taking creatine on a cut? Jezza_91 5 6 yearsColbyb (55): Unless its mono hydrate may cause some unwanted water retention but will subside after your done of it.
help with supplements and stacking. _Sean_Walker 11 6 years_Sean_Walker (1): thanks! @eventheodds1
Supplement showdown: Creatine vs. Protein BaiTu 15 6 yearsMonster81 (1678): @tamere01, it's so minimal(if at all) I wouldn't even consider it "weight" in anything whether bulking or cutting. Any immediate weight fluctuation is going to be overall water and food intake for that day. Weighing in first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is the best way to judge.
Creatine + honey KOKOROKO 2 6 yearsajones46 (11701): Wait.. Which one is honey? Pics r helpful. Carbs + creatine = not necessary.
Blood tests maxthebeast 8 6 yearsmaxthebeast (1): yeah good idea, i think il try to drop the salt a bit, and maybe ask the doc as well
Carbs with Creatine... Fact or Myth ?? FiremanSi 14 6 yearsDiaz (367): Now I'm mad cuz the cute lady at GNC ripped me off. srs
Creatine Optimum Nutrition opinion? Pelebrah 7 6 yearscreatinebrah (1): Creatine is ceratine, same thing. Just get the cheapest kind you can. ON is pretty reputable and cheap too, so get it I suppose.
are most supplements worthless?! Jbmurphy Jump to first page56Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): Just got an email back from Layne: Me: "Seems like I read somewhere that you advocate CLA/Fish Oil/Sesamin on a you still follow this protocol?" Him: "Yes Dr. Layne Norton PhD Nutritional Sciences BioLayne LLC Check out the brand new revamped Sent from my iPhone" -3X
Creatine Precursers... Azzdog18 1 6 yearsAzzdog18 (358): such as Guanidinoacetate, L-arginine, glycine, L-methionine and Alpha-ketoglutarate. Wat are they and what do they do? Thanks for the help in advance.
Sickness bug and creatine ryan_929 7 6 yearswannabemuscular (33216): Creatine is one of the simplest, most beneficial, supps and often way over-complicated. With all the different kinds of creatine, loading, spiking, etc. Just stick with monohydrate and 5 grams per day. Most guys who aren't too big and heavy can even get away with 3 grams per day.
Creatine and Green Tea Piggles 7 7 yearspcamp607 (79): Caffeine by itself is not an actual diuretic unless used in high doses as correctly stated by EK; however, if you are sensitive to caffeine and it has a marked effect on your blood pressure, then it may act as a diuretic. This is because when your blood pressure elevates your body's neurohormonal response will induce diuresis as a means of counteracting this effect. Keep in mind though that the average person can drink about 3-4 cups of coffee...
taking creatine bosssantana 7 7 yearsdwatson (26511): Doesn't matter when you take it, doesn't matter how you take it. If you want it in Juice drink it in juice. If you want to line it up on the kitchen table and snort it like a boss, then snort it like a boss. No need to do a loading phase, just get it in your system and keep it there. -DW
Need an advice please WachiDuck 9 7 yearsMassthetics (364): and take a good pre workout
limited time only!!!CHEAP SUPPS,FREE SAMPLES lift4life 8 7 yearslift4life (595): yeah ive heard of them my brother buys from them. honest opinion its more of a cheap black and gold brand, i tried the taste..taste like balls would honestly pay more to get a better flavour!!
Creatine HELP!!! McQueef 6 7 yearsshockingfit (334): Study that backs up the fact that all Creatine forms have same effect click here
creatine bosssantana 9 7 yearsNorIda (46957): Lol, sigh. Yes @iLogic It does so much more. It's not the most highly used supplement simply for water retention. Google ftw if you really don't know what creatine does. Or look for @cardinals post/paper on it
Creatine Loading pcamp607 2 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): I would just take 5grams before and after gym for the first week. Then normal from there on. No need to over think it :)
Monohydrate, Hydrochloride, Pyruvate? Diaz 7 7 yearsDiaz (367): @NorIda hahah okay got that right for sure.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEASTIX 12 7 yearsMoyo (145): Take it with Piss. Works fine iv heard...
Creatine Monohydrate BEASTIX 11 7 yearscardinal (6175): Been posted many a time. As said, take 5 g a day. In short creatine= celluar hydration. Google it.
cheap as supps lukecorney Jump to first page37Jump to last page 7 yearslukecorney (1021): @david12345676 dude i get messages on facebook all the time from muscle hq and i cant believe the prices i only wish thet delivered to aus, but there in america should check them out
need help bulking chesty 11 7 yearschesty (1): I'm to obssesed with wanting a sick body haha
creatine simplymuscle 3 7 yearsMassthetics (364): micronised... that is the con cret is good but not for the price
kre alkalyn 1500 spyderboys 6 7 yearsspyderboys (136): lol okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
CREATINE EXP Treysix 3 7 yearsdrakula (85): sometimes i see already expired supplements for sale at the gnc i go to
AUSTRALIA BANNING CREATINE HELP Blakethegreat 22 7 yearsMassthetics (364): thats retarded
creatine bosssantana 25 7 yearsRonBurgundy (16): What type of Creatine? I recommend Con-cret... Easy to take - 5g a day, very micronised gets absorbed well. Take with a non-citrus juice for an insulin spike (grape or pineapple), post-workout or morning time on rest days.
C BAWL Treysix 3 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): I know where you can get some h-drol or tren...................................trololol
What to do... Treysix 2 7 yearsadam82a (3100): A few things. If I were you I'd cut as new people. Go 300-500 below your maintenance calories. Supplements will not make you fat. You put on bodyfat by eating a calorie surplus. Creatine will not make you fat under no circumstances at all. Read this forum. There are a lot of good threads popping up every now and then. You'll learn quite soon whom's post to look out for.
Progress!! And...Thermolife C-Bol JohnnyBeGood 20 7 yearsNorIda (46957): ty sir
Free sample supplements Blakethegreat Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearslift4life (595): fkn hate this someone needs to make an app.cos tgis is ridicoulus i cant.even see what im typing on my phone dafuq
which creatine brand is the best for results hotborad 11 7 yearslift4life (595): isnt creatine just creatine so it wouldnt matter which brand you buy as long it is creatine in its purest form i.e. creatine monohydrate for example buying products from the supermarket that have a brand and a label when you have the exact same "home brand" product for half the price and in some cases better quality...
Creatine on a cutting diet ? johon6 15 7 yearssohail92 (271): So what if he linked his site? its not as if he tried to sell something he was just helping out. I agree with what brian12 said, the link didn't drive anyone away, in fact it only helped.
question on creatine Corkey 7 7 yearscardinal (6175): People used to ask me about creatine a lot. So I wrote an article on it. It should cover everything you want to know. Enjoy.
Clarity on creatine: must read cardinal 29 7 yearsDaniel_CN (10): Hey Frank @cardinal by the way checked out your site - I like the layout. Looking forward to seeing what you put out. D
Creatine? Rusty 6 7 yearsRusty (46): @Scotian Thanks mate, just the answer I was looking for
What is the best protein shake for me? Numbreh 5 7 yearsGStarRaw (1441): Whey
Creatine brand?? hotborad 6 7 yearschaoswckd (1): allmax creatine is pretty cheap and awesome. and the container is Blue!
Creatine Questions EminentChill 26 7 yearschaoswckd (1): just take 3-5 grams per day( depends on body weight), 365 days per year. doesnt really maatter what time or with what source. post workout shake will be fine. or just plain water. checkout allmax creatine get like a years worth for like 23-30 bucks cant go wrong.
MACROS,BF%, and CREATINE c3pOMG 13 7 yearstarotale (433): this is good thread for later review when i will be bulking up. good advices guys
What does creatine, carbohydrate do? Numbreh 4 7 yearssohail92 (271): Creatine carbohydrate wtf dude do you mean Creatine Monohydrate lol!
creatine and wisdom teeth... boettcherboy 3 7 yearsJelet (2190): Most people dont know shit. Talk to ur doctor...
Are Supplements Neccessary?? cruzuk 13 7 yearsAustralianOak (1504): They are not neccessary as some people have said but are definitely recommended. If you are not reaching your daily nutrient goals then you need to eat more or use supplements. Everyone has already suggested fish oils, multis, proteins etc. Another good supplement is a greens supplement i dont get heaps of veggies in so i find that really helps. Just remember, try not to get caught by the hype and marketing of alot of these supp companies....
I guess creatine rly is legit Jelet 5 7 yearsChristf (2910): I'm in the same situation man. I swear I've been building a good bit of muscle but everyday I wake up looking more shredded than before. It's like noob gains on roids. I'm also pulling in more women than ever before. Life is good brotha, but everything fun eventually ends. ENJOY IT!!!!
On the right track? JohnnyBeGood 5 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): ....hmmmmmm - haha Yeah - keep eating! Don't fuss too much about nutrient timing. Just get a good meal in after gym. If you not gaining weight, eat more..^^ Welcome to SS!
how long till u feel the effects of creatine Jelet 2 7 yearsJelet (2190): well nothing special 70lbs 12 75lbs 10 75lbs 10 to 75lbs, first 2 sets of 12. and last set was 10. (incline dumbbell chest press) just a sample of a strength increased. not sure if its from the creatine or not. because last week i also did less than normal because of a deload week and lack of sleep/fastfood the week prior. etc. i guess the creatine gains on coming through =] lets see how i do on monday for my power day...
any benefits to creatine besides.. drakula 20 7 yearseknight (58109): Yes. -EK
New thinNripped 12 7 yearsthinNripped (1): I have to be careful with pre workouts because im allergic to caffeine. I have to keep it limited. Which I know im not avoiding it completely but have to be careful. I take a multivitamin as well. Ill look into the casein to add to my protein
losing fat,building muscle:) samalama034 5 7 yearsWARHORSE (148): is it true Creatine doesnt work after 30 or 40 ?
Benefits of creatine - first bulk greghodge 6 7 yearsgreghodge (1): Great! Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll bear all this in mind when buying my supps for the bulk. Currently taking glucosamine to help with inflammation but once I run out of that I'll switch to fish oil, G.
long term benefits of creatine billy17 28 7 yearseknight (58109): I don't load. Long-term it makes no difference. -EK
How long till dream physique? Mark3693 5 7 yearsstahmz (253): I'm thinking it'll take between one to two years to get to my dream physique, which is around the 175-180lb/79-82kg range. I'm a 400m runner and I don't plan on getting huge. I just want to add on some more muscle and then cut hard. And I'm at 150lb/68kg right now, so it's possible.
Creatine igg 11 7 yearsdwatson (26511): Haha i need to get one of these
Jacked + creatine monohydrate Kriztijan 15 7 yearsKriztijan (19): I just used it 2 times now and every time I take it I just got a little tingling in my arms and that's all. Yeah I know if your nutrition is good then you don't need any of those sups, right. but my diet is pretty shitty right now. still trying out what works the best for me. I'm not bulking and I'm not cutting. But still want to gain some muscle. I'm trying to find the sweet spot.
Major Bloating BWestern 18 7 yearsBWestern (121): Ok thanks. I just read an article on suggesting a few ways decrease bloating such as increasing calcium and potassium intake. However, I've heard that milk (calcium) and bananas (potassium) are not good food choices for when cutting. What are your views on these suggestions?
what is the best type of creatine? DFMaster240 11 7 yearsDETERMINED1 (2239): many people have different approaches... with regular creatine monohydrate what has worked best for me is a one week loading phase. followed by 6-8 weeks maintenence. then take 1-2 months off. during loading i take 15-20 grams a day but only 5 grams at a time. i prefer to take it right after a meal because it is best obsorbed when insulin levels are high, plus it can sometimes cause bloating which sucks if your trying to eat afterwards. and...
how much is too much? boettcherboy 17 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): @Baitu I agree. Someone could do hours of revision a day for a specific exam but be revising just one of many topics in the exam. He is working hard but if he was working smart he would study all topics, weighting his time spent on each according to his current competancy in each topic. Even though he studies less, he will do better (hypothetically). This is why I hate bad form, you are just putting yourself at more risk instead of lowering the...
creatin jacob12 5 7 yearsmikew (11493): Creatine is actually good on a cut because when you diet you inevitably lose some muscle and energy levels are lower so workouts are not as good. But the creatine helps counter this by providing more energy during workouts. You will gain some water weight but not body fat. It should improve your look overall though some people report bloating. Best bet is to give it a shot and see what happens.
Must Gain Weight Need Help! FootballTime6 7 7 yearshaole (2109): your a tiny football player! Eat eat eat. The ideal way to do it is to track your calories, protein, carbs and fat everyday and eat above your maintenance levels. Some of the best ways to eat more is to add extra meals & snacks throughout the day, also using weight gainer shakes and also eating lots of pasta (pasta is a easy/cheap source of calories and carbs). Mainly just eat more calories. Click on the "bulking" tab on this...
Got off that there Creatine-- SRorhrbac0808 14 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): good deal brotha.. ill for sure check it out. thanks
I look pregnant Youngbrah 9 7 yearsShadow (448): I'm on that All Bran baby! Had me shittin like a champ for the first few days lol 30g of fibre per 100
Do you take creatine? mikew Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearskospel (199): Yep same here, I also used to take it in my recovery drink but quited due to doctor recommendation :P I didn't see any changes in my training so I just stopped using it until this week I am just so confused when I changed my recovery from 50:50 protein carbs to only whey because my results don't raise anymore so I've been thinking are the simple carbs really that important... Many people say that there's no need to take simple carbs if I just...
creatine loading ?! moke912 13 7 yearsswaggersaurus (7): load it up brah creatine is a cheap supplement. better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.
Mixing ! moke912 5 7 yearsmoke912 (118): Thank you too
Cycling Creatine? Swift 24 7 yearsseansm10 (906): ek - i used a tub of n o xplode then moved to a whole container of jack3d without 'cycling' while i was still seeing benefits from it. the whole euphoric feeling from it wasnt there, i stopped taking it for a week and i took my final scoop of the jar and it was like taking it for the first time all over again. - youl build up a tolerance, just not as significantly as people have you believe. also, i read somewhere on a rather informative bb...
Jack3d + Creatine Ematthews 14 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): The powder creatine I use (creapure creatine monohydrate micronized powder) is great. It is 200 servings and costs like 25-30 bucks.. It does not dissolve great so I heat up my water in the microwave and then it dissolves just fine. 5 grams after workout is all you really need.
Creatine dontbfooled 25 7 yearsmikew (11493): @dontbfooled - how's your training going with the creatine?
creatine? TheRockstar 8 7 yearsChristf (2910): You're getting poisoned from the plastic bottles my friend. Investing in a good quality filter is much better IMO
Creatine B_Brown 2 7 yearsDragonian (4951): In my experience you wouldnt loose your strength at all, also i know people that use creatine all year round and dont neccesarily cycle it. I dont use it at all anymore but thats because i have steak every day. If you are massively worried about loosing stregnth and do choose to cycle it though a pre workout supplement like jack3d has always upped my reps on sets and stuff so i guess give that a try.
PMD Platinum Kre-Alkyalin dontbfooled 9 7 yearsdontbfooled (4): 5'11 165lbs
Creatine Deload or Unsaturation Question mikestheguy 2 7 yearseknight (58109): 1-2 weeks. -EK
Creatine Monohydrate v kre alkalyn chrishopwood1 2 7 yearsseansm10 (906): is kre alk not those purple pills? am i confusing myself with something here? rule #1 with pills: dont grind pulls
does creatine make you fat? or look fat? alfa345 7 7 yearsChristf (2910): naw naw You guys need to watch this video LAyne saves the day
Creatine makes me fart all day Sidewinder 3 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Theres no way you can know for sure it's the creatine and I highly doubt that it is.
creatine before or after working out?help. dinuman22 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): Nice....good luck! -EK
help to buy my creatine Valentino_027 6 7 yearsChristf (2910): I had typed "it goes away after you take it" which is I corrected my original post to "it goes away after you stop taking it" As in, don't worry you won't be a water balloon for life. bulk or cut? miketheripper 5 7 yearsChristf (2910): This! It will help spare muscle on a cut...simplysharpie: once your down low enough in bodyfat to worry about excess water, you can go ahead and stop taking it lol
CREATINE?!!??! dcole59 3 7 yearsdcole59 (1): that have anything to do with bloating of water cells?, i have heard it can bloat your water storage, does this make you gain any body fat, or make you look fatter?
How do you take your protein and creatine Xyewx 8 7 yearsAres (219): anal insertion or gtfo
Mixing Supplements driver 2 7 yearsEFJK (2316): When taking creatine your goal is to obviously bulk. Take advantage of the opportunities creatine provides by providing your body with higher amounts of glycogen (carbs) to promote as much muscle mass and growth as you can while using it.
Free creatine! MrMailliw 18 7 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Ill stomp u into the ground real life Wompphaggot! hahahaha wat do u weigh a whole 90lbs sopping weight?!
creatine and thermogenic...good or bad? miketheripper 2 7 yearskandola88 (72): read this mate.
bloating from creatine mono Valentino_027 3 7 yearsmiketheripper (1): i have also heard that taking cinnamon extract may help the bloating. haven't tried it yet but you may want to.
Buying Creatine Monohydrate ( Australia ) JTsLiP 10 7 yearsLP2 (1): Creatine is Creatine. I think Creapure, Kre-Alkaly etc. were just invented that you give the company your money. Just buy normal Creatine Monohydrat and you'll be fine.
Creatine Intake CaptainRon 19 7 yearsJelet (2190): Iv been on it for ayear now. Havent cycled off
Creatine help mike99 29 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): I'd recommend taking your creatine an hour out from your gym session, mixed into a glass of pineapple or cranberry juice. Here's an article that might reinforce what I've been saying: "It can take about 1 hour for the creatine to be absorbed into the bloodstream - and from that point you have about 1.5 hours to use the creatine or lose it. . ." clickable text
How many pounds of water does creatine add? Sidewinder 12 7 yearsSwayz87 (9039): SS Detective SwayZ on the case!!! Ok Sidewinder....Lettuce be reality here for a second...One you have a strong Name to Avi ratio going on here...Two you have a strong lingo to Avi ratio...and THREE you have a strong pic posting to Avi ratio!!! Im gunna have to just assume you are like JoJo a dude until proven other wise!!!! I will offer zero knowledge from my god like brain until I see some fuggin Spoon pics up IN HERE!!! So get...
creatine kylemesner 2 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Dont waste your money. Just buy creatine mono powder - it works. If you need an energy boost then use something like jacked 3d, but you are then using it for the energy boost, not the creatine.
peoples view on ON Creatine Mic_Cooper 6 7 yearsMic_Cooper (7): yeah i saw jojo post about it not dissolving well and someone surggested warm water so will try tht One prob silly question... can i mix creatine with my protein shake ?? ive always taken them as two seperate shakes but did no if it would mix in ok puttin them together ??
Eating solid creatine (not in juice) JoJo 9 7 yearsCupcake (402): Yeah, as Ankie says use hot water to dissolve it if you got crap creatine. It your body absorbs warm water better too.
Rounded scoop of ON creatine JoJo 5 7 yearsJoJo (69): Great... I have 10 spoons and all of them are different size. I have no idea which one is the teaspoon.
Creatine dissolved or not? Cupcake 4 7 yearsCupcake (402): I got Creatine mono in powder.
How does creatine increase size? JoJo 15 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): ...if your not holding extra water from creatine then its just not working, also the holding water is the msot important part of it since studies show it doesn't increase strength any more than a placebo.
Optimum Nutrition Hydrobuilder - thoughts? JoJo 6 7 yearsJoJo (69): I never drink more than 1 shake per day. I try to get most of my protein from real food. Also, what do they mean when they say creatine doesn't work unless your muscles are saturated? Does it mean if your body can handle 10g, but you only have 9.9999g, then the creatine does absolutely nothing?
ATP Creatine Serum? JWAC 10 8 yearskandola88 (72): id recommend MRI anabolic switch.
cretain big_man121 2 8 yearsEthan7X (291): Bumped^