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Am I ready for my first NATURAL competition?18905

kubicka private msg quote post Address this user
Hey guys,

174cm, 72kg, 23years

I would really like to try competing in natrual Physique in October (I would start my prep in June = 4 months to get ready), but I'm worried I'm still not so muscular and can be bigger. Currently I'm lean bulking on 3400kcal a day training 5x times a week in a gym and otherwise active.

In past I've made a lot of mistakes and haven't made much progress from start of my lifting carrier (bad trainings, nutrition, still changing goals etc.). Now I don't want to repeat those mistakes and maybe prolonging the lean bulk to gain more size would be better or maybe not. This is why I ask you, please help me decide what to do

Do you think it's time to try compete or not? Thx in advance. Photos here
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
I would spend the next couple of months prioristing ur back and shoulders.. if ur doing physique legs won't be a big factor but I'd still be training then twice a week obviously.
But it's ok to give attention to week points for particular time periods.

I would look up Mike Israetel on FB so I have an idea of MRV so u don't overtrain the muscle group by overloading volume to the area also though.

But if u want to compete u should just don't think u'll win ur first comp bro.
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NaturalBrawn private msg quote post Address this user
23 is a really tough age to jump on stage, your just out of the jnrs and up against guys that could have 10+ years on you. For a natural these are prime growing years, do you really want to be in an extreme deficit For a period of months?

With your level of development you may snag a place at a regional if you come in super lean, or you couod get blown out of the water which happened to me when I competed at 23 and came last in the the novices. That was a soul destroying experience, I'd just 2 years earlier won a bunch of regionals and can second nationally in the jnrs, to go from that to last was embarrassing. On the day i was sub 70kg and up against 90kg mature physiquas, I never got back on stage.

If you just want to go get lean, throw some tan on and have some fun, why not but way up the pros / cons. It's not cheap, (tan , show/fed costs) and it will be brutally tough, these are great growing years so don't take them lightly. I'm biased as I got absolutely battered 😂
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Musa private msg quote post Address this user
Nice gains, any advice for other naturals to make fast gains like yours?
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kubicka private msg quote post Address this user
Be consecutive in your trainings and diet.
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Musa private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome, thanks man.
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robinxchrom private msg quote post Address this user
If you want to compete, compete. Obviously in 3-4 years of continuously training and bulking, you'll be way more prepared.

Its like why does anyone in their 20s whos not 20% bodyfat cut? Because they want to.

If you're asking could you win with your current physique, probably not but if you feel like the challenge or competing then go for it bro! Theres more to competing than just winning. Its pushing yourself to those deep and low body fat percentages. Just be mentally prepared that you'll be going up against fake nattys and people with 10+ years of lifting experience.

Also excellent off season conditioning! I imagine if you do grind and cut from now, it shouldn't take you too long to be lean.
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