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Intermittent fasting, need help guys? AxlSalvator 13 2 yearsJesus (166): @AxlSalvator lol Shame on yo name
Help me guess my body fat Johm7866 7 2 yearskevinscott (1): Do yo have any experience with diabetes problems ? I found this article researching for myself. What do you think?
20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat! Stillstanding19xx 10 2 yearsjostrosky (346): @eknight Always teaching the uneducated.
Why is muscle 600 calories per lb? the_can_man_can 16 2 yearsYeags (1144): To much thinking
Clen + duromine? Help! Morrel 3 3 yearsColossus (76): ...and cardio...
Bmi, bodyfat, mirror...HELP Striveforbetter 9 3 yearsStriveforbetter (1): I mean my profile pic is from 3 weeks ago if that helps lol
Can i get some help on my current BMI? lookingtoshred 8 4 yearsTimmothyGen (1780): ^ what these guys said... You got a good structure, broad shoulders and small waist. Keep lifting and get big don't worry about numbers like bf or ur weight.
Is this Gyno or excess fat? diabulus 10 4 years3six9 (220): looks like excess fat to me.
PLEASE HELP. MeganRosehart 13 5 yearswannabemuscular (33216): Sounds better. Remember, it's a starting point. If you're maintaining weight and don't feel you're gaining as you want, slowly add calories. Like 100 per week or so. And on the flip side, if you're gaining too fast, pull back on the calories a bit or add more cardio. Oh, and nice midsection!
Please, estimate my BF + Bulk or Cut? oolong 19 5 yearsoolong (4): Can do! So 3 days more of dieting, then a week long slow transition, and from 07.04.14 my way to the top!
macros faina00 24 6 yearseknight (58109): I'm not sure that they are. At one point, I believe they were, though, so I'm going off of that. -3X
bf% mnussbaum01 7 6 yearsThedude67 (3088): @Scotian It's probably not that hard when you're only about 8%...lucky
BF% Estimate? barbellbunny 14 6 yearsbarbellbunny (76): Thanks everyone! Also, what is the typical amount of time it takes to lose 1% fat? I'm aiming for 16-17ish
New Video Interview With Layne Norton RohanFLB 24 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Great vid bro.. Did not see that you have posted it already and i end up creating a similar thread.. Anyways.. very informative..
fat level zbornaja 9 6 yearseknight (58109): My joints start aching if I get near single digits. I train to be strong. I don't care how lean and pretty you are when I'm kicking your ass! -3X
Incompetent Personal Trainer. kaitjens Jump to first page58Jump to last page 6 yearskaitjens (1729): @SRorhrbac0808 get outta here steven. lol no juice for me. @Kansas___Boyyyyy that they are! @Dexdbest this forum really knows how to show the love! thank you! i really appreciate it
BodyFat Percentage Reference jonrivs49 3 6 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): Then Great.. Calculating your BF % is best. Images also great for reference to compare things up.
7% bodyfat but abs not fully showing Hamer93 Jump to first page80Jump to last page 6 yearsoceanair (18010): ya i think so. eh, i'm not much of a partier anywho haha. i love this city though. it's so pretty at night.
Help needed :) Antonscalia 9 6 yearsmikew (11493): Pics look good. What is your height/weight? Also what is your waist-to-hips ratio and shoulders-to-waist ratio? You can measure this with a measuring tape.
Tape Measure Damon1962 4 6 yearsmikew (11493): This is fun too - tape measure required: "The following calculator gives you an estimate of the maximum muscular measurements (at roughly 8 to 10% bodyfat) that a drug-free genetically superior trainee of your structure is likely to attain. It is based on equations I've developed through over 6 years of research and analysis of data from drug-free champions both past and present."
Need an educated assumption of my body fat % Antonscalia 12 6 yearsshannowman (6367): It looks nasty, not going to lie, but tastes good when seasoned.
Visceral vs. Subcutaneous Fat Monster81 9 6 yearsJezza_91 (1315): Or thats what he said
Pls estimate my body fat % and shoutout! alfa345 12 6 yearsalfa345 (67): cheers bro!! its a lifestyle now so defo gonan keep going
@THOR or anyone else, bodyfat analysis Dragonian 5 7 yearsNorIda (46957): Its an awesome article/Post/whatever you wanna call it. Def worth reading.
My plans for this year. Jelet 1 7 yearsJelet (2190): August 1st - November 1st. (3 months)I plan to lose 20 pounds.... Then November 1st - April 1 (5 months) I plan on gaining 12-15 pounds... April 1st - June 1st (2 months) Will cut 10 pounds and get SHREDDED. im talking about real lean. im talking about 8 pack lean... So that when i get on the 12 week testosterone cycle, at the end of the cycle i will still be lean.. just like 10-15 pounds heavier.. fuuuark!! the best is yet to...
Body Fat % and Bulking BWestern 2 7 yearsdwatson (26511): Already beat ya too it my man. Enjoy.
Body Fat % estimation help pcamp607 7 7 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): More muscle you put on, the more calories and food you can eat.
Gregg Plitt - Bulking Vid dwatson Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsB7AC (64): If it's anything like these forums it's gonna be a horrible ratio.
A device to check your fat %,body mass % ??? DFMaster240 8 7 yearsstewie (442): There are no accurate electronic devices available for normal use. Best way is with calipers. As for body mass index(worst indicater of anything in my opinion) there is a device that you can use - A measuring tape and a normal scale. (not sarcastic) I use an electronic scale that also determines body fat, water % etc the same way as the Omron you mentioned. It gives a nice indication of progress, but not accurate at all.
Measure BF %? b23ketball4life 3 7 yearsmikew (11493): But a nice scale ($30) and a hand held body fat calculator ($30) from Amazon. If that is not accurate enough Google "Bodpod [your city]" for a location nearby with a Bodpod. You can also get calipers as @brian12 suggests or simply measure/monitor your waist-to-hips ratio and...
body fat percentage OhhLoLo 23 7 yearsMrMailliw (4494): No site will be able to do it accurately. Either get skin calipers and put that into a calculator or get it exactly calculated by a doctor or machine or something.
12 week carb cycle results.. body fat% ? Trackoldfield 20 7 yearsTrackoldfield (34): Yer its good .. Really gives your metabolism a kick up the ass.. No worries
how is this possible OhhLoLo 19 7 yearsluka (2416): dont worry you still have acouple years to go efore u reach dat age :P
Had my BF % measured today.. TerryDizzle 5 7 yearsTerryDizzle (357): yeah im pretty much the same as far as diet..i always relied on genetics to get me im almost 40 yrs old and diet is huge...
measuring body fat properly jeeza_1234 5 7 yearsThor (5028): It's now linked to the BF tag which means that anyone looking to measure bodyfat 'properly' will find it when they look through the threads. Edit - I also noticed that the OP has opened another thread on the same topic, having picture comparisons can be quite useful.