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Current Update HezY 7 3 yearsHezY (1): How do you have the Same Veni Vidi Vici Piece as Az and be such a sad kunt lolz
S.S(eknight) questions thread DEXchidera Jump to first page500Jump to last page 5 yearseknight (58109): I didn't actually make this thread to start with, lol, but if people have questions, maybe someone will start a part II. Regarding your weight increases, yes you can certainly increase more than the prescribed amount, but just be careful of those shoulders and lower back. With the heavy squats, it's often lumbar spinal compression that causes issues before the hips and knees, and of course massive jumps in benching and OHP is more stress on...
Natural Pro RJ Perkins Ask Me Anything Rd. 3 Mr_Aestheticz Jump to first page173Jump to last page 6 yearsMr_Aestheticz (2143): Sorry if I am late but pretty much your macro counting timing stops within 24 hours so if you eat your remainder day macros for a previous day on the next calendar day you should be ok but if you start dipping into your next calendar macros without clearing an initial 24 can be a little conflicting.
Natural Pro RJ Perkins Ask Me Anything Rd. 2 Mr_Aestheticz Jump to first page347Jump to last page 6 yearsMr_Aestheticz (2143): New Q&A Thread
Want questions answered regarding training? Cannonball 24 6 yearsCannonball (6283): I'm sorry, I disagree. I get where you're coming from, but it's just not the same thing. If I had my ass lifted the entire lift, on every lift, sure. But the two exercises are just too different; by doing high squats you get your CNS used to it, and it's alot worse than the occasional overshot leg drive. I do agree that "train as you compete" is a good idea, but if you can handle it, it doesn't matter. If someone COULD squat high...
Manlet of Peace Checking In -Matt Ogus - Q&A flexforall2 Jump to first page109Jump to last page 7 yearsEzravdb (43): cool to see you here too been following you for a while on youtube! Awesome sincere videos with a bit of humor here and there haha Good luck with your comp in 2013!
IFPA Pro RJ Perkins - Ask me Anything! Mr_Aestheticz Jump to first page500Jump to last page 7 yearsdwatson (26511): That awkward moment, when you're the last one to post in his thread........ BOOOM. Round 2 located at:
A Little Bit About Me EFJK Jump to first page53Jump to last page 8 yearsluka (2416): LOL! i was bored