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adrixx private msg quote post Address this user
I'm 15 and I am trying to cut for summer.

I am already lean (the skin on my lower abdominals is as thin as that of my hands, but gets a bit thicker as you move up), but really want to get shredded for a summer.

What I was wondering is how I should split my meals. This is what I have eaten in the last 2 days:

Breakfast 1 : 50-60g oatmeal bowl with milk, blueberries (around 250 kcal).
Lunch 1 : None
Snacks 1 : 1 small toastie (2 really small slices of brown bread with 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of ham (italian), all toasted. Also, a few crumbs of a red velvet cake (nothing significant).
Dinner 1 : A few sushis: Like 4 spicy avocado, 3 cucumber, no sauce or anything, just plain sushi. 1 quesadilla-(190 kcal).

Breakfast 1: 55g oatmeal w/ milk, fruits and a medium portion of 79kcal/100g baked tomato beans = 400 kcal (I had a lot of fruit, and it's better to overshoot than under).

Lunch : n,a
Snacks: 1 peach, 4 strawberries, handfull of blueberries, 1 rice cracker.
Dinner: Big big portion of pandan rice with chili con carne
(130-140g of rice, 300-400g of chili con carne).
1 quesadilla

If my calculations are correct, it shouldn't be much higher than 1500 kcal. Is this good or bad? should I change? Please note that I am fit, I run every other day, go to the gym regularly, and play soccer at a high level.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Unless you're a blatantly fat kid, no 15 year old has any business cutting. You should be blasting weights and eating as much quality food as you can.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
^^ this. And with that amount of activity, you should be eating twice as many kcals! -3X
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jamiee321 private msg quote post Address this user
You're very active and still growing so have high nutritional requirements. I would be eating double that quantity and avoid skipping meals.
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Dorich private msg quote post Address this user

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Jesus private msg quote post Address this user
Take a look at my cutting diet my child.
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Aoverto7 private msg quote post Address this user
@adrixx The hands and feet are the two places on the body that have what's known as "thick skin" because they have an extra layer of skin cells. Sounds like you got some weird skin on your lower abdominals.
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