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Covid time A_em 8 10 monthsA_em (2424): @oceanair thanks so much 😘 I cross my fingers so tou get back to tour routine and truly enjoy it. (Same for myself).
Im A little too Skinny. AmosXD 3 1 yearYeags (1144): Food prep make it a point to eat a certain amount at a surplus each day. It’s hard but if you want to grow it’s a must
Yearly update 3 plate bench Pikadrew 1 2 yearsPikadrew (19): It has been a year since I pushed 280 on bench.A year later I’m back on vacation recently just weeks ago I got 315. Also going for 320+ here at up north at a 85 pound lighter bodyweight of 245 all the way from 330 https://
work out regime suggestion needed joedarnell 4 3 yearsLiftingLawyer (4): I see they are doing a 2 for 1 in Denny’s on servings of better get down there and stock up!!
Abs not sore Humblelifts 6 3 yearsLiftingLawyer (4): Want sore..? Easy: Ab wheel, 5 sets of 20...nothing else, job done Planks are for Planks
Skinny Fat angelo 4 3 yearssophia990 (1): I use exercise band, they are good for getting the small waist and removing extra belly fat.
Ab Stimulators on a Budget ajdigital1 1 3 yearsajdigital1 (1): There are two Abs simulators are on sale, both are 50% off. Enjoy toned muscles with this deal. Available on Amazon use the Keywords to find! 😀50% off with discount code " M4IYMC3F " it is $45.95, you will only pay 22.96 after use the discount code. Basherry Ab Toner Abs stimulator Abdominal Toning Belts Muscle Training Gear,Portable Unisex Fitness Training Gear,Wireless Muscle Exercise Equipment Shaping Instrument 😀50%...
Training abs Mustbenice 6 3 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I don’t even know why I try if everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t get why you posted this. It appears you already had your mind made up.
Is Lemon Water good for Weight Loss Emmac01 18 3 yearsYeags (1144): Lemon water wont significally help any if it did it would eat a hole in your stomach..: plus not enough scientific evidence to prove it helps. Only hard work and dedication works no shorcuts!!!!
How Can I Get Stronger? Add to my workout. JakeSimmonds 17 3 yearsJsn3004 (3265): So which one is it? Because now you're changing your mind every other post. You have a camera on your phone, all you have to do is record yourself performing the lift. You don't need to ask the gym for permission, and nobody is going to file a grievance.
Body fat estimate help? Fletch7878 22 4 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Abs Humblelifts 8 4 yearsNorIda (46958): Life is hard It's harder when you're stupid. Lol. You must have a fat head, cause that brain muscle of yours isn't burning anything.
Abs Takeiteasy 13 4 yearsRawn (1338): I chuckled. GW
Calisthenic ring workouts CalisthenicStudent 1 4 yearsCalisthenicStudent (10): Hello there guys completely new to this forum but I'm looking to promote calisthenics training. Ive been training using the gymnastic rings and have just posted two workouts to youtube I would like feedback on both of my videos to see what people think of the content and quality of editing? Also I'd like to talk about what people think about training with the gymastic rings i really do believe its one of the best things for the upper body...
Skinny-fat clean or bulk cago135 10 4 yearscago135 (1): Gratzi
Tips on how to Harden the stomach Spencer1104 3 4 yearsjamiee321 (4): Here is one I found the other day I've only done it twice but the day after my abs were so sore!
New in the gym Sistablister 4 4 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Obluqies Freakydecky 1 4 yearsFreakydecky (1): How the shit can you get obluqies to look like this... Like holy shit what exersises to grt them that big and yet have a extremely tiny waist like this guy no doubt has at least a 29 and below. Also nope did thr ultrasound. Just a extreme muscle strain as they called it. Told me to just do breathing excerises and actually work them. Sure enough...
Loose skin or fat? Nicolelou 14 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): I'm just surprised this thread is still kicking despite OP never responding and this thread being 10 months old.
Russian twist Humblelifts 10 4 yearsAoverto7 (310): Try Mexican twists. They are covered with cinnamon sugar and they are great!
Abs Darkfloppa 6 4 yearsAoverto7 (310): Probably need a waist trainer and some sweet sweat to really "tone" your abs. Maybe look in to a detox/fit tea.
Let's try this again Freakydecky 6 4 yearsFreakydecky (1): Yeah it is stupid, can't tell for SHIT! So basically the abdominal is normal no swelling nothing just pain is that what you are telling me? Still picture would be great I can't find SHIT!
An unusual request bronnblackwater 9 4 yearskickinchicken (8717): @OP why don't you just go to some model forum that will accommodate you more? Fitness models come here. Your goals are not fitness oriented.
3 Years Natural Transformation LauchaArriagada 1 4 yearsLauchaArriagada (1): clickable text
New to Paris PhilipCH 2 4 yearsLiftamusprime (364): Disneyland is pretty sweet.
Flex Friday kayla_garretson 3 4 yearsAoverto7 (310):
Is "bleeds" like this normal after workout? ZeposPowerbuilder 10 4 yearszomfroot1 (16): Rock Hard abs
Belly fat? zomfroot1 1 4 yearszomfroot1 (16): Hey guys and girls. I'm just dropping a link in here for those of you who may be in need of some extra help. This is a workout program designed for men and women.
12 weeks shred, question about routine Simplytiny 5 4 yearsjostrosky (346): @Simplytiny we can't critique unless you post program.
Diet advice Read pls jflynny17 6 4 yearsjostrosky (346): I was going by what you intake now. i typically go with 1.15 gram/lb of body weight so its a little more . you can adjust and take off 15-20gram of protein and move it over to your carbs because they are both 4 calories per gram or you can take it from protein and move to fat but fat is 9 calories per gram so only a couple grams of fat
Need bodyfat percentage estimation please! JohnDoe 5 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @JohnDoe How old are you? Looks like you have gyno.
What to do in my case?? Ely 2 4 yearswannabemuscular (33219): We have no idea what you look like so really can't give any advice.
First time Man Physique apperance Musclemania 6 4 yearsBeans (4204): @SOLARSUPLEX All in a day's work!
Ab Exercises for Fused Spine xckks 3 4 yearskickinchicken (8717): Do not use and bending or twisting movements whatsoever. You should be focusing on your core and lower back strength. The anterior abdominal muscular development will follow at it's own pace for now. leg raises, planks, etc are best. Also, focus on pelvic flexibility to help reduce the need to bend your back and place added stress on it. Just google pelvic or hip mobility exercises. Joe Defranco has some good stuff on youtube.
Need diet Advice plus Abs workout Advice. Riku 2 4 yearsYeags (1144): Read stickies lots of info...
Is this a good routine? Calluz 4 4 yearsSalokin (877): What's your goal? Gain muscle, lose fat, build endurance? Your "routine" looks to be geared toward burning calories and general health and well-being. If you're trying to get into "body building", this is not going to do it.
Workout plan? youngalpha22 8 4 yearsYeags (1144): Read the stickies at top of forum to get a better idea of what you need to do to achieve your goals...
How to lose belly fat and keep it off Benzenunovic 28 4 yearsstellabell (4): think you can add avocados into your diet. A research devided participants into two groups. The first consumed a meal with avocados while in the meal of the other group, there was no avocado. Researchers started to pose questions about satiety and hunger to both groups. The first group who consumed avocados was less eager for foods by 28 percent in the 5-hour period. Moreover, the high content of fiber and low amount of carbs in avocados...
What was the biggest struggle when starting? Joe 7 4 yearssjfit (1): For me i think it was just the motivation. Its easy to make the plan to go to the gym but in the beginning i always had an excuse. Making it a habit was the best thing i could have done for myself
Bulking and diet clarifications jflynny17 6 4 yearsYeags (1144): Keep bulking put on quality size then cut...
14 pounds away dollar786 Jump to first page76Jump to last page 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): I think you uploaded the wrong pic.
Please help me Benchify 2 4 yearsJsn3004 (3265): Start bulking. Everyone on this forum will tell you to bulk. You're 150 and still want to lean out? If you keep cutting you're going to look like you don't lift. 2,000 calories is very low and you already mentioned that you're increasing your cardio. And stop program hoping. Stick to one program.
StreetWorkout-Žan Šket- Slovenian Champion mvpking5 2 4 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): Wait I miss Lee phum
Best Places to do street workout? BuddyAces 8 4 yearsEdgar (1): beach is the awesome place for workouts
SHOCKING FAT TO RIPPED 5MIN TRANSFORMATION!! tyrannosaurusrez 19 4 yearsgetfit24 (43): Makes sense, thanks for the info!
Estimate Body fat percentage dollar786 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsTucane (172): This. Girls only care about mens arms, money, arguing and watching 'love actually' together until their periods sync. We men on the other hand have real interests like body composition and such:-)
Do you know Spectro Supplements ? etiennegagnon 1 5 yearsetiennegagnon (1): Hello ! Spectro Supplements is a brand selling supplements to improve workout. Each of our products is 100% natural and adapted to a specific need. For more than a decade we have helped hundreds of thousand people around the world to reach their goals by offering them exceptional fitness support and high quality products. We are currently organizing a contest #SPECTROCONTEST. Click here to participate and try to win 3 products of your...
Hey all. BlakeScar Jump to first page40Jump to last page 5 yearsBlakeScar (40): I know but I just HATE to see my belly all bloated. Heck my waist goes up which just truly piss me off not online trolling which ain't gonna work keep trying. From 34 to 36, I drop carbs down again back to 34, so?
Should I cut a little more or bulk? USAAZ 5 5 yearsAndyCap (118): Wow, um something about this pic looks really off. And bulk.
Lê Phạm Thế Vũ - Freestyle Bar - 27/8/2016 lephamthevu 1 5 yearslephamthevu (19):
Help me look like this? BlakeScar 29 5 yearsArimac44 (451): Prove Yourself - Mark 8:11 The Pharisees came to Jesus and asked him questions. They wanted to test Jesus. So they asked Jesus to do a miracle to show that he was from God.
Freestyle on Pull Up Bar - Lê Phạm Thế Vũ lephamthevu 1 5 yearslephamthevu (19):
Pot belly from bulking thegreatm 3 5 yearsNorIda (46958): Bump
Weird abs help! Kev521 7 5 yearsKev521 (4): Now I understand! Thanks guys
WEEKLY WORKOUT HELP Kev521 3 5 yearsKev521 (4): @ATN_Coaching thanks for the suggestion, will do some more research then!
I can't shred around my belly NenadGM 17 5 yearsBrianz (7): I think you will be able to shred your belly fat if you put some more effort. Have some patience you can achieve your goal. One of my friends who had similar situation had undergone liposuction from a clinic in Windsor, Canada. I think he had more fat around his belly than yours. Since he didn't have any patience he underwent the procedure. He should wait nearly 6 months to see the complete result and his surgeon has asked not a do vigorous...
16 Years Old looking to gain muscle beginner 6 5 yearsBrianz (7): You should be very careful in building muscles. I have been reading blogs regarding this and I think I should share it here. . I hope this might be helpful.
Need HELP with abs (cut) Kev521 13 5 yearsKev521 (4): Oh sorry guys I forgot about the FAQ thread, will read it now.
16 year old needs HELP.... Kev521 5 5 yearsKev521 (4): Thanks hghani13,West165 and Benzenunovic for the help, I really appreciate it! I think that mpstly I would like to cut instead of bulk and then maybe I will focus on muscle building. I also would like to thank hghani13 for the protein choice, this will really help me. Thanks once again :)
Why does my stomach go in so much/bf estimat tommm21 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): Open thread to view post.
How long to get visible abs Ernieknowsasecret 7 5 yearsanastasiaova (22): I think it's impossible to say how long it would take for you. If your diet is on point and you're slowly decreasing overall body fat, abs will show up one day :) Also depends on your genetics and where you store fat and where you lose it first/last x
Transformation from skinny teen to ripped andrew_hristo 23 5 yearsandrew_hristo (1): Thanks man! That's the plan ;) will keep you posted!
New veins but not feeling lean? barbellbunny 6 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Maybe you're carrying a bit of extra water due to female hormones? I find the mid-section is the last to show improvements. Arms and shoulders always come around first.
Lê Phạm Thế Vũ Freestyle Calisthenics PushUp lephamthevu 1 5 yearslephamthevu (19):
Lê Phạm Thế Vũ demo Push Up freestyle 22/4 lephamthevu 3 5 yearslephamthevu (19): haha ok thanks my Bro, I will.
Advise please! Katapocolypse 20 5 yearsHamb0 (2893): You have most of it right, yea. I'll just explain a few details. Cardio is, strictly put, not necessary to lose weight. A calorie deficit IS necessary though. You can use cardio as a tool to expend extra calories, and create/increase the deficit. From my personal example, when i want to lose weight, i usually add in a little extra cardio, because it allows me to eat more, while im in a deficit. The options for me, would be something like eating...
Opinions? dserious111 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Find a trainer for her. She gets in shape and you keep your gf. -3X
Waist line ruinevesfitness 10 5 yearsruinevesfitness (1): Great! Thank you all for your Feedback 😊
How to stay lean while bulking GinoBB 2 5 yearsLiftamusprime (364): You know what sucks? This information was already on this the FAQ section..for the past two years..
Dropping weight for event barbellbunny 4 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @barbellbunny You look stunning. You don't need to drop any weight! I saw your IG too. Geeez, you look awesome.
Transformed myself, looking to get shredded SamirDripz 8 5 yearsAndyCap (118): Okay. the next step would be to track your calories and macros. Macros are things that can be tweaked but in general people here advise a 50/30/20 split. There is more info in the faq about that. If you want to get body fat lower you are going to have to track your calories religiously for a while. Getting that knowledge in place is vital. Also i would advise you add in some HIIT intervals a few times a week. Find out your maintenance calories...
Holy Crap! You have to read this! vonte21 5 5 yearsUptonG (1): If you buy a real book, you could try lifting it a bunch until you get a 6 pack! Amazing!
Bulking results thus far zach216 6 5 yearswannabemuscular (33219): @zach216 Start a log if you want continuous feedback and constructive criticism.
getting hard and dry for a show rylie111 10 5 yearsGreekLegend (52): Lay in a frying pan. you'll get dryyy
Abs? Bella Jump to first page57Jump to last page 5 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): @Jsn3004 yeah beta bitch
Continue cutting? BF estimate zach216 Jump to first page81Jump to last page 5 yearseknight (58109): Let me ask you this- why do you believe they're NOT the same? Do you understand what happens to carbohydrates when you eat them? Are you aware they all break down into glucose regardless of where they come from? -3X
Help for routine guide Titaniumshield 4 5 yearsTitaniumshield (1): Yes, i can definitely workout out there times per week. The problem was that i wasn't sure it's going to be enough. I tried for two weeks but i couldn't continue because of sudden workload. But like you said a little commitment is possible. With that said, what can you suggest for the session regarding my goals. I do traditional curls and also mace style workouts. Where do i start the research?
Tips for training without a gym Chloekypps 18 5 yearsChloekypps (10): Thanks to you all. I got myself a good set of resistance bands which are going to be easy to carry around! I do miss lifting heavy but I have to work with what I have.
Fitness Photography Paulie 16 5 yearsNorIda (46958): That beard. I can appreciate the commitment it takes to grow such a beautiful thing, and you captured it so gracefully!
Ab and oblique exercises max12480 9 5 yearsRawsteel (940): If you value your back health, primarily stick to ab exercises where you don't flex your spine, i.e. isometric exercises like roll outs, ball pikes, stir the pot, planks etc. The last thing you want to do is crunches and sit-ups, especially with a twist (rotation). Why? Because according to Stuart Mcgills research, a crunch or sit-up generates at least 3,350 newtons (equivalent of 340 kg) of compressive force on the spine, and according to...
Keep cutting? strengthathletics 23 5 yearsstrengthathletics (16): Based on the process I made would u say keep bulking or cut? Did I gain mostly fat? I probably gained 10 lbs in 2 months since starting my bulk with Christmas binges in there.
Good Leg n Shoulder Routine HardBody 2 5 yearseknight (58109): -3X
New Fitness Reality show on Musclemania gunsandposestv 1 5 yearsgunsandposestv (1): Please Check out our show and let us know what you think! clickable text
Six Pack? emsay Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsemsay (52): I would never say things to make anyone else feel self-conscious.
Quick 15 min fat loss workout FitezNatural 4 5 yearsFitezNatural (1): Creative. Took a sec to process lol.
3 weeks out to WBFF London George_Kofi 1 5 yearsGeorge_Kofi (10): Hey what up guys im 3 weeks out to my first competition WBFF in London on the 14th Nov. I will try to post some progress pics in the next 3 weeks this one is right after my Basketball cardio session!
my cutting macros dwcwrestler 2 5 yearseknight (58109): Macro distribution doesn't circumvent total calorie intake. You'd make the same progress on 30/50/20 with more energy if your Kcals are the same. -3X
3 Months Aesthetics Transformation tyrannosaurusrez 5 5 yearstyrannosaurusrez (4): Thanks guys!!
Put weight on after strict diet rylie111 4 6 yearsmikew (11494): 4 days of debauchery is not gonna undo months of focused dieting so it's probably a non issue. Then again 4KG in 4 days... that's a lot of debauchery. ;)
How do you activate the after burn effect BalaAlterada 22 6 yearsthe1 (33861): shut up timothy chang
bulgarian method with my girl slaviknifanov 5 6 yearsslaviknifanov (31): i think i remember you from my old previous videos god i was awful haha such a typical beginner its unbelievable
6-pack struggle and bf calculation vag19 5 6 yearsvag19 (1): @FiremanSi Thanks!
NaturalBrawn Vlog NaturalBrawn 28 6 yearsNaturalBrawn (199): Cool, I'm coming to post my post hols shape this week...I really went in lol
Critique endomorph diet please :) mlgpro 8 6 yearsBeans (4204): So you're still cutting? And why do you think you took your last diet as far as you could go?
Bloat Pezhman 5 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Worst....days.... EVER.
follow @dashes_fitness on instagram :) dashyy91 16 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): thats what I was thinking lol
Need A Quick Effective Home Ab Routine? MarcoTrunzo 6 6 yearsBeans (4204): Can you post your rotated shoulders routine as well?
I need help bracing my core please?.. qtdreams92 8 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): thanks @eknight the Cough or exhale hard cue works perfect! so its pushing down not pushing out lol. I can talk normal in this braced position. and imagining the brace position as a standing plank works for me :)
Soft2Shredded: 2015 Natural Contest Prep. AnthonyKim421 Jump to first page46Jump to last page 6 yearsAnthonyKim421 (103): Hey guys, just to let you know I've started another thread with my journey back to the platform from my pageantry this past season. Shit is about to get real. http://
4y of training progress eddyserb 10 6 yearsSoutheastbrah (16): good job on the progress,man. but why do you think that's it's useless to track your workout?
Top 3 Ab Exercises Fayzeh 26 6 yearsRawsteel (940): If you have a good crunch machine at your gym or one of these then i recommend that you use that as your "main" or only dynamic rectus abdominus exercise since it's alot easier compared to free weight crunches, i personally hate having to hold on to all the weights when doing free crunches :P And when it comes to volume 6-8 sets/40-60 reps twice a week is enough, i recommend some isometric training as well, like planks or the ab wheel.
Can Your Core Handle Four? jrunfitpro 9 6 yearsqtdreams92 (1630): @the1 hahaha wow..
The PLANK rememberthis 15 6 yearsrememberthis (556): haha, while on this note... I'll just add that French Electro ( Gessafelstein!) is a great choice of music :)
20% BF to 10% BF GoldenAesthetics 9 6 yearsGoldenAesthetics (19): @Beans that is a good idea, i will do it and like eknight said, its never exact thank you all :)
does pilates help with back pain & abs queenquebec 7 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): Thanks! I've been doing pilates core exercise 2 or 3 weekly and I feel so much better. Mainly planks, bir-dogs, glute bridges, bicycles etc. I am also doing weighted cable crunches,bench reverse crunches and core twist but ok only 2 a week.
Serratus and "upper obliques" Kecaldesian 4 6 yearsFayzeh (1546): Side crunches using back extension machine with added weight.
The Physique Summit AnthonyKim421 2 6 years3six9 (220): Sorry won't be in the area.
Guess my body fat and win 100 cool points! Beastmode1607 17 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): @LVjack thanks much!
Spoonfeed me Calf/Ab knowledge Real quick Kansas___Boyyyyy 16 6 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Kansas___Boyyyyy Good stuff buddy.
progress and diet question tman87 3 6 yearstman87 (4): Thanks for the info mike. With me at a 500 cal deficit that would put me at 1900 calories. I don't want to look like a marathon runner neither. 150lbs will only put me at 5lbs less in than I am in the photo. P90x has Cardio days also with Some HIIT training in there as well so that's why I will be choosing to do another round with it it April. With 1900 calories and 35p/45c/20f would that help in lowering fat while retaing muscle? I'm hoping to...
Can someone give me a Body fat Estimate? genericzombievamp 9 6 yearsLVjack (2749): If you want to look like an Ethiopian pirate then you should keep cutting.
Update on my Abs transformation and Cut themav 11 6 yearsskillman85 (1): Awesome transformation dude
Progress pic wxfreekj 15 6 yearswxfreekj (157): Thanks @3six9 and @fuba141! It's been fun fun fun. Just spent a week on the beach in Mexico--feeling fantastic! Hard work pays off, who woulda thunk it?
losing stomach fat roseyc123 Jump to first page62Jump to last page 6 yearsroseyc123 (58): who u talking to kiddo ?
Road to aesthetics. HashtagYOLO 7 6 yearsHashtagYOLO (1): @darklight79 Yeahhhhh that's it 🌝 gonna get that masssss.
Abs for days Meesh23 10 6 yearsMeesh23 (16): Haha! Steve Cook is the best lol and yes planks def is a popular one! Thanks for all your input guys!!
bodyfat estimate sonne1998 6 6 yearsTyrannosaurusFlex (2641): I agree with Nor, you need to bulk mayne
at what body fat do the abs become visible? thephenomenon 12 6 yearsBeastmode1607 (88): I can barely see them at 16% but they really pop out at 10% if I got lower it'd pop out more
Is abdominal training necessary? ThatTeenThatLifts 15 6 yearsmikew (11494): Pretty much this ^^ Much easier to say, "Well abs are made in the kitchen and I'm bulking so that's why my abs suck." ;)
Lifting srs for 7 months natty my results eddyserb 27 6 yearsoceanair (18020): Lol at the comments. Nice gainz dude. Keep up the good work and stay consistent. Also, you need a pic of the wheels.
sagging skin on stomach problem queenquebec 15 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): Also, should use the scale to track my progress or bodyfat percentage test? Right now I'm building muscle,but I'm to cut in a few months.
tips for getting lean and shredded chanman 5 6 yearsqueenquebec (25): @chanman Becoming shredded means losing weight = caloric deficit. Having "definition" would mean you would be lean enough to see the muscle you've built. Just lose weight!
Why do I look different in outside mirrors Beastmode1607 9 6 yearskickinchicken (8717): Sorry if the answer was too technical 😎
My Progress In 10 Weeks! ShreddedSumo 10 6 yearsShreddedSumo (10): Streanght hasn't increased that much but a bit as expected, weight difference is about 11/12 lbs.. Killer chest man got some silver back gorilla action going on there!!
Ogus on abs brian12 6 6 yearsSamwaite23 (211): Never trains and crew, Most movements in the gym requires core stability to an extent, the abs wil be popping when your lean. Cracks me up seeing people doing 'abs' for 30 mins and they're not even lean thinking they'll start showing soon.
Great things have small beginnings Phoenix9369 5 6 yearsPhoenix9369 (4): Thanks!
33 years old - Never had Abs showing ... themav Jump to first page57Jump to last page 7 yearsthemav (7): Hi, Thought i'd post up where i am now on my cutting journey. Ive lost 15lbs in about 35 days - so been losing around 3lbs a week. Feeling flat at the moment but this could be to do with the T3 and extra cardio i'm doing. Enthusiasm is still high and i'm now looking at reducing my food costs. Ive been buying 250gram packets of veg , uncle bens microwave rice, packs of pre-cooked chicken etc all of which I can save around 40.00 a week buying...
Ubiquitous phenomenon. Local forum darklight79 6 7 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): shoulder growth
neglected core r1c0 11 7 yearseknight (58109): I think the only time I've had rest periods that long is when I was squatting using Smolov. For just about everything else, I train fast. I've done meets where I didn't have much time between lifts, so I got in the habit of training the way I would compete. -3X
WANT ABBS TO SHOW SOMEONE HELP!!!! Kbatch13 7 7 yearsjja0016 (829): I'd start eating in a surplus and start a real program like 5x5 stronglifts immediately to take advantage of "newb gains" (the gains which a new lifter experiences within the first 6-8 months of lifting) which you'll never experience again when it's gone. I started the same way as you and didn't really have abs but when I started working out with my uncle doing a bro split 4 days a week and eating big as opposed to eating like a...
7% body fat but abs not showing completely KingFlippo 19 7 yearsBeans (4204): @PowerLevel9000 I don't think anyone tried to "change" his mind, but to increase his understanding about how to get them. Based on his age, assumed experience, and description of how he doesn't even really have big abs, there are more things to it than just going on a diet. Everyone here made good points. You're advice is fine for someone who trains and eats in a surplus. Doing weighted ab exercises won't give him abs if he doesn't...
Stomach fat gone but fat on sides remain LongBeachPatriot 3 7 yearsLongBeachPatriot (127): Will do man. thanks. Im on 8-9 weeks of my cut. def takes time. Not going to bulk like I did last year. Not worth the fat gain. Will just lower cardio to once a week and add 2-300 cals over maintenance. Better to grow slow with little fat gain than struggling shedding the fat.
Trunk Safety Movement Planes Piggles 5 7 years_RudeCrew (15100): Look up McGills Big 3. That's what I've been doing lately and really like it.
Water weight seansaeed12 10 7 yearseknight (58109): ^^ Yeah- the difference will be that your muscles are flat because the glycogen that you mentioned is stored IN the muscles, not in subcutaneous space between them. -3X
Ab genetics Theshrededone 23 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): This thread should die and be buried in the archives.
Need new weighted ab exercises PowerLevel9000 20 7 yearscardinal (6175): @eknight Dead bugs seem legit. Look like a great way to activate the deep abdominal wall. Cheers mate!
please estimate bf% nbd23 20 7 yearsnbd23 (10): @trev182 your right man i just have never known you always hear people say if you can see abs you must be around 10% so i have always assumed im around 10%. and i do go by the mirror normally just wanted a general idea hence my first post being about it. and thanks for the compliment
Abs muscle cramp (or hernia) Elminister 19 7 yearsJelet (2190): happened to me before a few times. my abs would flex on there own. i would have to push them back in. and relax for a few minutes but then i was good to go. no pain the next day or anything. i think it was from dehydration. i lifted my shirt up once and saw myabs popping, it was cool. looked like i suddenly had massive abs. but then i pushed it back in and messaged the area and it went back to normal... i think its due to lack of water or...
Core Strength Duncan88 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): @Duncan88 Ab rollouts, weight crunches, leg raises and knee raisies (be care full here though if u sit alot daily these can add to back problems).
abs+phat+hiit golagola 10 7 yearsgolagola (307): @Frostshock good! ty very much .
My 3.5 year transformation aye_smitty Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Haha.. i was wondering did anyone get that. :)
What's your favorite ab exercise? evymk Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsSOLARSUPLEX (8314): So i got excited and tried to do ab rolls. But i used my skateboard because i didnt have a wheel. May be harder or easier but i did 3 and then died. Found some form videos on youtube so i wouldnt hurt my back.
How can I get a 6 pack? markstopher Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsKansas___Boyyyyy (3361): its in the arms thread now mike Thor that broseidon
my abs rock hjohns1128 12 7 yearsoceanair (18020): ^^lol that's awesome :p
body-fat-estimate Sevastiannn 5 7 yearsFrostshock (13324): Ehhh, may be the lighting but I wouldn't say exactly 10. Definitely in the teens though for body fat.
Diet Megciara 8 7 yearsMethod (379): Minimum caloric intake for a woman should be 1200 for normal function.
12 weeks program Roz 6 7 yearsHamer93 (9553): Those exercises are for the "stomach abs"
How many months of the year.. WinnersNeverQuit 20 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): My abs have been hide and seek champions since I was 16 (2005 roughly), however, I hope one day, they will come back out to play, not this year though!
Abs routine aesthet1x 7 7 yearsDuncan88 (13): Try hanging leg raises and superset with windshield wipers for a challenge, they're great for obliques and core strength if you can handle them. People can hurt themselves with these if their core strength and flexibility isn't quite up to scratch
* inB4 firemansi! JDF abs and core* Hamer93 3 7 yearsFiremanSi (42408): hahaha.. ye i seen this the other day bro.. i do like his video's... I thougbt the whole u cant take ur hirt off unless ur 200lbs with abs was brilliant !! :)
T-Nation - Targeted fat loss... brian12 3 7 yearsbrian12 (9495): @NorIda Didn't see that. Thanks:)
Ab workout mnussbaum01 11 7 yearsTrev182 (14986): Decline russian twists x 10, hold each side for 5 secs x 2, supersetted with 20 decline sit ups - x 3
My workout motivation video MaksPtheTRUTH 14 7 yearsmnussbaum01 (16): Badass^^
ab workouts dollar786 8 7 yearsjaydiddy85 (382): Humping does wonders for your core! I suggest lot's of that.
Abdominal Frequency cassious 13 8 yearseknight (58109): Same as every other muscle- twice weekly, weighted movements, 10-12 reps. -3X
getting cut Ross12 4 8 yearsHewy007 (2980): post some pics, either your abs arent fully developed and you need to train them or your body fat isn't low enough. So keep training them abs
Just seeking some advice , we are all worried about abs Illadian Jump to first page40Jump to last page 8 yearsThor (5028): This thread maynnnne 1) Squats and deadlifts are not "great" for building abs. All you get is an isometric contraction/use as stabilisers. 2) Specific abdominal exercises will bring the best results. They need to be built like any other. Cable crunches/incline weighted crunches or an ab machine will do fine. 3) Training any muscle more than 3 times over 7 days brings no additional hypertrophy. I've seen it suggested that 2 days...
The V zuze1996 16 8 yearseknight (58109): It's the inguinal. Your iliopsoas are your hip flexor group. -3X
NorIda: they were out of six packs... AKK 7 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Season Finale of Louie Season 3 made me want to kill myself
my 5 month old bro has better abs then u the1 16 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Wow, you're 23 and now have a baby bro! Congrats. Good luck babysitting and changing shit diapers!!!!!!
NEW core exercises by DIESELCREW !!! FiremanSi 1 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Here's a few new core exercises to give u guys something new to try. Found this in my favourites archive so thought i'd share !!
New AB exercise (For Some) Video... FiremanSi 6 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): Thats really cool! I'll be trying that out. I recently just started doing cable work for abs (woodchop and similar) and it seems cool. I'll try this too!
12 week WELL DISCIPLINED CUT KOKOROKO Jump to first page46Jump to last page 8 yearsmeghsunderlal (1): nice work
is it bad to train abs everyday? neil25 23 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Nice.
HIIT/LISS plan, what do you think? :) TeenMonster 6 8 yearsleanr0x (4183): 2-3 hiit sessions are enough for cutting put in some weight training (if you dont do it) i persionally think that liss is more contra productive than helpful
Abs... BRANDON_12 18 8 yearscoolguy1993 (13237): I do a cablecrunch machine, sometimes incline weighted sit ups too. I always do 3 supersets of side bends,jack knife sit ups,leg raises with no rest, then plank f It usually takes 5 minutes at the end of a workout but has helped a bit I killed my abs yesterday from 5 sets of deads then 6 of squats so by the end they hurt like hell after the ab supersets etc
ABS - Strengthcamp brian12 12 8 yearssamirsaleh (1957): is he serious in that 2nd vid ?? I find it hard listening to sm1 with a big round belly talking about what works and wat doesnt work for abs
Lower Abs not showing AgentX 21 8 yearseknight (58109): -3X
Weight loss diet Gios 8 8 yearsMonster81 (1678): GTFO fucktards.
5'4 and 130 weight looking to get more rippe Runningaway95 20 8 yearsBroschette (127): @Runningaway95 get most of my carbs from oatmeal. Someone our size can put in half the work cause we fill out a lot easier then taller people, it doesnt take long to see some good gains
Effective way to lose belly fat Runningaway95 21 8 yearsKOKOROKO (559): LIFT TRAIN EAT REST REPEAT
Abdominal Symmetry TheSucklingg 13 8 yearsMangochutney (877): I have 2 little circular bumps perfectly centered on the 2 upper segments of my abs, it's pretty cute. It also has no relevance to this, sorry.
EasterSale on the most Aesthetic tees going? AlphaAesthetics 10 8 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Etsy - Searched bodybuilding I like your entrepreneurial spirit, but I am more likely to support friends or independent artists. Skullay has a new shirt out that I am waiting to get (Its 30 but he is one of my favorite people on here) and really awesome designs. Go look at the Etsy page and how awesome some of these shirts art Northcoast Bodybuilding Championship, Gym Ratz Got some serious competition.
Progress Momo_shwag 8 8 yearseknight (58109): Bribery reps to motivate this to happen! -3X
Ab training Whitewalls 11 8 yearssaylee (112): I would like to say that a strong core would show the presence of strong abs. Learning how dissociate the core helps a lot. Focused/Concentrate planks where you slowly adjust in angles to where you can literally feel more contraction in your mid/lower abdominal region. Leg raises really help, leg lifts, scissors. A good diet with a good cardio. I hope that helps a little.
Great macro counting/myfitnesspal tips chriselkins 1 8 yearschriselkins (1597): I look fat as shit in this video, but anyway, here are some good tips to use if you're counting macros. next time I decide to do a video after cardio/eating I'll take a shower and put a shirt on first. (at least for a few more weeks lol)
Obliques Hamer93 5 8 yearsThisisscotty (547): Russian Twist Cable oblique crunch Cable twist Windshield wipers(when u get strong enough to hold your self up) Decline oblique crunch
my good for nothing belly.. heyimraffi 5 8 yearsLacedaemon (3481): Im in for bigger version of profile pic, it looks like there was a funny story behind it
Have the abs, but also the glob of fat.. why tarotale 19 8 yearsBloat (1): I think I maybe the opposite, I feel that I've diet'd down enough to see 'em but thier not there?? I do plenty of abs (EOD, or E3D) I guess I need to do weighted ab workouts, uh?
Cutting? DanPearsonn 13 8 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): yes cardios entire function is to burn calories, if you do this you will burn calories, hell if your really not giving a fuck you could throw some blankets on the ground and pretend to have a seizure for 20minutes and that would qualify as cardio.
ripped abs for teen ethandpeterson 19 8 yearsLacedaemon (3481): Kneel before us gods of Simplyshredded or we will crush your gods and bring them to our city step
Best Bodyweight Workouts Broschette 10 8 yearsThedude67 (3088): To answer you're question about the best body weight exercise, burpees! burpees! burpees! They hate you too!
What is your Ab/Core routine? the1 9 8 yearsLacedaemon (3481): Food for thought
Ab exercises advice backdrifting4 5 8 yearsLinus (154): Might I ask why you are doing planks every day? Rehab purposes?
7% bodyfat but abs not fully showing Hamer93 Jump to first page80Jump to last page 8 yearsoceanair (18020): ya i think so. eh, i'm not much of a partier anywho haha. i love this city though. it's so pretty at night.
Abs question? samalama034 19 8 yearsIn4gainZ (454): Gaining muscle mass while cutting is possible only in the novice stage.
How often? Snoogal 9 8 yearsFiremanSi (42408): Same as the lads said, dont really train them any more. Few yrs ago when i was a lifting schoolboy i trained abs 25-30mins before each session.. then did my weights. Half my energy was zapped, silly idea. Now i dont really train them maybe once a week or 2 weeks especially cause i'm bulking. But there was little or no diff in my abs between when i trained them for an hour each day and when i just trained them 1-2/week.. it's ALL about ur diet...
Core Strength/ Balance & Stability Exercises correra911 4 8 yearsJayatfc11 (274): @Mcarey covered most, but you wanna hit more inner core! Planks would be one, you need to engage the core all the time, Pilates 100s are brilliant if done right, kneeling upright on an exercises ball up nice and tall engaging core and then eventually stand on it. Bum lifts on exercies ball while holding a medicine ball works the core! These work for me and improve my posture so you have a solid base! May I suggest a class of Pilates a week!
Need help getting cut Palusky 4 8 yearsMCarey (2179): H I I T!!
Hard time bulking and keeping lean muscle KFitch1990 15 8 yearsKFitch1990 (7): Ok,well thanks again for this advice. I'm gonna keep searching more of the threads you both showed me and see if there is anything I can do (Caloric Surplus) or different eating styles that could even improve my weight gain more effectively. I have the drive, I just like to see results fast, even though I know it doesn't happen that way often.
V-Cut abs lilJohn062096 Jump to first page56Jump to last page 8 yearsJezza_91 (1315): @lilJohn062096 I always thought genetics played a big part in abs. I know two brothers with similiar abs size and shape.
Whats your best ab Workout? Jealster 28 8 yearsJealster (91): I totally agree, I only feel the sqeeze right at the last point of the exercise I have tried Knee tucks with a Trx and I think its much better for overall core and you can tuck your knee's in much better.
Body Saws Mazz 3 8 yearswannabemuscular (33219): Just saw those body saws in an AnabolidMinds newsletter today. Those sliders - similar things are used to move heavy furniture. Check Target, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, etc. where the furniture stuff is.
Motivation Fredsell17 21 8 yearsFredsell17 (43): Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback.
Abs dollar786 5 8 yearskickinchicken (8717): @G3NGHIS lol. Kinda repetitive. I agree though.
how to get abs? dollar786 14 8 yearsdollar786 (169): Am going for the lean gains for now until I get more muscle mass since I started not more than 2 to 3 month ago. I read somwhere I could do both whilst I might slightly gain some fat. I hope I gain some more size at first I made a big mistake by eating way above my maintenece that's life you learn from your mistakes I went from 160 to 170 in a month or 2 with bad-dieting. right now am cleaning my diet up and sticking to liftimg hard and heavy...
Incorrrect form of abs (atleast I think so) DoctorLV 8 8 yearsKOKOROKO (559): Its your genes Nothing you can do about Focus to another muscle part that you dominate!!!
How to get started? murphz 7 8 yearsjonrivs49 (3001): First is to set your goals. what do you want to look like. Research nutrition & macro calculation(this will help you a lot), research HIIT, Get a program that suits you. There is a female thread in this forum where you can get what you need. After having a program dont stop there, ask and research why you need this exercise for this bodypart. Lastly execute them and dont make excuses. Time, patience, determination will get you there
My Diet and Workout log - seeking advice. Yog_86 8 8 yearsYog_86 (10): @eknight thanks again..i have been trying this for a long time but not getting enough result..hopefully i will try to calculate my nutrition...:)
Set my goal and i think i achieved it! Jealster 15 8 yearsJealster (91): I am training with Pat Bully Warner he is training for Mr Olympia so the programme he is doing I will be doing also, ill keep you updated with all the knowledge I gain from him
body fat for visable abs. evilokc 2 8 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Probably anythibg below 10 if you have been training your abs because there a muscle too and need to grow to actually get noticed .... That is a lot of cardio your doing .... I rather u loose te weight from diet then bust your balls into your recovery time and be doin cardio..
Getting Leaner for my Photo Shoot (G.Kofi) georgekofi 6 8 yearsgeorgekofi (28): yeah nov 18. my photo shoot is end of december. And im sorry I really don't know how long im working out...I guess around over 3-4 years now...but mostly for Football :) new update pic is coming soon
Abs BRANDON_12 24 8 yearsBRANDON_12 (1528): Sounds good!!
need help with obliques ronna93 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsZny93 (91): @ronna93 You can build muscle & lose fat at the same time. And for obliques try barbell twists, side to side crunches with a weight or medicine ball. But looking at your pics your obliques are on par w/ the rest of your body. If you're lookin for that v-cut down there lose body fat.
The Secret to Abs, Finally Revealed G3NGHIS 6 8 yearsDiaz (367): so THIS is the show everyone tells me to watch while on drugs. makes sense !
Confused AarronStenner 6 8 yearsAarronStenner (10990): You where right guys; just woke up and measured and it was 29.5 haha; Last time I done a 7 point caliper test I was 9% BF 171lbs so il remeasure some time soon
abs eingold 5 8 yearsEFJK (2316): The files are IN the computer?!?
Planet fitness is worthless LiftnPandaGang 17 8 yearseknight (58109): @LiftnPandaGang I understand what you're saying here, but it's not PF fault that you don't live closer to Gold's. It was your choice- completely of free will- to train there and not drive the 30 minutes to Gold's. I had the same option, and I chose to drive to a gym that I felt would meet my needs better. As far as I know, the local PF runs month to month (unless you're a "Black member" ) and actually DOES allow you to cancel your...
Adding mass to abs FijiSotia 23 8 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): I don't train my abs, but I should. The abs are just like any other muscle in the body and are slow twitch dominant. When I do train abs, which comes and go in phases... Haha. 4x8-12 weighted cable crunches gave me the best results.
ABS ROUTINE SRorhrbac0808 10 8 yearsbrian12 (9495): @SRorhrbac0808 With cable crunches - when you reach the bottom hold and squeeze for 3 seconds.. And control the negative slowly. Then you should be sore the next day!
Stomach Vacuums? DonPeri 7 8 yearsDonPeri (28): Thank you for your responses @Hamersmash: Will do Sir! Thanks for the info. I´ll do it throughout the day a couple of times at the office, and right after ab workout as you suggested. Will let you know of the results. Cheers!
ALL I WANT FOR XMAS IS MY 2 FRONT ABS- LOG! Stupot316 28 8 yearsStupot316 (484): WEEKLY UPDATE: Hey. Down another 4 pounds this week. Currently sitting at 176pounds. Again think and hope this amount lost will level off as the weeks go by. Friday I had a re feed day where I basically ate just about at maintenance. Boy did I need it for sanity and just general fuel for my body. It was getting to the stage where I didnt even wanna leave the house for the gym. Numbers havent gone down at all. Bent over rows notablly were at...
wanna get shredded? Tyr 6 9 yearssickrykes (1651): maybe its crossfit lol
PHAT Abs Nyko 9 9 yearsNyko (2884): @G3nGHIS Agreed. It was one of my first thoughts before I began my form dry run through the program.
upper chest, side abs, v-lines chesty Jump to first page34Jump to last page 9 yearsdavid12345676 (8566): Damn iv been doing my squats are 4:30 am. This is why I don't see no gainzzzz
Skipping rope to get lean. Markovich 4 9 yearsMarkovich (595): Maybe I will try the one you use, doing rope skipping for 30 minutes is a lot :p And I know I don't have to do cardio, but I wanted to give it a try and see how the results are =)
So we all have problems training Abs G3NGHIS 23 9 yearslukecorney (1021): @batu when your lower spine curves inward towards your stomach
Feel like abs weren't effected today Zny93 11 9 yearsMarkovich (595): For me, I only get sore whenever I push my self harder then the previous workout IE adding weight on the last set or pushing out some xtra reps. If I do the same a few times in a row, I am compleatly sure that my muscles don't work nearly as hard as when I switch things up a bit or push myself harder. So i suggest to switch 1 or 2 exercises each workout. So instead of doing CGBP, do dips (weighted or not) just to get some change =)
KILLER ABB WORKOUT Jealster 10 9 yearsAverageJoe (4510):
Abs & surplus? Thewasp 12 9 yearshaole (2109): ya post them up and we'll give you feedback but I recommend finding your current body fat
Quick effective lower ab workout Cozy Jump to first page80Jump to last page 9 yearsTheBangBus (706): Hahaha, I wish i just fucked hot chicks for a living...
ABS!!! eingold 6 9 yearseingold (1291): diet is in key i guess im just not there yet will keep you updated
best fat loss training? Leatherman88 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 9 yearsZyzzst (4486): @Method i actually am part of the military...IS for the coast guard....beat you to it sillyyyy
IBS and your physique shane 10 9 yearsAarronStenner (10990): @shane Just dont let IBD get the better of you. Its a brain condition which sends mixed signals which leads to the physical conditions so if starts in the brain you can always out do yourself. @johon6 so many benifits to training and eating right
Side abs and serratus? Markovich 7 9 yearseknight (58109): Sorry, what? -3X
The plank cassious 17 9 yearsAzzdog18 (358): Just read something that says resisting extension isometrically/eccentrically (plank) produces the highest EMG reading, greater activation of the ab muscles, compared to other ab exercises, so.... Plank = very good
Strong Core AarronStenner 13 9 yearsCosmicsavage (7): Truth
Lets see Dem ABS (Show your Pack) Cozy Jump to first page31Jump to last page 9 yearsNorIda (46958): Yes. A site purely dedicated to physique. No nutrition, strength, cardio, or any other topics will be covered here. Simply physique.
serratus anterior oceanair Jump to first page39Jump to last page 9 yearsbelowme (477): Seriously? LMFAO wow I've heard it all
CORE DEVELOPMENT BEASTIX 7 9 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Zerchers.
WTF!! what happpened Jelet 15 9 yearskickinchicken (8717): Sorry didn't mean to yell. I need a nap. lol
look at this es1985 5 9 yearseknight (58109): @WinnersNeverQuit Reasons between myself and the sites owner/operator. Without going into details, it involved the fact that the site is funded mainly by the store's profits, and I refused to keep quiet about some of the best sellers there being garbage. -3X
perfect abs spyderboys Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 yearspandasashi (3859): lol ur dads awesome :P
My Ultimate Marine Corps ab workout.... Kytail000 25 9 yearsKytail000 (22): .....Also again one rep is a full range of motion plus a partial range of motion(or 3/4 of the movement)..
What is my bf%? Mazz Jump to first page41Jump to last page 9 yearsNorIda (46958): peak week Idk if that will help you much.. But posing/flexing is all about practice man.. You can sit at your desk at work and practice flexing if thats what it takes... The back is farely difficult, because you can't see it in a mirror!
Critique My Diet- (Fatloss) Donovan95 13 9 yearsDonovan95 (10): Thanks for replying, I've done another diet since the Harris Bendict Estimated a whole another calorie number (2250) and on the macros 30% Protein 50% Carbs 20 % Fat Pwo- Toasted whole wheat bread Skim milk glass Peanut Butter Pwo - Eaa Nitro Universal Lunch - Skinless chicken breasts fresh broccoli brown rice Afternoon snack - almons skim milk glass Apple Dinner...
Zyzz style from Spain wiv Pics Zyzz_Spain Jump to first page161Jump to last page 9 yearsZyzz_Spain (10): nice work. Keep working hard im usually eating in mc donals,specially my last food before bed
help with my spare tire taz1094 6 9 yearsAnef06 (130): This.... you lost the weight fairly quickly so it may never really re-tighten. If it's all loose skin (which is probably what it is) it will not return to how it was. When I've helped people loose weight that is always one of the things I keep an eye on. People who I have trained that have lost weight fairly quicky have all been left with sagging skin. Those that have taken their time have given their bodies time to adjust so their excess skin...
abb routines rklohe 12 9 yearsMrMailliw (4494): Truth is most guys cannot do straight leg hanging leg raises or a ton of weight on cable crunches with good form, even if they are big strong guys. I agree that they will grow to a degree without direct training but it is just that - only to a degree. Direct training and progressive tension overload will get you the thick strong abs you want :)
Lost Weight - Skin? Dude 12 9 yearswannabemuscular (33219): At your young age you have a great chance that the skin will come back in time. Make sure to keep it hydrated with a cocoa butter lotion or maybe some Bio Oil. Those stretch marks are yours to keep though . . .
Exercise to cut/tighten the lower abdomen menace 4 9 yearsknockout2281 (181): You can do weighted hanging leg raises to work your lower abs but as mentioned above, the only way to get rid of fat is dieting and consistency.
stubborn ab fat!!! spyderboys 23 9 yearsspyderboys (136): swayz what is the best way to lose fat and maintain muscle im on that plan you talked about, get to 177 same size as i am now and just work on strength and the other 7 pounds will most likely be water weight or atleast 5 of it. but what is the best way to go with doing that game plan nutrition wise??
Tighter mid section. Advice! Moyo 8 9 yearsskullay (4036): Back when all I had was abs they used to stick out way further than my the rest upper body. I'd just advise building up your chest and working on your V-taper (back and shoulder width). This will make your abs look less prominent. -tosses a nickel in the bucket-
How to get the v??? spyderboys 6 9 yearsspyderboys (136): ouch that was good
Abs Filip92 7 9 yearsFilip92 (1): Well after i finish my training, I do about a thousand sit ups, and more ab workouts. I like to feel the burn in that area, but from now on ill stick to a diet.
Seeing abs without flexing TriggaTony 11 9 yearsKyle0910 (42): Quick question not to take this thread off topic or anything but MrM: what's your stats? You seem to be pretty knowledgable.
What do you reckon of this diet? YoBrah 8 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): @eknight Sooooo Tech..Pussy is a Snack!!! Hells yes I love me some Snacks!
anyone ever have there abs start flexing Jelet 6 9 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): LOGIC
When and how ? moke912 7 9 yearsmoke912 (118): I can do them easily man I was doing calisthenics I will add weight to do 8-12 reps
Introduction and Two Yr Progress KalletSc 5 9 yearsrklohe (511): Looking great dude! Nice work and keep it up!
Cutting, so far. +IMG G_Redd 10 9 yearsG_Redd (315): I really want one. But i make do with what I got. I just add.
Starting Cut xlGrimlx 6 9 yearschestme4321 (55): Different things work for different people, but Carbohydrate Manipulation was what did it for me
Getting cut, gym and HIIT Cardio YoBrah 5 9 yearseknight (58109): 7-1-7 rep timing is not for the faint of heart. It'll make a man out of you for sure, lol. -EK
GREAT ab/oblique routines? drakula 17 9 yearsstudiosculpt (7): For me endless crunching is boring and often ineffective due to the bodies ability to adapt to training....nd as the majority of people out there use crunches/sit ups as the main exercise in their rountines its no wonder reps of 80 are having to be targeted to get a burn. Me personally couldnt be arsed doing anymore than 20 reps, if 20 becomes too easy simply add weight or change the tempo. A good tri set i found useful was hanging knee-elbow...
Flabs to Abs? brownbodybuilder 5 9 yearsbrownbodybuilder (1): Thanks for the great feedback guys - I'll def take it all into consideration and switch up my style then :).
How do I make my chest more defibed UPumper 14 9 yearsDETERMINED1 (2239): Open thread to view post.
quick cutting tips...and i mean real quick corym 6 9 yearseknight (58109): Fixed. -EK
Torso is falling behind drakula 5 9 yearsDukenhiemer (23939): Mostly genetics, I was blessed with a chest but I have a hard time growing my delts, traps and arms. My back, chest and legs all grow pretty well.
Cutting Roadblock ArchAngel5610 1 9 yearsArchAngel5610 (1): Good afternoon all, my gym buddy turned me on to this site and I'm happy to join, but I need some advice. I seem to have hit a road block in my cutting phase, below is my diet, exercise is as follows Monday thru Friday. Chest and abs, back, shoulders and abs, arms, legs and abs, high reps to to fatigue every day. Diet is below. i think the issue is with my diet, although I'm not sure. Current pics in my profile. Please help Morning 8AM: 48...
Lines between lower abs and groin Sutto 9 9 yearsVelvetTLeopard (16): This line is called the inguinal ligament and has not a single muscle fiber in it. It is formed by the external abdominal oblique aponeurosis and is continuous with the fascia lata of the thigh. There are no superficial muscles lying on these ligaments to define. There is no way to "define" them other than have as little fat in the area. As far as is known ligaments can not be exercised in any efficient way. You either have nice,...
Abs make you look fat? sexpanther 7 9 yearsOhhLoLo (3393): ive seen multiple people in the gym walkin around wit abs ontop of a gut that isnt from surgery.. its from PH/HGH, the internal organs grow which push your stomach out. fact.
training abs everyday?? spyderboys 9 9 yearsBaiTu (3096): I was unclear. I don't work out everyday. Usually I work out three or four times a week. Lately I'd been starting every workout with squats but I'm changing routines and so I'll switch away from that. I'd been alternating between overhead squats, back squats and front squats. But what I was saying was that if I was doing low weight squats or bodyweight squats then I wouldn't see anything wrong with doing them everyday or every workout....
Extreme Cheat Meal BWestern 10 9 yearsPopeye25 (1692): eat a caloric surplus. not that hard
cutting and building up cardio xlGrimlx 1 9 yearsxlGrimlx (94): So just got back to where i can get a real diet going again and control my sleep times to a regular schedule. Using both HIIT and LISS cardio since i need both. Still lifting hard just added the extra cardio was well. Started training with a pro mask with my HIIT training, wondering if anyone else has used them and can give me any tips or what all the advantages are with it.
Bulking advices Shredded 13 9 yearseknight (58109): The idea that your genetics will not allow you to gain muscle is hogwash. If you lift heavy and eat right you WILL gain mass. At what rate and how much is individual specific, but it WILL happen. Now, it's clear that that's not your goal and I respect that, but just say, "hey, that's not my goal," as you did and leave it at that. People who blame genetics for their lack of progress piss on every person who- like them and most...
This Muscles without Steoride? shreededalex 12 9 yearsFish (109): Lee Priest looks like Heath Ledger in that photo
plateaus all the way.. barney 7 9 yearsbarney (1): hmm okay, i will try them out, thanks!
how to get shredded and 6pack abs quick! spyderboys 3 9 yearsspyderboys (136): awwwwwwwww thx !!!!
Will the bulking questions ever end? Dexdbest 16 9 yearsDexdbest (4792): I didnt take it that way at all, i get your point, if you guys see pics of me everyday ill never look different coz there isnt any real time between pics. I agree with this, i just get carried away sometimes,guess im in love with myself,hard to pass amirror by without stoppind to admire myself and next thing you know im taking pics lol. Yall know me, i always listen to advice so you can be sure i'll listen to you
HIIT & ABS SRorhrbac0808 10 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): Hell yeah bros!! I freekin am beaaast in jump rope... Got the schools record!! Ima start doing jumps again tomorrow night and some abs!
Losing my abs ectomorph94 5 9 yearsmikew (11494): A+ @ectomorph94 If your metabolism is fast then you should be able to stay relatively lean while bulking. I agree with @OptimusPrime - only reservation I have is if your BF% is over, let's say 11 or 12%, then I would take a step back and re-assess. It is easier to make a correction now than when you're in the 14-15 range. However, it does not sound like you're at that stage yet. My $0.02.
Lulwot a 5 pack?! MrMailliw 7 9 yearsseansm10 (906): my buddy just put up a picture coincidentally on facebook, he has a dorian yates 5pack too, haha. shit just looks weird
[short video] Gym Progress - HIIT and ABs powerofwill1 2 9 yearsthe1 (33861): pretty professional video for a noobie.. good job
Abs AprilR 5 9 yearsDETERMINED1 (2239): not necessary to train obliques directly...they will be used to help stabalize your core all the time... IMO...unless your training to be a fighter or something there is no need to isolate them
PAIN IS TEMPORARY 2.6 MILLION YOUTUBE HITS PaulyD 4 9 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Good videos realyl didn't like your spartan training videos though.
Bridges/Planks Corkey 15 9 yearsAKK (1998): yea, great?
Sixpacks lunch bag with 10% off sashabrown 7 9 yearsSRorhrbac0808 (47098): hahahaah DAMN!! lmfao!!!
Lean everywhere except abs 5%bf struggle moggzy_88 7 9 yearssolaris (13): I'd like to add that before shows or photoshoots, many athletes waterload for a week, manipulating sodium intake. It flattens your skin out, pops out the veins and bulges the muscles if done right.
HIIT jkkj303 4 9 yearsacxonline (1): I am currently trying to retain muscle and burn fat, so at the end of my workouts, I would go to the track and sprint straights and walk curves about 2-3 times a week. Does it matter if I walk or jog the curves? I assumed I wanted to walk as if I'm taking a 30-40 second rest for the next set.
abs remy10 4 9 yearsmikestheguy (261): I mean you could try working it in that often but I don't think you'll recover fast enough. Remember you are working abs with a number of other lifts as well. I would start with trying it every 4-5 days. If you are recovering well and increasing your weight/reps then you can try reducing the rest time to 3-4 days. I personally go heavy because again the abs are a muscle just like the pecs, biceps, quads, ect. Your not going to be doing 1 set of...
PHAT and abs? Jusu 7 9 yearsseansm10 (906): he basically has his own forum. and iirc he posts on as well
oblique excercises WogsLife 3 9 yearsWogsLife (1): thanks mate
Rep range for abs. dinuman22 14 9 yearsmikestheguy (261): @quepasa your argument is supported 100% by broscience... nothing that Ronnie Coleman or Joseph Rakich says has been scientifically supported... as you lift weights you start to activate more neuromuscular motor units in each muscle... if you do simply incline bench you're not going to only recruit more "upper pec" muscle fibers and neuromuscular motor units... its a graded contraction across the entire chest in which you have NO...
Abdominal Width Parmley 4 9 yearsTtime21 (679): @EK i think he is talking the size of his abs, like to make them wider, with that said its still genetics
Please Critique My Diet mkerdeme 6 9 yearsmkerdeme (7): Thank You everyone for your comments, I was planning on lowering my carbs, but will also adjust my fat intake, I also take fish oil which adds a few grams as well. Will HIT first thing in the morning on an empty stomach burn muscle? I also sipp BCAA when i do my morning cardio
wtf just happened?! WinnersNeverQuit 12 9 yearsDukenhiemer (23939):
Work outs to target lower abs ? JTsLiP 8 9 yearseknight (58109): Sure- many people remain firmly convinced that muscle isolation is a reality because they can "feel" different movements more in one region of a muscle than in others. This is not the case at all, but instead, differentiated neural feedback from motor units depending on the relative length of the component fibers. This feedback tends to be (or is interpreted by the brain as) more intense when the fibers in question are either shortened...
good Ab workouts? jeeza_1234 15 9 yearsjeeza_1234 (279): Feeling my abs this week guys. thanks for the help. I kept the contraction going feeling the pump :P
How to stop geting bloated! mark 14 9 yearsMatt7 (67): Mark, you sure it's not just the way your abs are developed? Weighted crunches etc can often give a bloated appearance when it's just the structure.
Frequency of Ab workout OhhLoLo 7 9 yearsthe1 (33861): i hit them 2-3x per week 4-5 exercises, 2 exercises supersetted together and finished with a controlled hold (stagged plank) hanging leg raises, stability ball crunches lying bicycle crunch, weighted decline sit up staggered plank hold
Ab Workout help WogsLife 7 9 yearsWogsLife (1): cheers guys
Abs workout ryan_929 13 9 yearsDexdbest (4792): I have a perfect 0.6 shoulder waist ratio, just nedd to build up my chest to waist
Average time to develope a 6 pack? TriggaTony 5 9 yearsDexdbest (4792): Depends on your body type, as an ectomorph would barely need cardio nad just more direct ab work, maybe about four weeks, same for mesomorphs but for endomorphs........its just about losing the fat and then building the muscle so maybe eight or nine weeks
Training obliques or not? Jusu 4 9 yearsThor (5028): I wouldn't worry about adding on so much mass that you lose shape; they simply can't get that juicy, HGH guts excepted. I have heard a rumour that standing military press might thicken your waist. I guess with sufficient weight, there might be some truth to it. I perform mine seated just in case lol.
Short home ab workout for 6 pack abs axdelosangeles 1 9 yearsaxdelosangeles (10): This is a very good and short ab workout specially for beginners for 6 pack abs. This workout can be done 3-5 times a week so you can get some muscle on your abs this will make them look bigger and more defined when you lose your body fat.
How to get bigger wider lats and small waist axdelosangeles 7 9 yearsSwoleAnimal (5971): Yea man if you are making a "lat" video you gotta do the actual lat spread pose lol
ab video seansm10 15 9 yearsRawn (1338): Watch guy on left. left shoulder
Is this a good weekly ab routine and split. dinuman22 8 9 yearsAKK (1998): waste of time
THE BEST WORKOUT FOR RIPPED ABS!!! GTFO!!!!! Swayz87 20 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Actually he is currently married to my sloppy seconds ; ) Me and him are eskimo brothers..he isnt tapping shyt
Favorite ab workout and why? salvati5 19 9 yearssalvati5 (25): Yea I was definitely thinking of something different. Maybe I'll try to work up to those but going slower....
My crazy ab workout for 8 pack abs axdelosangeles 10 9 yearsTJBAM (10): I hate to use urban vernacular but there's a lot o haters in here lol. Not going to watch your video, but the pic looks great. Keep it up!
The fastest way to get 6 pack abs axdelosangeles 14 9 yearsaxdelosangeles (10): Thanks guys
Too much cardio/muscle soreness in ABs AJT1984 5 9 yearsAJT1984 (1): this is my lifting schedule (keep in my i switch it up every week but legs always fall on wed and sat) Mon-back pull ups, isolateral rows, pull downs, seated rows, high rows, rear delts, blah blah Tues-Chest/Abs incline, decline, flys, press, and 2 tri exercises, deadlift (135lbs) wed-legs walking lunges (135lbs) squats (155lbs), leg press (540lbs), single leg press, extensions, hack squat, kick backs, abs Thurs-shoulders press, fronts, sides,...
Windshield wipers omgwow 12 9 yearsTtime21 (679): i read in an article on here that if you truly isolate abs you will be at your max potential in 6 to 8 weeks and the only way to make them better is with squats and deadlift. any truth to that? ill try to find the link
2 year body transformation fat to ripped abs axdelosangeles 4 9 yearsNorCalJR (49): Wow inspiring man keep up the hard work, makes me want to hit the gym again
Ab Routines G_Redd 4 9 yearsJusu (618): Current: 3 times a week 1. Decline Crunches 5x8-12 Cable oblique crunches 3x8-15 Variations of Plank 2x60s 2. Cable Crunches 4x8-12 Seated Leg Raises 3x8-15 3. Crunches (legs on a bench) 5x8-12 Dragonflag/Wheel rollouts 3x failure Decline obliques 2x14-20 Also I do standing twisting with a stick after the workouts when I don't train abs. Every exercise is weighted except Decline obliques, planks and dragonflag/wheel.
Obliques ectomorph94 7 9 yearsJusu (618): 10 minutes of standing side twisting with a broom stick after every workout and your obliques will shine. I also do once a week oblique crunches with cable 3x8-15 and bodyweight decline crunches 2x once too.
Bulking and abs.HELP dinuman22 5 9 yearsdinuman22 (4): Oh ok thanks guys. Your a big help. hey can you check out my new and improved meal plan and tell me how it is if it is good for bulking for not. It's a new thred.
Horrible ab cramps when training abs nikstokes 4 9 yearsTJBAM (10): Probably a cyst on your pussy
Deadlifts and abs BaiTu 10 9 yearsseansm10 (906): but yes, they work your whole core, i remember once when i tested my max DL and every ounce of my entire core ached
problems with abs simplymuscle 12 9 yearssimplymuscle (22): I am pretty lean actually just my ab muscle is week but other than the less than half a inch of fat below belly button i have a flat stomach
What are your ab genetics like? MrMailliw Jump to first page33Jump to last page 9 yearsTopForm (22): luka if your abs were symetrical they would be like a mirror image lol can't have one side symetrical, the other disformed i understand what you mean though, mine are like that too
Abs and Cutting Down! stunnat 10 9 yearswobbly_91 (60): Oh nad that average of 1.3kg/week includes losses of 2 kilos a week for the first two weeks, so I have slowed right down.
Ab Split Question dwatson 20 9 yearsdwatson (26511): I do plenty compound movements. I have great abs, No homo. i've started a bulk diet and have lost definition. Sometimes its easier to get out of there before it gets ghey busy and go home and while still on a larger body pump, get my meal in me. then later when i have some down time hit some abs. Until then, im going to try and do them at the gym, bc then there is still some motivation. I see what your saying though EFJK.
Abs: Fact of Myth? ectomorph94 11 9 yearsG3NGHIS (8532): Well, sometimes lower back pain is because of lack of core strength. However, if I were the doctor I would have put more of an emphasis on CORE STRENGTH, not abdominal strength. Like Russian twist instead of sit ups.
ABS! Telboy Jump to first page42Jump to last page 9 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Woah jesus dude you cant reheat rice that shit si lethal :S
Cardio when bulking slamdoozle 11 9 yearsslamdoozle (21): The olive oil thing was a joke but I actually just bought a bottle of it and I'm going to start drinking some daily. It may be a good option to drink some before games as it will give me high calories without making me feel too full and sluggish from eating a lot. I'll try and follow my intake more closely and bump it up a bit.
Abs or not? stunnat 6 9 yearsIrishGymSheep (10554): Greg Plitt does them every workout and Lazar does them often.
ab ripper x simplymuscle 3 9 yearsAnkie (882): P90X is just a great way to burn fat to expose your abs, and if you have no muscle it will build you a pretty standard frame. But P90X wont work if you don't follow thier diet as well. I have a old, was close, friend who did it. Amazing results... Seriously impressive. But, you really need to put out and follow all of the details required.
Why dont u train abs? Lifestyle 9 9 yearsluka (2416): compounds lift will do, i never work on abs dierectly man :o oh and for everyone saying abs is made in the kitchen..abs are biult in the gym like any other muscle and they are made visible in the kitchen like any other muscle...
Weighted abs vs Un weighted abs. superst0ck 22 9 yearsSwayz87 (9039): Beta phaggot!! you wasnt INB4 that my friend! haha not srs