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Is "bleeds" like this normal after workout? ZeposPowerbuilder 10 2 yearszomfroot1 (16): Rock Hard abs
Ab Exercises for Fused Spine xckks 3 2 yearskickinchicken (8716): Do not use and bending or twisting movements whatsoever. You should be focusing on your core and lower back strength. The anterior abdominal muscular development will follow at it's own pace for now. leg raises, planks, etc are best. Also, focus on pelvic flexibility to help reduce the need to bend your back and place added stress on it. Just google pelvic or hip mobility exercises. Joe Defranco has some good stuff on youtube.
I need help bracing my core please?.. qtdreams92 8 4 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): thanks @eknight the Cough or exhale hard cue works perfect! so its pushing down not pushing out lol. I can talk normal in this braced position. and imagining the brace position as a standing plank works for me :)
Standing russian twist cassious 4 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Used to do them in my strength camp. their AWESOME man. Sick core move. I tore an oblique and haven't really been able to do them since. :(
do you even plank? databas1c 11 6 yearsdatabas1c (2188): I'm a fairly experienced climber and I've never really found that planks helped my climbing. At least not any more than any core stabilization exercise would.
NEW core exercises by DIESELCREW !!! FiremanSi 1 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Here's a few new core exercises to give u guys something new to try. Found this in my favourites archive so thought i'd share !!
What is your Ab/Core routine? the1 9 6 yearsLacedaemon (3481): Food for thought
Core Strength/ Balance & Stability Exercises correra911 4 6 yearsJayatfc11 (274): @Mcarey covered most, but you wanna hit more inner core! Planks would be one, you need to engage the core all the time, Pilates 100s are brilliant if done right, kneeling upright on an exercises ball up nice and tall engaging core and then eventually stand on it. Bum lifts on exercies ball while holding a medicine ball works the core! These work for me and improve my posture so you have a solid base! May I suggest a class of Pilates a week!
Do effect on waist size? tamere01 4 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Nothing but gaining fat can increase your waist size. Only muscle that could be seen to make you wider near but not at your waist is your obliques.
core bosssantana 11 7 yearsbosssantana (103): @BrettDaniels i agree with you as well not going to disagree
Obliques ectomorph94 7 7 yearsJusu (618): 10 minutes of standing side twisting with a broom stick after every workout and your obliques will shine. I also do once a week oblique crunches with cable 3x8-15 and bodyweight decline crunches 2x once too.
Deadlifts and abs BaiTu 10 7 yearsseansm10 (906): but yes, they work your whole core, i remember once when i tested my max DL and every ounce of my entire core ached