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Lower back (please help) acoble02 2 7 monthsFishbulb (28): Haven't checked this site in away, hence the delay...Do direct work on your hips, glutes, hamstrings religiously. I'm the only guy in the gym who uses the adductor / abductor machines as well as the glute/hamstring kickback machine (where the cable is around your ankle), in addition to my normal leg day stuff (squats, split squats, ham stuff, unfortunately I don't do deads anymore, etc). Throw in some glute bridges - one leg and two - and...
Water Weight While On Cycle? TheSociaLToasT 3 2 yearseknight (58109): Wrong forum. -3X
Demonize supplement Spencer1104 6 3 yearskeylemike (13): Sorry to say I have not tried that one yet. So I have no idea about it. But I have used some supplements which work well. They helped me to reach my goal. Try this Healthy Self Programs
BF % estimate and muscle loss during cut leonardont 8 3 yearsleonardont (1): Thank you all for the advice - I will follow it! Have a good eve
Is "bleeds" like this normal after workout? ZeposPowerbuilder 10 3 yearszomfroot1 (16): Rock Hard abs
What to i need to improve on?? ZeposPowerbuilder 4 3 yearsMusa (1): How did you get that strong? what type of sets and reps do you recommend? because 3x5 or 5x5 doesn't do shit for me. How long do you rest per set also? would be awesome to know.
Lower back pain Kyle0516 5 4 yearsKyle0516 (1): Thank you guys @West165 @jostrosky @Yeags Yes, I know I should go to a doctor, but I think it is not that serious because it appears only from time to time and it's not that intensive that I can't move. But I will go to a doctor next week, so I will know what the problem is. Thank you guys for the advice!
Want to build my own Home gym 3ss1m4n 12 4 years3ss1m4n (4): @wannabemuscular yea that's what I've figures as well. Plus I got quite a nice jogging area around my flat. I'll see if I can find a store with these models. I do like the elliptical as well but takes up quite a lot of space doesn't it? @Jesus I didn't even think of that but that's a good cheap addition for a nice cardio. Plus my calfs never seem to grow so I think that could help :)
Weird abs help! Kev521 7 4 yearsKev521 (4): Now I understand! Thanks guys
Workout plans that hit muscles twice a week? dayrone150 9 4 yearsKS100 (13): No problem adding some rear delt work. 2-3 sett of rear delt flyes/facepulls each upper session will do the trick.
Powerlifting advice needed JamesM 16 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I feel ankle/calf mobility is often over looked until it becomes a problem. Off to YouTube to find the ultimate ankle mobility video. And yes @hambro that was directed at op
Current Update HezY 7 5 yearsHezY (1): How do you have the Same Veni Vidi Vici Piece as Az and be such a sad kunt lolz
Question About female weightlifting plan oX0MIZZ0Xo 2 5 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): I doubt you'll recover in time to do proper sessions in under 48 hours.
Cutting progress (first attempt ever) wxfreekj 1 5 yearswxfreekj (157): Hello SS. I'm a little more than enough weeks into my cut and seem to be doing OK. I'm at 2200c 160p 250c 60f and have been seeing progress while maintaining strength as best I can. I'm currently utilizing a 6 day Ppl routine. I was wondering if I could get some advice. So in addition to lifting, I am training for a marathon in early October. The 2200 cals is based on my estimated TDEE, but on the weekends, I'm now running at least 15 miles...
Forearm routines Vtimez 9 5 yearsBeans (4204): @Vtimez all the above are good. Also, if you can incorporate dumbell lunges or farmer's walks, those can murder the forearms. As far as deads go, I would just use alternate grip, hook grip, or chalk to help. I've always found my forearms still get a good workout lifting heavier weight even if I have to adjust my grip to increase it.
Intense workout, What supplements to take? jayjay770 4 5 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): Haha that sounds exactly like me. I am very sensitive to stimulant so coffee or a can of V before the workout keeps me hyper for ages :) you don't want to be around me if i had too many coffees lmao
I need help with anabolic diet. dannyboy0526 25 6 yearsdannyboy0526 (1): I will be printing the to read tonight
can u make gains while using that lettuce? thephenomenon 11 6 yearsajm87 (409): what about the different types of lettuce? I prefer romaine. it is juicier.
Clenbuterol sandyffff 10 6 yearsHamer93 (9553): What's the macros per 100g of clen?
what to eat after a workout?! ering95 14 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): I usually have it so my pre-workout meal is roughly 2hours (Can't eat to close to workout or i feel sick during cause my intensity is generally high) before my workout and consists of a Lean Protein & Slow digesting Carb (Oats,Brown Rice,Sweet potato) that kinda thing... have a protein shake with creatine post workout, then post workout meal Fast digesting Carb (White rice, White Potato, White Pasta) with again Turkey, Chicken or Tuna. ...
15 and bulking wnakos Jump to first page53Jump to last page 9 yearsluka (2416): im a living know zyzz and chestbrah and the aestethics crew? thats me and sways and the wolfpak, understand dat...WORD nigga out