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Breakfast requires a thread of its own varunj17 3 4 yearsvarunj17 (498): My problem here is I have to cook stuff overnight for next morning Thanks @RookiePT
Frosted Flakes wannabemuscular 13 4 yearsThatguy81 (541): Life cereal FTW!
Healthy Peanut Butter Snack for Shakes eatnofuss 2 4 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): yea, I make almond spread using this method. some of the health stores will grind it up for you when you buy mixed nuts from them. it tastes heaps better than store stuff :)
Breakfast macros kozzletoff 4 4 yearsEat2Trainn247 (2557): @kozzletoff more research is definitely warranted (and is being conducted) in this area, but there seems to be some great promise into some level of significance in terms of optimizing body composition via what Dr. Wilson refers to as "nutrient programming." I am curious to see how this may or may not benefit females as they naturally burn more fat at rest and during exercise than males.
Mini rant about healthy breakfasts darklight79 13 5 yearsJohanna (892): It was required for me to take a nutrition class in college. We had to calculate our micro/macro intake for the whole semester and we had to do a project on how we'd change our diets to fit requirements...
Do you even breakfast? alkudari23 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): @wannabemuscular. Yup she is. I have no worries when im bulking. But when on a cut must fit all her cooking in my macros. haha _RudeCrew 9 5 yearsteewhat (1972): not even, but they would find a way to tax the shit out of it!!!
True No Bull**** Article About Breakfast ozml8 9 5 yearslolssons (1249): oatmeal with banana, milk and some honey to top it off with a protein shake!
Cereal!!! mattd534 30 6 yearsmattd534 (3208):
Breakfast KFC Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): There better fresh obviously my man, put i have done it where i make smaller ones and leave in a container in the fridge and use as snacks alright !!
my blueberry fibre packed protein pancakes misskelseysmith 3 6 yearsmisskelseysmith (460): @chriselkins - They are delicous! the good thing about this recipe is that you can leave out and add things if you wish.. like pancakes are good with just oats, protein powder, egg white, blueberries, cinnamon, stevia but i like to make things taste better with things that are packed with antioxidants like the coco powder.. I like to bake so i have these ingredients in the house.. The coconut oil is just for the pan , unless you have a non...
Cereal? stinkydiver36 28 6 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): hahahahahaha
Do we need to eat breakfast...? Runlove 22 6 yearsBigEazyE_RSD (10): -RSD :0
Query about breafast chorley 8 6 yearschorley (1): Thanks for all your replies! I've been eating exactly the same as I was before I started back at work, and have been keeping to the same meal schedule too. As for being lactose intolerant I'm pretty sure that isn't the case. Also, I don't think it relates to my cycle as now its the weekend and I've been away from my desk I haven't had any cramping or bloating at all. When I am at work I get up and go for a wander as often as possible, at...
Buying a pancakes maker - recipes! MCarey 12 6 yearsRand (4291): ^agreed rice cooker is nice I use a pan for that too usually though depends on what it's for
Protein pancakes that taste like pancakes chriselkins 2 6 yearsbrian12 (9495): These look good!^^
Missed breakfast need 650 calories hotborad 13 6 yearsKOKOROKO (559): dont waste time,eat your macros,LOL be wise choosing where you get your remaining Kcal peace out
Favorite new Cereal stewie 1 6 yearsstewie (442): Not sure if you guys get Futurelife, but they just brought out a high protein version: Per 100g: 365 calories 30g protein 36g carbs with 7g fibre 6.8g fat with 500mg omega-3 5.6g BCAA Take 200g for breakfast and you can eliminate most of your supplements for the day. clickable text
disgusting oceanair Jump to first page55Jump to last page 6 yearsRand (4291): @oceanair looks up Jamie Eason recipes they are legit like brownies and stuff
Pancake day Baggy 19 6 yearsMCarey (2179): Marmite you either love it or you hate it, grew up in England and before moves to Ireland I lives in derby behind the marmite factory! All day er day I could smell that shit haven't touches it since and that was 16 years ago! Might buy some and see if things have changed! Yucky stuff
Cheerios <3 tamere01 7 6 yearswannabemuscular (33216): I agree on the cheerios. You get a lot compared to other cereals. I take 56gm (2 cups) every day as a snack for the work day. I also eat Kellogs FiberPlus Cinnamon Crunch. Thems is GOOD!
What did you eat for breakfast today? mikew Jump to first page59Jump to last page 6 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): Dinner
Advice---- Rohrbacher0808 style ;) SRorhrbac0808 13 7 yearsZwalk (906): I'm also balls deep in the book "The Power of Now" which emphasizes that there is no past or future, they're figments of your imagination that you see as real if you overly identify with your mind. The only real thing you have is right now, and there's usually not a damn thinG wrong with right now.
Breakfast for Pre-Contest Prepping Ayy_Dee_ThaKidd 4 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): and maybe 1.5 tbs of wheat germ.... uhhhh like wayyyyy too many kcal's ugh ugh ugh
Breakfast ideas! Arodlopez Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsMazz (573): I start nearly every morning with a scoop of Dynamize Nutrition extended realese XT chocolate protein powder, mixed with 1 tbsp natty PB, half a banana, 1/2 cup of raw oats, 1 tbsp flax seed, water, 1/2 cup egg whites, 2oz non fat greek yogurt and blend it up with some water and ice. About 550 calories...Awesome morning shake and keeps me full usually until lunch 550 cals 15f/55c/52p...and 11g fiber.
Need some Nutrition Help! I've done work!!!! G3NGHIS 22 7 yearsDukenhiemer (23938): Rice cakes and natty peanut butter bro! Delicious! But I agree with Nor, fats are too high and carbs low. You're gonna feel the effects on phat with that low of carbs I would add a cup of oatmeal/grits, whatever you folk on the other side of the river eat! Bulking isn't hard, you're motivated enough that you'll find a solution and see some great results!
your favorite healthy breakfast? rileytheshort 8 7 yearsipwndtrade (97): 1 cup oatmeal with protein powder, cinnamon, flax seed, blueberries 6 eggs whites 1 cup greek yogurt, 1 scoop proteinpowder, blueberries, a little water and some ice, then put in the blender
Kale Maca Super Smoothie vrodmuscle 4 7 yearsRusty (46): any idea on the macros?
Carb Sources.... AustralianOak 15 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): I'm always less hungry in the evening, morning and post workout is where I can take a couple of huge dents out of my macros and calories on a bulk.
cookin n shiiiii seansm10 11 7 yearsShadow (448): Mate get your mum to buy more goddamn eggs! If she won't just guilt trip her by saying some shit about supporting your lifestyle...
Breakfast Meals! JJ3065 18 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): 2 whole large eggs +1 large egg white (scramble fried) 2 piece wholewheat toast 1 glass of milk 1 apple 540 cal, 62g carbs, 15g fats, 39g protein Love it.
cooking eggs Valentino_027 4 7 yearsPittMuscle (1896): Absolutely, that's how I make them every morning. No problem with it so long as you're using healthy oils, which you are.
Breakfast protein MrMailliw 8 7 yearsCupcake (402): I hit up 2 slices of whole grain toast with natty peanut butter. then a gainer shake, with around 30g's protein and 450cals. So all in all i get around 60g protein and 1200cals a good amount of fats and carbs.
Alternative to eggs JBomb 14 8 yearsehassim (6): I don't really care about the taste as long as it makes me shredded