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Covid time A_em 8 10 monthsA_em (2424): @oceanair thanks so much 😘 I cross my fingers so tou get back to tour routine and truly enjoy it. (Same for myself).
Im A little too Skinny. AmosXD 3 1 yearYeags (1144): Food prep make it a point to eat a certain amount at a surplus each day. It’s hard but if you want to grow it’s a must
Horrible shape, unsure what to do horrificShape 3 2 yearskickinchicken (8717): The first thing you should do is take your honest measurements and get a set of calipers to check your actual body fat. Then remeasure periodically if you really want to know your progress. If you don't then you're just guessing and that's the biggest reason why people don't stick with it. I'd tell you that your split is all wrong but at this point as long as you're sticking with something than go for it. But if you really want to train...
Lets Try This Again adale 19 2 yearsadale (73): MPT Glute W4 Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 6:09 PM Trap Bar Deadlift Set 1: 175 lb × 10 Set 2: 175 lb × 10 Set 3: 175 lb × 10 Set 4: 175 lb × 10 Lunge (Dumbbell) Set 1: 30 lb × 7 Set 2: 30 lb × 7 Set 3: 30 lb × 7 Set 4: 30 lb × 6 Romanian Deadlift (Barbell) Set 1: 115 lb × 10 Set 2: 115 lb × 8 Set 3: 115 lb × 8 Squat (Barbell) Set 1: 135 lb × 10 Set 2: 135 lb × 10 Set 3: 135 lb × 10 Set 4: 135 lb × 20 MPT Arms & Shoulders...
Calves!!??!! Thedude1967 5 3 yearsThedude1967 (44): Thanks guys, all good tips I’ll try them!
Where should I go from here? adaw1 10 3 yearsLiftingLawyer (4): Just having a laugh My advice: 1. Ripped and big is not easy naturally 2. Condition is all diet 3. High condition cannot be permanently maintained 4. T-Nation 666 sprint routine is the best thing you can do in the gym to lean out 5. Add loads of volume to your weight training 6. Good luck!
Is this a good bulk OneMind 20 3 yearsOneMind (13): @eknight that’s a great article that you have posted and have so much information on the questions that I have been having. I will adjust accordingly with all the information you have provided in that forum. I have watched countless videos on proper form, read tons of articles on routines, but everything that I have read (including your forum) pretty much tells you to adjust your routine to what you want for your goals. That is great advice on...
Time to bulk? Brecksderby 6 3 yearsjostrosky (346): @Brecksderby well if you want more define abs then you will have to stay in a caloric deficit for longer. If you want to bulk then you would have to eat in a surplus and you will gain some fat.
[Help] - Male, 24 y/o, 191cm, 211lbs. Lean b Nathan93 3 3 yearseknight (58109): Bulk like your life depends on it. -3X
Demonize supplement Spencer1104 6 3 yearskeylemike (13): Sorry to say I have not tried that one yet. So I have no idea about it. But I have used some supplements which work well. They helped me to reach my goal. Try this Healthy Self Programs
Deadlift form? Fletch7878 7 3 yearsEricleader22 (1): Just be very careful deadlifting, you can really injure your lower back badly. I've done that before and was out a few weeks :( Just make sure you have the perfect form for the exercise.
MOVED TO US WITH 18 BYMYSELFTO BODYBUILDING vascovic 4 3 yearsEricleader22 (1): Keep training Eric leader Owner
Skinny Guy eat dirty or clean?? Skinchenzo 7 3 yearsEricleader22 (1): Keep working out in opinion Eric leader Owner's_best_personal_trainers__in-home_personal_trainers_in_silver_spring_maryland__in_home_personal_training_in_silver_spring.htm
Should I begin with a Bulk or a Cut? randallkevin 7 3 yearsrandallkevin (22): You've caught me there. I do want to get bigger then. And then cut down my body fat. I get it now. If I don't BULK ... and grow my muscles, than there won't be anything there to look more toned. The CUT then cuts the additional fat gained during the bulk. Thank you for helping me understand the purpose of a bulk better.
Should I cut or Lean bulk? Advice/PICS NoviceKev 9 4 yearsmikew (11494): @NoviceKev if you calculate your BF% based on the 1RMs you give it would suggest a much lower BF than 16% but your pics don't seem to support that so it's hard to give accurate advice. I'm not saying that calculator is 100% accurate - it's only an estimate - and it could be way off in your case. So take it with a grain of salt... My sense is that a program focused on building strength will give you...
Two year natural transformation 16 to 18 MattO1999 10 4 yearsMattO1999 (34): @wannabemuscular only like a 250 calorie surplus, but like I said want to keep the bulk lean without putting on any excess fat
Leg and Pant Problem jostrosky 13 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @mikew haha can’t go that route as a teacher. I have found a good pair, Under Armour golf pant are very stretchy and fit perfectly. They even have my 36 inch length.
Big traps excercise Ozzyshaun 14 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): I don't train traps directly, but I can tell you they blow up when I do heavy deads consistently.
17 Year old Question Betin135 9 4 yearsBetin135 (10): @wannabemuscular Ditching cardio sounds good. I never like doing it and thanks.
Bulk?Cut?Maintain? BF% estimate. stuck..PICS NoviceKev 7 4 yearsNoviceKev (1): Thanks buddy
HELP. my right side is uneven zzz10 1 4 yearszzz10 (1): I injured my right shoulder months ago and its now lower than the left one. whenever I do a lat spread as you can see in the second picture it makes my back look uneven too. please help what should I do. I'm 8 months into lifting.
6 Months Bulking....should I cut back? bflare 5 4 yearsKellyKapoor (1): I would try cutting a little bit and building back up from there. a great supplement to try that will help you with fat loss is lipodrene dmaa, a friend of mine used it and saw results at about the two week mark
What made YOU start getting real gains? Cannonball 13 4 yearsframe (73): Like above said a diet, and that concentration on a muscle group during excercise, it may sound absurd, but it seems to work when you visualize how muscle contracts during a motion, with heavy weights up to 8 reps especially. That way you get controlled motion which makes muscle to work harder during lift since it takes out that momentum that is counter productive to muscle development, no ego lifting and diet/recovery = progress.
Would this schedule work? Spencer1104 6 4 yearsSalokin (877): If you want to make improvements on a body part, prioritize the lift. Do it on Monday and again later in the week. I find when part of my body starts lagging or I want to make more drastic improvements, I move it to Monday. If you miss it for some reason, you have the rest of the week to make it up.
Would I be spinning wheels if I cut now? TTPD 5 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @eknight he's asking permission like someone else runs his life. I really don't know why people ask for advice get it and still try and convince them to say its okay to do what they are wanting to do.
MY NATURAL 2.5 YEAR TRANSFORMATION FB7 1 4 yearsFB7 (1): clickable textThis video is my complete story of my fitness journey from the get go. Please give it a watch
Cut somemore? Advise please Gustoftw 6 4 yearsGustoftw (1): Thanks you guys for the advise! I will go for the bulk after going back to maintenance! Time for food finally!
cut or bulk please help!!! vvo22181 9 4 yearsKellyKapoor (1): what..
Bananas,Whey protein, Crumpets and cereal Apple04 5 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): Bananas! Crumpets and cereal are highly processed foods. Would go for the banana if your decision is based off which is the least processed.
Newbie Need Advice End14 5 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): This totally depends on your goals. If you're still wanting to put on some more size but you're worried about gaining fat, maybe do a mini cut. After a short period of cutting, bring your calories back up into a surplus and continue bulking :)
Tips on how to Harden the stomach Spencer1104 3 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): Here is one I found the other day I've only done it twice but the day after my abs were so sore!
Eat less on Non traing days? RyanMorgans 7 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): Up to personal preference. I personally reduce my carbs and increase my fats so there isn't really a drop in overall energy intake.
Diet help jflynny17 10 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): I don't really think you need to up your intake as you're already in a surplus. It has only been a few weeks, so you aren't going to see a drastic change in fat/muscle gains in such a short amount of time. If anything, I would be looking at adjusting your current training program. Ensure you are lifting with enough intensity and recovery.
Bulk or cut teen Rmorgans 8 4 yearsRmorgans (1): @eknight I know that I am young and all, I just want to look good and be strong
Feet hurt Takeiteasy 10 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @Takeiteasy I think you're too heavy for your poor little feet. Maybe lose like 30lb and see if it helps.
Gaining too much fat on bulk? LiamChecks 4 4 yearsSalokin (877): 19 pounds in a 21-25 week period may be a little fast, but not too bad for a newbie to the game. If you feel fat gain is a little more than you'd like, you can always lower your calories a bit. Lower by 100 cals/day at first, monitor strength and scale weight, adjust accordingly. You can lower that protein level a bit as well. Not much use for more than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, especially in a bulking phase.
Looking like a freak Freakydecky 9 4 yearsFreakydecky (1): Triggered.
Critique my 6 day Pull/Push/Legs Routine Gelo98 7 4 yearskickinchicken (8717): Good lord. It's like you took EVERY exercise ever known and tried to fit it all into one week.
Continue cutting? Sendsol 4 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Sendsol if u had not much experience before January there's a good chance it in the newbie phase with gives u the chance to take advantage of that unique window. Where u can gain weight and recomo to look better. Also if u cut more weight u will just look malnourished not ripped... u haven't built abs to try dig them out to see them through a big cut !! So now I'd reverse diet into a bulk. Make sure ur doing a solid full body or upper lower...
5 YEAR AESTHETICS TRANSFORMATION VIDEO SickoShreddo 3 4 yearsevegrant (10): Good job.
Should I increase my calories? bflare 12 4 yearsbflare (1): Edit: just been to the toilet and my weights obviously dropped. So I have actually only put 0.2lb on. Should I in fact increase by another 100?
New intentions WinnersNeverQuit 17 4 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): workout was meant to be squat and deadlift but both areas were in use so did bench instead. Workout was as follows: Bench 157.5kg 347lbs X2 165kg 363lbs X1 170kg 375lbs X1 140kg 308lbs X12 (All reps paused) clickable text Bosu bench french press 37kg 82lbs 14,14,14 Lateral raises 12.5kg 27lbs 12,12,12 Sternum pullups +10kg 22lbs X4,3,3,3 Very happy with how the session went today, feeling...
I should bulk or cut Fujitor 6 4 yearsNorIda (46958): You should cut. Cut your wrists for asking such a silly question BULK FOR LIFE
Advice abbs316 3 4 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Wrong site homie !!!
Cut in winter bulk in summer Humblelifts 2 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Why would any specific month out of the year make it harder on one to bulk or cut? So if it's September 27th you have problems cutting, but once it hits October, then it's smooth sailing?
What would you do? BigMoney 2 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): In my opinion if you're able to count your calories i'd just do a slow bulk. I imagine it being very difficult to cut if you can't prep some food. I wouldn't put much emphasis on an exact number though. It just seems like an arbitrary number saying "sub 10 percent". I'd just go off of how you look in the mirror. And as a natural, the lower you get from 10 percent bodyfat, you're going to look more flat.
5% carbs 30% protein 65% Fats - Bulking Musa 17 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I'll be following this log. Have to see what other funny comments come out of this.
i should stop bulking or not ? bodyfatkiller 9 4 yearsbodyfatkiller (1): LOOOOOOOOOOL Dear god, thank you.
10 Week Bulking Progress...Help Please. bflare 12 4 yearsbflare (1): No problem FiremanS I have some videos already recorded. Squat Bench OHP Thanks again.
Gyno?? RyanMorgans 7 4 yearsRyanMorgans (4): @robinxchrom thanks man
I need help RyanMorgans 4 4 yearsrobinxchrom (22): u need to bulk for 1-2 years. eat in a surplus, find a good training program, progressively get stronger month to month, aim to gain 2-4lbs a month and dont sweat it. ur too young and inexperienced to have to worry about micromanaging this stuff. just learn to enjoy the gym etc.
Looking to lean up Tmacca 4 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @Tmacca I;m with @FiremanSi, that is a lot of weight to gain in a short period of time. Where you dirty bulking? There are smarter ways to bulk i.e. adding specific amount of calories to maintenance then seeing what it does then make adjustments. It's difficult to determine how to approach this. What i would do is take the caloric intake that you are consuming right now and subtract 500 calories. Then adjust your calories each week to the point...
Bulk or Cut? RyanMorgans 15 4 yearsjayjay770 (1): You're 15, so just lift a way that makes you happy and want to continue lifting, and eat healthy and clean and just eat a lot. Maybe add a protein shake to your diet.
Football workouts and training RyanMorgans 4 4 yearsRyanMorgans (4): good point @eknight
Is this good? RyanMorgans 14 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @RyanMorgans dude there is no magic number, um sure why don't you start there and stick with it for a couple of weeks and then come back. If you don't gain anything then add 500 calories and if you lose then add another 500 calories.
Insulin and fat storage Apple04 7 4 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): See young lad. When you act like a douche people don't want to answer you. It's magic.
Getting bigger by lifting 2 times per week alan007 5 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Open thread to view post.
Inspiration/Information People Want warrendaniel437 2 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): How much pain are you in squatting 95lb with foamy ass shoes on.
Diet advice Read pls jflynny17 6 4 yearsjostrosky (346): I was going by what you intake now. i typically go with 1.15 gram/lb of body weight so its a little more . you can adjust and take off 15-20gram of protein and move it over to your carbs because they are both 4 calories per gram or you can take it from protein and move to fat but fat is 9 calories per gram so only a couple grams of fat
I'm doing 40+ sets per workout Apple04 11 4 yearsApple04 (1): Random question. Is cutting easy? Or hard? Because I was overweight at one point and have a fear of getting fat.
Gained 1kg(2.2lbs) Apple04 11 4 yearsApple04 (1): skinny guy
Cardio and Bulking Apple04 15 4 yearswarrendaniel437 (7): Is it like running at moderate intensity or something less or even more intense?
Squat programming Thomas_Rascon 3 4 yearsThomas_Rascon (19): Why is that?
10,000 Calorie Challenge GinoBB 1 4 yearsGinoBB (22): It is really, really, sickening. I never expected it to be so hard! Did any of you do it?
Teen eating advice Gtjones7586 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Read the FAQ thread. You'll find all the info you need in there to figure out what to do. Whatever you do, eat LOTS of meat.
Snickers protein konner05 14 4 yearsNaturalBrawn (199): Might be best just to eat a snickers and have protein shake :) Double up on the calories plus get to enjoy Snickers as its meant to taste :)
MY FINAL SPLIT QUESTION A7102009 11 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Yea..... I didn't read any of that. If you're going to write a wall of text, Break that shit up So it doesn't seem to be SUCH A FUCKING STRUGGLE TO READ Gotta trick out lazy asses into believing there's just one more short paragraph.
what to eat tonight 360 calories? konner05 16 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): How was your meal?
Should I decrease my calories? konner05 9 4 yearskonner05 (1): I get nervous though.
ICF 5x5 benching 3x/week Maro12345 2 4 yearseknight (58109): If OHP bothers you, which is not uncommon, I wouldn't personally advise benching 3 days per week. I would do the following: 1. Change your 2 regular bench days to close grip bench press. It's friendlier on the shoulders and will still give you great results. 2. Add more upper back work. 100 band pull-aparts 3x per week. 3. Google DeFranco's "Shoulder Shocker," and replace OHP with that instead. -3X
Bulking - 2 month progress djo7 10 4 yearsEagleRare10 (838): Yeah, visually and logically there's no SIGNIFICANT change, but subtly, you look a bit leaner, so if you're actually heavier that's great. Just train hard and don't worry about progress comparisons for like 6 months at least... just my opinion
Bulk+cheat day? Gtjones756 8 4 yearsDorich (454): A bulk doesn't always have to be about stuffing your face with everything you can get your hands on. There are several approaches to "lean gains" where the goal is to minimize fat gain by not adding more than 1 kg body weight per month, or even 0.5 kg in some instances. I do agree that 136 pounds at 6 feet is light, and that OP should definitely NOT worry about a cheat day screwing him up. Speaking of which... can you post a...
Cut or bulk? Gtjones756 13 4 yearsRianAdrian (4): if u re gonna cut more u re gonna look like me bruh so cutttt thiiiisss shitt
What to do in my case?? Ely 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): We have no idea what you look like so really can't give any advice.
Is being YouTuber worth it dollar12786 14 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): It was just a phase 19 hours ago? But if you do decide to make a YouTube channel the goal can't just be money. Tons of people make new channels everyday and almost all of them quit when they realize that it's not easy money.
Bulking and Shredding: Macronutrients n Cals jflynny17 7 4 yearsMakerLing81 (1): Hmmm, I am not quiet sure about it.
James and Bret on individual differences AnthonyDee 6 4 yearseknight (58109): Absolutely everyone should do cardio- despite minimal differences in energy expenditure, if someone is looking to create a calorie debt, there's only two ways to do that- eat less or be more active. Avoiding cardio because it may make a 1-3% difference in energy expenditure is nonsense. -3X
One day of strength training while bodybuil? Spencer1104 11 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): You gaining size depends on whether you are or are not in a caloric surplus. Just because you're doing a "bodybuilding type routine" doesn't mean you'll gain more size. You should run 5/3/1 Boring But Big. Eat in a slight caloric surplus, just like the FAQ stated (assuming you read it). You also get to put in your bodybuilding movements like barbell/dumbbell curls, tricep pushdowns, and facepulls.
Back and Leg day 1 or 2 a week? Spencer1104 3 4 yearsframe (73): everything works, do whatever you like more. you can hit body part to failure so it will recover in one week - you will grow, if you like more half-ass workouts not going to failure on one of your gym sessions - you can hit larger body parts twice per week and you still will grow ( you must be able to know your body possibilities perfectly in this case). It all depends on how you like to train, muscle growth occurs if you give muscle enough work...
BODYBUILDING AND CRITIQUE PHYSIQUE A7102009 9 4 yearsA7102009 (1): Thanks, I think I will stick to l/p/p but instead do some more research on it, as I've read a few things about it recently that have got me thinking I need to change my version up, I've been going through some very old posts with Alex Muller, here on simply shredded, and he is a living god, (wonder what hes looking like now) he thought that l/p/p/l/p/p/ off was better for hypertrophy gains and phat was better for strength gains, may try a...
Doing back workout with back issues... Spencer1104 2 4 yearseknight (58109): I would seek physical therapy through your GP or ortho doc, which will be covered by insurance, not chiro care. -3X
Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel AnthonyDee 1 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel!
Cut pr keep bulking? Betin135 2 4 yearsYeags (1144): Keep bulking!!!
Upper back exercises and sample back workout AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @AnthonyDee yeah dude.
Bulk didnt work properly. Cut? Oslo1234 5 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): Nutrition: - Caloric deficit (enough to lose on average around 1% of your bodyweight per week) - Around 1-1.5g protein per pound of lean body mass - Fill the rest with carbs and fats according to personal preference - Aim for 3-5 protein feedings spread evenly throughout the day Training: Any routine with sufficient volume, frequency and intensity that hits all major muscle groups. Personally, I like Lyle's GBR, ICF 5x5, etc.
Opinions on this please jflynny17 2 4 yearseknight (58109): Too much protein. Read the FAQ thread. -3X
1 year of lifting - no gains jeff12 30 4 yearsYeags (1144): Good job keep pushing have faith and know you can do it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
When should I start cutting, advice needed stichguy 5 4 yearsJesus (166): Rule of thumb is to start cutting when your eye lids start storing fat.
Nootropics? Supplements? alkudari23 4 4 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Vitamin D (D3) sounds like it could help you and not bust your bank account
Bulking and diet clarifications jflynny17 6 4 yearsYeags (1144): Keep bulking put on quality size then cut...
Protein before bed for more muscle AnthonyDee 5 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): haha I assume they wrote it like that for clarity, since you could, for example, divide your protein into 3 equal-sized portions, but you may have all of them during the first part of the day rather than spread it out! :)
Training for Strength vs Hypertrophy AnthonyDee 3 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): I'm not sure what ip slanging is... but yes, that's a Cyprus flag! Cause I'm in Cyprus! :D
Bulking Strategy jflynny17 9 4 yearsjflynny17 (1): Nice one bud @West165
How to train for muscle growth AnthonyDee 6 4 yearsCharlesdog (1): Add in some upper back and core stability
Follow my bulking journey! bulkinggirl 1 4 yearsbulkinggirl (1): I will share my bulking experiences on my blog! If you are interested, tune in and read more!
Curious about supplement dazzler95 2 4 yearsYeags (1144): Probably doesn't work just eat a surplus while bulking and at a deficit while cutting shortcuts don't exist just work hard and earn it!!!
Trouble bulking Nikolai 19 4 yearsAnthonyDee (1): If you're not gaining weight, you're not in an energy surplus, so you need to eat more. Weight gainers as well as energy dense foods are your best friend, in the case!
Tritons log 3 Tritons Jump to first page40Jump to last page 4 yearsTritons (670): Hi, sorry for no updates. Started working and school is also going strong so could not make any update. Training has been going pretty well, current gym numbers: Squat 230 Bench 180 Deadlift 270 Been dealing with eating problems and sore/hurting joints, so for now going to take easy on everything. I was planning on doing a meet on nvember, but will se, how i will be feeling.
Bulking Macros on rest days question fitzy2015 4 4 yearsfitzy2015 (1): Cheers lads for the reply..will stick with the same calories and macros everyday 👍
Removing BB bench completely from workout. WeakBenchShit 7 4 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): What is your age?
Should I bulk or cut Zookey86 13 4 yearsEagleRare10 (838): Cool. I don't know much about PHAT, other than its recommended as a good intermediate/advanced program. So, I presume it implements some kind of sensible progression scheme, which is really all I was trying to emphasize: make sure you are progressing in weight or reps, and eating and resting right, and you will grow.
HyperAmino By Gaspari Nutrition GYMRVT2 3 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @GYMRVT2 Only 5grams total of all those ingredients combined? You'd probably have to take 5 scoops to get a reasonable amount of each amino. Ripoff!
Transformation thoughts ? MattO1999 8 5 yearsgetfit24 (43): Wow, great progress! And you do have long arms!
Which workout split? A7102009 7 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Seconding this; if you're able to train 7 days a week, the quality of the training probably isn't very high, and there probably isn't being presented much of an overload.
Workout plan that hits muscles twice a week? dayrone150 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): That's everyone's excuse why they either don't train legs or only train legs once a week. Total bullshit. Notice how it's always peoples' legs that blow up quickly and not any part of their upperbody
Please critiq/help w 1st official lean bulk anteis99 9 5 yearseknight (58109): If you don't believe in IIFYM, why are you bothering with macros at all? That doesn't make sense. Honestly, if you feel like you need *that* much structure with your diet, you seem to have an unhealthy relationship with food. Good luck though! -3X
Should i cut ? PICS Jeffr 22 5 yearsgetfit24 (43): I agree lol
Oskidur's Training Log Oskidur 27 5 yearsOskidur (25): Big news coming up. I will get military drafted next year. So i might give up push pull legs for a 4 day upper lower if this is the case since my condition is shit.
Weird workout composed by my trainer Kev521 12 5 yearstestosteronejosh (1): Seems a little on the light side to me. Then again, depends what your goals are I suppose.
Rack Pulls Jsn3004 11 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): But if you go lift at those times there will always be a skinny fagget there... @Jesus
Workout for 4 days straight? Kev521 7 5 yearsShoto (7): Thursday - Upper (Front) 3 sets & Mid-Section 3 sets, as many reps as possible. NB: always leave 1 rep 3-5 minutes rest in between sets Sunday - Upper (Back) 3 sets & Legs 3 sets, as many reps as possible. NB: always leave 1 rep On these days, train like there's no other training you'll ever do, "tire yourself out" but always leave 1 rep. that you can do. All other days should be rest days because you...
Cincinnatus Teenage Bulk Cincinnatus 24 5 yearsCincinnatus (37): no like how i said when i say "arms" it could mean either triceps, biceps or forearms. But when I say "legs" it means the entirety of the legs like calves and quads and hams
The Barbell Floor Press. Jesus 15 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Jesus Larsen was born with dislocated hips and club feet.. He can't get his legs into a position to bench properly with feet down that's where the Larsen press came about !!
Jesus's Bulking Diet. Jesus 13 5 yearsBlakeScar (40): I know bruh but it's just funny and werid to me. This world will never cease to amaze me!
Body Composition Estimates? spartanluke 6 5 yearsjohnnys (1): Its a low body fat.
am I doing this right? Weight / tracking MusicThings 3 5 yearsMusicThings (13): @eknight even if I had previously been at >2200? Was under eating by accident. Work/ stress/ wasn't tracking, always felt miserable. I've been upping them over the course of 2 weeks adding 100 or so every few days Trying to get my nutrition on point and feed my body. Haha Is that something that will even itself out? I'm not used to eating this much, but damn do I feel better already 😌
bulking plan help please nightwingbot 6 5 yearsMusicThings (13): Which is why my fats and carbs are exclusively Cool Ranch Doritos :) Jk
Finally got some juice. Opinions? MusicThings 4 5 yearsMusicThings (13): * injects all the vitamin C*
Focus on Some Groups, Maintain others CaptainKanter 4 5 yearsBeans (4204): You'd probably he better off still trying to progress in all areas and equal out of over time than drop some muscle groups. Just working out muscles more often won't necessarily make them grow if you're already training them imoroperly to begin with. I would try changing some technique or exercise selection first.
Survived Seeking refuge and wisdom MusicThings 19 5 yearsMusicThings (13): The truth has been spoken :(
Calories on workout/rest days Oslo1234 8 5 yearsOslo1234 (1): Sorry sorry, didn't mean to be ignorant. I was just reconfirming, that's all. Thanks to everyone here.
Pot belly from bulking thegreatm 3 5 yearsNorIda (46958): Bump
Not sure what to call it BlakeScar 22 5 yearsBlakeScar (40): Ahhh I see thank you very much then! Will do I understand can I just call you man or your user name? Well, weirdly enough I haven't lost any muscle so far and I just work out hard and eat protien as much as I can. Don't get me wrong I love carbs! Especially rice (I only eat whole no junk ever) but too much carbs will do that so yeah. I'm so far at roughly 10% body fat but my goal is 9 or 8 that should be enough to be shredded. Before I use to...
good so far or not so impressive ? nightwingbot 6 5 yearseknight (58109): Minimum 2x body weight bench press and 3x body weight squat. -3X
Calculating macros properly Oslo1234 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Oslo1234 u can absolutely run a minicut after a lengthy amount of time bulking.. i've read some of mike israetels stuff in regards to maintainance phase after a bulk for around a month to let ur body adapt to the new weight gain before u run a cut. I've done it myself and it works relatively well.
BULK SHAKES + GERMAN VOLUME TRAINING HELP Kev521 6 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Was probably good that you tried it out. GVT is a relatively advanced training protocol, and not great for beginners, simply because, as you say it yourself, its too hard and too much. For a beginner to grow as much muscle as possible within given time, high volumes as in GVT programs is simply just not necessary. Why do 10 sets of 10 reps, when you get maximum muscle growth from 3 or 4 sets of 10?
16 Years Old looking to gain muscle beginner 6 5 yearsBrianz (7): You should be very careful in building muscles. I have been reading blogs regarding this and I think I should share it here. . I hope this might be helpful.
Tren E and test E cycle + clen Juicywog 2 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Sounds swell man. Add in some Carb Blocker from for helping leaning out and not have carbs turn into fat.
Im skinny and want to bodybuild shameless23 1 5 yearsshameless23 (1): Im 18 years old, 6'0 and weigh 127 pounds, 183 cm and 58 kilos. I want to have a good looking body( shoulders, abs, back, biceps and triceps). I started doing this exercise 5 days ago and its really hard i cant do it without resting. I am using 3kg(6,6 lb). I am not sure if this exercise would work on me. I am...
Macros MattO1999 8 5 yearsMattO1999 (34): @Hamb0 I didn't mean it like I'm lifting super heavy or ego lifting I just mean I like to get a good contraction and squeeze after every set and thanks for the advice much appreciated.
Need help! Contiue bulk or cut?? Thenorthremebers15 9 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): BUT BUT... the viles look so shiny and full of gainz. :(
Bulking or cutting or is recomp possible Oslo1234 18 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Yea i think that should be fine
Personal Trainers??? acoble02 10 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Just say no. You won't miss out on anything if you don't go out on a weekend. Just hit your macros, workout, clean up your house. Get shit done. You just sound like you have an extreme lack of self control. Or you just think you wanna train and eat right but you really don't. Ask why you started. That will help get you back on track Also, I'm truly curious. How did you find this forum? The links are all gone off the main...
Best full body routine 3 times/week Bous123 23 5 yearsArimac44 (451):, lol..... You were given advice from two knowledgeable people on this forum but you turn to for advices ..... lol
Workout plans that hit muscles twice a week? dayrone150 9 5 yearsKS100 (13): No problem adding some rear delt work. 2-3 sett of rear delt flyes/facepulls each upper session will do the trick.
Sleep schedule and bulking? Oslo1234 5 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): A sleep cycle usually lasts around 1,5 hour, after which it repeats itself, so you should be entering the REM sleep stage several times. But if you don't feel noticeably tired, then you're not really having a problem. The recommendations for sleep, typically 7-8 hours, don't need to be in one go, but obviously each bout should be sufficient in length to get through multiple full sleep cycles, so sleeping, for example, 16x30 mins per 24 hours,...
Bulking macros? dburt2 7 5 yearseknight (58109): ^^ -3X
Realistic Goals for arms? Oslo1234 5 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): @Oslo1234 at first, i literally was speechless when i saw another one of these threads. Especially after one of your recent ones, where you provided pictures that clearly showed, that your arms aren't lagging behind, that your whole body is just small, but you carry most of your fat around your midsection, which gives you the impression that your arms are small. You are small as a whole. It isn't your arms. But i think the effort to get this...
Bulking Macros Betin135 19 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @Betin135 We don't need to go check your profile and photos. Red the FAQ, Read the Routine Design for Dummies, and adjust your macros accordingly to the comments above.
Bulk Macros nevermore81 4 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @nevermore81 ur 205 and were eating 110protein... probably lost a bit of muscle there in those 50lbs. Personally i like meat in my diet so i tend to stick to the old reliable of 1g/lb of protein 205g in ur case. U shouldn't need much more than 400g carbs unless ur very active during the day. Ur also gonna want to moderately ramp in eating 3500 from 2100, so add 250-400cals every 4-7days and monitor weight gain.
Calories/Macros to build muscle? Acclaim927 14 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Looks good.
Bulk Betin135 14 5 yearsBetin135 (10): Ok thaks for all of the help
Cutting? Advises needed. Thanks! lowyj 5 5 yearslowyj (10): Thanks for the advice fireman. After doing some research I will stick to one good program start from next week. Will be trying PHAT to improve my strength.
New guy and I need some damn good advice jburnettksu11 3 5 yearsjburnettksu11 (1): Thanks for the advice! Ill check it out!! I appreciate it!
Transitioning from Cut to Clean Bulk Trainerbrian85 1 5 yearsTrainerbrian85 (4): After lifting consistently for about 10 years I took a year off up until last November. Since then I have been cutting and dropped from 235 lbs down to 180 lbs at about 7-8% bodyfat. My plan is to start a clean bulk at the beginning of June and am hoping to get some advice on a good stack to help during this upcoming bulk phase. Currently during my cut I'm down to about 2,000 calories per day but will be slowly scaling up to 3,200 over about...
Where to buy hgh (Recommendations) ezvmoneybeast 3 5 yearsLucidDreams (1): I'd like to know as well.ezvmoneybeast, how much does it cost what you get and how long does it last until it runs out? I'm 48
Build muscle at maintenance/recomp? Oslo1234 5 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): @Oslo1234 I'm not confident enough about that, to tell you, that you can gain any appreciatable amount of muscle, but not eating in a surplus. The answer is "possibly". I'd feel better just tell you to either cut or bulk, because then it is guaranteed that you will move in SOME direction, rather than using months "maintaining", ie. not getting anywhere. If you want, you can have my opinion on what could be a good idea for...
Arm day logic vs push/pull day Oslo1234 3 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Yea, it is faulty logic.
i need some advice for bulking NFaesthetics2000 8 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): So keep doing it. You're 15. Eat everything. Workout a lot.
zyzz chatroulette kenzo001 1 5 yearskenzo001 (1): http:// :D:D:D:Dclickable text
Mixing Rugbyguy 3 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Hey guys quick question: When i make cinnamon toast does my body absorb the macros from the butter and the bread or do i have to eat them separate to get the mac nutrients. Thanks
Older Guy Training Log: 43yrs young! JHughes Jump to first page135Jump to last page 5 yearsalexmeister (37): good job brah!keep up the good work.. ;)
Upper/lower advice Savageguru 3 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): All of the above. The setup you have is a train wreck
How to stay lean while bulking GinoBB 2 5 yearsLiftamusprime (364): You know what sucks? This information was already on this the FAQ section..for the past two years..
Bulking/mass tips Rugbyguy 8 5 yearsmikew (11494): In an ideal world, track your macros accurately and eat at a 10% surplus as recommended by @forgottenpass In practice, that might be hard to do. I don't know if I could have or would have done it as a teen... But you made it this far so why not give it a shot??? It's easy to do with MFP and similar apps. You'll probably discover some interesting knowledge about your eating habits. Oh, and don't forget to practice your Rugby. And when...
PPL routine 3 days a week overtraining Oslo1234 11 5 yearskickinchicken (8717): That's 14 sets twice a week for 28 sets. If 28 sets isn't enough to grow than increase the weight. Remember though, it's not about "feeling it" as much as getting more total volume in. If you can keep a good intensity for up to 28 sets without feeling sore than I'd consider that a good thing. And why would you use just as many sets for biceps as you do for lats when bis are so much smaller in comparison? Maybe you should look into...
Adding 2 inches to arms Oslo1234 6 5 yearsWest165 (574): You need to start jacking off with your left hand, but make sure you don't use any lube. Resistance training will get you some good results.
Bulking question Jgoogoo88 3 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): hahahah!
Is this a good back/bicep workout for mass? Oslo1234 29 5 yearsBeans (4204): Did you ask your trainer any of these questions? I'd like to know his answers, because that routine is all kinds of messed up.
Bulking results thus far zach216 6 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @zach216 Start a log if you want continuous feedback and constructive criticism.
Bodybuilding the Natural Way Cwj304 15 5 yearskickinchicken (8717): If you really want to go natural don't bother with supplemental protein shakes. And Syntha 6 is overpriced and filled with additives, such are most. Optimal Nutrition has good options for decent prices. And please don't rip any muscle. Stress it via tension but please don't rip it. That would suck. ;) Check this out as well... Starting Bodyweight Routine clickable text I'm not recommending the routine but the list of...
Aesthetics: curvy vs. shredded? emsay Jump to first page37Jump to last page 5 yearsemmyweird84 (1216): All I can say is...dang I still have a long way to go. But you definitely look amazing, and a little extra BF never killed anyone, especially for us women!
45 minute workout for gains? FrostbiteFitness 4 5 yearsBeans (4204): Jay Cutler says his workouts are 45 minutes or less, nuff said.
Deca and test e cycle ARL Juicywog 20 5 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): which would you recommend DM
Cutting for 3 months after a 4 month bulk? Oslo1234 11 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): I'm not confident that it could all be done in 3 months. For some people, sure, and for others, maybe not. Given that you are in the 150's, its still a significant part of your bodyweight you want to lose yet. Im not saying you'll need a year of cutting to do it, but probably a little more than 3 months, to do i right. What might be an alternative for you, is to cut 10lbs, take a break from the cut, where you'll stay at maintainance (or even...
Cant seem to build muscle AlexG777 16 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): HOLY SHIT :eek: Hahaha, i honestly don't mean to offend, but this is bordering to Bostin Loyd'ism
How often do you increase your curls? Oslo1234 8 5 yearsTonyc18 (10): In follow the same split and it seems to be ideal. I agree with @jsn3004. Biceps will grow with your compound routines.
Accomplish Athletics AccomplishAthletic Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsAccomplishAthletic (1): Thanks man @NaturalBrawn! I appreciate it!!!! Keep killing it too :) Im trying to balance Bodybuilding and Powerlifting together :)
My favourite Chicken Recipe AccomplishAthletic 2 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): See the green square next to the users names? Those are reps. You can give each post three reps. The amount in the green square is somewhat equivant to the quality of your posts. Notice how many threads you have and you have 1 in the box? Clearly people are not interested in your content and perhaps you should spark conversation in a different way... Meaning... Not with videos.
Continue cutting? BF estimate zach216 Jump to first page81Jump to last page 5 yearseknight (58109): Let me ask you this- why do you believe they're NOT the same? Do you understand what happens to carbohydrates when you eat them? Are you aware they all break down into glucose regardless of where they come from? -3X
My Bulking Secret Weapon AccomplishAthletic 21 5 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Hahahaahh. Xoxoxoxo @ fire
arm size fittness4life420 15 5 yearsfittness4life420 (1): Natural brawn i tryed that witha shoe string and i like it i can only do half the reps when doing it tho is 8 reps good with a 30lb?
Help for routine guide Titaniumshield 4 5 yearsTitaniumshield (1): Yes, i can definitely workout out there times per week. The problem was that i wasn't sure it's going to be enough. I tried for two weeks but i couldn't continue because of sudden workload. But like you said a little commitment is possible. With that said, what can you suggest for the session regarding my goals. I do traditional curls and also mace style workouts. Where do i start the research?
Micro Bulking and Cutting? Aedan 2 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): You've noticed gains with minimal fat gain. What's the problem?
Upper and Lower+Arms Routine bladebeef 14 5 yearseknight (58109): I would do that, drop to one isolation movement instead of two, and get rid of leg extensions. -3X
Critique on my PPL routine? antoksl 7 5 yearsantoksl (1): Thanks for answers guys. Yeah, going to put those shrugs into pull day. Actually, I just had pull day today and it was great, really enjoyed it. Can't wait for push and legs. Although, I am still not sure with that leg day...
muscle memory and cutting experiences. Jelet 8 5 yearsJelet (2190): yea i know that. i gained more muscle in a month naturally than i did on any bulking cycle with steroids. but i was in a calorie surplus. what confuses me is how can i gain muscle if my body doesnt have the calories to add muscle?? thats why i was curious if muscle memory works if you are in a calorie defict.
How do you compare strength? alkudari23 8 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): Considering he lifts more than you. I'd say he's stronger than you..... Lol
27 reasons to never stop bulking lolssons 3 5 yearslolssons (1249): Hahaha I hoped some one would enjoy them!
Returning to sport oj205 2 5 yearsmikew (11494): I would focus more on Rugby specific drills as opposed to work in the gym. (Might mean hiring a private coach or catching on with a team to train.) And of course a calorie surplus if you want to regain the 20KG you lost... although I would focus more on getting into "game shape" so the conditioning will make it harder to bulk. Still I understand 7 months is a long time and it could be helpful to supplement your training with time...
How much protein do I need? Oslo1234 7 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Also why do you have restrictions on protein? Are you 11 years old?
Help in Calculating Bulk Calories! Oslo1234 8 5 yearshghani13 (163): @Oslo1234 Aim for between 120-150g protein. That's all you will need. However, make sure you are hitting your other macros too. It's alright if you don't have protein shakes. Google protein rich foods. Yes you can get protein from milk, eggs, chicken etc.
Some help on workouts, what to eat, etc ghinobrah Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsghinobrah (7): @SOLARSUPLEX Been sticking to a gym sched that I'll post soon. Also been minimizing cardio, not stopping, minimizing.
Macro guidance jasonsmcdonald 8 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @jasonsmcdonald Rice cakes sweet potatoes rice noodles bagels fruit juice yogurt icecream anything bro.
Proper nutrition after a year of lifting? Oslo1234 2 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Hey dude, you are going to get the exact same results that you got in your first thread. Read the faqs and apply your size and weight to the formulas as a starting point.
Where should I go now? Oslo1234 7 5 yearsOslo1234 (1): Hi, Thank you for that suggestion. When is it a good sign to stop the bulk? I have struggled enough in my life before with that much fat, I cannot afford to go back.
Help Needed mayur392 14 5 yearsmayur392 (1): @hghani13 I have read to the faq's but thay were a quick reads in bits so looks that i must really spend some serious time reading!!! :) and thanks again i really appreciate ypur help here. @RobotEars Bruhhhhh !! LOL!!! Thanks mate will surely work on your suggestions :) Thanls all !!!
How to Prioritize a Body Section CaptainKanter 8 5 yearsmikew (11494): I would nix incline BB, incline DB, and cable crossover. These are not the most effective exercises to build size or strength. Instead: flat bench 5x5 twice per week and close grip bench press 4x8 twice per week. That gives you 18 sets and 114 reps per week. No need to start heavy... maybe start with 60 lbs for barbell bench and just the bar for the close grip bench. Add 5 lbs per week. For size - big lats make your chest look big so I would...
Optimal bodyfat range for build muscle? forgottenpass 14 5 yearsforgottenpass (382): Should have stopped bulking at 15%, dammit!
BF Estimate and Skinny Fat Help CoonKing 14 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @CoonKing I like your screen-name. When I was young I was known as PoonKing.
Should I be bulking right now? Metal_Matteus 6 5 yearseknight (58109): No such thing as clean eating. No such thing as "morphs." Somatotypes are a myth. Abs twice a week is plenty. -3X
Any downsides to a high fat diet? forgottenpass 3 5 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Less carbs, less performance. Fat doesn't do very much for endurance unless you're fat adapted but then of you are, it's just muscle sparing, not exactly optimal for building muscle as fast.
First week of diet done, whats now? JaakkoKK 17 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @NorIda I'm not too proud mate I didn't develope the term it's just the way it's thought in most basic nutrition courses for ways to explain different types of cardio to new clients that come in looking for help. When they initially don't understand TDEE, NEAT is one of he constructs to break down the ways to increase activity... For the same reason that LISS and HIIT have acronyms. It's also not just for the lazy individual as u put it, I...
Size comes with strength????? max12480 11 5 yearsRawsteel (940): Ofcourse they will grow, barbell/pedlay row = elbow flexion and bench/ohp = elbow extension. Triceps long head (the biggest) won't get much training in that program though, so if he want's a good pair of triceps he should add a tricepsextension, either performed standing/seated behind the head or lying with a full ROM ( like this).
Weight Issues CaptainKanter 3 5 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Like @Beans said, you might not be in much of a caloric surplus then. But I would recommend weighing yourself everyday when you wake up and taking and calculating the average weight each week because weight fluctuates so much. You might weigh more but you could have been holding less water on that day. For all I know you might have to take a dump and that's making you weigh more.
What to do now? (Skinny fat needs help) Abe 9 5 yearshghani13 (163): @Abe Yes bulk for at least good 6 months. Don't go overboard with the surplus though. 300-500kcal surplus. You will look much better when you finish the bulk.
Bmi, bodyfat, mirror...HELP Striveforbetter 9 5 yearsStriveforbetter (1): I mean my profile pic is from 3 weeks ago if that helps lol
workout routine help? kappacrazed 3 5 yearskappacrazed (1): Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated!
Creatine effect Wezt 8 5 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @Wezt. will it build muscle Yes & No. creatine alone will not give you muscle but proven to improve strength and mental alertness. More strength, more weight you can lift that help you build muscle.
Cut or Bulk? Any help would be appreciated Jonnym126 7 5 yearsLoxtonAxiosFoods (34): I would suggest a lean gain diet. Hard to properly suggest anything without having details about your nutrition. But your BF% is average. Probably place it between 17-20% Which can help with muscular development. Focus on large compound exercises. 3-6 sets per exercise, 6-10 reps per set. No more than 60 mins in the gym at a time. I don't know lbs... But I'd be pointing at around 140g protein a day to help. Have a glance through my...
New to weights - Bought dumbbells FateFDZ 5 5 yearsAndyCap (118): i feel your pain on the no money thing. I also started off with a 25kg dumbbell set and kept adding equipment whenever i had funds. There are tonnes of routines and exercises you can do with just dumbbells. Read the faq and get on google for those. If you cant afford a gym membership then look at bodyweight routines as a start and maybe even some beginner calisthenics. I have some mates who do mostly calisthenics and they are pretty ripped and...
Going to begin a bulk Havasu 22 5 yearsNorIda (46958): Dude. You're lean as all hell. ISO what these other haters are saying. Your face is ugly AF tho. All blacked out n'shyt Also. Where did you get that hat? It's legit.
Max weight for being 15 Masonh032 4 5 yearsforgottenpass (382): d
Bulking? Gottagetbig10 12 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @NorIda Hahaha... Dammit.. I mean.... Tell us more of this Wise No carb breakfasts ??
250kg deadlift at 75kg bodyweight darklight79 12 5 yearsdarklight79 (3088): @Anik @coolguy1993 If i can, you can. Time and consistency and....mmm.... food.
Macros cbondy 5 5 yearscbondy (58): i can't say iv ever weighed my food so i just have like one chicken breast which is prob like 200g wish haha. and shake is only 25g as thats one scoop (ON gold standard whey) so could go to a scoop and bit each time my breakfast shake is 1 scoop whey 2 scoops oats banana and 200ml milk gives me like 600cal start to the day ***Also think i may have set my base to high as your saying my basic cals are quite high????
jasson ferrugia - muscle gaining secrets 2.0 moke912 1 5 yearsmoke912 (118): clickable text very good book for natural trainers
Progress of bulk. Think of mini cut darklight79 7 5 yearsBeans (4204): You're still pretty lean, so cutting for body fat purposes seems a bit silly. I year you on not wanting to eat as much though. What about just a short break, like a week or two of just eating less but not actually extending it into a cut? I usually do that when I take time off. A week or so of not stuffing myself and I'm good to go.
Kozzletoff's First Log kozzletoff Jump to first page45Jump to last page 5 yearskozzletoff (379): getting into more chest volume Hyper 1 - Chest and Arms 183 lbs Bench Press - 45x10 65x10 75x6 Incline DB 25x12 25x10 25x10 Cable Crossover 2x8 2x8 BB Curl 55x12 65x10 70x8 Incline DB Curl 25x12 25x10 25x8 Rope Cable Pushdown 5x12 5x10 5x8 Lying DB Extensions 25x12 25x10 25x8 Hyper 2 - Back and Shoulders Speed Deadlift - 60% 235 1x6 BB Row 185x11 185x10 185x9 Pulldown 11x12 12x10 12x8 Cable Row 12x12 13x10 13x8 DB Military Press 50x12...
Continue Bulking or Cut Down a little? CaptainKanter 5 5 yearsThatguy81 (541): I vote for bulking, how tall are you?
Can I lean bulk? RebelAlliance_12 8 5 yearseknight (58109): The broscience is getting strong in this thread... -3X
Six Pack? emsay Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsemsay (52): I would never say things to make anyone else feel self-conscious.
cut or bulk? Hexerino 8 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Cut what ?? Bulk mothafuckahh bulk.
Show prep 2016 Zyzzst Jump to first page57Jump to last page 5 yearsThatguy81 (541): I'm not on any kind is social media, but I'd like to see your progress. Looking solid...
Bodypowe expo 2016 pomo code BPJN gasgas300 1 5 yearsgasgas300 (10): Hello Everyone, Use promo code BPJN when getting your Bodypower Expo 2016 tickets to receive an EXCLUSIVE SIGNED FRAMED BODYPOWER MEMORBILIA - Check out the link below for future updates on this). The expo was huge last year and no doubt will be even bigger this year. Get your tickets early to avoid queuing and also the risk of the tickets selling out as some did last year. Also take a look here for future updates, info and...
Hypertrophy or strength routine? strengthathletics 13 5 yearshaole (2109): @strengthathletics It could also be water weight. Just drinking a glass or two more a day not too long before you weigh yourself can add a pound. If your not seeing gains then increase your maintenance level.
Lean body mass or total weight fitzy2015 9 5 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @fitzy2015 Jesus dude whatever ur currently eating in cals.. add 100-200cals/week until u start gaining weight. Not that difficult.
Macro and diet advice mattm90 11 5 yearsJHughes (280): @MMB hahaha... thanks man! I'm interested myself!
Would Anavar work for me? (pic) Guadalajara Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Open thread to view post.
Powerlifting for muscle mass Cross 14 5 yearsGeorge_Kofi (10): @Monster hey bro sounds stupid but I used to bench three times per week back then when i had to increase my bench fot football testings etc. or one max effort day and one hypertrophy day :)
Caloric Cycling: Does it work? LifeofaFighter 1 5 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): So one thing I’ve seen as a Trainer is the missing piece to the Health puzzle, which would be NUTRITION. The hardest thing to see as a trainer is not the obese individual that don’t do a thing about there situation and wonders why they are where they at, but the person who busts their ass in the gym and doesn’t see the results they want/should be seeing. For different cases there are different reasons, but for today we will look at...
Need help Monster 17 5 yearsGreekLegend (52): We're all going to make it brah
How much alcohol can I get away with? Kecaldesian 20 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @eknight Defo doesn't lift... But he is hilarious so there that. Glad it's not me.. But not far off haha 😁
Is this good? Jxsx2015 4 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): If you really are new to bodybuilding just stay consistent. Being a newbie, all your lifts will go up with a good diet and being consistent in the gym
Bulk??? anteis99 2 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): 15 pounds in about 2 weeks? A bit of overeating lol. You don't need to do cardio when bulking but it can be beneficial. You don't want to be playing basketball or something with a group of friends and be winded as fuck. Either way cardio can be good if you're going over your calories. If you're bulking on 3,500 calories and you think you went over 1,000 calories, over the next two or three days have 1,000 less calories. Either way it's all about...
How much can someone bench naturally? Jsn3004 18 6 yearsthe1 (33861): how ever much of a mother fucker man
Recovery Hamer93 10 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): Yeah I get deep tissue massage every other week, I'm hoping it's the fact I've just gone back to uni compared to having 5 months off
3 and a half month into bulking-Progess pics iLoveKateB 9 6 yearsiLoveKateB (4): Thank you mate! If my memory serves me right you were the one WHO told me that i could bulk for a very long time giving my bodyfat level back then :) Thank you!! :)
Serial Failings FatKid_AtHeart 9 6 yearsFatKid_AtHeart (1): I was at the start of the year when I lost some weight just not enough and now I'm on and off with it don't like weighing everything out all the time probably just laziness but managed it for 15 weeks but macros were obviously to high. Haha my Augustus Gloop takes over although I don't look like him.
critique my program. Chrisrr 7 6 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): @eknight nvm I found it...
Need help clean bulk diet, please critique anteis99 4 6 yearseknight (58109): It looks like a plan. No better or worse than any other plan of similar Kcals and macros. I'd personally blend your PWO protein with your casein and drink them both as a blend. Taking whey and casein separately is sub-optimal. You don't need to eat 6 meals- there's no advantage to it, but if that's your preference then so be it. There's also very little vegetables and fruit. -3X
Bulk or Cut? lloera 6 6 yearsLifeofaFighter (25): Why not do both with weekly caloric cycles paired along with periodization programs catered to muscle gain for 1-3 weeks and then switch to a lean program and continue this cycle for anywhere from 8-12 weeks and evaluate every 2-4 weeks to make sure your body is responding to match your goals.
Important question below, please read. Dudedont97 17 6 yearsthe1 (33861): ^^ this lol.. 1 week off might make you feel small but you aren't going to atrophy and loose everything, especially if your diet is in check... pull up your dress and go to the doctors, stop asking strangers for medical advice if youre that worried.
getting chubby on a bulk, with pics (part 2) stranger 9 6 yearsstranger (1): I've calculated my TDEE to 2800 or so. Adding 500 calories, and just one day of light cardio; Just your opinion - does it sound bad? I know I should try it, and I am already trying it :D Just interested in your opinion :D As I said; I really appreciate the time you guys take , to reply!
Leanbulk 60 days update Niclas 2 6 yearsNiclas (1): 60 days in between pictures - from holidays til now. Coming from an unhealthy relationship with food I'm happy to finally feel on the right track after mentally being able to increase calories and enjoy other aspects of life a bit more ! Feel free to ask any questions or leave constructive feedback :-) / Niclas
Calorie intake Darrenkerr123 2 6 yearsBeans (4204): Enter your info, then click "Harris Benedict Equation".
bulking gaining weight but not looking big Andropolis 13 6 yearsAndropolis (1): Okay thanks guys. I work out 5 times a week and I do each muscle twice a week without around 9-12 sets each muscle. I've been doing this and I've build decent muscle but is this a good routine?
The Offseason Chronicles Swede90 4 6 yearsSwede90 (70): I'm centre 116: April 2015
getting kinda chubby on my bulk stranger 5 6 yearsJelet (2190): lol
need help on proper bulking (clean) anteis99 4 6 yearseknight (58109): The fact that everything you asked is in the FAQ thread. You know- the one that suggests you read it before you post questions like yours? -3X
My macros for bulking Borin 3 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Borin Mother of god u must be shittin bricks with all that protein... Not too mention a serious dent in ur wallet !! Lower protein increase the fats and if ur bloated it might not be the amount of carbs but the TYPE ur eating !!
How Do Bodybuilders/Fitness Models Stay... ezvmoneybeast 10 6 yearsA_em (2424): Some of them are not afraid to show the truth, though.
To lean gain or not? Iadtr 3 6 yearsIadtr (13): @palekm08 ok bro thanks. I figured because i didnt want to go too low either and essentially eat almost nothing through the day. Ill do what you suggested
*Strength Log: A Song of Ice & FIRE* FiremanSi Jump to first page497Jump to last page 6 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): if you (or anyone else) are serious about RPE they need to read these 3 pages. Its from the RTS Manual from Mike Tuchscherer.
The1s Log the1 Jump to first page202Jump to last page 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @the1 Samsies.
Own Push/Pull/Legs Plan. Some help needed Kopingston 7 6 yearsZepa (730): Thats shitload of volume
Advice needed - bulk? Edin11 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsEdin11 (10): @Beans thanks for that. You're right about the diet, spent the best part of that year not really doing anything in terms of bulking, cutting etc. Was interested to see how yours looked as I know you are also running a routine with twice a week frequency. Thanks for the swift reply as always.
Road To Valhalla OdenAesir 23 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): Yup, that's what I thought too
Lean Bulking/Reverse Dieting robinxchrom 4 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @robinxchrom That much over-analysing will lead to an eating disorder. Trust. Just add 100cals on monday every week or something and chill out.
After-cut and summer advices: bulk now? Pdv92 8 6 yearsJHughes (280): @Pdv92 I started in Januray 2015 at 215lbs with the goal of hitting 170lbs by August 2015. This was my first time dieting to maintain muscle and didn't realize the difference. I made it 195lbs by July and started cutting calories more down to 1,850. Thankfully for this online community and some guys who have been down this road many times, got me to rethink and take a break. @SRorhrbac0808 is hitting the nail on the head for you. I have been...
Bulking routine - help/advice needed rickyloot 3 6 yearseknight (58109): Just... No. -3X
Push Press vs Strict Over Head Press zacharyc 1 6 yearszacharyc (61): Which one, if any, is better for hypertrophy and strength of the shoulders? Currently push pressing as my main compound lift for my shoulders as I like the movement as its quick and powerful but in terms of hypertrophy and strength will it improve those factors better than strict over head pressing or not? Thanks in advance. Zach
Simple and Fit Book Ankie 5 6 yearsAnkie (882): Life is great gents... I took a bit of step away from the gym, maintained my size but not my cut. In order to dedicate my LIFE to publishing that book and becoming a Web/App Developer so that I can make my dreams of an online fitness training company and application can become a reality. And well gents, I am hoping to have my beta version of up and running by the end of August. Crazy nights of hacking out code. I have been so...
Where to Buy Supplements in Bulk?// ezvmoneybeast 8 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Look up "BulkSupplements" on amazon. Not sure if this they ship to you though. All pure powders.
Can you critique my routine? rickyloot 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Too much pull, not enough push. No direct knee flexion exercise. Running this 3 weeks is pointless. Strength adaptations- noticeable significant ones anyway- take at least 6 weeks. -3X
Layne Norton Bulking Diet JakeSwick 2 6 yearsmikew (11494): I don't see the article on the SS site and browsing through the Layne articles but here's one from - Is that the one you're looking for? This article also came back from a web search:
Want to quit SL but don't know what to do rickyloot 9 6 yearsrickyloot (1): Could you send me that version please? All I can find is that Phraks version.. But when squatting 2 times a week, wouldn't it be better to do some kind of upper/lower?? Sorry for bombing you with questions but I feel like the more I started to learn about training, the more confused I am.. lol :D
My 6 day Split alkudari23 14 6 yearsZepa (730): @huron My advice is secret only unlocked by reading the dummies thread. EDIT: Join date today troll pls
Ectomorph bulk diet with bad food allergies Bryce708 11 6 yearsBryce708 (1): thanks Bucky and wannabe-muscular
Thoughts on this full body drew7 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Feel like I should just continuously copy and paste this: Too much push, not enough pull. Too much quad, not enough hamstring. -3X
Smolov Jr Jsn3004 10 6 yearsIGS (169): Olympic hopeful I know uses it and full smolov all the time. Has put some numbers on his squat.
Different periodization in a Push/Pull/Legs ajm87 1 6 yearsajm87 (409): I have been running a PPL for a bit now and wanted to change up how I approach some of the progression. *Note I cannot squat/deadlift due to heart condition .Also, I have to stay in the 6 or higher rep range. Here's how my split lays out. What would you do to alter it at all? More pulling? Remove a triceps exercise? etc. 3 Days On, 1 Day Off 40-70 reps per bodypart per workout 6-12 rep range at 70-80% of 1rm Increase weight the...
Good Beginner Routine moke912 2 6 yearssamm (1): There are also some in the FAQ thread.
How's my bulking routine? Ralph 4 6 yearsBucky (3871): leg extensions are an unnatural movement and put bad stress on the knees. shoulder press are fine, don't do it behind the neck though. and idk about the lat pull downs, I love them and find them quite effective in engaging my lats. get a scale, weigh yourself every morning first thing when you wake up after you pee, and probably should take a shit just for accuracy haha, but record your morning weight everyday. it'll fluctuate a bit but as the...
Back to bulking, questions and U/L routine Pdv92 16 6 yearsshannowman (6367): You're massively over complicating this. Form follows function, focus on how your body should move and you'll live a better life in and out of the gym. At the point you're at you don't need to worry about the detail in your arms and calves as much as just getting stronger. Believe me, building muscle and dare I say 'aesthetics' is so much easier once you've reached some basic markers of strength- body weight plus bench, 1.5x body weight squat...
Help for a Beginner skippy333 5 6 yearsBeans (4204): 1. Don't just work out your upper body. 2. Just because you can only press a barbell 5 times, doesn't mean you shouldn't. That's how you get stronger. 3. You need to eat to grow. Read that FAQ thread others have pointed out. Figure out your caloric needs. 4. Keep asking any questions you have after reading that FAQ.
5x5 questions Piggles 3 6 yearsPiggles (226): @Beans thanks man, makes sense. I remember EK talking about 2:1 pull/push or ham/quad ratios so will try amd boost accessory work to get things closer to those numbers.
Critique my diet please! Rusty 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Rusty Also why spend ur balls on all those specific supps.. U ain't competing or sponsored. Only reason most abuse those... Instead of xtend just buy some fuckin jelly beans and eat them... Maxi muscle is a rape price.. Just protein and creative and are cheaper seperately... U want casein protein before bed ok u do that but just drink half a litre of milk... There's ur casein protein. And personally I wouldn't restrict urself to set meal plan...
Bulking phase start and questions johnacam 8 6 yearsjohnacam (1): Yeh, I know it will take a while. haha. I'm 5'11. I'd take 225 at 12%, but I know I'm going to have to go above that to get there eventually. I imagine no more than 0.5/week is probably a good idea for me at max.
Help/tips/advice Gideon 4 6 yearsGideon (4): Thanks for the advice guys! I appreciate it
Teenager and need help on my goals!! Illusional 1 6 yearsIllusional (1): Im currently 15 years old, 165 lb, 5'9. So basically here's my before bulk picture and the after bulk . I was on fierce 5 at the time of the bulk which is a beginner strength program. My main goal is bodybuilding and looking good but I wanted to be able to lift some heavy weights too. The before picture was at 145 and I could barely do 135 for bench but now I can rep it out for 12 so I have...
bulking problems skippy333 2 6 yearsXxlean (1990): Oh lord...
Carbs - some serious questions! stranger 11 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): Bro me too!! You're the only person other than myself that I know of that it happens to.
German volume training - whats the deal ? stranger 3 6 yearsehukai (115): I feel like it's too much volume for a natural athlete unless you can focus a time of time and energy into it and proper recovery. Like Beans for sure prefer a more well rounded program
*Eric Helms Strikes AGAIN !! (Video)* FiremanSi Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 yearsajm87 (409): I'm on Week 4 (deload) of the hypertrophy split that he recommended in the third video. It has been really fun so far. I added in face pulls on both Upper days as well.
Can anyone estimate my Bodyfat Percentage? iLoveKateB 15 6 yearsdarex (67): Dudeeee. You special 👍. In a good way 😘
Daily Food Receipes varunj17 2 6 yearsLiftamusprime (364): Might as well use my first post here....usually make this one at the start of the week. - boil some sweet potatoes, use as many as you need. - let them cool then add in some salmon, I usually just use the tinned stuff. - mix it up and add 2-3 eggs - add seasoning of your choice..can't go wrong with salt and pepper - bake in the oven for about 30 mins, I use a toothpick to make sure it's cooked through. - grill the top if you want..easy salmon...
Need an Insane Workout Routine alkudari23 2 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): SMOLOV. Any form of GVT in my opinion.
Working out while travelling every month acheb 5 6 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Lots of hotels have fitness rooms. Might not be the best equipment, but you can make it work. Otherwise; pushups, table dips, planks, situps, leg raises, bodyweight squats, standing calf raise, etc. Make it work. Also, lots of gyms will let you pay a day rate to use the place without being a member.
Transformation advice tyler1746 15 6 yearstyler1746 (1): Yeah it seems best to ignore all the myths about cutting and bulking in a few months .. Unfortunately it takes years
Workout advice for slow bulk and hypertrophy Pdv92 7 6 yearsPdv92 (10): So you would suggest PHAT for a hypertrophy/aesthetic goal? I'm checking around to see what people have experienced with it. They all seem pretty much satisfied.
Journey To Welsh Single Lifts AarronStenner 18 6 yearsTamere02 (1474): These 2 a days seem brutal man. Props for catching up the missed days
Training 4 Academy..Undersized for my age nickm62388 9 6 yearseknight (58109): The only problem here is that protein synthesis may be affected. In general, MPS has been shown to be more effective with spaced out meals: -3X
Started bulking...need advice Vinny 2 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): You're thinking about this all backwards. First, I understand the cardio if you just enjoy it or play sports or something, but optimally you shouldn't be doing that because that is calories that could go toward adding muscle. Second, don't have a set weight you stop bulking at. Do it in time frames. Bulk for 5-7 months and then spend a month and a half cutting if that's the way you wanna do it. Also eating clean is relative to your...
DUP question varunj17 1 6 yearsvarunj17 (498): hi guys Had a question regarding the current craze aka DUP I read this It all looks ok but i cannot seem to understand how do i increase weight in each Week of a DUP cycle/block Or i stay at same weight for the entire cycle lets sat for 4 weeks
Transition from cutting to bulking zacharyc 6 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): C all day.. Much better for me as it gradually ramps up my appetite for the foods again and I see actual continuous weight loss while Reverse Dieting... I've done it week by week but recently I did it where as add 100cals if not weight gain in 4-5days then add a further 100cals.. And keep going until a weigh gain is recorded stay there and ramp up when appetite calls for it and/or weigh gain plateaus.... Good luck.
My bulking log ,"From launching pad to moon" Sharkoon1 Jump to first page137Jump to last page 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): After that day I had an upper hypertrophy day. Was busy with helping friends, doing pr for a developed game they did. And my mom had birthday, so I just put this as a religious deload week. Today I will be back in the gym!
Deadlift form? Jiaxie97 10 6 yearsJiaxie97 (10): Thanks guys! So start hips lower, and as I move past the knees, just think about "standing?" Sorry I've been asking so many questions by the way, I'm the only one on my family or friend group who lifts and I'm sort of going solo lol so I need as much help as I can get. Is there anything else off wrong with my form besides hip position and Hyperextension at top?
strength training foreverbulking 6 6 yearsRand (4291): do 531 its nice.
Strength Imbalance CaptainKanter 4 6 yearsLVjack (2749): Nothing else to say besides this.
fail bulks csizemore21 26 6 yearsSnackIt (76): Haha, you got me there bro
The Physique Summit AnthonyKim421 2 6 years3six9 (220): Sorry won't be in the area.
Imagination. What beast are you at the gym? RabelAracena 26 6 yearsGetBigDieMirin (46): Personally I feel like I can lift with a lot more intensity when I think that i'm the biggest, cockiest dude in the gym and everyone is looking at me... So i never leave my ego at the door :)
Protein Shake-Water or almond milk? chsphantoms 12 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Lmao you want size but you choose low calorie foods Whole milk is best bro then add a scoop of vanilla protein and 2tablespoons of skippy creamy peanut butter :)
New Bulk RobCeligowski 9 6 yearsRobCeligowski (19): I'm on the left
*The Lean Gainz MYTH !! (Video)* FiremanSi 29 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Don't laugh, he could be a 'power' lifter you know.. :)
Recomp your experience ? Zepa 8 6 yearseknight (58109): @Beans it was all lean body mass, so mostly muscle, yes. -3X
Time to get bigger BigJohn 6 6 yearsLVjack (2749): At 30 years old if you have insurance go get your blood work done and see where your test levels are and go from there under doctor supervision.
Reverse Diet to Lean Bulk TCorder14 10 6 yearsTCorder14 (7): @pltest123 I'd have to agree heavily with @FiremanSi. Everything I've gathered via reading/research somewhat disregards specific "body types." A lot of people tend to be combinations of those 3 generic types. For example, Im naturally tall, thin and have long limbs (I.e. Characteristics of an ectomorph), but I have really broad shoulders (a mesomorph trait). My matabolism isn't super fast or slow, Id say average. So, it's just hard to...
New bulkin diet critique and comment please foreverbulking 15 6 yearsforeverbulking (1): @Zyzzst bullshit
Looking for advice Snowboard901 3 6 yearsSnowboard901 (169): @qtdreams92 it is based off of Fierce 5 Phat Template.
Sup Alby_Josh 5 6 yearsmikew (11494): Probably... there are some beginner workouts linked in the FAQ that would put you on a 5x5 type of routine. Those routines will probably have you back off a tiny bit on the weight but think of it like this - gotta jog to get into a sprint and that's what will happen with a 5x5 program. Just takes a little time to gather momentum. PS- You want to be close to your fail point but I believe failing too often harms progress.. usually means you bit...
Anyone? dserious111 9 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): I'm cutting to 8% and then depending on when MEPS tells me I'm shipping to MCRD SD for USMC Boot Camp ima get to around 13-14% so I have a little fat to lose before muscle in Boot Camp. 13 weeks if no gains :/ but it'll be worth it to be a Marine lol
Mat the frenchie's log MMB Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearsXxlean (1990): Solid big 3 there bud
A quick check in! Hamer93 5 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): Cheers guys, just been following PPL for the past year, using Nors advice of chest push like a power lifter and pull like a bodybuilder and train legs smart. Had a long hamstring injury which took 4 months to recover from so maintained through that time
*Choosing your Calories & Macros ???? READ* FiremanSi 7 6 yearsDem41 (586): as always Fire, good reading material
Bulking richardjg 6 6 years3six9 (220): All the above is chit.
Log to 1600 total WinnersNeverQuit Jump to first page474Jump to last page 6 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): @FiremanSi cheers @Rand yeah college is good for that, very basic gyms but has all I need.
Critique my future program TimmothyGen 10 6 yearseknight (58109): I just don't understand why people who truly aren't qualified to create a training program insist on doing so when there's dozens of great ones already available. -3X
need to get some weight prince727 11 6 yearsprince727 (7): ezvmoneybeast: you being serious now? ok see if it works for me
Is this meal plan ok for bulk? foreverbulking 17 6 yearsforeverbulking (1): @fuba141 saw this already bro but thanks anyway
Clean Bulk, first time bulking. Newb BayRaider510 3 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): Check out our faq. If you have any specific question after you read it, you can ask us here.
Critique my Push/Pull/Legs split please foreverbulking 9 6 yearsforeverbulking (1): @Rawsteel thanks alot bro. Sorry bout my messed up program im now getting serious about training
Bulk Wars : The PHATom Menace Frostshock Jump to first page45Jump to last page 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): ***Lower power*** Deadlift - 3x3x4 @ 315# Kind of ashamed of myself for what I resulted to because I forgot my chalk at home. I started rubbing my hands on the floor (of which had specks of chalk) because no one else had some Not too ashamed actually, I felt clever for my improvisation xD Leg press - 10x10 @ 280# Hack Squats - 8x10 @ 170# RDL - 8x8x8 @...
Bulking new age, looking for advice. hotborad 4 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @hotborad thank you for sharing! It is great to see your passion and hunger for knowledge and gain! It is also great that you are so set on reaching your goals and have a long-term plan in mind. However, short term goals need to be set, reassessed, met, repeat, etc to ultimately accomplish those long term goals. I would focus your time and energy on developing an optimal nutrition and training approach to set yourself up for long term success....
New interview with Frank Zane by IFBB Pro Ar TimmothyGen 5 6 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): calves of FUCKING PEACE at his age
How much is too much sugar? Jsn3004 11 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @Kansas___Boyyyyy I used to play Call of Duty 4. That was the first one I got into
5 DAY BULKING SPLIT Rui16h 5 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @Rui16h rather than designing a "bulking" I think it would be appropriate to embark on a hypertrophy-focused training block(s) while eating in a calorie surplus. Nutrition is going to dictate weight change. Yes, training can impact the energy expenditure side of the equation and specific training techniques can be used to target different muscular/neural adaptations, but ultimately, nutrition will make the major difference for weight...
Help me win $10 Kecaldesian 11 6 yearsKecaldesian (7): @nine0seven that's the thing, my form is perfect. That's the first thing I adressed when I started to notice the imbalance. I did how ever start incorporating hammer stength bench and for some reason I feel my inferior pec activating WAY more than I ever did with DB or bb
I gained 74 pounds(1 year transformation) osen Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 yearsosen (4): not even once bro but thanks for your advice :)
Dirty vs Clean Bulk nine0seven 5 6 yearsTritons (670): Do a bulk with a slght calorie surplus, so you wont gain much fat, wich will be hard to loose than. I have done a huge dirty bulk, gain a lot of size and strength, but now that it is time to cut it is really hard for me to go and count calories again and eat normally, because i have used to just eat whatever i want and how much i want, wich was overeating for me almost daily. And now that i am cutting, i sometimes crack and binge wich sucks.
Name back in the game Eat2Trainn247 5 6 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): Much appreciated, gentlemen!
Favorite hamstring exercises? headoverheels143 15 6 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Straight legged deads is my favorite
Help me make some chest gains Kecaldesian 12 6 yearsdserious111 (130): Why not incline?
dc training csizemore21 13 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): @SOLARSUPLEX hevk yeah man! Hopefully all goes well.
Will 5lbs of Muscle be noticeable? GrakoHD 18 6 yearsoceanair (18020): i can see a small difference. just be consistent and you'll go far. good work.
MFT28 vs. Shortcut to Size alexhager 11 6 yearsLVjack (2749): @alexhager I stay competition lean year round at 2% BF and I am always gaining size and raw power. If you are interesting in my underground training style and secret diet plan let me know.
PHD-4 and cutting log SnackIt Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearseknight (58109): @simply_michael for most people 40-60 grams per day. Not less than 30 or more than 60-70 unless you're just eating a massive amount of carbs. -3X
Skinny Fat struggling to make gains NeedToMakeGainz 22 6 yearspandasashi (3859): youre not underweight... weight doesn't mean shit most of the time, you are heavier than me (im 150-155 at 5'11") just keep lifting and eating big...don't worry about losing weight/fat yet, just get bigger and then cut in a year or more
Allergic to milk / Best Alternatives? AndrewSpokane 3 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): Hey i am too , in germany we have oat milk pretty sure you have that aswell tastes good lowi n fat, or i use spelled milk. I don't like the almond milk, it taste to much like water. The oaty flavor is really good imo.
Is a surplus really necessary for naturals? TheSociaLToasT 7 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088):
2 year BULK? TheSociaLToasT 3 6 yearsTheSociaLToasT (1): cheers man, yeah I already have that sorted out and im currently doing that. but thanks for the rep ranges! ill make sure I hit them!
5/3/1 - Template SnackIt 12 6 yearsSnackIt (76): @Sharkoon1 Thanks mate, yeah I'm just overanalyzing things.
Wich program would i benefit the most of? Sharkoon1 17 6 yearsSharkoon1 (565): Okay, thank you. You too.
Gaining around 4Kg a day, 16yrs old Kylecloud 8 6 yearsAndyCap (118): 4kg in one day? Did you use the same scale to weigh yourself? Perhaps you need a new one?
Bodyweight stalled. How to add calories? ajm87 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsBeans (4204): This thread could have ended after the first answer.
Bulking tips dreamopolis 23 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Anyone can easily get a personal trainer cert. They aren't doctors and like these guys said, most of them just spew out an answer without reasoning.
Problems hitting the correct macros dreamopolis 6 6 yearsBeans (4204): Definitely don't need that much protein. If you're having trouble hitting it, I'd just drop your goal. Ratios are a good guideline, but being a bit off won't make or break you. I tend to eat a bit higher fats because I really like pb and baked goods.
Health and Bulking rememberthis 3 6 yearseknight (58109): Some info re. BMI and cardiovascular risk factors here: The authors of this study- which was fairly comprehensive, including 580 people- concluded, "The only cardiovascular risk factor associated with BMI variability was hemoglobin A1c. Weight variability had less or little impact on cardiovascular risk factors compared with BMI-slope and baseline BMI." -3X
BODY POWER EXPO 2015 PROMO CODE! totalpheonix1 1 6 yearstotalpheonix1 (1): All available tickets are now on sale!!!!!!! Use promo code BPJN The above promo code gets you a free limited edition BODYPOWER EXPO T-Shit Only available with the code. Tickets can be purchased at
exact weight gain thephenomenon 7 6 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Do whatever you wanna do to "build" them. Get lean and they will show.
Pumping Iron csizemore21 Jump to first page97Jump to last page 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Remember when he said the part about cumming, that made me Lolz
big bulk thoughts? thephenomenon 13 6 years_RudeCrew (15100): It's gonna be awesome when you get fat and can't lose the weight
Spinning my wheels Snowboard901 2 6 yearsBucky (3871): research programs, set up your macros correctly, lift heavy weights, and stick to the program. rinse and repeat.
Bulking plan the next few months FNO 18 6 yearseknight (58109): This is a mess. Effective and optimal are not the same thing. Are you angry at your knees and shoulders? Why would anyone take glutamine? Are you sure you're a personal trainer? -3X
Diet advice dreamopolis 10 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): ahhhhh there's the problem Only thing is good for is cheaper supps than GNC.
anybody else alot better at reps than single csizemore21 14 6 yearsSalokin (877): There are variables to this. 1. are you in a surplus/deficit 2. I think glycogen stores play an effect (ek can correct me if i'm wrong) 3. slightly different muscle compositions, even though most of us are same, there may be slight differences. 4. history of training style (you get better at what you do more of) the old practice makes perfect adage
LPP Strength + Hypetrophy Hybrid Chiemo 10 6 yearsRawsteel (940): I don't see why you want to do 3-5 reps in the leg press and OHP when you do this in squat and bench press, i would personally up these to 5-8 or 8-10, like in PHAT. Also, train triceps with chest/shoulders and biceps with back if you want to avoid elbow problems and optimize growth. Your triceps gets hit hard during presses and your biceps during back exercises so doing biceps the day before back will have a bad impact on both your arm...
20 month transformation Samwaite23 15 6 yearsoceanair (18020): Nice job. You've def made gainz. Keep it up!
15 Years Old, should I count macros? Shota34 15 6 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): And I just came of a 34week prep for last show and I am up roughly 8lbs from my show weight and I only truly track my macros Mon-Th and Fri-Sun I wing it and just try to land in the ball park. I am enjoying life to the fullest and still hitting my goals
Clean vs. Dirty eating MeganRosehart 26 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @MeganRosehart get your micros and don't fux with bad foods on prep unless your coach tells you to do it for some really weird reason
why do my cheeks get fat first csizemore21 7 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @csizemore21 your cheeks probably get fat because you eat with your mouth, eat with your ass, your ass cheeks will get fat before your face, trust meh
ajm87's WS4SB III LOG ajm87 3 6 yearsajm87 (409): @FiremanSi Yeah I work off out 1.25 per kg of BW for fat totals. Prefer it to higher carb.
Need to get back into lifting ThatTeenThatLifts 8 6 yearsOatsandHoes (1): STRONGLIFTS!!!!!!!!!! ...and this --> 5 cups oats 4 cups milk 4 protein scoops = 2700 calories 470 carbs 180+protein & all the fat you need. When you wake up and your blender is dry, throw in the oats Blend them to a powder, throw in milk and protein. Divide into 3 or 4 small cups and chug thru the day. Then just eat whatever you want, which won't be much. We have the same body type. With oats you will grow fast but...
315x5 deep squat new pr csizemore21 12 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Right, I'll def get a vid next leg session. Prob gonna start taping all my bigger lifts anyways to check for where I'm struggling at
WHEY PROTEIN VS MASS GAINER AG ambitiongainer Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsOatsandHoes (1): 5 cups oats 4 cups milk 4 protein scoops = 2700 calories 470 carbs 180+protein & all the fat you need. When you wake up and your blender is dry, throw in the oats (old fashioned or steel-cut, NOT instant.) Blend them to a powder, throw in quart of milk and protein scoops. Divide into 3 or 4 small chuggable servings and enjoy throughout the day. ...
Weekly Program Setup Advice LabradorVII 1 6 yearsLabradorVII (1): Hello all, I've recently setup a program that will allow me to work out each body part twice a week but get a little more volume in. Monday: Lower Body and Core Tuesday: Chest Back and Arms Wednesday: Off Thursday: Shoulders Friday: Lower Body and Core Saturday: Chest Back and Arms (and a bit of shoulders) Every muscle group gets about 200 reps of work per week except for arms which get about 100 to 140 reps per week. One of the main...
Strength routine recommendations nine0seven 10 6 yearsmikew (11494): I don't the routine matters as much as your diet. Gotta be on a calorie surplus. Surprised to hear you say 531 wasn't enjoyable. There are lots of variations, and since you start at 90% of your 1RM it becomes more fun after a few cycles because you pick up momentum. But the key, at least for me, is to be on a caloric surplus.
WS4SB for size? frui2 9 6 yearsfrui2 (1): i don't know how i missed that lol, but wanted to hear some more opinions, thanks guys,
any suggestions for a good weight gainer csizemore21 17 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): Muscle juice 2544 if you don't care about sugar, muscle juice 2600 if you want less sugar. Solid arss mass gainer
diet advice sonne1998 2 6 yearseknight (58109): Read the FAQ. -3X
Can't eat enough? Jsn3004 20 6 yearsSalokin (877): two words, egg nog LOL...carbs, fat, protein. You'll be huge (in perhaps a not so good way) in no time.
arms a quarter shy of 18 any tips csizemore21 Jump to first page85Jump to last page 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Keep on trucking, EK gave good advice!
Opinion On Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ezvmoneybeast 14 6 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): I keep reading that hgh gains are permanent.. Seems to good to be true .can Any one confirm that it is true
Correct macros? docriley21 5 6 yearsFrostshock (13324): Open thread to view post.
PPL Snowboard901 8 6 yearsSnowboard901 (169): @Rawsteel thanks again for all the help. i created a log if you ever want to stop by ill be following all the changes you made. Thanks again for all the help
Getting back on the grind... TimmothyGen 2 6 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): First step is to start training. Everything else will fall Into play. Glad you're doing well Man.
4 months / bulk / PROGRESS PICS / Stronglift nino27 9 6 yearsBeans (4204): @nino27 Hard to be exact because I don't really keep track of my strength personal records, but after an 8 week cut I was probably in the ballpark of having added 10 lb to my bench at 5 reps, 10 lb to my squat at 5 reps, and 15 lb to my deadlift 1rm. Those would be for my all time lifts. I started really low so that I could actually make the 5 and 10 lb progressions every workout. Probably by week 5 or 6 I started having trouble hitting all the...
New teen help Snowboard901 10 6 yearsSnowboard901 (169): @Frostshock its a program over on bodybuildings forums. I can link it if you would like.
Strength on a cut dserious111 16 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Eloquently and accurately put. And those i see at my gym who depended so much on spotters, when they suddenly find they have to train solo due to some circumstance, they can't even lift shit. Looks like the "it's all you bro!" wasn't all you.
My diet ? bulking BGM990 10 6 yearseddyserb (13): you don't really need to count your cals when you are that skinny (not trying to be rude) but as long at you eat well 3-4 meals a day you'll be fine I would like to ask the importance of eating egg whites compared to eating whole eggs and why you would practice such acts
Slow Bulk Log - High metabolism twreck7 13 6 yearstwreck7 (19): today was my first day of PHAT. Upper body power day. I've been doing Push-Legs-Pull for about a year and made me some crazy gains but lately I've gotten stagnant so decided to try PHAT. • Pulling Power: Bent over rows 3 sets of 3-5 reps • Weighted Pull-ups 3 sets of 6-10 reps • T-bar rows 2 sets of 6-10 reps • Pressing Power: Flat Bench Press 3 sets of 3-5 reps • Weighted Dips 3 sets of 6-10 reps • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3...
Westside for Skinny Bastards frui2 13 6 yearsfrui2 (1): The template got a little messed up...
Help with 3 day split Karlos 8 6 yearsRawsteel (940): First learn the exercises then use the same weight in all sets and a weight that allows you to hit 5 reps in atleast 4 of the 5 sets, when you can do 5 reps in the last set up the weight with the smallest amount possible. Use the same progression method in the other exercises that uses a different rep scheme. And do calves every workout if you want to, i personally prefer to alternate calves this way -> Workout 1 Standing calf raise:...
Your opinion on cardio during a bulk stranger 11 6 yearsdarklight79 (3088): Good links. Thanks man.
4 month first bulkin ever, Evolution.. TaylerD 10 6 yearstwreck7 (19): you need to track your diet brother. at least count total calories and total protein. thats what i recommend to beginners. telling them to count all macros could be overwhelming i definitely understand that.
calipers accurate? csizemore21 18 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): Thank ya. I'm actually on a bulk atm, but this supplement I'm taking is keeping me really lean
5/3/1 with Dave Tate accessories bulking log csizemore21 24 6 yearscsizemore21 (799): went in a few minutes ago to actually work on form with some olympic lifts, never really done snatches or any form of them, did high pull snatches for 7x3 with the bar lol, most akward movement I think iv ever done
Advice on PHAT or Candito program Austonmartin 5 6 yearsAustonmartin (7): @FiremanSi ok thanks, I will read into it and give it a go! Thanks man. How long have you been on Candito's program?
Do You Even Bulk Bro?? HamerLog Hamer93 Jump to first page252Jump to last page 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): Push Bench press 4x60x5 / 50x12 DB bench 17.5x12 / 2x22.5x10 / 2x20x10 DB shoulder press 3x17.5x10 Lat raise 3x5x15 Tricep push down 5x45x12
My PHAT Training log TomFord 7 6 yearsTomFord (1): @csizemore21 naw no progress pics
Gobble Gobble dserious111 13 6 yearsBeans (4204): I don't track anything. I don't usually make any of the food, so no point even trying. Eat my fill, enjoy the day off, watch football with the family.
The1 Offseason Log- Part 1 the1 Jump to first page406Jump to last page 6 yearsthe1 (33861):
Read the faq, still in need of some answers BarbellBOB 22 6 yearsBarbellBOB (31): @Beans @Frostshock my log if ya wanna follow :)
ajm87's Push/Pull/Legs Workout Log ajm87 21 6 yearsajm87 (409): 11/17/2014 Pull A *Warm-ups not included. All weights in LBS.* Barbell Row 145 x 8,8,8,8 Lat Pulldown 120 x 10, 10, 10 Seated Close-Grip Cable Row 144 x 12, 12, 120 x 15 Face Pulls 48 x 10, 60 x 10, 10, 48 x 15 Dumbbell Curls 35's x 8, 8, 8 Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl 20's x 12, 12, 12 Hammer Strength Shrug 2 plates per side x 10, 10, 10, 10 Finished off with 3x12 of cable crunches and side twists with a 25 lb. plate.
Combining CrossFit and Bodybuilding. TheStrongest Jump to first page38Jump to last page 6 yearsDrewFL730 (1): I like combining the two sometimes, they're pros and cons for each but I prefer bodybuilding because the injury rate is not as high lol
2900 calories and still not gaining ajm87 17 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Bellend.
Super Mass Gainer (Dymatize) mariosanton 4 6 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): He's asking if this mass gainer fucked up his homeboys liver
Bondys 5x5 bulk log cbondy Jump to first page49Jump to last page 6 yearscbondy (58): yer i need to power on through looking forward to changing routine. umm could be better only 7 hours a night its probably catching up with me. cheers pal
**Candito gets Fireman Stonger (LOG) FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Full ;)
Clean Bulk HELP: Hit my Plateau: Need Advice Jay_Miz 6 6 yearsTrev182 (14986): Should be made compulsary on joining the forum. One of they pages that you cant click off of for 5mins so we know youve atleast seen it. Would save alot of these threads from appearing and help people out quicker.
Grizzly Gets Stronger Than A Bear GrizzlyBerg Jump to first page500Jump to last page 6 yearslolssons (1249): Daaaaaaamn good, THE END! PS: nice log i have been following alot even tho just lurking. Feels like you have been getting stronger every week. looking forward for you next log!
PHAT by the book. Rgall92 18 6 yearsRgall92 (13): Really busy few days so havent been able to log much! Lower power in a couple of hours but to be honest I'm feeling pretty crappy today, its my deload week next week so hopufully we will recover and get back in the groove. yesterdays totals- 546c,266p,89f (4,096 cals) too low on carb yesterday weigh in- missed Upper power 27/10/14 Chest supported row- 70kg x5,5,5 Pull ups- BW x10,10 Cable rows- Plate 7 x10,10 Flat dumbbell...
Yo Pearce_Bolton 3 6 yearslolssons (1249): @Pearce_Bolton what are your lifts at the moment?
Higher volume Push/Pull/legs Samwaite23 19 6 yearsSamwaite23 (211): @trev182 Agree mate. Didn't think overall volume for push and pull where too different, you're suggesting I up the volume for pulling? I do this twice a week remember so I gathered less was more to an extent.
HELP. Female bulking MeganRosehart 30 7 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): It also lacks direct hamstring work, add something like lying leg curls too imo.
Scrawny and weak, time to grow! AndyCap 18 7 yearsAndyCap (118): Hey Rawn, train at home, cant be bothered with gyms at the moment, would rather invest all my money in my own gym. Makes it easier as i can train and cook for my misses at the same time ;) Also there is no queue for the weights.
Frustrated Soldier GreenStr33t 9 7 yearsimcca001 (7): Haha "Why do cardio"....? PT Hours Bro. Alright, in the military you will be doing a 3-6 mile run or some combination of calesthenics or group PT on most mornings. What you want to do is balance that with some very different types of stimulus. I would definitely not restrict yourself to a normal 4-5 day split. Some days you will come in having done a calesthenics day and having some guy tell you to do push up circuts or something...
Thoughts on Lyle McDonald Generic Bulk Routi swollenscott 9 7 yearstwombles62 (22): Lyle is a douchebag but that routine is very solid. It's a standard upper/lower routine. I'm starting it with some modifications(added lateral raises) this week. After a year on 3x full body, I was deciding on a 2x frequency program, and went with Lyle's as I'm on a cut and will run it through my bulk transition. Will look at PHAT if I want more volume.
eating on college budget leanr0x 22 7 yearsBartek (7): I'm a student too. For protein I use chicken breast, sometimes beef (beef steaks are quit cheap in my country), whole eggs (whole because when I have fat from eggs, then I can spend less money on oil which is more expensive) and herring which is cheaper than tuna and salmon. For carbs rice and oatmeal. For fats olive oil, eggs and peanut butter when I have more cash. As I said, this products have to be cheap firstly for me. I know that tuna...
Bulk or cut? GrakoHD 16 7 yearsJordan (241): Add mass. Keep it a clean bulk though
bulking article. ErickFromOmaha 20 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SRorhrbac0808 I've heard more on benefits of `12week bulks that short ones... here this vid was posted yesterday on something simiilar... Enjoy.
How much do you pay a week? DiLawn Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsRawn (1338): Kris gethin takes you to the shop
Teen newbie bulking tomredman22 4 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @tomredman22 you can lift at any age and any weight to grow so long as you are in a caloric surplus and progressively overloading. If you are lifting with GOOD form, challenging yourself constantly to the point where its hard yet you're not failing, and in a caloric surplus however slight or major - you'll grow. If you're 17 just take advantage of the free test surge you'll be getting, bulk for possibly years and stay safe on the gym. You'll be...
Dietary question swollenscott 3 7 yearsdarklight79 (3088): When i came off my UD 2.0 cut, i was sub 10% at 68kg, 5'8". In the past 4-5 months of bulking I've gained only 4kg but lifts have exploded and body comp improved. Been adding 15-25g carbs weekly, sometimes more. Tolerating 750 ish g carbs daily. My advise is to focus more on performance in the gym than the weighing scale.
Rebuilding The North. Norida's gon' Bulking. NorIda Jump to first page173Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @GrizzlyBerg FUCKIN love chromeo.... seen them live in barcelona.. UNREAL. :)
Never Quit Bulk Log NewGuy12 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsNewGuy12 (10): just did a back workout . pull ups 13 x bw 7 x bw underhand pull ups 6 x bw 5 x bw high row pulldown 12 x 80 12 x 95 6 x 100 db row 10 x 65 10 x 75 8 x 80 hs row 12 x 90 12 x 100 6 x 115 pushdowns 11 x 37.5 12 x 27.5 13ish x 22 db curls 6 x 35 6 x 30 10ish x 25 10ish x 20
SnackIt - Bulking Log SnackIt Jump to first page66Jump to last page 7 yearsmpalk92 (22): I think some people forget this philosophy, I for one always tend to worry but then the results come when least expected....kind of like most good things in life :P
The epic hunt for the perfect squat ass heddaway Jump to first page495Jump to last page 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Whoooooo! Where you been!?? Glad to see you back in here. Looking great as usual. :) Glad to hear the knee is better too.
What am i doing wrong? Kyles247 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 yearsbslo (262): I wouldnt even worry about trracking macros or even eating clean at this point. If I were you I would eat everything inside. All the carbs and all the protiens and lift 4-5 times a week on a Push pull routine.
Full body or split Kyles247 1 7 yearsKyles247 (22): I'm about to start up a new workout plan got injured racing motocross. I'm going back in to body building and want to put size back on. The question i have is should i do a full body workouts or should i do split? I have never done a full body workout only split and have had great results but hit a road block at 144 im back down to 138 so i lost alot. You can read my other post i have to get a better look at my progress, says how many days i...
**Share Current Recipes! Fireman says GTFIH FiremanSi 24 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Right lads lets get this going again... At the behest of @aarronstenner i give u my burger recipe. BURGER RECIPE Ingredients: -375g Extra Lean Steak Mince (Serves 4) -1 Large Egg -8 Multigrain crackers (2/burger) -1tsp Basil -1tsp Cayenne -1tbls Extra Virgin Olive oil (If u have the macros for it, otherwise spraying each patty is fine) -2tsp parsley -4 Slimster Burger Buns (100cals/bun) Instructions: -Put all ingredients in a loarge...
Update and tips ashvinmuthumala 20 7 yearsMethod (379): @ashvinmuthumala The answer to growing your calves is to train them like all other muscle groups and have a caloric surplus with the proper macro split (bulk).
Few questions smith96 13 7 yearseknight (58109): This is the original version, and I would highly recommend it: -3X
ON DAT FUREVER BULK mattd534 Jump to first page221Jump to last page 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): yes sir @MMB
critique my workout thebulkybutch Jump to first page49Jump to last page 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): Das it mane
Bulking for Woman? CorrinaC Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): ^^ this was my thinking in WS4SB. It's basically a 4 day upper-lower. -3X
PHAT - Rep range SnackIt 6 7 yearseknight (58109): Add weight as appropriate to stay within the prescribed rep range, with the exception of the speed work- you could theoretically use the same weight for a very long time with the goal of increasing speed. -3X
Diet Help thundathighz 7 7 yearsthundathighz (1): Dem 41 Ok I was about to say... Thanks for clarifying. Wow 348 carbs I know I shouldn't freak out but I cant help it... Right now I haven't been watching calories at all so maybe I need to shut up because I'm probably eating much worse. Fat and carbs and not enough protein. thebulkybitch- Wow I was thinking this myself. I use to do paleo but I would get carried away with fats and I know I need more carbs for "bulking" muscle gaining...
About to start a bulk SnackIt 15 7 yearsjja0016 (829): When weight gain and strength stalls you up the calories by another 100 and wait a week or 2 or a month depending on how fast you want to gain. If you don't get the results you want then you up it by another 100. It takes a long time to get things perfect. There is no fast route. Trial and error, patience and discipline is the only way to find out what works for YOU. It takes months and months to get things "Perfect". And...
**Wanna Improve GRIP STRENGTH ??? -Ben Rice FiremanSi 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @SRorhrbac0808 Good stuff man.
Duke is cutting... Dukenhiemer Jump to first page225Jump to last page 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Yes Fireman, I gotta get some school shit figured out first, but that is definitely on the to do list. @eventheodds1 that's what happens when I weigh 154 😬 On the do list. Lol.
When this is over we’ll all go camping - LOG ZammiNic 6 7 yearsZammiNic (13): Before all training, 15 minutes is spent on mobility and warming up Push A Flat Bench 20kg x 10 40kg x 10 60kg x 10 80kg x 5x5 Incline Bench 40kg x 10 50kg x 10 55kg x 10 55kg x 8 + 2 (required assistance for the final 2) OHP 20kg x 10 40kg x 10 40kg x 10 40kg x 8 + 1 (required assistance for the ninth rep) Seated D-Bell Press 20kg x 8 20kg x 8 17.5kg x 9 17.5kg x 8 really underestimated how shot my shoulders would be after incline and...
**Log of FIRE: SI's Advancing Wendler MAN !! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearslolssons (1249): and we are done! hoping you will start a new thread iam in for that one if you are. will learn alot of you mobility videos.
Just a little bit of Q&A -gtfih and win reps Frostshock Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Aspire2Inspire Thanks mate.
The long road to 100kg WinnersNeverQuit Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): You
Hormones on a bulk 😣 Hiiibbbb 17 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): I do get really horny and really weird. Girlfriend says I'm a pest
drop set or high waight? ghay 7 7 yearseknight (58109): For the record, I disagree with the above entirely. Drop sets are great for increasing muscular endurance, but are not optimal for hypertrophy. -3X
Progress on Progress - Perfidy's Log Perfidy Jump to first page346Jump to last page 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Hit a PR on Back Squats yesterday, 4 reps @ 315. So far, I like how my training is laid out this week. In and out of the gym in 45 minutes, just killing the body part. Going to really focus on how my body feels, and learn to adjust the volume accordingly (self regulation?). Felt like I was putting on too much fat, but I looked in the mirror this morning and am still looking lean.. I just bloat up throughout the day from all of the food....
Looking Fatter but still the same weight?? MillZahi 7 7 yearsBeans (4204): To be honest it doesn't really sounds like anything is wrong. Again, you'll lose some definition as you increase cals, but doing it slowly will give you more control, so I'd just keep doing what you're doing. Remember to listen to your body. Maintenance needs can change, so don't just go off of the number. You might have to adjust.
Obby's slow bulk log obby1g 18 7 yearsobby1g (16): Haha thanks bro. 1.6 is still where it's at despite it being pretty dead in terms of competiticness. You can always find pugs on esea no problem haha :)
Water weight seansaeed12 10 7 yearseknight (58109): ^^ Yeah- the difference will be that your muscles are flat because the glycogen that you mentioned is stored IN the muscles, not in subcutaneous space between them. -3X
Bulking. Junior300_ 8 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): You also mentioned cardio. If you are doing that while bulking then you need to eat extra to compensate for that.
**Bulking Tips for ALL (Thread) FiremanSi 19 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Eat2Trainn247 @cardinal @Trev182 Great stuff guys all invaluable advice here.
Bodybuilding/Powerlifting DanMmmFood 20 7 yearseknight (58109): If you're not interested in running something strictly for powerlifting, you could make some tweaks, but I would personally run it as it's set up for 6-8 weeks before I did that to see if you really even need to tweak. -3X
The Phoenix Returns- the She-Bulk IronPhoenix Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsIronPhoenix (283): Heavy day 7/7/2014 Squat 1x10 55 1x10 65 2x10 125 lbs Bench 2x10 45 2x10 70 Deadlift 2x10 70 2x10 145 Ohp 2x10 8 2x10 60 Rows 2x10 45 2x10 65 Curls 2x10 8 2x10 50 Calf raises 2x10 45 2x10 65
startin a new bulk FxElement17 3 7 yearsmpalk92 (22): I also like having 90 seconds rest between sets to keep things going and interesting, keep watch on my wrist and watch those seconds tick!
Is this what bulking is doing to me? Srs TimmothyGen 3 7 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): THANK GOD I thought I was just losing but im gaining phhhhhhhewwwwwww. yeah I need a new camera ffs anyways im glad im on the right track then. I tried those tricep extensions with the db's it still hurts even more so i did some tricep pull downs with the V-bar and then worked my long head of tricep. Still feeling the pain in my left elbow.
What should i eat on a clean bulk ? Audo 9 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): @eventheodds1 I thought I was the only one. Except pine sol. Lots of pine sol.
Need help on bulking and cutting Audo 3 7 yearsAudo (1): Haha nice one but really i need some help on this lets set the jokes aside bro lols
Off-Season log - Jordan Metcalfe jordzmetcalfe 28 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @jordzmetcalfe nice back dude
Lean Bulk Macros and Nutrionist app,on PHAT TCorder14 6 7 yearsMMB (3616): A pound per week is too much. I would aim for 0.3lb/week
Taking the train to shredville choo choo Treg 11 7 yearscassious (2926): 5/3/1 is great! I ran a PPL x 8/6/3. Was great for extra volume. I dropped overhead press though because of my dodgy shoulder.
diet that makes u grow but stay lean ambitiongainer 24 7 yearsambitiongainer (391): @Xxlean ok thanks
How to go from a cut to a bulk? SnackIt 16 7 yearsSnackIt (76): Took your tips and decided to slowly start bumping up calories, 1800 was just to low, will just add 100 calories every week to i lose around 1 pound per week.
PPL Questions aesthet1x 4 7 yearsMethod (379): I don't think PPL is the best routine for a 3 day per week schedule. I agree with a three day full body or, if you can, try to go 4 days and do an upper/lower split.
Xxleans rise to the top. Xxlean Jump to first page57Jump to last page 7 yearsXxlean (1990): @Danimal_88 Thanks danimal, i could probably do without the pre workouts, but the majority of what i have is protein. I don't think its that outrageous, and I wouldn't call it waste. Actually got the 2 wheybolics and the gaspari for cheap. They were half off at GNC because they were 3 months from expiring. I go there quite a bit and look for them orange stickers. So in reality I didnt spend an arm and a leg for this stuff.
harii13's bulking log harii13 3 7 yearscardinal (6175): Welcome. Glad you read the FAQ. Your macros seem spot on and the programme looks like an interesting periodisation programme. I assume you're more interested in the bodybuilding side so adding mass? In for the log I guess!
P/P/L?? SnackIt 25 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @SnackIt I'm doing it lately. Except I'm doing Pull and Legs 2x per week each and Push just once. My focus, obviously, is on back and legs right now. I like the P/P/L approach. Everything you do on a given day kinda goes together so that all similar bodyparts are in recovery mode together and nothing interferes with the next workout.
Lyle McDonald’s Bulking Routine? SnackIt 5 7 yearsSnackIt (76): Can i split it up like this? this would make me able to hit everything twice and at same time focus more on the body parts on the PPL days Mon: push tue: pull wed: legs thu: rest fri: fullbody
New skinny kid needs help to get jacked!!!!! mattd534 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): THIS THREAD'S OVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BULK Workout program good or bad? Mr93suki 10 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Hamer93 Extremities are anything that does not hold a vital organ. You CAN live without legs and arms. But you cannot live without a torso or a head.
bulking tips/what to eat...ect. W0gsLife 4 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): If I remember correctly. Just in terms of fiber. People have been saying 15g for every 1000 calories.
Need help with bulking TimmothyGen 4 7 yearsstingray72 (109): Now this is the right kind of advice. And its nice to see that this place isnt all about protein like
is the muscle obvious when you are bulking? Glue 4 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Best way to tell how much muscle gained is take a pic of what you looked like before your bulk. Do your bulk and cut back down to the weight you were before you bulked and take a pic and compare. Lol this might be a 1-2 year process between cuts/bulks.
PR train a comin! Rgall92 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 yearsRgall92 (13): Ok guys so bodypower was awesome! lots of freebies and in general a great atmosphere. So I'm yet to get a picture up of where I am at currently at, I'll make sure I get one up before the week is over! my life’s pretty hectic atm, however I am going to do my best to update this at least 3-4x per week. Quick update: average weekly weigh in changes 202.9583333 - 203.625 (up 0.6 lbs this past week) So my weekly average weigh in has moved...
so what happens now? Sedlo18 4 7 yearsmpalk92 (22): When plateauing it is great to radically change your workout and exercises, thats what I did and it helped me a great deal and a lot of people I know who have also tried it :)
MAKIN MAX GAINZ maximus24 Jump to first page69Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @maximus24 I warned u about rubbing in the fact u have access to Chipotle. Bitch.
Hard times at gym!? MMB 11 7 yearsMMB (3616): @mikew if I use some weights I did yesterday and what I weighted in this morning, it gives me intermediate. @wannabe Yeah I'm probably lacking sleep. I go to bes around 22 and wake up between 4:30-5:00 depends at what time/where I work.
The Bulk Begins Prometheus 11 7 yearsPrometheus (829): @xPerfidy @SOLARSUPLEX Well I don't eat pop tarts just out of preference... Lots of rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and I eat breads and such.. I don't stick to brofoods, but I don't like eating too much garbage.. I'm actually giving Waxy Maize a try see how I do with that
*Firemans Log:Older,Wendler,Faster,STRONGER! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): ITS SIMPLYSHREDDED MOTHER FOCKAS
Phoenix's First Bulk Training Log IronPhoenix Jump to first page55Jump to last page 7 yearsErickFromOmaha (4195): Hows the bulking going?
Routine Help tengopero 2 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ABE+Alphamax+ARA+DAA wtf is that?
leanr0x PPL leanr0x Jump to first page165Jump to last page 7 yearsFatBoy (88): That's not an english word, bro :D
Stronglifts 5x5 smith96 8 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): If these are your 1rm use a calculator to find out your 5rm, decrease weight by 25lbs or so and start from there. You may think it's too easy but you'll be increasing weight so frequently that you'll catch up in no time.
Pig's Log - It's big, it's heavy, it's wood Piggles 26 7 yearsPiggles (226): Resolute to post in her more frequently... OK so I've had a couple of days off, went into the gym 3 days ago to do some deadlifts started warming up and my lower back was way too tight - didn't want to push it so I just did some stretching. Went back yesterday to do my deadlift day, didn't quite hit my 8 reps but got 7 good ones so was happy. Today I got up and did some sprints, and this evening I have chest/upper body session - Finally my...
Workout advice ARMS aesthet1x 24 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): @mpalk92 yeah, 21s are great, i've tried em before, definitely going to add them to my workout thanks
I need your help guys lost size bulking Rentonan Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsLVjack (2749): My comment was purely bc you come on here sounding so beta about losing your gains. Man up. And thanks for the "tren and clen" comment, no better complement out there my friend (I compete at a stage weight of 161lbs and I'm 5'8" lol about gear). With thinking everyone in better shape than you is using is gonna get you really far. And the face comment too lol ok little man sure hahahaha.
Bulking TimmothyGen 10 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): @TimmothyGen any time you start second guessing your gains, think back on when you made your most recent change - Was it < 4 months ago? Keep with it and push on > 4 months ago? If you haven't made any gains at this point it's time to reassess. I've got terrible program ADD so I know that feel lol
zSMOKEY's Road To Swoleness zSlVlOKEY 11 7 yearszSlVlOKEY (4): Thanks!
Pwrlifting vs bodybuilding for bulk MMB 4 7 yearsnine0seven (2569): Glad I could help!
Interesting Perspective on Reverse diets tamere01 3 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): If you don't want to waste 9 minutes of your life watching Cliff notes: Don't reverse diet for 20 weeks to get back to maintenance(no fucking shit) If you didn't diet for a show reverse diet for 3 weeks (get back to maintenance) If you did a physique show reverse diet for 5-6 weeks
Keto bulk FxElement17 10 7 yearssriram (2050): How much water do you get daily? I doubt reducing sugars will have any impact on your skin. Try moisturising your skin. Drinking a lot of water.
cut to clean bulk seansaeed12 14 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Open thread to view post.
cutting to clean bulking seansaeed12 4 7 yearsGrizzlyBerg (9214): refer to what we just told you
problem getting carbs aesthet1x 21 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Joking I love me some carbs
Keep getting fatter and fatter and fatter Ryanharvey 25 7 yearsteewhat (1972):
Can you clean bulk? Hamer93 5 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Yeah I liked the phrase monitor bulk. Also describing your body sorting food like a club machine was quite good
Need advice for cutting Ravenfraust 12 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): No problem dude, get a profile pic(avi) up and I'll be in to help for the log!
GTFIH Help my friend develop a free IIYM app Maarten 17 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @maximus24 Agreed also.
Looking for help Wilson 19 7 yearseknight (58109): No, it's actually because the long head of the triceps is functionally limited when the shoulder is not put into flexion because it originates on the scapula, not the humerus like the lateral and medial heads. Because of this, the long head functions to extend the elbow and the shoulder, and to hit it optimally, the shoulder must be in a position of flexion throughout the movement. This is why, IMO, close grip bench pressing is a useless overall...
If you are eating 1g/BW while bulking... ajm87 4 7 yearsPrometheus (829): I re evaluate my calories during a bulk bi weekly or when my weight stalls. That would rework my macros but I wouldn't be taking away from carbs typically if I'm bulking calories as a whole increase.
5 month bulk.. Upset :( seratobeats 29 7 yearsmaximus24 (2128): ^^^this. Psychologically it might seem easier because you've already been there once so you know what to expect. However, hypertrophy wise will take just as long as it did before.
Body of bulk - log. Mikemadeofpeace Jump to first page58Jump to last page 7 yearsMikemadeofpeace (1363): Tuesday Squat 248 1rm @ 5x5 (Belted) 231 x 5 X 5 X 5 X 5 X 5 Sumo deads WUs 286 X 5 Standing calf Bb 281 x 9 X 9 X 9 Behind the back BB shrug 192 x 9 X 9 X 9 Decline sit ups 15kg x 8 X 6 Morning weigh in 148 Wednesday Upper A Decline BB Press 209 1rm @ 5x5 203lbs x 5 X 5 X 5 X 5 X 5 Db row 223 1rm @ 5x5 48.75kg X 5 X 5 X 5 X 5 X 5 Chin up 3 x 5-8 +35.75lb X 7 X 7 X 7 Lateral Raises 12.5kg x 12 X 11 Skull Crusher 94lbs x 8 X...
*Big Dogs talk Protein-Helms,Aragon,McCarthy FiremanSi 23 7 yearsajm87 (409): so bascially just eat your BW in protein when bulking or maintaing and slightly higher when in a deficit
Macro help! Mkyle266 5 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): I go over every day dude haha, as long as you're hitting your minimum reqs for Protein Fat & Fiber just go to town on carbs until you hit your caloric goal.
Push / Pull Split, thoughts please! montana84 6 7 yearsmontana84 (1): its weighted dips and pull ups 5 is failure for me. but get the point, stick to the programme and add from there on. still recovering from this workout from 4 days ago!!
** HELP**to keep cutting or start a bulk JAndrews 12 7 yearsJAndrews (1): Bump
Should girls bulk before cutting? Jessi_A 24 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @bslo do you track 100% of your intake?
Bread when clean bulking?? montana84 24 7 yearseknight (58109): Really? I post that and you're worried about clean bulking? -3X
Upper/Lower PPL -Training at work (mini gym) brian12 9 7 yearseknight (58109): Def. need more ham work. -3X
Slow Bulk, journey begings! montana84 8 7 yearsmontana84 (1): Yeah see what your saying, thats the trap ive fallen into in the past, guess the extra pull ups and dips will detract from my squat, bench and deadlifts. Appreciate the advice bro
*Eric Helms on BULKING !! Focus on Weight.. FiremanSi 16 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Knew it was something along those lines! Good to know, thanks EK.
Help me get my 3D delts Sedlo18 14 7 yearsajm87 (409): my favorite video
Not enough cals aesthet1x 9 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Took this advice, only gained like 4% bf after 20+ lbs, stayed lean as fuck the first half of my bulk too. I can still see my 4 pack so I love me some reverse dieting
*Firemans Log: 5four3two1..A BULK of Kings ! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsPerfidy (3094): Future Bulking Goals: Stay as lean as Si
Would you loose strength?? Hamer93 5 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Cool
Maintaining 140 lbs @ 2840 cals ajm87 12 7 yearsajm87 (409): @MMB No lol I do P/P/L/OFF/repeat. No idea why I cant gain on this many cals.
160 lb --> 220 lb: 1 year bulk Highdeas 21 7 yearsHighdeas (1635): @Frostshock I'll have to put together my cutting plan and as you suggested it might help others help me @Thedude67 I agree, guess that means I need to up the weight and see what happens! @Pearce_Bolton thanks man
What shoulder routine do you use? Jsn3004 1 7 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I've been running my new shoulder routine and it's been going pretty solid these past few weeks in regards Just wondering if anyone had any input or advice Standing barbell Press Arnold Press Lateral Raises Rear Delt Machine Then I work in traps, whether it be barbells, dumbbells, or do farmers walks
Phat or PHUL? smith96 11 7 yearssmith96 (16): i Decided on 5/3/1 if youd like to follow log
How many months of the year.. WinnersNeverQuit 20 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): My abs have been hide and seek champions since I was 16 (2005 roughly), however, I hope one day, they will come back out to play, not this year though!
cheat meal? Mkyle266 8 7 yearseknight (58109): That's what she said! -3X
Bulkshock!! The PHAT log Frostshock Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsGunther (1285): Not stalking you dude but I enjoyed the thread and appreciate the fact that you go out of your way to help anyone out. Your a great member here and I hope you stick around. Looks like you need a new log!
Zyzzst is gunna pop Zyzzst Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): hahahahhaa confidence is confidence
The Bulk Pt 2 Hamer93 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): NEW LOG
Ice cream lovers samirsaleh 5 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): They been out in England for ages
What the FU- IrishGymSheep 2 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554):
Like a Pig in... Doggcrapp? Piggles 2 7 yearsKevDjm (1): Good luck!
Road to the 2014 IFPA Gaspari Classic pt. II Danimal_88 Jump to first page185Jump to last page 7 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): @SRorhrbac0808 LOLZ Yea after not tracking for like a 1.5 months and putting on 5-6 lbs i felt like I should get a head start. Ill create a new thread to do a better job announcing it lol
f*ed up bulkk aesthet1x 10 7 yearsjja0016 (829): when my diet is over ill be adding 200 cals a week (from carbs / fats only keeping protein at body weight) from my lowest deficit calories for 4 weeks and then 100 cals a week from there until i start gaining .5lb a week. then add 50-100 calories over time to hit 1 lb a week. then as I start gaining add even more to maintain that + 1 lb a week.
Help with Starting out to getting ripped Rory020786 6 7 yearsRory020786 (1): @SOLARSUPLEX First of all i would like to say sorry for the time between replies i was working.. 1. Bulking/Cutting. Bulking is basically providing your body with a surplus of macro-nutrients to encourage your body to build muscle. this can lead to gaining a little body fat. Macro-nutrients are things like carbs, proteins, fats Cutting is getting rid of body fat but maintaining as much muscle mass as possible in the process. 2. Counting...
Finally hit 180! c3pOMG 10 7 yearsc3pOMG (208): next goal is to get dat dere "the1" chest!
Intermittent Fasting for Bulking cool7425 1 7 yearscool7425 (1): I've been on an intermittent fasting diet for a while now and love how great it works for cutting. Has anyone here tried it for bulking? If so, how have your results been? For those familiar with the diet, I bumped my daily carbs up by about 75 grams to start gradually gaining muscle, instead of cutting fat. I've lost some definition in my abs, but can't really tell how quickly I'm actually gaining muscle -- if at all. Can anyone who has...
THE BULK :D Off-Season Vlogs jordzmetcalfe 22 7 yearsoceanair (18020): @jordzmetcalfe nice :) happy birthday!
Quit Level & Restart? (log) WinnersNeverQuit Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): NEW LOG
Is 30% fat too much? ajm87 10 7 yearsnerdmuscle87 (1): Like everyone else said, I don't think 30 is too high: Mainstream nutrition experts seem to recommend 30% as the upper limit And the Layne Norton cutting guide on this very site puts 30% as an upper limit so that you don't crowd out room in your diet for other macros. If you've ever read Lyle McDonald's work, he seems to like 20-25% fat. As always, different sources say...
5X5 Good for mass not just strength? Sedlo18 8 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): FTFY
Critique/ Advice on new routine Jsn3004 1 7 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I did my research, took awhile to find out all my one rep max numbers, and finally want to start 5/3/1 to do for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. I do want to hit some weak points and I found on Jim Wendler's website a 5/3/1 and bodybuilding routine. I know its not the typical 5/3/1 but I may give this a shot Day 1: Shoulders and Biceps Standing Military Press – 5/3/1 DB Military Press – 4 x12 Side Laterals/Rear Laterals – 4...
Lifting 2 less days, how to adjust macros? ajm87 2 7 yearshaole (2109): leave them the same for a week or two and see what happens. Even if you get up to 1LB a week that is a good pace.
beginner bodybuilder adzgio 7 7 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): See if your body gains weight with those macros. I bulked up to 160 with macros about like that. I'm a big believer in not needing as much protein as you think, but do what works for you and keeps you feeling strong
BEST BULKING TIPS/TECHNIQUES RedSoldiier 1 7 yearsRedSoldiier (1): LINK: clickable text I know reading can be boring for us teens, however this ebook is beneficial for you beginners and its all free. I just created this to share because I know beginning could be a pain. (: Table Of Contents Foreword Chapter 1: Why Weight Lifting Chapter 2: Myths About Weight Lifting Chapter 3: Getting The Right Equipment Chapter 4: Your Weight Lifting Routine Chapter 5: Warming Up Is A Crucial Step Chapter...
Gougher's new log Gougher 25 7 yearsGougher (208): Will be cutting the volume of the program slightly. Upper power: Pendlay row: 90kgx5(x3) Seated cabelrow: 77kgx8, 77x8, 77x8 BB Bench: 80kgx5, 85x5(x4) Side raise + rear delt work. 3 sets of Bi and tri Lower power: FSquat: 95kgx5, 100x5, 100x5 Sumo deads: 140x4, 140x5, 140x5 - No belt no straps V-Squat: 160x8, 180x6 Leg curl: 8x8,8x6 5 sets of calf work. All in all, 2 lighter workouts. Felt good :)
Bulking problem FATTT aesthet1x 11 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): I wasn't 'cutting' but my cals were lower than maintenance.. What should I do? a reset? or should I keep doin this
f'ing cant stop tracking macros/counting cal ajm87 15 7 yearsjja0016 (829): yea its like stfu and go eat some cake while im dieing over here
counting calories ? Fincheey 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Fincheey No worries dude.
Chubby cheeks on the bulk Hamer93 10 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): My gf would kill me
5/3/1 Jsn3004 8 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): Dave Gulledge The powerlifter... On a cut... 800 SQT 700 BP 735 DL And ripped
Bulking Meal Plan - Advice Required Sharky 6 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Fuck carb powders, if your in the bro mindset needing them "simple sugars post workout" eat some fruit. For the rest just enjoy your food and eat some pasta, rice etc. Try and mix the fats up a bit, get some various sources in there... You wouldn't exactly want all your protein from one source. 630 might be a big jump, but if you can handle it mentally go for it
Counting Nutrients vojap 3 7 yearsvojap (40): Thanks EK!
6-7 months cut, reverse dieting need advice Torance 10 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @Torance You stated above that "your goal atm is to increase maintenance" so there's your answer. Stick with that. Don't get so caught up in training/nutrition/appearance and let it run your life. Too often people only focus on those things and it can become very stressful on the mind and affect your daily life, friends, family, etc. Focus on your other passions, job, etc and remember this is just a hobby
Im getting really frustrated... Sedlo18 20 7 yearsSedlo18 (25): @kickinchicken is there any reason why my weak & bigger pec is alwasy way more sore the day after than my stronger & smaller pec? I cant seem to get the mind muscle connection with my smaller pec, always feel my tricep/shoulder taking over
Shannowman upgrades shannowman Jump to first page304Jump to last page 7 yearstamere01 (7126): Your 'pulling' strength is weirdly good man. Think your the only person who can row more they can bench and bw+ 50kg extra pull ups..
Feel better and perform better on higher fat ajm87 21 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): That's ridiculous fish oil is one of the best sources of fat your body can get but like @eknight said too much of anything is bad. I mean water is essential to life but if you drink too much it can actually be harmful to your body by flushing out the vitamins and minerals that you take in through out the day. Long story short everything in moderation
DESPERATELY NEED HELP!! graydinhotorres 14 7 yearsGStarRaw (1441): ^ my gains really started to come in (strength) from the 6th - 12th month, like some rapid increase. (maybe it was my form) Btw i tried to body recomp aswell, tried to lose fat as well as gain muscle, i feel that it was a poor approach, would have been better off cutting and bulking.
what bf% and weight should you aim for? jonrivs49 10 7 yearslolssons (1249): @firemansi Is this true? in that case where does the fact come from? and why would your body decide to gather fat instead of muscle after a sertant point? Iam just curious not bashing or anything.
Help On my Bulk Mr_Feathers34 5 7 yearsMr_Feathers34 (1):
begging of changes (bulking log cleaned up) veedubdub1 3 7 yearsveedubdub1 (1): Today was pull Day DEADLIFT 5x5 50 5x5 75 5x5 90 X2 5x5 120 I felt I could of done more but I'd watched videos on form and think I was over thinking about the form so left it at That Lat Pulldown 5x5 50 5x5 60 5x5 X2 75 5x5 40 TBAR ROW Again I was concentrating on for instead of weight so carried out 5X5 40 Had to cut the workout short due to unforeseen circumstances on way put I spoke to a personal trainer regarding exercises and diet...
Diet Generator - Android app n4apps 22 7 yearsn4apps (1): It's only 3mb. Will be updated every month. Most restaurants update menus only every few months.
100 Ways To Say "Jacked" mikew 9 7 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): If you get quads 10x the size of your arms.
Bulking log road to march show Jimmydrama13 Jump to first page70Jump to last page 7 yearsJimmydrama13 (295): Pretty happy with progress but need to keep on top if everything don't want to peak to early
build muscle while burning fat samirsaleh 9 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Brilliant explanation!
How does everyone get all there carbs in? teendrummer871 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearsbslo (262): @FiremanSi It's not that i try to replace any food with a shake but i use it only if i am missing macros at the end of the day. I prefer it to eating slices of bread...
PR CITY!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dukenhiemer 14 7 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): Dayummmm
Trev's attempting a bulk Trev182 Jump to first page335Jump to last page 7 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): @Trev182 dude awesome progress, crazy arms!
In a bit of a predicament. Need some insight Outwork_08 3 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @Outwork_08 dude I went on a 1&half month binge end of last year and gained 20lbs. I've already lost 8lbs and most of that is what @FiremanSi said. Stick to your macros for a couple of weeks and adjust accordingly after it. There's no rush to get to where you want to be. Its a marathon
generic 'help me with my routine' thread jackbird 3 7 yearsjackbird (1): thanks for the reply, bro main goal would be cutting my bodyfat percentage down. this will eventually lead to competing in the future strength comes secondary but I enjoy the feel of lifting heavy and setting new pr's. i understand the importance of maintaining (or even increasing) strength during a cut to hold on to valuable muscle mass.
Update. I'm back! G_Redd 6 7 yearsG_Redd (315): Yes I do! Unfortunately it would be my 4th time truly deadlifting, and I need to work on my form and get more comfortable with it. Try to find where I am best. First time deadlifting, I hit 315, then 315 again, then 365, then 400. @kickinchicken 11 bang bang all day man! I love it! @simply_michael Manlet status ftw!! @eventheodds1 Screw the Packers! BEAR DOWN!! Thanks for the support everyone. I have different pics, but those were just...
Bulking nutritional tips? greg_89 5 7 yearseknight (58109): Realistic goal if you're a complete beginner is around a pound a month of LBM. If you're not a beginner, .25-.5 pounds is more realistic. -3X
What is "Bulking"? dimavish 2 7 yearsadam82a (3100): Eating a caloric surplus to build muscle? Or what are you asking?
Aggressive training log Jureed Jump to first page37Jump to last page 7 yearsJureed (1): My food diary from 1/9/2014:
Bodybuilding Bulk #1 andykeating 24 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Trev182 U tried.
*FiremanSi (Log) - A BULK of Thrones !!! FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Morning weigh in: 179.4lb (Highest in awhile) Normallly i would've worked out yesterday but with this new program it's only 4 days a week and i've decided those days to be.. Mon Tues Fri & Sat. I went to the gym ysterday walked incline for 2k and 4-5sets of pull ups and some BB shrugs 5sets. Very light stuff just to ween myself off a standard wed where i would normally smash back & delts for hyper day. Really enjoying pull ups at the...
Here Comes The Bulk... KalletSc 29 7 yearsKalletSc (607): pretty disappointed..i woke up with a pretty sore lower back..I think I kind of sacrificed form for weight on my rows yesterday. today's lower power day was a fail Jan 8 2014: Lower Power Squat: 315x3 315x4 315x3-decent sets. the second one was an improvement Deadlift-320x8, 350x3...heres the sad part...I couldn't even pull 365 once today and I hit it 7x last week Front squat: 205x8,205x8,215x5...I know if i felt better I could have gotten 8....
Crush food into a cube for easier bulk? mikew 15 7 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): I think a seperate cube would be better. A cube for protein, a cube of carbs, a cube for fat. So at the end of the day if you did not meet one of you macro you can just eat that cube.
I need a new workout split Sedlo18 15 7 yearsSedlo18 (25): @bkoguy07 Well. You got me, im gonna give it a shot haha Tomarrow is chest day, cant wait!
My rebuild after 4 months abroad rklohe 18 7 yearsrklohe (511): Pull day was good today, deadlift up again deads @ 205 for 8 wide pulldowns @ 110 for 10 wide tbar @ 75 for 8 DB row @ 50 for 10 BB curls @ 50 for 10 facepulls @ 60 for 10
Building Muscle while Reverse-Dieting? Chris 2 7 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): I think it depends on the severity of metabolic damage you incrued. For instance, if you were in a severe deficit for an extended amount of time, despite beginning to add kcals/CHO back in, the last thing your body wants to do is add muscle. It wants to STORE STORE STORE some energy
How is everyone's bulk going? bkoguy07 6 7 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): fucking shitty, what do you expect when your appetite is so shitty you cant even eat junk food without force feeding. bout to say FTS. -.-
Good Will Bulking (log) NJT Jump to first page64Jump to last page 7 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): @NJT it gets the best of all of us
bulking KingLeonidasXIV 4 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Just take it slow and be consistent, also be patient when bulking
5ft8/150lbs/21yo...need help Fulking2K14 7 7 yearsFulking2K14 (1): Thanks guys
Bulking log to 250 Dbyrnes Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearsDbyrnes (457): Just an update, On some of progress. School got crazy with finals, so I stayed off the internet as much as I could. My weight is about 246-248. My main focus was bringing my chest up and improving my squat. I started taking deeper breaths before going down into my squat and it improved my squat by a lot. I feel like my chest and grown a lot to. I'm getting commented on the increased size of my chest by some of the dudes I workout with. I'm...
Get big Ryanmaez 13 7 yearsambitiongainer (391): I'm begging for some assistance here, i'm a college student, i started working out january 2013, but i only can afford to go to the gym once a week and sometimes i dont even have the money to go but i work hard n i try to go whenever i can, now i'm sure i can go once a week started september 2013 and now my college having a gym started this month, i'm 5"8/5"9, weight 153, bench press 185lbs, i'm really want to achieve a body i can be...
Fact or Myth? Gaining inches to hips or glut pink 13 7 yearsjaro (1): Considering you caloric intake is in a surplus of your maintenance you will slowly start adding inches by doing squats/lunges.
Bulking My Way To Gaining 25 lbs KPFitness 15 7 yearsKPFitness (34): wisdom teeth out yesterday so im taking some time off the gym. Hopefully ill be back by thursday
The SS fat Xmas challenge Hamer93 Jump to first page50Jump to last page 7 yearsteewhat (1972): ended up weighing in .5kg lighter.... have no idea how this happened hahaha
Does Norida even lift? NorIda Jump to first page339Jump to last page 7 yearsNorIda (46958): Yesterday was ME upper day. Weights felt heavier than shit. I was warming up and did 315x2 and thought I was gonna die. put on 335, felt solid, worked up to 365, and then hit 385. Felt pretty damn happy with that. It was the cleanest I have hit it, haven't hit it in ages, and will be hitting 405 clean! Pretty stoked Nothing too fancy after that, just did some Close grip bench. rows for the hoes, more hoes with rows, and hit my rear delts.
Anybody want myAdidas Powerlift shoes? Sz 11 ajm87 23 7 yearsajm87 (409): Completely forgot about this! I'll let entries go until tomorrow at 7 PM where I will draw the winner!!
Bulking but staying lean...? BarrMonkey 5 7 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): LISS is your friend.
Intro and Guidance SOLARSUPLEX Jump to first page140Jump to last page 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): These baby legs. =/
Reverse dieting: Yes or no? Maarten 8 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I did it after i cut 26lbs in 4months on my cut and i found it was VERY benificial. I went from 2550cals to 3600 in bout 6-8weeks and with minimal fat gains and i'm really happy i did it man. Will do it after every future cut.
200 lbs club Zyzzst 16 7 yearsZyzzst (4486): Yea I hoping that my chest size stays up on my cut right now I'm carrying my most fat on my lower chest, back and a little on the chest looks big now but I'm afraid that it wont be as big with all the fat loss comin up, I think I'll be at 8-10% at 180
LOG bunter225 Jump to first page45Jump to last page 7 yearsbunter225 (829): Wednesday was rest night but thought I'd take this opportunity to update diet and goals. Im using PHAT to achieve these. DIET -So my current intake is ~3300, todays numbers are as follows - 90F/408C/207P, my protein intake is still a little high but am tweaking my intake to bring it down a little, my fat intake is 25% and carbs 50% at the moment. Ideally Im gunna get my numbers to 190-195P/420-440C/80-85F these aren't calculated just what I...
Hammertime Log - Hamer93 Hamer93 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsbunter225 (829): Disregard macros, kill cold, devour all food in sight.
Bulking log ilifthard Jump to first page308Jump to last page 7 yearslolssons (1249): lol he got a cutting log right?
teenage bulking log swollenpoulin 8 7 yearsel89 (19): nicee :P
Bulking Macros Jsn3004 5 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): I'm 138 lbs and very slowly bulking at 3,300 kcals. Macro split I am for is: c/p/f 55/25/20 However it is extremely hard for me to get in my carbs and fats without going over protein goals if I'm aiming to get quality protein in as well. All I recommend is experiment, keep adding
OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING pics RHGF 5 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Why not add in some isolation work for your arms? If your really that worried about it!
Workout program for 10+ rep range? ajm87 1 7 yearsajm87 (409): I have been lifting weights for about 6-7 yrs now. I have aortic stenosis and my cardiologist has always recommended me to lift weights in the 10 or more rep range due to my mild aortic stenosis. He also said no "isometric" exercises, so that's no problem. He doesn't really want me deadlifting as well because of the blood pressure spike. I assume squatting is out as well. I had ignored his advice in the past and deadlifted and...
Intermittent Fasting While Bulking LongBeachPatriot 7 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): I do cycle my carbs. Ill go high one or 2 days a week, moderate a few days and low a couple days (usually rest days). You can also prevent protein degredation by taking in bcaa's thorought the fast. What I do like is the glycogen depletion and then replenishment when you break fast. It cleans the body out. Also gives the digestive system a break for a while. I may just do it once every 2 or 3 weeks now. I am gaining lean muscle (with some...
Macro/cals advice aesthet1x 6 7 yearsmikew (11494): @aesthet1x are you tracking your food with an app like MFP or Lose It? The apps will figure out your cals for you.
if you cut/bulk like layne jja0016 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsjja0016 (829): oh ok 1 month reverse diet then cool. at the end of my cut Ill be 8% or less and I dont ever want to go above 12%
will 15%BF alter my gains? KOKOROKO 6 7 yearsKOKOROKO (559): @eknight thank you very much,i appreciate it
Mass Supplement advice aesthet1x 14 7 yearsaesthet1x (22): great advices guys thank you! ill try bending all that food
Bulking Question. newguy298 6 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Thedude67 Yeah i know that alright. It's irratation the fact u can't put in the exact numbers for everything urself.
how to bulk up? skinnyashell 8 7 yearsMethod (379): In the post above he stated that he will be running a lot. I don't think track means track & field but long distance running. If skinny is srs about the sport adn want to perform his best, more weight would be a bane not a boon. Skinny - If you want to bulk, long track is not the best sport. Additionally, long distance running has catabolic affects, which will limit muscle growth. If you want to gain muscle mass, you need to push some...
*Bulk Log BRAHH, Si's on FIRE 4 new GAINZ. FiremanSi Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): FIREMANSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIII
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE FROM BULKING(HELP) ezvmoneybeast 4 7 yearswannabemuscular (33219): How are you checking your BP? You have a home machine or using one of those units that you sit at at the local pharmacy? As @McQueef said, don't take it right after training. Take it either in the morning before activity or at night after you've relaxed for a bit. Also, personally my BP always starts going up when I drop cardio from my routine. 1-2 sessions per week is usually enough for me to maintain decent BP readings.
need diet help dazzler95 8 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I've tried both way of not fat before and after and having both.... no difference for me personally. Just focused on hitting my caloric goal for the day.
Optimal amount weight gain per week on bulk? Sedlo18 5 7 yearskickinchicken (8717): When you say "bulk" are you saying lean muscle or just pure pounds? I can put on 1 lb a day easy. Fat maybe, but its weight. Looks like you mean muscle. drink more water before you jump o the scale. lol.
Training program Matias1151 10 7 yearsMatias1151 (1): Okay, thank you for the help brah!
Lactose free protein powder mattd534 9 7 yearsproteinshaker (1): that doesn't mean it can't be lactose free. lookup hydrolyzation of protein.
Amateur needs help AndrePrevin 3 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): @AndrePrevin sounds like your caught inbetween two drastically different goals. If you're a skinny fat I wouldn't recommend cutting anymore, i'd focus on a bulk and lifting heavy, try to put on a lot of mass before you actually cut down. Also members here don't think highly on test boosters, or cutting agents for that matter, it's essentially a money scam my dude. I think you got mold and shape (bulk) before you start chipping away and...
Need help reaching daily calories Perfidy 29 7 yearsmattd534 (3208): Good luck bro
Thoughts on dirty bulking. jonrivs49 Jump to first page42Jump to last page 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): At the end of the day my philosophy is do what you want. Your smart enough to make your own decisions, if you want to go for raw size and power, why not dirty bulk, if you want to keep looking lean and bulking, lean bulk. The choice is yours
Incline degree to shallow? Sedlo18 6 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): High incline can be bad for shoulder i generally go for a click or two above flat
Need help on Diet - 5/3/1 BBB Program Perfidy 11 7 yearsOutwork_08 (25): Its my opinion that there is no perfect ratio. Everyone is different. Give those numbers a chance and if it's not working for you adjust as you see fit. The ratio that works best for me is probably not what most people use but it works for me! What I'm trying to say is, those numbers seem like a good place to start but don't be afraid to personalize it
Energy difference between bulk/cut jja0016 4 7 yearsElminister (3412): I've cut twice and both time my energy levels during workouts were low once my body fat dropped below certain percentage. Right now I'm bulking again and for me, difference is huge.
Im a douche!! Opinions appreciated DanMmmFood 9 7 yearsDanMmmFood (13): Yer fully agree began today see what my macros have to get to for maintanance
PHD-4 vs. PHAT Xandar 15 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Haha. I went through RJ for training services last year. Dude got me mad shredded and was so cool to work with. I learned so much from the man. Then I tried TSG. Ummmmm I don't want to go off on a rant here but I didn't like at all. That is all haha.
Bulking advice illwill 1 7 yearsillwill (331): This couldn't have come at a better time in my life.
Dextrose and cre-mono Hewy007 5 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): i fuckin hate guys that work in supplement stores
Overcoming the Mental Complex illwill 18 7 yearsillwill (331): Ok, I just wanted to drop a little update and thank everyone for their encouraging words. Not only did I start eating a shit load more, but I feel and even look better. I feel like I'm on banes juice in the gym too. I started PHAT at the same time, and I'll let everyone know how it turns out.
Winter is coming ➔ bulking LOG AverageJoe Jump to first page196Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah i get that sometimes when i have sumo's directly after my squats... even though ur doing exercises in between it gives u enough time to recover to give it a good shot. IMO.
JM Blakely Bulking Guide IrishGymSheep 7 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): Great post! And I fully agree! I think many of us (my self included) try to run the fine line of gaining muscle but little/not fat. I really really have come to believe that you need a good calorie surplus to grow effectively - like 500 calories plus. (To make sure you cover, recovery, repair and growth adequately) Great post for any newbie or anyone who's weight never really changes :)
Keep cutting or start bulking? RHGF 4 7 yearsRHGF (22): @Xanda I Will bulk as you said bro! I'm endomorf. do you have any tips?
Trev's bulking log Trev182 Jump to first page51Jump to last page 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Deadlifts felt good today, managed to raise the weight a bit again, lower back managed ok, bit tender now, i have bought an rdx belt to try and aid that a little! I want t9 get back up around 140-150kg in the next few weeks! Felt very energtic today so had a really intense session. Loving it
Great read brian12 3 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @BaiTu I racked up a huge amount reps ~ probably double my normal workload (using same weights as i would of if doing str8 sets) switching back and forth gives you just about the perfect amount of time to hit the next set. Its a really good option for someone who has been struggling to progress ~ i think this system gives you more opportunity for steady and consistent progression; plus it gets you in out out of the gym quickly and training with...
Bulking Macro Split Hewy007 3 7 yearsHewy007 (2980): sounds good Nor, thanks buddy, i'm excited to be eating like a pig
Lifting again - new log Shredded Jump to first page94Jump to last page 7 yearseknight (58109): @Shredded how was my criticism superfluous? I gave you a straight-forward, point by point idea of what to improve on, and you had nothing to say to it. Truth hurt much? @Thedude67 happy to look at it. If I don't get back to you in your thread, shoot me a PM. I'm heading out the door in a bit. -3X
Having trouble bulking?(Try bacher 2.0 diet) SRorhrbac0808 30 7 yearsThedude67 (3088): Haha, that's kinda what I feel like when I'm done eating cheesecake at night...Mmmmmmm......cheesecake....
Jenntastic's BULKtastic 5-3-1 Log Jenntastic Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsJenntastic (34): Week 3 Day 3 ~Bench Press~ Felt strong this morning! Here is what I did... 30 lbs for 5 40 lbs for 5 45 lbs for 3 55 lbs for 5 65 lbs for 3 70 lbs for 10 40 lbs 5 sets of 10 Dumbbell Row 25 lbs 5 sets of 10 Forearm curls 30 lbs for 20 40 lbs for 15 50 lbs for 10 Another great workout!
1 lb Muscle= ? Cals LongBeachPatriot 5 7 yearseknight (58109): From the Melvin Williams book, Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport: "Muscle tissue consists of about 70% water, 22% protein and the remainder is fat, carbohydrate and minerals. Because the vast majority of muscle tissue is water, which has no caloric value, the total caloric value is only about 700-800 calories per pound of muscle. However, extra energy is needed to synthesize the muscle tissue." -3X
bulking update dollar786 1 7 yearsdollar786 (169): Gained 10 pounds hopefully I can gain another 20 pounds before I start cutting strenth signifanctly improving,also getting stronger,and lower abs is my main issue working hard on it even though I hate abs workout. Hopefully I can go on the 200 pound region before I cut again any feed back welcome. before ...
Rand al'Thor Bulks again Rand Jump to first page56Jump to last page 7 yearsRand (4291): been a few days since I updated. nailed 290x5 on bench this morning that felt nice other than that just getting ready for a cut and eating icecream cold stone founders favorite with cake batter ice cream in case you were wondering
Hulking up! Konstantinov 25 7 yearsKonstantinov (1450): Upper hypertrophy: BB bench: 10x50kg 10x60kg 6x70kg 10x50kg BB bent over rows: 10x60kg 8x70kg 8x70kg DB preacher curls: 10x10kg 10x12,5kg 10x10kg Hammer curls: 3x10x15kg EZ curls: 3x8x25kg 1 arm tri extensions: 3x10x18kg tricep rope extensions: 3x10x36kg Tricep pushdowns: 3x10x50kg Last week with this routine. Will start phat next week! It would be great with some tips on where to fit in deadlifts.
What is the point of Paleo mattd534 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsNJA82 (154): In all honesty Paleo if followed the way the media etc. portray it is a bit of a joke and not very practical and beneficial BUT I will admit that just as a personal experiment i cut out all processed dairy and all wheat/grain/gluten products except oats and brown rice and it has made a massive difference to my energy levels, amount of water retention, overall digestive comfort and well being in general. It did take about a month or so to notice...
People freezing meat GTFIH Hamer93 20 8 yearsFrostshock (13324): 1 hour + 20 minutes per extra breast/piece completely submerged in cold water does the trick. Usually in the morning before I make breakfast I put 2 large breasts in a large tupperware, fill it to the brim with cold water and seal it. After breakfast is made I drain it, fill with cold water, seal. Take a shower, brush your teeth etc, by the time you come back they should be completely thawed. 35-45 mins @ 350 in a toaster oven and boom, juicy...
Briggsy's training/workout log Briggsy 7 8 yearsBriggsy (4): Back from Germany, unfortunately the gym was mainly cardio machines so was just ticking over and only started PHAT today. Bent over rows - 60kg - 5 reps/3 sets Pull ups - 6 reps/2 sets Rack chins - 6 reps/2 sets Flat dumbbell press - 28kg - 4 reps/3 sets Dips - 6 reps/2 sets Seated dumbbell shoulder press - 16.8kg - 6 reps/3 sets Cambered bar curls - 20kg + bar - 6 reps/3 sets Skull crushers - 20kg - 6 reps/3 sets I think i could have done...
anyone here use vitargo? nutellafreak 4 8 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): It's a good supplement, a little pricey though. A lot better then its alternative supplements and to answer what I think is your question; yes it can have its place in your diet if you're struggling to meet macros. However, I wouldn't spend money on it if your issue is 'disliking eating' (which is batshitcrazy!). If you train to a point of depletion and actually tax your if you're 'training' like 90% of the gym population don't...
Bulking Routine Kam1990 4 8 yearsNorIda (46958): No, one muscle group a day is even worse. lol. Upper/Lower or PPL or something similar imo.
Enough size to end bulk? shane 14 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): @shane just cut logically. 1 gram protein/lbs 0.4grams fat per lbs. And the rest carbs. About 300 calorie defecit. And of course fit in some junk good to feed your cravings but for the most part stick to nutrient dense foods to keep u full and supply your body with the micro nutrients and fibre it needs. Good luck man!
Back routine TeenMonster 6 8 yearsAKK (1998): I prefer to prioritize my workouts base off of this. If A. is Chest/shoulder/tri's and B is all my back I rotate my days with A. main exercise typically 3-5 reps with one to two RPT sets. B. main exercise for back typically 8-12 reps Then I move into A. accessories.. then I do shoulders and arms.. and if im feeling it I will do additional B. exercise.. such as a pulldown for lats if I did a row as primary B. I personally like it...
Whats my energy level Hamer93 6 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Bout 50-60euro tops... ebay or amazon.
bulking advice Trev182 10 8 yearsTrev182 (14986): Pm sent bro
TIPS FOR IMPROVING BAR GRIP? (DEADLIFT) ezvmoneybeast 28 8 yearscraig (835): I wonder how they would be with two barbells. Obviously harder to get off the ground and you'd likely piss off other gym members but I reckon It'd be decent. Farmers walk equipment is actually pretty cheap so you could have a word with your gym about getting some in also.
Alchohol and Bodybuilding-My new approach KalletSc 15 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Ever tried Pump King? I heard it was good, especially this time of year. Keep frattin hard m8. TFM
bcaa during fasting leanr0x 7 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Yes. The first one is the most optimal
Calorie "Cycling" Jigsawk 3 8 yearsJigsawk (55): Well , my weight is kinda stable and I'm slowly adding weight. got less then 0,5kg after 15 days so I'm really happy with that .. Being able to eat a lot more after prolonged cut is such a release.. But my question was if it will make any difference at the end of the week if my overall intake is the same ?
How Do You Guys Count/Keep track ofcalories ezvmoneybeast 3 8 yearsOwnsPwns (124): i sort of plan my days ahead of time, and cook each morning before i head off to work for the day. I don't keep the exact count, but i know about how many cals - Carbs/Pro/Fat. I've been able to cut and bulk successfully with this. I find that being too picky with my exact portions drives me insane and i end up throwing caution to the wind with my cals for a few days. IMHO try keeping track one way, and if it fails try another way. ...
a little update on lifting. Strongboi 7 8 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): Btw good job op
Tall members Hiiibbbb 14 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): At this point it almost feels weird if I don't have at least a mental guesstimation. Even if I don't actively track it, like on vacation, my mind will subconsciously try to add it all up. bkoguy is my goal physique. Soon.jpg
TRANCE SHOULD STAY IN EU/ AU SRS. ezvmoneybeast 14 8 yearsEFJK (2316): Lol, times change bud. And the quality of rap and hip-hop music has gone way downhill in recent years. And stay in the EU/AUS? House originated in Chicago. Techno started in Detroit. Europeans were just much more open to these genres in that day and age which is why it caught on and took off there before the US
You guys bulking on 50% carbs Hiiibbbb 21 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Chocolate milk, pancakes with golden syrup and custard, instant noodles, cereal. Easy
lost nearly 30 kg's , need advice now KevsterC 22 8 yearsezvmoneybeast (1348): Just word of advice... You might want to ask a certified professional to be sure what step to take next
Discussion starter Hamer93 15 8 yearsJigsawk (55): I think long calorie deficits can lead to an appetite disorder , at least for me.. I've been cutting for more then a year now .. the problem is that I'm constantly focused on food .. it's not hunger it's just the joy of eating .. Hopefully it's going to stop now since I upped my calories to maintenance and trying to reverse diet
Bulking/Cutting..what am I doing? SettingSail 7 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): I dont know how you stand being a vegetarian man. Do you even protein?
Lolo Jones eating 9,000 kcals?! teeeeej 9 8 yearsHiiibbbb (1174): @teeeeej i just have a dream of giving every girl in the world "dat ass"
Giggity yippee Zyzzst 6 8 yearswillyb7 (247): 30 pounds in 4 months daaaamn
upper/lower vs push/pull/leg mattd534 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsRawsteel (940): I would stick to p/p/l hitting every muscle every fifth day, but with a small twist to get more focus on your arms and calves. Like this -> Day 1 - Back, triceps, calves (A) Day 2 Day 3 - Lower body (B) Day 4 - Chest, delts, biceps (C) Day 5 Day 6 - Repeat Mine looks like this ('number at the end of each exercise is the amount of set rest in minutes) -> A Pullups/BB row: 3 x 6-8'3 BB row/Lat pulldown: 3 x 8-12'1,5 DB row: 2 x...
Full bodyworkouts are superior 1WayJones 5 8 yearsPearce_Bolton (844): In my case, I praise both tbh I do 4 day two muscle group, Mon-Thurs then a total full bod with big lifts on Saturday :)
Fuuck yea Hiiibbbb 9 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Haha with weights hanging off his walker!!!!
Saturated fat self research SwoleAnimal 9 8 yearsajones46 (11701): You still going to do this if you do it 100%???
You're bulking aren't you?? (Log) BRANDON_12 Jump to first page172Jump to last page 8 yearsBRANDON_12 (1528): It has been a while since posting on here but college is good baseball is good as well as lifting. So pretty much life is good bros! I will try and get an update picture. I have definitely gotten bigger and I feel good. I will also try and post the workouts we have been doing for baseball so yal can tell me what yal think!!
**OHP Fans.. Great little tip & Vid here4u ! FiremanSi 20 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): it looks like false grip would snap your shit up even more, what exactly is a 'false grip'
stimulating a nonexistent appetite david12345676 20 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Lol wtf. "Natural" forum, and multiple people advize the use of an illegal drug to increase appetite. Seems legit.
Grow with me(Bulking Log) 4real Jump to first page280Jump to last page 8 years4real (3319): Sorry i havent posted in a whils but ive injured my shoulder and cant squat dead row or shrug. So for legs im forced to do leg extensions and hamy curls.
How many calories do you EAT!!!!! mattd534 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): unreal
Proper techniques for Some Seriously Proper JohnB 4 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @JohnB everyone here already knows everything you said. What else you got? And where are your pics? Also, from your site: "Lifting weights without an intention is like trying to cook paste without boiling water"
KRIZTUFF log 2.0 KRIZTUFF 29 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): yeah P/P/L rocks. I never had good results on 4 days or 5 days split
How will this interfere with my gains? 1WayJones 6 8 yearsMCarey (2179): And too impatient to wait for dem gainz
Lean bulk - my thoughts - please help Shest 4 8 yearsMonster81 (1678): Use the Harris Benedict formula (it's already calculated in for you). The HB does the adjusting for you based on your choice of how much and how intense you exercise weekly, so you don't have to go "shit I just burned 300 cals on the treadmill, do I add that to my cals I need to eat?". Then with this number, add 200-300 cals for the bulk.
new log Push pull legs JDominiqueS 11 8 yearsJDominiqueS (190): last tuesday I went to my physio who made me do some exercises wich made allmost ALL the pain go away was very happy with that and actually getting a little bit of hope to squat next week. tomorrow I got out of bad and well..fuck it needs more time I think. do feel pain going from my upper ham, glute and low back. right now off to the gym benchpress pushdayy!!!
What's the Plan? stinkydiver36 6 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): Nope. No they won't. You will still be the awkward wet dream kid.
Nutrition For A Powerlifter AarronStenner 12 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): atleast your strong.. Hehe
Postworkout Meal Timing nine0seven 13 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): GOMAD
Help me out Ryanmaez 16 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @jja0016 Nobody can tell cause u've no Avi dude.
sacraficing form to break tgrough plateaus? samalama034 10 8 yearspandasashi (3859): depends for what...i used to sacrifice form all the time to raise my deadlift pr but if i tried that for bench i would snap my shoulders everytime...
Elbow Friendly Tricep Exercises.. @EK's Fav FiremanSi 1 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): For those of you that get sore elbos from some Tricep exercises such as Dips and SKullcrushers !! Her are some other alternatives by Omar Isuf.
**Lesson i learned today ARMS.. Tip4new guys FiremanSi 13 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @igg Yeah man agreed I'm left handed and stronger with back exercises on the left side but my right side is more developed, but stronger on the right side with OH pressing exercises... it's crazy... sometimes ur body is like that its mental.
Bulking program for using body weight Joeelyboy 4 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): U'd need a chin up bar... only way to hit back with BW thats really challenging !! Apart from rack chins or body rows.
Fitness Opinion/Progress Jigsawk 11 8 yearsJigsawk (55): nah , might be some sort of Loose Skin on my lower abs , but defently holding some fat there , I want to get rid of that and start my lean bulk seriously.
It's all about progress.. VIDEO brian12 4 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): As soon as i saw the title, i knew it was this!
Recovery Supps billy17 14 8 yearsPrometheus (829): The weight gainers are fine brother, also whey mixed with milk and oats are good too.. You don't have to worry to much about timing, just keep you eating up throughout the day and it will lead to enhanced recovery.. If the shakes are easy for you, then keep them up, there are some better options than Mutant Mass, but it's alright, I used it for years... Look into IsoGainer by Nutrabolics, its an isolate protein so a bit more pure, meaning...
I want bigger chest and shoulder Lud1309 8 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): cool you got Lazar as your trainer.
Oooh yeah! Hamer93 17 8 yearsKyle (205): Bit late but nothing beats a kebab wrap!
Do u Sumo ??? Few tips here (Vid) Ben Rice FiremanSi Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Extended video i found guys.
2 split for more strenght Battman 4 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): No barbell bench, no deadlift and I would personally do lower reps. Just use an established routine.
Bulking Macros Jsn3004 2 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I generally go with. 0.8-1g/lb for protein. 0.3-0.5g/lb for Fat. Rest in carbs. 12g of fibre per 1000cals.
Should a girl 'bulk'? MrMailliw 20 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): @missdadi Haha don't worry she isn't any of that as I got her into gym and fitness and I hate those carb-fearing, cardio obsessed skinny girls. She isn't even afraid of calling it a bulk because she understand it won't be the same as a guy's bulk :) She squats, benches, does pullups (assisted atm) etc. all that good compound stuff don't worry. Thanks very much for your help, any other little tips from a woman's perspective?
Hook grip Jsn3004 6 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Here's one. He's like "fk whered my bicep go???"
LETS GAIN! training log with flx! fLx_ Jump to first page42Jump to last page 8 yearsfLx_ (865): Squat : 60x5 75x5 85x5 100x5 118x5 bench: 40x5 50x5 63x5 75x5 85x5 row 35x5 45x5 55x5 65x5 75x5 4x15 situps with 10kg 2x15 hypers with 15 kg been busy im moving into town in 1 week, so ive ofc trained but not updated my log, so much to think about now. im gonna live 50m from my school for the upcoming 2 years. so happy! this feels like a very good progression scheme, 2.5 % per week in the big lifts last weeks weights felt easy and i could...
trying to bulk need more the whey protien , landon 6 8 yearslandon (1): Thanks as this does make all the sense in the world I just never dreamed it would be something as simple as eating. I know this sounded very basic but seems to be that is what is overlooked the most the basic. Thanks so much
Bulking oliveraustin 19 8 yearsDevil82 (1240): PPL I guess, In your current you have chest and delts, both have pressing movements, so you will get a slight imbalance between push pull.
Bulkings rico 21 8 yearsrico (31): Gonna bring up my fat and lower the protein noticing im getting above my limits there so yeah
Newbie Bulking Questions.. Thenewnoob298 5 8 yearsThenewnoob298 (1): Thanks All I needed to know
Macro Profiles in MyFitnessPal skullay 11 8 yearsthe1 (33861): i will check this later skullay, also what @EK said.. post away
Lose of appetite eingold 8 8 yearseingold (1291): @fLx_ yeh need to dirtier it up a bit think to many complex carbs
what's my bf%? what to do next? KingLeonidasXIV 16 8 yearsfLx_ (865): i have to just ask some more experienced members here.. everyone encourage pretty skinny ppl to always "LEAN BULK" meaning 300 cal + when i had no base i pure strenght trained and put on 5-10 kg to my squat every week in the gym, and i gained what i calculated about 8 kg of pure muscle the first 2-3 months i trained . thats called the noobie gains ive read in many posts and articles that thats actually pretty normal in...
Macros On Drinking Days KalletSc Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Haha well guys, today is my off day...but I am bored at school and have class tomorrow. Think I might go hit the gym and do a little 10-15 minute elliptical sesh, some weighted ab exercises, and forearm/calves work today. Luckily I have absolutely no hangover so that is good! New plan: Up my bulking calories from about 2800 to around 2900-3000 sunday-thursday. Friday and Saturday...aka days when I drink...I plan to lower my calories to...
Can I get diabetes if I keep eating like thi Bulkalldaybrah 14 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): @manletofsteel298 The best way to prevent diabetes is through proper diet and exercise, if you're on a bulk you should be absolutely fine as long as your exercising, its the excess sugar from being in a constant surplus that causes issues with insulin. Exercise is the best way to control this.
Basic Tips For MASS Jealster 1 8 yearsJealster (91): More videos coming soon breaking down each body part with reps and form! like comment and subscribe!
Coolguy's return of the bulk log (+ llamas) coolguy1993 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Oh, and your log is full. Better start a new one!
Can somone debunk this with a good study? fLx_ 1 8 yearsfLx_ (865): Found in Mark Rippetoes Starting Strenght "also seems to be something special about milk that the equivalent amount of calories, protein, fat, and carbs can't duplicate in terms of growth enhancement. It may be the fact that milk has very high levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a peptide hormone that has been shown to have some relationship to accelerated growth in mammals."
+ potentials 0 gains Illadian 13 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @Illadian.. Set your priorities. Dont confuse yourself with a cut and a bulk. If you want to gain mass there is no point in doing a cut. Cutting is just for show off.. If you want to gain muscle you eat. Do a lean bulk for you not to look fat.
routine, oppinions? leanr0x 18 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): 2nd one for sure.. first one was madness.
Ex- Fatty going on a bulk...worried Trev182 24 8 yearsTrev182 (14986): Yeh going to start adding cals in the n3ext couple of weeks, 50cals a day extra for one week then add accordingly!! Cheers for the help guys!
Progress Log RupertHaff 11 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): This! I run legs/push/pull/. I do 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off, repeat. If you can recover and progress using 3 on, 1 off then go for it! But no rest days = much less gains and progression;)
When to UP calories with weight gain? Grovinne 8 8 yearseknight (58109): @Danimal_88 that's a unique approach; I've never heard of it. It sounds reasonable though. Reps. -3X
*SmiddyDiesel- The NEW 21's for Biceps (Vid) FiremanSi 13 8 yearsAKK (1998): Waste of time. 21's are about as pointless as swolemutants existence
Maintaining Ross12 4 8 yearsadam82a (3100):
Lift it!! F L 4 T LOG!!! FL4T 9 8 yearsfLx_ (865): Ive just started reading about 5-3-1, and got info on it. But ive also read its a slow program to progress on, and the 5-3-1 is great when ur progress is stalling on a more straightforward program, and if ur diet is in check, that should be when ur getting closer to your genetic limit IMO- u can still progress on a straight forward program for squat bench dl row and ohp get ur diet in check, and listen to ur body: deloads SHOULD be...
is eating too much at once dangerous? fLx_ 12 8 yearsThor (5028): dangerously bulky
12 pounds in 6 weeks :X Hiiibbbb Jump to first page45Jump to last page 8 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): My2c to OP, whether you're on a cut or bulk try and be as conservative as possible with your cal surplus and deficits. Don't take leaps and bounds with your calorie bracketing in relation to your TDEE. The goal is quality not quantity.
Transition NJT 8 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @tamere01 Sounds good bro.
How big is too big? SwoleMutant Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): BIG RAMY!!!
Natural Pro RJ Perkins "Wherever I May Go" Mr_Aestheticz Jump to first page287Jump to last page 8 yearsScotian (9922): Happy birthday rj!
the best bench program for increasing 1RM Strongboi 15 8 yearseknight (58109): -3X
the1- offseason log to NS provincials 2014 the1 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 8 yearsHighdeas (1635): Us
Does IIFYM work?...I share BPak's response cazthetrainer 22 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Love BPak... Some of his nutritional stuff is a bit OTT. i.e. no fats prior and post workout... but his lifting guidelines, intentions, form directional advice has helped me like no other !!
New Macro Diet Jsn3004 6 8 yearsTrev182 (14986):
OUN2 Learning NorIda 15 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): do they lift?
Ozzys log Ozzy123 11 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Anytime dude.
New member Ozzy123 10 8 yearsdempsey (268): welcome! and congrats on the fat loss. keep working hard!
Not counting cals on bulk anymore :[] Hiiibbbb Jump to first page42Jump to last page 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): lol cmon Hib. No ones being malicious. Just being real. At the end of the day you can obviously do whatever you want.
from cut to bulk jja0016 4 8 yearsHiiibbbb (1174): I raised mine kind of fast. I upped mine like 200 cals every 3 days and it worked for me.
One month progress (bulk) Hiiibbbb 15 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): fillin out proper
Slow bulk? TigerBlood 8 8 yearsTyjaws (211): would it make you feel good to have chiseled abs? You've put in a lot of work already why not just see it through and then bulk, with ultra ripped abs. I can't not have abs, it bus b the Hell out of me. If you wanna bulk tho do it, but I'd cut first there's still room for improvement edit: bugs the help out of me
Super Strong Ripped Kevin 8 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): That said chin ups are one of the best exercises you can do. But yeah this ^^^ also
Lose fat gain muscle srs question Tyjaws 11 8 yearsTyjaws (211): dam I hope I can go back to school one day run eperiments on all these topics
Gainers or not? rgulliksson 8 8 yearspandasashi (3859): pro tip for bulking: brown rice.
531 w/LPP vs Alberto Nunez Intermediate Prog ajm87 6 8 yearsAustralianOak (1504): ^^^ awesome routine :) As for @OP definitely go with 5/3/1
3 BIG ARM Tips 4 Bodybuilding- Ben Pakulski FiremanSi 30 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Welcome dude.
NEW Ben-Pak Video - Lunges this time !! FiremanSi 11 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @brian12 I was one of those bro... my old coach used to tell me to do some lunges where u touch front toe with the weigt but NEVER explained why and what muscles were being activated. Just said 'for variety man'... smoke ur variety pal i wanna know what i'm doing !!!
Help with bulk? MitchDD 10 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Sorry u said school didnt know u ment college. Personally i didnt do ANY cardio at the start of my cut... i set my cals roughly -300 of maintenance and took my rest days. Then added cardio when i wanted to continue eating 3000cals. After that... i dropped cals again and reduced cardio. Then increased cardio when i made no loss that week. DO u see what i'm getting at man ???? U DONT have to do cardio.
Deployment Bulk dzand001 14 8 yearsNorIda (46958): @dzand001 be careful what advise you listen to from There is more broscience bullshit than scientificly backed evidence. And tnation is full of people on gear from what I recall. Lol
HELP!! Kilojoules to calorie (US to AUS) TCorder14 3 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): MFP allows you to add the foods based on tbls or grams it doesnt matter. Just google it and u'll get used to the conversion difference. Crisis adverted.
How many cals in 1 sitting? Hewy007 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 yearsGStarRaw (1441): lol. My breakfast the other day was 2.5 cals. Homemade shake, chicken breast burger and some rice. EDIT: 2.5 k , lol @ 2.5 cals, i'd be a skinny boy.
Gut during bulk, please critique! nym86 15 8 yearsOptimusPrime (1257): Yep, you can do a 3 point caliper test yourself. If you want a 7 point test, ask a friend.
Routine BRANDON_12 8 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Also, if your arms are "wasted" it means they're getting stimulated, and stimulation leads to growth So I don't exactly see your problem Eat moar food!
best source of calories cycra 22 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Arnoe Fibre should be roughly 10-12g per 1000cals. So whatever ur consuming apply that rule.
If you don't compete, why track macros? ajm87 20 8 yearstamere01 (7126): I count macro's because I don't want to have do anything. I don't want to wake up 1 day and relise that the effort I put in the gym didn't get me to where I want to be because I couldn't take the 10 minutes in a day to count my macro's. Personally I find that counting macro's has helped me keep my eating disorder under control. Eating macro's allows me to eat w.e the fuck I want without feeling like shit and guilty about it because its...
How's this full body routine? ajm87 7 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): A bit too strength orientated for my liking.. i feel most need to do 8-12 reps with slow negatives to start with and in the early stages of lifting, actually in any stage. Focusing on focus, min muscle connection and really feeling the muscle ur lifting with. My experience with new guys and 5x5's is they try lift as much with horrible form. But if ur happy then go for it. DEFINATELY put deadlifts first on 'B' day though dude.
Any IBS sufferers? ajm87 4 8 yearsskel1977 (109): Every time i enter the gym i poop due to pre wod
Part 5: Supps - 3DMJ FiremanSi 19 8 yearseknight (58109): This is true. Very few people actually eat well enough to get those things. My only point was that, much like protein, most of them can be gotten in diet if we try hard enough. -3X
Diet question leokozian 8 8 yearsleokozian (250): Sorry @eknight for the late response I havnt checked back into the thread after my last reply. That being said, no i have not. I've done a few bulks and cuts but never a strict one for a competition prep. What's your take on my plan?
Lagging Chest KalletSc 20 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Mix of volume and heavy weight made my chest the strongest body part!
Bulking for first time AffeGund 8 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Don't get tied down with supplement my man theres NO miracle grow formula.... eating ALOT, training hard (if ur a begginer PLEASE dont start with a 5day Bodybuilding split), plenty of sleep and water. Use the formula @NorIda has stated i LIVE by that website !!
Are my macros correct? ajm87 3 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): I find when adding or dropping calories it's easiest to manipulate carbs. A cup of rice here, an extra potato there, etc. it adds up quick and I find it easy to eat carbs.
Nutrition Video - Simplistic Bulking Prometheus 21 8 yearsPrometheus (829): Perfect let me know how it treats you, hope it helps you the same as it's helped me
3DMJ Part 4: Get IN HERE !!! FiremanSi 11 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): No worries
Hugh Jackman eating 6,000cals on the DAILEEE Danimal_88 6 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): Andy Murray maintains on 6,000 calories too apparantly he loses 8kg a year!
what creatine should i buy mrwrangler24 15 8 yearssickrykes (1651): Don't do creatine it's a steroid and there for cheaters
Has this ever happened to you? Gains 6 8 yearsGains (7): @wannabemuscular word well if I end up getting shoulders like yours eating French fries ill be satisfied lol
Finished cut, need help on workout ReiNN 4 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): @ReiNN Personally I like to train biceps on Lower day at the end - creates a more even split between upper and lower IMO. Something to consider ;)
T3 cycle how does this look? Crysis132 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): Man are you serious? You have to atleast triple that dose, fuck, quadrouple that dose, it's really good for you
Bulking diet problem Voronove 10 8 years3tuf (121): Eat peanut butter and drink milk. Milk helps ya get your protein needs and has a lot of carbs. Plus you need to get some different bread. I would think 20 slices of bread should be more than 200 carbs.
Ecto Bulking Shredded 18 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): Ecto news team assemble!! I'm in
What are your bulkin macros? Gains 13 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): 425c/220p/90f last bulk. I was running a very high volume routine at the time.
Keep cutting or start bulking? Gains 11 8 yearsHighdeas (1635): start eating, now, lots of it #bulktrain INC
Deadlift challenge :O Dirkenhiemer Jump to first page54Jump to last page 8 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): It's cool to see where you guys are at! Planning on hitting some chest/back tomorrow. We will see how I feel! Hope everyone had a good 4th! I drank a lot of beer and spent some time with my lady all in all it was a good day but I'm ready to get back in the gym with Lukas tomorrow and lift some heavy weights!
First Competition Stack87 15 8 yearsthe1 (33861): no one does anything for free lol.. good luck
low carb diet slow bulking golagol 17 8 yearsgolagol (40): yhe this what i have dont now i was weak on low carb , ty
GTFIH, need your views on a discussion dwatson Jump to first page57Jump to last page 8 yearsAKK (1998): or the army just puts small amounts of HGH/hormones into the food so you can still gain while eating very little.
haha. Watch this kitchen stuff. SRorhrbac0808 5 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): mikeeeeeee
cant feel full after cut fLx_ 14 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): it takes a while to feel normal after a cut. it just takes time.
Bulking: What to do when you find your maint ajm87 5 8 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): Stick to 30/50/20 p/c/f imo
Need a decent training program? Goody 6 8 yearsGoody (1): I've done a shit load of research on these now and I'm going to go for the Mot-OT for 12 week then on to another, most probably PHAT. Time to clean bulk for months until I hit a decent weight, It's all about summer 2014! Thanks for your help!
Some suggestions to recruit more fibers Nerdjoeyyy 6 8 yearseknight (58109): I don't buy this as the best or only way to get maximum results. Muscle fiber recruitment is a neurological adapatation. Motor units are recruited on an "as needed" basis, yes, but given that strength is a greater indicator of efficiency of motor unit recruitment than increased CSA, using the above methods will not result in overall greater strength gains, and thus limited hypertrophy gains. There's a reason that the thickest, most...
Another bulk thread Millennium1 2 8 yearsMillennium1 (586): Another week in the books. Feeling a little sore but not too bad. I'm going to try to up the weights I use quite a bit over the next few weeks. Especially on the power moves. Hopefully I'll put up a few PR's next month. I have to get my diet back in check because I ate way too much this week. I had a day I didn't pack my own food for lunch which ended poorly and I had a luncheon at work that I went over board with. No excuses really I...
Fat cells in 4 months golagol 20 8 yearsgolagol (40): i thought dirty bulk = fast ty
nedd to gain laurvar 21 8 yearsMethod (379): You have no clue about MMA. What you're talking about makes no sense. Gain weight for a fight??? wtf? Hope you don't get your block knocked off.
Help me help my brother bunter225 6 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Homemeade shakes are a good way to go. At least you know it's not just pure sugar. Def should limit the alcohol.
"Big on a Budget" wannabemuscular 13 8 yearsScotian (9922): I wish food was that cheap up here. Eggs for 99 cents? It's like 4 bucks here
Are my macros accurate? ajm87 8 8 yearsDevil82 (1240): @ajm87 using ifflin-St Jeor: 2462 using Harris-Benedict: 2531 using Katch-McCardle: Enter Body Fat % = 12 : 2444 that is your TDEE add or cut from there depending on bulk or cut
no muscle gain :( golagol 20 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): LOOOOOLLLL
Changing Routine Jsn3004 3 8 yearsBaiTu (3096): Yes, if it isn't broke don't fix it. I don't understand the desire to change routines three or four times a year. Or more frequently.
Man Of Steel.. BEAST ! (Workout Interview) FiremanSi Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): IDK, with the right lighting, I think it wouldn't be too largely airbrushed
Tips to avoid stretch marks dayman2042 9 8 yearsdayman2042 (1): Thanks for the advice so far guys. I know it's inevitable I'll get more. I just want to minimize the amount and appearance of them.
hi guys golagol 5 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): @golagol I would shoot even higher but that depends on the person. 2 kg every month will net solid gains.
Gain Weight and Muscle Elizabeth 8 8 yearsmaxforcefitness (1): MaxForce Nutrition stocks muscle building supplements, protein powder, mass gainers energy bars, and other nutritional products designed for maximizing strength, endurance and sport performance. MaxForce recognizes the value of proper training, nutrition and supplementation required to achieve fitness goals.
Adding more fat versus more carbs ripeanus 13 8 yearsripeanus (58): im sure alot of those fitness models are enhanced meaning they wouldn't need as much dietary fat
Enjoying life / counting macros fLx_ 11 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): Open thread to view post.
Cutting Help KingLeonidasXIV 7 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I'm cutting and gettin slightly stronger. I think ur prob maybe cutting too much carbs from ur diet. What are ur macros ?
4 or 5 day split? BornToLift 11 8 yearsoceanair (18020): I like my drop sets though (for certain exercises)! :/
too much fat golagol 20 8 yearsBaggy (925): ^Quote fail. Listen to @4real he is giving sound advice.
will phat suit me fLx_ 2 8 yearsDevil82 (1240): Try it out, I've tried it but found upper power day to high in volyme for me so i did ppl 2x a week, one for strength and one for hypertrophy
Suggestion on Bulking and Cutting jdanniel19 6 8 yearsAestheticBrah (790): Yes only masturbation helps with bulking. Sorry.
Starting a 3 month bulk, bodyfat% question jim_davis 2 8 yearscjp94 (60): well for me when i bulk or cut i usually dont pay to much attention to how much mass im gaining on the scale, but for how i look week to week/ month to month in the mirror. in theory 4 lbs a month should be good with respect to not gaining a whole lot of fat... if you do end up gaining more then you like you can easily tweak your macros. best of luck
Having arm gain troubles! Blavv14 29 8 yearsbunter225 (829): Surely this isnt going to help...?
for lunch for build? ethandpeterson 8 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Just let him know you're going to try to eat more than normal and you'd appreciate some extra snack foods as well. If your mom makes dinner every night just make sure there are no leftovers. EAT UP!. Add nuts, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, extra slices of bread when you have a sandwich. Boil up some ravioli or tortellini. They're great to eat cold, can stay in the fridge for a while, and they pack a nice macro punch. There are a lot...
PHAT Modification Pahaver 29 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): we've lost a man on Nogainsland
Legs record June 2013 ashleigh_fischer 7 8 yearsoceanair (18020): @ashleigh_fischer thank you! :) it's 9:30pm here haha. i was at the gym from around 7pm to 8:30pm (leg day). ya def try to break a new record. you can do it! do you do a lot of competing? i'm curious since you mentioned posing. my dad thinks i shouldn't lift so much weight on my legs lol
Ogus- Style L/P/P Write-Up ripeanus 5 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Lol touché But on topic. The split looks good. Try it out for 6 weeks and see how you like it!
workout programs KingLeonidasXIV 4 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): upper lower or push pull nothing else
Workout Intensity KingLeonidasXIV 5 8 yearstamere01 (7126): Up the weight Lower rest time slower tempo on your lifts
Bulking through summer? IrishGymSheep 11 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): In! Scotlands sunny too! Its 23°C tomorrow We get a week of it then back to annual winter
Newbie looking for advice/motivation Luke2607 14 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): @BaiTu haha yess!! I love it. I'm 6'3 too brah. When I started lifting I was only 160 lbs. My parents thought I was sick or had worms or something! Please eat brah. If you lift you will get swole and not be a fatass.
undereating Kevin 7 8 yearseknight (58109): You can always move up a weight class. -3X
Follow Me As I Gain-My Bulk Log KalletSc Jump to first page59Jump to last page 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Was thinking about my goals last night once i got to bed..i hadnt been that drunk in like a month or so...but i think i need to really cut that sht out. Woke up at 170.0 fyi lol. Just had some vitamin water and a good breakfast. About to hit the gym.
Not gaining on 2675 cals @ 145 lbs.... ripeanus 12 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): @ripeanus I think I ate about 2600 cal for breakfast last Sunday. Lol.
3X eknight Jump to first page448Jump to last page 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Got ya! I guess I just think of power movements for triceps as floor press, banded hammer press and the like! Thanks for the reply!
Time to get srs. Time to bulk(log) Hamer93 Jump to first page164Jump to last page 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): It is, your doing a really impressive thing and you should be proud of the gains your making. Your defying genetics and saying "fuck you nature I want to be fucking huge!" I think you'll go far. Also your shoulders are scary strong, I use like 16kg dbs at best haha
Bulking - What it should be and what it is G3NGHIS 5 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Amazing World of Gumball, they eat some of their dad's protein cereal and think they have gone through puberty. Pretty fun episode.
Has anyone gotten size gains on Madcows? ripeanus 4 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Any program regardless if it is designed for strength, hypertrophy or power will cause you to gain as long as you are in a caloric surplus. Some people will argue that it's not optimal to run a strength program to gain size, but if you look at some of these power lifters/Olympic athletes... Granted, steroids help! Never mind that they are genetically gifted athletes.
why bulk? why gain fat?? bullet 12 8 yearsasiantank (34): just dont dreamer bulk..... ever.....(trust me you will regret it)
Lee Priest has officially lost it Ben777 23 8 yearsTheShtuff (220): I always wondered what a mullet would look like in super saiyan
Is the following routine okay.(Criqique Plz) OmaRX 11 8 yearspandasashi (3859): how long you been lifting? im guessing not long since your deads are lower than bodyweight..just run a simple 5X5 for now, get your strength up. after a few months start something harder like phat
Changing gears Millennium1 30 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Hahaha... i do yeah. But honestly i play golf a bit, after every game i'm WIPED OUT. Done for the day. Legs cramp but body knackered. Its not IMPACT cardio per se like HIIT but it definately harder than most think.
Falling of the diet horse Hewy007 3 8 yearsryan_929 (478): If you don't hit macro's on a day, make up for it the next. Even though it's counted daily, As long as you are in taking 'x' amount of calories a week to gain or loose 'x' amount of weight, you will still be good. i,e 3000 cals intake, (Bulking example) Day 1- 2800 cals day 2- 3200 cals Day 3-7 3000 cals, It will still add up to 21,000 cals. Which will still lead to weight gain. (3000 calories was just a figure)
Opinions on what I need to work on AarronStenner Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsScotian (9922): No offence to anyone on this forum but there isn't many on here who will obtain the physique the1 has right now in their lifetime naturally. Maybe k Manley but that's all I can think of who post actively. You need one in a million genetics and work ethic. But that doesn't matter. The goal is to be the best YOU can be. Edit: maybe a couple others too
Screw dem gains up Flo1307 7 8 yearsFlo1307 (3853): Yeah i think the question is pretty confusing,I´ll try it again. Actually i mean a caloric deficit. If somebody is not on a caloric deficit. Example:1year 10pounds (muscel increase) 2year 7pounds (muscel increase) So what happens when he had an caloric deficit the whole first year.(NO gains at all) Will he gain 10 pounds on the second year if he bulks or only 7 pounds. @4real i think this is an good option. sry 4 my bad english haha
3 Year Progress KalletSc 6 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Thanks guys! Can't wait to see what the fourth year pic will bring..
Are my slow bulk macros good? ripeanus 7 8 yearsKalletSc (607): @ripeanus haha same here. But truth is, if you want to lift more i would do push pull legs and like 1 sprint session a week. Too much cardio will cause you to make diet changes...which isn't too big of a problem i guess. Hey whatever works for you though man.
recommend me a split please ripeanus 12 8 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): That programme looks fine, just go over it with your doctor though to get their opinion on it just to be safe though
Great BULKING article brian12 1 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): clickable text Worth the read - just reminds you that bodybuilding is really simple and that there is no need to spend hours perfecting your routine and macro's - Eat big and in a surplus, train hard and progress on the basics. Progression + Excess calories = growth. The only time you need to get a little technical is to make sure you don't gain weight too fast or too slow. Today is LEG DAY!!!! CANT wait to kill it!
Fat Gain during slow bulk nym86 26 8 yearsnym86 (1): What should my goal of weight gain per week be then?.5 lb? Sorry for 3 posts in a row.
Advice?.. Chaz_b 4 8 yearsPrometheus (829): Syntha6 is a good protein shake. No need to be at the gym that much go 5 days for an hour.. Work on getting a lot of food in. Base your work outs around the big compounds Back deadlifts and pull ups Chest bench and dips Shoulders military press Legs squat hacks and deads arms close grip bench dips and chin ups
update ashvinmuthumala 5 8 yearsScotian (9922): Lol i would have a hard time putting on 26 pounds in a month of solid fat. What did you do eat 12000 cal a day
Arms won't grow! nickl1219 28 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): heavy chins, neutral grip close grip bench press thats about it
Up Caloric Intake as Weight Gain Progresses? BigEazyE_RSD 11 8 yearsElizabeth (1): Everyone has advise for men wanting to gain weight, but does anyone have advise for women? I would like to calculate what calorie intake I need, so I can set up goals meal plans and work out. I have the problem most women would love to have. I don't gain weight. Also, if anyone knows of high protein and calorie snacks that would be optimal. I'm not super into the whole protein bars and like clean food, but I work in an ER and I don't have time...
Need lifting advice badly....(pics) MiscVirgin69 7 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): Strong username pal
can someone critique my push/pull split? nickl1219 5 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): By putting legs on another day you will also be freeing up more time to focus on your upper body push and pull movements on those days
Creatine Question Jsn3004 5 8 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Yeah clearly I thought you guys played me, that's why I posted a whopping 2 threads on this. I'll try not to go too ham on the threads lol
Jonesie's Bulk Log w/ GVT ajones46 Jump to first page262Jump to last page 8 yearsajones46 (11701): Hey fellers - I don't even lift, therefore I don't even log. Kidding, still pushing and pulling and legging but just lazy with the log. Added a couple HIIT sessions lately, sprints, kettlebell swings and boxing and overall just being more active due to weather. Love me some disc golf and ultimate frisbee. Cut is still not going as good as planned, so I'm gonna cut cal's down to 2300 - see how this goes.
Need some help KalletSc 5 8 yearsMassthetics (364): @KalletSc used to have the same problem, i switched up my routine. obviously the main thing too is to make sure ur eating enough but if uve hit PBs and gained weight then i dont think its a problem. and my chest got really strong once i started train shoulders and tricep pretty hard too. i always like to go for doms. now my chest is pretty thic now and i have been hitting PBs for about 2 months straight now, but heres my workout anyway...
Question about weight scale Gianluca 4 8 yearsBaiTu (3096): You do burn a lot of calories when you're sleeping. That's also an 8-hour fast for most people who don't sleep walk to the kitchen. It's completely normal. Like wannabemuscular said it's best to weight yourself at the same time every day. Also, this should go without saying but don't compare your weight with your clothes on and shoes on to you weight when you're naked.
I'm a be bigger than the Incredible Hulk log coolguy1993 Jump to first page344Jump to last page 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): @stinkydiver36 what are you weighing now?
**Alex Muller Log** alexmuller Jump to first page71Jump to last page 8 yearsalexmuller (5452): Pull day baby!! Slept on my arm all night so my shoulder is stiff as hell today, going to have to thoroughly warm up. Heres my motivation song for the day, makes me feel like a superhero!
Changing routine DD1235 6 8 yearsDD1235 (4): @KnifeHands Yes, I have the equipment you mention. I will look up accessory exercises. @Markovich Yes, I think bench rows are bent over rows. One knee on the bench, other straight, one hand on bench and other pulling up the weight. I will look into calf raises. Thanks! Really need to do something to improve gains. I am definitely making progress in terms of strength and my arms feel harder and more defined but would still look extremely...
Bulking IIFYM Jsn3004 7 8 yearseknight (58109): @Danimal_88 yes and yes. -3X
Easy to prepare food to bring to work? FaithSullivan 12 8 yearsbunter225 (829): Anything is easy to prepare the evening before. Rice/pasta/potato/bread add meat/eggs/fish put in a plastic container, done.
Isaiah “The Machine” Southward Jsn3004 7 8 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Just to clear everything up I going to use this routine but once Thursday is over i will rest friday and repeat so this is a six day split
bulking diet lyricalg1985 7 8 yearslyricalg1985 (7): will do mate thanks for the info good luck with your journey
My 2 new videos! MarcoR93 14 8 yearssamirsaleh (1957): @Danimal_88 hahaaaa
Programs After PHAT? KalletSc 3 8 yearsNeverbackdown19 (183): Last time I did PHAT, did a German Volume program for a few months. Totally shocked my body and loved the switch up of that workout. Completely different and noticed awesome gains from that as well. There's a great article on here with a basic routine, should check it out. If you've never done GVT before, I'd highly recommend giving it a go at least once! When done correctly, its a complete bitch but well worth it for the results. Cheers!
How is this Push/Pull/Legs? Ampedlift 12 8 yearspandasashi (3859): leg day is way to small in my opinion... also some more rear delt stuff would be great, try face pulls on your pull days. great exercise! also try varying the height/angle of the pull...i do 3 varieties on my pull day (2 sets each...from the floor up to over ur head, arms extended then slightly below head level to ur eyes, then slightly above head level down to ur chin/neck)
Post work-out meals stinkydiver36 8 8 yearsKnifeHands (5569): My favorite post workout meal is that vertical fish taco nomsayin?
GVT log Dan_Hollyoak93 25 8 yearsDan_Hollyoak93 (28): Haha yes!
Nutrition question KnifeHands 11 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): who me?.. I just give a random number so it can be easily explain or compute..
Update PICS - Bulk brian12 20 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): @Elminister Born and raised in South Africa, worked in London in Investment banking before moving to Korea. That stressed me out to the max, and I decided to take a year off and travel/enjoy life - and ended up moving to Korea to teach English. Met my wife (also a teacher) at my gym!!! And since then got married, and bought a house.. Living in Korea is AMAZING. For me, it's better than London or Cape Town. Really first class, everything is so...
Bulking on a Budget coolguy1993 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): @WinnersNeverQuit Nice, sounds like a good plan!
My Lean Bulk Diet ering95 4 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): @4real that's for sure
Cheat Meals ering95 2 8 yearssamirsaleh (1957): So basically everyday is a cheat day for you, do you even diet ? :p Hahahaa well if you can somehow fit them in your macros, then that would be better, otherwise eat whatever the hell you want and forget about your bulk being clean (and expect more added bodyfat)
Duke is bulking with RJ Perkins! (2) Dukenhiemer Jump to first page303Jump to last page 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): @tamere, yes, it has it's perks! But it is indeed shitty on the wallet! @Thedude67, RJ Perkins, he has a log on here, IFPA Pro-Bodybuilder. My time with him has lapsed as of about three weeks ago, so I am doing my own thing. He is a class-act guy! He knows his stuff and is great to work with! Definitely would recommend him!
IIFIYM SleepEatRepeat 14 8 yearsSleepEatRepeat (22): @4real 82.4 kgs 188-190 cm bf as you said 18% tho I think 16-17 @eknight How much fiber do I need
Mini Cut AarronStenner 13 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): This was a VERY old video and he said in a new video that he does not practice this anymore
Bulking Fer Days Hektz 11 8 yearsHektz (25): @Swift Tha ks for the tip swift. Imma try to keep its at a certain BF i probably wont go anywhere over 12 bf before i start shredding again
To low frequence with this split? Rawsteel 6 8 yearsCannonball (6283): My GF did PPLrepeat, no rest, for her first month of training. She's crazy though and it's not recommended. Did increase from 20 kg bench press to 30x4, 20 kg squat to 50x2, and 30 kg deadlift to 70x5 though.
BULK BODY GettinSwole 3 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): Start tracking ur food bro and for the shake, no. Throw solid food in their bro. Ur bulking, eat. In order to look like a beast, u have to eat like one.
Bulk 24/7 365 Days Broschette 11 8 yearsAestheticBrah (790): I think his speedy gains have to do with the fact he's only been lifting 4 months. Lots of water. But yeah it is pretty obvious you should figure out your bulking macros. Do you count how many calories you eat per day?
road to riteousness (bulk log) Mikhail 10 8 yearsMikhail (517): Thanks all, did back yesterday. Great day to be honest. Started off with rack pulls @ 365 and ended my routine with row downs. For those not familiar with the row down its essentially a cheating way to do a pull down with a close grip. Have been doing row downs now for a few months and what I really love about them is the range I get and amount of weight I can load. Get a great contraction in my lats/rhoms. @mikew I know what you mean about...
BULK MACROS SleepEatRepeat 26 8 yearsSleepEatRepeat (22): @NorIda Like no offense bro but if your doing me a favor every time you comment, cause I'm a newb and you know more than me then don't help me out you don't have to
Diet and workout critique, changes made SleepEatRepeat 15 8 yearsSleepEatRepeat (22): UP.
Shannowman's phat log shannowman Jump to first page372Jump to last page 8 yearsshannowman (6367): Last phat workout done! Thanks to those who followed the log. Not sure I'll make a 5/3/1 log as the forum seems to have enough right now. Just having a BBQ in a brief bit of English sun.
Experience with weight gainer shakes ? DuncanLifts 17 8 yearssamirsaleh (1957): Agree with 4real, weight gainers are overly priced, better make something that fits ur macro requirements and taste preferences
Home Gym Equipment N93 5 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): When I worked out at home I could do a complete full body workout with just a flat bench and a barbell set with up to 300 lbs in plates.
Help a beginner out! (Mass gaining) Gilza95 3 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Caloric surplus... end of.
How much do you bulk, cut and how long time Cannonball 20 8 yearstamere01 (7126): How do you guys go from cutting to bulking? Im thinking of just upping kcals by 800(500 back to maintance and 300 surplus)
Cellucor - Giveaway and Promo Thread! MikeCellucor Jump to first page183Jump to last page 8 yearsMikeCellucor (400): Working on the International mailouts! Just needed to wait for our shipping team to get out all the backlogged orders. We are all reloaded on protein and BCAA now.
Supplement that helps GAIN WEIGHT N93 9 8 yearsN93 (1): @samirsaleh alright thanks
My Gains since January <---- dari0z 14 8 yearsdari0z (1): I don't think I have either.
WinnersNeverQuit progress log WinnersNeverQuit Jump to first page196Jump to last page 8 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): Only on sundays ;)haha
How I feel when Bulking G3NGHIS 6 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): This happens to me all the time?
workout routine advice cynthiakoz 2 8 yearssamirsaleh (1957): so ur doing full body on a daily basis ? as a start, y dnt u split up into muscle groups, or at least push/pull days ?
Rate and tell me what you think. Bulking now stinkydiver36 14 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): @MrMailliw got ya.everyone is always dealing with bloating from the sodium. Any issues about that? @Hamer93 I am a huge fan of refries beans, any suggestions to that? I know some contain lard, but I usually get the fat free kind.
I want to start my first cycle this summer Xerces Jump to first page59Jump to last page 8 yearsWhoDat88 (136): Must admit I've never maxed shrugs.... Var won't do much in the form of strength but it'll give you some serious pumps. Never taken it or any others but I don't get what your main goal is if you are only taking var...
Quick check over would be appreciated MJSmith 9 8 yearsMJSmith (1): Thanks for the info; yeah a mistype, 'calories' the word was. So my first day of the leangains eating today. I'm currently based in Sydney so it's 7am here and I'm on my fasting period until 12pm. Looking forward to the first meal. @brian12 unfortunate that's all I have access to for a month buddy. Sure if I throw some plyometics, and some resistant training in, it'll assist me for a month. I'm looking at it like 'you can never do enough...
Width vs length -genetics? Hamer93 8 8 yearsDexdbest (4792): Of course. Focus on lats, pecs, side delts and triceps. Id recommend exercises like upright rows, pull ups,inline work and laterals.
Expert advice MJSmith 7 8 yearsMJSmith (1): iPhone the one to blame for this one I'm afraid. @adam82a where I'm based they're all contracted and I just don't have the funds. It's very expensive over here
Please critique my programme Hamer93 16 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): it really depends of your training volume. A more experienced lifter (2 years++) can have the advantage of a 4 or 5 days split because he can hit his muscles harder with a much higher volume than a beginner or intermediate lifter. Yeah protein synthesis is well known to cap after 36-48 hrs, but when the times come that you're plateau-ing because you have been lifting for too long, you need to do much more damage to your muscles if you want them...
GVT (10 sets of 10)??? Dan_Hollyoak93 3 8 yearsDan_Hollyoak93 (28): Awesome :P how was your end result? Also did you do the phase 1 and 2?
Attempted mass gain... Little gain adwb87 18 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554):
advice on new split Dan_Hollyoak93 5 8 yearsDan_Hollyoak93 (28): Awesome! Thanks a lot :)
Rest day macro ratio Hamer93 9 8 yearseknight (58109): Yes. People over think things far too much. -3X
Very small, want to bulk up Renots024young 13 8 yearsPrados (1): I know what are you through right now because I was in your same situation man, also training boxing, as thin as shit. Join to a gym or choose a boxing gym with good equipment to train correctly. I recommend you to workout 3\4 days max. at the gym, 4 excercices for big muscles such as chest and quads with no more than 8 reps. Eat as much as you can, try to complete 5 meals a day, if you are struggling to reach those meals, have some...
don't want to get fat madopgm 9 8 yearsDamon1962 (529): Your may want to set parameters about how big you will allow yourself to get before needing to go on a cut to reduce body fat. For example, you can set a maximal waist size measurement, and when you go past that size, then you may need to consider a cut. Waist measurement tells truths about the body that sometimes the brain does not interpret when looking in the mirror.
bulking phase and body parts KingLeonidasXIV 2 8 yearsDamon1962 (529): Greater frequency, targeting your weaker areas, is a good idea. More frequent workouts, 2-3 times a week, will produce (arguably) better results than a lot of volume done once a week. Also, you may consider tapering your strong areas by keeping frequency and volume lower as you try to "catch up" your weaker area.
Beginner dale1 12 8 yearsPrados (1): Dale1, I for some reason like to train during the morning, I never train after 6 pm, this is because i'm tired of all the effort I use during the day, when bulking I prefer to train during the morning, this helps me to lift more weight and gives me motivation to train harder. I prefer it also cause I control better my food intake.
Marco Romano - Booom! MarcoR93 10 8 yearsMarcoR93 (13): Thanks Thor! Check my new video!
First bulk, few questions Hamer93 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): Don't worry too much about this- its happened to me a few times too. Like @FiremanSi your weight may go down but just be possitive and think you r lean body mass ratio has gone up. In terms of 300 calories surplus, you should really try hard to hit this and see if you grow. I think you may need a 500 cal surplus since your naturally very lean so if you haven't grown in the next 2 or 3 weeks do a 500 surplus. Everybody is different but at...
calories?? dhoward 10 8 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): You are one cheeky motherfucker. I knew there was a reason I liked you!
My Body: Figure or Bikini? (Re-Done) xfitnessjunkiex 6 8 yearseknight (58109): IMO, you don't seem to have the muscle mass to compete in figure yet, but it's hard to tell for certain before you diet down. -3X
Absolute Newbie, advice needed! andyboi88 12 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Good stuff, :)
BOOOOM !! 1000reps club... Delighted !! FiremanSi 13 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Much appreciated man.
Please help- very underweight and trying to coolguy1993 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): FINISHED!
Need your opinion stinkydiver36 8 8 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361):
Missed breakfast need 650 calories hotborad 13 8 yearsKOKOROKO (559): dont waste time,eat your macros,LOL be wise choosing where you get your remaining Kcal peace out
ADVICE NEEDED zbornaja 6 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): In terms of what to do first... I would alwys go with the premise that Ben Pakulski told me before was: Bulking stops when ur over 15-16% BF then a Mini-cut or full cut must begin to bring this down to 10-12, then u can begin again if you so wish to do so.
Bulk? Maintain? Keep cutting? too skinny.... kaitjens Jump to first page44Jump to last page 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): @kaitjens nice, yeah 17% definately looks more likely. Thats INSANE going from 40% to 17% in under a year- you have gotten stronger as well, its not like you've went out and just stopped eating- do you eat more now than you did when you were 40%? your metabolisms probably got a lot faster (pressuming you didn't do much physical activity before you started lifting and yoga etc). And shup! you might weigh more than me but I have better tattoos!:P
For the Skinny guy FaithSullivan 5 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Words from the great arnie "milk is for babys, beer is a real mans drink"
bulk advice/help needed! novitec 15 8 yearsRamses (223): ... i smell science... bro science
My recomp progress (pics) Cannonball 19 8 yearsCannonball (6283): nice^^ I'm bulking as hard as I can, which is pretty much a lean bulk. I'm a bad eater^^ I'm currently doing pull push legs but I aim for upper/lower body and one day rest but too much of a gym addict lol thanks! :D I'd call it melodic death metal I guess so yeah^^
small update Mikhail Jump to first page77Jump to last page 8 yearsZyzzst (4486): Military channel is actually kind of boring:/
Fat Intake.... Good Vid for ADVICE. FiremanSi 6 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Such straight forward helpful advice !!
CUT OR BULK ? The question, again. AverageJoe 24 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): Of course it did!!! I made it as small as i could without hurting anyone
Plz criticize this circuit training workout marchencio 3 8 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Yaaaaa even for a circuit that shit was WEAK!!!!!! That is like a workout for someone EXTREMELY obes and can't hardly get off the couch.... If you were to do those work outs. I would add 2-3 more sets to each of those exercises!
PHD 4 X_Ross 10 8 yearsSwayz87 (9039): ^ This Motha fuckin This
how should i take dymatize mass gainer ering95 8 8 yearsEvisu79 (202): Agree w/ that. Save your money and make your own.
A little update stinkydiver36 8 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): @coolguy1993 thanx bro, I doin what I can. When I first started, I thought to myself how can eating be hard, but damn was I wrong. It takes a lot of effort to do this kind of work.
Stack PHAT Bulk Log Stack87 27 8 yearsStack87 (10): Weighed in at 187 today before doing the leg hypertrophy workout. This is about my 3rd day of taking Animal Test and i believe its driving my appetite through the roof! i was so hungry last night two benadryl couldnt knock me out so i at a VPX chocolate peanut butter bar at like midnight and that did the trick. The past few days it has been EASY to get all my macros and calories with this appetite. :-D Leg Hypertrophy Leg Press: 380lbs x3 x3 x3...
Looking to Start a Bulk X_Ross 3 8 yearsX_Ross (16): Well I know for sure my overall weakest area is my chest but thats not to say everything else isn't the best by far.
Most impressive/disgusting legs ever... Thedude67 18 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Didnt realise u put up a picture when i read the SS email was gonna say pakman STRAIGHT AWAY... he said he has to stop training them sometimes to let the rest of his body CATCH UP.. haha.. poor lad.
Not sure what to do KingLeonidasXIV 7 8 yearsajones46 (11701): One of the Ninja Turtles?
Macro ratios 4real 9 8 yearsLVjack (2749): Cool story I think most everyone knows this already
No progress Hamer93 Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): Yass! brilliant thats exactly the right rate! I'm jealous I've been stuck at the same weight for like a month haha Keep slugging and gaining- thats great your back on the gain train!
How am I looking? BF% needed! (VIDEO) Spankky 4 8 yearscardinal (6175): In terms of body fat I would say somewhere around 18% seems about right.
new member Dan_Hollyoak93 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsDan_Hollyoak93 (28): Awesome see you there
diet advice!? (bulking) Dan_Hollyoak93 11 8 yearsDan_Hollyoak93 (28): Yea I downloaded the app yesterday :) working well!
Protein bars/flapjacks Hamer93 22 8 yearsajones46 (11701): I've read that this is a mostly a myth. Not 100% sure though. Even a well done steak or grilled chicken breast still has 30+ grams of protein... I can link articles in a bit, until then, google is a thing.
need advice, please help ! KingLeonidasXIV 3 8 yearsNeverbackdown19 (183): Definitely time for a bulk bro! At least a shorter cut to get you down to a more aesthletic comfortable size! IF you think that you're getting too big (the bad way) than go for it! Start decreasing your calories slightly (300-500) and you'll start to see some of your abs come back and your waist tightening up. Remember, you can only put on so much size in a years time for example. your body needs a break, clean it up and start over, this time...
Im backkkk _RudeCrew 14 8 years_RudeCrew (15100): @johon6 SICKKKKK
think its safe to say i bet anorexia sickrykes 25 8 yearssickrykes (1651): thanks everyone for your help! if it wasn't for this fourm id still be eating 6 meals a day and have no idea what a cal surplus is.
Diet suggestions (FATS) Hamer93 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 yearsryan_929 (478): @K_Manley oh awesome! definitely going to give that a go haha
Not getting any wider... Thisisscotty 15 8 yearsoceanair (18020): deadlifts?
Lean/clean bulk. Mreyes6442 9 8 yearsCannonball (6283): Ofc there is such a thing. Here's the definitions: clean bulk = no crappy foods like cake and so forth, only solid food lean bulk = low calory surplus dirty bulk = cake, milkshake, chocolate cake, snickers, etc allowed pig bulk = high calory surplus
exercise plan and nutrition for beginners Luke2607 2 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Here is all you need to know for the moment. 1. Eat 3000 calories. 2. Each meal should contain a balance of protein, carbs, fats 3. Fiber atleast 30g daily 4. Do a fullbody routine 3 days a week; here is your plan: Bench Press x3 sets Deadlift x3 sets Squat x3 sets Overhead press x3 sets 5. Don't forget to eat. 6. Profit.
Gaining weight Luke2607 19 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): @Luke2607 Just write down everything you eat on this diet he provided (this means weighing stuff out for accuracy). Then calculate the macros of what you are eating and then see how your weight changes.
Where now? Jimmystheboy 14 8 yearseknight (58109): @Gunther and @johon6 thanks guys! Much appreciated. -3X
Hey people just a few little things I want! Endure91 5 8 yearsEndure91 (1): sweet thanks guys yeah I use myfitnesspal @leokozian cheers !
Gaining muscle and losing fat Markovich 23 8 yearsDanimal_88 (9761): @eknight Thanks Eknight i figured this latest time was the result of hormones. Next time I will reverse so it well it won't matter lol.
Dirty Bulk. WTF is the point!? DemGainzzz Jump to first page40Jump to last page 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): this..
Cardio when bulking Hamer93 7 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): :) I meant!
so hard to start eating again! (bulk) lift4life 12 8 yearsstewie (442): Oh yeah, as time goes on add fewer calories every week and let your bodyweight decide how you adjust calories. Whatever formule you're using is merely a starting point anyway.
My first bulk. Journey and progress Hamer93 9 8 yearsHamer93 (9553): Yeah I'm in the same mind set! I want to start gaining mass as quickly as possible as I don't wanna waste time but I don't want to bump it up so much I gain excess fat, patience is best but its a killer accepting it
Need a routine Ethan 9 8 yearsmikew (11494): But yeah like the others say... no way in hell does it make sense to skip legs. Modify the routine or get some physical therapy to fully heal your injury..
Advice on my workout OvrBeinASknyKent 10 8 yearsEthan (1): Eat
Good programs for a 3-day split ? (bulk) Diaz 15 8 yearsDiaz (367): Thanks you guys <3 when I come back from swedish house mafia I'll cook something up and get lifting
Calorie Intake During Lean Bulk thiagoqporto 28 8 yearsthiagoqporto (19): @TexasFight78 I'm eating a surplus of 300 kcal on training days and 100 kcals on rest days. I will track my weight as you said and if needed I will cut down some kcals.
Decisions, decisions. ChuckNem 4 8 yearsLinus (154): No problems, Hope everything goes well :)
Please help, i'm stuck KingLeonidasXIV 7 8 yearsLinus (154): Everyones genetics are different. All you can do is workout each bodypart with progressive overload 3 times per week and eat in a calorie surplus. If you want to make sure your program is not failing you, try this out: It can make all the difference.
LEAN! Gonnabemuscular 5 8 yearsCannonball (6283): What makes you say you're an ectomorph?
Please help macros/calories 4real 1 8 years4real (3319): Hey guys. Using online calculators my maintenance is 2000 cal personally id say its a bit higher could you guys help confirm this Bulk 300c/125p/55f. 200 cal surplus Cut. 138c/150p/50f 400 cal deficit. My stats are age 14 wieght 125 pounds hieght 166cm full body split 3x a week body fat ~12 and advice is greatly appriciated
Pre sleep food Hamer93 21 8 yearsgtd (1): Pretty much, the above - G
21 Year Old - Difficulty Bulking Ry07 21 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Well they're 2 different programs buddy.. so depending on which one you choose... i can quickly put together one for you ?? IF u have an android phone get myfitnesspal app... UNREAL for counting cals. U can use their website if u dont have that type of phone. :)
Rate my pic please(profile pic) stinkydiver36 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): Hahaha yes sir, fiances phone. I just got my new phone, same as her, so apologies about the phone.
AverageJoe is going on a bulk! LOG AverageJoe Jump to first page161Jump to last page 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): 190.2!!! But it seems I'm stuck there... I'm going to carb up on saturday, before doing my 5/3/1 bench press (currently at week 2 of month 3, 3 reps +) I had a hard time going for the five reps last week, i stopped at 4, that got me so maaad. But my shoulder was hurting a lot and i had no energy that day. My military press has exploded. Last month I did 3x145, i did 5x150 yesterday wouhouuu Deadlifts and squats are increasing steadily. FUCK...
Deadlifting tips for Beginners !!!!!! FiremanSi 3 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): No problem man... Elliot hulse is a really good guy. Check out his stuff on youtube... Good advice across the board i find.
Combinding muscle gain&cardio,condition David94 8 8 yearsjohon6 (1393): ask away dude, there seriously is a wealth of knowledge on here !
*Layne Norton discusses latest eating TRENDS FiremanSi 11 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Haha.. wasnt my intention buddy but thanks.
Ninjas Journey To get P.H.A.T! (Pics/Videos) TaoNinja 6 8 yearsTaoNinja (4): Did leg day yesterday, Felt pretty good, Feel like I been hit by a truck today, But its all good :D...Looking forward to my rest day, Can anyone suggest any good supplements to take that MAY help with recovery? Im eating a TON of food, Just wonder if there is anything that can speed up when i recover? BCAAs? but i have them in my Protein shake I have after workout so im not sure that will help? Anyway here is what I did, LOWER BODY...
Program help MitchDD 17 8 yearsMitchDD (1): Ok thanks Guys will try to get some before and after pics up in time.
Losing weight and training for volume Markovich 11 8 yearseknight (58109): I'm not a fan of HIT. -3X
GUYS GET IN HERE!!! -TheRoadToThePros SRorhrbac0808 17 8 yearsoceanair (18020): @IrishGymSheep lol what is that? i wonder who's who hah.
One month ago and now. stinkydiver36 6 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): So this is what I look like now. I am skinny, I know... I am doing what I can to gain the weight. But this is what I look like.
AarronStenner Log AarronStenner Jump to first page44Jump to last page 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Lower Body Power & Upper Body Hypertrophy Moved my deadlift power to upper body hyper day because I had to be quick when I done lower power Lower Power Squats 75% of 1RM- 6x3 Good Morings 3x3 Hack Squats 3x3 Leg Extention 3x6 Seated Hamstring Curls 3x6 Upper Hyper All exercises apart from deadlift where done with explosive concentric and a controlled excentric with a pause. Bench Press 3x8 Deadlift 75% of 1RM 3x3- was supposed to be 6x3...
Protein, Casein, Creatine while on ANAVAR?! ering95 13 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Anavar is going to wreck your cholesterol levels. You better have some stronger supports supps than milk thistle. A simple google search will get you to many other forums dedicated to steroids and prohormones. Find another place better suited for your questions.
Hey hey joining the SS community Kansas___Boyyyyy 26 8 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): Im from the Johnson County KC suburb area. All over Lenexa, Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe. Didnt go down to to TTown very often.
Hard time bulking and keeping lean muscle KFitch1990 15 8 yearsKFitch1990 (7): Ok,well thanks again for this advice. I'm gonna keep searching more of the threads you both showed me and see if there is anything I can do (Caloric Surplus) or different eating styles that could even improve my weight gain more effectively. I have the drive, I just like to see results fast, even though I know it doesn't happen that way often.
NorIda is a Phatty (3) NorIda Jump to first page500Jump to last page 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Dearest Derek. I hate you. But Log Number Thr33 is in the books. Post if you want me to continue.... Wait a minute,... no posts, Looks like I won't do another log! Or will I!? Hmmm..
Deadlifts give you a THICK WAIST !! T or F ? FiremanSi 14 8 yearsCannonball (6283): i gonna do deadlifts in just a lil bit, cant wait! high volume ftw, gonna do 15 sets
Calorie intake calculations jforellana00 3 8 yearsRicky7Sanchez (1): I need some advice. I am currently 167 pounds and average around 3000 calories per day. I am naturally very skinny so this was my bulking phase. I am very displeased because i am currently 16 percent body fat and lost my lower abs. WHat is a good calorie intake for me? I eat very clean.
{Guidence} Diet, cardio, calculations pPrather1 4 8 yearsmikew (11494): I was just saying that six weeks is a short time frame to notice measurable results. Good to hear that you're in it for the long haul. I'd say that 30mins of HIIT each day is too much. I think you're better off crafting your diet so that you can reach your caloric goal without cardio. If you enjoy HIIT then keep at it; otherwise, save your energy for lifting. @myownentity and others on this site have achieved great physiques with no cardio...
what you eat KingLeonidasXIV 3 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): @KingLeonidasXIV I hit my calorie/macro's every day with about 75% 'clean' foods, and for the remaining 25% i follow the IIFYM idea. So I may throw in some cream pasta, or for example yesterday I had a few scone with jam and cream... Gotta enjoy your food, but you also got hit your fibre and micronutrient needs - and in order to do that, the majority of your calories/macros should be from healthy sources.
How much weight do YOU lose or gain a week? tamere01 3 8 yearsNeverbackdown19 (183): depends on where you're coming from... like Mailliw said, if you're overweight, then losing a little more than 2lbs week can be expect/accepted. For me, when i cut i try and aim for 1-1.5lbs a week, and thats a steady slow cut to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. In the offseason when bulking I try and stick to 1-2lbs a month gained. I like/have to stay lean most of the year, and insuring that amount means I'm still upping my weight in...
179cm, 69kg having hard time gaining weight. David94 9 8 yearsThedude67 (3088): Pics...
MORNING WEIGH IN (BEFORE OR AFTER TOILET) eingold 7 8 yearsGStarRaw (1441): I drop my kids of at the pool, twice a day, 7:45 AM, and 5 minutes before i leave for the gym, 5:45 AM . ( Weigh in every sunday after a good poop ).
Log time alexbennett123 17 8 yearsalexbennett123 (349): oh I was blasting Four Year Strong on the ipod today. Gotta love that beardcore!!
starting a lean bulk Arodlopez 14 8 yearsArodlopez (43): damn put the old timer to shame why don't ya'!!! Lol
5x5 with front squats ionatan 9 8 yearsJezza_91 (1315): @SRorhrbac0808 Im just annoying you now lol. I will stop :( To be honest i misread it. Late night beer goggles lol cant save me now.
Home workout joe12345 2 8 yearsMarkovich (595): Pull ups, when you can do many, make your little brother hang around you neck and lift with him Push ups with a back pack with stones or a little brother on your back
Muscle Gaining advice? joe12345 2 8 yearsIn4gainZ (454): Do phat, eat big , get to NHL ;)
really need some serious advice! Dave21 27 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): I dunno about you but I wouldn't mind looking like a Chuck Lidell or Gracie. If MMA is your passion, focus on it. Learning how to properly fight goes a long way, just because someone is big doesn't mean they know how to fight.
How to gain size fast? Sekciiwog Jump to first page68Jump to last page 8 yearsSekciiwog (4): Hi guys I'm back :)
Light weight baby!! Markovich 6 8 yearsMarkovich (595): Yeah, really focused on having a strongmind. Tried to think that 130 KG was only 100, but I got it up! Thought my face was going to explode, but going to try 5x5 with 100 KG next time =) increasing the reps a little bit
Cut or Bulk? JessieP 8 8 yearsJessieP (1): @mikew thats great thank you
10 000 cal bulk Archdacko 18 8 yearsKalletSc (607): If you're gaining on 4500 slowly thats don't want to gain too fast or it's mostly fat. Why the hell would you MORE than double your calorie intake. First off you would become a fat slob in no time. Second 10k cals would have you on the toilet every 5 minutes lol.
A confused novice on a mission Runforthehigh 11 8 yearsRunforthehigh (1): 50lb is a little high I'm thinking; I just want to have a definition in my abs and chest not be a walking truck lol
Bulking Macros and Routine - Review feedthebair 3 8 yearsfeedthebair (1): I should have put more background into the nutritional side. I do know about BMR and surplus/deficit, my current maintenance level is 3164cal, therefore my intake is currently at 3400cal. This week I will be increasing my carbs to 450g. Basically For the last couple weeks I was at 400g carbs, 200g protein and 100g fat and seeing my weight stay steady, so I have been adding 100cal to my intake every week, if that makes any sense. I am always...
need to get built lilJohn062096 19 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): what do we think? get big brah. eat eat eat
hungus on bulk KFC 6 8 yearsDragonian (4951): I found that after a 10 week cut of being hungry and having a calorie deficit of about 300-400 every single day it led to me still being hungry even when i was at a surplus and bulking again, this lasted for about 4-5 weeks because i was so used to being hungry constantly even when i had a lot of food i still felt hungry.
How Big Do You Want To Be jonrivs49 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): HULK?.. Now thats scary.. hehe
What's going on with my weight gain? Shezza94 5 8 yearstamere01 (7126): Do you eat more on the last 4 days? And like everyone says you shouldnt weigh yourself every day that shit would drive me nuts. Do any of you guys know how drasticly carbs effect water retention/ wight flactuations? Like if the day before weighing yourself you consume 50g carbs more then last week?
Good Biceps and triceps Exercises? Shaahh 9 8 yearsShaahh (13): @Markovich Fuuuaaar man, sounds sick mate. @AarronStenner, gotta try the reverse grip bench. thanks guyz
need help. vilis88 6 8 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): He already gave you one, and probably one of the better ones as well for a beginner
Motivation Fredsell17 21 8 yearsFredsell17 (43): Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback.
creating a plan and following it! Dave21 8 8 yearsDave21 (1): when i clean my diet up and start getting leaner will it go away and define more?
Routine Trouble. KalletSc 8 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): You could even do a 2 a day on days that you had time and then it wouldn't really be such a big split, kinda.
benefits of cardio? dollar786 5 8 yearsdollar786 (169): Thanks man will do
TO BULK OR NOT TO BULK eingold 8 8 yearsMarkovich (595): I'd also bulk up =)
How much do you increase? AarronStenner 19 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Slow and steady wins the marathon. Previously I have used the 70/80/90 percent rep scheme on three's and I got hella strong. Every time on my last set I would go for as many as possible and then base the next weeks percentages on my new max. Worked like a charm for me, I can't do it anymore because I get burnt out quickly now. School blows!
RECIPES FOR PASTA!? ering95 15 8 yearsstewie (442): I just look through the cupboard and through in anything that looks tasty, IIFYM. ANy of the following is tasty: Fresh herbs, garlic and chicken. Spices with any vegetables and meat (chicken, lean ground beef, steak strips, tuna, salmon. Just as it is with bit of cheese.
My clean bulking diet 6 times a week,advice? ering95 12 8 yearseknight (58109): The BMR you have listed is if you never get out of bed. You need to factor in your activity level. Just use this calculator: -3X
Bulking......... WITH RJ PERKINS ;) SRorhrbac0808 Jump to first page500Jump to last page 8 yearsoceanair (18020): @SRorhrbac0808 lol at the pumpkin! you went HAM on those deadlifts Rorh! :D edit: fuck, now i feel bad that i was the last post haha.
help with choosing supps for bulking? Dave21 8 8 yearsMonster81 (1678): Haha, I have to pass on what I learn!
Trying to add strength but not too much bulk cassius26 4 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): As EK said westside barbell is amazing just mainly strength. Follow it to a T and profit
Need New Split, help? Stevenjr93 6 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): No problem dude, see just too many kids in my gym jumping into bodybuilding splits and there still seein no success. i'm tryin PHAT next myself... But just started Legs/Push/Pull and it's AWESOME !!
Need help with bulk samalama034 4 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Get ur macros in during the day, u should be fine. maybe a mixed protein shake after your workout, whey and casein. That will help.
HIIT while bulking goforgain 5 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): re-read son... Its not a fairy tail life full of cupcakes and unicorns at your foot pedals
skinny fat bulk or cut? dollar786 5 8 yearsBaggy (925): Consider making changes to your split. That is a lot of arm and chest work with a blatant disregard to your biggest (read: best) muscle groups, legs and back. Regards to fat gains on a bulk. Everyone is different so if you feel you are gaining fat too quickly you could cut back 200 calories and monitor from there. My other thought would be that a 500 cal surplus would be a lot if you are only ever working small muscle groups.
Are These Goals Reasonable in 4Months? KalletSc 8 8 yearsMillennium1 (586): Aggressive but reasonable.
Duke is BULKING with RJ PERKINS!!! Dukenhiemer Jump to first page500Jump to last page 8 yearsMaarten (4299):
Bulking CodyTheClen 12 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): As @norlda said get ur maintenance cals sorted first and hopefullly your recording what you eat on MyFitnesPal. Then add 300-500cals to bulk. In terms of training it depends on what training program your doing.. training to failure is just one VARIABLE you can use: Volume Intensity Tension Density Periodization Wave Loading Dropsets Supersetting Plenty of options. I did training to failure for too long. you need to mix it up every2months or...
Bunter225 - PHAT Boy Log bunter225 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsbunter225 (829): Whoops, 23 days since an update, nevermind Ive got a trainging diary that Im logging sessions, nutrition, how im feeling and my motivation for that day. Ive been easing the cals up for a few weeks now as I transition in bulk mode, currently on 2750, next week on 3000, week after 3250 then 3500 the week after that. This is ~400 above my maintenance. I dont have a particular weight in mind, I will keeping an eye on the mirror. I just want...
Is this considered to be a clean bulk? Aspargus100 6 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Please make this your avi: (I know your username is "Aspargus" but I always think "Asparagus" when I see your name)
help getting big JH123 4 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): deff upload pictures bro! dont forget das wheels though :O
jus wanted feedback on my diet lyricalg1985 3 8 yearsMaarten (4299): • What is your weight? • What are the calories you're consuming atm? • get an avater • where are the carbs?????
Food to eat to gain ethandpeterson 7 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): IN ORDER TO LOOK LIKE A BEAST, YOU HAVE TO EAT LIKE A BEAST!!!!
HIIT on a bulk KalletSc 4 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Okay sweet thanks. I basically lift Monday,Tuesday, Thur-Saturday on my routine. Then i decided to do HIIT on Sundays and Wednesdays for 15min sessions. I'll keep at that and see how I respond.
Advice On Split Type 613pd92 7 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Yeah i just changed from a 5 day split to L/P/P... feels much better.
back gain, W0gsLife 7 8 yearsAverageJoe (4510): start with a few sets of straight arm lat pull downs -heavy deadlifts -bent over rows -one arm db rows -lat pull downs -face pulls -chin ups and shits
RJ Perkins PHD4 KalletSc 7 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Haha will do sir! Well I basically read the description on muscle and strength. It seemed pretty straightforward but if i have any questions ill ask on the thread for sure!
Bulking problems chriselkins 7 8 yearschriselkins (1597): Sorry man. I forgot you were bulking. Please forgive me.
hey guys can you help me? ys1337 3 8 yearseknight (58109): Westside barbell. -3X
Bulking without fat! Apollo 8 8 yearssuperoq (31): !!! That's wut Im planning to do!
Looking for some guidance, THX superoq 8 8 yearseventheodds1 (5644): @In4gainZ i love how he wrote thumbs up rather than just repping you.
My Journey Begins [PICS] Road2Shredded 9 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): lol
Need help making a decition! alfa345 7 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): honestly, go by feel/look and not by weight man.
Help to put on weight!! Jayatfc11 9 8 yearsJayatfc11 (274): Haha il tell him that!
Need some advice on my last 4 months bulking rodyb 11 8 yearsrodyb (1): Dukenhiemer I checked that app, it's quite diffferent then my Excel scheme! Was getting not enough carbs :S I know what I need to do right know! It will now be like this: Im now consuming to much protein like 80 grams to much! Im adding more brown rice 100 grams lunch dinner, more oats and 1 extra banana According to fitnesspal Carbs 450 Protein 200 Fat 100 Calorie 3800
Sugar during the bulking phase. stinkydiver36 16 8 yearsdwatson (26511): You loose micro-nutrient dense foods if all you consume is high GI carbs. And then on top of that is what EK said, plus type I & II diabetes. Is it bad? No. Should you consume them in moderation? Yes.
New Bulking Diet Plan? 165Lbs 5FT 8INCHES SamCogz 10 8 yearsParismilton (1): Everyone has to set his diet plan according to him/her, but according to new research , theres a method to find out how many calories one must take, you can calculate it easily by this formula beyond diet program is for complete fitness.
ecto trying to bulk!!! sickrykes 19 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @sickrykes It becomes second nature man... and its interesting to see whats actually in everything aswell. The scan option on MyFitnessPal just makes it too easy... Fuggin' Boop, Boop, Boop... Done !! :)
First bulk progress. 7 months of training GoVols123 6 8 yearsJoshyb90 (1): Hey man nice progress! What did your routine and diet look like?
Got a serious question here ilifthard 11 8 yearsnicholascollins (103): bahaha ^this, the only thing zumba was ever created for. You'll be fine, i'm in college and part of a fraternity so i would say i drink pretty reguarly and am still able to go in the gym and make gains and crush it each week. Just chill and take it a day at a time, a week won't kill ya and the week is over with anyway so what's the point of loooking back on it?
do anyone? KingLeonidasXIV 2 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Carbs are never bad on a bulk unless you're insanely above caloric needs. I think as long as you get like 50-60 gm fats per day you'll be OK.
Training KingLeonidasXIV 6 8 yearsKingLeonidasXIV (10): thats truee, thanks guy ! for the motivation too, will my body correct myself? or will it always stay smaller than my lower?
Maximum muscle gain for naturals? MrMailliw 3 8 yearsTheBangBus (706): This is helpful for the tittle... not so much the question but then its answered
arms getting much bigger than chest? SupremeLeader 23 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): agree.. Your working you arms twice a week. When you do your chest, you are also applying work to tri.same with back and bi.
This is it, I am doing it. Any advice???? stinkydiver36 10 8 yearsstinkydiver36 (1861): Hahaha, no i dont look like that. I be embarrassed to even talk to yous on here if i looked like that. But believe it or not, i am around that weight. I used to be heavy set back in high school, then i lost a lot of weight. Now i am trying to put it back all on. I want to try and get up to around 165 lbs. That is my goal.
Macros KingLeonidasXIV 4 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Hahah that's me :) I had ice cream and chapotles like everyday because that shit fits my macros!!!
Testosterone support dannymarctaylor Jump to first page48Jump to last page 8 yearsMonster81 (1678): I'm sure Stallone's doc is legit.
Strength vs Hypertrophy training - Dissected SwoleAnimal 9 8 yearsdwatson (26511): Well no matter what type of training you do it'll be for some form of hypertrophy. (Muscle gains), but training specifically for sacro hyp does not limit you to not getting any stronger.
bulking update and 1st posing (video) chriselkins 30 8 yearschriselkins (1597): Oh yea, everything cold, no pump at all
Ultimate bulking diet Mistake?? ActualNatural 12 8 yearscraig (835): where did you get the ultimate bulking plan from? I can only see the cutting version.
My New Detailed Bulking Plan For 2013! SamCogz 8 8 yearsJoshClewes (1): Dude just hit your macros, track with myfitnesspal and live life :)
food/ beer/ chocolate ratios SupremeLeader 7 8 yearsThor (5028): You won't notice one day out. If you're really concerned, taper your fats/carbs down following Christmas for a day. Most of you are Northern Hemisphere anyway, so I don't see what the problem is.
Protein pancakes...weird taste luisscamachoo 18 8 yearsluisscamachoo (7): @NJA82 haha damn it forsure sounds like it man!! thanks for the advice brah!!
Broke Bulk jonrivs49 16 8 yearspanther (1): i would suggest cutting if your broke
sample diet, what do you think? SupremeLeader 12 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @wannabemuscular Thankyou my man!
building muscle without the use of supplemen Aldo 17 8 yearsKOKOROKO (559): @Aldo's GP @eknight Your reaction HAHAHAHAHA
Helllllp!!!!!!!!really confused gym rat!!! KOKOROKO 11 8 yearsHamersmash (199): Mate, i never said anything about anyone taking drugs - I'm talking about your bodys natural production of HGH and how IF was never used up till recently. :S
your typical bulking lunch meal. DFMaster240 13 8 yearsssfan12 (82): @DFMaster240 i used to donthis when i went to school but sweet potato; stabbed with a fork then microwaved until soft (<8 mins) and 2 cans of tuna in olive oil. Chuck on some chill sauce done.
How is my bulking diet? luka5z 13 8 yearsjackedpack (1): I feel like it's good to have sweets once in a while. It keeps your body guessing for whatever food you're having next. It doesn’t get comfortable with how to burn calories and has to continuously work hard to figure out new ways to function so that you don’t plateau.
Been gone awhile Calvert123 10 8 yearsCalvert123 (34): @tyguy Nope not today. Today is my off day joke
Teen's Daily calorie intake? nastybeast 10 8 yearsnastybeast (31): Yea I understand all of that. Ill try my best. Thx for helping guys.
Need help bulking (Clean bulk) Matt_Prototype 6 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): "@coolguy1993 From what I understand whey protein's a fast acting protein, why would you take it in the morning?" I have no idea tbh I'll switch to a blended one then-thanks!
started my bulk dchshuskies 5 8 yearsdchshuskies (1): Thank you for the input guys, ok so before I started bulking I was eating 3000 calories and I was keeping at the same weight so what do you guys think my calorie intake should be at now? thanks
Ranson 2.0 journey to the 2013 jr nationals Ranson13 27 8 yearsRanson13 (370): I just like trying different things to see how it works to so that's what I did today since I have limited equipment
Shredded log Shredded 9 8 yearsShredded (58): Hey man! Thanks, yeah i know i should train legs 2x week, but i will do so soon, i'm just thinking atm; Ok, im starting out and i'd like to train for a month more, and then focus more on legs from there. This is because i have two training partners that i train with 4 times a week, and they're also starting out, so we agreed to wait abit with intense leg training hehe. Thanks brah, i still have trouble eating alot, its something i must get...
Increased Cals; Lost 3 lbs SwoleAnimal 5 8 yearsMonster81 (1678): Dude, I'm having a similar issue. I'm on a cut to lose the gained fattiness that mexican food and vacation has done to me, but I've gained 3 lbs in 3 weeks even though I've got my macros straight. I was out of the gym for 6 months prior to November so I don't know if I'm just getting back where I was muscle-wise. I'm looking leaner though, so I'm just weirded out a bit.
KalletSc's Push/Pull/Legs & Bulk Log! KalletSc Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsKalletSc (607): Training, since i am recovering, I am trying to avoid sets with less than 8 reps, still hitting every muscle twice a week, but with less intensity i guess.
dirty bulk vs lean bulk opinions? Dave21 Jump to first page55Jump to last page 8 yearsDave21 (1): sweet advice thanks guys your all awesome!
can somebody give me a diet? francomreti 4 8 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Casein before bed,whey the following morning stinkydiver36 9 8 yearsTheBangBus (706): A rough est puts your maintenance at 1900ish, 500 surplus at 2400. might gain some fat with that but hearing your 125 sounds like you could use the cals and not worry about it... just for ref (not sure if you know) clean bulk- 300 surplus dirtyish bulk- 500 surplus
still bulking my progress nutellafreak 5 8 yearsnutellafreak (4): Cheers people that replied, Im not worried about fat gain just want to bulk up more to like 163 (march end)then take a little break then keep bulking to at least 180. Also wondering will my gains slow down as it will be my year in training in april or so
Transformation and advice Thisisscotty 12 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Sounds good buddy, good luck in the future and remember what is best in life
Going to try out for football DeLeon218 17 8 yearsDeLeon218 (1): thanks guys, I'm training twice a week with friends, just basic football skills. the rest of the week I'm lifting. @georgekofi thanks I'm looking at it right now.
Hungry all the time Zny93 13 8 yearsdohjo222 (1): Hungry i9s the not a bad point of your life because if your stomach is working good cthen you are a hungry man but you intake control food not eat too much that which is problem for your body weight intake not too much not less..
16 y old update/progress Eddmode 4 8 yearsMarkovich (595): Your bench is more then your squat and deadlift, I don't think that is soo good. You should train your legs much harder, much more bigger muscles involved.
my clean bulking diet plan, need advice!! ering95 5 8 yearsajones46 (11701): All the tools you need are in that article. It's a little bit of work, but by no means hard. Find your baseline, add 300-500 calories and adjust your calories as your body does.
supplements for a lean bulk fcdlightweight 11 8 yearsryan_929 (478): I thought I was 'bulking' until I counted my calories. also, you should try meet your macros. I,e 50% of your diet for a bulk should be carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat. You can adjust those to suit you... But you will only know by trying it out and seeing how your body reacts. I'm on a bulk at the moment and have gone from 175- 183. Never knew how important macros can be until now, but I'm still a beginner in all this. Like everyone says, you...
The ultimate bulking guide Thisisscotty 6 8 yearsMaddox1990 (1): I believe this guide is what I need. I have a lean body and I exercise not to lose weight but to gain some bulk.
Bulk (lean) diet advice needed. JTK 5 8 yearsBRANDON_12 (1528): As others said you should probably lean out first. But with my diet i go 40 %protein 40% carbs and 20% fat and i also limit the sodium in which i eat and i went from about 190 with 14 body fat percentage to 186 and 10 percent body fat. This works well imo and the carbs change from day to day. Total caloric intake should be 500 more then your daily calorie needs which you can calculate for bulk and 500 less for cut. Example: I need 2100 calories...
bulking advice please! ering95 6 8 yearsZny93 (91): You have to figure out what BF% you want to be at and how big you wanna get first. You could set a short term goal to get to 75kg and say 10% BF. Yet at the same time you could want to be 95kg at 12% BF. It all depends what you want your personal goals to be.
can i use protein shakes?im 15 francomreti 14 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Protein shakes are a supplement to your diet, like has already been said. Weight gain is all about calories, if you eat more than you expend you will gain weight,if you eat less, you will lose weight. The concept is simple but it is hard to put into practice! With a little dedication and research you will find that it really is simple. Most people just lack the discipline required to have a good physique.
Help With Mass Gain moke912 16 8 yearsmoke912 (118): Thank you all you helped me a lot :)
Bulking Belly LiftLife 10 8 yearsNorIda (46958): yea man, as @Aaron says, At least attempt it dude. You can eyeball most things,and if your really ambitious, you can ask the servers if they know the nutrition facts for the meals. Thats just an excuse, I know numerous members currently go to college, and they do the best that they can
Advice on what direction to go Youngbrah 8 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): If your gaining a little fat from that much a week try lowering calories slightly so you gain about .25 lbs a week
CONFUSED while bulking! ering95 3 8 yearseknight (58109): Would do cardio 2-3 times a week, 20 minutes LISS and eat enough to make up those kcals. Abs twice weekly. -3X
Bulk or Shred luisscamachoo 30 8 yearsluisscamachoo (7): alright for sure! @Thisisscotty
programs for arm gains? MAAASSS. bullet 7 8 yearsThisisscotty (547): What has started working for me is I do 6-8 on most of my arm workouts with a certain weight then once I can hit 10-12 fairly easy, I go up weight back to where I'm struggle on 6-8..
Weight gainers.. luisscamachoo Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 yearsluisscamachoo (7): Thanks mates 😊
My log to become a fitness model (hopefully) ssfan12 16 8 yearsssfan12 (82): @igg By stacking do u mean the suppsi take?
P.H.A.T. Chicken (2) kickinchicken 4 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): @In4gainZ Yeah, I agree. My PB is 465x1 but that was a while back before my ankle and then foot injuries. And although I'm not squatting near what I'd like or think I'm possible of doing, I've been diligently squatting all the way down and as opposed to just below parallel. It makes it a bit more difficult but my hams are finally growing since the change. I believe it'd be much more impressive to get back to 465 but do it as deep as possible so...
A little help please!?!?! stinkydiver36 19 8 yearsBaiTu (3096): I recommend drinking lots of milk. Some people even recommend drinking a gallon of milk a day and there are those who disagree but it's a good rule of thumb. Also, peanuts and hard boiled eggs will get you some good calories, fats and proteins also. I think, for the most part, you know what you should eat in your gut. Good healthy foods. Pastas, fish, etc. No need to make it too complicated.
What foods to buy (College Budget) LiftLife 14 8 yearsNorIda (46958):
feck it RANIERI 5 8 yearsRANIERI (202): @mikew thanks man haha, should check my other thread i did up a whole video its much better than this @the1 cheers man check my transformation vid for better comparison :)
Lean+Bulking+Soccer[Workout Help Needed] Nodus 6 8 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): Lift heavy weights, eat lots of food, sleep, repeat. Compound lifts: Squat Deadlift, Bench Squat some more, and some more and then some more for good measure. Eat some more food. Squat. Eat. Curls.
Achieved First 300 lb Bench Press! nosquatch 14 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): It was cool, you going for a PR and your spotter casually lifting it off with one arm and not being over you is very worrying though.
Calculating Macros with Excel nosquatch 1 8 yearsnosquatch (25): Step by step tutorial for beginners who want to calculate their daily caloric and macronutrient requirements:
Building muscle+burning fat same time (srs) alexmuller Jump to first page77Jump to last page 8 yearsDave21 (1): But you got prescribed it correct?
bulk or shredd?!?! ering95 10 8 yearsNJA82 (154): Any man under 70kg ( unless hes like 5'2 ) is just an ugly chick... put on some mass dude, you really havent trained long enough by the soundsof it to be worrying about cutting.
8000 calorie diet AarronStenner 21 8 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): I like Frank Yang, though he is definetly one of the most bizarre people in the fitness community. Next to that roided up bodybuilder guy from who has breast implants and wears a wig. If you want to become a woman, whats the point in getting huge and increasing test?
The best bulking routine ? moke912 5 8 yearsmoke912 (118): Okay man thank you a lot
Need help/advice... Can't figure it out Trharrison 12 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): In the future, the foundations of homes don't matter.
Scientific explanation for noob gains Sidewinder 4 8 yearseknight (58109): Simple adaptation of the muscles to the resistance being placed on them is a short-term change in the nervous system occurring at the motor units of the muscles. Consequently, some hypertrophy does occur, irrespective of a calorie debt. -3X
Determine My status [Pic] LiftLife 22 8 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): embarrassed? why thats the dumbest thing i ever did hear!!!!
Bulk/Cutting Calculator (link) JJ3065 1 8 yearsJJ3065 (6900): clickable text I cant remember if I ever posted this or if anybody else ever did. This is a bulk/maintain/cut calculator. Take a look at it, play with, and please comment as to its 'validity'. Much appreciated.
Hows my diet...advice JohnnyBeGood 13 8 yearseknight (58109): Why are you taking Glutamine and ZMA? These two supplements should not be involved in a thread that uses the phrase "common sense." -3X
Brian's Big Bulking Bonanza!! brian12 Jump to first page70Jump to last page 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): Took a quick pic of my legs this morning. Added quite a bit of size over the last 3 months
TUrkey Day Gainzzz SRorhrbac0808 5 8 yearsArodlopez (43): didn't reach 8lbs but i did hit 4lbs. back to eating clean while everybody continues on stuffing thier face lol.
MUSCLE DENSITY eingold 6 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Heavy ass deadlift. Heavy ass squat. Heavy ass bench. Curling in the squat rack.
Lean bulk / bulk KFC 4 8 yearsKFC (133): My goal is to get big enough to possibly compete in some shows. I don't mind how my body looks in the meantime. But thanks for the advice, I'll stay on my cut for a few more weeks then.
What else is good for my bulking diary ering95 7 8 yearsering95 (1): im sure im wanting to stick with my bulking diary atm, and get creatine and multivitamin caps how will a lean bulk work out? sorry im new to this :)
Legs/pull/push routine! Roovaa 3 8 yearsRoovaa (1): For about 2 months and yeah i've been making gains!
My Bulk Supp. Stack - Advice? brendan Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsbrendan (7): Yeah i think im gonna end up using craze ..45 servings seems solid
NorIda is Still Getting Phat (2) NorIda Jump to first page501Jump to last page 8 yearsdwatson (26511): ahahahah got ya!
Does muscle memory actually exist? Q_Armstrong 11 8 yearsQ_Armstrong (64): Thanks for looking it up guys, pretty reassuring to know that i can get my strength and size gains back up in no time!
New, introduction and (researched) Question Baggy 8 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Im from South Wales mate; about 10 miles from Cardiff. My mate in his second year goes to Loughbourogh; Bryn Proudlove-Wilkes, Most people have done Phat and really enjoyed it as did i. Good luck!
why is a proper diet important on a bulk? drakula 9 8 yearsThewasp (67): @tamere01 @SwoleAnimal @oceanair answered this question, no need to comment any futher
Muscles Kcal decifit/surplus Markovich 10 8 yearsMarkovich (595): ??
Thoughts on high rep week? ehukai 9 8 yearsNorIda (46958): Yup. Over reaching, and actualizing those gains.
Bulking diet - on a budget [Help please!] parky 25 8 yearsBaiTu (3096): You can't go wrong with eggs, hard-boiled eggs, omelets, etc. One of the cheapest high quality proteins there is. Then as others have said - sunflower seeds, peanut butter, whole milk... And oatmeal and other types of porridge. Barley and buckwheat can also be used to make cheap porridges that should have lots of calories. I love buckwheat and potato porridge - easy to make, easy to eat. Also, I eat liver every week - it's cheap and...
Carbs with Creatine... Fact or Myth ?? FiremanSi 14 8 yearsDiaz (367): Now I'm mad cuz the cute lady at GNC ripped me off. srs
Pro Complex by ON siddon41 3 8 yearsajones46 (11701): Open thread to view post.
triathlon bulking/cutting maxthebeast 13 8 yearsmaxthebeast (1): cheers for that
Scivation Xtend hype? siddon41 13 8 yearseknight (58109): ^^ Increased protein synthesis and improved mTOR. In the short term, you may not notice anything, but in the long run, BCAAs are valuable, IMO. -3X
Bulk or cut first? TigerBlood 14 8 yearsTigerBlood (4): Thanks guys ill bulk it is winter
206lbs climbing slowly, progress update the1 Jump to first page46Jump to last page 8 yearsthe1 (33861): scotian - hah ya bro, i always had a rip to me but i wasnt too big wannab- i chased that girl for 8 months, she broke up with her boyfriend for me.. dated for 2 months an tehn she broke up with me for one of my best friends ! ahhah, i said fuck that shiz an started lifting to get all the bishes !! also - even when i couldnt lift with injuries off and on, i could not wait to get back to the weights.. always had that drive in...
The 1-Day Arm Cure Diaz Jump to first page83Jump to last page 8 yearsDiaz (367): Hit a bicep workout today to go with my Chest workout, usually I curl 100 lbs barbbell on the ez curl for 5 sloppy reps on the first set, then 4 on the 2nd set and finish with 6-8 reps of 90 lbs on my 3rd set. Today I curled 100 lbs for 7 reps on first set, 7 reps on 2nd set and 5 on 3rd set. Maybe I broke out of this plateau because of the cure? Sure felt like it.
Need some advise on bulking (Ectomorph) Meng 3 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): Hi I'm very similar to yourself, I actually have a thread I started about a month ago. I have been eating lots of food (lots of protein, complex carbs and fruit and veg), and weight training. I do 4 sessions a week, 2 upper body, 2 lower (or 2 lower, 1 upper, 1 mixed). Low repetitions (8-12) and 2-3 sets. I started with machines and light free weights, and now I'm doing heavy weights and machines. I managed to gain 24 pounds in about 7 weeks...
New To Bulking Aged 17 ering95 5 8 yearsering95 (1): what do you think is a good goal weight
Bulk QNS nastybeast 7 8 yearsmikew (11494): Great article on the subject - "Under the best possible circumstances (perfect diet, training, supplementation, and recovery strategies) the average male body can manufacture between 0.25 and 0.5 pounds of dry muscle tissue per week. That is the amount your natural body chemistry will allow you to build. So we're talking about around one or...
i just want you all to know OhhLoLo 2 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): daaaaamnnnn!!!! SWOLLLLL
Mike O'hearn's power building program BornToLift 2 8 yearsNorIda (46958): SOunds like phat.. but working body parts once a week, instead of twice a weeek.
used to be a runner dchap 9 8 yearsSimplyHarvey (52): Latest research from the University of Brotown
14 Year Old startin out need help? Giann4evaMirin 13 8 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): There, fixed.
Reverse Dieting advice latresonthemenga 2 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): At the same time. You're just adding what your body needs. Anything that's being removed or decreased can be added back together.
Bulk vs Fatty spyderboys 11 8 yearsspyderboys (136): for sureeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yet Another PHAT and BULK Log eventheodds1 Jump to first page114Jump to last page 8 yearseventheodds1 (5644): @nastybeast Yea but I need to remind myself on hypertrophy days I m not a powerlifter lol.
New to Bulking stinkydiver36 12 8 yearshaole (2109): @SwoleAnimal I'm the same way...I don't like stuffing my face or the feeling of being full all the time. I use a weight gainer sometimes when I miss a meal. Dirty bulking like that is really unhealthy though, you should check how much sodium and cholesterol your taking in when you eat shit foods like pizza and fast foods.
cant put mass on bicep eazy2kill 29 8 yearsJalale (19): try switching between low weight high reps/ high weight low reps also don't be a curl monkey that doesn't lead to anything except LOLS..... for others make sure your form is on the spot number one problem is people curl like retards and are not going to see any gains
What am I doing Wrong? Calvert123 15 8 yearseknight (58109): Overtraining = (nearly) a myth. Even if he was (doubtful) how could you possibly come to that conclusion without seeing his routine? Gymnests train nearly every day, for hours, 5 days a week, and they're absolutely jacked and lean. Wouldn't that be overtraining by the general broscience idea of it? -3X
So you think you can eat? EFJK 2 8 yearsSimplyHarvey (52): Hahaha look at the facial expression
1 Step Closer to my goal AarronStenner 14 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Thanks man!
New to SS, always looking for advice LiftnPandaGang 14 8 yearsSimplyHarvey (52): All good dude :) I agree the quality of discussion is certainly superior to, I look forward to spending more time around here and soaking it up then! H
Stop gaining weight AarronStenner 3 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): That means im at 3600 calories now. Holy shit
My Bulking update: 18 years old. bigloufsu 27 8 yearspandasashi (3859): legit shoulders bro!
Forearm and Wrist exercises? omrrjs 8 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): My forearms have grown just over a half inch in the past two months from doing deads and such and also using grippera; pinch grip; static holds so on
Constructive Criticism! Dukenhiemer Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Uni plus I spend nearly no time on internet and as soon as I hit 5pm the internet becomes so shit I can barely load SS forum :(
Diet help TimeToGetBig 2 8 yearstamere01 (7126): Gaining muscle and losing fat is PRACTICLY impossible if your not on steriods, could happen very unlikely. That pizza, burger and roast dinner aint helpfull if you want to lose weight. More importantly how many calories are consuming? It doesnt matter what you eat if your eating too many calories.
Planet fitness is worthless LiftnPandaGang 17 8 yearseknight (58109): @LiftnPandaGang I understand what you're saying here, but it's not PF fault that you don't live closer to Gold's. It was your choice- completely of free will- to train there and not drive the 30 minutes to Gold's. I had the same option, and I chose to drive to a gym that I felt would meet my needs better. As far as I know, the local PF runs month to month (unless you're a "Black member" ) and actually DOES allow you to cancel your...
SO MANY GAINS!!!! WHAT WILL I DO!!! Mikhail Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): DUde i'm new to this.. but ur progress looks IMMENSE man.. i'm 6'4 myself and the fact ur tall also and making solid gains gives me hope. PHAT is next on my list after i complete this MI40 program. Good work.
Bulk More or Cut ? roccafella 9 8 yearsroccafella (64): cut begins from coming monday. Lets go !!!
Terrible lower body genetics Jalale 4 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Put work in and you will have results
Want to bulk,but keep fitness up JustyWilkes 2 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): READ THE MAIN SITE, unless you want to send me money through Pay-Pal and I can be your personal trainerz.
PHAT + German Volume Training. Kriztijan 8 8 yearsKriztijan (19): hahaha yeah 40 lbs is to low, i'l go for a minimal of 80 lbs (A) synthol overuse :P
Please help,want to gain weight and get big Hopetogain176 3 8 yearsigg (2626): Is anyone else sick of people expecting to get information typed out for them while there is already countless number of threads on almost everything you need. Use the god damn search button.
Push/Pull/Legs vs Wendler 5/3/1 Megatron 17 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): anytime
Should I bulk or cut? ionatan 4 8 yearsDiaz (367): bulk.
Macros To Mac Dem Hoes NorIda 8 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): He shows a lot of his own recipes too which are awesome. He turned me onto Walden Farmers.
Back to the Grind Mazz 1 8 yearsMazz (573): Back from vaca and fresh off two weeks off of no gym and counting calories, I'm back and reading to start bulking. Gained just a couple of lbs and up to 10% BF as of today. My BMR suggests at 6'1" 170lb I should be taking in 2875 Cals to maintain my weight. Starting this week off at 3000 and seeing what I gain. Should I continue to follow the 50/30/20 macro ratios? Or just attempt to reach 1g of protein per lb per day and fill the...
BULKING eingold 2 8 yearsdwatson (26511): August/September here in the US. Typically when summer settles down and fall starts
Lean bulk/Calorie surplus question? :) Jbmurphy 12 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): I weigh myself every day and track it using libra app then add them up then divide by 7 to get the average. Also if your diets in check water weigh fluxuation shouldnt be that bad; also what dwats said. He knows more than me haha
Varunj's PHAT Log varunj17 Jump to first page152Jump to last page 8 yearsvarunj17 (498): no gym for 3-4 weeks people grandfather passed away so going back home to india for the last rites...very sad..was an inspirational man.. be back after that period.. keep up the good work everyone...all the best
dat bulk nelly 4 8 yearsnelly (82): alright yeah i feel ya man, i've been thinking that myself for a while, but i kinda value being lean. Might try it for a couple weeks and see whats working THANKS BRO
First Legitimate Bulk FingerCity1226 25 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): ^bhahha Its ME!!
new/populat programs and workouts? bullet 6 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): I've done GVT in the past, it's a good program but it will kick your ass like nobodies business! Like EK said, diet > program.
Carbo-Pro 1200, Bulking? Zwalk 15 8 yearsMassthetics (364): brah id rather just some oj
Need workout- HELP! kodvin 10 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): It was Bunter, I can feel it
WillyB's Push/Pull/Legs log willyb7 1 8 yearswillyb7 (247): Long time since I posted in my other log and it got archived so here's my new one. Went on vacation at end of August then when I got back I got sick and had some personal issues going on so my gym time was suffering. Been trying to get my endurance/strength back since beginning of October so starting up a program for about 6 months to see some progress. Going for a lean bulk so I know it will take some time to see some results and I learned to...
Appetite is gone!! BWestern 9 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): I think going to the gym would get your appetite up again. Take some Vitamin C, go to bed early, chug a gatorade and get back in the game JORDAN FLU GAME BE GREAT EAT FOOD
Cardio and bulking! ilifthard 3 8 yearsLinus (154): You can do cardio as much as you want. The only problem is recovery. If your cardio is hurting your recovery for your weight lifting, then you are doing to much. If your going to do cardio on the same day as weight lifting, do cardio after the weight lifting. You want maximum performance in the weightlifting. Usually people do 2-3 cardio sessions a week.
Serious Mass/ Mass Gainers bigloufsu 9 8 yearsbigloufsu (238): @haole Yeah I have been eating cottage cheese with every meal, along with two glasses of milk. Usually half a cop of brown rice, and grilled chicken post workout, But some days where I have 3 classes, have homework, various meetings, and have to go to the gym, it gets pretty time consuming so I'd rather take a shake. Serious mass seemed like one of the best options. @Stupot316 I realize whole food is always better. I try to eat my daily...
New workout! Critic! AverageJoe 24 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Anytime my friend! :)
High Intensity Headaches moonfruit 5 9 yearsHamersmash (199): @Moonfruit Hey bud, i swear by High Intensity Training aswell (Hence the Mike Mentzer Avatar). Anyway i had this too and the only way i could describe it was like a severe piercing/blinding pain that only happened when i lifted and went away as soon as i stopped. I went to see my Doctor who said it was probably a very small haemorrage (or something along they lines). As soon as he said that i shit myself obviously but he told me to take a week...
Training 5 times a week on a bulk BWestern 12 9 yearsCalvert123 (34): lol agreed
BULKERS read.. lift4life 1 9 yearslift4life (595): Becarefull guys before you go off and over indulge in massive amount of excess calories READ THIS... Im sure most of you already know this but to the people that dont. When energy intake exceeds energy output, fat cells increase in size. When the energy input keeps exceeding the energy output over time, those cells will not only enlarge but they will start to multiply. When fat loss finally begins to occur (exercise, diet etc) fat cells shrink...
Pull push legs or Upper/lower? Jordan336 13 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): @Jordan336 Its for beginners and advanced. Its an upper lower scheme with a simple system for progression using big movements. Alows for hypertrophy work as well as strength gains. Check it out
Pre-Contest Leg Ayy_Dee_ThaKidd 14 9 yearsNyko (2884): I would eliminate Barbell step-ups add an additional 2 sets of regular squats, also SLDL or RDL whichever you prefer. Don't do both front squats and back squats in same day, you will not have the intensity or strength to hit them both effectively. I would replace with Hack Squat or BB Lunges even. And if you're in a cutting phase or deficit calorie intake at the moment for your next comp, don't expect to be piling on mass to your...
Future Competition / Progress MLevin 25 9 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): sounds good op until then i shall wait patiently for pics of the wheels
Possible to get smaller when bulking? Jordan336 11 9 yearsJordan336 (7): I used to do a full body routine 3 times a week which had a built in deload kind of and I did 2 sets for arms each workout, on Monday I went as heavy as I could, on Wednesday I took 10% off the bar then on Friday I took another 10% off the bar. Seen as though the load was so light on Wednesday and Friday I would focus on negatives sometimes, now on my new routine I only do 4 sets in total each week for my arms, do you think my arms might be...
Breakfast for Pre-Contest Prepping Ayy_Dee_ThaKidd 4 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): and maybe 1.5 tbs of wheat germ.... uhhhh like wayyyyy too many kcal's ugh ugh ugh
173.2- 170.8 AarronStenner 10 9 yearsAarronStenner (10990): I dont track fluid intake I just drink a lot. Ive upped my calories by 200 and sorted out my macros; il weigh every two weeks at 5 in the morning on a Monday
Big ronnies 6 MEALS!! Thewasp 7 9 yearsLinus (154): It really doesn't matter if you eat the 100g pro in 10 minutes, or 60 seconds. The fastest protein (whey) still takes a hour to enter the bloodstream, and it takes 6-8 hours to digest a large meal. Plus, there is no properly formed studies that show kidney problems with high protein diets, not in healthy people anyway.
thats massive gains... lift4life 10 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): @eknight Well said!! THats what I say to EVERY kid that asks "what you on"/"what are you taking"?? FOOD BITCH LOTS AND LOTS OF IT!
Im wanting to gain lean mass what supplement Jealster 10 9 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): lmao gotta try some DBol sprinkled eggs! Massive gainzz
6,000 Calories a day and this was the result G3NGHIS 7 9 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): This is for the new Wolverine film though :/
Gaining weight / protein choices alfa345 4 9 yearsalfa345 (67): well those are the macros jeff alberts gave me ( my coach) i guess ill just have to add in more cals
Appetite is COMPLETELY gone BWestern 15 9 yearsBWestern (121): Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Im not worried at all about keeping my body fat % low so thats not an issue. Its just annoying that I want to bulk and get those calories, and now I cant! I think i'll have to go easy for a day or 2, but I feel like thats a day or 2 wasted :(
3-4 shakes a day to much powder intake? TigerBlood 11 9 yearsMassthetics (364): @brian12 they legit are cheaper per gram
ryzymillzy - Bulk Log ryzymillzy 17 9 yearsNorIda (46958): We all start somewhere dude! Progress is progress!
Another bulk/cut decision w/ video ajones46 14 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): Not if yo want to achieve noticable transformations
New SS Bulk Article JJ3065 12 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): @dwatson sucks that you had such a bad experience, especially since he is supposed to be one of the best in the business. But not going to talk about it anymore, im sure you and I have had a big enough discussion about it!!
Cut or Bulk KFC 3 9 yearsshannowman (6367): Yeh, get your body fat lower than it is now before a bulk. You will add some fat as well whilst bulking and I'm guessing you don't want to do that. Better to cut below 10% then lean bulk.
Food!!!! shultz91 20 9 yearsdwatson (26511): ^yep!!!
bodybuilding + strengt, possible? OhhEhmJee 11 9 yearsNorIda (46958): But do you even lift bro?! I mean, look at your physique... You're tiny =)
How much of my gains do you think r muscle? Diaz 13 9 yearsDiaz (367): Yeah not gonna lie my diet didn't stay intact but I guess just the fact that I'm a bit of a beginner means that I still had a lean bulk
Dynamic Duo Training Q & A DynamicDuo 3 9 yearsDynamicDuo (7): We can see where you are coming from when it comes to hitting your overall numbers instead of focusing on nutrient timing, but nutrient timing has been something we have practiced and preached for a while now and if it aint broke, don't fix it. Thanks for reading the article and for your feedback :)
calorie macros and calories issue? MachineKid 1 9 yearsMachineKid (1): I used some on-line calorie calculators and worked an average for me to bulk. I'm good at being consistent but I have found I', struggling to bulk, looking at 1lb per week gains I have none as of yet for two and half weeks. I'm 196lbs 10% BDF I have 235g Protein, 400g carbs, 110gs fat = 3500 cals second week of thi time increase carbs to 150 = 3650 cals no change. am I working this out wrong as online calculators worked out I...
Does anybody here alternate their exercises? Jordan336 4 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): I do but I know what I'm doing.. And I do not recommend it
Cutting and bulking question. FijiSotia 3 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): This^^ one way ticket to Skinny Ass City Yes and you'll get a one-way ticket to Fat Fuck City
Assistance Required? beenjuiced 17 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): @johnelli Hahahahahahhaha - how about NOOOOO???!!!
High frequency training, do you do it? Linus 7 9 yearsLinus (154): Thanks, going to be a good read for a couple of weeks. I already hate 80%, so why not :) I don't know if you know of Kennedy, But he's got awesome videos on weightlifting.
update Scotian 11 9 yearsScotian (9922): Thanks man I'll never quit. Mirin your physique
Advice for bulking vs cutting at my stage! Corevar 3 9 yearsCorevar (13): Thanks for the quick reply! I was also thinking about cutting, problem is that im pretty tall (189cm, 'round 6ft i guess?), and cutting would put me in a ridiculus weight range. Does it matter though? Would it look weird, is my point.
Looking forn the best Bulking Programme ? Jealster 9 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): its just linear periodization, PHAT use the same principle, but rep ranges vary during the week, so youre not sticking with one rep range for a week, which can get boring. personnaly, i use non-linear periodization, i train with my feelings but always incorporate low rep range exercices at the beginning of my workout and usually finish it off with a higher rep range Doggcrap seems to be the shit, i red a lot about it and im really tempted, I...
Begin a big bulk godlike 2 9 yearsLinus (154): Hi, The best program for building muscle is a high frequency program. So you train each body part 2-3 times each week. 2 good programs of these kinds are: And: As an ex military my self I would say that if you want to preform in the military you need strength....
Looking for a program to clean bulk ArmyxSwole 3 9 yearsdwatson (26511): @Linus
Fat Gains AarronStenner 4 9 yearsLinus (154): As Brian said, you get the most enjoyment of lean bulking and cutting down once you go above 15% bf ish. But if you want to bulk for 1,5 years the cut, that is fine to. It's all up to what you want to do.
Would I be shredded in 14 months time? Does Giann4evaMirin 10 9 yearsRamses (223): Exactly what EK said. Personally I think that the best thing you can do for yourself at a young ge is bodyweight exercises. Might sound a bit lame but give it a go. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week just do a few sets of pushups, pullups, diamond pushups, 1 leg squads etc... I don't think 6kg dumbbells will be enough to pack on much muscle, even if you are only 14/15. Goodluck man!
Muscle Gainzzzzzzzzz BEASTIX 8 9 yearseingold (1291): ive been cutting for about 7 weeks now and have gotten some strength gains? is that common to get strength gains on a cut:S
Perfect Meals Article nickcool219 4 9 yearsnickcool219 (1): oh yeah I know I just wanted to explain that I'm going for clean bulking, not that kind that many do where they shove whatever food is in front of them in their mouth to get carbs in.
starting up wannabezyzz 5 9 yearssickrykes (1651): eat protein good fats and carbs 6 meals a day start with a full body workout and as you advance start to split muscle groups.
!Critique my routine please! need some help! Crod1624 2 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): So Day 1: Chest, shoulders, triceps. Day 2: All back? Day 3: Legs Adjustments I would make considering the style of training you are looking at: No bicep work? For shoulders I would rather have 4 sets of presses, and just 2 sets of lat raisers. For triceps, choose a compound movement - not push down Back: Too many exercises - I would keep deadlifts (back thinckness) and chin ups (width) and add in biceps here. Legs:...
weight gain chesty 4 9 yearsnatraj (1): hey crazy ,you would must eat good stamina food.and then you can get weight... click here for more details how gain weight'
New to ss, my intro MattFinan 4 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): @MattFinan Where is legs day? Don't neglect the bottom half of your body!! Routine is not very good IMO - you have an upper power day and then FIVE hypertrophy days all for upper body. Search about PHAT, or find a good upper/lower split. You should not be writing your own program - your plan is not proportionate. :) Diet wise - its all about calories and macro's. If you wanna bulk a bit then eat above maintenance, cut = eat below...
Layne Norton's Bulk/Cut AarronStenner 16 9 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Thanks boss ! I am seeing some fat gains so il have to drop some carbs. I may try this still in the future but after thinking about it last night im going to try and keep lean bulking
Strength gains when bulking BWestern 1 9 yearsBWestern (121): At what rate do you guys normally see strength gains during a bulk? At the moment I'm adding about 2.5kkg to each of the big compound lifts every 2 weeks or so. Is this a good weight of strength gains, or is it too slow?
Need help with training mrwrangler24 6 9 yearsmikew (11494): - Start with compound lifts (flat bench, squats, DL) instead of pushups or chin ups - Lower reps, heavier weight on compound lifts - There is no point in doing every exercise to failure - No deadlifts??? - Look at some of the PHAT training logs... many guys build lean mass using that program.
How could I add strength training to this? Jordan336 10 9 yearsathsports (4): If you're trying to build strength I'd do military press in the range of 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps, then add your assistance work on top of that (higher volume stuff to keep up your weight.. I'd go with 3-5 sets of 10 reps). If you wanted to focus more on strength I'd do more strength sets and less sets of the assistance work. Pretty simple. ATH SPORTS NUTRITION
Intermittent Fasting Questions ionatan 10 9 yearsionatan (31): Thanks for the effort man, I will start IF tomorrow with 2900 cals, and doing a 19hour fast and 5 hour eating window.
Bulk or Cut? Dirkenhiemer 8 9 yearsDirkenhiemer (12157): All Photo credits go to my man Dwatson! In the top pictures i'm 152-154, and the bottom ones I'm 165. Any ideas, comments, suggestions would be greatly welcome!
Deltoids Mikhail 9 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): ;)
top 10 "don'ts" when building mass/bulking the1 15 9 yearsDexdbest (4792): @lift4life a slightly hypercaloric diet coupled with resistance training will yield steady gains in muscle. Getting fat due to an inability to wait and misinformation from guys on gear is not neccessary
Supps for cutting and bulking ryan_929 7 9 yearshaole (2109): If you have a busy schedule and don't like stuffing your face for one or two meals then I recommend a gainer. Most gainers taste like poo but I've used ON serious mass and it works fine. I only use it when I don't get enough cals for breakfast and lunch and I usually just use a 1/2 or 1/4 serving so a 12 lb bag actually lasts longer than 16 servings. One serving is a muther fucking 1,250 calories! So i just supplement what I need with partial...
Mutant Whey Or ON Gold Standard ionatan 5 9 yearschestme4321 (55): I use breast milk
Is my upper/lower decent? Jordan336 19 9 yearsJordan336 (7): Anyone?
limited time only!!!CHEAP SUPPS,FREE SAMPLES lift4life 8 9 yearslift4life (595): yeah ive heard of them my brother buys from them. honest opinion its more of a cheap black and gold brand, i tried the taste..taste like balls would honestly pay more to get a better flavour!!
Lean All Year. Donovan95 25 9 yearseknight (58109): That's two things. Just sayin. -3X
New to SS, Intro mrwrangler24 15 9 yearsParismilton (1): Thanks Dragonian :)
College Conditioning xsandman32 1 9 yearsxsandman32 (1): Hey guys, I'm coming to this community for some advice. I'm a college student looking to gain some muscle mass. I'm by no means the smallest guy around ( 5'9", 155 lbs ), but I'd like to get up to 160-165. I realized early on that I shouldn't rely on college food only since it's really not food, just something to hold fat and grease, so I save up a budget for around $100 a month for food. I know chicken and eggs are a huge part of a...
Body Fat Ectomorph Help ionatan 2 9 yearseknight (58109): No. Reduce you total calorie intake to 500 kcals below BMR maintenance, with a 30/50/20 protein/carb/fat ratio. -3X
Body fat % ryan_929 10 9 yearsNorIda (46958): Strong Bulk Bro!
Back Muscle training TryingHard 28 9 yearsTryingHard (1): @Hamersmash Thanks man I will follow your advice!
Bulking but BF% is quite high.. JangoJamie 25 9 yearsThor (5028): Bodyfat is kind of high, I'd get a little leaner to be honest. No reason to be much over 10%, it's not like the additional calories=more muscle.
Will I be progressing? Jordan336 5 9 yearsJordan336 (7): Will do man
Mikhail is Getting P.H.A.T. Mikhail 6 9 yearsNorIda (46958): Sorry, Didn't see you had asked that question. I really don't focus many exercises for Obliques. From my understanding they're more of a stability muscle, and I feel that Squats, and Deads, and every other heavy lift hits them hard enough. lol.
5 days a week bad for gains?? newbie TigerBlood Jump to first page35Jump to last page 9 yearsshockingfit (334): If losing fat is your goal check out this. Link
Training a muscle once a week Jordan336 16 9 yearsSidewinder (408): Personally, I've been my heaviest when I do each muscle once per week. I often gets extreme DOMS lasting 3-4 days, so letting the muscle rest for a week prevents overtraining. M: Biceps/triceps T: Legs/calves W: Rest T: Chest/inner+upper back F: Shoulders/Traps S: Basketball S: Rest
What's a good 4 day split? Jordan336 7 9 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Day 1: Bench, Curls Day 2: Bench, Curls Day 3: Bench, Curls Day 4: Bench, Curls Profit.
Need a new Routine bigloufsu 29 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): @TheBangBus it was crazy beginner gains....if i showed you before and after pics you would be like wtf happened hahaha, i wish i had a camera cuz the only pics i have are on paper...not digital
Bulking Question. Diaz 2 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): There is no set time for you to cut! But beware of fat accumulation. The more fat you gain, the hardest its gonna be to get lean of course. And youre more insuline sensitive if you have a low bf which makes musclebuilding more efficient. a rule of thumb I use for myself: if I can't see my abs anymore, its more than urgent for me to cut. My abs tend to disapear at around 14%bf. So it really depends of your preferences.
How do you guys track your weight accurately Jordan336 6 9 yearsJordan336 (7): I already use a scale lol
What is my bulking diet like? immashowyou 4 9 yearstarotale (433): 4000? holy shit how much is your maintenance calories per day? assuming it's like 2800, or whatever it is, it's generally recommended to go over 300 caloric surplus (so that would be 3100 for example). if you go way over, that's called dirty bulking and you will face some problems with fast weight gain yes, but unwanted mass amount of fat gain. please do clean bulk you don't wana be a fat ass at the end of the bulk and have hard time cutting all...
Food Diet hassa 7 9 yearslift4life (595): IIFYM= IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS heres the link have a read clickable text
How to bulk hassa 10 9 yearsMac_Pac (1): how do i determine my maintenace level
wanna introduce myself! GettingThere 25 9 yearsGettingThere (148): ohokk cheers mate ill have a look into that
Lyle Mcdonalds Generic Bulking Routine Jordan336 1 9 yearsJordan336 (7): Has anybody ever tried this routine? Does it matter if you go to failure seen as though the volume is quite low? Did you make good progress?
How active would you say I am? Jordan336 5 9 yearsAmy0582 (373): OP, I would say lightly active. As someone else stated, be pretty conservative with the amount of activity. I usually put active and I work 8+ hours a day, chasing 4 year olds around, cleaning etc. Seriously, almost never stop. Then I walk at least a half hour a day and train (weights or cardio) 6 days a week. I'd rather underestimate than overestimate with that though. Remember, online calculators are a rough estimate!
cheap as supps lukecorney Jump to first page37Jump to last page 9 yearslukecorney (1021): @david12345676 dude i get messages on facebook all the time from muscle hq and i cant believe the prices i only wish thet delivered to aus, but there in america should check them out
Anybody ever done Lyle McDonalds GBR? Jordan336 3 9 yearsMassthetics (364): pray explain
GUYS need your advice!!!! *Video* AverageJoe Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): Working really hard on my calves right now! took almost 2 inches in 2 months, still growing!!!! around 12%! I started really hitting my abs two like 3-4 times a week.
did I gain muscle? Jordan336 6 9 yearsJordan336 (7): I only gained strength on my squat when I cut about a month ago everything else stayed the same
BEING BANE FOR HALLOWEEN!!!! FingerCity1226 27 9 yearsZyzzst (4486):
New workout routine overkill? Kriztijan 2 9 yearsMassthetics (364): no such thing as over training, just under eating... looks good brah
How much do you eat extra on a workout day? Jordan336 7 9 yearsJordan336 (7): Oh right, I understand now :) thanks
need help bulking chesty 11 9 yearschesty (1): I'm to obssesed with wanting a sick body haha
fresh start, get pumped!!! boettcherboy 4 9 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): enjoy all the brotein shakes you will be sippin on in order to get your proteinzzz
Best Meal Ever! (Taste+Nutrition) Donovan95 5 9 yearsDonovan95 (10): haha the curry make it taste awesome as fuarrrrrrrrk :)
look at this es1985 5 9 yearseknight (58109): @WinnersNeverQuit Reasons between myself and the sites owner/operator. Without going into details, it involved the fact that the site is funded mainly by the store's profits, and I refused to keep quiet about some of the best sellers there being garbage. -3X
Weird Situation. BEASTIX 12 9 yearsTtime21 (679): which would put him under his daily goal of 3500 cals so on the days u do both it wouldnt be bad but i would definitely shoot for less on the other days
Power Rack Bench Pressing BWestern 4 9 yearseknight (58109): Most people do not get stuck a few inches off their chest when they bench press. It's the lockout portion of the lift that creates problems. Rack lockouts (as well as board and floor presses) allow you to handle heavier weight than full ROM, developing better lockout strength. Keep I'm mind, too, that these movements are often used by powerlifters who get a little help off the bottom by wearing bench shirts. -3X
progress pic OhhLoLo 7 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): looks like you need more paper towels man....
How to get off CKD and back to carbs MachineKid 2 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): inb4 lean bulk comments
So close to giving up. jozh22 21 9 yearsNoLimitz (106): listen to everyone on here! these guys have a very good aspect on fitness and life in general. take bits and pieces and re-evaluate your diet AND MACRO NUTRIENT GOALS
Bulk? irl91 2 9 yearsskullay (4036): cut first man. get down to 10% at least and then bulk.
Kofi's Body Transformation Vol1. (Video) georgekofi 17 9 yearsjohon6 (1393): HEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! it's what i'm doing aswell, lol with it being so High intesity, it suits my purpose at the minute as i need to cut serious fat
Having difficulty bulking. MirinZyzzBrah 8 9 yearskickinchicken (8717): Heck yeah! A cup of whipping cream with some ginger ale every morning with a dozen eggs. I'm not able to touch whipping cream or my fiancé (the Registered Dietician) and I would have an issue. haha.
What Routine do you do? haole 12 9 yearsMikhail (517): PHAT all the way. started it last week and i fucking love it.
Maarten's Log, bulking up! Maarten Jump to first page97Jump to last page 9 yearsMaarten (4299): Yes I still haven't figured out how to do it.. But at least I could give it a try
My Beginner Bodybuilding routine HELP! SammyAMG 3 9 yearsjohon6 (1393): ^^^^^^^^ this
Say Waaaaaa SRorhrbac0808 15 9 yearsNorIda (46958): Adda boy drag!!!
Losing fat and gaining muscle summer92 4 9 yearssummer92 (7): I agree with this, I think that it can be done, although everyone on this forum says it can't happen. I stipped from 20% bf to 7 % and havent lost any strength, surley you can gain small amounts of muscle whislt burning the fat inb4 destroyed by comments saying im stupid and wrong
Recomp or IF hooyo01 1 9 yearshooyo01 (1): What would you guys recommend for a skinny fat..Recomp or IF?
Body problem ! fearless 5 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): Welcome to the forum! Where are you from? (And is English your first language?) Anyhow, you say you're not seeing the results you'd want after three years but I don't know what results you want - bigger, smaller, more aesthetic. Also you say you're not seeing the results you want in strength. Are you keeping a log of your workouts? Are you following a specific workout program? I recommend doing both. Also you say you've been training...
Upperchest advice T1no1 29 9 yearstarotale (433): this. squat and deadlift your skinny ass (no pun intended), then you will grow explosively.
Waleed's Lean bulk/Phat log waleed19 3 9 yearswaleed19 (4): Day 1: Upper Body Power Day •Pulling Power Movement: Bent over or Pendlay rows 3 sets of 3-5 reps •Assistance Pulling movement: Weighted Pull ups 2 sets of 6-10 reps •Auxiliary Pulling movement: Rack chins - Need something different? Barbell shrugs - 2 sets 2 sets of 6-10 reps •Pressing Power Movement: Flat barbell bench press 3 sets of 3-5 reps •Assistance pressing movement: Weighted dips 2 sets of 6-10 reps •Auxiliary...
Strength and Hypertrophy in same workout? BWestern 5 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510): Burn sets improve vascularity (getting a real huge pump) and therefore increase hypertrophy by improving nutrients transportation. You should use different rep ranges to hit all slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. that workout is designed to do so! :)
Not getting a gut while bulking cra2yrussian 12 9 yearsd0minat0r (10): Goodluck with your goal. clean bulk, clean bulk....
Can i build muslce,loose fat@ same time? DFMaster240 27 9 yearsMixxd (4): He's been training for about 5 years now - he's 25 - And yes I don't say fat is strength -I say it contributes to the overall power he has that allows him to lift a lot more than what would be possible if he were not at his level. Trust me I've made fun of him tons of times for being fat ( and he would make fun of me for having abs and how real men should have guts and beards, which is why you're all probably confused as to why I'm defending...
which muscles do i need to workon? hotborad 4 9 yearshotborad (34): yeah my legs look okay but they are hairy as shit so you cant really see the muscles very well. And thanks for the advice.
Low bodyfat enough to start a clean bulk? RageBoy 20 9 yearsRageBoy (7): Thanks, this was really the answer i was looking for. Gotta pull my self together. Well i read all time, but it is so much stuff, that you get confused Thanks everyone! Lol, feeling like a idiot now Got everthing ready now
Dextrose Post-Workout Donovan95 21 9 yearsDonovan95 (10): Thanks again! god bless you :D
Weight Gain December7 6 9 yearsSolomon55 (1): For weight gain, you need to eat more calories than you utilize and for that reason, a new diet plan including foodstuffs that help in increasing weight are essential. Your weight gain diet plan need to include nutritious and healthy items rather than food containing unsaturated fats, which can make you obese. Take a look at weight gain chart and see if this makes it possible to.
About to start a bulk, need workout routine RageBoy 1 9 yearsRageBoy (7): Starting a bulk next monday, im a teenager who have worked out for 9 months, my focus are hypertrophy
Building muscle whilst maintaining 8%bf chestme4321 17 9 yearschestme4321 (55): thankyou everyone. Think I might just stay shredded as fuark untill after summer
Clean bulk Archdacko 5 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): There you go.
building lean muscle. forbes93 11 9 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): I'd say it seems right, when I was 10kg heavier I was eating 4100 a day
IT CAN BE DONE!!! SRorhrbac0808 22 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): 3dmj is sick
Question? Scotian 10 9 yearsdwatson (26511): on the forum he has?
Where to start AdonisBody77 2 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): For beginners it is always best to begin with a starting strength program to build up a good base to start adding muscle and gets you used to the gym environment and DOMS etc. If you use google you will find many starting strength programs. You also need to get a diet to start adding lean muscle. We recommend a calorie surplus of about 300-500. Good luck AM
intermittent fasstin. misc 5 9 yearsFeros (87): longest i have fasted for has been a week, refeed for one day, then a consecutive week. Was actually a good time
Multiple mini bulk and cuts opposesed one tamere01 1 9 yearstamere01 (7126): Would it still be effective if instead of doing a long bulk and then a long cut if i did multiple small bulk and cuts in thesame period? I have to stay at around the same weight give or take 5kg (i can dehydrate/ over hydrate to make weight)and was thinking of doing a slow bulk to gain 3kg at a time then cut and so on untill im happy. Has anyone tried this and if so what were the results? If you think its a bad idea feel free to criticise and...
New member to simply shredded djfantasybx 5 9 yearsdjfantasybx (1): thanks .. sounds good im trying to upload the pic but its not letting me.
what should i do with my lilbro.. Jelet 29 9 yearsMarkovich (595): Bodyweight exercices and/or MMA would be best I think.
Chest training for Ectomorph QuirtMc 12 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): No problem! Good luck!
How long would it take to get each of these? Numbreh 7 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): You can look like marc fitt without doing anything....just eat 1000 calories less than maintenance cuz hes a skinny bitch and i would never want to look like him
16y/o pics Eddmode 12 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): HAM RAGE
Hello SS. Feros 13 9 yearsNorIda (46958): Haha this may or may be true! haha
Opinions on my workout split BWestern 11 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): @BWestern I think @MrMailliw covered it all! I train upper session twice a week and Lower Twice a week. So for example: Monday - Upper - rep range 6-10 Chest: choose one exercise and do 4 sets (example flat bench) Back: Same as above Shoulders: "" Triceps: "" Then I will do another 3/4 sets for each muscle group (with short rest periods) using one or two different exercises. Tuesday - Lower - rep range...
Rep range for deadlifts? BWestern 12 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): Fifty? 50? Really? What weights are you using for your sets both the 3-5 rep sets and the 50-rep sets and what percentage of your one rep max are they?
Weight gainer review jforellana00 7 9 yearsMassthetics (364): sounds good. the main thing when it comes to powders man... if there was a massive difference from the people who take mass fusion nutrabolics compared to the people who say, take monster mass monsterlabz then it would be worth looking into. powder is powder. what i reccommend and do is to buy pure flavoured protein and pure carbs (like dextrose, rice starch or waxy maize etc.) and mix it like as you go. itll be a hell of a lot cheaper for...
Opinions on my workout split BWestern 2 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Looks great but why are rep ranges so high for legs? Also, maybe add some direct trap work in but other than that lift hard and make some gains!
Critique my routine... Please?? BWestern 1 9 yearsBWestern (121): Hey guys, 2 weeks ago I started a new routine and would just like some feedback to see if anything needs changing or tweaking! I am currently bulking, here is my routine... (BTW I do change the exercises or order of the exercises weekly, but this is a generally what I do)... Monday - CHEST + some ab work Flat or Incline bench - 3 sets - 10, 8, 6 reps (I always start with the barbell press)bold text Flat or incline dumbell - 3 sets - 5,...
Newbie on board, am I on the right track? alvinsw20 6 9 yearsalvinsw20 (1): what would you recommend?
bulk-cut-bulk-cut repeat tarotale 2 9 yearsigg (2626): Depends what bf you are at 180 due...if you're the same bf both times then its pretty stupid imo
Ramadan and bulking Abdu14 3 9 yearslift4life (595): cut..!then once ur happy withur body then do a bulk
diet help sickrykes 2 9 yearsThor (5028): You can only digest about 50% of the protein of a raw egg. Otherwise yeah it's fine.
1 Month Max Lean Mass Rikki23 7 9 yearsmikew (11494): Came in to say what Dwatson said. This ^^^ Obviously, I would focus on diet to achieve the shredded look he's going for.
How to improve lagging body parts? BWestern 3 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): I do lateral raises at the end of my push workout in between my tricep exercises as neither take a huge amount of effort to do. I get in about 4-5 sets. If they are lagging by a lot you could also put Arnold presses in as they bring more lateral delts than regular. I go higher rep range (10-15) to make sure I am not swinging the weight and pretty sure shoulders are slightly less fast twitch dominant than chest, for example, so respond best to...
most effective ways to make gains? sickrykes 19 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Yeah there is a website and an app.
15 Year old Intermediate Vinncin1 3 9 yearsThor (5028): You've got a decent amount of muscle mass for 15, keep it up. Your test levels start to peak at ~21, so you've got your best gains ahead of you.
Why I Train to be Big NorIda 11 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Most lucky man in THE WORLD!!!! oh and hahahah this is funny! some people wanna just be massive as fuck...some wanna be Aesthetic as fuck! I look at my body as my art and want it to be something admired as far as shape size and symmetry! Wanna make them Bishs cream and them nigga question whether or not they maybe gay!
calorie maintanence nastybeast 3 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): Multiply lbs by 14~16 for maintenance. Multiply by 15 and use that as a starting point
How is my diet? RageBoy Jump to first page39Jump to last page 9 yearsRageBoy (7): Aight guys, how is my goals? Slowly cutting down to 12 bodyfat from 14, probarly in 1 month?, then slowly increase calories from 2000 to 2200, then next week, i will eat 2500 calories, and see if i slowly starts to gain around 0.5 pounds a week. then slowly bulk to next summer.
Goals to next summer? RageBoy 6 9 yearsRageBoy (7): I will try using 2500 for a week, then see whereits gets me.
Bulking/Cutting phases- Why go through them? RVP10 11 9 yearsstewie (442): def srs
Thoughts on DTP? andy17 10 9 yearsdwatson (26511): I had my brother run this about 3 months ago and i trained him during it. I absolutely killed him during these workouts where he could hardly lift his arms, im not sure how you had such bad luck but no worries move to the next one.
Keep bulking or start cutting? Dave18 2 9 yearsshockingfit (334): After realizing that so many people have that exact same problem I've wrote a complete article about it on my blog. You can check it out here.
Critique My Bulking Diet thiagoqporto 7 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): heck yeah man!!!
Scrawny to Brawny mreidm 8 9 yearsmreidm (4): I gotcha! Makes sense to me. Will have to try that starting at lunch today.
How to go from a cut to a bulk? RageBoy 13 9 yearstarotale (433): rice and pasta for bulking: packs shit ton of carbs and calories in so little serving. 1/4 cup of brown rice is 150 cal. imagine 1 cup= 600 cal. crazy
Muscle building meals jforellana00 5 9 yearsshockingfit (334): 50g of oats, 2 scoops of whey protein, sesame, flax and pumpkin seeds. Add water to this and you have a nice meal :)
WillyB's Workout Log willyb7 21 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): thanks man, appreciate the comment!!
Advice on my workout split BWestern 9 9 yearsBWestern (121): I'm going to stick to my 5 day 2 day rest split because i work saturday and sunday which makes getting to the gym a bit difficult! Just wondering if I should switch my arm day with leg day? Would doing tris after shoulders effect my Tri workout?
TIRED OF HAVING SCRAWNY ARMS! jleone87 21 9 yearsG3NGHIS (8532):
Bulking - on days and off days BWestern 2 9 yearsstewie (442): A lot of guys keep them the same, myself included. You still need the energy for your muscle to recover from the previous day.
Dat bulk.. lift4life 1 9 yearslift4life (595): fuuuaarrk in all seriousness i thought that it was a very interesting video and thought i might share it with you guys
BULKING MAKES U STRONG AS FUKK LOL Cannonball 14 9 yearsmikew (11494): Yeah buddy keep it up!
Dirty Bulk vs Clean Bulk BWestern 5 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): I would definitely say IIFYM but maybe that is just me. Enjoying a cheat meal every so often and cheat snacks almost every day sounds more appealing to me than eating meat and rice for 6 days then splurging.
What to do... Treysix 2 9 yearsadam82a (3100): A few things. If I were you I'd cut as new people. Go 300-500 below your maintenance calories. Supplements will not make you fat. You put on bodyfat by eating a calorie surplus. Creatine will not make you fat under no circumstances at all. Read this forum. There are a lot of good threads popping up every now and then. You'll learn quite soon whom's post to look out for.
muscle vs bf lift4life 14 9 yearsWaxyLizard (756): yeah the only time you gotta worry about not having that extra inch is when its reguarding yo cock
Clean bulk? RageBoy 16 9 yearsalexmuller (5452): I read this article a while back on milk, dont know how credible it can be though. I dont dink milk at all as I am slightly lactose intolerant and it makes me feel bloated and uncomfortable. But check it out for yourself.
Bulk Progress KalletSc 9 9 yearsKalletSc (607): Thanks man!
What's the difference? siddon41 5 9 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @MrMailliw Yeah man, we're killin birds all over the place.
Cheat Meals BWestern 5 9 yearsstewie (442): Why not make your cheat day a IIFYM day? How many calories in your cheat meal? I suppose you are "clean bulking"?
Time to "BULK"!!! JJ3065 10 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): hahaha first I Then I your one funny Fugger JJ
HIIT while bulking? Leatherman88 3 9 yearsLeatherman88 (10): hmm, well maybe i could do like 800 cal surplus with this kind of training, il have to give it a shot for a few weeks and see how it goes.
Clueless Ark 21 9 yearsArk (1): Grand, gonna take another look to see what I can get into me during the day. Whats your thoughts on this olive oil shots lark?
Hello! Bio and training log Gurt 3 9 yearsvarunj17 (498): welcome bro...i am from the land down under as well...and a fellow will get great motivation in these forums...
Bulking Advice - Best foods for bulking? Daniel19 3 9 yearsJelet (2190):
1 day fast on a bulk say whaaaa? aware me! Hnando 11 9 yearsHnando (10): @igg where abouts have you read this?
3 day split help Ttime21 1 9 yearsTtime21 (679): So im getting my kid cousin in the weight room and doing workouts for basketball. Monday Wednesday friday mornings are what we have worked out for right now and we have about an hour and half to lift and get some drills in. So what im thinking is having him start with the westside for skinny bastards routine clickable text then do some box jumps, and quickness drills, ball handling and then some shooting drills. any advice either...
which creatine brand is the best for results hotborad 11 9 yearslift4life (595): isnt creatine just creatine so it wouldnt matter which brand you buy as long it is creatine in its purest form i.e. creatine monohydrate for example buying products from the supermarket that have a brand and a label when you have the exact same "home brand" product for half the price and in some cases better quality...
how to aproach IF hellojg 5 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Sounds good and yes creatine is as effective with IF as any eating plan.
Post your current cals and goal!!! :) MrMailliw Jump to first page38Jump to last page 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): 2500 Still droppping weight but slowly. gess my maintenance is 2700. Bumpin up to 2800 in a month.
personal training Q regarding client (IN!) the1 10 9 yearsthe1 (33861): hahaha noo.. its my friends wife, shes 31 and in unreal shape she had a child 9 months ago at 191lbs and now she down to 130lbs with abs ! genetics
Dont no what to do, AGAIN! AarronStenner 5 9 yearsAarronStenner (10990): Im 6ft and 88kg at the moment; I have separation between muscles and I can see a two pack if i tense but theres no way I'm below 15%
How is my bulking diet? to much protein or? Unreachable Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 yearsUnreachable (49): I removed meal 5 and gonna chance my meal 2 to something with more carbs and almost no protein. cause i get alot if it already in meal 3 2½ hours later. And then im trying to get some more carbs in meal 2. And then i added some fruit and raisins between some of the meals as a snack :-) im trying to make it later as a plan and link to it, then we can see.
Are you MAD??? New workout. Thoughts?? Moyo 5 9 yearsMoyo (145): Yeah i have done that for chest because i used to have quite a big chest but over the past year with working chest with less volume i lost alot of size. I focus alot more on the barbell bench and the incline Barbell bench and try and lift as heavy as i can on these. The other moves i do not perform to failure so not as intense as i could make it. The quads although doesnt look as much i can assure u are painful. I am working these to failure....
so what about maintenance? Hnando 3 9 yearsHnando (10): @Dragonian cool man thanks
17yr old kid has it all figured out... Mazz 8 9 yearsalexvierling (262): If he has a year and he wants to compete at 180 then he's almost gonna need to go on a year long cut... That'd be a slow cut obviously, but it'd also be most muscle sparing. At 220 pounds he's gotta have plenty of muscle, but he also has gotta have plenty of fat to lose. I would have him lose about a lb a week, no more.
struggling to bulk kylelifts 6 9 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Should probably change the title to "Struggling to eat enough to gain weight". All guys above have great advice. I especially like what @Chrisf said.
Bulk on intermittent fasting! (skinny fat) hooyo01 24 9 yearshooyo01 (1): Ok thanks for the tips guys!
Intermittent Fasting for Bulking BWestern 7 9 yearshooyo01 (1): Is intermittent fasting suitable for a skinny fat who wants to bulk up and lose a bit of that belly fat??
New here and needing help Azzdog18 15 9 yearsAzzdog18 (358): Yer that's the plan bro...time to get swoll. Alrite that sounds like a good idea man...does it matter that I'd be hitting biceps a day after back if I were to do that?
cardio + bulk? drakula 5 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): you can still bulk and do cardio, are you guys dumb? but dont bulk and try to lose fat because it just wont happen. The cardio will be good for your health and the health of your will keep you being fit, butttttt if you are going to do a good amount of cardio during a bulk you are going to have to up those calories......stop worrying about not seeing your abs or being a little bit chubby, you are making the commitment to bulk so go...
weight gainer, any advice?? jforellana00 14 9 yearsalexvierling (262): Mass Fusion by nutribolics. 180 carbs, low in sugar, but my favorite part is the taste. Tastes really sweet which is nice to have.
Vitargo instead of bulking powder RANIERI 6 9 yearsRANIERI (202): @Zyzzst nice bro yeah vitargo is pretty expensive but it does help alot, makes u feel great ;)
Transitioning from cutting to bulking BWestern 7 9 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): I just did 24 weeks of contest prep and 2 shows and finished at 1700 kcal fir first show and then then 4 weeks before 2nd show I was at 1850 kcals... After the 2nd show i did a week of 1850 kcals again and tapered off cardio slowly and a week later I weighed myself and started assessing what changes were needed such as reducing contest routine cardio amount, as well as adding back in CHO and fat. im 5 weeks form last competition and currently...
Pre Workout Meal BWestern 3 9 yearsBWestern (121): But I go to the gym as soon as I wake up. However, excuse me if im wrong, but i thought the longer you wait after waking up before breaking your fast, the more HGH is produced?
Starting my first bulk. RageBoy Jump to first page36Jump to last page 9 yearsRageBoy (7): Thanks, just finished my first day with cutting today, finally feeling great about my self again, hoping to reach 10 bodyfat in two months, 14 bodyfat right now, is it realistic to hit 10 bodyfat, losing 1 kg a week, with an good diet
Post workout meal BWestern 2 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): idk man. I just eat
Bulking - no suppliments Archdacko 7 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): If you are 16/17% then you definitely need to cut first
Resistance Bands AarronStenner 2 9 yearscardinal (6175): I used a home gym for many years and would use some high resistance bands for the equivalent of cable exercises. I would wrap them round the power rack which allowed me to do all kinds of exercises from lat pulldowns to cable crossovers.
Blended protein suggestions?! Zyzzst 1 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): I'm considering about buying a blended protein instead of mixing my casein and whey together, anyone have any suggestions on which one to get or which one has worked best for you all?
One more thing...feels bad man Zyzzst 7 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): I should have, but then he would have flexed and blown me out of the room
Body Fat % and Bulking BWestern 2 9 yearsdwatson (26511): Already beat ya too it my man. Enjoy.
Bqrk's PHAT log Bqrk 30 9 yearsBqrk (37): Okey, smash them up real good then! Got my hypo day tomorrow, can't wait!
How is it possible?! Zyzzst 3 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): did do it on a empty stomach man! thats why its so crazy!
mini cutting/Bulking hotborad 4 9 yearshotborad (34): thanks Get main message but im confused cut up to 8%?????
post work out carbs Seller Jump to first page44Jump to last page 9 yearseknight (58109): I've even read a couple of studies that indicate drinking a shake too quickly after training (ie, one hour) can DECREASE protein synthesis by up to 30%. If I can locate them I'll post links. -3X
Dwatson's Progress log with Layne Norton (2) dwatson Jump to first page500Jump to last page 9 yearsdwatson (26511): Shittttt, well here we go.
Gregg Plitt - Bulking Vid dwatson Jump to first page34Jump to last page 9 yearsB7AC (64): If it's anything like these forums it's gonna be a horrible ratio.
Tighter mid section. Advice! Moyo 8 9 yearsskullay (4036): Back when all I had was abs they used to stick out way further than my the rest upper body. I'd just advise building up your chest and working on your V-taper (back and shoulder width). This will make your abs look less prominent. -tosses a nickel in the bucket-
Creatine brand?? hotborad 6 9 yearschaoswckd (1): allmax creatine is pretty cheap and awesome. and the container is Blue!
Started my first Bulk EVERRR Zyzzst 6 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): Gained 4 pounds in my first week....Success brah
Long legs/Short torso ectomorph94 10 9 yearsDavidP94 (382): I have the longest legs and the shortest torso, it's so funny.
just a bit of advice cheers lift4life 17 9 yearsstewie (442): I keep my intake the same,but then I do some form of light cardio to still use up some of the extra energy.
struggling to hit carbs per day Popeye25 8 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): @Flippo4 I would agree if it didn't have the consistency of sick which in turn makes you want to be sick after eating it
Bulking Help? % of food intakes hotborad Jump to first page35Jump to last page 9 yearshotborad (34): got you btw thanks one of the most helpful people on this thread thanks
What if........ GTFIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SRorhrbac0808 20 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): Almost nothing from conventional bodybuilding is relevant to you anymore? Really? Please elaborate on what you mean by that. This makes me wonder about this Doggcrapp program that you're on. Is it revolutionary or something. Seeing as how it's not Phat, I haven't heard much about it on here.
My Natural Body Transformation RANIERI Jump to first page115Jump to last page 9 yearsPittMuscle (1896): I just choked on my protein shake I lol'd so hard. Natural or not, kid just lost all credibility.
Please critique my new Bulking diet. DFMaster240 12 9 yearseknight (58109): Reps to MrM, just for his patience in this thread.. -EK
Cutting and Gaining/Maintaining Muscle tgth? drakonnan 2 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): No way, You showed us your bulk progress pics. You need to cut ASAP. Not recomp. Recomps are only really useful when someone has reasonably low levels of BF to start with. And even then they don't usually work - trying to get the best of both worlds is hard. You need to choose a GOAL. You should first go on a cut with one fixed target. Get BF% down to 10% Then, start bulking again, with a calorie surplus and perform mini cuts when ever you...
Elminister's Questions Thread! Elminister 9 9 yearsDragonian (4951): Try google man it probably has macronutrients per 100g of every single food type in existence
160 --> 200 lbs? Highdeas 4 9 yearsAustralianOak (1504): Also make sure your diet is in check and u have a solid routine put together and u cant go wrong :) -AA
Using gainer without working out The2nd 7 9 yearsThe2nd (1): THE WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU COULD DO... One Building a base of FAT during the summer does not help you in the least to gain muscle sooner. Two Fat cannot turn into muscle Three Waste of a summer if you ax me...No lifting for 3 months??? Four Save your gainer use it when you lift again...PROFIT Edit: When you start lifting again ask us what to do since your a hard gainer...we all been through it. I hear ya. I'll start with the gainer...
Candy, soda, and other sugars for my macros Stepheningchen 10 9 yearsstewie (442): Little bit off topic, but with some relevance: So, I read earlier that if you meet your fiber count for the day, no need to worry about GI and all that stuff. Does this mean my sugar is not too much for today -> Most of it came from fruit, milk, muesli etc.
Diet through 2012-> possible competition '13 Light 25 9 yearsOhhLoLo (3393): i really hope you didnt let that miss teen usa go to waste.. perfect score in the swimsuit round!? sounds like a sleepover.
Lifting weights & growth nastyraccoon 7 9 yearsWaxyLizard (756): Alot of guys didn't grow fully until they were 16-17 but it's something that none of us can tell you with knowing with confidence as so many variables are responsible.
Bulking techniques BWestern 10 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): I swear to FUCK Western...If I get on Monday and Im like't%20see%20pics/grand/van_damm_cant_see_sht_gif.gif This^^^ I will beat you!!!!! You not have a phone from 2009+ bruhhaahh??
WHY WONT YOU GROW!! JohnnyBeGood 5 9 yearsNorIda (46958): No offense, but you look like a fairly small dude. Your arms look proportional in that photo IMO. You don't want arms larger than your legs now. Lol
new to this Massthetics 7 9 yearsFuturevision (142): Deadlifts and squats are way to low, also keep your deadlifts around 4-6 reps and go heavier. But remember good form.
Lets get srs. (Long story ITT) G_Redd 29 9 yearsG_Redd (315): Lol ^^ that
On the right track? JohnnyBeGood 5 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): ....hmmmmmm - haha Yeah - keep eating! Don't fuss too much about nutrient timing. Just get a good meal in after gym. If you not gaining weight, eat more..^^ Welcome to SS!
Ectomorph Bulk Progress, Help on Cut! drakonnan 19 9 yearsdrakonnan (100): Alright nice! Thanks for the tip dwatson! :)
How much should i bulk??? hotborad 7 9 yearshotborad (34): @brian12 thanks man i will do that.
Bulking at home. rjkern 3 9 yearsrjkern (1): I understand that. I'm already pretty stingy. I hardly ever go out. I rarely spend money on anything but the essentials which is usually just utilities, rent and groceries. And who knows, I may have enough for a gym membership. I'm just not sure yet.
Dedicated Brother with Lagging Arms, help!! airborne 29 9 yearseknight (58109): It sounds like calves are a bigger priority than arms, IMO. -EK
Fork in the road - What would you do? Ben777 10 9 yearsBen777 (5358): @dwatson yeah man that's probably what I'll do then. Bulk till around 205lbs I think then mini cut and start again! @Drag for sure brother, probably going to continue along the bulking path for a while longer because I really dont want to lose a whole lot of mass at this stage. Will see how far I can go until just before summer then bring on a mini cut!
Whey and Casein, yay or nay? Takin together TriggaTony 15 9 yearsTriggaTony (4): Alright, Thanks!
Looking for a new Routine :( jozh22 4 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): I'm doing the Wendler 5/3/1 plan right now. It's a 4-day-a-week plan that is built on 4-week cycles. It has a one-week deload built in to help prevent plateauing and I believe in the program. I recommend it. Google Wendler 5-3-1 and you'll find a ton of info about it. I definitely believe in the deload week.
Losing fat while bulking stewie 19 9 yearsTheBangBus (706): Broscience Triple Threat Bulk Diet Icecream Pizza Beer Approved by all New Years Resolution Workouters
Intermittent Fasting BWestern 12 9 yearsbrian12 (9495): Yes - for sure!
About to bulk,help with carb/fat macro ratio DFMaster240 22 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): @DFMaster240 No worries man :) Haha not sure, ask whoever made the forum promo code bigloufsu 3 9 yearsbigloufsu (238): Just found out sumosquat10 takes of 10 percent
Can you gain muscle without fat? MrMailliw 11 9 yearsdrakula (85): obviously you can but its difficult.
Wheatflour in a diet? Bulking jamieboy22 2 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): No, just don't make bread your main carb source as it sucks unless it is sprouted grain bread.
To bulk or to cut simongower 3 9 yearsWinnersNeverQuit (10311): Your bf is deffinateky around 15percent, I wwould cut il sub ten amd then clean bulk for a looooonnnng time
How much calories do I need per day? DFMaster240 5 9 yearsDFMaster240 (577): Yo guys it said i need about 3235 calories a day to gain weight, does that look about right? i am 15 150lbs, i am 5'11. Oh and do i need to change the calorie number on my rest days or should i keep the number same?
Carbs nastyraccoon 3 9 yearsshockingfit (334): I personally love carb cycling and you can check out my guide which I recently wrote here
An Article that can make Sh!t happen !! roccafella 4 9 yearsDexdbest (4792): Whatsup with the pic of arnold at the bottom?
Advise on my Bulking Diet please! :) drakonnan 9 9 yearsdrakonnan (100): Yeahh :/ I guess i'll cut soon and bulk again! I'll post up my calorie count and macro soon! Thanks! :)
How do you get bigger without getting fatter ionatan 16 9 yearsskullay (4036): Cut down to 8% body fat (this shouldn't be too hard as an ectomorph). Then eat slightly above your caloric maintenance (100-200kcals above). Your fat gains will be minimal and every once in awhile you can cut back to 8% and repeat the process. Stop demonizing carbs. They are your friends.
Benifits of a 24 hour fast? BWestern 4 9 yearsBWestern (121): @brian12 Thanks a lot bro
Need help for finding my workout routine. Aritalo 4 9 yearsdbrian (1): PHAT for sure. A lot of people have been having success with the program.
Looking for Answers eventheodds1 5 9 yearseventheodds1 (5644): Thanks man. Ima let you know couple months later on how it went.
Weight on Bulk Zyzzst 4 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): Yea ive been gaining about 1 pound a week, so thats good that you guys agree. Only supps i take are creatine, a multivitamin, and up your mass. I weighed 135 pounds like three years ago and now im up to 180, id like to thank Up Your Mass to that hahaha
Is circuit training any good? Q_Armstrong 4 9 yearsQ_Armstrong (64): Cheers for your replies, it sounds like circuit training is definitely not in line with my goals so i may do it occasionally for something different but other than that i'll leave it, thanks
Diet Questions KalletSc 4 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Maybe try 3000 for a couple of weeks, if you aren't gaining in the gym and gain no or very very little fat then up it by 100 and repeat until you find the right amount. I am a big advocate of bulking with as little fat gain as possible because the more fat you gain, the longer you will look like shit and then the longer you will have to cut in the end anyway. No time is saved by gaining fat too fast on a bulk.
Stubborn chest nastyraccoon 10 9 yearseknight (58109): Bro, you're 15. Your body isn't done growing by any stretch of the imagination. Stop getting hung up on something like this. I wouldn't even consider priority training at your age because your body is going to do what it wants to do until you're done developing. The inner area of your chest is the last place noticeable growth occurs for most people because the fibers are thickest at the shoulder joint and least thick toward the sternum- it takes...
The Science of Training brian12 Jump to first page42Jump to last page 9 yearsThor (5028): I think you guys are forgetting the obvious, they're excellent for growing giant, ripped, vascular... OBLIQUES lololol
Supplements Telboy 5 9 yearsTelboy (12): by all means im not relying on supp, but its handy for them days when u struggle to get the food u need
instant oats and whey protein?? gerf93 14 9 yearsJezza_91 (1315): Its what i call breakfast when im in a rush lol
bodyfat while bulking?? gerf93 6 9 yearsgerf93 (1): thanks thor..i have a fast metabolism naturally and i am bulking fairly clean so hopefully well see what happens
Lean Bulking Macros chris_85 17 9 yearsJohnny82 (1): Dumb question guys; If i currently weigh 240lbs and want to drop to 220lbs, should I keep my protein up at 240grams or drop it to 220grams or lower? I'm 6'3 and have an "X" frame so was just curious what you guys thought... (1st post) lol
rep range for strength rowie 2 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): It sounds like you basically know what you're doing but to systematically make better strength gains, I'd recommend considering this program ---
New thinNripped 12 9 yearsthinNripped (1): I have to be careful with pre workouts because im allergic to caffeine. I have to keep it limited. Which I know im not avoiding it completely but have to be careful. I take a multivitamin as well. Ill look into the casein to add to my protein
Warming up for PHAT ? ionatan 4 9 yearsOhhLoLo (3393): its always good to have warm shoulders so you dont tear anything? shit its beneficial to warm up everything no matter what "day" or split youre on; get the blood flowin and prevent injuries
suggest me diet plan&workout4gain leg muscle paras 2 9 yearsAustralianOak (1504): Man are you serious, please just check out some of the threads in the tags on the side of the page or even better by a bodybuilding book as they offer so much information. This question is posted daily on here haha -AA
Need some help with dieting. Imirinhard 7 9 yearsboettcherboy (43): i think your BMR is the calories to maintain your body if you just sit around and do absolutely no physical activity. every movement burns calories no matter how small. the more movement and excercise, the more calories it takes to maintain. and if you take in less than that maintaining number, then your body has no choice but to take the energy from other places (stored fat and muscle on your body) i believe 3000 calories equals a pound of fat....
Hey Need Your Help christopher Jump to first page31Jump to last page 9 yearschristopher (1): thank you ;)
bulking diet JJ_7 6 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Yes, the vitamin/mineral profile of brown rice is nothing special, the fibre content is the main difference between brown and white rice. Most vitamins and minerals should come from fruit and veg, eggs have a good profile but you are already eating them so up your veg.
best food for bulking. JJ_7 6 9 yearsXcz (1): Here's a link that tells exactly what foods to eat to obtain the right ammount of calories, where you also get good sources of proteins and carbs, all up to how many meals you want to eat.
Formulating a bulking diet Coltnj Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 yearsColtnj (1): Oh yeah, arguments lulz.
huge as fuark ys1337 12 9 yearsys1337 (22): i wouldnt ever want to look like that but i think he is sickest most yoked up motherfucker i´ve seen
Macro Needs jozh22 3 9 yearsmikew (11494): I think AA pretty much nailed it. Personally, I would worry about hitting a basic protein goal, basic fat goal, and finally a caloric goal of +500 cals. (Use carbs to fill in the rest of your cals.) For me, macro targets are: Protein: 1-1.33g per pound TOTAL weight in pound Fat: MINIMUM of 0.40g total weight in pounds Obviously, use a smart phone app (My Fitness Pal) to track every thing.
Introduction and Two Yr Progress KalletSc 5 9 yearsrklohe (511): Looking great dude! Nice work and keep it up!
Doing cardio while bulking stewie 17 9 yearslivefullest87 (61): maybe ryzymillzy ... try to have ur nutrition to it... check ur ... caloric needs.. adjust the protein intake... a high interval cardio will help
Can not find the burn JoelGSK 6 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): I thought "feel the burn" was just something that aerobics instructors said.
being lean - bulk here i come Archdacko 4 9 yearsArchdacko (82): Thanks man! I will, and good luck on your cut!
My 5/3/1 program log to fix my mistakes varunj17 Jump to first page85Jump to last page 9 yearsvarunj17 (498): i have a deload week as week4.... my assitance on chest day is Big but boring bench press( 5*10) incline db press with wide grip pull ups( 4*10) One-arm dumbell row( 4*10)
hard winter Dza 1 9 yearsDza (1): Hey guys! Just wondering on your thoughts about training while your sick. if you guys still do it or not and if gains can still be made in a mild state of sick. Thought it would be intresting as i havn't seen a post like this on here before and everyone gets sick! Cheers
how many exercices per muscle group ionatan 4 9 yearsPopeye25 (1692): cmon man i just checked n uv made 3 r 4 threads about upper/lower
Congrats Guys! Rusty 9 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): PROTEIN NUGGA!!!!!
Rate my Meal Plan? Diaz 12 9 yearsDiaz (367): I'm relatively new to this, so I figured it wouldn't be far fetched to gain quicker/leaner pounds.. Thanks though, I'll keep that in mind ! BTW though, before my final exams started (Early April) I weighed 170.. so I'm basically right back where I was back then hence why I don't see the 10 lbs gain as too huge
New Workout For Clean Bulking? suggestion Moyo 10 9 yearsboettcherboy (43): if you want the workout plan just go to page 14, the definition for it is on page 13
Set Backs BWestern 11 9 yearsCorkey (291): Bro if you dont wanna have the bad food or alcohol you wont. Its not gonna destroy your physique its just gonna make you feel good and it probably motivate you even more. Hit up heeeectic cardio that day and keep the cals low to compensate as Thor said...
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