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Need advice on last couple weeks of diet !18914

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Short story short I started dieting around first week of March , I'm 17 at around 5"9 . I was 191.8 to start out in the left pic and 178 on the right picture . I'm not entirely happy with my progress so far and have around 30 days left to have a final package. My diet has been the same everyday when is around 279G of carbs, 54G of fat , and 178G of protein. I don't cheat and my meals have are basics like chicken, brown rice, steak, eggs etc with fruit and vegetables as well. It adds to be around 2250 cals and I do around 15 minutes of highest resistance of eliptaical everyday which burns around 175 cals each session. What should I do to burn this last bit of fat off? I was thinking of trying carb cycling but don't know how I would make it work to continue losing weight . My goal is to be around 165-168 by the end of this prep. Maybe I might all of a sudden start looking shredded around there but please any advice would help
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add another cardio session. You are going to need the food in order to maintain any muscle
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