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Can I Drink Tea?18933

evegrant private msg quote post Address this user
It there anybody who likes to drink tea or has formed the habit of drinking tea everyday?

Is it suitable to drink tea when I have a fitness plan?

Because my family is in a tea business, I often drink tea with friends or guests.I myself like to drink tea, but don't know whether drinking tea is harmful to the practice of muscle.

Tea contains a variety of antioxidants and antioxidant nutrients, which have certain effects on the elimination of free radicals. Also, tea contains various vitamins and amino acids, it can enhance nerve excitability and digestion.

I used to drink a cup of tea after supper, and after workout, I take regular supplement includes protein and certain carbs. But I'm afaid the meal I managed to have can not be absorbed under the decomposition of tea.

Consult an expert solution. Thank you.
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Aoverto7 private msg quote post Address this user
As long as it is a Fit tea you should be fine
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AndyCap private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, most of the world outside of the states drinks tea everyday.
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jamiee321 private msg quote post Address this user
Tea is fine! As long as you aren't having 50 cups a day haha Also make sure you aren't adding sugar to it
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