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Need posture advice justanotherskinny 23 2 yearseknight (58109): Still too deep. There's ZERO need or benefit in going beyond 100 degree bend at the knee. -3X
5x5 questions Piggles 3 4 yearsPiggles (226): @Beans thanks man, makes sense. I remember EK talking about 2:1 pull/push or ham/quad ratios so will try amd boost accessory work to get things closer to those numbers.
Full body or split Kyles247 1 5 yearsKyles247 (22): I'm about to start up a new workout plan got injured racing motocross. I'm going back in to body building and want to put size back on. The question i have is should i do a full body workouts or should i do split? I have never done a full body workout only split and have had great results but hit a road block at 144 im back down to 138 so i lost alot. You can read my other post i have to get a better look at my progress, says how many days i...
Cut Log, I guess. Clutchwork Jump to first page34Jump to last page 5 yearsClutchwork (7): Why is this nutrition thing so hard for me lol ugghhh anyways i cut out my HIIT today, but i feel lazy because of it and not as "tight" [best way i can describe] but gym is tomorrow. So, excited about that. Anyways I had my protein shake which estimates to like 500 cals there was pizza sitting on the stove asking to be eaten and i was rushing for work >.> so i grabbed 4 slices and took it work with me. You guys did say get...
PHAT! Bennetto_10 10 6 yearsThedude67 (3088): Dood, been do'n PHAT for about a month now and I've noticed a diff for sure! And I'm a total noob! Your bench looks a bit low for your other two being where they are, but I'd say hit PHAT, I love it man! And, if you're a Rugby player, I'd say a cal surplus would be in order, there's some big MOFOS play'n Rugby!
rep range for strength rowie 2 7 yearsBaiTu (3096): It sounds like you basically know what you're doing but to systematically make better strength gains, I'd recommend considering this program ---
New Workout For Clean Bulking? suggestion Moyo 10 7 yearsboettcherboy (43): if you want the workout plan just go to page 14, the definition for it is on page 13
Stronglifts 5x5 LilSchwarz 18 7 yearsc0llier (1): I'm doing SL5x5 for 10 weeks and I add some accessory exercises, because at the beginning it was too easy to finish the workouts. I add neutral grip chin-ups in workout A and dips in workout B. 3 sets and 5-10 reps. But, now I don't feel that the are necessary anymore, because workouts are becoming longer and I limit my workouts within 1hr15min. But, I will keep doing as long as I can, because I like them. When I changed gym in week 6, the...
5x5 2 day split advice. Rand 3 7 yearsalexmuller (5452): if you are already that strong and have made so much progress then move on to a 4 day split and isolate each muscles, you will gain a lot more size!!
5x5 program salvati5 15 7 yearssalvati5 (25): Ok so I'll start counting them w/ carbs and proteins. and Literally I eat the the same thing every day. It's the only way for me to stay disciplined Since cleaning up my diet I have noticed a difference but it's not to the extent that I'd like.
5x5 mallon 6 7 yearshaole (2109): I didn't say it didn't just taxed my cardio/stamina when I play hockey (mainly the squating heavy 3 times a week!). I'm going to do that routine in my next off season to build up strength. I did learn a lot from doing that routine though as far as my rest and recovery times and frequency and load...basically supercompensation. I don't have time for long routines that take more than 45 minutes so I split my routine into an AB of AB...