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Risk for vertabrae injury Hambo 5 11 monthsDorich (454): No. See proof:
Lower back pain Kyle0516 5 3 yearsKyle0516 (1): Thank you guys @West165 @jostrosky @Yeags Yes, I know I should go to a doctor, but I think it is not that serious because it appears only from time to time and it's not that intensive that I can't move. But I will go to a doctor next week, so I will know what the problem is. Thank you guys for the advice!
Injury? hghani13 5 3 yearsJsn3004 (3265): @A_em Exactly. I was curious what the possible cause might be from a twitch in my quad, and apparently there was a chance I had ALS. Enough internet for the day. That hasn't happened since.
Sacroiliac joint pain! SOLARSUPLEX 1 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Waddup guys. Just sharing what i have come up with in my quick reading of pain relief of the SI joint. I was trying to PR on deadlifts (failed 385lb) a few days ago and ever since i have had a strange pain in my tailbone area. Did some googling and came up with the SI joint. More or less the pain is more of an extreme tightness just below my lower back. After watching countless...
spine collapse Hambo 4 4 yearsHambo (847): Thank for answers. Rawsteel I could not find the answer at google. I tried before posting you guys the question. Do you have any tips for me to search better at google and or youtube especially hard to find stuff.
Lower back stiffness while Deadlift(form video) Sydazak 5 4 yearsMaxSteel (1): thank you
Degree of scoliosis? nine0seven 6 5 yearsnine0seven (2569): Okay cool thanks guys (:
need advice, trying to cut with back problem dlugh510 6 5 yearskbradley88 (210): I dropped about a 20 pounds and iv got 2 slipped discs, 3 bulging, sciatica and shueremans disease (got discharged from the marines because of it) piled the weight on and looked fat as faaak, my cardio was walking on a very slight incline, running and cross trainer are completely out the question. get your diet on point thats the main factor and dont do exercises that will cause compression on your spine or it will just agrovate it. im...
Low back pain. MMB 7 5 yearsMMB (3616): It goes down in the glute to right?
chiropractor FxElement17 5 5 years_RudeCrew (15100): I go once a month usually. We have a family friend who does it and only charges me $15
Lower back pain seansm10 3 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): My girlfriend has a pain in the exact same spot. We havent been able to figure anything out to fix it because you cant massage a 'bone' as where the pain is. Hate to say it but i think you just have to get the money together and go to the physio man. Feel better and update here with whatever happens!
Need second opinion on osteopaths diagnosis Piggles 6 5 yearseknight (58109): I think that's a matter of semantics- managing it IS changing it. But since you can develop a pelvic tilt after age 21, that means you can change it. -3X
Squat back pain Piggles 7 5 yearsPiggles (226): I've been SQ/DL'ing for about a 1.5 years, but recently took some time off to do an Ironman, now building back up my lifts. I think that during this time my hamstrings have tightened up a lot which is giving me trouble squatting. The back pain is generally the night after squatting, or the day after. It's not terrible pain, but severe tightness. It's on both sides at the bottom of my erector spinae muscles medial of the iliac crest.
seriously Battling myself Trharrison 2 5 yearsFrostshock (13324): Wait til you're insured and go see the doctor asap, I doubt spinal problems are anything you want to just work through.
Need help with back injury steven0123 4 5 yearseknight (58109): @steven0123 do nothing until you have seen your physical therapist. If the disc begins putting pressure on the nerve, your L5 dermatome pattern goes all the way into your toes, so you're looking at creating some major long-term issues. Between now and five days from now when you see him/her, there's nothing you're going to do at the gym that will make you stronger or bigger, but there's plenty you could do that may cause more damage. When you...
T-Bar Row lower back pain Flo1307 9 5 yearshaole (2109): If your lower back hurts during T-bar rows i would think it would also hurt when you do bent over rows? I would guess that the deadlifts are killing your lower back. Make sure you are warming up enough before doing your deadlifts since its first in your routine (and its just deadlifts!). T-bar rows shouldn't be giving you lower back pain.
How do I treat pulled back. Sedlo18 5 5 yearsSedlo18 (25): @mikew yeah i didnt think it was that bad until a few hours ago it really swoled up and got hot. I can barely get in and out of chairs and bed right now. I hope its in alot better shape tomarrow
herniated disc question illwill 5 6 yearsillwill (331): I understand. I have been reluctant to go as it has been getting better, and it isn't that painful. walking isn't an issue for me. Bending over and standing up are the only times I really experience anything. I'll make an appt next week.
How would you do leg day with a bad back? Sach 19 6 yearseknight (58109): @Sach you should have an MMT and ROM test done by a PT. I'm certainly not qualified to prescribe a therapeutic exercise program without seeing you in person. @FxElement17 no lower lats. Squats and deads work the hip extensors, not the flexors. To work the hip flexors, you'd need to do movements like leg raises, Roman chair sit ups, etc. There's no perfect "harmony" I could advise, because I don't know your current condition. You'd...
derangement JDominiqueS 1 6 yearsJDominiqueS (190): hey there shredders, been away from the forms & training AGAIN because of my back pain again. seems I've got something called a derangement in my lower spine. I was hoping anybody could tell me more about it and its recovery, if it can be recoverd again will i ever squat heavy and pain free again ? can't find much about it on the internet except for the mckenzie way of treating it. thanks
Stretching to relieve pain Jsn3004 1 6 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Before I started working out seriously I had some lower back problems from sports and having pretty tight hamstrings. It seems that it is coming back to haunt me now whenever I workout legs and squat. My knees always seem to be going over my toes and it seems I am losing flexibility. Do any of you guys stretch for long periods of time?
Scoliosis and Bodybuilding dzand001 3 6 yearsdzand001 (211): copy that! thanks sir
Back on forms + NEED HELP piriformis JDominiqueS 12 6 yearsJDominiqueS (190): @kickinchicken thanks for the info man! ;D I did notice a small posterior tilt tough, also noticed that stretching the glutes, hams and abs relieves some of the pain and untill a week ago sticking my butt out like a donald duck (anterior pelvic tilt) hurted like hell. a week of stretching later and I can do that with a lot less pain ;d so deffo going to stretch up all those muscles you just pointed out. thanks a lot
Low Back Stiffness After L1 Fracture supercharged04 5 6 yearsmikew (11493): Find a Physical Therapist that specializes in working with athletes and does electric stim + acupuncture. That should help with the leftover swelling. may have some leads for a good PT.
back issue Illadian 7 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Check out number 2 on this video link. Most lower back pain is down to TIGHT lutes and hips.
lower back issues JDominiqueS 13 6 yearsJDominiqueS (190): @FiremanSi Definitely check out that stretch man, thanks!! @Hewy007 Massage deff helped out man thanks for the tip
Inzer Belts KnifeHands 7 6 yearsSwift (1411): Basically the belt is there so u breathe into it and force your stomach against it to get that pressure even tighter. No point just putting the belt on tight cos its not really going to give you much support that way
painless living leanr0x 4 6 yearsDevil82 (1240): yoga?
Back pain KnifeHands 17 6 yearsbhuntopp (22): The thing that helped me the most with back pain was starting over on conventional deadlifts. I dropped all the way down to 5 pound dumbs and slowly worked my way back. It was the best thing I ever did for my back. I had chronic back pain for years and now haven't had any pain for years.
Upper back pain (in core) alfa345 10 6 yearsalfa345 (67): Pr was by 30 kilos, heaviest i ever did was 150 before the 180 kg.. i even felt i could have done probably 185
Lower back warming sensation Broschette 3 6 yearsBroschette (127): Yeah im talking about the same burning though, I get it doing those aswell
serious back pains boettcherboy 7 6 yearsMassthetics (364): rest up bro, stay safe!
GPF Road Recovery (ending) GPF 6 6 yearsGPF (16): Thanks SA
Knowingly rounding back on deadlifts :( DFMaster240 20 6 yearsdatabas1c (2188): haha I tore a callus doing 315 today. Dropped that shit immediately. Felt bad man, didnt even get to my working set. Serves me right for doing an hour of crossfit style snatch and hang clean work yesterday.
disc herniation jon123 10 6 yearsjon123 (1): ive had a fair bit of physio on it, unfortunately its not fixing it, i understand that disc injuries take time
Back Pain SRorhrbac0808 5 6 yearsmikew (11493): Bro do you even foam roller??
Trapped Nerve Jordan17 5 6 yearscassious (2926): Get someone to roll a ball around on the sore spot?
Low back burn/stiffness/pain while running. DFMaster240 8 6 yearsSnoogal (190): Now then kidda I run a lot, and used to get the same problem. I also used to get the same problem from quads/squats I cured it with back extension/hyper extension(machine). I would do 2 x 50 reps with no weight before each run, and on back day, and on quads days. A little tip for hamstrings is stand on heels and point toes up to really stretch out and hit them more direct. Worked/works for me, every time.
pulsing lower back pain leokozian 3 6 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Doctor right now.
Slight tightness/little pain in lower back. DFMaster240 18 6 yearsmikejamesjhm (1): It is probably due to stiffness. This problem seems to me can be solved by performing exercises correctly including limited stretching that will be effective for the pain.
Herinated discs In4gainZ 29 6 yearsJelet (2190): never said that... link me to where i said that. u may be confusing me with someone else.
Help with Deadlift Form Please joe2401 8 6 yearsAverageJoe (4510): A tip I could give you: when you lift the weight from the floor, keep your head in line with your spine: dont look up front, look at the floor in front of you. when you get the barbell down, your head is perfectly aligned, but then you tilt it back to lift again.
anyone ever get a herniated disc? Jelet 17 7 yearsScotian (9922): Good to see you can act like a normal person lol good luck with the back In4gainz is now the hands down biggest douche lol
lower back.. lift4life 20 7 yearsKFC (133): I have this problem. although mine got sore when sitting for extended periods of time, and even running for more than 10minutes. I went to physio and they got me strengthening my abs and doing a lot of stretching. seems to be doing the trick. Just read akk's post. and yeah pretty much doing stability exercises.
Knot in my back BWestern 6 7 yearsBWestern (121): Thanks for the suggests guys i'll try all of them
Need help w/a re-entry workout program Irish0ne 2 7 yearsAarronStenner (10990): first of congratulations on a huge success. Start of slowly dont rush back into it. Start on 3 days a week with light workouts and slowly add more in every few weeks
STRETCHES and HIP MOBILITY!! cardinal 4 7 yearscassious (2926): haha that guy is full on ima try this
back problems juanf122388 6 7 yearstarotale (433): don't we all have back problems...
Lower back problem! Codiak 11 7 yearsJLC (36): clickable text I think we have to take it in english. But the phonenumber is in the bottom of the website. Just call and make an appointment. You can see who he is on the page i linked you.
Back injury question. wdoh 2 8 yearsAdam (63): might be worth going to a osteopath bro, no point risking further injury on your back ( once its gone its gone)