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Hi, new to the forums, just looking for some advice on how to go about bulking/cutting the next few months.
In about a months time ill be going away for 6 months with work and whilst i will have access to a good gym i wont be able to prep my own food, i'll have to use the canteen.
At the moment i've been sat around 15% bodyfat and my end goal is to be sub 10% with decent mass by the time i come home.
My question is how would you go about the next 6 months? Should i bulk the first 3 and then cut till i come home? Or because i've already got relatively high body fat would you recommend i cut first and then slowly bulk? Just looking for some opinions as im a bit conflicted at the moment.
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In my opinion if you're able to count your calories i'd just do a slow bulk. I imagine it being very difficult to cut if you can't prep some food.

I wouldn't put much emphasis on an exact number though. It just seems like an arbitrary number saying "sub 10 percent". I'd just go off of how you look in the mirror. And as a natural, the lower you get from 10 percent bodyfat, you're going to look more flat.
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